T'ii's Everyday Is A Journey Bronze Bandeleth

Stolen By The Deep Egg

Shadowed, mysterious, murky grey-green swathes the majority of this egg's surface. It breaks in places, shifting to reveal glimpses of blackened brown and tattered black; sunk beyond all hope of recovery, subtle shadings of sand pattern against the wood-grained brown, threatening to overwhelm. Here and there, a fragment of something brighter shines: bleached bone-white here, glittering gold there.

Hatching Message

Stolen By The Deep Egg shimmies around, knocking into another nearby egg and then shimming some more. No time to stop moving about for this egg, it's on a mission. It's hardly surprising when the egg starts to break apart, small parts of the shell falling away at separate times. More and more portions fall to the ground, littering the sands. Soon, all that is left is on piece covering the rump of a dragonet. With a good shake of his booty, what appears to be a bronze is free!

Everyday Is A Journey Bronze Dragonet

If wishes were dragonwings, then a lifetime of dreams slings 'cross bronze shoulders and past brindled tail. Far-arching, they catch the light in nigh-translucent sails and dapple the deep shadows of his variegated hide with sun-warmed hues. Dusty amber melds with tawny wheat and autumnal green curls through, marching a merry path from between the claws of hammy paws, o'er stocky limbs, o'er sturdy torso, to the cheerful stump of his beefy tail. Easy confidence imbues his strapping figure, but his open-planed face with its prominent brows and blunt, lopsided muzzle tempers it with the simple wisdom of the common man.

Public Impression Pose

Every Day is a Journey Bronze Dragonet spreads his wings a second time, balancing himself before taking a steady step forward. Despite the disproportionate wings, the dragonet manages to take several more smooth, graceful steps. After the initial rush of steps, he slows, taking his steps in a more casual, lingering way. Still, he seems to know exactly where he is going and is merely taking his time getting there. The bronze's steps take him slowly, but un-erringly to the candidates. He passes several candidates; young and old, male and female. Finally, the dragonet speeds his steps, ready for the end of this journey, but delighted to begin a new one. The bronze stops in front of Tian, wings spread confidently and head tilted to look directly at the small-sized candidate. Can we travel together, my friend?

Private Impression Message

A boyish laugh ripples into your mind, gently poking and probing, before suddenly making an instant connection. « You are T'ii. My T'ii. » The voice speaks slowly, softly at first, a hint of an accent accompanying each word. Warmth quickly spreads throughout your entire being, like a quick shot of whiskey, encasing you in feelings of acceptance, completion and the comforting warmth that one expects to accompany the smell of raw liquor. « There will be no more fears about being alone, T'ii. » More quiet laughter swirls around your subconscious. « Our bond will be one that will last for all eternity! Just you and me. T'ii and Bandeleth. » The voice fades away, but the presence will forever remain.

Teeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!, first, we must say: we love you and we love the name. Fisticuffs nearly broke out in the desire to give you the best dragon ever. Now that that's said, we're delighted to have you and we hope it's forever! If that is an understatement, we're sure you understand because "HRW <3's T'ii!!!!!111!!!!" is a little twinkish. Still, that may just be the best way to convey our love and happiness to you.

Name Inspiration

Follow me home, T'ii, follow me home. Whenever you say Bandeleth, think of this phrase. Now that your bronze dragon is in your life, he's there to accompany you to along the long winding road of life, but at the end of the day, there'll always be one place to go to - home. 'Bandele' is actually an African name, which means 'follow me home'. Now you can take this literally, or you can take it figuratively, or you can take it however-the-heck-you-want to, because he's all yours, for ever and ever.

We settled on this name (and trust us, there were dozens tossed about!) because we thought that it had the flow you requested, while not being too long or just two, just that perfect middling three syllable length that compliments T'ii to a well, to a Tee! The way we've been pronouncing it is varied - ban-DEE-leth, ban-DEL-ith, ban-DEL-aath - but it's up to you how you'd like to say it!

