K'ane's Avenging Chariot of Darkness Bronze Dhioth

… Prologue…

All good stories have a beginning, and yours begins as an inescapable egg. An egg of… shall we say… interesting qualities…

It's a good thing that Rikane has been there, done this before— so it is with slow, quiet confidence that he moves to Impeccably Innocuous Egg, laying his hands upon the unpresuming shell to better feel the texture under his calloused paws.

Impeccably Innocuous Egg

There is absolutely nothing out of the ordinary about this egg… really! It is of a normal size, large enough to be healthy and small enough to be stealthy, especially when nestled near to its larger clutchmates. That said, it is admittedly the kind of egg that's easy to lose under the bed or in a sock drawer, only to have your mother discover it in an epically embarrassing moment. So much for that carefully selected hiding place, because even though its baby-pink shell is soft to the touch, it's impossible not to recognize its perceived innocence for what it really is when it starts vibrating when girly candidates draw near. Okay, so maybe it's not so ordinary after all. Prepare to be mortified!

A secret shared, from the first heady sensations…

The soft rounded surface of baby pink swells up into your hand as the full curve of ample hip and you are suddenly inundated with the full press, scent, touch and feel of all things /woman/. Of body. Of heat. Of sweat. It rides you hard, grips you in the depths of your shuddering and private-most places, rocking, rocking, the graze of teeth against your shoulder. Panting against your neck. Oh my. Ooooh my, this is awkward because you no where private. You are still in the sands, the sun is bright, the sands are hot, your fellow candidates mill about you. It's so exhibitionist, so PRIVATE, and no one else can SEE, no one else knows. Your dirty little secret? A wicked chuckle against the soft love of your ear. Naughty, naughty boy…

A growl is barely heard bubbling from the depths of a masculine throat, Rikane's stance sliding briefly surprised before… eyes open narrowly, a heavily-lidded look that promises to keep this particular egg his dirty little secret. Good thing he's wearing tight underwear, or there may be something of a show on the Sands. A shudder travels from his shoulder down his back, a slow ripple of muscle under skin, a certain languid sensuality underlying the movement that screams defiant against the typical trudgery of Rikane. It seems as though he suddenly awakens, eyebrows skyrocketing up as his skin darkens scarlet under his tan. He takes a brief step backwards, shaking his head, disconnecting with the pink egg. His adam's apple visibly works, and he takes a moment to compose himself — NOTHING TO SEE HERE PEOPLE — before moving blindly to the next egg, still obviously in something of a fog: his hands lay upon the surface of What Is This, I Don't Even— Egg, without him really being aware of having moved. Ho-lee-crap.

… only once opened and exposed, the dirty little secret is revealed… Did you really lust for this creature?

Impeccably Innocuous Egg shudders, a slow oncoming seismic activity that rocks through the baby-pink shell as the occupant inside works to break free. Flakes of shell fall away, starting first on the sides and then the top, leaving behind only a pure and unadulterated darkness from which a creature moves. Glittering bronzed wings flare first, exploding through the shards of what remains of the shell, sending them flying in a ridiculous pink confetti. The rest of the egg’s shell melts away in the final culmination of the moment, leaving behind a creature born of darkness and touched by light, emerging from sensuality’s tight grip. Avenging Chariot of Darkness Bronze Dragonet stands triumphant.

Avenging Chariot of Darkness Bronze Dragonet

Betwixt light and dark, on the middle ground of an ancient war stands a warrior touched by both; brilliant sun-gold accented bronze is the first skirmish claimed by light, acting as the purist base of color from head knobs, to tail-tip. Shadow gains foothold in the elongation of neckridges, a battle won against light whereupon the curling touch of lavender's shadow shimmers from any angle upon the farthest side of the spikier 'ridges. Regality is light's grace upon shadow's fertile soil, giving birth to a form perfected at the pivotal center between serpentine length and massive weight. Battle hardened, beaten copper is drizzled down the slope of shoulders to trail the length of spine, tempered in smudges of dark soot. The foothold of Darkness is garrisoned in the lower reaches, giving rise to tempered, burnished bronze that runs tarnished in the shadows of underbelly, to dance upon the inky grasp of abyssal darkness that encase the feet and give rise to the wicked, curved talons, kissed by the moon itself. Up the underside of the neck, strife continues in shadow-glinted bronze, held at bay where sin meets righteous purity of the upper side of his neck; it is here that bonfire's brilliance flares bright into the glory of fire-gold kissed brass that masks regal features, accented with amber glints at the apex of sharp headknobs and eyeridges. The vast expanse of wings are yet untainted by darkness, lending purity to newly hammered apricot that ends in delicate wingspars of platinum . With each movement, the war between light and dark is fought across the very flesh of a beast cast into the realm of grey.

In the end, your angel, fallen and remade anew, has come to claim you as his own…

Avenging Chariot of Darkness Bronze Dragonet has finally found the call to his own dark soul in the largest male Candidate. However, the last moment is fraught with tension as once again, Choice is presented. To be Choosen again and again, never to be free of a Choice once it's presented; the pattern of light plays across the dark reaches of the fell chariot upon which he rides, silver-echoed-night talons holding him still in the sands. Even in the shade of his parents, hesitation is clear. Indecision. Torment. Eternal torment of the Choices that must be made. A step forward, the deepest ruby of whirling eyes fading to the serenity of blue, past the crossroads of Choice, to undeniably and irrevocably change the life of the only one he was ever meant for: Rikane.

