Ilare's Streets Before Christmas Brown Chanticoth

Hot Cocoa by the Fireplace Egg

Warmth and comfort fairly waft from the delicate curve of this ovoid's shell. Flickering flames flare along one end, darting and crackling in a swirl of vermilion and saffron to engulf almost past the widest part of the egg. The other end is lapped at by a different sort of warmth altogether, familiar sweet brown rippling with soothing liquidity. A trick of light permeates from the other side to this: the licking of the crimson blaze is reflected, highlighting the minute waves in a curious melding of two contrasting types of heat.

Streets Before Christmas Brown Dragonet

Oh what sweet, sweet treacle flavours his slimly elongated curves, lightening the glimmering patina of burnt pinewood; oh what bright, bright ridges carol along his snow and mistletoe back, kissing the gingerbread surface below. But it is the patterned decadence of brandy-butter that defines this rogue: toasted to perfection from the ruddy nubs that cap his head to the festive curve of that spoon-shaped tail candycane-striped with russet, his sweetly blunted snout is fairy-dusted with holly-crimson, which also reddens freckled cheeks. His chestnut hide roasts in the open air of winter's breath wings, along which a darker brown tracery gaily hunts for perfection. Smouldering embers of evening's end warm his underbelly, stretching dusky shadows except where disturbed by the rare sunburst of flames, breathing life into the whole of his enchanting body.

Public Impression Pose

Streets before Christmas Brown continues his prancing, seeming certainly pleased at the whole atmosphere as a young child does at that special time of year. Past a girl, a boy, two more girls…He regards all of them with that reserved wonder for the special things of such an occasion, those toys in the window. They're all wonderful. But there's only one thing he wants for his list. And he knows it. Be it one gingerbread man, one wrapped present, one candy cane….Or Candie. Eyes longing as he moves, brown suddenly emits another trill of pure joy, a carol of the bells! Ring them all, for it's that time once and only, that time that first sparks a young life! He's chosen, yes, he's unwrapped the bestest gift there ever was and the only one he'll ever want again! Fairly wriggling with joy, his forward motion stops before a pleasantly plump young woman, his wings reach out to embrace his new aquisition. Lookit! I got a Tilarekna!

Private Impression Message

Joy! Ecstacy! Without warning, fire blazes up in your mind, demanding your attention at once. All consciousness is filled with sensations and a warmth that spreads though your whole body; a different warmth than the heat of the sands - this one a feeling of love, of being loved and being /alive/. « You are exactly what I wanted. » A voice, deep and soothing for all its flickering vivacity, illumines your mind. « I am Chanticoth, and I am taking you with me, Ilare. »

Tilarekna! Darling! It's been amazing fun having you as a candidate, and it will be just as much fun, if not more, to have you ride alongside us here at High Reaches; we're sure of it. We hope that Chanticoth matches what you wanted. And if you love him as much as we do, well, just know that you deserve it!

Description Inspiration

You wanted friendly, warm, outgoing atmosphere surrounding your dragon, so what more bustling and snuggly than Christmas Shopping, a warm gingerbread cookie in hand? To go along with the goddess Chantico, we put a bit of makeup on your scrumptious brownie, adding a bit of flair to your dragon's face. The "burning coals" of Chanti's underbelly make your dragon your own personal hearth.

Thinking about the mottled designs, patterns, and bright colors, we decided to give you a nice buttery caramel colored dragon with a whole array of patterns! From the splotchy dark clouds on his underbelly, to the little sprinklings of nutmeg and cinnamon on his snout, to the gooey waves of sweetness on his back, to the funny candycane stripes on his tail, Chanticoth's got tons of patterns stuffed into him; we hope you approve!

Name Inspiration

You said you wanted a name having to do with mythology with a meaning behind it, so we scoured the net looking for some original mythology to make you a pretty dragon name. Enchanting, the name Chanticoth is something Auri found while looking through Aztec deities.

Chanticoth:- Can be pronounced Chan-tee-coth, Chan-tih-coth, Shan-tee-coth, or Shan-tih-coth. Take your pick! (personally, we're fond of Shan-tih-coth ~_^)

Chantico:- Aztec goddess of hearth fires. Was turned into a dog when she violated a fast. Also associated as the patron of goldsmiths. Said to have invented jewelry and makeup. Her name means "she who dwells in the house", and she represents the Aztec aesthetic of grace, strength, beauty, and mysticism.

