V'enn's Slyly Micro-Managing Queen Green Casseth

Clutching Pose

Isamath's clutching style is very like that of her dam's, and she spends an exquisite amount of time upon each egg. She is patient, ever so patient, however, until she sees that Shirasuth has arrived. The large depression in the Sands for her eggs is one that she has obviously spent quite a bit of time on and is that a little wave-design around the edges? Her first offering is delicate, simple, and lovely in its own way; and so is clutched The Fine Line Egg.

The Fine Line Egg

Right and wrong walk a tenuous tightrope; this unabashedly simple egg displays this concept with dramatic flair. The bottom half of this small ovoid could have been marred with cromcoal, odd splotches the color of chalk and blood crimson to give it apparent - if completely pseudo - texture, while the upper half is innocently domed in the fine clarity of perfect pearl. A thin horizontal scribble separates both halves with a shady, wobbly division of grey: the fine line separating darkness and light.

Hatching Message

The Fine Line Egg shifts, every so slightly leaning to one side. Surreptitiously, cracks begin to appear on the surface, lancing shadows through the iridescent ivory and carving milky fissure in the obsidian surface of the hard shell. Fractures overtake the once-smooth surface of the cell, and its integrity begins to crumble until nothing is left by fragments of the once-perfect egg with Slyly Micro-Managing Queen Green Dragonet sitting in the center of the destruction.

Slyly Micro-Managing Queen Green Dragonet

Elegant, perfectly crafted lines in alpine and ivy give form to the slender and sleek body of the dragon, her figure nearly exact symmetry except for a few spots artistically altered. Inky black is her underbelly and the darkness seeps upward, corroding the buffed expanse of the deep, silvery green of her hide. Storm shadow of black steel, the expanse her wings is vast and all encompassing. Between her voluminous sails, vibrant tangerine radiates out from the sharp ridges of her back, forming a sharp reminiscent of the vertebrate below and golden sparks that flash across her nimbly neck. Shard-shaped head is constructed with the precise symmetry, viridian hide polished and unbroken except for a sudden scarlet beam that streaks from one headknob to the other, across her penetrating stare.

Public Impression Pose

Slyly Micro-Managing Queen Green Dragonet is sneaky, so sneaky that while everyone's attention seem to be on the wobbly brown - pathetic, that, by the way - she slips away from a group of candidates and crouches down. She then slithers, nearly silently, up towards another fortunate - Unfortunate? - pair and looms up behind Ruvenn. She clacks her teeth again to get his attention and spreads her wings wide. Isamath and Shirasuth's children have come Home…

Private Impression Message

Darkness, darker than the farthest outreaches of space, for there isn’t even the twinkle of distant stars to offer their light to you. A crimson beam lances outward, blinding, and scans before locking onto your mind. « Are you alive? » Silken, low pitched words wrap around your mind like so many gentle caresses and echo into depthless space. « Prove it. » She urges, the stars finally coming out to twinkle gently, encouraging. « Come with me, V’enn. It is all part of a plan. Together, we will do great things. You will come with me, I am your Casseth. »

Yaaaay! Ruvenn! We're pleased that you decided you wanted to ride with us (even if you were quite late in the game). Sweet little Ruv is one of the most adorable people ever, and we're happy to be able to play with him and the lovely Casseth. We hope you like her, because we certainly do, and think she meshes with V'enn nicely the way she is.

Egg Inspiration

A wise man once said, "I need not traverse over the fine line of right and wrong to know that wrong exists." Actually, he said it much more eloquently, and I'm too bored to go look it up. However, it was Lieutenant Horn from "I, Jedi" who said it to Luke Skywalker, and that got me thinking about this peculiar egg concept. Yay!
~ Ike

Description Inspiration

You asked for a dragon that was small, slight and nimble - and so here she is! She’s based off Cylons - both Six and the ‘toasters’. Her green is a blueish-greyish green, dull and slightly metallic on good days and her wings are grey, inspired by the metal of the Cylons (as well as all the ships and the generally sci-fi world of Battlestar Gallactica). The red across her eyes comes from the design of the Cylon scanning beam ‘eyes’. The black underbelly is symbolic of the Cylon’s dark intents and subterfuge. Specifically to Six, the golden marks on her neck are a reference to her hair. The red-orange mark on her back is from one of the first scenes in the mini-series, when Six’s back lights up as the audience’s sign she’s a Cylon.


