C'lan's Wintry Ursa Major Bronze Alarth

Pyramids of Giza Egg

Antiquity embodied in the substantial shape of suede-smooth shell and discrete angles, time itself dreads the very form held within this egg. Sloping cusps bestow it with a discernible height, whilst each aspect faces a new direction - north, south, east, west; all are granted a view of its powdered contours, layer upon layer of stalwart sienna bricks generating its base as it ascends to a peaked zenith. A mystery unto itself, only time will prove its worth. Pyramids of Giza Egg pauses in place — suddenly resembling a monolith on which not even time can wear away. But time waits for nothing, and the living being within refuses to wait any longer.

Hatching Message

Chips flail from powered contours, cracks splitting the various layers until the very center of the oviod shakes; soon enough, the ancient monument has fallen, the host within left in a spray of shards.

Wintry Ursa Major Bronze Dragonet

Grizzled bronze heightens the rainment of blackened copper worn so easily by this large and lumbering dragonet. Dark along his sensitive snout and broad, sweeping chest, lighter where silvery moonlight plays along his portly sides, and dark again along the afterthought of his tail, burnt sepia and bronze scruff him, tip to tail. His profile is dominated by the bredth of his high forehead and salient headnobs, as his cumbersome frame is ruled by the low-lying silver of capacious wings: light catches the constellation of starbursts along the canopy of his sails, setting them adrift for all the slow-witted determination of his smallish eyes.

Private Impression Message

A drowsy, sleepy, blurred affection snuffles about at the edges of your mind — not blue, no, a deeper, richer, burred sort of awareness: hunger gruffens the reverberation of his growl, growing louder with each passing moment until suddenly it stops. Silence — solitude — for one last blissful moment you are alone and then as messy and unstoppable as a mudslide Alarth is there, with you, no longer outside, but inside. /In/side. He burrows down into the den that is you, C'lan, and goes about knocking things over, pushing things aside, and making himself some room. When his grumble returns, it is one of intense gratification. » I knew you would wait for me. « Alarth affirms, in that instant, his complete and utter faith in you, always.

Conlan, C'lan — we've enjoyed your roleplay from the get go — youthful musings with an innate stubborness that can't be denied. However, Alarth, the dragon who would be ursine, shows that bearheadedness can be just as stubborn, just as youthful, just a part of you. Which Alarth is, and shall ever be.

Dragon Inspiration

Alarth is a make up of two sources you know all too well. A little birdy told us that you liked Welsh and Katherine Kurtz's Deryni series, so we decided to take one of the main characters from that book, Alaric, and and-arth, which is Welsh for bear.

Alarth is far from the 'classic' bronze in the sense that he is not sleek lines, or 'bulging' muscle underneath his hide. No, Alarth is different all the way around. His hide isn't necessarily 'bronze', more of a burnt copper. Darkling he is, but a silver lining comes with every storm cloud; though Alarth is not a cloud, he does come with one, a touch of silver lining tracing those rotund sides that he has. It also graces those wings, which, while somewhat large, fits the overall scale of his body. Big wings get a big body off the ground, right? Right.

Speaking of rotund… another way that Alarth isn't the norm is that he isn't exactly thin. Big-boned and generously fleshed, he will never be a small dragon. A linebacker in body, this dragon's form will never be small. However, during the winter months Alarth tends to get lazy, prefering to stay on his warm ledge than brave the cold outside and in essence gaining a bit of fat around that already bulky body. He even begins to stash herdsbeast within his weyr… if you let him. He simply doesn't want to go outside, into the cold, /cold/ weather where he'll freeze. But, every spring will bring him back to his usual slow gait, working off those extra pounds he gained being indolent. His extremeties are bulky as well. Wide legs give a sloped stance, giving his walk an appearnce of plodding…. which he'd do anyway; a slow mover he is, with no thought of going faster on those thick legs.

Nothing on Alarth is particularly 'pretty', not in it's current configuation. His head is no exeception. Large, with a high forehead, his headknobs, when he walks, tend to point him in the direction he's going to go. In fact, that head is kept down when he's walking — watching the ground go past than looking where he's going. He's got a general (and probably not incorrect, as far as living things go) assumption that things will move out of his way. That rock, however, might see things differently.

