Lis's Woodstock Songbird Green Alymath

Flower-Power Volkswagen Bus Egg

Too-bright smears of amateur art smudge enthusiastically 'cross egg's curves; a psychadelic blend of the dark and the light infuses itself between the simple cast of mostly primary-hued fingerpaint colors. The blocky corners of the ovoid chamber are specked with vermillion-sparkled angles, and the narrow taper of sand-buried base fades to an unornamented, gritty black.

Hatching Message

Flower-Power Volkswagon Bus Egg twirls mellowly against dark sands, fingerpaint-streaks curling away like burning paper. Contrasted colors grow farther apart, a crack forming bluntly down ovoid's curved side. The eager occupant tumbles out, pieces of luminous shell clinging damply to her sparkling hide.

Woodstock Songbird Green Dragonet

The materialistic sparkle of vibrant emerald adorns the finely tapered muzzle to the point of saturation, before pouring in diluted jade against the understated arch and subtle crescendo of her neck. Like moonlight filtered through viridian, spaded leaves, silver's tapped touch airbrushes the arpeggio of sharp 'ridges, an ethereal breath across otherwise earthly, moss-touched spine. A roseate blush spreads faintly across lanky torso, a would-be gaudy pink acting as filler in places where jade fails to perform. Haze's vaporous movements end in scintillating mica rays which variate wildly over open-angled, sleek haunches. A coda of green, frosted with champagne's golden rush, twirls into a loopy tail and ends with a flash fanfare of verdant sage.

Public Impression Pose

Woodstock Songbird Green Dragonet lifts her dainty, graceful head and turns to the side, as if in a pose. Delicate jeweled feet nimbly step towards that group in white, searching for the perfect voice to play harmony with her melody. Tail lashes gently as the green spots her one true soul mate; emerald head turns as eyes whirl gently. Graceful even as a dragonet, the young green lands at Liseria's feet. My Harmony.

Private Impression Message

The soft flutter of a single flame burns brightly against an otherwise penetrating darkness. A lone curl of smoke extends, curves, and fluctuates in exploratory spirals against softly brightening haziness; with one decisive sweep, sandalwood's exotic scent melds with that of earthy pine, a touch of citrus blossoming beneath it all. An overwhelming sense of glee burgeons as the cande-lit curtain is drawn away, satiny smoke gaining an ethereal kiss of florid silver that frames each of the world's lines. « Lis. » Confidence touches breathy words, throaty declaration culminating: « I am Alymath. »

Theme Inspiration

Woodstock! We know, Liseria, that you said that you were interested in 70s stuff, and we hope you don't mind that we rewound the clock a little bit. We think we retained that personality you wanted, though - the flashy, gaudy, bright, sensual green. We tossed in a bit of Mick Jagger/Steven Tyler as we wrote her up, and that's where that sort of lanky shape comes from - just about as rock star as you can get.

But, even though it doesn't say it in her name, or her dragonet name, Alymath is a real derivation of Janis Joplin. We bet you know her.

Janis Joplin, one of the most influential women singers of the late 1960s, first came to the attention of rock fans as the vocalist for the San Francisco, California-based band, Big Brother and the Holding Company. Compared to music greats like blues artist Bessie Smith and soul singer Aretha Franklin, most critics agree that she was the main reason for the group's success with songs like "Piece of My Heart" and "Summertime." Renowned for her performance at the 1967 Monterey Pop Festival, and later for her solo appearance at the Woodstock festival in 1969, Joplin nevertheless failed to achieve a chart-topping single until her rendition of country composer Kris Kristofferson's "Me and Bobby McGee" was released posthumously in 1971. (Thanks to!)

So, that's the *story* - but what's so striking about Janis Joplin as singer/bluesgirl/hippie-rockstar is her entire persona. That smile, that presence, that bottle of Southern Comfort, that *voice*. She's both the bad-girl friend we've all had and the bright-smile'd friend we've all had, too. And we think that's just like Alymath, who'll take a little piece of your heart and carry it with her.