Name Inspiration

Casseth comes from the Latin ‘casses’ meaning a snare, a trap or, even, a spider’s web. The ending of it is ‘Seth’ who is an Egyptian god that was said to be evil with ‘red glowing eyes’ - much like our favorite Cylons. It also has a resemblance to Cassiopeia from the myth, who was very pretty and also has a constellation named after her that is a constant in the sky - very appropriate for a Sci-Fi themed dragon. To boot, Cassiopeia was the sexy one in the original Battlestar Galactica too.


Casseth is a witty and cunning dragon. With a sultry voice that seems to whisper its way through your head, she can make even the most ridiculous of ideas sound good. She is sure of herself, intellectual and calculating. There will be no hesitation in her tone ever, although she may draw words out in a purr when she’s feeling especially amused. Even should she have a question, she will still be sure of herself. She is, in fact, sure of herself almost to a fault, and she’ll remind you of that constantly, if subtly.

Often, the feeling of peace or rest can be felt with her voice, with perhaps just a hint of sensuality thrown in. When she speaks, it invokes images of supple leather furniture in light colors, and the soft smell of pine. She is a cool mountain breeze, carrying the scents of a mix of jasmine, suede and vanilla. During a flight this scent will deepen, with hints of sandal and cashmere coming into play and a touch of musk that adds a captivating flair to her scent. Her voice will deepen, grow husky, and become a caress as the mating instinct begins to take over. Then that feeling of peace and rest becomes one of longing, of being home and yet left wanting for more, of needing that one missing piece that would fill an emptiness she didn't even realize was there until the proddiness hits. With the glow of her hide comes a glow in her voice, the scent lingering even when she isn't speaking, her femininity increasing during this sudden need.

She will always be there, in your mind, although after awhile you’ll grow accustomed to that feeling. When she wants to be heard, she will be, creeping into your thoughts like so many gentle touches of fingertips. You’ll find your actions questioned, and her input and opinions given whether you want them or not. « Is that what you really want to do? » « Well, that isn’t the proper way to oil one’s hide. » « She’s not interested in you, don’t bother. » No, you will certainly never be alone again - and you’ll never forget it, either.


Mostly, her hide will smell of just that - hide. She will smell of the cultured suede of expensive furniture. Subtly, there will always be a lingering smell of jasmine incense and bath salts where she is and where she’s been, you may catch a whiff of it when she walks by. And beneath it all, there will always be a curious tang of something metallic.


Casseth is on the smaller end of the dragon size scale, and she’ll look even smaller for her slightness of form. When she’s really young, she’ll appear more average in size. She’ll be a little slight, but not overly so, almost perfectly proportioned. For a little while, she’ll remain like this, although she’ll be among the first to grow and she’ll grow fast, out-sizing most of her clutchmates in the first month or two. After that, though, her rate of growth will slow down and average out and her bigger clutchmates will surpass her in size. This may, for awhile, be an irritable point with her and she’ll sulk a bit in the back of your head when someone points it out around her. She WAS the biggest at one point, after all.

Then, her growth will become a little disjointed, to further add to her irritability about size. Her wings will go first, the rest of her growing slowly and proportionally. Her sails, however, will grow…and keep growing and growing. They’ll be overly large and a little awkward. They will trip her up. They will trip YOU up - and anyone else so unfortunate to get in their way. While she’s still ground-ridden, this will largely be annoying, with you constantly having to remind her to ‘watch where you're putting those!’ to which she’ll always reply confidently « I am. » Even if that is followed by her tripping up, she’ll insist that « It was meant to be » and will not argue about it - her word is final, yours will fall on nearly deaf ears. Sometimes, she may shoot you a look, but that’s all the reaction you’ll get.