Black sands swim in your vision as the noise of the Hatching die away to be replaced by the brief sound of battle. Of swords ringing on swords and the chink-chink-chink of plate mail. Even that fades to the barest hint of a whisper as a void of darkness eclipses your vision; even if you would desire to see the sands around you, you cannot. Slowly, the abyss is pushed back to reveal a deep sapphire silken cover, shimmering ‘neath soft, cool moonlight. « Rikane. » A soft shhh-ing sound brushes your inner ears as the silken cloth is pulled away to reveal the beauty of a silver’d dagger. « R’ane. » Moonlight glints upon wicked edge as darkness fights to claim the light’s glory. « No. K’ane. R’ane. K’ane. » Less indecision than standing upon the crossroads of Choice. « You are K’ane, transformed. And I am Dhioth. » Sun’s flare of solar light, butter-yellow and warm, pours across the length of a blade revealed, the words rising to the cutting edge and slicing deep into the feeling of your very bones, quaking to the depths of your very human soul. « Thus, we begin our progressus. » The battle has begun, the champion claimed and deep within the essence of who you are, you realize that you hunger.

… thus, your journey begins.

::: - ::: - ::: - ::: - :::

K’aaaaaaaaaaaane! Rikaaaaaaaaaaaaaane! You have delighted us, inspired us and kept us laughing at poor Rikane’s bumbling attempts at life! That a character can have so much bad luck is laughable! We’ve stolen him away to the weyr and kept him where he might grow and prosper — well, as well as Rikane ever will! Did you really think you’d end up anywhere else but here? Seriously, Dhioth was fun to work on and we hope that he will delight you as much as you have delighted us! ~ SearchCo

… ☯ Inspiration ☯ …

Egg Inspiration

VIBRATORS. Need I say more? I think not. It's embarrassing enough for the both of us already.

The choice to use this egg is due to the overall archetypal theme; the opposition of light and dark, his own internal conflict of the opposition of his desires. What better egg to come from than an egg such as this one? Meant for women and so against his very nature! Plus, it was your favorite!

::: - ::: - ::: - ::: - :::

Theme Inspiration

The overall dragonet theme is Old World Inventions, and from that I pulled the War Chariot, which fit perfectly with your Soldier of Vengeance bronze. Chariots are a thing of the ancient world and span many countries from ancient Sumer to Greco/Roman. What really clicked in the history of chariots was this line when doing research: Plato, in his Chariot Allegory, depicted a chariot drawn by two horses, one well behaved and the other troublesome, representing opposite impulses of human nature; the task of the charioteer, representing reason, was to stop the horses from going different ways and to guide them towards enlightenment.

This fit well with the further inspiration drawn from Joscelin of Jacqueline Carey’s Kushial’s Legacy Trilogy, and Joscelin’s own inner struggles with the decisions he must make time and again — whether to damn himself (in his eyes) for the good of the many or stay upon the straight and narrow and let things fall to the path of shadow. K’ane’s going to be, in many ways, like the chariot driver in Plato’s allegory, driving Dhioth forward in an effort to keep him from falling prey to either side of his nature.


::: - ::: - ::: - ::: - :::

Description Inspiration

Inspired by this idea of internal conflict and by the very nature of Aevryscienth and Ysvarth; Dhioth is the very epitome of light versus dark. Born of light and darkness, he walks the middle ground between bright bronze and abyssal black. Color-wise, I took inspiration from the image below because I love how the shadow of soot burnishes the brightness of pure bronze.

It is a lonely road to walk, born of the sun and dipped in shadow. Of both, yet welcomed by none. Color wise, I have always loved the color of the image below, and I felt that it fit well with a mixture of Aevryscienth’s brightness and Ysvarth’s shadowed darkness.


::: - ::: - ::: - ::: - :::

Name Inspiration

Youuuuuuuuuuuuu did! <3

::: - ::: - ::: - ::: - :::


“Like a falling star, he descended on the Tarbh Cró, a Cassiline berserker, his sword biting and slashing like a silver snake.”

~ Jacqueline Carey, Kushiel’s Dart

The battle of conflict, of light and dark, gives birth to the base of his mindvoice: the abyss itself. From it is birthed slyness and Machiavellian desires; and at a base level, Dhioth will have the capacity to understand his sire’s disdain of color and his penchant for the use of monochrome grey for it is birthed of the abyss itself.

Emerging from a darkness so complete that light is nearly consumed is the song of silver, of weapons, of delicate filigree; of finely crafted things that still bear the hint of the forge in a distinctive touch of ash. Dhioth is the song that chimes when a silver blade is pulled from a finely made scabbard, glinting in the moon’s cool, silvered light. The very depths of his mindvoice is torn asunder by the ancient conflict of light and dark played out in tempered silver and the cool, slippery touch of velvet.