Didn't I make you feel like you were the only man -yeah!
Didn't I give you nearly everything that a woman possibly can?
Honey, you know I did!
And each time I tell myself that I, well I think I've had enough,
But I'm gonna show you, baby, that a woman can be tough.
I want you to come on, come on, come on, come on and take it,
Take it!
Take another little piece of my heart now, baby!
Oh, oh, break it!
Break another little bit of my heart now, darling, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Oh, oh, have a!
Have another little piece of my heart now, baby,
You know you got it if it makes you feel good,
Oh, yes indeed.
- from "Piece of My Heart", by Jerry Ragovoy and Bert Berns

We knew, Lis, that you are a band geek (isn't that the technical term?) and, therefore, we also wanted to give Alymath a tiny touch of that. No, we didn't want to put her in a uniform with tassels and send her out with a tuba (too-bahhh) onto a football field; we, instead, ran musical themes throughout her entire being. Let's see if you spotted them where we snuck 'em in.

Crescendo - literally, an apex! but we know it's a musical term, too. And her neck does just that, because that's how she carries it, arched and flexed and Prettily. Arpeggio - a chord, the notes played successively as opposed to simultaneously. I think of it, on Aly, as I do on a harp - quick, spiky, but at the same time even, flowing, pretty. Filler - well, this is kind of a cheat. Fill = any kind of background part that a rhythm instrument plays (piano, guitar) behind something of greater melodic interest (like a solo!) that's NOT written out note for note. And, that's what the pink does; the theme of your dragon is the green thing, but what takes the place when the theme takes a breather is that pink! Variate - a variation. Have you ever heard Mozart's 12 Variations on a Theme that's just Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star? (In French, it's "Ah! Vous-dirai je maman!", meaning, "Oh, what shall I tell you, mother?") Well, it's like that, this variation on Alymath's color-theme. The same thing as before, but… not quite,really. Coda - a concluding musical section. Just like that spiraly tail!

Name Inspiration

Alymath! It's derived from Alimath, taken from Alima, which carries the meaning of "Heart Sings and Dances," which we felt was very apropos for this little sassy, musical green. Why the 'y'? Because we thought it looked prettier. ;> Lis, weyrling to green Alymath; what a lovely combination!


Sometimes my mind don't shake and shift -
But most of the time, it does -
And I get to the place where I'm begging for a lift
Or I'll drown in the wonders and the was…
Yeah, I'll be your pet, if you just tell me it's a gift
Cause I'm tired of whys, choking on whys,
Just need a little because, because.
- Fiona Apple, Fast as You Can

The superficial qualities of the voice that thumps away in your brain like a second heartbeat are obvious: alto, thick and rich, laced with the faintest breathiness that's reminiscent of, maybe, Tina Turner? But what's overwhelming as she speaks to you is the scent of it all - incense, sandalwood and Summer's Day, and candles, ranging from vanilla to strawberry to everything in between. Smoke, too, emanates from both of those burning things, carrying that characteristic, husky Alymath-scent far and wide wherever she might choose to send it. Citrus touches the background, both in flavor, scent, and sight; not perfumey, but not exactly subtle, either. Something that'll wake you up in the morning and send you rocking off to sleep at night.

Sights? Not quite pastels, but not quite primary colors, either. Faded, celestial, silver-sparked reds, blues, yellows, purples. Smoke returns; silver and gold and sky blue move in time with those lovely scents and tastes, sort of security blanket for Lis, wrapping you up and cuddling you.


Long and lanky, Alymath is usually thought of as bigger than most greens, maybe even the length of a small blue. Her limbs are thin and long, lending to the appearance of extra length, though her form tends towards the thin and bony. Her wings will forever be too large for her slim form, though despite this she shall move with a grace that is inherent in her very being. Her form thrums with grace and agility; lithe limbs moving with surprising ease despite her overlong form.

Alymath moves to the beat of her own drum, to the musical chord of her own song and this transcends to her physical as well. Unlike other greens, she moves as if she owns the world, knowing that she is beautiful and that her very presence is magnetic. Her physical allure will aid when she's proddy, for the sleekness of her form will make many a male sweat with lust, be they blue or brown or bronze.