Think fur. Think a rumbling that is just on the edge of smoothing out, before it falls into grumbly tones. That's what Alarth sounds like in the mind, a deep bass caught within the throes of just waking up, and never quite getting to full alertness. He always speaks slowly, as if judging his words, trying to make sure that each one is measured appropriately… but really, he's just a slow talker. Words are never slurred or contracted, each one giving the complete value as he emerges into your consciousness — it's not an edging, or rushing in. Alarth's voice is just within your head, not overpowering, not in the background… /there/. A constant, if not protective shield about the mind…. it just ocassionally talks.That's Alarth.

Alarth, first and foremost, is bearheaded. If he believes something, it's right, by golly, and no one's going to tell him different. It isn't so much that he's stubborn; he simply believes that the way he's gotten into his head is the proper stance on the subject. He'll even go head-to-head with you, bull vs. bear, if he really thinks he's right. Alarth would argue that black is white if he were convinced it were so (and that's something you have to watch out for… he does get missinformed every now and again). And then when he worked it out himself - in private (he will take in external comments and think about them when he's on his own - but he'll never back down from a confrontation on the spot) - well after thinking about things he might change his mind…. just don't point out to him that he thought something else yesterday. Selective memory.

/Messy/ - not just when he's eating; in general. High filth tolerance? Alarth has it. Always trailing bits of something behind him, he just doesn't notice that it's happening. At all. A wee bit dopey-clutzy too at times; if he were human he'd be one of those fellas that always winds up trailing toilet roll off his shoe whenever he visits the loo. Not accident-prone, precisely, just a bit clumsy and awkward. Visits the feed-pens with that cute new green from Telgar; doesn't catch her, and finds a big rope of ovine intestines dangling off his back claw when he gets back from the flight, all disappointed. D'Oh! Not a Homer Simpson though - not at all! He doesn't spend all his time thinking about food; about getting out of flights; etc. He just does what he does and if he messes up, well so be it. He doesn't worry too much about himself. More aware - protective -when it comes to Con though, but again, not smotheringly so. Not remotely fussy about what he eats (or how he eats it - open-mouthed chomping and spits out the nasty bits so that he's not a popular dragon to eat alongside? Hooves and furry bits flying everywhere?), Alarth is just as messy in the pens, as he is out of it. The winter months bring longing of herdsbeast, as all that flesh is able to pack on the pounds and fill that lazy tummy. During the mild summers, however, he likes to ramble - and /fish/. Yes, fish are his favourite food, and he'll pester all the rivers and lakes rotten looking for plump redfish most of the time. Watching him trying to catch fish is a sight within itself; when he's younger, it's a bit easier, as he's able to get his paws about slippery scales. However, when he's older, he'll think he's ingenous is taking in a mouthful of water, fish and all. Until they start swimming: <> *gulp* Yep, right down the hatch they go, never to be seenagain.

While he can sit quietly just like Ysbryth when the mood strikes; just sitting and watching the river roll by… if he sits too long he's just going to have to investigate what's /in/ the river. Can't help himself. If there's a hole, he has to see what's in it. If cardboard boxes or paper bags existed on Pern (and if there was ever one made big enough to hold Alarth), he'd have to investigate every last one. But it's not the placid, non-intrusive, more scholarly investigations that Ysbryth carries out; Alarth likes to get down and dirty (not to mention that the biggest attractions - to him - are things that move, most of which he'll have to taste at one point or another). While Ysbryth will sprawl alongside a tidalpool and just /watch/ the spiderclaws, Alarth will sprawl for about 5 minutes and then suddenly he's /in/ the tidalpool and having his first tasteofcrab. When Alarth has learned a bit of forebearance (get it? ForeBEARance? Hahaha.) - i.e. he's a protector-figure, and however lazy and bumbly-grumbly he is, he'll always have half an eye open for you -making sure he's safe and sound and ready to spring into action if need be. Not over-protective or motherly - just aware; more aware than his somewhat dopey-porkie looks would lead one to believe. He can lie there in a nice patch of sunlight, dozing the afternoon away, snoring fit to bring the cliffs down around him. But he'll be able to tell you who came and went in the bowl even so, if he's asked. He's not a gossip in the slightest; just aware. Doesn't share that knowledge unless it's important, or unless he's asked directly. Sure he didn't /see/ them, but dragons have that telepathic ability to sense the thoughts of others - and this ability is particularly well-developed in Alarth. While all dragons can do what he does if they make the effort, he does it without thinking about it? Like his radar is on 24/7.


Name: Saorise
Egg Desc: Pita
Dragonet Desc: Nuff, Kumiko, Saorise
Messages: Kumiko
Puppeteer: Kumiko
Inspiration: Kumiko, Nuff & Saoirse, with input from everyone! :)

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