T'lendel's Fiery Nebula Bronze Cairhoth

Seven Shades of Nirvana Egg

Eternal purgatory swirls within this egg's hazy depths of clouded mystery, the unknown cloaked in layers of diffused color: the tip's pointed blush is rose-tinted oblivion, its foggy sheets deepening into a purple haze. Life and death reign side by side, balanced, within the whitewashed shade that wraps around the broad median, dribbling into the light of a sun-filtered orange. Darkness threatens swiftly, though, the mandola waiting in sordid crimson: waiting to ferry passengers over a sea of brackish purple to the conclusive edge of black that settles its shrouds over the egg's base.

Hatching Message

Seven Shades of Nirvana Egg wiggles its orb further into the sand, the multi-hued shell trembling with contained energy. Again the egg rocks, crackling in spirals of crevices and distant, starflung galaxies of shell shards. The shaking stills for one long, silent moment before, without a moment's warning: - *bang!* - the shell shatters apart in split-second action, sending the dragonet inside tumbling out onto the sands.

Fiery Nebula Bronze Dragonet

Antique brass is hammered and bent, rendered by some cosmic forge into a new alloy: age-darkened bronze, tarnished by an oily rainbow of residue that mottles his haunches and belly with slick iridescence. Bulky muscle dominates despite his thinly serrated wings, where paler, threadbare fabric stretches to span each fragile 'sail. His heavy-girded body is molded either end into a thick neck and tail, and over-large feet balance his blunted muzzle's pugnacious thrust. Only along neckridges, talons, and his wings' knobby spars is the dulling polish rubbed away, revealing that brassier foundation; the effervescence of illuminated flamboyance.

Private Impression Message

Silence swells through your head for drawn out moment before a new world is born with a loud, brash, all-consuming Big Bang!; a rush of thoughts and images explode in a fiery, flamboyant panoply of light. Brassy notes ring out to vibrate through every crevice of your concious as a spectrum of rainbows leads to Him. Cairhoth. « I am here!» is clear proclamation, followed soon after with the unnecessary addition of « I am Cairhoth». His mental presence solidifies as the new reality, shifting and rising and falling in colored notes that spiral, invading, to reach and claim your most inner self.

You wanted him, you got'm. Welcome to High Reaches Ty! May Cairhoth be all that you want, and more!

Name Inspiration

Cairhoth. Cair is celtic for fire, and Kai/Cai is the Celtic god of smith and fire. Forge! Rho is the name of a sort of reddish-gold nebula far, far away. So, put'm together and you've got the blazing flamboyancy of Cairhoth! Cai-rhoth, or Cair-hoth, we're sure he'll tell you how to say it.

Cairhoth is, we think, much of what you hoped he would be. Wild, chaotic, brash and brassy on the outside, with an inner sense of self and solid awareness. He might be loud eventually, in hue and when he actually says anything out loud, but he is never bossy, and rarely arrogant. He has no need to be. He is Cairhoth!


Rich and brassy, Cairhoth's mind is, simply rippling with vibrant harmony of brass tones melded with distinctivly rich mulled wine notes. Trickling to envelop the total of your consciousness as a quiet, constant presence when at ease, or to vibrate and ring out depth of thought when in debate. Indeed, one reason you'll know something is wrong with Cairhoth is when he becomes oddly silent and still - he's not prone to chatter, but at all times the slightest vibrantly rich notes are present in mind.

But Cairhoth is never pushy with his presence in your conscious; most of the inaudible vibrations only tickle back of your mind when at rest, though when emotions run high that rich spiced berry feeling grows to tingle sensation encompassing thoughts.


The richest blend of berries and spices melts scent through Cairhoth's bulky form; not a definite sweetness nor a tart to husky smell does he carry. Rather his scent is that of well-vintaged, mulled wine, tangy in its scent-flavor, tingling the senses with just the slightest waft of this unique blend reaching the nose.


