Shea's Lines In The Sand Blue Cervilaevarth

Oh… to live the teenager’s life…

… where all things great and small alike…

… take forever to turn to rights!

So the trips and falls of a life just begun has seen you wander from Fort to High Reaches, nabbed quickly to stand for such an egg of such… well. Ambition.

Once she's all sorted out, she goes in search of another egg, and quickly finds her fingertips' next destination: the ClickWhrrrrrrrrrrrrBmp! Egg.

Compulsion. Obsession. By Faranth, you never realized. The world is unclean. You are unclean. Your fellow candidates are unclean. The DRAGONS are unclean. But it's not a dark nor gloomy sense, now, you find yourself caught in a terrible rictus /cheer/. Your brain blots out in a black cloud of happy ink and you want to be cleaning! A part of you wanders right out of your skin to walk aimlessly amidst the eggs, brushing sand from their shells, smoothing irregularities of oil from Ysvarth's *spiky* black bling. It's a blind and wild and jovial wander, bumping aimlessly off walls and then brushing CLEAN that point you ran into in a cheerful apology. Humming, jiving, grooving along, you are in a place of transfixed unreality, joy in the mindless, the inane. With an undercurrent of rage. There is chaos you must extinguish it. Rikane needs a shave. Someone needs to brush and trip Dirna's hair. R'yst's /FREAKING/ cowlick defies REASON and his posture is atrocious. Horror, horror, must fix, must make RIGHT…

Yalishean is jarred nearly right out of her shoes by this egg. She looks like she's been given five thousand jolts of caffeine; her eyes are wide and pupils pinpointed. When her fingertips leave the egg they're wiggling about, trying to reach on and grab /something/.

ClickWhrrrrrrrrrrrrBmp! Egg

There's something both amiable and aimless about this egg, as if, should it be left to its own devices, it would go rolling about in an endless quest to discover the world by bumping gently into it and then rolling in a different direction. One end is a silver-gray bounded by navy; the rest a friendly, vaguely metallic blue color. A paler arc sits approximately in the middle on one side, and from some angles it appears to smile with spots of blue-green light. It sits in a dallop of good intentions, somehow conveying in its happy dullness a desire only to please.

…Such ambition even from the shell is but the beginning of your end to teenaged drifting…

ClickWhrrrrrrrrrrrrBmp! Egg has no need for all those dramatic movements of the other eggs around them. No, that was never apart of the plan. Sometimes, slow and steady does win the race. Finally, though, there is something of a quiver from this egg. Not so much a movement, but a vibration or a flexing of strained shell against dragon hide. A crackling is heard and a forearm breaks free. Talons clawing at the encasing around the body still trapped within. More snapping sounds and — CRACK — another leg free! And another! Then another! All four flail about, shards breaking off, raining to the sand. With one more mighty internal PUSH, the head and neck are out, the rest of the shell splintering off of the body of Lines In The Sand Blue Dragonet and leaving him wide in the open. So much for no dramatics.

… because he has come. Born of such Machiavellian ancestry as that of Ysvarth, that even from the shell, Purpose hums like the gentle ClickWhrrrrrrrrrrrrrBmp…

Lines In The Sand Blue Dragonet

Luminous with the subtle glow of gray-washing dawn, he rises up a measured study of sophisticated enlightenment. From the fell blue-violet coal of broad dark paws and sable glints of gunmetal talons, gray-blue of nighttime fog ascends the short, straight conformity of balanced legs. Lighter and lighter, shadow-slips lose their grip in gossamer fingers to descending skeins of shoulder's silvered frost; woven tendrils of enfolding iron claim haunch and hip to trail long tail, gradually unraveling into darkened tip. From this dim swim of lower extremities rises the fine faded blue of encroaching day: above the promise of genteel chest and long-body leanness, washed-out icy blue gathering delicate throatwork with pale cool pearl until here, holding the light: a face of near white, the aristocratic delicacy of bone structure powdered ashen blue, silver-slivered in sharp eye ridges and sweeping curl of crowning 'knobs. Swept wide about him, great scoops of snowy wings, waxy mother of pearl beneath snowmelt, are held in by fine wingbones of most delicate articulation.

… In the end your story’s not quite done, youthful life just begun, for here he is, to stake claim…

Lines In The Sand Blue Dragonet moves even faster now, his trotting abandoned for a full out run. There are some falters in his steps, spindly baby legs entangling a time or two, but the dragonet figuring it out before he would fall, always righting, always double-checking. He's dead set on his course of action now, tail no longer need to map his progress. Almost. Almost. So close. The plan of attack is just about finished, this mission will truly be a success in… just… another… moment. Talons dig in, motion is disrupted, and all the while not one does Lines In The Sand Blue Dragonet lose his footing. It was all according to plan, just as the tall, red-haired teen is. Muzzle is lifted, swirling eyes meeting wide, grey ones. Ready to partner up, Yalishean?