Egg Inspiration

Shipwreck! Shipwrecks can be found many places, both in real life and in popular fiction — from Ariel's search for human treasures to Jack Sparrow's resurrected Black Pearl. Both played a part in this egg's inspiration — tattered black for the Pearl's sails, bone white for the skeleton in Ariel's sunken ship. Beyond that', it's fascinating imagery —
I think this ship has definite pirate origins, but who's to say? Is it a pirate ship, sunk with all its treasure, or a merchant vessel, too damaged to be recovered? No one will ever know but the sea, which is busy trying to erase all record of its existence — already covering it up with sand, as it's settled on the bottom of the ocean. - Tian

Description Inspiration

"If wishes were dragons, all Pern would ride." Thus goes the Pernese proverb and we've drawn from that in your description. Big wings were important to you, so we've made them important to Bandeleth—and while they couldn't be specifically wide and over-reaching (that particular phrase being in Kyrioth's desc, courtesy of yourself), we hope you're happy with the words we have used!

He's much his father's son cast in bronze, with Luileeuth's stocky physique and variegated colouring. It is perhaps appropriate that the son of a chromatic should have little of the aristocracy in him (aside from that metallic sheen). We wanted him to be very down to earth, very grounded in appearance—except of course for his wings, which are what dreams are made of.

The big wings made us think of rays, and looking up the various types, we found the butterfly ray, which has disproportionately huge wings, and a teeny tiny tail. It's an oddly pretty name for a plain creature, but that just made it seem all the more appropriate to us. Here are both great examples of two different species of butterfly rays:


Since you were so kind as to provide a wonderful picture of some yummy melted gummy worms, we couldn't help but use that as our inspiration for the flow of colors across Bandeleth's hide. In some places, the colors are distinct, separate, and in others, the colors have blended to a warm, honey brown, with accents of brown, green, and red. With the remarkable wingspan of the butterfly ray, it was only proper to give Bandeleth that touch of red at the edges of his wingsails, compliments of his inspiration.


Bandeleth's mindvoice has a smooth, mellow, laid-back vibe; engaging, but rarely betraying his cool exterior. His voice is by no means emotion-less, rather, it epitomizes the go-with-the-flow personality of its owner. There is a hint of blurriness or static to the sound, as though hearing a vacationer's conversation from the next balcony over: you can't hear every detail and fluctuation in tone, but you can tell that they're sitting on their balcony, sipping margaritas, and watching the waves roll beneath the sunset, with all cares left behind.

From the first moment that Bandeleth speaks, you’ll notice his rather soothing mindscent almost instantly. It’ll blow over your mind, bringing forth illusions of a warm wind, wafting across a field of honeysuckles; the sweetness of his scent spiked with the taste of a properly aged whiskey. It’ll always be followed with the feeling of pleasant warmth spreading from your belly to all your extremities, just like that first shot of alcohol after a long, hard, cold day in the middle of a High Reaches winter.

Often, you will hear a spike in the sound of Bandeleth's voice at the beginning of a conversation. Raw emotion sometimes presents itself in the bare moments before Bandeleth's usual mellow mindvoice takes over. When especially excited, Bandeleth's voice may sound high-pitched and almost perky, but when angered or upset, his voice may deepen to a full-fledged bass tone before reverting to his usual smooth, even tone. One could easily liken this anomaly to tuning in a radio station; there's those seconds of confusion at what you're hearing before what you expect resonates through. At these moments, you’ll notice a larger spike in the whiskey in his scent, the sweet taste of nectar disappearing and leaving only the smell of spirits.

Despite the fluctuations in his voice, the words remain slow and steady, the vowels dragged in a country slur. On the whole, Bandeleth's voice is calm, unconcerned, just what you would expect from an easy-going personality such as he.


With wings as wide as Bandeleth's, it's no surprise that those self-same wings are fundamental to his personality. Bandeleth is a flyer, as all dragons are, but he delights in stretching his wings and getting the most out of them. Often, he will eschew an easy drop from the ledge, preferring to leap and pump his colossal wings instead, showing himself off in all his glory. Indeed, those wings are glorious, strong and sturdy with brilliant flashes of color visible on his honeyed hide in just the right light.

As Bandeleth grows from baby to adult, you’ll notice that traces of brick red will slowly become just barely visible at the trailing edge of his wingsails. They appear to leave a path behind him when flying all out!

Despite the disproportionate size of his wings, Bandeleth's body is otherwise even and symmetrical. In flight, bystanders below may pause in awe at the beauty of Bandeleth's silhouette. Wings span evenly over a smoothly rounded body, neck and head reaching out for the heavens, while his tail extends in a straight line behind. Your Bandeleth is graceful in air or on the ground. Speculation may arise at the hatching about Bandeleth's wings, but never fear; Bandeleth is confident and proud of his wings, moving with the grace of someone who is assured in themselves and their assets.


