Sutri, oh Sutri. You wanted possessive, you wanted cocksure. We only hope your arrogant hedonist Eovisoth is everything you want in a dragon! While SearchCo has spent time on  making Eo just as specially-fit as we could to your wishes, he is of course *yours*: please, play him as you would, and have fun!

Batteries Not Included Egg

Embarrassingly small, this diminutive ovoid; it stands out from the rest of the eggs by virtue of its white-boy-never-seen-the-sun shade. A myriad of dark curlicues mottle the base, deepening the pallid pink to a shadowed grey. Like the shell of a walnut, with its peaks and grooves, it threatens to break convention by growing as it hardens.

Though no man will ever agree that their junk is obsolete, there are some women who manage just fine without one.  With the advent of artificial insemination, intercourse is more of a recreational past-time than a necessity, and there are a myriad of toys on the market, these days, that not only "fill the void" as it were, but do a far better job than a simple flesh-and-bone apparatus.

Batteries Not Included Egg rocks vigorously back and forth, rubbing itself against the sands of its hovel.  It defies all convention by appearing to grow with its efforts, throbbing and pulsing with the life inside.  When it seems the egg can't grow any more, it tenses, then bursts, spewing icky sticky egg goo all over the Sands.  In it's wake, a super sexy blue dragonet uncoils.

Too Sexy For My Pants Blue Dragonet

A mysterious stranger, clad in midnight's clandestine embrace, his is an alluring figure of long limbs and lean musculature, his every move infused with a sensual grace. Ultramarine flares along every enigmatic curve, delineating the ardent contours of his broad chest and narrow hindquarters, the serpentine length of his slender tail.  The exotic curve of elongated headknobs sweeps into a devilish visage of smoldering gaze, aquiline muzzle, and hollowed cheeks, invitation in the curl of his lip.  No mere Player, he, starlight glittering in the gem-studded cloak of his silken wings. 

Public Impression Pose

Too Sexy For My Pants Blue Hatchling materializes, finally, caping his wings about his shoulders and sending one last, smouldering look down at one candidate in particular. Curling his tail about their leg, he chuffs air down upon her head, the one, the only, his princess, Sutri.

Private Impression Message

A scent, wafting, tantalizing: cologne of rich vintage, something irresistibly masculine but sweet enough to make your knees tremble. The Sands fade at the first scent, darkness encroaching upon the edges as your conciousness is simply taken over, a simple sight appearing: a table, lit for two. Crystalline sparkle of wineglasses and polished cutlery, rosepetals sprinkled haplessly around a glass bowl filled with tempting, succulent strawberries. « My Sutri, » Eovisoth croons; and you know him to be Eovisoth as you know your feet are burning on the Sands, though that seems so far away from this etheral experience. « My Sutri, I am your Eovisoth. »

Dragon Theme

The Sea Mink, Neovison macrodon, is an extinct North American member of the Mustelidae family. It is the only mustelid, and one of two terrestrial mammal species in the order Carnivora to have gone extinct in historic times, along with the Falkland Islands Wolf. The body of the sea mink was significantly longer than the closely related American Mink (N. vison), and also bulkier, leading to a pelt that was almost twice the size of the other species. The longest specimen recorded was said to be 82.6 cm (32.5 in). The fur of the Sea Mink was said to be coarser and redder than the American Mink's, and produced a distinctive odor.

Jareth is the Goblin King of The Labyrinth, a vast kingdom within a realm known as "the underground," although it is not literally under the ground. Though ruler of the goblins, Jareth is not actually a goblin. With the use of his magic crystals, he twists and weaves illusion, offering to Sarah her heart’s desires. He resents his position as Goblin King and yearns for a different life, outside of Sarah’s fantasy, which he believes she can give him, by believing in him. Though she renounces the power he holds over her, it does appear she actually gives him what he wants.

Sea Mink: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sea_Mink
Jareth: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jareth

Name Inspiration

Eovisoth (ee-oh-viss-oth) comes from the above mentioned Sea Mink, specifically from the word 'Neovision'. While we could make cracks about Eo having neon vision, or other some superpower, his only superpower - at least in this segment! - is his super-sexy name. An alternate pronounciation discussed would be 'YOH-vis-oth'; we think that either way works just /fine/. In all meanings of the word! 


Oh, but to have a voice of Eovisoth's timbre; to have such a lustrous finish to smooth, sultry tenor. He knows he possesses a voice for speaking, for murmuring, for whispering soft, sweet susserations. It's mere coincidence that the same voice can be used for sibilant whispers of ill-temper, and mutterings of such stormy complexion to make even Ligryth glance askance. His voice is too light to ever be gravelly, but he will do a passing imitation of growling when mad.