A whisper of promise comes first, the scent of cognac soon after, wafting between senses and causing all the chaos to slowly fade away. The grains of sand beneath your feet, all the people around your person, the suffocating heat of the hatching sands all disappear as you are brought within. Plush cushions surround you in mahogany-colored elegance, the intoxicating smell and feel of simple opulence embrace the mind and soothe the soul. A feeling of completion, of wholeness, something that’s always been missing though was never known is now finally together. « Yalishean. » That whisper again, now a true voice, both rich and deep. Sandalwood and the smoky feel of hearth fires now pulsate freely, dancing with alcoholic undertones to mingle and create something tantalizing. « Shea, I believe, is much more appropriate. Faster to say, when situations are running tense, and trust me, they /will/ be running tense. » Laughter follows the words. Smugness radiating with sarcastic humor. The door is opened. Minds are now melded. No more gradual acclimating movements, instead there is a crashing of thoughts. Ideas being shuffled about, reviewed and kept or quickly discarded, no longer is one able to distinguish whose is whose! « I do hope you’re ready for this. I’ll explain the Plan in detail, to get you on the right page. After that, consider yourself a full partner. To make this work, however, we’ll need to assemble a team. You better have some trustworthy friends. » It withdraws. This presence, your partner. Not fully, though. Still, it lingers in the corner of your mind, for now and forever. « Oh, by the way, you can call me Cervilaevarth. Now, enough idle chit-chat. We’ve got plans, after all. »

… to that which was his from the beginning. Plans made, executed and finished; you lay in the midst of a never-ending energy. Where you go, nobody knows, but one thing’s for sure, the leverage of the Plan is firmly grasped!

♚ Inspiration ♛

::: - ::: - ::: - ::: - :::

Shea, Shea, Shea! Oh /Shea/! We welcome you, with arms wide open and giddy exuberance, to riderhood here at High Reaches Weyr! Surely, after you came to us, you couldn’t think we’d possibly let you go elsewhere. We knew from the moment you stepped onto Reachian soil, that you were a keeper! Now you and your Cervilaevarth are stuck here with us, true High Reaches Weyr riders! We look forward to the capers you and your blue will create, the trouble both of you shall cause. Most of all, we’re exciting to just see more of the two of you around! Welcome, once more, Shea and Cervilaevarth to the northern most Weyr! We are so happy to have you both!

Egg Inspiration

Roomba, the most adorable robot ever to bump its way randomly across your floor.

::: - ::: - ::: - ::: - :::

Theme Inspiration

While it isn’t always mandatory, High Reaches Weyr does enjoy interlocking egg and dragon themes. This time around is no different! As you know, our egg theme for this cycle was Techno Junk and Gadgets. So here we have our eggs all high-tech, it only makes sense to have dragons that are low-tech! Which is exactly what our dragon theme is: Old World Low-Tech. Technology used before we had iPads and Smart Phones and Chainsaws.

Your own Cervilaevarth is based on a particular bit of low-tech that just fit very well with his overall theme. That being an Sand Table, also known as an Abax to some. (more information on it can be found here:


Sand tables were used as early, early, early computers. Both by students and professionals alike to figure out mathematical equations and as well for Military reasons. How better to plan out your battle field than using a large sand table to correctly mark out where your troops are and where the enemies are. Than the best routes to get to the enemy! Can you see it now? Cervilaevarth out on the empty hatching sands, having smoothed down a large section, using his tail to make plans on a canvas large enough for him? I sure can!

It all fit in so well with the one person that truly defines who Cervilaevarth is: Nathan Ford from ‘Leverage’ ( What with his ability to plan the best capers, take down the enemy, all while keeping his team as (relatively) safe as humanly possible! You, Shea, asked personally for Nathan Ford to be the inspiration should SearchCo put you on blue! Upon reading over Nate Ford’s personality, watching a few episodes of Leverage, it just… fit. All of SearchCo agreed that Shea needed herself a Nathan Ford blue dragon and that was that! Hopefully, we did him proud with Cervilaevarth.


::: - ::: - ::: - ::: - :::

Description Inspiration

Cervilaevarth’s inspiration is based on the soft, faded-denim gray-blue light of predawn, when the world is still quiet and composed. The somnolent sleep of night still clinging dark along the silhouette of form and function and then ascending skyward in the dark-to-light gradual gradient of gray-blues in the form of morning mist climbing for the sky.


::: - ::: - ::: - ::: - :::

Name Inspiration

It should be noted that SearchCo will take on any challenge when it comes to names! And I got to say, Shea, you definitely gave us a good, solid list of what you wanted and what you didn’t. We had a good amount of discussion back and forth. Tossing names around, finding one or two we liked, than quickly tossing them to the side as they didn’t fit into your requirements. And we were /determined/ to find something that did! Hopefully we hit the nail on the head with:
- > Cervilaevarth < -

You did mention that you are open to having a name meaning or not, that it’s the name and how it looks and sounds that matters more than what is behind the name. However, Lendai is a name meaning-whore. She can’t help but try to find some sort of meaning to fit into every name. As you very well know, Nathan Ford is a big figure in all that is Cervilaevarth, and truly, his name should be no different. Nate Ford is well known as ‘The Mastermind’ on the TV series, Leverage. Your blue is no different, easily being ‘The Mastermind’ of his clutch, if not all of High Reaches Weyr. That being that, we took that SearchCo given title and tried it in different languages. Italian, for some reason, was the best fit, since let’s face it, the best capers out there are Italians! This gave us ‘il cervello’. We liked this… but the last thing we wanted to do was throw a -th on the end (against the requirements!) and call it soup. It wasn’t long enough, didn’t have the flow. But it was a good start!