Chanticoth relates to the Hot Cocoa by the Fireplace Egg that Chanti popped out of because a) the Aztecs were the first makers/appreciaters of cocoa/chocolate, and b) Fireplace? Hearth Fire? Yeaah! that. The egg just seems to carry the warm, snuggly feeling we want Chanticoth to carry, which also goes along with the dragonet theme. Besides, cocoa does go so well with Holiday goodies, don't you think? And hey, if you want a stretch, you can always brag about the associations with the word "enchanting" with your dragon's name, as well as "chant", both of which are known to describe Chantico, and most likely will describe Chanticoth.


enchanting- extremely pleasing or delightful
enchant- to influence by or as if by charms and incantation
–Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Always warm and forward, Chanticoth will forever carry the slight lilt of exotic overtones in his mindvoice: a syrupy, dripping accent that seems to be composed of incantations from a faraway ancient South American land, the dizzying busy buzz of a late-night Christmas market. Sometimes hypnotizing, the rhythm of his comfortable, confident words carried in his deep, soothing voice will inspire an outgoing nature in Ilare that might not have been there before.

« Ilare, honey, why don't you go on and talk to that nice boy over there? »

For yes, Chanticoth will be full of nicknames, an adoring side to him shown to his many pet names for you: honey, sweetheart, baby, you name it. To other dragons and people, he will extend this same gregarious nature, affable and approachable to all, always utterly appealing in his voice as deep and dark and smooth as cocoa picked right off the plant. Yup, with his amazing sense of beat, and his unintentional sensuality, Chanticoth will be Pern's draconic Ricky Martin. R's will trill, vowels will be overmouthed, and words will almost always be followed by a warm, smooth chuckle. Mixed with the magical songs of tropical birds drifting far away in the back of your mind, Chanti's undulating cadences of words, like the distant, rhythmic drumming, will seem a sweet amber-colored dream.


"She walks like she talks like she talks like she walks, She moves, she moves, noone ever looked so good, Yeah she looks like a flower But she stings like a bee."
- "She Bangs" by Ricky Martin

Oh, how all the other dragons will marvel when Chanticoth moves. There will be no slow, clumsy dragon for you- Chanticoth will move with a grace and a style that is unrivaled. Even just pacing across the bowl, his wide hips will gyrate, his tail will swing, his paws will beat a seductive rhythm into the ground, all naturally. Matching so well with his warm, soft tones, his body, too, will be soft and pliable, the ultimate humongo-teddybear. His hide, especially, will be an eyecatching feature with its exceptionally lustrous and silky-soft texture. Every bit of his frame will be in perfect synch with the rest, a veritable hymn of a dragon. A Christmas Carol, if you wish.

"To Chantico corresponds the archetype of fineness and of graceness."
- "A Goddess to Each Woman" by María de los Angeles Ojeda Díaz

Yes, Chanticoth will be the epitome of grace. Almost never will his step falter, and even as a dragonet he will have amazing poise. His wingspan will be quite enormous for a brown his size, for he will not flutter about in the air, he will soar. Those beautifully elegant wings will take you both great lengths in just a single flap.

Yet there will always be something a bit weird and unusual in Chanti's twisty turny body. His tail, forever tending towards coil, will seem to want to pull your dragon's body into strange twists and turns, an exotic maze of dragon-ness, odd, but in a strange, unexplainable way, extremely pleasing to the eye.


"Can you know the mighty ocean? Can you lasso a star from the sky? Can you say to a rainbow 'Hey, stop being a rainbow for a second?' No! Such is Mango."
- Chris Kattan from Saturday Night Live

And such will be Chanticoth! Now, Chanticoth will be overwhelmingly sweet, but we're terribly sorry, dearest- sometimes your dragon won't exactly be the smartest brown in the bowl. Many times, the endless supply of bad jokes he makes to keep you entertained will make him seem a bit dim?