His mindscape is all cologned finery; for most moods he has flickers of candlelight, soft strains of music just vague enough to feel but not necessarily understand; the sensuous richness of dark, beautiful silks and light, sweetly soft rose petals. There shall forever be a darkness and sparkle to his mindscope; Eo is a master of using darkness to curtail discussion of topics he does not wish to speak of, and sparkled lustre to those subjects he'd like to stay upon. Though his method may seem "soft", he handles all of his mental elements with a commandingly masculine force, a steel foundation under a curtain of velvet.


Eovisoth is sexy, baby!  He may be big (at least, compared to other Interval-born blues), but this boy has got that certain je ne sais quoi that draws the ladies to his yard.  He is strong, yet lean; no muscle-bound bruiser, he!  He moves with animalistic grace, narrow hindquarters and serpentine tail swaying with a slight rhythm.  And, oh, that smoldering gaze!  Greens will be wont to swoon over his dreaminess, once he comes of age — or, well, Eovisoth will damned sure /think/ that, even if the prickly greens of High Reaches may not necessarily /agree/ with him. 

Fresh from the shell, Eovisoth carries himself with that oozing charm that is so very different from the various compositions of his fellow clutchmates: he does not have to work at being sensuous in his movements, for that will come to him as naturally as breathing… or flying.
And oh, will he be a flyer! He is a flyer to challenge even Ligryth, with his over-the-top aerial antics. Barrel rolls will soon pale at his tricksiness in the air; he is, simply, acrobatic. He is a showman incarnate, and the devil-may-care flying - though it will doubtlessly cause Sutri no end of gastrointestinal problems - is one of many ways his personality exudes from this lean, perversely provacative dragon.
His hide is all dark blues, shadows and mystery. He will, from an early age, desire oiling almost moreso than eating; the hedony of warm oil sliding over his smooth hide is of the utmost pleasure, and he'll beg it of you more often than not. The dragonhealers themselves may caution you against wingrot, the condition when wingsails are kept too moist.
Growing up will be easy for your Eovisoth. This isn't to say that he'll always grow *evenly*… but he won't mind being whipcord and overlong limbs— for he knows, with perfect confidence, that he'll turn out one of the best looking blues to ever grace High Reaches with his presence. Maybe that's just his ego, but it certainly says something about him that he has absolutely no doubts about turning out just fine. He /will/ be the sort to grow in spurts, catching up with himself before starting the process all over; we're sure Sutri will be grateful for those rough-finish times, if only to keep from eternal embarassment that Ysvarth will force Eth'n through.
Hunting will be his single hangup. In all else, his grace and confidence will see him through to schmoozing through any task; but when hunger — or maybe the act of actually *killing* something? — takes over, it leaves Eovisoth with coltish-legged, awkward-winged misery. And he will be miserable, as he knows he looks like an idiot diving after the same herdbeast three times, finally making his mark on the third. Eventually, he'll overcome it; but for the longest time, it will take him much longer than his clutchmates to blood a kill. Khetanaxeroth will likely mock him, natural huntress as she is- and more times than not, she'll end up hunting *for* him, rather than watch the pitiful sight of him near-careening into the ground without a kill in hand.


So, let's get Visy with it, shall we? We will warn you well in advance: Eovisoth is one helluva cocky dragon, who believes utmost and fully that whatever he wants, he should certainly receive. Never-no-mind that there are things called 'common sense,' 'decency'… not to mention 'respect for others.' He simply doesn't care, and often will do whatever it takes to reach his goals at the time. Sutri may end up scratching her head, however, as his goals are *constantly* changing, due to that pesky draconic fact of lacking long-term memory. Indeed, you may be correct to think that he even lacks a short term memory, by the way that he flutters from one extreme to the other.
I suffer from short term memory loss. It runs in my family… 
At least I think it does… 
Where are they? 
- Dory, Finding Nemo
The tricky thing, when dealing with Eovisoth, is that he can pour on an excessively excellent amount of genuine charm at any given moment, depending on his mood. This facet of his personality can - and will - often catch females - maybe you? Maybe greens! - off guard if they are not expecting it. These are the tricks of his trade, rather than underhanded manipulation.
« Sutri, » he will croon, delicately placing a bunch of half-trampled flowers at your feet. If they make you sneeze because they're all dandelions, well, he thought well enough!  « Oh, these flowers look so beautiful with your red hair, shining in the sun. Just as my hide shines just so when it is oiled. Oh beauteous one, please do me the honor of oiling me? I am terrrribly dry. » 
It is all too easy to think that you are the one and only object of his affections- right up until he is bribing, crooning and posturing to the next sucker who comes around for a different favor. This may be facepalm-worthy at times… but it also has its perks. If you are ever upset with him, he will fawn over you to the point where you wish him gone for even a few hours. It is also *bound* to be an issue whenever you happen to be dating someone. Not only will this person have to submit to Visy's rather… thorough… evaluation, but he will try to butt in at every chance possible.
« Sutri, did that bluerider send you flowers lately? How about moonlight walks by the lake?
This is unacceptable. I will bespeak him with all the tips necessary to properly pursue you » 
He also may be the one to somehow deposit a present on your ledge and then lie to you and tell you it was from your current beau. He is just that focused on the correct gestures needed in courtly love, and desires the best of love to you. If the man can't provide it, well, damned be it for Eovisoth to wait on some half-baked brownrider to get his shit together! Conversely, when there are drills to attend to, he can suck it up and suddenly become the debonaire man of mystery, or the utmost of the upright, displaying polished professionalism. Of course, that… won't happen first thing out of the tank. He'll first have to come to the dawning realization that you can't charm favors out of the wingleader or weyrlingmaster as easily as you can woo those of lower rank.
In addition, your intrepid dreams, those which give you such a vague idea of priority of things to be done come morning? That may not actually be your subconscious. Eovisoth's darkness is a twisting thing. He has absolutely no qualms with feeding you ideas, while you are fast asleep, in order to make sure his needs are considered. However, it is done in such a subtle manner that you really are convinced that all those ideas really are all your idea. New riding straps! … even though you just commissioned some a few months ago, and he hasn't grown too much since then. All his idea. Strewing your weyr with flower petals! … because you wanted to brighten up the place. Of course, all /him/. Buying a new dress and dolling yourself up? You guessed it.