From Aevryscienth, the embodiment of light and fire, he inherits the gift of light itself. From the sun’s warm embrace and the moon’s cool caress, light plays across the silver of daggers, of swords, of fine filigree. From the ringing music of a finely made sword to the subtle clink-clink of chain mail, Dhioth is fine, etched silver softened only by the soft touch of velvet. Of silk. Whether it is the tassels that hang from the scabbards of his weapons or the soft, plush pillow upon which the artist’s dagger sits, it is the softness that tempers the cutting edge of his voice.


A song of chain mail is sung against the abyss, glinting bright ‘neath silver’d moon’s light. « K’ane, you do realize that it is not your purpose to languish upon the shores of your own life? » The blade’s edge glints wicked sharp against a deep, sapphire silk, drawn up to the battle clamor of chain mail’s song. Clink, clink, clink; all serve to drive home the purpose of the point made. Delicate, fine filigree is woven through the whisper of compulsion, « We are meant for more. »

Dhioth’s mindscape is mysterious for it’s no singular thing. It is not the battle field. It is not the velvety parlors of the upper echelon. It is born of singular things, of silver and battle. Dhioth inherits both Aevryscienth’s ruthlessness and Ysvarth’s compulsion — a more simplistic version, that is. He is the embodiment of the middle ground between the two desires: Of a Purpose driven life and wild rage of battle fury. Of good and evil; light and dark.

When given to colored silks or refracted light, it will almost always be in deep, rich jewel tones. Sapphire, ruby, amethyst, emerald, etc. He has an innate desire to elegance and the delicacy of silver work. Of tempered steel.


His mindscape is a thing of wonder, danger, and beauty. The Perfect Companion with the grace and flare for beauty that’s all his own, with no direct line of inheritance. Interspersed against the backdrop of the abyss are sometimes hints of a desert sand of so long ago that, at first, K’ane might think they come from the far and desolate reaches of Ysvarth’s influence. The unique sand is used only sparingly to make a point, when angry or particularly moved, for the sand itself is made of the finest gems, ground down to dust. Against the inky darkness where silver runs liquid to form the wicked length of a dagger’s bladed edge, and deep amethyst silk slips across that silver’d expanse, a foreign wind blows, sprinkling this jeweled dust across the abyssal mindscape sparingly, and only to underline a point.


The gem-like sands and penchant for jewel tones as accents are a long lost relic of a bloodline from his Istan ancestry, perhaps forgotten, perhaps not.

Anger is a cold thing in Dhioth, a living thing that writhes and cuts. K’ane will have to brace himself when Dhioth is truly in a pique, for it will cut to the very core of his mind, at times — especially when young — bringing him to his knees in abject misery. Dhioth can wield his blades as ruthlessly as he can soften with velvets and silks.

The abyss looms as moonlight coalesces into silver that runs in a molten stream, forming the bladed tip of a wickedly sharp dagger. The faint tang of vibration rocks to the very foundation of the bond. « Do not give me that attitude, K’ane. The Choice has been made, and we will do what is necessary. » Anger blows a cold wind, carrying with it the scourge of glittering gem-sand. The bladed edge is honed. « Now get your ass up and out of the Frozen Klah so we can get this over with. » The blade slices against the abyss with sharp precision, while moonlight flashes along the length of it, cool and calm even in the maelstrom of cold anger. Compulsion comes as tendrils of shadows, formed of the abyss, to wrap around the hilt’s edge and grip. Twang.

Choice. This ties back into this internal tormenting conflict of Ysvarth’s shadow nature of darkness against Aevryscienth’s fire-bright nature of light and warmth. Ruthlessness and sly Machiavellian desires are tempered by this very foundational truth of protection and being K’ane’s (and by default, the Weyr’s) Perfect Companion. So to Dhioth, this Choice is a capital ‘C’ Choice that rings through loud and clear in the juxtaposition of light and dark of his mindscape.

At times, on a much smaller scale, the compulsion that lies woven in the silver’d weapons that comprise the essence of the voice he speaks, will have you doing what you didn’t think you would do. Unlike Eth’n, however, K’ane may come to realize and recognize this compulsion, which should prove to have interesting… results.

Dhioth’s mind-voice does not always have the silver of weapons, for it is purely the silver itself that is used as the focal point of patterned thought. The vengeful angel of mercy that he is, he will mostly use silvered daggers, swords, throwing axes, and other weapons, but for a softer touch, his is also the skill to emphasize with filigree and intricate patterns.


To be certain, Dhioth does not disdain color, not at all. He is not like his sire in that regard, rather, he uses color and sound judiciously to underline or to obscure his point.

His mindvoice will not hatch as refined as it will become in later years, nay, when he first hatches he will be as a youngling with wooden swords — clumsy, and given to accidentally nicking the newly formed bond between you two, as well as his fellow clutch siblings. Wielding the blade with any sort of delicacy as well as learning to form the intricate silver patterns will come in time, for practice is what will make him perfect.

