Lila's Perfectly Proportioned Pearlscale Princess Green Alajaith

Amenena- Anemena- Anemone Egg

Tendrils of gilded sprout from a magenta base, increasing in luminescence as they wave up toward the upper tip of the stout egg. Flecks of sky blue refract through the space where these tendrils bend away from one another, only to be obscured when they overlap again. At the middle of the ovoid, an irregular bump striped in orange and white pokes out curiously from its home amidst the roseate yellows.

Hatching Message

Amenena- Anemena- Anemone Egg does not quiver or shake like its fellow clutchmates. Oh no, it sits rather daintily on the sands sometimes giving a little wobble, letting all those around it know that there is still something in there. Suddenly, a large leap is given from within the egg, causing the shell to burst into hundreds of little pieces that rain down onto the sands. A lovely green steps out amid the chaos, flicking parts of the shell from her glimmering body.

Perfectly Proportioned Pearlscale Princess Green Dragonet

This green is regal in bearing, yet diminutive in size, a scintillating gem suspended in ice: a flawless lustre illumines the refined lines of her delicate frame, from the fine clip of her dainty ridges to the lissome length of her tail. Her head is elegantly cut, commanding features softened but unblunted by rich colour: the sun-warmed glow of deepest jade delineates the curves of a petite muzzle and firm cheeks and brow, hooded crystalline eyes set in glittering onyx which commits a gentle sweep towards narrow headknobs. Malachite's marbled flourish collars her graceful neck and saddles the arch between shoulder and neatly proportioned wing, then is lost in the gleam of her beryline throat and belly.

Public Impression Pose

Perfectly Proportioned Pearlscale Princess Green Dragonet stops moving, one front foot still raised. Wait, is that it? Is that her? Then, as fast and as royally as her body can take her, she paces over towards the girl who is trying to keep everyone calm, and has dipped her head away from her to help them. There you are! The tail comes around and taps Lilibet on the shoulder and the swirling eyes look at her patiently. Will you be a girly girl with me?

Private Impression Message

Soft blue light seems to surround you - until you realize it's just in your mind. Aqua, light, delicate, excited, probes ever so gently, as if testing you at first, before letting itself in with a delicate tinkling of tiny silver bells. « My Lila. » a soft voice purrs warmly, like water over silk, the scent of delicate orchids accompanying. « My exquisite Lila. There are never enough hours in the days of a green, and I wish for you to spend them beautifying us both. I am your Alajaith. »

Lilibet! Lila! We're so glad that you decided you wanted to join your mother and your sister in Impressing at High Reaches! We've loved every minute of having you here, and we really hope that you enjoy your Alajaith as much as we enjoyed making her for you. Remember, what we written here are only guidelines, feel free to add your own embellishments or change her completely, as you wish!

Egg Inspiration

Based on Finding Nemo, specifically, Nemo's answer to the science question.
- D'baji

Name Inspiration

So you said you'd like something with a bit of meaning, so I did some scouting around to see what I could come up with to fit with Alajaith. I just /love/ the name Alajaith (which I've been pronouncing 'alla-JAYth', though I'm sure you know how to say it right!), and decided that you really should have it, as it's one you suggested.
Anyway, my little explanation behind Alajaith is that it is derived from two names - Alamea, which means precious in Hawaiian, and Jamila, which means beautiful and elegant in Arabic. Therefore, to me, Alajaith means 'precious, beautiful and elegant', which I think suits your dragon down to a 't'.


Soft, smooth and like velvet in its warmth and richness, Alajaith's mindvoice is pure and a joy to listen to. 'Spoken' would probably not be the best way to describe the way in which she speaks - her words are purred or rolled from the mental tongue in a sultry, cultured alto tone, and they flow like water over silk.

Colour-wise, she will range through all number of shades of blue, from light aqua when she's happy to a deep, rich ultramarine when she's sleepy, content or simply thoughtful. The colours will generally merge seamlessly into one another when she's in a positive mood, lapping gently at your mind like waves caressing a shoreline, though they will become more erratic when she's angered or upset in any way.