Life's like a road that you travel on
there's one day here and the next day gone
Sometimes you bend, sometimes you stand
Sometimes you turn your back to the wind

There's a world outside every darkened door
Where blues won't haunt you anymore
Where the brave are free and lovers soar
Come ride with me to the distant shore

We won't hesitate
To break down the garden gate
There's not much time left today

Life is a highway
I wanna ride it all night long
If you're going my way
I wanna drive it all night long
-Rascal Flatts (Tom Cochrane) – Life is a Highway

Happy-go-lucky may be the best description for Bandeleth's personality. A more laid-back dragon would be hard to find, but T'ii, don't misinterpret his calm attitude for lack of interest. Bandeleth's desire to absorb life is all-encompassing in a mellow, surfer-boy way. He wants to experience everything there is to see in the world, but he is content to find it as life brings it, rather than searching out experience maniacally.

Still, Bandeleth would be quite happy to go journeying when the chance presents itself, just don't expect him to be in a rush to get anywhere. For Bandeleth, life is a highway—it's all about going just to go. There could be no greater journey in life than that. If you have no destination, just a desire to see, hear, learn and fly, it would be impossible for Bandeleth to be anything else.

Sometimes, you’ll be surprised when Bandeleth will just suddenly decide it’s time for, with lack of a better term, a roadtrip. He’ll tell you to bring along some clothes and the two of you will disappear /Between/ to a random destination and just fly and fly, seeing what there is to see and not having to worry about any responsibilities. T’ii, you’ll notice a bit of a pattern after a while. Bandeleth, who always has your best interests at heart, will start to suggest these trips off into the unknown when you are at your worst. When wing drills become too much, when all the pressure of an upcoming leadership flight may fall onto your shoulders, or simply when you just have hit an emotional low, your bronze will demand you take time off. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that he loves these trips more than anyone, but more than anything, he just wants you to take some time for yourself.

They made up their minds
And they started packing
They left before the sun came up that day
An exit to eternal summer slacking
But where were they going
Without ever knowing the way?
They drank up the wine
And they got to talking
They now had more important things to say
And when the car broke down
They started walking
Where were they going without ever knowing the way?

Anyone could see
The road that they walk on is paved in gold
And it's always summer, they'll never get cold
They'll never get hungry
They'll never get old and gray
You can see their shadows
Wandering off somewhere
They won't make it home
But they really don't care
They wanted the highway
They're happy there today, today.
-Fastball – The Way

As we've mentioned, Bandeleth's large, over-reaching wings are essential to his main desire. For without such wings to take you to your destiny, how ever could a boy and his dragon achieve such a beautiful state of contentment? Those wings are going to propel you, T'ii, and your dragon, Bandeleth, through experiences that one would never imagine. Sometimes, Bandeleth's confidence in himself and his pride in his impressive wingspan may lead you places that you never would have gone alone.

» Bandeleth! Weyrlingmaster! Where do you come up with these ideas!? «
« We can do it, T'ii, imagine what we can learn, what we can see! Just by changing our perspective on life. »

When times seem tough to you, Bandeleth will be your confidence. While you may be upset or concerned, Bandeleth's calm, unflappable demeanor will help you to take things in stride, and realize that while a situation may not be ideal, it is certainly nothing to worry about. T'ii is a survivor and Bandeleth will only make that fact clearer, stronger.

There's no load I can't hold
Road so rough, this I know
I'll be there when the light comes in
Just tell 'em we're survivors
-Rascal Flatts – Life is a Highway

Bandeleth has a sort of boy-next-door charm that will have many of the greens and golds all a twitter. Don’t be surprised if some of the females make sure that Bandeleth is going to chase the next time they rise. It must be his country boy charm, added with his soothing, southern accent. You’ll also notice that your bronze will more readily bespeak others. However, only if he knows you have a certain interest in these people. He’s only trying to help, really. It’s almost impossible for him to turn the charm off, so why not make it help in your case?

« You know, little lady, T’ii told me the other day about how your eyes sparkle like the most flawless diamond, and I have to agree, he is quite right. »

You’ll need to forgive him in these cases, cause as I said, he’s really only trying to help you win the girl! Since Bandeleth knows that T’ii might have a bit of an issue coming up with something so smooth, he has no problem making a little white lie. Look at it this way, T’ii! You’ll never need another wingman to help you get that certain special lady’s attention, because Bandeleth will always have your back.

