I’m Too Sexy Pavo Bronze Aojadinth

Dark Side of the Moon Egg

Midnight indigos and twilit violets cloak this small egg in mystery and
majesty. Its shadowed, dark curves are gentle, and the starlit silver that limns one rounded end serves only to mark it further as an enigma: its secrets must remain out of sight, though perhaps not for ever.

Hatching Message

Dark Side of the Moon Egg casts aside its cloak of mystery, revealing the majestic mountains and steep crevasses that pock a surface heretofore hidden beneath the sand. This marvel is not long to last, however, as a myriad of cracks begin to mar its surface, sending flecks of shell scattering to the floor. Finally, with one last shudder, shell gives way, disintegrating, to reveal a hardly mysterious, but no less majestic I’m Too Sexy Pavo Bronze Dragonet.

I’m Too Sexy Pavo Bronze Dragonet

The virescent shimmer of honeyed gold hints in verdant copper lend a certain royal allure to this bronze. Elegance delineates the slender musculature of long limbs and frame, from the perfect posture in the proud arch of his neck and shoulders to the whip-flick of his tail. A charmer’s face has he, the intimation of an inviting smile in the dark mask of hooded eyes, his mouth curling at the corners of a blunt, broad muzzle. His true glory, however, lies in the expanse of his wings and the hypnotic scintillation of color found within his sails.

Public Impression Pose

I'm Too Sexy Pavo Bronze Dragonet stops once more, now that he's a bit closer, to study the males of the bunch, chin tilted high as though he doesn't expect much. He poses again, shifting a wing — look at that blingbling, ladies! Something catches his eye, his gaze turning towards a young guard. With a prance in his step, he closes the distance and looms over Ryan as if to say, am I not impressive enough for you?

Private Impression Message

You feel warm, hot, even. You may wonder why this is significant to someone standing on the sands when the strange droning noise settles into the back of your mind, followed by the flash of sunlight on your inner perceptions. And then it hits you, the distinct sweet taste of –something- in the back of your throat. And then he speaks, filling your mind’s eye with the warm glow of candleflame through thin wax walls. « What have we here? » he drawls, then pauses to take stock of what he finds in the vaults of your mind. He sniffs, like one forced to settle for something less. « You’ll do. I’m Aojadinth. You may worship me, now. »

It’s so good to have you among us, Y’an! You have always been a joy to role-play with, but watching you progress and grow over the past year or so has been a delight, and I am proud to present to you Aojadinth. I hope you like him as much as we enjoyed writing him!

Egg Inspiration

When I saw that the egg theme was 'moons', I immediately thought of the
long-gone blue Sakuruth, who was based on the dark side of the moon. The dark side is the part of the Moon that faces away from the Earth, and was called such because it was dark in the 'unknown' and ‘mysterious' sense, rather than because it never saw any light (because the Sun does shine on all the Moon, eventually). So this is a mysterious little egg, with hidden treasure and worth… (and, one hopes, a dragon).

Theme Inspiration

Although in mythology the Peacock dates back to ancient times, as a constellation it is actually fairly new, having been introduced by Johann Bayer. In Grecian myth, the peacock is sacred to Hera, in Roman, Juno. In the Chinese world, the peacock is used to express wishes for peace and prosperity. In the mystic horology, with a serpent in its beak, it symbolizes light vanquishing darkness. The beauty of its plumage was considered to have resulted from the transformation of the poison it had absorbed in its battle with the serpent. In Islam the peacock's outspread tail represents the Universe and the full moon or the midday sun. In early Christianity, representations of the peacock likewise occur as sun symbols and as symbols of immortality and the joy in the afterlife. The peacock's tail, or "wheel," which contains all colors, was regarded in esoteric tradition as a totality symbol.

Hindu mythology says that the peacock has angels' feathers, a devil's voice and the walk of a thief. Since it becomes restless before rain, it is associated with the storms; its rain-dance is also associated with the spiral, worldliness, pride, and vanity. In the symbolism of the Middle Ages the peacock embodies the vice of pride. Because of its pompous courting behavior, the peacock has been regarded in modern times as a symbol of self-satisfied conceit and vanity.

This is your Aojadinth.

Name Inspiration

”Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee…”

Piao means float, ao, the part we took from piao, means arrogant, jia means butterfly, and ding means bee sting, so, essentially, your dragon’s name is arrogance: float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. Pronounced: Ow-jah-dinth.

Dragon Inspiration

Aojadinth’s influence on your mind is the warmth of a summer day, the drone of the pollinators out performing their dance among the flowers, and a distinct sweetness at the back of his throat that you can’t define, because, without bees or honey on Pern, Ryan would never have heard of them. It is the warm glow of sunlight through closed lids, the pale yellow of beeswax and the various shades found in honey. He uses all of these to weave a colorful backdrop for the slight drawl of his upper-range voice.

You will always know when Aojadinth is agitated, whether he shows it or not. His agitation will affect you as a slight itch in the back of your throat, like an allergic reaction to a sudden influx of pollen. The itch, should the agitation progress, will turn into full-out sneezing. And, should you be so lucky as to witness his anger, the sweetness of honey will turn to the pungent taste of over-ripe fruit, fermenting in the hot sun.