At some point, you’ll notice she no longer looks quite as averagely proportioned as she once did, and she never will again. Limbs, neck and tail will lengthen, growing out but not gaining very much bulk anymore - She will begin to look as she will as a full adult. This, however, will also be a challenge to her movements. Her tail will start bumping things unintentionally, because she doesn’t realize how long it’s gotten. Her stride with lengthen, and she’ll trip over her own feet. In this time, her dignity will be stiff, and she’ll have harsh sentiments for anyone who should find her lack of grace amusing. You may find yourself, even, becoming irate with her moods unknowingly and may further find yourself apologizing a lot for snapping when you didn’t mean to.

Eventually, Casseth’s growth will even out and slow. The changes, no longer abrupt, are easy to adapt to and there will be no more messy trips or accidental bumps. There may, however, be purposeful running-intos, under the guise of it being a mistake - for as long as others will fall for it. Once her growing evens out though, a casual grace will appear that may make other dragons jealous of her ease. She’ll glide instead of walk and she’ll never trip again over limbs that won’t behave properly.

Her wings will always be a little large for her small size, but in the air, this will prove to be a great boon. Her large sails allow her to move fast and fly hard, becoming even more nimble and graceful in the air, although it hardly seems possible. She will never have trouble with flying, although she’s just as comfortable on the ground as in the air.


"God has a plan, Gaius. He has a plan for everyone, and everything."
- Number Six

Oh, V’enn, you’ve gotten yourself attached to quite the handful - a subtle handful, perhaps, but a handful nonetheless. She is indeed a Queen, surveyor and ruler of her domain - you. Like the chess piece, she’ll move anywhere to reach her goals, but she has a particular tunnel vision of focus that keeps her going in a straight line to her goal. For the rest of your life, she will be there, in your head, teasing. Like Battlestar Gallactica’s Six, your Casseth is cold and calculating. She is not prone to gushing or swooning of even being particularly friendly, although neither is she completely unfeeling and she is certainly not evil. However, you may have some difficulties with her attitudes at first. This is only compounded by the fact that she is firmly woven through your mind.

Daniel: "Why would any human volunteer for…for…that?"
Yosef: "Well, with the blending I gain all of Garshaw's knowledge, her wisdom. More than any human could…could ever attain. And my life span is twice what it would be without the blending. And for all this, all I have to do is share my physical body."
O'Neill: "So you've kinda got a little Faustian deal going here, selling your soul for immortality."

She has bonded to you more firmly than most dragons bond with their rider, in fact, and this may cause some very distinct confusion until you get used to it. You may find yourself having bizarre thoughts or feelings and wondering about them. Sometimes you’ll feel hungry even after you just ate, or think you’re cold on a perfectly warm summer day - not because you feel that way, but because Casseth is projecting her desire strongly enough that you feel it too, enough that at first, you may think it is your own thoughts and feelings and not that of your lifemate.

Saroosh/Selmak: Selmak is a wondeful Tok'ra. She is selfless and caring; she is good company; she has a wonderful sense of humor.
Sam Carter: Well, that's good Dad. You can sit around for hours cracking yourself up.

In this, your relationship is much like that of the Tok’ra, the Good Guy version of the evil Aliens in Stargate SG-1. The Tok’ra are bonded to an intelligent other species who, largely, lives in their head, sharing their host’s experiences and thoughts, sometimes taking control of the host’s body to speak through it and use it. Although your situation isn’t quite the same - Casseth won’t have the ability to control your physical body, after all (barring Flights, and even that isn’t the same) but you two will be incredibly close. You’ll have a whole inner world to disappear into, into your head with your beloved Casseth, a comfortable place for just the two of you. Much like how Six and Baltar escape to his old home, if only in his mind.

In fact, you’ll be so taken with her at times, that you’ll be found having long conversations - or arguments - with yourself by others, completely unaware that there is anything but you and she. This may cause some embarrassing moments if you aren’t careful about where you hold your little conversations.