A rare surprise will be the sudden and brilliant presence of falling stars that rain upon the abyss, wielding the quicksilver blades to fight the eternal battle of light against dark. This will mostly come upon him in the middle of flights, but on some rare occasions of true and deep emotion that is not tied to the ever constant Choice between self-sacrifice, good of the many or the understanding that doing what needs to be done requires true sacrifice, this rain of silver’d stars will pelt the abyss, pushing it back just long enough to get a breath-taking view of a sandy land made entirely of crushed gems where towers of light rise up to meet a sky so brilliant that it hurts the eyes.

Your path is illuminated by the light

Yet darkness lets the stars shine bright.

~J.L.W. Brooks


« K’ane. » Wonder is a thing of beauty, of symmetry in motion as the very abyss is driven back by the brilliance of falling stars, holding it at bay with silver’d swords that wink in brilliant, butter-yellow light. It’s a glory that over takes even the abyss, pushing it back in revelation. « You love her. » This understanding of such a thing is enough to lift the darkness to see into a land that glitters blindingly with gem-crushed sand rolling in graceful dunes. Pillars of light that rise high into the azure sky.

It is a moment of openness, and something you revel in. Bathed in the warm light of something good. An understanding that need not be spoken rises between you and Dhioth.

All too soon the abyss rises and once more it is the flash silver in the darkness that’s followed by the soft shhh-shhh of emerald silk sliding across the cruelty of a sharpened blade.

Inevitably, however, the darkness returns to conquer the light and the battle ensues once more. Love is a weakness, and that weakness is personified in his mindvoice. Rare changes that come only when you experience this particular emotion, of any variety. Lover, friend, family member, they are all candidates for evocation.

::: - ::: - ::: - ::: - :::


Dhioth is a handsome dragon. He has some of his sire’s cruel length and some of his mother’s regal bearing and size. Size-wise, he stands in the middle between his parents, edging just past the median of bronze sizes, for he has both length and mass. In a word, he is the battleground between light and dark and it shows in the way the upper reaches of his body are given to purist bronze, copper toned and brassy with that hint of sun-gold and apricot. The lower reaches, from underbelly to feet are in the grasp of the abyss, seeking to taint the purity of color.

The darkest part of him are his feet, as if they were dipped into the abyss itself, the long claws — an inheritance from his sire — limned in moonlight. The lightest part of him would be his wings and head, along with the amber accented headknobs and eyeridges.

And where the two meet, is the tainted, beaten and soot-smudged bronze of the image included in his description. Tarnished, yet, still enough to see the base color of pure coppery bronze beneath. His color is no mere simple matter, for the darkness seeks to crush the light, while light’s play against darkness is seen in the very fabric of his hide. K’ane, a man of simple pleasure, might just spend sunny afternoons watching how this play of light and dark seems to shift and change with each of Dhioth’s movements. Under really bright sunlight, the faint metallic sheen can been seen reflecting iridescent, that trait that marks him a metallic. It’s faint, this, and requires the right angle of light, and right brightness, but it adds that additional flare of beauty.

Angels are bright still, though the brightest fell.

~William Shakespeare


Dhioth is a beautiful dragon — in a way that lacks the romantic’s idea of beautiful. He is just truly symmetry in motion, perfect in a way that he’s not too large, not too bulky, and not too sinister. There is not one feature that is more attractive than the rest, and truly, to take them all apart they would seem ordinary by themselves. It is when it’s all put together that the beauty shines through. Some of it, yes, is the goodness within the tainted soul that resides in this mortal flesh. He is no mere fallen angel, no mere corrupted hero; but a mix of these archetypes. To try to contain him to one set thing, whether in physical or personality, would be to do him injustice.

He has the capacity for slyness and quick movements, but lacks the full, serpentine body of his sire, while also having the regal bearing of Aevryscienth yet lacking the full presence of his dam.

Growth will not be a problem for Dhioth, for he will grow almost perfectly symmetrical. As stated above, he is symmetry in motion and all the parts grow and move together. The fluidity of his movements is inherited neither from dam nor sire, and something all of his own. K’ane will despair of the oil he must lavish upon Dhioth, for all of those pretty, lighter shades of bronze will require twice the oiling as the darker aspects. It will take twice as long for while Dhioth has little true understanding of his own innate beauty (unlike his grand-sire, who revels in the glory of the show-bird), it will take twice as much oil to do the upper parts and half as much to do the lower parts, so have a care that the darker half does not get too oiled and the lighter half not get too dry.

Each wingspar is tipped in platinum-silver, and this is a nod to Joscelin’s penchant for dual daggers that he uses to protect in close quarters. The shape is not dagger shape, just a tipping in silver’d platinum as a reminder that for whatever Choice Dhioth will make, he is at his roots a protector.

Protector of the weyr and all it’s denizens; and that would include, on some level, even the Holds that live within the Weyr’s sphere of influence.

Dhioth and Zhizusikolymuth are on opposite sides of the spectrum; your bronze is beautiful K'ane, and not just handsome but built of a true beauty. A dark beauty, yes, gilded in golden light. Zhizusikolymuth is a beautiful creature and she knows it, and it will drive your bronze to distraction with the way she flaunts her beauty against his almost cold stoicism. Even when she is trying to undermine him, he will not get it.

