Shaela's Flamboyant Romani Gold Chayath

Ancient Akkadian Egg

Wheat's simple shading cradles this egg, like a bland reflection of the brighter gold that radiates from the crest. Disjointed rivulets of lapis lazuli and cerulean carve a fertile crescent of mesopotamian green and erode the sandy granite that stretches around the circumference, stopping it short of full circle. Coppery terracotta suspends an explosion of lush greenery and vibrant blooms that flourish in this wondrous paradise.

Hatching Message

Ancient Akkadian Egg lets another piece pop away with a *kiskos,* and a citrine tail snakes out. Next, with an effort that sends the egg rolling back, long weedy legs burst through, flail, and crack it further as the occupant draws them back in and explodes into forward motion. Not until the eggshell has been left behind does the dragonet rise to her feet and stand from her clearly intentional tumbling.

Flamboyant Romani Gold Dragonet

Rich, earthen golds wrap this dragonet in the dusky mystery of her heritage: rivulets of wine-red passions swirl with wild abandon over her pugnacious headknobs and dissipate like laughter into the citrine hues twining a slender, drunken tail. Firelight licks her chest, a distraction from its uncommonly narrow width and the weedy lengths of legs and talons all darkened with greeny purples. Her wings are sparse, almost ragged, despite the once-decadent embroidery that etches stolen gold along those crimson, oh-so-fragile sails.

Private Impression Message

A soft silvery jingle comes first, followed with an overbright jangle of colors and a gentle scent that reminds you of all the happy times you've ever had. Next, a firm clasp wraps itself gently about your mind, sharing confidence, pride, and delight in *you*, reaching down to all those places that hurt and making them less because they're borne by two. Then a warm, slightly husky, comforting voice enfolds you, and utters vibrantly, »I am Chayath. You are my living and I am yours, and we shall both live life to the fullest. It is the only way. Right?«

Shaela, you have been with High Reaches Weyr every step of the way. By turns, you have gladdened us, humored us, delighted us, and astounded us. You've made us laugh, made us think, and made us wonder. As ever, you have brought life to this Weyr. Now, we give you life back, another reason to keep sharing your many talents. Rejoice in all life, but, we hope, especially this one.

Name Inspiration

Chayath comes from Chaya, a Hebrew name meaning life and living. Because of the source, it is spoken with a guttural ch-sound, as in the German Nacht — Kayat, with the emphasis on the Ch-sound, is about how it'd come out.


Silvery tinkles of gypsy bells meld in a lilting style with a faint unknown tune to weave the spell of Chayath's spirited mental presence. Words are spoken in a rich contralto voice, edged with the spice of a European accent zesting each phrase; crisp and cutting when agitated, light and ringing when exalting, all the way to an almost purring sensual voice when proddy. Trickles of intoxicating Barolo wine will often swirl through the back of your mind when Chayath is awake, leaving a distinct aftertaste. Her colors alter with mood, but the flavor of life is constant.


In contrast to her not so pretty features Chayath's scent is royal. The warm mellow fragrance of a special vintage Barolo, matured in precious oak casks, fruity and full-bodied yet with the earthy undertones of the rich dark soil that grew it, will make the acrid reds of Tillek utterly unpalatable for you, Shaela! A touch of nutmeg, a pinch of cardamom, no, Chayath's scent isn't all made of wine but also of the most precious spices …. And when she's proddy? Then her hide will emanate a whiff that will set the nostrils of everyone in the Weyr aflame … Hot and spicy, her mood will add the pungency of ripe Jalapeño chillies — provocative, tantalizing and with the the oriental sweetness of Patchuli, enticing and filled with promises.


She isn't beautiful, but she's well proportioned and rather exotic iher looks. Her reddened appearance is a legacy from hesire, Cairhoth, while aureate silver, obviously Ysbryth's gift crosses the undersides of her forepaws where only you will see it. Small and athletic, almost like a dancer, she moves in a manner that transmutes anything into the embodiment of grace. She's got her ragged edges, but they only add to her peculiar charm.


"Oh, won't you catch me when I'm falling,
Stay right beside me when I'm rising,
Unclench my fist when I'm still raging,
Open my eyes when I'm not seeing."
-Carrie Newcomer, 'An Angel At My Shoulder'

The words fit Chayath exactly. She will be there for you and do all those things for you. She will love you, support you, listen to you. Calm you down, cheer you up, and drive you crazy. Delight you and direct you. She will clear away the chaff and give you little grains of wisdom, love you without asking anything back, for simply being who you are. Not that she won't help you become what you wish, and or guide you away from dangers – she considers those to be part of her duties as your lifemate. Simply because she cares for you and about you.

She adores you, but at the same time, keeps an eye on you – using your eyes, when she feels it necessary and can — and is full of motherly comments. » Pride goes first before a fall. No one loves you like me. Don't wink at the boys when they go by. Never say never, I thought I taught you better. Wear clean underthings in case something happens. It's not polite to point or stare. Two wrongs don't make a right. Anything worth doing is worth doing well. « - Carrie Newcomer, 'My Mama Said It's True'

She's got spirit and spunk galore, with a inner confidence that doesn't at all equate to arrogance. There is a deep and abiding passion for where she is, what she is doing, where she comes from and of course, for Shaela. There is no uncertainty there at all.

Like a Gypsy King's daughter, Chayath wears her power with innate grace and pride. She was born to this, and so, though she does not know everything and does not even know much very well, what she knows, she knows inside out. Instinctive. Charismatic. Passionate. With a bit of a wild, untamed edge (like Taida's green) that leaves her free to explore herself, Shaela, and those around her…

She gives her love freely, true to the maxim of 'the more you give away, the more you have to give.' Her clutchsibs, especially, whether Tiareth's or Ysbryth's, are recipients of this unstinting generousity, after you. She has her special friends, just as you have yours, and will happily spend candles — not just candlemarks — chatting. Or arguing, as the case may be with some of them. Or listening.

Some days, she speaks in cryptic riddles only you and the one she speaks to will understand — though she'll more often leave them more confused than they were, and leave the task of explaining or not to you.

Tradition, ways, and rules are important to her. Her own most of all, despite some of them not quite meshing with those of others. For instance, if she sees something she wants, and can get it without the owner noticing it /then/, she will — and consider it hers. In this, she takes after her grand-dam, Rhyath, though without that same overwhelming penchant for collecting. Chayath does have taste, you know. Even if it tends to the bright and lushly embroidered, densely layered.

»I feel your hand, I hold you, through your eyes I see, my love, wherever I go, I take you with me! Down the road of my desires, to the oceans of my dreams, to the feeling of my fires, until my yearning ceases. I hear your voice, I know you…I have made a promise that I intend to keep, my love, wherever I go, I take you with me.«
-Melissa Etheridge, 'I Take You With Me'


She flies passionately, fast and wild and utterly unpredictable, like the music of a particularly skilled young fiddler let loose to improvise on her own untamed themes. She loves the flattery and flirtation of proddiness, though she may simply reply to them with shy glances — or skirling mental colors, or anything else. Once airborne she will lead her pursuers the most sensual of dances, the staccato of a flamenco mingling with the smooth movements of a tango, fully aware of her attractive powers and reveling in it, playing all her tricks so that only the most virile, the most /macho/ dancers will have a chance to catch her.


Name: L'shil
Egg Desc: Harper Torlan
Dragonet Desc: L'shil and Nuff
Messages: L'shil
Puppeteer: Unknown
Inspiration: Enya, L'shil, Nuff, Thesu, Saoirse

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