Baltar: You're not helping.
Number Six: I'm sorry. How can I help?
Baltar: Well, for a start you can tell me what that is.
Number Six: Honestly, I don't know.
Baltar: Well, it hasn't exploded.
Number Six: Yet.
[Baltar gives her a shocked look]
Number Six: I'm just guessing.
Baltar: I have to warn them.
Number Six: How do you propose to do that? "Oh look, a Cylon device." "Really? Well, how do you know what a Cylon device looks like, Doctor?" "Oh, I forgot to mention I'm familiar with their technology because I've been having sex with a Cylon for the past two years now."

Eventually, you’ll be able to adjust to these new sensations, and be able to distinguish hers from yours, but early weyrlinghood will have some highly disorienting moments. Her conscious thoughts will slip in and out of your head, but she’ll always be there - for you. For you are, undoubtedly, hers.

She will never grow jealous of your other relationships, whether they are simply friendships, purely physical or you find yourself a weyrmate. Not matter what you do or do not with others, she will not be worried about your relationship. Oh, she’ll tease you certainly, about your choice in friends and your choice in partners and she may even belittle your efforts sometimes, but she’ll rarely be serious about it. You can’t get rid of her, and you’ll never want to.

Actually, her belittling of others won’t be confined to just your endeavors. She, after all, is confident in her Rightness. Anyone else that is less than perfect (and that’s everyone, except maybe you, and that’s maybe) may find themselves mocked by her, although she’ll almost never mock them to their faces. No, you’ll be the one who has to listen to her thoughts.

« Strakath is in one of his moods again, curled up by himself and sulking. It’s really rather…pathetic. »

« Oh. I’anex and His don’t have the wonderful relationship we have. Perhaps they would to better to emulate us…don’t you think? »

Oh, yes, and Casseth will have plenty of suggestions for you - you and everyone else, although you’ll be the one that hears most of the suggestions as well, whether they are directed at you or not. She is manipulative, wanting to get her way, but it is not in a selfish way, but because she truly believes she is in the Right.

Helo: Aren't you Gaius Baltar?
Baltar: I haven't done anything wrong.

No, she is absolutely correct in everything she does. Sometimes it will be best just to humor her and let it go, but other times, it will be your job, V’enn, to control her. You, in all your joyous innocence, will have to be her moral compass, for she has very little use for morals if they stand in her way or in her beliefs. Thankfully, you more than anyone else, have her ear and, if you're convincing enough, you’ll win her over and she’ll go along. Although sometimes, she may go along with you just to see what happens. You are her heart, the person she puts her focus on and her energy into. You are each other's mentors. She will want you to be the best you can be; she will want you to be a Man to follow your Duty. You will guide her socially, and will teach her patience and understanding. She’ll try and take advantage of your innocence sometimes, in her own strangely innocent way. Although with her, she has the great ability to distort the truth to fit her means.

[Number Six has just informed Baltar that she has used the access he has given her to the Defense Mainframe in order to commit espionage]
Baltar: I had nothing to do with this. You know I had nothing to do with this.
Number Six: You have an amazing capacity for self-deception. How do you do that?

If proven wrong, you may find yourself with a dragon in denial. She will spin lies and falsehoods to make herself seem better or make others seem wrong. You’ll have to be persistent to get through to her, and you’ll have to withstand her anger. But if you get through, Casseth will quiet down and give you an extraordinary feeling of peace again, her way of apologizing, although it will be the very rare day she’ll actually openly apologize for anything.

"If you don't tell him what he wants to hear, he's gonna find you out. And when he does, they're gonna tear your head off, and throw your body out of an airlock!!!"
- Number Six

And wow, can she get angry. Typically, she’s a calm sort, relaxed and thoughtful. But when she’s fired up, she’s got some creative metaphors and emotional strings to pull. She’ll never threaten you directly - she Loves you, and anything she does is only for your betterment. But others…others may hurt you, and she’ll happily pin the blame on them for troubles. And she’ll use the fear of others and of punishment to get you to do things.