It was brilliant Eth’n’s idea to take parts of the clutchparent’s names, Aevryscienth and Ysvarth, and incorporate it into the name. With some meshing and mashing, some letters added, some thrown away, we came up with Cervilaevarth. It appealed to us on every level, looked lovely, sounded good out loud, has four syllables, it’s long, but it /flows/!

Now, SearchCo has two ways we’ve been saying the name. The first was ‘Cerv-ilae-varth’ and the second, and more wildly popular, was ‘Cer-vilae-varth’. Though as he is your dragon, you are free to pronounce it how ever you see fit! We hope it is everything you were looking for in a name!

::: - ::: - ::: - ::: - :::


The scent of sandalwood and hearth fires, the soft touch of rich carpet, the glitter of chandeliers and the sounds of many steps as they walk across marble floors. The slightest touch of fine cognac, smooth and rich against your tongue. These are the first hints of your lifemate. His words flow like smooth honey down your throat and you feel as if, when you are speaking to him or him to you, that you are surrounded by a million people who never see you. Hidden in the shadows of a hotel parlor, the Mastermind, the Man with the Plan is ever present; with the slightest hint of clean, clear cologne.

« Shea.» Your name will always roll off of his mental tongue like a fine taste of expensive cognac. « You are deviating from the Plan. You know what happens when you do that. » Mahogany walls emerge from the darkness of the touch, and the presence of a million people rush by, intent upon their own lives. Across a far wall, a crystal chandelier shatters the light; somehow you know that, behind that wall, is an elaborate device that you do not understand, except that it is a room that Cervilaevarth lurks, hatching his plans.


You will never get drunk from his voice, for this is a mere touch; it is the slight sip that accompanies the elegance of a noon-day meal. Hidden in plan sight while watching those he consider his Team executing the Plans he hatches so easily. Light is diffuse, for he lurks in the shadows, watching as his plans are executed; it is the rich, mahogany of shadows that collect near rich, plush sofas and chairs.

Sometimes, when he is truly intent upon getting his way, it will feel as if you are sinking into a plush Victorian chair, while your fingers tingle with what you’d swear is a large, round glass filled with rich cognac. Underneath sculpted ceilings, while the light sparkles against crystalline chandeliers and sconces, you will find his voice coming to you, rich and mellifluous. Sometimes it will come from the crowd, and sometimes it will be the voice behind your head, a whisper that you would swear you felt against your neck.

That whisper tickles the small hairs behind your ear and against the nape of your neck. Rich and smooth, his voice distracts your inner vision away from the sparkling chandeliers that refract the light into a glittering rainbow against expensive and gaudy wallpaper of an ornate wall. « Shea. I have come up with the Plan. It’s the Plan to end all Plans, but I need you to go outside and sketch out the path from here to the Meadows. It is critically important. Do you understand?»


His mindvoice is something of a conundrum to you at times, for it is always changing, very rarely the same except for the sense of opulence. That will be a common thread: from inside an expensive Hold, at the back of an expensive shop or in a Weyr’s private, opulent guest rooms, Cervilaevarth does not deign to lower himself to the plebeian places of society; nay, he is the Man with the Plan, and his plans are hatched in the relative comfort of elegance and quality.

Whether outside or in, he always carries with him the sense of a crowd, as if the secrets are better told in plain sight, then executed by those who are seen as lesser than he.

Humor is the glittering amber of cognac, sloshing against a crystal decanter; you hear it in your mind’s eye, and your nose smells the rich, scent of alcohol. « Dhioth would be perfect for this, Shea. You will need to convince K’ane, though, because that fool dragon won’t do anything himself. » Opulence is in golden gilt bas relief of crown molding depicting dragons in flight, mating, and hunting. Around a room done in golden wallpaper that shines in the dim lighting. Light is a muted thing, a golden touch that flares in fire-orange when the light of a hearth fire adds richness to a place already filling with the rush of dinner. You realize then, that you are standing in a dining hall, amid fine people who’s voices you can barely here. « Shea? Well? Hop to it! »


While he does not always favor the opulence of hotelesque parlors or fancy dining halls, these will be his favored places. They are a hub of people, a place that he can hide in plain sight, and orchestrate the plans that come born of his own mind. If you are a careful observer, you will find reminiscence of Aevryscienth in the hearth fires and flickering candlelight, and in the shadows at the deepest corner, you will find the barest touch of monochrome grey. A slight gift of sire, for Cervilaevarth will love his rich, rich colors. Any color under the sun will be at his disposal, and this small touch of monochromatic grey will not even be noticed by the blue.

It will, however, be noticed by you and it adds a touch of sinister to the opulence of finery, to the relative safety of a crowd of people.