Alymath has many special markings, but there are a few, Lis, that only you shall see and know about. Fiery wine-gold decorate the bottoms of her feet, a gift from Chayath, which she will have you rubbing day in and day out if she could have her own way. « Lis, rub my feet! » Paying homage to her feet is the most surefire way to get this vibrant green to slip into sleep or relaxation. Another real touchy spot will be right underneath both wings, a spot that is only visible when she has her wings curled around you, and then only then will small markings of silvered gold be visible. This whitened gold traces the connections of wing to body, like the setting of a fine emerald necklace. Alymath will love to be oiled in this area, which will be difficult for you if you are out enjoying the stars enclosed in the warmth of your lifemate and.. « Lis. My wings are itchy. » Itchy? Not really, though they can be, but she'll love you to rub and pay close attention to these areas. After all they are her secret to you.

You'll know when she's on the verge of waking up, for her emerald hued tail will twitch ever-so-slightly to herald her rise from the land of dreams. This is a habit that only you know or even notice, for it's a slight twitch, more of a vibrating of the tail. But this is your signal to beware when she wakes, for she will, full of dicordant energy. ;)


Here's your little flashy-Alymath, with all the quirks and changeabilities you could ever want. Well, maybe not *Ever* want…

Aly's one bright, outgoing little green, at least as far as you're concerned. She adores you, Lis, and will inform you of that day in and day out. When you get up in the morning to fetch her something to eat, and when you collapse into your couch at night: « I do so love you, Lis. » Alittle passionate reminder tucked behind your thoughts to carry you through the day or night.

For passionate is the ideal word to describe Alymath in one breath - passionate about everything, from food to you to sunshine to friends to males to sleep… anything is within the bounds of Alymath's mind. Questioning, yes, certainly at the first, but a cocky sort of tone begins to grow in that throaty voice as time elapses. « No, that strap doesn't go first. Believe me. » Trust your intuition if need be, though, Lis; Alymath might make mistakes, no matter how infallible she seems.

"Being an intellectual creates a lot of questions and no answers.
You can fill your life up with ideas and still go home lonely.
All you really have that really matters are feelings.
That's what music is to me."
- Janis Joplin

This isn't to say she's dumb, though - she's got a good head on those shoulders, as far as reasoning and logic is concerned. But passion takes over when logic falters, and this is where things muddle themselves with you and she. « But, Lis, I don't want to sleep! I want to go out there and fly! *Now!* » And, of course, she isn't angry, only bursting with energy and the need to Be, now, before it's too late. You, Lis, will have the lovely task of telling Alymath that there is always a tomorrow to take to the skies, and that sleep is necessary to do that. Good luck.

Bathtime! Oh, indolence, oh, luxury, oh - never mind. Alymath doesn't have time for this. She likes it, of course, because it gets you to scritch her and talk to her and be with her; but, it's more of a cursory enjoyment. « Yeah. Good. Soap. Water. Clean. Yes. Can we go now? » Not fussy, not dirty, not loungey, just - bath is bath is bath, and beyond coddling and kisses, she's ready to go as soon as ever she can.

Naptime. Well, sleep is lovely, after a long day of doing things (and it's startling sometimes the way she'll sink into sleep, exhausted), but isn't it lovelier, Lis, to sit out under the stars with a mug of klah and watch the lake and skies sparkle? Seems that Aly has the same love affair with the stars that Liseria must have had to make it her profession. « Look at that one! It's so bright. Why? » Time for a quiz - how much do You Remember of StarCraft? Therefore, more often than not, she's a restless sleeper, waking you up with a touch of citrus and pine, murmuring husky words into your brain: « I want to go out and see the stars, and I want you to come with me. » Once you've your weyr, this will be merely a matter of brushing her away and telling her you'll see them later, that she can go out herself; but while you're in the barracks, what a challenge.