Physical Presence *** Growth: Cairhoth will be large; all fluid muscle and smooth hide as he matures. Sleek. Beautiful. But as a dragonet, he is all blunt edges and big feet, giving him something to grow into. As well, his colors are not quite right, still mottled with the dull tones of the newly hatched, still unfinished. Not quite explosive. Not yet. But they will be. As this dragon grows, the body will catch up to his feet, the wings becoming elongated and powerful, muzzle and head slimming and shaping to a lovely wedge-shape with eyes full of wisdom, curiosity, and laughing colors.

The body will slim down, as will the long tail, losing its layer of baby fat; and as it does, more vibrant colors will come into play; all of the colors of autumn will shine through the dulled unpolished hide of hatchlinghood, a cloak of sparkling, vibrant, flamboyant shininess. (Dragons should change with time, afterall…)

From clumsy dragonet to graceful dragon, he will be Cairhoth of many colors, his presence a flamboyantly and unending display of shifting hues to dazzle the eye.


In outer physical presence, Cairhoth is one who is rather hard to miss. Apart from his large size, his flamboyant personality adds to multi-shaded rich brass hide, gleaming in the sun when he sprawls in the bowl; yes, he /sprawls/, his lean bulk displayed with an ostentatious sense of self.

He is /never/ shy. He carries the weight of his leanly muscled frame with a showy trot-shuffle, his unique gait exquisitely his own no matter how jerky a ride it makes for you when he is actually forced walk.

In the air, though he is unable keep up with the agile aerobatics of smaller dragons such as Nekomieth or Zaqith, Cairhoth is showy in his pure precision, laziness shucked aside as the large expanse of his brassy wings sweeps decisively in a carefully daring flight path to plow through a particularly thick clump of thread, engulfing it in continuous flame. Stealthily swooping, he sheds his delight and cocky insouciance in favor of speed and stamina, careless dragon turned determined fighter; these are Cairhoth's skills with which he will enrich any wing.

But, when blessed with free time (although he seems to find more than most dragons, being rather partial to not working if he can get out of it), he is quite skilled at his whole act of socialization. As a youngling he will flirt quite easily with females, but does not shun the company of his brethren either, considering all dragons as 'good company.' Whether it's with a suave leap into flight or the simple yet precise arrangement of his his large body into a deliberately placed sprawl (the better to accent the rainbow gleamed of bronzed hide), Cairhoth is always at his handsome best, insisting on cleanliness and plenty of oil to keep his irridescently autumn hues at their very brightest. Even as dragonet, although his large feet and blunted dragonet body makes him clumsy, Cairhoth will find way to straighten just -so- in a « I meant to do that » cool sort of way, taking each obstacle life puts in his way as a challenge to be overcome; but only if one is at their very best. He is definitely /the/ show man - and one who will never need be told to be the ringleader; it will come naturally, and he will do it with flare.

But! Mischief and dares are things you will never find Cairhoth leading. Unlike explosive Zaqith or playful Azrieth, your lifemate will not spring for dares; he knows what he can do and does not need anyone else to affirm that fact with silly tricks or games. He is confidence personified, and reveals his gloriousness through ability and charm rather than childs play and nonsense. Nor do the thrill of pranks lure him as they do others; they are too much work, and usually require messiness.

Cairhoth would rather spend his time in the much nicer pasttimes of sun bathing, preferably with a trio of lovely greens, or soaking up the admiration of a pack of weyr brats over come with awe by his perfection.


Which now brings us to deeper layers and twists in Cairhoth's personality, as colorful, varied and complex as his rainbow sheened wrapping. Though obviously feeding off the reaction he gets from his bragging and boasting, he doesn't require it to function and be content; he is completely self assured, confidence in himself radiating from within and adding an extra glow to his supple hide - but he does so like the adoration.;-) Weyr brats and holdfolk are his favorites, as he finds it easy to inspire awe and admiration in copious amounts with his sociable ways and showy looks; and Cairhoth uses it to his advantage. He is blithely happy to spend hours lounging in the bowl while weyr children play around him.

