Sraine's Night at the Kabuki Theater Brown Akilth

Romantic Movie Night Egg

White-hot flames of love, each flickering edge blushed with crimson, lick the rotund egg with a certain lusty glee, radiant against the sable shell. Idyllic roseate hues twine with the incarnadine warmth, graduated in hues from tender puppy love to eternal adoration. Splotches of buttery yellow pop up all over the egg, each salty blotch ringed with a greasy, rash iridescence. Recklessness aside, the patchworked blues that blanket the lower half of the shell embrace the faint, fire-cast shadows of an archetypal dyad, eternal and immortal.

Hatching Message

Romantic Movie Egg rocks and rattles, excitement building up in it until, at its climax of shuddering, it stops completely, pausing dramatically. With that same sappy drama, a theatrically glowing rift appears, rending its surface asunder. Almost immediately thereafter, the action continues, egg shell falling away to reveal the almost perfectly poised Night at the Kabuki Theater Brown Dragonet.

Night at the Kabuki Theater Brown Dragonet

Rich, dark crimson and velvety black cherry brown swath this dragon in a smooth, lushly shadowed scarlet. The vaguest hint of copper lends a silken sheen to his hide, and flecks of rusty vermilion shimmer star-like against a glossy, near-black walnut. Delineation of his slender physique comes as a rich liver-chestnut, lighter than the rest of him by several shades. In startlingly stark contrast, his head is an ecru so pale as to appear white, and jet outlines his eyes in a slightly-slant, exotic fashion, resembling kohl all the more for showing against the bleached almond tints.

Public Impression Pose

Night At The Kabuki Theater Brown Dragonet continues his flowing dance, and yet at the same time, the pace becomes more frenzied. The attention must be on the performer, Grasshopper. With a surety of touch to the easel of the sands, the brown moves forward, his characters come to an end in one beautiful young woman. One who will complete him and inscribe the last of the circle within him. The One. His One. Sraine.

Private Impression Message

Akin to the faint drifting of a single petal on the wind, something stirs the back of your mind, barely there at first, slowly progressing into your greater awareness. With calm, unrushed control, the feathered touch of muted colors fills into the first drawn path; the palest grays, softest pinks, lightest greens filling, brightening the canvas of your mind with an altogether warm feel. « Sraine. » Slow strokes of color float feather light across your mind. « I have searched for you my entire life. I am yours, your Akilth. »

Sraine! Sraine! We love you, Sraine. You're going to add so much to the Weyrling class and the Weyr as a whole - we just couldn't pass up such a golden opportunity. Everything you are and were and have become since joining us up at 'Reaches was put into Akilth; he was made to be the perfect match to you - and we hope you'll cherish and enjoy him for quite some time.

Egg Inspiration

Well, this isn't an inspiration, persay, but it's the reason why we chose this egg for you. Apart from the fact that you loved the egg, we thought it went really nicely with Akilth. Movies require actors. Although a romantic movie probably wouldn't include a kabuki actor, it's along the same vein. It all just fell together and melded, making Akilth all the more what you want.

Description Inspiration

Akilth's description is based on lots of things. First, there's the obvious, a Kabuki actor. White face paint, elaborate makeup, and exotic, decorative garments all contribute to his costume. All his lines are bold and outspoken, such as a dancer's would be. Besides that, he's got delicious descriptive words. Black cherry, almond, walnut… he's practically good enough to eat, so dig in!

Name Inspiration

Akil means thoughtful in Inuit. It's associated with a serious, thoughtful nature, shrewd, efficient, and business-minded. It's a very strong name and definitely solid. As well, we were attempting to keep with the anime/Japanese theme. Although such a word wouldn't be found in Japanese, it was close to another A name which was taken. Akilth provides a sort of exotic flare to the name.


When Akilth communicates with you, he seldom uses actual words. Instead, he portrays his messages as pictures; even when he uses words, more vivid images accompany them. The "background" of his presence is a cool, soft, white, a clean canvas for his thoughts. When in his usual calm state, they flicker across that backdrop as feathered brushlike strokes of muted yet clear color, sometimes in recognizable pictures and sometimes as conceptual characters. When he does get excited, the tones brighten, filling hisand yourmental canvas more rapidly. And in the off chance that he gets angry, be it directed at human, dragon, or Thread, the feathered touch of his mind hardens to a sword-sharp edge, intensely colored, defined figures moving with further intensity still.