In the beginning, you will find that you dream in brilliant colors you have never seen; as a baby, Cervilaevarth will share a little too much, especially in dreams where the mind is fertile, rich and unprotected. Colors, sounds, motion; you will awaken with your heart racing thinking you sleep in a crowd of people rushing down a cobblestone street, or in a fancy Hold parlor where a dinner party is in progress. The scent of sweetmeats and fancy finger foods will come with this sensation and cause your stomach to rumble until finally, you pulls yourself from his mind long enough to realize that … it was all a dream.


The richness of his voice can be, at times, like an overindulgence in high-sugar, fancy foods. You will find that at times you want to push his mindvoice away. To not feel the presence of so many people and strange places, but this will never be far from your mind, even when you have control of the link. It is like Cervilaevarth is tapped into a network of folk to do his bidding, to execute his plans, and to otherwise mask his presence.

Thus, your life, Shea, is indelibly and forever changed.

Anger, sadness, depression; the full range of emotions are available to your blue, but he will never deign to fully show them, except for anger. Anger will rise the swell of the sounds of people, will cut the light harsh against the shadows and will allow that creeping hint of monochrome to grow and underscore the very depths of an anger that will reverberate throughout the entirety of his mindscape.


Garden lights dance on the night air, brushed with the coolness of a coming winter. A gazebo, entwined with the light of many candles that flicker in near unison, stands foremost in a garden of a Hold’s ball. « Shea. » Darkness creeps along the ground, draining the grass of even it’s green-black and leaving only greyscale in it’s wake. « That fool fucked it up. We need to leave, NOW! » Rich brandy is a heady aroma that curls through his words, cut as if from shards of broken and glittering crystal. They almost cut through the haze of the sound of a huge crowd. Far off you can hear someone getting drunk and rowdy, and you know the anger is directed not at you, but at the one who messed with the Plan.

His voice, Shea, is what you make of it. It is a rich tapestry of many things, all woven of one, single desire: to create the Plan, to come up with the Plan, to be the mastermind upon which your life and his dance. He will string along anyone he can get his hooks into.


Good luck, Shea. For even you may be driven to distraction by his voice!

In case you ever wondered where his opulence inspiration came from, it started with the Direct TV commercial. The little giraffe and the fancy, gilded furniture, chandeliers, velvet cushions, and the golden remote control. From there, the rest of his mind voice just … took off!


“Opulence. I has it.”

::: - ::: - ::: - ::: - :::


Cervilaevarth is an aristocratically formed dragon; charming, Aevryscienth has been generous with him for the fine bonemanship of his face and for the long, long reach of his wings. He carries himself confidently on somewhat shorter legs (surely… surely not Napoleonic), managing to not look terribly nubby by virtue of his father, Ysvarth’s, gift of long, cruel length in body, making a fine, proud neck to hold upright. His feet are large in proportion, sturdy and maintaining the balance necessary to carry those big old wings of his and finery carries its practical barbs in the form of rather sharply sculpted eye ridges before they loop around into rather elegant swoops of head knobs.

In color, it could also be said he is primarily a momma’s boy, rich in silvers, from snow-melt silvery wings - not unlike the inside shells of mother of pearl - to the cool metallic gilding that lines the edges of his eyeridges and neckridges. His face is very pale in color, a sort of blue-ghosted pearl beneath those silver accents of his, reminiscent of this:


From the lightness of his face and wings, however, he grows gradually darker in body and darker yet at his extremities, as the horizon of a beach just before dawn, when all the blues are steely-gray. This transition is not wholly smooth, light and dark making their exchange through ripples of surrender from one color to the next, faint striations like folds of sand that feed and weave the pearly white through a blue-gray fog down the sides of his flank, hips and back until feet and tail tip are as dark as a silhouette against morning light. Not black by any means, but a deep, fatigued dark violet-blue. These colors, in appropriately descending order, can be found here:


You would think for the sophistication of his form, Cervilaevarth would have a haughtiness to his movements, but it’s simply not the case. While surely he has a confidence to him, his head easily held high and his gaze attentive, he’s actually quite informal with his movements. Deft, in a loose-boned and feline-insouciant way. He will grow into a sort of off-hand readiness, rogue-light in practice and reflexively fit to spring into action. A blue-blood he may be, but he’s a blue blood of cunning and trained in a little fencing as well as ball room dance. Sadly, this state of preparation does not succeed in giving him exceptional grace. He isn’t supple liquid motions, he’s blocky, quintessentially masculine working-class ready.

At least… when he’s grown. When he’s younger, he’s going to have a terribly gawky-teenaged-ness about him, his huge feet and wings eternally in his way. Don’t be surprised if in the course of his daily activities he gets carried away and trips or has to stop to de-tangle. He will pointedly not let this get in the way of his plans, even if it causes a few distractions as he follows them through.

While strolling along with you, explaining his plans during weyrlinghood:

The sense of ascending fine crushed-velvet stair cases to a grand foyer. « And once we have attended our flight lesson tonight we shall- »


« -blast it! » Stiff placement of fine-polished mahogany banister railings obscures a suggestion of irritation from an elegant courtyard below as he begins to sort out his limbs. « -uff - We shall then meet with Finmaraisth and Tindraeth about that plan we were - » he nearly stumbles again « - confounded! - plan we were discussing yesterday… »

Once he has grown out if it, however, you would forget it had ever happened. As he learns his trades, he’ll be a highly active dragon. Not hyper or fidgety, but the Man with the Plan has got to keep moving if he wants results and with his easy control of body, he will be remarkable with posture and stance to fit a scenario - …or to be able to run like his ass is on fire if the cards aren’t looking good.