Never the messy type, like his clutchmate Alarth, Cairhoth insists he be kept meticulously clean, making even the slightest spot of dust or smudge of ash on supple hide unbearable; for him and you. This is one time when he becomes most vocal, for your own good, of course. <> if such reminders go unheeded, further Cairhoth perists, <> he'll accentuate this word to over exaggeration and use the word 'We' with excrutiating monotony and repetition until he is appeased and you give in.

Even in eating, Cairhoth is precise, never running beasts to the limit or torturing them unmercifully (like Sindiath). Rather, he will simply watch for a long patient moment from his perch before swooping down and - with as much style as he can manage - pluck the fattest, tastiest herdbeast or wherry neatly in one swift calculated motion of lean muscled claws. Gorge? Never. That is one problem you'll never need to worry about with Cairhoth, as he is very aware of self and you - and often just oblivious to rest that do not matter in his mind - he knows when he's had enough and will /then/ stop. not a moment sooner or later.

Words! This is another point that Cairhoth is very precise in. Using a very few sparse images and impressionist feelings, Cairhoth will verbosely share all of his ideas, always searching for just the right word and delighting when he finds it; often you will be his 'sounding board' when such an occasion happens - <> he'll happily share this new-found wonder for a short time before again quieting to that subtle tingle and diverting energy back into his flamboyant physical show. He has found (another) right word and stays firm in the knowledge that it is now his, free to search for another one that is just 'right'.

Oh, but most of all, Cairhoth is /lazy/! But that not the word he would use of course, <> Any minor daily task of weyrling life will be a grudging chore to him. From the labor of hauling firestone to the simple act of showing up for weyrling class, Cairhoth will inevitably lounge in his couch till the last moment in an effort to avoid anything resembling 'work', although he does enjoy the sensation of being last to anything (if only to make an 'entrance'); and of course causing you some embarrassment when he does show up late. He is not lazy, exactly. He just feels that energy is much better put to important duties of entertaining weyrbrats in the bowl or the ever important task of 'letting' you oil him for 8th time today. ;-) Unlike questioning Nekomieth or quiet ponderous Ysbryth, Cairhoth does not worry himself over whys or whos - an especially good case example of dragonic short memories - he will just reason with what he has. <> And this is a case when his purely flamboyant way with words will make the even most insane idea reasonable. However, with coaxing on your part and his innately pure wish to make you happy, Cairhoth will eventually (after much argument and wheedling to get out of it)agree to the task and lug his large self out of his couch or sun bathing sprawl.

But his avoidance of all things related to work is in total contrast to the energy he will display when the important duties of wing formations and, to an even greater extent, threadfall come around. The change in him is often hard to believe; he willl be up and awake hours before dawn on days of threadfall and will constantly try oversee everything, with never a moment's thought of lounging or other favorite pass times. And once in air, he is a bronze blue of constant motion, swooping /here/ with a precise diving drop, only to use the same precision in upward turning the get /there/ than wheeling with marching band perfection to come back around for another circuit. His mind just vibrates continually with his brassy tenor notes during such times, urging you and himself forward as he consults with you over a plethora of flight plans.

But again it is at those peaceful times that yet another level of Cairhoth can be found, rare quiet times - when there is no one else but you and he to turn attention to - it is times when your lifemate offers silent repose, a chance for him to be the listener he always notices in your own actions, a chance for you to tell him your problems, if any; his complete and total attention. Cairhoth will never push mindlink to delve into your inner thoughts, but just offers that ever present vibration of brass that tingles back of mind, an offer of companionship and deep devotion to you, his lifemate and caretaker. In this way is he able to express some of his love for you, showing you that you truly are the center of his world, despite his seeming love of everyone and everything. For in the end, there is just you.

This is the inner level of Cairhoth, the true dragon that is your lifemate, the private soul only you will ever see. Deep beneath the flamboyant show and precise actions, this inner support is what brings the intricate weave of dragonic personality together and binds you; heart, mind, body and soul, with your lifemate, your Cairhoth.


Name: Nuff
Egg Desc: N/a
Dragonet Desc: Eth, Sen, Sorsh
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Puppeteer: N/a
Inspiration: Enya, Sen, Search!

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