Akilth is the soul of sturdiness. If he doesn't want to go someplace, he's not going to go someplace. His build is very practical - sort of squat, solid, but definitely not jerky. His muscles flow beneath that cinnamon skin of his and cause his movements to be completely fluid and characterized without glitches or breaks - one fluid movement. There aren't any stumbling movements that characterize children, but more the sure, liquid movements of a confident adult.

Besides being solid, Akilth is a larger brown; not as large as his clutchmates Chanticoth and Backstreeth, who will be big, but he's still definitely bigger than any blue out there, and most browns, too. And all that size is in muscle; no extra fat for him. After all, he's a performer born, even if most of the time he doesn't show it, and he's always willing to show off; he just has a little more to display than the average dragon. So if you find him getting appreciative glances - be it from females of the dragon or human species - you know why: he is as cute as you think he is.


Basically, Akilth is an artist. If he was human he'd become a harper. Whenever and however he can, he'll draw. At the beach, he'll use his tail to make little pictures in the sand. He'll collect a bunch of pretty rocks and shells, and then arrange them in a pattern on the floor of your weyr for you. Or, he'll even scratch out little doodles with his claws on his couch in your weyr. He'll just find any way he can to express his artistic side.

Aside from that, he's very sure of himself. Most artists just flow with whatever happens - they don't have erasers. Whatever happens, happens, in Akilth's book. There are no regrets and no turning back. For that reason, he almost always thinks things through thoroughly before putting them in action. Because of all that, things usually turn out alright. Usually. Everyone's prone to mistakes, right? Of course, once his plan is in motion, there's no turning back. Akilth'll go at it full-tilt and there's almost no persuading him otherwise.

Akilth is not without the «I'll make it better» complex that you asked for either. When he does break the occasional doorway, or sit on your favorite chair by accident, he'll be lacking in the apologies, but more than willing to fix it. And, of course, make it better than before. « Uh-oh. Your chair broke. But it's okay, because I thought it looked like it needed to be painted anyway. » And Akilth will do everything possible to help with the reconstruction. Not that it will be much, considering his unfortunate lack of fingers.

Akilth is also, in a word, mature. He is, always has been, and always will be grown-up. Even from the moment he emerges from his shell he'll be more mature than most of his clutchmates. This is not to say that he won't have questions, or participate in the occasional prank, but he's less likely to find himself in trouble then, say, Imbriath. He's also ever curious. Akilth wants to know the whys of every situation, as well as the hows. And he'll pester you incessantly until he gets his answers. «Sraine, why does my wing have that funny little bone right there. It always itches. What does it do?» The plus side to this is that Akilth will always pay attention in his weyrling classes. If you can't explain all that he wants to know, he figures the Weyrlingmasters are the next best thing. Thoughtful, your darling brown is the Confucius of Pern. He'll always be thinking up some revelation, or asking you some deep, thought provoking question. «Do you think if a tree falls in Nabol, and no one is there to hear it, it makes a sound?»

Females. Females hold absolutely no thrill for Akilth most of the time. They're just other dragons, not to be flirted with, but to be associated with. They're his associates, his partners, but never an object to be had. Only in flight do they take on that flare for this prim brown.


The same holds true for flights. Akilth'll likely hold himself back all throughout the blooding, meditating, building himself up for his line of attack and such. But once in the flight, he's a completely different dragon. He goes for it, he beats those wings, and he shoots for the sky. He doesn't hold anything back for that last burst of speed. He is a brown, after all, and he's got endurance to spare. He gives his all for the entirety of the flight.


Name: Damia, Zai, Quara
Egg Desc: Pia
Dragonet Desc: Quara; Zai tweak
Messages: Damia, Quara, Takovic, Zai
Puppeteer: Damia, Quara
Inspiration: Damia, Quara, Takovic, Zai

G'deon (Gideon) & bronze Nylanth
R'ave (Rauve) & bronze Soquilith
Ilare (Tilarekna) & brown Chanticoth
Cayl (Caylea) & blue Mzadith
Sora (Sorana) & blue Catiminith
Hyzen & green Imbriath
Sasha & green Branwyth
Slippa & green Zizth
Tatia (Tatoria) & green Vespurath
N'sync and brown Backstreeth (NPC)
V'tor and blue Recounth (NPC)

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