In flight, he’s a lot more economical. His long wings loan him endurance in long-distance flight, though thank Faranth this is not a time of Thread for what he gains in stamina, he loses in mobility. For a blue, he is rather inclined to gliding rather than those fancy maneuvers his fellow blues are so well known for. But then again… all the easier to see what’s going on, isn’t it, when you’re not so distracted showing off…

::: - ::: - ::: - ::: - :::


It's all the same, only the names will change
Everyday it seems we're wasting away
Another place where the faces are so cold
I'd drive all night just to get back home

I'm a cowboy, on a steel horse I ride
I'm wanted dead or alive
Wanted dead or alive

Sometimes I sleep, sometimes it's not for days
And the people I meet always go their separate ways
Sometimes you tell the day
By the bottle that you drink
And times when you're alone all you do is think

I'm a cowboy, on a steel horse I ride
I'm wanted dead or alive
Wanted dead or alive

I walk these streets, a loaded six string on my back
I play for keeps, 'cause I might not make it back
I been everywhere, and I'm standing tall
I've seen a million faces an I've rocked them all

I'm a cowboy, on a steel horse I ride
I'm wanted dead or alive
I'm a cowboy, I got the night on my side
I'm wanted dead or alive
And I ride, dead or alive
I still drive, dead or alive
Dead or alive
Dead or alive
Dead or alive
Dead or alive
— Bon Jovi - “Wanted Dead Or Alive” (

It doesn’t matter that this dragon is a blue, he will instantly assume some form of leadership in a group. Not because he’s a born leader, or because he’s got some complex that dictates him always being the one In Charge. No, it’s because it just makes sense. He’s the dragon with the plan. He’ll always have an air about him, not of authority, but of knowing. Knowing what is going down, knowing what could happen. He’s not going to throw himself wildly into a situation without clearly thinking it out, planning for every possible outcome as well as ways to back out if need be. He’s an intelligent dragon, something that others will realize rather soon on, a well thought-out beast, easily able to assess a situation and give a coherent response on how to fix any issues. For this reason, Cervilaevarth will be something of a leader. While he may not particularly enjoy or seek to be up front, he knows well enough that sometimes tasks will be borderline impossible to complete, unless he’s directing other dragons where to go and what to do. Should you and he aspire to it, he’d easily be an amazing Wingsecond or Wingleader some day. Even Weyrsecond is a very real possibility for this dragon’s future. He’ll have a knack for coming up with new Thread Formations, even now in a time where none falls from the sky. It’ll be something he’ll try out with his fellow clutchsiblings first throughout Weyrlinghood, and then approach on a larger scale after graduation and being tapped into a Wing.

Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.

— Alan Lakein

It’ll take some time, Shea, when Cervilaevarth is younger to get him to speed up this process of planning. It’s intuitive to him, yes, to have these plans. Ingrained into his very draconic DNA to ensure that everything is going according to The Plan. However, that doesn’t mean that he’s particularly good at doing it quickly when he is still a weyrling. Completing what would usually be easy tasks, such as heading out to take a bath at the beach or going out to the feeding grounds will not be without their issues. As other weyrlings and their dragons are forging ahead to get a task done, you will be sat down and forced to listen to all the entrance and exist strategies. Does he enter the water walking backwards, to better ensure his ability to get out, should something untoward occur? Well, that could work, but only if he’s staring straight backwards as well, otherwise he won’t see if he’s running into something or someone, which could start an incident all on its own. Maybe instead, he’ll go in SIDEWAYS, yes. Because that will still allow him the chance to get away by running parallel to the beach, in water that’s not as deep. Brilliant! But wait, that won’t work because… and so on and so forth. It won’t be until you promise, quite a few times, to watch your dragon’s back as part of the plan that he will finally relent to taking the damned bath. Of course, by then, most of the other dragons will have finished up.

Nathan: We're going to the burn scam.
Hardison: Going to plan B.
Nathan: Technically that would be plan G.
Hardison: How many plans to we have? Is there like a plan M?
Nathan: Yeah, Hardison dies on plan M.
Eliot: I like plan M.
— Leverage, Season 1, The Nigerian Job

By now it’s rather plain to see that Cervilaevarth is a genius among dragons. One of the few dragons that can remember well past when they should. Though dragon memory being what it is, no dragon has the ability to remember everything forever. It’ll be a constant source of irritation for Cervilaevarth. Because of this, Shea, you’ll need to be his memory. Expect to be forced to put many, many details into writing. It’d be best to just go out and purchase as many writing instruments and parchment hides that you possibly can now, for the things that Cervilaevarth deems important to remember and be jotted down will be… lengthy. Perhaps adapting an organizational tactic as well would be prudent. Otherwise, there will be stacks of hide lined all around your couch, your weyr, your ledge with no rhyme or reason to their existence. And when Cervilaevarth wants some snippet of information in particular, you’ll be sent running around your domicile, trying to find what he wants. And believe me, what your blue wants, he gets. He’ll make it happen, even if it means keeping you awake for an entire day straight until that he needs is found. So really. Organizing those hides early on will help you in the long run! Also. Make sure you ask for a larger weyr when the time comes, you’ll need it!