Accompanying her voice will normally be the sound of a babbling brook, often paired with a light chiming sound - like tiny silver bells or wind chimes dancing in a light breeze. Scent-wise, when she's happy, there will be hints of rose, homely oats and honey, and when she's excited hints of sea lavender, delicate orchid and valerian, with smoky myrrh creeping in when she's angry, or coconut oil when she's proddy.


What you asked for was something dark, small, and built to match Lilibet's delicate physique. What we've made is hopefully exactly what you've asked for!

I tried to incorporate as many of the colours you asked for into her desc, without her looking too multi-coloured. Alajaith is inspired by an angelfish, which, we figured, had most of the traits you wanted - these pretty fish are beautifully elegant in the way that they float around, while also being delicate and, the pearl scale angelfish that I specifically used for the desc happens to have really glittery, shiny scales, which looked to me like the flash of frost that you asked for.

Alajaith is a very small green, though with dragons consistently shrinking due to the Pass, she's not the tiniest, nor will she ever be. Her elegant, petite proportions make her seem a little smaller than she actually is though, and they also make her incredibly feminine. If a sculptor were to make a fairy-dragon (should such things exist on Pern!), they would probably make something in likeness to Alajaith.

Colourwise, she's actually quite an even colour all over. The majority of her is a deep, cool jade, which her glossy sheens makes colder.

When it comes to movement, Alajaith is quite elegant, whether on the ground or in the air. In the air it's a given that a dragon will do well, though on the ground, well, that's a whole different kettle of fish. Your green though will take the time to ensure that she /is/ elegant, graceful and good-looking while walking, and while she may be slow - «I'm not slow, I saunter. Regally.» - she does look good doing it!


As changing as the seas is Alajaith, though without the squalls and other nasty bits – well, for the most part, anyway!

Think of your Alajaith as a pampered princess. She’ll be lounging on her ‘throne’, looking cute as you like, though there’s a proud, slightly demanding attitude behind it all which she will utilize to ensure that she gets her way, which she’ll be quite used to, because, Lila, she knows just how to push the right buttons to make sure that you come running to her every beck and call.

« Lila! Lila! There’s a tunnelsnake in my weyr, it’s going to bite me! »

Of course, there’s not much damage that a tunnelsnake can do to a dragon, and Alajaith could squash it with a little toe if she wanted to, but as far as she’s concerned, she wants /you/ to take care of it. No, she’s not lazy – tunnelsnakes and other lowly beings are just below her. Or maybe she’s just scared of them? Either way, she knows she’ll be able to use all her girly whiles to get you, and quite likely the other male (if not female) dragons will bend to her will, too. It wouldn’t be surprising if she managed to persuade them to actually do her hunting for her.

“There are never enough hours in the days of a queen, and her nights have too many.”
— Elizabeth Taylor, Cleopatra

And this is probably one of the most common things you’ll find Alajaith saying to you.

« There’s never enough time for a /proper/ pampering! »

She’ll moan, even though you’ve just spent hours polishing and perfectly every inch of her jade hide. Not that she’ll be ungrateful, it’s just that if she could have it her way, she’d have an army of drudges,

« Clean ones, please, make sure they bathe first! »

there to scrub, buff, polish and oil her all day long, because Alajaith has to look her best at all times. Sleeping is seen as dead time, so she may even rouse you so that you can hop over to the other side of the planet to catch some more rays – she’s quite a beach bunny, your dragon.

Alajaith is quite vain and narcissistic, though she’ll be equally attentive over you.

« Lila? Lila, darling, please do you hair like you did the other day, and wear those red shiny leathers with the white shirt. It looks so fetching on you, and really brings out your curves – everyone notices you when you wear them! »

And she’ll want everyone to notice you, because if they notice you, they’ll notice her; but she wants you to look good too, of course.