Flight for Dhioth is interesting; imagine the grace and magic of Joscelin's fighting technique's, only in the air. He was born to fight thread, and this is apparent in every calculated movement in the air; while Zhizusikolymuth is graceful and beautiful in the air, her bronzed brother, your tormented soul, will outshine her like the sun outshines the moon.

It is much like his natural striking good looks in that there is nothing in singleton that sets him apart - he is not, for example, a master of sharp turns or steep dives. Rather, it is that the sum of the whole flows so well together, that in the air the awkwardness of the war of light and dark fades away. In his element, his movements have a liquid fluidity to them that stands out. Each movement is no better or worse than another so that when sewn together into actual flight, what you have on your hands is a master.

The silver'd platinum of his wingspars will flash in and out with each wing beat, and this is wholly reminiscent of Joscelin's skill with the blades. For Dhioth's faults do not tend to lie in the physical realm, though even emotional torment does not dull the skill of flying. He could be in the throes of having to agonize over a Choice and still, his physical skill in flight would be evident.

It is a skill that manifests only in the battle of flight, never on the ground.

Physical perfection is his by right, but it is never a thing that comes through neither in mannerisms nor in tolerated understanding of those around him. Where Eriphyliriuth, at times, can seem like she can barely move, he will have no patience. Duty cannot wait on the whim of others, after all.

From the moment his mind touches yours, he lacks that inherent "baby" aspect of baby dragons. His is an old soul, re-born. In growth, he will grow with symmetrical evenness. You'll never have the issues that your clutch siblings have with clumsiness and awkward physical growth. Outside of remembering the unique way of having to oil your dragon, he will grow with relative ease.


Out of the corner of your eye, you will…

… sometimes catch a gleam in his eye as he surveys his physical world, a gleam of sly menace that has you on edge. Though it will not always manifest itself into action, sometimes it will. Sometimes, the tip of his tail will end up in just the right place to cause chaos from someone tripping over it and crashing into the meat barrel.

… and then wonder if it was on purpose.

You will never know. Never. And it will drive you crazy, because if asked, never will he give a straight answer.

Driven by duty, but lured by darkness, it is a battle that's fought on the physical plane as well as the mental and metaphysical plane of the mindvoice. He is… always at odds with himself. Even so much so that at times you think his very body is at odds with itself. As the light and dark coloring comes together, where they meet is dryer no matter how much you keep the middle line of him oiled. Those wicked claws, so like his sire's, will sometimes click-click-click as if ticking by the dark thoughts of his mind.

Lightness… darkness… they are his by birthright, and will war for dominance for all the days of his life, until the very end…

… the question is just how much influence K'ane can exert, and whether or not Dhioth's own influence does not affect you.

::: - ::: - ::: - ::: - :::


The cradle rocks above an abyss, and common sense tells us that our existence is but a brief crack of light between two eternities of darkness.

~Vladimir Nabokov

Dhioth is the fallen hero of light that scorns the rigid rules of the lawful paladin, who walks in the shadow of his hearth’s desire, knowing that good is fought in both light and shadow. Dhioth rides this middle ground with an almost soul-wrenching conflict, driven by duty and the desire to walk in the light, yet weak to the selfishness of his own desires.

He is the soldier that stands on the middle ground between Ysvarth's sly Machiavellian cunning and Aevryscienth's matriarchal hearth fires, driven by a complex tapestry of conflicting desires. He will understand Purpose in a smaller scale to what his sire is driven by, and will yearn reclaim the righteous duty that’s so at odds with the cunning compulsion of his nature. A soldier who has scorned the rules but understands the necessity for them, who desires to play by the very same rules he scorns. So as he scorns them time and time again, standing at the crossroads of a Choice, his is a tormented despair of the necessity of having to choose the darkest path.


It would have been merciful if he had Ysvarth’s lack of emotion, yet he’s cursed, instead, with Aevryscienth’s depth of duty and familial love. It’s a love of good, of duty, and of a desire for a higher Purpose; one that’s fulfilled by the darkest of Choices. In many ways, I draw inspiration from this from Joscelin (Kushiel’s Legacy Trilogy, by Jacqueline Carey). The torment of his choices and how they haunt each and every path will linger in Dhioth too; who is given to sly cunning and an innate knowledge of knowing that the right path is the one fraught with brambles and shadows. Of knowing that the good of the many outweighs the good of the one.

So hard to choose between the pleasure and the pain

And I know it's wrong

And I know it's right

And even if I tried to win the fight

My heart would overrule my mind

And I'm not strong enough to stay away

~ Not Strong Enough, Apocalyptica, featuring: Brent Smith

Oh how he will lament when small victories are sacrificed to darkness to gain the better of the whole. Where K’ane and Dhioth meet, this internal torment will spill over into the rider himself. While it is no symbiosis that Ysvarth shares with Eth’n, the resemblance is there in the way Dhioth infiltrates K’ane’s mind with tendrils of abyssal darkness that become chains of silver to bind the bond tightly to the soul. Even this, almost parasitic, way of bonding will be a thing of torment upon the fields of silver kissed steel that is his mindscape, lamenting the necessity of such a thing, while knowing that it will drive K’ane further along the path of Purpose.