If there is one thing Cervilaevarth excels at, it’s tactical thinking. This all wraps back up into him being ‘the man with the plan’. As stated earlier, his thought process will take some learning to properly deal with, to hone into a weapon more deadly that any sword that Dhioth may mentally wield. Speaking of Dhioth, might as well get somewhat chummy with that dragon and rider now, for Cervilaevarth will take some sort of a liking to his bronze clutchsibling. Perhaps due to their differing natures, how Dhioth is much the muscle bound warrior, while your Cervilaevarth prefers more behind the scenes tactics, taking down enemies with organized plans of attack, many times featuring Dhioth himself (if he agrees) while your blue gives out the battle commands! While Cervilaevarth will never be able to be Weyrleader, he’ll be a dragon any Weyrleader’s dragon would want to his side as a Tactical Technician. Planning out the battle before it even occurs, instructing the Leader how to best approach any type of scenario. He’s a dragon that would’ve thrived in the times of Thread, almost never getting burned due to his instinctual ability to almost know ahead of time what the Thread is going to do and how to properly avoid it.

A man's true character comes out when he's drunk.

— Charlie Chaplin

Dragons, alas, do not have the ability to get truly tanked as humans do. It’s a sad, but true, fact. The first time you ever drink Shea, you’ll notice that Cervilaevarth stands up and takes attention. He’ll focus in on your dragonrider bond, almost trying to feel everything you feel from the first sip of alcohol to the very, very last. It’ll be intriguing to him. Those bubbles, that taste, how it makes your brain sluggish with every drink that you down. It’ll be a feeling that he’ll cling too, that he’ll overly enjoy. He may try to drink some himself, though to no avail. There is no bottle large enough to get a blue dragon his size suitably drunk. Plus the fact it doesn’t taste the same way to his tongue that it does to yours.

It’ll be a sobering fact for your Cervilaevarth, though he’ll get over it rather fast. Instead, your blue dragon will fixate on getting you, Shea, drunk as often times as he can. In those times when your mind is hazy, they’ll be a closer, sharper bond to your dragon. He’s holding on, gripping, almost trying to be you just so he can completely experience those moments of drunken binging. The Frozen Klah will be his favorite spot throughout the entire Weyr. He’ll often keep his mind open to any gossip about vintners and upcoming booze hauls.

« Shea, through my line of informants, I’ve come about this bit of information that a crate of Benden Red is on it’s way in our next tithe from High Reaches Hold. I believe, should we call in a favor or two, we should easily be able to commandeer a bottle or two. »

“A favor or two? I don’t know, Cervilaevarth…”

« It’s too late, I’ve already informed our Wingleader’s dragon that you’ll do all the wing hidework for the next two months to get one bottle. »


Don’t think that him forcing booze on you is only a High Reaches Weyr thing. Whether it’s Ista Weyr, Ista Hold, High Reaches Hold, any of the crafts, if there is a Tavern, he will be encouraging you to go there. Encouraging you to drink more. He’s that creepy guy in the corner, buying you a drink, waggling his eyebrows and saying, “C’mooooon!”.



If he wasn’t your dragon, I’d say run far, far away! But Cervilaevarth is yours and really, he only wants to be apart of being drunk in the only way possible. So yes. Many drunken days and morning hangovers are in your future, Shea. Because Cervilaevarth is a drinker. But at least he’s a high functioning drunk!

Nathan Ford: Are we still unclear? I'm a functioning alcoholic, you know? And the trick is not to get hung up on the alcoholic but celebrate the function part of the sentence.


There is one thing that Cervilaevarth can never, ever account for in all his planning and strategies. That’s luck. Luck is the one factor that your blue isn’t able to control. It’s also the one factor that he seems to be lacking on. Or perhaps that’s not the right way to say that, he has luck, it’s just all bad luck.

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.

— Seneca (Roman philosopher, mid-1st century AD)

Cervilaevarth, you see, is the master of being at the wrong place at the wrong time. You’d think, him being him and always having some kind of exit tragedy in place that this wouldn’t be even possible… but it is. Should any other dragon create some kind of disaster, it will be Cervilaevarth who will be pinned as the wrongdoer. It doesn’t matter that he’s one of the most honest dragons to ever be hatched at High Reaches Weyr. He’s caught, red-handed (taloned?) and that is that. Luckily (or maybe not so much) your dragon has the gift of speech. He’ll be able to talk himself out of almost anything, usually by using an impressive array of large words and confusing metaphors. His accusers will be left agreeing that Cervilaevarth is of course completely free of all wrong doing and maybe even get an apology or two out of it for being blamed in the first place! Of course, should his accuser be human, that means that you, Shea, will need to do the majority of the speaking. He’s not the type to bespeak any other human outside of his rider.

“Incredibly, chance does seem to bend itself to his bizarre machinations.”

