High Reaches' PC History

High Reaches Weyr opened as a PC area to play in on Harper's Tale MOO at the end of 1997 following a lot of discussions and decision-making. For more information on this, read Nuff's introduction on the main page.

This page is intended to detail events in High Reaches' on-camera history, and to provide links to logs (when I get the chance to put in the links.) If you see that anything is missing, please contact Palia in-game and she'll be sure to fix it!

1990's - 2000

December 1997: DaMove TP: how High Reaches was opened, and people were transferred - an illness throughout the Weyr, plus the disappearance of the Weyrleaders and a wingful of riders. Bluerider Ash takes up the position of Weyrlingmaster and Nuff becomes interim Weyrwoman.

April 1998: Istan transfer Nuff's gold Tiareth rises, the first gold to do so after the Weyrleaders' disappearance. She's caught by bronze Rennth, confirming Nuff and Jh'ral as Weyrleaders.

April - May 1998: High Reaches' first PC Clutching and Hatching - gold Tiareth x bronze Rennth - gold Rhyath hatched.
Clutching LogHatching Log

October 1998: Brown Fallanth's rider Salea takes over the role of Weyrlingmaster, as an injury forces Ash to retire to the position of Assistant.

October 1998: A Winter Festival, including dancing, canine-sled races and a Spicy Wherry Wings Eating contest.

November - December 1998: High Reaches' second PC Clutching and Hatching - gold Rhyath x bronze Infernoth - gold Ysbryth hatched.
Clutching LogHatching Log

March 1999: Salea swaps her knot for D'renn's, leaving him as Weyrlingmaster.

April 1999: Gold Tiareth rises again in a leadership flight and is caught by brown Trebinth - S'phen becomes Weyrleader instead of Jh'ral.

May - June 1999: High Reaches' third PC Clutching and Hatching - gold Ysbryth x bronze Cairhoth & gold Tiareth x brown Trebinth - gold Chayath hatched.
Clutching LogHatching Log

August 1999: A Snow Fest, including an iceskating competition, a snowball fight and a sledding party.

September 1999: Avalanche TP: a snow-slide in HRW's mountain meadows injures many, including Weyrwoman Nuff, who retires, and Jr Weyrwoman Lara, who dies of a fellis overdose.

October 1999: Gold Ysbryth rises in the leadership flight and is caught by bronze Cairhoth, making Areiah and T'lendel the new Weyrleaders.

November - December 1999: High Reaches' fourth PC Clutching and Hatching - gold Chayath x brown Tyrodinth.
Clutching LogHatching Log

2000 - 2002

May - June 2000: High Reaches' fifth PC Clutching and Hatching - gold Tiareth x bronze Chiernnath - gold Cadgwith hatched.
Clutching LogHatching Log

September 2000: D'renn becomes the first Weyrlingmaster in living memory to be sacked from his position. R'sli takes over as Weyrlingmaster after a couple of months.

October 2000: Gold Ysbryth rises again in a leadership flight and is caught by bronze Rixesith - M'rin becomes Weyrleader instead of T'lendel.

October - December 2000: High Reaches' sixth PC Clutching and Hatching - gold Ysbryth x bronze Rixesith.
Clutching LogHatching Log

May 2001: Lyri joins R'sli as Weyrlingmaster.

June 2001: Gold Ysbryth rises once more in a leadership flight; this time G'deon's bronze Nylanth is successful.

July 2001: High Reaches' PC seventh Clutching and Hatching - gold Cadgwith x bronze Orbyth.
Clutching LogHatching Log

September - October 2001: A Weyrwoman for Telgar TP - Telgar requests a transfer of one of High Reaches' goldriders to their gold-light Weyr, which results in Mitria leaving High Reaches.

February 2002: High Reaches is the winner at the Dragon Games, held at Ista Weyr, which included a firestone relay race, a Tug-of-War and a drinking contest.

March 2002: Lylia takes over from Lyri and R'sli as Weyrlingmaster.