Unlike many dragons, that prefer to be loners, or others that always need to be in a crowd, Bandeleth can be happy no matter if he’s with other dragons or off by himself. He has an amazing ability to keep himself entertained, since everything is a wonder to him. If there are times you need to head to Ista, fear not. Bandeleth will happily sit himself near the beach and watch the sandgrass sway in the wind, sometimes even commenting about the simple beauty to you. Another aspect of your bronze you’ll notice is his love for all the large and tiny details of what is going on around him. It’s all a part of the biggest journey, after all — the journey of life. He aspires to find out about each new thing, and in essence, tries to find the beauty in all of it. He’ll have this way of bringing these topics up in conversation and still sounding so cool and smooth, and not like a drunken Harper.

But know this, T’ii! For as popular as Bandeleth may get (and trust me, it’ll be hard for anyone to not like Bandeleth) you’ll always, always be his right hand man. He’ll not only consider you his ‘rider, but also his “brother of a different species”.

« Y’know, you’d make a good dragon, T’ii. You’d have been a great clutch-brother! »
“Thanks… I think. But sadly, I’m a human and not a dragon.”
« Oh, I know, but you’re still like my brother all the same! My human-like brother! Oh, even better: my brother of a different species! Yeah, I like that. »



There are those types of dragons who get really vicious during flights. They easily lash out at their fellow dragons, each one calling the rising female a “prize” to be captured. This is not Bandeleth, oh no! He is a gentleman through and through. From the moment he starts to blood his kill, he takes his time, selecting the perfect herdbeast. Even being so kind as to allow other males to take down a few before him. He won’t harass the glowing gold or green, send gazes of lust at her, or any of that type. That’s not how you try to woo a female, after all. He’ll daintily kill his meal, blood it quick and tidy, leaving no blood flung all about the feeding pens. No way, not his style!

“A true gentleman is one who is never unintentionally rude”
-Oscar Wilde

He stays courteous the entire time, from the moment the female goes up, till she is finally caught. Again, it all goes back to his country boy charm. Being a jerk never helped him win the affection of ladies, why would it make any difference now? Don’t be confused, T’ii, just because Bandeleth doesn’t want to be a pain in the tail like those other males, doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to win the flight. More so if it’s a female he is currently fancying! He’ll fly harder than he ever has! The attitude of soaring in the sky, hovering nice and easily across the puffy clouds will be lost, and instead the need to beat all the other bronzes, browns, and blues will course through his blood (and in essence, yours!). His large wings give him a distinct advantage, grabbing onto even the smallest air thermal and riding it for all it’s worth. Bandeleth will be an amazing chaser, having both the speed and the stamina to bring him far!

It’ll be those cunning tricks that may, however, do him in. It’s not in his personality to be tricky and to try to cut off the flying female. He’d be more likely to let her pass by (opening the preverbal door, so to speak), before resuming the chase. He’ll fly far and he’ll fly fast, but he’ll always need to be on constant watch for any of the smaller males, who can maneuver faster than he, or those who have no problem hiding in a low covering cloud and grabbing that female by surprise!

“It is almost the definition of a gentleman to say that he is one who never inflicts pain”
-John Henry Newman

When he loses, it’ll be the only time you’ll actually see your beloved bronze down. He loves to chase, likes to show the ladies that a male dragon can show them a good time, so when he loses this opportunity, it hurts. These will be the times he’ll need you the most, to remind him that there are other girls out there for him to pursue, and obviously that green or gold didn’t realize what a big mistake she made!

T'ii, for as long as Bandeleth will be your lifemate, you will never need to worry about the pains of life. Bandeleth will be there to smooth the bumps and enhance the joys of life. Bandeleth will be your best friend through all of time, giving you plenty of opportunities to explore the world together at your leisure. We hope that Bandeleth delights you as much as he does us, for a stronger, more stalwartly dragon has never been imagined.


Name: Liza
Egg Desc: Tian
Dragonet Desc: Pyrene, Shazi
Messages: Tye
Puppeteer: Aries
Inspiration: Aries, Tye, G'deon, Pyrene, Liza, Xayna, Shazi, Sao

L’yei and bronze Fwaaslaath, Lila and green Alajaith, Nia and brown Vruelykketh, T’ii and bronze Bandeleth

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