« K’nex saw me knock over that pot of oil, I think. You’ll have to clean it up, quickly - before he comes back…the best way to do that is to oil me. »

She may even make up direct threats of others to keep you ‘in line’.

« The Weyrlingmaster will ground us and put you on firestone sacking duty forever if we’re caught out after dark. »

She has a wicked sense of humor, dark and sarcastic, occasionally logical to a fault. It may get you in trouble sometimes, if she takes to making serious suggestions and you follow through.

« I’m sorry, you don’t actually believe that I would make your couch a mess, would you Ikth? The last time I recall, you were the messy one. My area is spotless - my V’enn would do and have no less. Maybe Mine will teach Yours to do better. »

All that she does for you, though, she believes is for the best - for her, for you, for your lives…she’s remarkably self-centered on the two of you. However, she’s not negligent of her Duties. In fact, they are of high priority. You both MUST be ready for Fall to the best of your abilities - it is why you both exist, therefore, you must excel at it. She will push you - and push you hard - to be your best. If fact, she may push you overly hard without realizing in her zeal to make you a fighter.

She, herself, is able to block out her emotions, even tuning out pain, if she’s focused on something, and will expect no less from you. This is how she’ll be as a fighting dragon. In Fall it will be up to you to keep her on track, in formation and listening to others - to keep her from being so focused on getting a particular clump, she misses the big picture. She’s charged, harsh, and violent in Fall. She moves smoothly, though, and won’t over-react to anything, calculating her flames perfectly after she’s had practice.

"Life has a melody, Gaius."
- Number Six

Off the job, she’ll spend all her time relaxing either lounging on ledges or on her couch, passively people-watching. She’s not a particularly social dragon, content with you to talk to, although she might make a friend or two who’s intelligent and interesting to her. And, outside of you, not very much is interesting. She’s not particularly interested in the arts, in crafts, or with gathers and other social events. She will find beauty and enjoyment in places most would not: in the perfection of a well made tool, for example, or in an impressively crafted statue. The colors of a sunset, or the flowers blooming in the meadows in the spring will not thrill her. She does not see the beauty in nature’s forms, but in things crafted by man. In fact, you may find your weyr decorated a little strangely with objects like hammers, bowls, statues and other crafted objects. She is very aware of the physical nature of objects.

In fact, she’s actually a very physical dragon. You’ll often find yourself being nudged by muzzle or tail, making gentle contact with you. Granted, in public you won’t be touched very often, but in private Casseth with be almost downright cuddly. If you’re with her, she’ll expect pets and scratches and there will be many a night where she’ll expect you to sleep beside her. And you’ll never want to turn her down, for being with her in those moments is the peace of a lakeside getaway where you can spend the rest of eternity with yours, your Casseth.


Number Six: Procreation is one of God's commandments, Doctor Gaius.
Baltar: Really? Well, I'm sure someday if you're a good Cylon, he'll reward you with a lovely little walking toaster of your very own.

For Casseth, proddiness will creep up on her and then hit you like a board to the back of the head. The normally reserved and cold green will suddenly become vibrant and social. She is not flirty in any way - she’s sultry and seductive, although firm in the belief no one can touch her. You, however, might want to put a little mental distance between you and her during this time as well as check yourself when you’re in public.

When she goes up in the air, she’ll be just as focused as she is in Fall - her flights will never be willy-nilly. In this, she’ll pull away from you, pull away from everyone, and focus on her path of flight. She’s careful and crafty when she flies, and unlike some dragons, she’ll listen to you if you have a preference for whom to let catch. Although occasionally, she’ll deliberately ignore you, just to remind to that she can.


Name: Rysta
Egg Desc: Sii'kyn
Dragonet Desc: K'nex
Messages: K'nex
Puppeteer: K'nex
Inspiration: K'nex, Rysta

Auryn and brown Animuth
Eshe and brown Strakath
I’anex (Eitanex) and bronze Feitoveth
Liza (Lizabet) and green Ikth

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