This facilitates well to the sly compulsion that will make K’ane and Dhioth work well should they reach a rank that allows for diplomacy. Fear not, for Dhioth will be driven to rank, to better arm the Weyr against the ever present looming darkness. Piercing the darkness with his own tarnished light in whatever way possible, yet at the end of the day, is a time for questions that are hopefully tempered by K’ane’s more pragmatic view.

Steel edged silver slices the void, upon which golden sunlight refracts in a dazzling array of colors before settling into a sun-warmed butter yellow that spills across silver’d expanse of sword. « K’ane, » the hum of steel and the soft chinking of chain mail fill the voice before, « Once more we have found ourselves coercing the poor of a tithe they cannot give. The very same we’re supposed to protect. » Despair runs across steel like the fall of deep, amethyst silk. « When will it be enough? »

Perhaps, K’ane will then remind Dhioth that were it not for their work, the weyr would be that much more starved, and the Holders themselves have withheld the true wealth of their crops from prying eyes.

Do not be mistaken, Dhioth will never falter in a decision, nor will his choices be wishy-washy, but the desire to might right and just choices will be that one thing he will never be able to give, for he is the soldier that stands in the shade of light, given to selfish desires and a scorning of the Just’s rules.


At every important decision, he will revisit the Choice of light and darkness, and it will be the very thorn that pierces his side time and time again. You, too, will be forced to revisit this with him; it will not be a thing you always agree on. In fact, this constant self-torment will be a thing that vexes you to no end, because it will make you question your decisions as a rider.

To walk in shadow and light is no easy thing, but it is the very essence of your Dhioth. Aevryscienth will not embrace Dhioth as well as she might embrace her other offspring for there is too much of Ysvarth in him. Too much of the abyss and the potential for darkness, for sin. Ysvarth, like-wise, will never entirely embrace his own son either, for there’s too much Aevryscienth’s brightness, her flare for the right and just. The untarnished good that reflects in the pure and golden light of senior gold.

The hero is the one who kindles a great light in the world, who sets up blazing torches in the dark streets of life for men to see by. The saint is the man who walks through the dark paths of the world, himself a light.

~Felix Adler

Understood by both, accepted by neither. Dhioth’s road is a lonely one, but it’s one that perhaps K’ane himself could understand. So in that respect, you will be together and yet set apart. The over-whelming desire of doing what is just and good will bind you so tightly to the weyr that it is something both light and darkness can understand. Dhioth will have Ysvarth’s desire of possession, of looming over all that’s his with Aevryscienth’s unspoiled desire for a better Weyr, holding the darkness back that seeks to destroy the weyr. This duality will give Dhioth an attachment to his Weyr so deep that it surpasses even that of Aevryscienth, a gold born in a dying Weyr with the responsibility that far exceeded what should be placed on any one, single pair.

High Reaches is the home of you both, for better or worse, and to it you cleave with a passion that will never be eclipsed by any other. The love of a woman, the birth of a child; the one duty that is not forsaken to darkness is the duty to the Weyr. It is driven in a way that echoes Ysvarth’s Purpose.

It all comes back to this base idea of protection and in some ways, though Dhioth not know it, he is oath-sworn to the Weyr. Whether he breaks other oaths in service to the Weyr — well, this becomes the issue with his own self-torment.

The black moment is the moment when the real message of transformation is going to come. At the darkest moment comes the light.

~Joseph Campbell

Dhioth’s motivations will most likely be hard for K’ane to grasp; given how polarized he is. In true fashion, however, it will be up to K’ane to reign in the duality of Dhioth’s nature much like the charioteer in Plato’s allegory. Until this point, K’ane’s life has been his own, with his own rules and his own ambitions; melded with Dhioth… well, K’ane’ll find that even his rules will need to flex to match the desires of his dragon, of his weyr. For now, K’ane will be thrust into this idea of being both good and bad, an angel of mercy and vengeance; never once will Dhioth be predictable in what pathways K’ane is lead down.


Dhioth is not an evil dragon, per se, nor is he a neutral dragon, for his base desires are purist good, lawful and just. It is just this continual inner conflict of the necessity of taking the worst path to achieve the ultimate goal. He will agonize when he must forfeit someone under his protection in order to gain what the Weyr needs.

This Torment is not all that is in your Perfect Companion, no. For underneath all of this duty of protection and goodness, there is the deepest well of love. A love that is not as simple as love for you, K’ane, or the love of another. Nay, it is the love of life itself, in all its glory from the good to the bad and everything in-between. These brief flashes, when they emerge from the that constant pull of Choice and Self-Torment will astound even K’ane, jaded as he is. It will be the glittering prize of having Impressed at a weyr he did not want.

But there's a side to you

That I never knew, never knew.

All the things you'd say

They were never true, never true,

And the games you play

You would always win, always win.

~ Adele, Set Fire to the Rain

This shining love is a beacon of light itself, and it is counter balanced by the darkness of never fully achieving it. For Dhioth, and K’ane by proxy, will never fully be able to commit to any one person or even make a commitment to family. Duty to the weyr overrides everything. Forget thinking about going back to that cothold of K’ane’s to see about helping maintain it during the interval; Dhioth is so duty bound that this will be impossible. In fact, that subtle vein of compulsion will also make it impossible.

