Tilla's Marylou Freebush Green Amuirnith

Pilgrim, how you journey 
on the road you chose 
to find out why the winds die 
and where the stories go. 
All days come from one day 
that much you must know, 
you cannot change what's over 
but only where you go.  
One way leads to diamonds, 
one way leads to gold, 
another leads you only 
to everything you're told. 
In your heart you wonder 
which of these is true; 
the road that leads to nowhere, 
the road that leads to you.
Will you find the answer 
in all you say and do? 
Will you find the answer 
In you?  
Each heart is a pilgrim, 
each one wants to know 
the reason why the winds die 
and where the stories go. 
Pilgrim, in your journey 
you may travel far, 
for pilgrim it's a long way 
to find out who you are…  
Pilgrim, it's a long way 
to find out who you are…

Pilgrim, it's a long way
to find out who you are.
—“Pilgrim” by Enya

Curious Yellow Egg

This egg is largely a gentle, soothing yellow color.  The pastels are calm and orderly.  On one side, however, there is a vaguely star shaped brown splotch.  Little tendrils of that brown extend from four of the five star points, little curls of chaos interrupting the otherwise creamy surface.

Hatching Message

Curious Yellow Egg dances a merry jig, hops up out of its sandy hovel, and rolls down to bump up against a still-unhatched sibling.  Knock knock!  Who's there?  It manages to tap itself a crack, through which a dainty tail emerges.  A few moments more, and a luscious hind end follows, backing out of the remains.  What an embarrassing start to life!

Marylou Freebush Green Dragonet

With all the glitz and glam of pageant season, this graceful, curvaceous green sashays across the stage of life.  A glittering gem in nature's diadem, the sun-dappled glow of late summer sets her verdant hide aflame in the finest fashion of the season.  Against vibrant kelly: a splash of maple follows the attenuated ridge of her backbone, from twixt dainty headknobs, 'cross narrow shoulders and haunches to the elegant curl of her tail; fiery amber twines long tapering spars, fading to honeyed wheat within the silken canvas of her sails; moss flourishes in the shadows about her willowy limbs, making evening gloves of dainty paws.  A sweet face of plump apple cheeks and fulsome curves about eye and jaw is marred only by a black spot on the very tip of her delicate snout.

Public Impression Pose

Marylou Freebush Green Dragonet seems to sense someone staring at her, but when a bunch of eyes are drawn to blood, her own attention is distracted from the candidates upon whom she bears down.  She looks around, and the distraction makes her catch her own front feet together and suddenly, Miss Freebush takes a spill, falling flat on her chest, her neck stuck forward, driving her chin into the sand, right at Tilla's feet and looking up, straight in her eyes.

Private Impression Message

Reality fades away to be replaced by a pinpoint of light and a shy, subdued voice.  « Uh… hello? »  It is a sweet, breathy voice, with a slight lilt to it.  A waft of vanilla brushes your senses.  With the realization that, perhaps, it originates with that pinpoint of light, you are suddenly surrounded by a loving warmth, light notes of earthy fawn and ecru soothing you.  « Oh!  It really is you. » A brief flash of fireworks to celebrate the find with a faint wash of music.  « Oh, Tilla!  I found you!  I'm… I'm… » Another moment of shy retreat, as the Sands swim back into focus and you see the beaming visage of the little green before you, eyes whirling with cheerful triumph. « I'm Amuirnith! »

Ahhhhhhhhhhh!  Tilla!  Yes, you!  You have managed to win your way into the hearts and minds of the members of High Reaches Weyr with your sweet and caring personality, and we are so happy to have you among our Weyrlings, this cycle.  Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to name a dragonet Marylou Freebush!  XD  I had a load of fun writing this dragon, and I hope you enjoy playing her as much.

Egg Inspiration

Curious George and all his chaos vs. The Man in the Yellow Hat, particularly those two as representatives of order and chaos.

Theme Inspiration

What little girl hasn't dreamt of wearing a pageant crown?  Okay, let me rephrase: what GIRLY girl hasn't dreamt of wearing a pageant crown?  Sandra Bullock's Miss Congeniality is smart, a little sassy, a sweetheart deep down, and sometimes (dare I say it?) a little clueless.  She may not win the crown, in the end, but she definitely wins the day. 