« Hey. Hey, Ilare, sweetie. Why did the wherry cross the road? Because his dragon wouldn't take him. Aha! Ahahahahahaha. I make joke. »

You probably haven't seen the character Mango on Saturday Night Live, but Chanti will indeed resemble him. (Check for stuff on Mango!) Yes, sometimes your silly Chanticoth will even reach that point, but like Mango, he will be loved by all of those watching him, for his is a true individual draggie, original and impossible to be imitated.

"His eyes — how they twinkled! his dimples how merry! His cheeks were likeroses, his nose like a cherry!"

"He was chubby and plump, a right jolly old elf, And I laughed when I saw him, in spite of myself; A wink of his eye and a twist of his head, Soon gave me to know I had nothing to dread;"
- "Twas the Night Before Christmas" - by Clement Clark Moore

His goofy nature will be irresistibly endearing, for all this making a fool out of hisself is all to serve you. After all, Chanticoth absolutely adores you. He waits on you.

« Wouldn't you like another mug of klah? Here, I'll tell Blueth to tell his rider to get you one. Would you like anything else? »

He lives for your approval. Completely and totally, to the point where he sometimes contemplates snitching a few squirrels from Miravith to make a blood sacrifice for you. Sometimes he does seem crazy, a bit eccentric, but it is all out of love for you, Ilare, for everything else in his busy, sweet mind pales under his devotion. His universe revolves around you, and he sincerely believes that if anything should happen to you, the world would end.

« Ilare twisted her pinkie? Oh no! What will the weyr do? What will Pern do? What will we all do? We're doomed! »

"Chantico- She who dwells in a house"

This attachment to both you, and the warmth of the indoors will prove a slightly annoying quirk. He will wheedle, and whine, and try to charm you into forgetting about any errands you might have to run if you attempt to leave him the bowl for just a little bit. He will try and squeeze his massive brown body as close to you as possible, leaning up against walls to /feel/ you when you're inside. To keep him happy, you will have to keep him indoors often, with a nice fire going in the fireplace, and plenty of blankets and padding to keep him warm. Perhaps it is his subconscious wish for an inviting, tropical atmosphere, but Chanticoth always seems to think he's cold.

"It is important to underline the tlacuilo interest which highlights her Nutritious Mother aspect."
- World Books encyclopedia on Chantico

Your Chanticoth, though brown and male, will develop a sort of motherly way about him. He will constantly be fussing over you, taking care of you, wanting to snuggle with you, sometimes even scolding you. As your mother' he feels it is his job to instruct you on what you should do. Who you should talk to. And the answer to both those is - everything. And everyone. Chanticoth will be your own personal hearth. He will warm your heart and give you the energy to drive you to do things you never would think you would do, all the while watching you to make sure you won't get hurt. This parental nature will reach over into strange circumstances, for Chanti will want to bring home and take care of every canine, feline, runner, ferret, dragonet, hatchling he sees.

"Another important aspect of Chantico is the attribution of inventing the jewelry, with the participation of other gods. But, she was especially associated to all about cosmetics."

Now don't get us wrong. Chanticoth is by no means sissy. Oh nono. Gallant, dashing, his etiquette and friendliness make him the perfect gentleman, but along with that, your darling brown will have a terrible penchant for primping, and he fully expects you to aid him in this quest for the perfect look.

«Ilare, Ilare dahling. Can you paint my talons that nice crimson color? Please?»

Never will you have seen more fuss made about how straps made. Chanti will want the frilliest, most extravagant and ornate straps in the weyr, always clean and perfectly in place. (That's another great thing about Chanticoth. He's a clean dragon. No scrubbing all day and night for you.) Not only will he want himself to be the most trendy dragon in the weyr, he'll want you to look that way as well, constantly advising you on "what's hot and what's not.

" « A little bit of blue on your eyelids Ilare, that's right. You're /gorgeous/ sweets. »

This may prove rather handy, especially when you've got on mismatching leathers or some bizarre hairstyle. Chanticoth will immediately alert you to this, for he knows his rider's perfect, and she ought to look the part, too!