That is not to say that Dhioth will never mesh along with K’ane’s desires, nay, for he will seek to be the Perfect Companion, the champion for K’ane as well as the weyr. It is just that the weyr overrides any personal desires of either pair of the bond. A bond that walks the middle ground between as tightly bound as Eth’n and Ysvarth and as far apart as a dragon riding pair can be.

I always seem to have a vague feeling that he is a Satan among musicians, a fallen angel in the darkness who is perpetually seeking to fight his way back to happiness.

~Havelock Ellis

Slowly at first, K’ane will begin to notice something strange in his lifemate. As a weyrling this will not manifest until at least the second or third month of his life, but will gradually become something that K’ane has to contend with. The first thing he will notice is Dhioth’s lack of ambition — not that he is a lazy dragon, not by any stretch, but he is not driven by the purity of Purpose. He is not driven higher so to speak. He is driven by duty which does not necessarily mean rank. Duty comes in many forms; and rank does not immediately full-fill his duty to the weyr. K’ane will have to battle against that inner desire to be K’ane’s Perfect Companion to get him to want anything more than what he has right now.


The second thing will be the subtle shift between light and darkness. When the sun sets and darkness fills the night sky, the touch of Dhioth will skew towards the purity of goodness, of justice, and virtue. When Rukbat’s selfish, bloated form is high in the sky, your bronze will skew towards the darker aspects. More apt to be sly and conniving, more apt to ignore his duty, his overriding pure desire to protect and serve those of his weyr.

A special kinship will form with Cervilaevarth, the man with the plan. Dhioth is, ultimately, a soldier’s dragon. The avenging angel of darkness, of light. If you, who controls the chariot strings of his desires, are in accordance, he will be able to perfectly execute against any plans set in motion by Cervilaevarth.


Provided that they are in the interest of the weyr. If they are not, do not be surprised to find that your dragon will put a stop to it. You and he, in point of fact. Sometimes, you will find yourself wondering if taking up a challenge against Cervilaevarth and Shea is one of your doing or not. Whether the subtle play of compulsion is in effect or not, if any one of your clutchmates goes against his nature to protect and serve the weyr, be prepared for battle.

For a battle it will be. While his darker nature can take hold and allow the most unspeakable things allowable to dragonkind, it is always in the interest of the weyr. The net result ends up with complexity of nature full of contradictions, full of many pathways you both could go. Which pathway that’s chosen is something that only you and he can decide. Ultimately the story is yours to tell, but one thing for sure, is that it is very probable that with his fellow clutchsiblings that you will find yourself swinging from loving the lot and hating them. Thus, is your lot in life. Never will you be able to entirely ride the middle line, for Dhioth’s very nature will prohibit this. He longs for the light too much while dwelling into the shadows. With Tindraeth’s tendency to choose the opposite of what another is doing, Finmaraisth’s penchant for flashy malevolence, and Zhizusikolymuth vicious games, your weyrlinghood will not be full of idle boredom.

In fact, be prepared for a constant battle with Kczyslawborth. That is one dragon that Dhioth will be hard pressed to ever really understand. This clutchbrother, more than any other, will inspire the protective instinct within Dhioth. Something does not register as right, and while your bronze will understand his own dark self, he will also, at the same time, despise it. It is up to you, K’ane, to hold fast to Dhioth’s penchant for pendulum swings into lightness and darkness. You are the chariot driver…

… where will you drive him?

Protect and Serve… whether it is of darkness or light, that is a question that only time will ultimately tell. To this, we leave this question to you. You said you desired a surprise and we hope that we have sufficiently surprised you, but we also leave you with a surprise. You tell us the end of this story. Will the lighter side of Dhioth gain a foothold and become dominant? Or will his darker side? Or will he always be doomed to walk the middle ground, belonging to neither and being born of both?

::: - ::: - ::: - ::: - :::


"If I had to fall from Cassiel's grace, at least I know it took a courtesan worthy of Kings to do it."

~ Jacqueline Carey (Kushiel's Dart)

Ahhhh… Flights! Dhioth will not be one to be distracted from duty by the lure of sex. It can happen, certainly, and he will fall time and time again to greens and golds alike; though at least his first flight would be captured by a female of unaccountable grace, of personality, and beauty. Szarabhayanath will never suffice for her lack of physical beauty is not enough to even tempt the darker side of Dhioth’s nature, whereas Ligryth’s oceanic beauty is a siren lure that perhaps Dhioth cannot ignore.


If only her nature were as pure and sweet as the external package! She sings an enticing song, certainly! Talicanitath is a true lady, to tempt a man to fall from grace, as well. Dragons of this ilk will be the ones most apt to tempt this boy to fly, to chase, and to break the very oaths that bind him. This truly is what a flight is; it’s a fall from grace, a derelict of duty, a break from his Perfect Companion. Once lured, once captured, he will fly with all the sustainable speed and endurance of one of his size and color. Sometimes he will win, sometimes he will lose.