Your Amuirnith is definitely a pageant queen: graceful, curvaceous, smart, but not too smart, sweet, but not too sweet, with the adventurous impetuosity and strong stubborn streak of Disney's Pocahontas, and the self-assured femininity of Dana Scully.

Name Inspiration

You asked for a name based in Irish Gaelic that began with an A- and meant something special, like "beloved."  We thought that it would be nice to give you something of a surprise with the name, and we're hoping all of your suggestions were just that, because we love Amuirnith.  Based on the Irish Gaelic word muirnin, meaning "sweetheart" or "beloved," Amuirnith is, for all intents and purposes, exactly that: a sweetheart.


Hers is a breathy voice with a slight lisp and a slight lilt, Marilyn Monroe with an Irish twist, both sweet and sexy all at once.  She is a permanent sense of comfortable warmth, wrapping you in the fresh scent of vanilla, soft pastels and cream-and-coffee earth tones.  There is the occasional flash of fireworks, and touch of big band music during moments of heightened emotion, but they are only that: occasional.

Dragon Inspiration

Here she cooooomes, Miiiiiiss Hiigh Reacheeees!

Amuirnith is a lovely green, as you asked, with luscious curves, elegance and grace.  Her coloring and form are based, a bit, on the evening gown competition of most beauty pageants, with her glamorous high fashion hide and "gloved" paws.  The rest of her description is a sense of trees trading late summer green for early autumn's flush of color: maple, amber, and honeyed wheat waiting for the harvest.  Also, as you requested, she has a bit of a beauty mark on the end of her snout.

As mentioned, she is a beautifully curvaceous green, fit for a pageant crown.  Those willowy limbs and sweet face will certainly turn many an eye her way.  She will not, at first, understand the looks, or know how to use her femininity, but she will learn quickly enough.  Though she might never really take advantage of her hold over males, she will thrive beneath the attention, insisting on dolling herself up «For the good of the Weyr, of course.»  From painting her claws, to using the finest scented oils, to weaving fake flowers into her highly fashionable straps, your dragon will be a maven of sensible good taste.  The grace and elegance will follow, though it will take some practice to perfect.  As a hatchling, fresh from the shell, she may even be a bit clumsy, but I think it will only add to her charm; she will learn that perfection takes practice!

With practice, perfection will come.  She will be a delight in the air as well as on the ground.  Once she gets the knack of it, she will be extremely light on her feet.  In the air, this will translate to wild acrobatics.  I hope Tilla doesn't have a tendency to get air sick, because Amuirnith will be more than happy to test it!  Her flights will be some of the most breathtaking to behold—not so much in terms of daring, though she definitely has the heart for it, but in terms of fanciful feats.  It will take a very lucky bronze or brown to catch this sweetheart.

On the subject of flights: Proddy Amuirnith will be very catty, even with those who are her nearest and dearest.  She will start fights, talk smack, and just generally be a miserable being to be around.  When it comes time to fly, she won't care what you or anyone else wants; it's all about HER.  Luckily, her proddy period will be extremely short-liveda few hours and she's already reveling in the chaseand once it's all done, she will be instantly repentant, embarrassed at her excesses.  You will have to reassure her that no one took anything from it.  She could not, after all, help herself.

Keep on the sunny side
Always on the sunny side
Keep on the sunny side of life
It will help us every day
It will brighten all our way
If we keep on the sunny side of life…
—“Keep on the Sunny Side” by The Whites/O Brother, Where Art Thou? Soundtrack

Amuirnith can be catty, outside of flights but, in general, she has a rather sweet, and sometimes clueless, temperament.  She is very sociable and makes friends easily, despite whatever social gaffes she might make.  She is kind, compassionate, and she generally treats others with respect.  She is no rebel, despite being stubborn, and will more often than not cave in deference to authority, and while she is adventurous, she is not exactly a thrill-seeker.  She can be intense at times, a little overly gregarious and in-your-face as a result, but otherwise, to most, she comes across as a lot of stuff and nonsense.

It is easy to see how others might think of her as a lot of stuff and nonsense.  She is very talkative by nature, shows great concern for her appearance, doesn't care a whit for politics, honor, or duty, and has some fairly odd tastes.