"When she violated the ban on eating paprika on fasting day by eating roasted fish with paprika, she was turned into a dog by the maize-god Tonactecutli."
- More World Book stuff

Like his namesake, Chanticoth will just want to eat and keep eating even when he shouldn't. Quite the glutton (not unlike quite a few people in the world during the Holidays), he'll just keep going, and going, and going, stuffing more food in that wobbly brown belly than you thought possible. You'll have to keep an eye on him, Ilare, to make sure he doesn't stuff himself silly or sick, and that he doesn't gorge himself before flights or anything like that. Chanti will have a bizarre love for sweets: baked goods, especially. Bubblies, cookies, creampuffs. Chanticoth will want everything that's not-so-good for a growing dragonet. Like the goddess Chantico, he'll also find seafood irresistible, so if you wanna cheer this brown up anytime for any reason, just bring him home a fish. He'll go nuts. This is not to say that he doesn't love his meat, though. Oh, no, he'll down that down as quick as a flash. He just likes a little spice in his diet now and again.

Chanticoth, creature of the night as he is, will be the last one asleep and the first one awake, just like a little kid on Christmas Eve. Long after you've slipped off into slumber, Chanti will stay awake humming little funny tunes to himself, and conversing freely with other sleepless dragons. Though completely in love with you, as long as he is close to you, he's perfectly capable of being entertained, making up little dance steps he'll be sure to show you in the morning, when you awaken. As soon as your eyes open, Chanticoth will be there, eager and noisy, for to him, you are his Christmas Morning- his special present thing.

"She's into new sensations, new kicks in the candlelight
She's got a new addiction for every day and night.
She'll make you take your clothes off and go dancing in the rain,
She'll make you live her crazy life, but she'll take away your pain.
Livin' la vida loca!
Her lips are devil red And her skin's the color of mocca"
- Random Excerpts from "Livin' La Vida Loca" by Ricky Martin

That pretty much sums up what Chanticoth will do for you. He'll open up new doors for you, pushing you to do things you'd never think you'd do. With his dancing, lively, festive spirit, he'll tirelessly get you to live at least bits and pieces of his crazy party-life. He'll always be at home waiting for you, whether you need someone to share your secrets or worries to, or just someone to snuggle with. At the end of the day, he'll be there with his soothing voice, mummering adoring words right there next to you until finally, you fall asleep.


"All the finer things of life and beauties of nature are an inspiration to you and you are attracted to the mysteries of nature."
- The personality associated with the name Chantico as told by

More often that not, Chanticoth will be the one wooed by the females, rather than the other way around. With his sultry mindvoice, his stylish movements, and his suave, charming personality, he'll be a ladykiller indeed. Chanti will seem quite flirty, to go along with that, leading the girls on mercilessly without even realizing he's doing it, for his friendly nature will always come off as intimate and sensual, even if he's not trying.

When flights come around, Chanticoth will be more interested in courting than catching, trying to charm and enchant the object of his affections rather than overtake her. He's quite the gentleman, really. Luckily for him, his large wingspan will take him far, quickly, and he'll win quite a few flights, for really, almost everyone fancies him. If he catches, he will be a whirlwind of joyful dreaminess, and if he doesn't, he won't quite mind, except out of fear that he's let you down.

When it comes to love and lust and such matters, Chanticoth will tend to isolate features in the girls he's chasing to marvel over, rather than the whole dragon.

« Her /eyelids/, Ilare, her /eyelids/. They were absolutely marvelous. And yes, yes she's quite sweet, but those eyelids! »

He will tend to be attracted to the type of girl that's mysterious, enigmatic, sometimes even dangerous. Poor Chanticoth. He will forever be doting on the cruel, cold type of girl that will play with his heart only to snub him mercilessly later. However, it's not a big deal. Deep in his heart, you're the only girl for Chanticoth, Ilare. You are his sun and his moon, and his ultimate sweetheart, and he'll give up anything for you.

We hope you like your Chanticoth, Ilare. He's a hypnotizingly sweet bundle of charm and love, and we think he's perfect for a delightful gal like you!


Name: Auri
Egg Desc: Sariani
Dragonet Desc: Auri; Pyrene, Zai tweak
Messages: Pyrene, Tyara
Puppeteer: Takovic
Inspiration: Auri

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