March - April 2002: High Reaches' eighth PC Clutching and Hatching - gold Chayath x brown Druseth.
Clutching LogHatching Log

May 2002: Bronze Orbyth catches gold Ysbryth, making Zi'n the new Weyrleader.

July 2002: Weyrsecond D'renn and his Zephyr wingmate Saoirse are killed, along with their dragons, in Threadfall.

July 2002: Daeyn retires as Weyrsecond; after a large amount of deliberation, blue Sakuruth's rider Quara (Inferno Wingleader) and brown Dsalth's rider P'rru (Mudslide Wingleader) are promoted to be the new Weyrseconds.

August 2002: Asteroid & Mudslide TP - an asteroid threatens Pern, breaking into two and hitting Igen and Fort. Earthquakes, floods and mass destruction ensue across Pern - High Reaches Weyr is affected by meteors during Threadfall shortly before the asteroid hits, and a mudslide during all the aftershocks.

October - December 2002: High Reaches' ninth PC Clutching and Hatching - gold Tiareth x bronze Orbyth - gold Nissionath hatched.
Clutching LogHatching Log

2003 - 2005

February 2003: Brown Sidramuntalath catches Ysbryth in her latest mating flight, promoting Sii'kyn to Weyrleader.

May 2003: Areiah steps down as Senior Weyrwoman following a serious illness. As per tradition, the next Weyrwoman was decided by the next gold dragon to rise to mate - which happened to be Pyrene's Cadgwith, caught by brown Sidramuntalath - meaning that the Weyrleader was unchanged

May 2003: Fyria becomes Weyrlingmaster in a drinking contest with Lylia.

June - August 2003: High Reaches' tenth PC Clutching and Hatching - gold Cadgwith x brown Sidramuntalath & gold Nissionath x bronze Aboleoth.
Clutching LogHatching Log

November - December 2003: an epidemic sweeps Pern, affecting dragons and firelizards, with numbers of casualties.

December 2003 - February 2004: The Leaders Return TP - the Weyrleaders who disappeared 26 Turns before in the DaMove TP unexpectedly return! Adel and R'meld are keen to assert their rights as the High Reaches Weyrleaders - even though as far as most people are concerned, they aren't - and Harper intervention is sought.

December 2003 - March 2004: Tsunami wing in crisis. Wingleader Tatia is demoted by Weyrleader Sii'kyn and ordered to give her knot to her 'second and weyrmate K'nex. K'nex puts an unpopular halt to Tsunami traditions, and the wing is split into factions. Eventually, after appealing to the new Weyrleader (M'nty - see below - himself a Tsunami rider), K'nex is demoted and Lylia made Wingleader.

January 2004: Cadgwith rises and is caught by the just-graduated bronze Minoyath - M'nty becomes Weyrleader (as far as everyone but the reappeared riders are concerned).

February - April 2004: High Reaches' eleventh PC Clutching and Hatching - gold Chayath x bronze Jydhaeth - gold Isamath hatched.
Clutching LogHatching Log
October - December 2004: High Reaches' twelfth PC Clutching and Hatching - gold Tiareth x brown Dyamith.
Hatching Log
June - August 2005: High Reaches' thirteenth PC Clutching and Hatching - gold Isamath x brown Shirasuth.
Clutching Log

2006 - 2009

February - April 2006: High Reaches' fourteenth PC Clutching and Hatching - gold Nissionath x bronze Nylanth.
Hatching Log
October - December 2006: High Reaches' fifteenth PC Clutching and Hatching - gold Cadgwith x bronze Ghraith - gold Mynwiyath hatched.
Hatching Log

June - August 2007: High Reaches' sixteenth PC Clutching and Hatching - gold Cadgwith x brown Luileeuth.

September 26th, 2007: Victim to the fate of a serious case of pneumonia, Pyrene and gold Cadgwith pass away. Rest in Peace, Pyrene — you're missed.