Lunchtime! We hate to tell you this, dear, but, you've got a picky eater on your hands. A gourmet, perhaps. It takes her a good twenty minutes to select that first herdbeast, and then another ten to play with it until she can chew it to bits. Thank goodness she isn't one of them big bronzes, or else you'd be in a bit of trouble, time-wise. We hope you've got a lot of patience *and* a strong stomach, cause you'll need both if you want to hang around and watch Alymath have a little snack.

Little Miss, Little Miss, Little Miss can't be wrong
Ain't nobody gonna bow no more when you sound your gong
Little Miss, Little Miss, Little Miss can't be wrong
Whatcha gonna do to get into another one of these here rock'n'roll songs?
- Spin Doctors, Little Miss Can't Be Wrong

There is an aspect of Alymath, though, that we haven't yet gotten to touch on. She isn't pompous, no, and certainly not nasty, but, perhaps she's got a touch of elitism about her. She surrounds her very inner circle with the best of friends, the dragons (and, hey, people, 'cause she's got you!) who've sense and creativity and the same breathless passion that she does. She doesn't shun the others, though, not exactly; she spends time around them to gather stories to incredulously relate to that little group of comrades she's got. « Can you believe that Dragonth didn't have anything to say about her first flight? » Worded, of course, with a sort of ardent righteousness, and you know very well that if she knew how to swear, she would.

Flying! This is the part of Alymath's life that she'll treasure, because it's breathtaking and amazing, and because she can do it with you. She gets to spread those gossamer wings and take the air beneath them, and all the while you're right there, where she can feel you. Even though she's enthused and excited, she heeds your warnings, and those of wingmates, and those that her instincts speak to her. A sane flier, if an enthusiastic one. We hope heights are your thing, though, Lis, because when Alymath goes up, she goes *up*. Your issue with formations will be in keeping her from soaring up the way she likes to. She's heights-driven, she's quick, she's loopy - she reminds you about your straps. Every time.


She said I'm not the one that she thinks about
She said it stopped being fun, I just bring her down
I said "Don't let your future be destroyed by my past"
She said "Don't let my door hit your ass."
- Blink182, "Don't Leave Me"

Alymath is a real loose, easy going dragon except when she's proddy. Once her hide begins to glow, she turns a bit clingy. « Lis—I want /that/ one!… wait! No /that/ one! » She'll not chase the men, though, only tell you about it. No, she'll play with her court of suitors, teasing them with her sensual grace and glittering eyes that whirl slowly, languidly in proddiness. Scent changes to a husky rose scent that is strong in your mind, almost overpowering, and can even be faintly scented from near her glowing form. Mindvoice takes on the pink-toned hues as the dulcet tones of her her voice lower to almost a purr. She purrs when she's proddy, her low throaty voice a lodestone for the males; her siren call to those around her.

In flight she will be gracefull, her willowy form sweeping through the air with agility, easily avoiding those pesky men! ;) Those that attempt to fly her will have to impress her or trick her into falling prey to their whims.« They'll never catch me! » Alymath will be rather arrogant on this point, even if she's been caught before. She'll forever think that no male will ever truly capture her heart, for it already belongs to you. While she won't have the maneuverability of some of the smaller greens, her flights will be erratic anyways. She will try her best to outrun those invading males and will do so at all costs. You, of course, will need to keep extra control over her wild emotions, lest you and she lose control entirely. Her wild flights will give you a wonderful exhileration that you and Alymath will share afterwards, with her boasting of how well she flew. She will ever be arrogant about this.


Name: Sita
Egg Desc: Tai; Shaela tweak
Dragonet Desc:Tai; D'renn, Shaela, Sita tweak
Messages: Tai, Sita
Puppeteer: Aife
Inspiration: Tai, Sita

Geko and Brown Revnath, Kh'et and Bronze Telynth,
Lylia and Brown Druseth, Mhari and Green Kelitath,
M'rin and Bronze Rixesith, Quara and Blue Sakuruth,
Iri and Blue Sriath, Willow and Blue Ozth (NPC)
and T'nis and Green Racqueth (NPC).

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