It is when he wins that the real trouble begins. Immediately after, he will escape from the clutches of the female — no post snuggling for him! — before even the pair of them have completed the final landing. He is returning to you, in mind and spirit, and so is his torment. It will put a serious crimp in your own successful mating, until it becomes common knowledge around the weyr that K’ane can only last as long as Dhioth is caught up in the flight! K’ane, you are forced into a true, wham, bam, thank-you-ma’am, for if you linger too long everything is lost to the silver’d glitter of his mind, the falling stars and the swelling of the abyss.

Which means, yes, there will be times you will be pulled away before you have finished. This will earn K’ane a certain… shall we say… reputation?

Silver flares bright against the moon’s light, curving in liquid lines to form the point of a blade, wicked sharp. Ebony is woven of the hilt and glittered with rubies; the short sword lays upon a resting place of crushed, sapphire velvet. « K’ane. » Torment will infiltrate the rich baritone of mindvoice, bringing in the shadows of darkness to fight against the moon’s light, played across the shining surface of the blade. « It has happened again. I have let myself be betrayed by a whore. » Disgust is a thing of beauty, underlined by glittering sand of gemstones that sprinkle across the crushed velvet and move as if by an unseen wind. « I have turned my eyes away from my Oath, and now we must cleanse. »

Immediately after a Flight, whether you have won the female or male that you’ve wanted for all your life, you must attend to your bronze. Beneath the moon’s soft caress, or the sun’s blazing heat, winter’s icy chill or spring’s new life growth, you will be forced to give Dhioth a thorough washing, as well as yourself. Only once you are clean, will you be able to continue on with your life.

However, you may find the rider of the dragon Dhioth flew has left in disgust. Dhioth will be more driven post-flight, to duty, to his oath to the weyr and to being your Perfect Companion.

While you, K’ane, lament the spoils of your life, and the fact that, as always, what you might want will just slip on through your fingers. Even should you find love, you will find it hard to consummate such love for Dhioth will regard all sex as a breaking of duty; love, in it’s purest form, can be fulfilled by duty and honor-bound oaths. A struggle, for sure, but then again, it is not like K’ane, himself, is exactly without his own flaws, now is he?

Perhaps… one day, he will grow out of this, or perhaps, he won’t. Only time will tell, and only you may do the telling!

::: - ::: - ::: - ::: - :::


You asked for it and it truly was like you read ‘Co’s mind on really what we were building into Dhioth here, because the song fits not only perfectly to how K’ane would react, but very well with everything that ‘Co was working on.


Not Strong Enough


Featuring: Brent Smith

I'm not strong enough to stay away

Can't run from you

I'd just run back to you

Like a moth I'm drawn into your flame

You say my name but it's not the same

You look in my eyes

I'm stripped of my pride

And my soul surrenders

And you bring my heart to its knees

And it's killing me when you're away

And I wanna leave

And I wanna stay

And I'm so confused

So hard to choose between the pleasure and the pain

And I know it's wrong

And I know it's right

And even if I tried to win the fight

My heart would overrule my mind

And I'm not strong enough to stay away

I'm not strong enough to stay away

What can I do

I would die without you

In your presence my heart knows no shame

I'm not to blame

'Cause you bring my heart to its knees

And it's killing me when you're away

And I wanna leave

And I wanna stay

And I'm so confused

So hard to choose between the pleasure and the pain

And I know it's wrong

And I know it's right

And even if I tried to win the fight

My heart would overrule my mind

And I'm not strong enough to stay away

There's nothing I can do

My heart is chained to you

And I can't get free

Look what this love has done to me

'Cause it's killing me when you're away

And I wanna leave

And I wanna stay

And I'm so confused

So hard to choose between the pleasure and the pain

And I know it's wrong

And I know it's right

And even if I tried to win the fight

My heart would overrule my mind

And I'm not strong enough to stay away

::: - ::: - ::: - ::: - :::

… Epilogue…

This is merely the beginning. Your Perfect Companion has been born to Protect and Serve, born of light and darkness, and walks the space in between, where the grey realm exists. Your very own progressus has begun, and a story cannot be told in a single instant!

::: - ::: - ::: - ::: - :::

Rikane… K’ane… You asked for a surprise, and this is the culmination of what we have fabricated for your bronze who straddles the line between light and dark, black and white, and walks the world of grey. He is yours, and how you play him, how you grow him, it is all… ultimately and entirely yours. We hope you love him! We hope that he is everything you could want and MORE! As always, while the inspiration is born of the minds of SearchCo, once it leaves our hands and descends into yours, he is 100% yours and how you play him… why it’s up to you! Take all or none or partway in between of this inspiration! We’ve certainly had fun creating him for you!

::: - ::: - ::: - ::: - :::


Name: You! <3
Egg Desc: Desde
Dragonet Desc: Eth'n
Messages: Eth'n
Puppeteer: Eth'n
Inspiration: Eth'n, Lendai, R'yst

Rysta's brown Finmaraisth, Sh'z's bronze Lakenheath, Shea's blue Cervilaevarth, Zeyta's brown Kczyslawborth, Paige's green Eriphyliriuth, Dirna's blue Tindraeth, Nika's blue Atmanth, and Syriene's green Zhizusikolymuth

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