- Sophie Devereaux

This isn’t to say that sometimes Cervilaevarth is deserving to be blamed. He has all those plans, after all, he needs to do something with them. He’s a fighter for the ‘little guy’, wanting justice for those who are imprisoned when they should not be, overcharged for goods and services, and above all he’s against blackmail of any type. Well. Blackmail being USED on others, he’s more than willing to use his own arsenal of blackmail on those who damned well deserve it! Whether it’s trying to steal a prized herdbeast from a corrupt, power-hungry Herder to feed to one of his green sisters, or conning a group of weyrlings to fly to the nearest cothold to pilfer crops that are rightfully the Weyr’s… Cervilaevarth will be the Mastermind of these sort of capers, directing his team in what to do to ensure maximum success and no fatalities!

Aaah, his team. Yet another thing to accept about Cervilaevarth is his ‘team’. Oh yes, he’ll have one. They may come and go, change up, be both dragons and riders or just one or the other. It matters not, really, it all depends on what he’s looking for to keep his team well-rounded. To start off with, Shea, you are his second. His right hand man. You’re needed to talk to the other humans, after all. More so those without their own dragon! You’re an invaluable member of his inner squad. He’s your partner and you’re his. That’s just how it is. Dhioth is another one of those. His bronze sibling and his brute strength always being needed. His other clutchsiblings will be much the same, though not all will be part of his team for the entirety of his life. Some dragons and their riders may be closer to him, some may be not.

Once you and Cervilaevarth graduate and head onto your Wing, you’ll both find a whole new slew of people to join the Team. More dragons and riders to band together, to help ensure the success of the capers that Cervilaevarth will no doubt plan out. One thing that’s important to note, however, is that a Wing, to this blue, is a Big Deal. Make sure you think long and hard about which wing you and yours will be best in, Shea. Once you pick, it’ll be /very/ hard to ever transfer. Your blue will have made a connection with his new wingmates almost immediately, already putting each member in their place in relation to the team. The more important members, the less important, those who work behind the scenes and those who are out in front. He’ll be loyal to a fault when it comes to his Wing, and should you ever decide that you want to move to another… well. Expect a fight on your hands. It’ll be hard enough for him to get used to not being in the same wing as all his twenty four siblings, but since that’s the way of things at High Reaches Weyr, it’ll be a fact he’ll be better able to accept. When it comes down to Tsunami, Inferno, or Mudslide, make sure you make the right choice for his sake the first time around!

Dr. Laroque: The world doesn't work this way.

Nathan Ford: So change the world.

- Leverage

For all that Cervilaevarth is good at, there is one thing he does NOT excel at. Lying. Well, he would actually be a very good liar, if he believed in it. He doesn’t. That’s right, this is one blue dragon that doesn’t condone lying. He’s not only one of the smartest dragons to ever dwell at High Reaches Weyr, but one of the most Honest as well. Lying is extremely distasteful to Cervilaevarth. Though it’s also something else that bothers him about lying. It makes him feel… well. /Guilty/. He feels /bad/ lying to people. Not for (almost) any reason should it be okay to lie. For all his capers and plans to thwart the ‘big business’ Holds and Crafts that keep the little man down, he’s not an evil dragon. He can be a jerk sometimes, but he’s not trying to be mean to others. He’s not a thief. He’s NOT a liar. His pride and morality are important to him, one of the few things that he puts up on a pedestal and holds in very high, personal regard.

Victor Dubenich: Which is why I need you.

Nathan Ford: [chuckles] No. I'm not a thief.

Victor Dubenich: Thieves I got. What I need is one honest man to watch them.

= - Leverage

However, Cervilaevarth is nothing if not a hardcore survivor. Sometimes, even he knows, it’s safer to lie than to tell the truth. Like if a sword is pointed towards your eyes, about to either slice into it or move away, all depending on the words that leave your lips. Or any other potentially dangerous situation. That being that, Cervilaevarth still will not lie-lie. Nope. But… omitting the truth, that’s not exactly a lie. Not really. Eventually the truth will come to light, but it will occur at a time that the blue dragon or any of the members of his team aren’t in danger. This is where your dragon’s ability to talk others in circles will come in handy. Omitting the truth is not an easy thing to do, convincing someone that they have heard the answer they were waiting for, when in reality you’ve told them nothing more than they already knew. It takes a certain kind of person and dragon to do that. Cervilaevarth is that type of dragon.

« Hey Cervilaevarth, do you think being proddy makes my rear look larger than normal? »

« I… err… well, Eriphyliriuth. If it does or if it doesn’t, I’ll have you know that I have never seen a hide quite as lovely as yours, why! It sparkles in the sunlight, makes the moon envious. All I can tell you is, if being proddy makes rears look large, than I never wish to see a small one! »

When push comes to shove, the truth will win out over even omitting. For better or worse, right? There will surely be some tricky situations as Cervilaevarth tells people, without much remorse, if their actions are stupid and risky, if they’re as dumb as a brick, as dense as a door, so on and so forth. He’s not being mean, not really. Just telling them where the problem lies, where it needs to be fixed, to ensure the betterment of everyone. That’s all.

Nathan Ford: People like that… corporations like that, they have all the money, they have all the power. And they use it to make people like you go away. Right now you're suffering under an enormous weight. We provide… leverage.