Passion is one thing that your dragon has in abundance. It’s a passion for everything – for life, for love, for justice, for adventure… there’s never an end to things that she’s passionate about.

As for you, Lila, there’ll be no more hiding your feelings, or hiding from anything. While she may be delightfully girly in every way, Alajaith is a lover of adventure. She’ll drag you out on whatever she’s got her heart set on, whether it’s cruising along a river or visiting Southern to watch a feline hunt.

« I’m not going to get my claws dirty by actually /catching/ one of those beasts! But we’ll make sure that Ikth catches a few more, so that we can have the hides to make pretty things with. »

She can also be a bit of a prankster, and takes pleasure (and pride) in finding surprise on anyone else’s face when they discover what she’s done. It’s never anything malicious, though you might wake up one morning to find a small forest growing on your ledge, or the people in whatever Hold she’s visiting will be scared stiff when she decides to stick her head in through the main doors. You’ll need to think up some excuse for her every time, as she’ll suddenly go to playing the innocent.

What girl doesn’t like gossip? Certainly not this one! You’ll have to rein her in at times, and be sure that she doesn’t say anything that could hurt someone. Alajaith can have a bit of a sharp tongue on her, and if someone ticks her (or you) off, she may just make up something to spread about them. Like an old auntie-sit-by-the-fire, she’ll have an ear for anything juicy, and likelihood to pass it on. This does mean that she’s probably not the one that the other dragons go to to confide in, but rest assured that your secrets are safe – well, unless she has a reason for spreading it, of course. If she feels that you need a bit of a confidence boost, she may just tell everyone who you’ve just been kissing, or who you’re lusting after, so that you’ll have to face the music and build up your courage and speaking skills.


Even when she’s not proddy, Alajaith takes to the skies like a, well, like a dragon to air. She may look small and dainty, but she’s one heck of a flyer, as you’ll discover. At first she may be a little unsure of exactly what her capabilities are (she is vain, don’t forget, and wouldn’t want to screw up in front of the other weyrlings), but you’ll find that once she’s mastered the basics and is well out of range of any other dragons, she’ll really come to life.

She’s a very fast flyer and extremely agile – in fact, she’ll probably be one of the first picked to play in the Games teams. Once she’s found her wings – her /proper/ wings – she’ll take you on a wild rollercoaster ride of twirls, falls, twists and other crazy acrobatics that might make you sick to begin with, but hopefully you’ll get used to it.

Alajaith loves flying almost as much as she loves you. The wind beneath her wings gives her the biggest thrill of her day, and she’ll be sure to spend plenty of time up there, either with you or without you, if you’re busy elsewhere.

But there’s one special type of flight that Alajaith loves above all others. When she’s proddy, you’ll begin to notice that sweet, slick coconut oil smell to her mindvoice. It’ll most likely happen a few days in advance if not longer, so you’ll have plenty of prior warning. And when she takes to the skies, it will be the most glorious release for the two of you, like being born again into some carefree, unearthly being that is just meant to be in the sky, and nowhere else. She’ll enjoy herself so much that she will go until the point of dropping from the sky of exhaustion, not wanting to return to the ground, not wanting to give up the thrilling sensation. It’s the chase that she lives for, the outwitting, the outrunning and the out-flying, not so much the mating itself.

When she is proddy, you don’t really have too much to worry about in the lead-up to the inevitable. You won’t necessarily get grumpy or anything like that – you’re more likely to get excitable and hyperactive for no reason, as Alajaith’s own excitement bubbles up.


Name: Lila, Liza
Egg Desc: D'baji
Dragonet Desc: Liza; Shazi tweak
Messages: Liza, Tye
Puppeteer: Xayna
Inspiration: Liza, Shazi, Tye

L’yei and bronze Fwaaslaath, Lila and green Alajaith, Nia and brown Vruelykketh, T’ii and bronze Bandeleth

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