Aojadinth is a peacock, a name synonymous with dandy; therefore, we had to clothe him in the finest. His hide has the gold-green shimmer of peacock feathers, with a touch of copper that he gets from his father, Ghraith. His wings, his crowning glory, are filled with the beautiful display of colors found in the tail of the peacock: a scintillating array of blue, green, gold, black, and sometimes violet, while the dark mask of the peacock outlines his eyes. You may find him, on occasion, admiring his reflection for hours on end the way some dragons might contemplate the beauty of the sunset, or the individuality of a snowflake.

You asked for elegance, grace, and agility, and we did our best to oblige. His figure is long and slender, sinuous, which will probably give him an edge on the other guys his size, especially in flights. His neck has the graceful arch of the peacock, or the swan, his tail the fluid motion of a feline’s. When he’s not strutting, he moves like a swan through water: perfection on four legs.

And the ladies will notice. Oh, how they will notice! His fluid grace, so sensuous, will draw their eyes, his wings will hypnotize; if he ever learns to stop strutting and keep his mouth shut, he will win many the flight on sheer physical attraction alone!

“If there's anything more important than my ego I want it caught and shot now.”
Zaphod Beeblebrox, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Unfortunately, your Aojadinth has a difficult time keeping his mouth shut and his ego under wraps. He is arrogance personified: there is nothing more important in his world than him, and that includes you, close second though you are. Oh, you’re his best friend (quite possibly, his only friend), and he finds you quite companionable (love is such a squicky word), but you are a mere mundane compared to his magnificence. You, sir, are the sidekick – get used to it.

"Look," said Zaphod, "I'm up to here with cool, OK? I'm so amazingly cool you could keep a side of meat inside me for a month."
- The Restaurant at the End of the Universe

Aojadinth won’t be able to understand why everyone else doesn’t think he’s the greatest thing that’s happened to them. He’s not extraordinarily stupid, per se; he just doesn’t get it. Most days, he will be flippant:

« They don’t know what they’re missing. »

Some days, he will be annoyed:

« Idiots. They just can’t appreciate brilliance, that’s all. »

But there will still be many, many days when it will upset him, and he will need to know that you, at least, will always be there for him, no matter how much of an ass he makes of himself.

« Y’an, what did I do wrong? »

Console him. Let him know that you still care. Even give him a hug. But you can talk yourself blue in the face trying to give him advice, and he’ll probably have forgotten it the very next day.

If there is anyone from whom he will accept advice, however, it would be you. You are, after all, his chum. Anyone else, and he will probably dismiss them as useless chatterboxes, and not talk to them for a long while – at least, until his memory fades. You see, he’s not fond of being told that he’s wrong, because, to accept it, would be a massive blow to his pride. And what else does he have, besides his pride?

Trillian: Love and kisses Zaphod? You didn't even read it, did you?
Zaphod: Well, I'm president, I don't have a lot of time for reading.
Trillian: My whole planet destroyed because you thought someone wanted your autograph!
- The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Being bronze, Aojadinth will, inevitably, have his fans, who will (inevitably) be willing to overlook his over-weaning pride, -inevitably- fueling said pride and justifying his reasons for being so. Aojadinth will adore his fans, though. They will bring out the best and the worst in him: though he might swagger more, boast a little harder, and swell, he might actually soften a bit in the presence of a devoted fan.

You are, of course, his number one fan, and he *will* soften around you, becoming a little less overbearing, and a little more loveable. He knows he doesn’t have to strut for you; he already has your affection. So, while he will shine and swagger in public, when he’s alone with you, he might stop to listen for a bit, discuss your hopes and fears, or that sweet piece of hide you should hook up with. And he will enjoy those moments, sitting on your ledge as you gaze at the stars, or watch the sun rise and fall, or the people pass beneath your feet. He loves you. He might never say it. But he does.

Aojadinth is, ultimately, a social butterfly. He loves being around others, even though he may always have to fight for the spotlight. In Aojadinth’s mind, it is a real pity that there is no Thread to fight: what better way to show off his prowess in the air? That agility that gives him an edge in flights would have been a keen weapon in the battle against dragonkind’s ultimate nemesis, which would have, in turn, given him an edge in the social arena. If the Weyrs decide to initiate Spring Games in the Interval, be sure that he will be among the first to sign up. And, if they don’t, be sure that he will insist on starting a competition of your own.

“Some parts of my character weren't what you'd call presidential.”
- Zaphod Beeblebrox, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Aojadinth is not leadership material, and he is quite aware of this. He doesn’t like politics. He’s not even that big on power: admiration, adulation, worship, yes; power, no.

« With great power, comes great responsibility. And I want none of it. »

This is not to say he won’t accept, if grudgingly, a position of power. It is, after all, the ultimate validation. He just knows that he’s not good at leading others, and he hates doing anything he’s not good at.

And that, dearest Y’an, is your Aojadinth. Remember, this inspiration is nothing more than a guideline and you have every right to play him as you wish, but we hope you enjoy him!


Name: Shazi
Egg Desc: O'don
Dragonet Desc: Shazi
Messages: Shazi
Puppeteer: Shazi
Inspiration: Shazi, Santa's elves.

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