January 2008: Mass Gold Exodus TP: Several of High Reaches' golds rise at the same time — or attempt to stop it — and are injured, leaving them no choice but to leave to Southern, badly injured. As only goldrider Chey is left, Telgar offers up the services of one of their goldriders, Frusha, who transfers to 'Reaches shortly after.

February - April 2008: High Reaches' seventeenth PC Clutching and Hatching - gold Mynwiyath x bronze Bandeleth. (Double clutch with NPC clutch of Frusha's gold Griellitath and bronze Bandeleth.)

April 2008: Due to the unfortunate nature of Frusha's pathetic clutch, she had a mental breakdown, leaving the Weyrwoman knot to Chey — a huge relief to the Weyr at large.

August 2008: To reward Wings and Lower Cavern Departments with hard work and good behavior, Weyrwoman Chey and Weyrleader T'ii implement "Good Booze Tassles", leaving the portion of best alcohol shipments to those who deserve them.

August 2008: Greenrider Il'ad, Guard Captain, is tug-of-war'd between Mudslide and Inferno for family reason — is finally convinced to return to home wing Inferno with promise of Booze Tassles.

September 2008: After Inferno wing wins the Booze Tassles repeatedly under Wingleader Xayna's lead (and Il'ad's help), T'ii promotes greenrider Palia to Wingleader to try to give the other Wings a chance at the liquor.

September - October 2008: Chey seems to be following in Frusha's footsteps, issuing a Weyr-wide quarantine at the start of Frusha's clutch, rearranging ranking officers in the Weyr, and even threatening people's livelihoods.

October 2008: Ex-Weyrwoman Frusha disappears *between* forever after a fight with Chey, supposedly over her clutch that had just hatched. It was 6 eggs, five of which hatched, but only four survived. Reaches again is left with only one goldrider.

November 2008: The Mysterious Killer TP: An attacker sends Chey into a coma, Mynwiyath injured, and a lower-caverns woman is murdered. After some investigation, Head Guard Krummolt is apprehended for the crime.

December 2008: After a long struggle trying to become well again, Chey finally gives in to death, and Mynwiyath follows only moment later, leaving Pern and her clutch behind — and taking a piece of 'Reaches heart with her.

October - December 2008: High Reaches' eighteenth PC Clutching and Hatching - gold Mynwiyath x bronze Bandeleth - gold Aevryscienth hatched.
Clutching LogHatching Log

March - April 2009: Istan Weyrwoman Lendai is visiting when her gold Talicanitath rises and is caught by just-graduated bronze Bidenth. After considerable negotiation with Ista Weyr, Lendai is officially transferred to High Reaches.

May 2009: Aevryscienth rises in her maiden flight and is caught by bronze Nylanth, making G'deon the new Weyrleader.

June 2009: Wing and weyr leadership continues to shift, leaving Inferno Wing in the hands of wingleader Iasri and 'second L'fei and Mudslide Wing under wingleader Jh'rek and 'second Onlie. Il'ad and V'arik are promoted to Weyrseconds.

July 2009: V'arik and Il'ad somehow manage to be un-Second'd. V'arik becomes a Wingsecond instead, and Il'ad, an Assistant Weyrlingmaster. Figures.

June - July 2009: High Reaches' nineteenth PC Clutching and Hatching - gold Aevryscienth x bronze Nylanth - gold Kaelidyth hatched.
Hatching Log

August 2009: The Inter-Weyr games are held at Southern Weyr, and naturally, High Reaches rises to the competition. A week long series of events are held, which conclude in a win for Ista Weyr.

2010 - 2011

? - March 2010: High Reaches' twentieth PC Clutching and Hatching - gold Talicanitath x bronze Aojadinth.
Hatching Log
November - December 2010: High Reaches' twenty-first PC Clutching and Hatching - gold Kaelidyth x bronze Aikuonath.
Hatching Log

June 2011: R'yst is promoted to Weyrlingmaster.

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