But I know every rock and tree and creature…Has a life, has a spirit, has a name…

But she's not just all flash and no substance.  She is a free spirit, noble in her care for those "less" than herselfless fortunate, smaller, less wise with wisdom beyond her years.  She loves all things great or small, with a passion that might astonish those who see her as nothing more than a pretty face.  She will enjoy long walks through the trees or on the beach, and when others scoff at her for walking, rather than flying (as they will), she will respond with «But there is so much more to see here on the ground that I might miss otherwise!»  You may find yourself with a collection of small objects that the both of you find on these walks.  «Memories,» she will call them, even when her memory of the walk has completely left her mind.  Youngsters hold a special place in her heart and, although she will never regret being unable to have her own, she will find delight in the babies of others, playing with them and watching them grow.  She will show infinite patience for their foibles, from tantrums to the endless round of seemingly silly questions, but will always be a better friend, confidante, and playground, than caretaker or teacher.

It is, perhaps, easier to show patience when you were "that child" yourself, and Hatchling-Amuirnith certainly is.  A gawky, sweet bundle of energy, she will bound her way into the hearts and lives of High Reaches Weyr.  Some may take pity on her, motherless as she is, and subjugated to the will of the evil Tye and Valedath, while others may find her a breath of fresh air, still others may find in her a kindred spirit, but most, for whatever reason, may look past the annoyance to see the dear child beneath. 

Your Amuirnith is fully willing to speak directly to people.  As a youngster, this extends to ANY questions she wants answered, no matter how improper.

« Why did you get so fat?  Do people stop caring what they look like once they get old and wrinkly anyway? »
« Why do you think the weyrlingmaster calls you stupid so much when you're not around? » 
« Whyever would you want to have sex with him?  He smells like /mud/. »

She is likely to press the subject, even after being called to task.  Only after turns of trial and error, will she even understand why these sorts of questions are inappropriate.

It is difficult, perhaps, to pinpoint the exact reason for her reputation as a fluffy-headed green.  Perhaps it is her lack of desire to involve herself in any intrigue that goes beyond simple gossip.  She is quite fond of gossipwhat better way to exercise her gift of gabthough she is not afraid to speak out against malicious gossip, taking to task anyone cruel enough to speak falsely or unkindly of others.  Politics, however, are not only not important, but they are boring. It isn't that she doesn't care about anything, or care intensely; she just has a different sense of what's important. But, perhaps, it is the emphasis she places on appearance that contributes most, in some vague sense of irony, to her image.

Appearance, to Amuirnith, is definitely important.  And yours is no exception: hair, make-up, clothing, accessories… she will insist on what suits you best, physically.  She will certainly take your comfort into consideration, but at times, may actually push you towards something you wouldn't originally try.  « Just try it, Tilla.  You'll love it!  Trust me? »  And she'll bat her metaphorical eyelashes at you, send you a rush of love, and you'll just have to be sold.

But appearance isn’t everything. Amuirnith feels her duty to the Weyr quite keenly. You may find yourself rousted out of bed bright and early every morning to ensure that the both of you are looking your best before drills, but drill you will. It doesn’t matter that you spent your night partying in style and just flopped into bed a couple of hours before. There is a cream for those little bags under yours eyes, and klah for the yawns you are forced to stifle. You might not understand the importance of drilling and performing well in competition, but your lifemate does. You can sleep during your time off—or when you’re dead.

Except your Amuirnith is a little explorer.  She loves to visit new places—and, with her draconic memory, just about anywhere can be a new place, time and time again—and insists that you spend much of your free time in exploration.  The depths of the Southern wilderness, the lush cliffs of Boll, or the chilly wastes North of High Reaches, she will insist on visiting them all.  While her sense of adventure sends her off into the great unknown, she is one who often finds it in her everyday life: learning is an adventure, living is an adventure, every day is an adventure; she doesn't need to take risks to get a thrill out of life.  She faces every morning with an unrivalled enthusiasm that would make any cynic puke.

Nothing, however, compares to spending life with you.  You are her lifemate, her dearest sister, her best friend.  You may not always get along, but you are partners for life, and your partnership is important to her.  Every adventure, every hot date, every spicy bit of gossip—all will be shared with you.  In the end, she is yours to do with as you like.  We hope you enjoy her, Tilla, because we want to enjoy your presence and hers for years to come.


Name: Shazi
Egg Desc: S'ton
Dragonet Desc: Shazi
Messages: Shazi
Puppeteer: S'ton
Inspiration: Shazi

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