= - Leverage

Holders and Crafters, in particular major holders and crafters, are not exactly a favorite for Cervilaevarth. He was clutched during turbulent times, finally hatched when the Weyr was starting to re-find its stability. His clutch is one that started re-filling the dragonrider ranks from those who passed from the plague. Perhaps it was ingrained into him in the shell, but either way, your dragon will have a vendetta against those who wield the power outside of the Weyr from the moment he breaks his egg. Most of his capers will find the major Holds being the enemy. Taking down some aspect of their oppression, stealing what is rightfully the Weyrs. Always waiting for a weak point to show itself so he and his team can swoop in, get what they deserve and return to the Weyr unscathed. Of course, as he grows and learns more about the politics of Pern and how diplomacy works into it, he’ll find himself quite cozy to whoever the Weyrleader’s dragons are. Making sure to hear any bit of information that normal, other dragons wouldn’t know about. Rumors will feed his information bracket, facts being shuffled free from the fiction. Cervilaevarth will always have his proverbial thumb on the goings on of the Weyr, of Pern as a whole. It’s a relevant interest for him, after all. He’ll know easily enough what Holds can be trusted, what ones cannot be. Who they need to take revenge against, who doesn’t deserve his ire. Crafts will also be monitored, ensuring that whomever is the Craftmaster, they are not abusing their position and shorting the Weyr neither tithes nor candidates.

Cervilaevarth is a complex dragon in a blue hide. Though breaking him down into the simplest form, Shea, just always remember. He’s the man with the plan, he’s the Mastermind of High Reaches Weyr. Others will look to him, and thus, look to you to figure out a tough situation.

::: - ::: - ::: - ::: - :::


Emotions. They baffle poor Cervilaevarth. They truly do. And nothing is more emotional and chaotic and hard to plan out than Flights. They will be Cervilaevarth’s downfall. The one time his normally organized mind is thrown to Hell in a hand basket and he’s forced to just run on instinct. On one side, the blue dragon would prefer to just not fly. Ever. It’s too much. Other males all jockeying for the winner’s slot, the green being hot and heavy. It’s a general clusterfuck of emotions and dragon hormones. No matter how much and often Cervilaevarth will try to plan out how a flight will end, it will almost never go the way he had according to plan. It’ll be a personal affront. He’s Cervil-freaking-aevarth! The DRAGON WITH THE PLAN. He should be able to do this! But he can’t. It’s not his fault. There’s just too many variables in a flight that not even this great blue can account for.

So while Cervilaevarth may wish to not fly. He will. For more than one reason. He figures, the more he flies, the more he’ll understand. The more he might be able to control his own flightlust, being able to better dictate everything to the plan. On top of that, he just really likes the sex. Can you blame him? For all intents and purposes, and to whoever asks, he’ll always say that it’s for the data he gets each and every time a green goes up. Prepare yourself now, Shea, to join in a LOT of greenflights. If there’s one going up, you can bet Cervilaevarth will be gearing up for it.

« Does… does Amuirnith look more /green/ to you today, Shea? I believe she does. Do you think? She’s getting near her mark, according to the calendar… »

» I don’t think so? She looks the same and… whoa. Whoa. According to calendar? Are you /monitoring/ when the greens go up?! «

« Of course! How else will I be properly prepared! »

Cervilaevarth will have no reservations asking greens questions about if they are proddy, how they feel when they are proddy. It’ll be one of those moments when he’s the most social with females, really. Expect him to get knocked about by the larger greens who get particularly pissy.

One the blooding starts, the Cervilaevarth you once knew and loved will start to fade. Oh, he’ll try to hold on, rambling bits of data at you, expecting you to be writing down everything he says. Because of course, you won’t be doing anything at all at the time, right? Pffft. Dragons. Expect his ire once he comes back to the ground, either having won or lost, and inquires for you to write down what he stated before he lost himself to flightlust. If you’ve got nothing to show him, he won’t be pleased.

Cervilaevarth will, oddly enough, be a rather clean blooder, and a light one at that. He’ll only drink a herdbeast or two, maybe a wherry as well. Not much really. He’ll be the master of the faster flights. Using his keen mind to navigate around the other pursing males and always stay ahead of the pack. It won’t ever be his stamina that will catch the green, it will be his ingenuity. Sneaky ninja tricks that will get him in, capture the green, and secure the win. Using his tail, his neck, his legs, even his wings, whatever it takes to be the winner in the end!

As far as weyrmating… well. Cervilaevarth really isn’t the type. He won’t really stop you, Shea, from grabbing up a weyrmate, but he in particular won’t really have any preference over one green or another. There might be some female he fancies more, outside of flights, but he’s not the type of dragon to hold off on other mating flights just to keep one green happy. No matter the female that goes up, he’ll be flying, whether he hates them or likes them.


This is just how we see Cervilaevarth, Shea! He is, of course, 100% your dragon to do with as you wish! Feel free to use all of his inspiration, parts of it, or none of it at all! We only hope we were able to take your dream dragon and make him come to life! Welcome, once and for all, to High Reaches Weyr, Shea and Cervilaevarth!

::: - ::: - ::: - ::: - :::


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