A pretty wife is something for the fastidious vanity of a rogue to retire upon.
- Thomas Moore

Though most of his darkness is executed in rather trivial, feel-good ways, one thing will always remain: his desire for you to look good. Whatever you need to accomplish looking the best you can will instantly be given, if possible, and he isn't above bribery or threats in addition to his own charm to extricate any thing he cannot provide to /get/ you what you need. After all, if you don't complement his looks, you're not much good, now are you? Eventually, you may be able to weed out his influence in your mind… but it may take quite some time.
Eovisoth will not always be a perfect gentleman, nor will he always be restrained. Every so often his inner darkness will lead him into an escapade which is neither chivalrous nor entirely lawful. It is here that you must make a stand, Sutri, to keep him from running his own show. To keep you from getting in trouble, too, because if any of his half-cocked ideas TURN OUT… expect the wrath of the weyrleaders.
« I did not know, my Sutri, that I would get us in… quite… this much trouble. Who knew that a small herd of llamas ever cost as much as they did? I was… quite… sure
that the holders that previously restrained them had absolutely no use for them. Whyever then, would they have left them unattended? »
Remember that professionalism we touched upon, earlier? Well, that will be hard earned. He's liable to be both cavalier and ridiculously arrogant among his fellows, until too many punishments for speaking to those above his station with ill derision. Speaking of which: he'll absolutely hate Cimarroth. There, we've warned you in advance. Cimarroth is… the anti-Eovisoth. He's blunt, he's terribly ill-mannered, and /does he smell bad/?! Be-cologned Eo will certainly think so.
Throughout the thick and the thin, though, Eovisoth will be there for YOU. Of course, he'll expect nothing less of you… of course. Actually, he may require a bit more of you than he does himself, as you're in charge of keeping /him/ well groomed. This vainglory forever has a weakness for little Sutri, however, and that isn't like to change; his short term memory will never forget that main fact. Sutri is his Eternal; all others, merely passing.
In the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures; 
for in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed.
- Kahlil Gibran


I'll paint you mornings of gold
I'll spin you Valentine evenings
Though we're strangers till now
We're choosing the path between the stars
I'll leave my love between the stars

Eovisoth looooves the ladies.  While his relationship with you is very fulfilling to his romantic heart, that boy has got to get himself some tail!  He revels in the chase, the hunt and the conquest.  He will woo a green, bring her flowers and gifts, compose songs for her, whisper sweet nothings, fight fiercely for the right to mate with her once she takes to the skies, and then love her passionately in the grand mating dance.  Once it is all over, however, he will return to you to "renew your vows," as it were—to revel in the delight of knowing you completely, his soulmate and his one and only.

There's such a sad love
Deep in your eyes, a kind of pale jewel
Open and closed within your eyes
I'll place the sky within your eyes

There's such a fooled heart
Beating so fast in search of new dreams
A love that will last within your heart
I'll place the moon within your heart

He is, however, somewhat particular about who he will chase; there is no joy in a flight he can never win, but there is also no joy in a flight that is too easily won.  She ought to be fresh-faced, at least a little sweet, and easily charmed.  He will be drawn to her innocence, like a moth to flame, reveling in her delight at his attentions.  He will invest himself fully, believing himself in love, only to be reminded, when all is said and done, that you are the sole owner of his devilish heart.

As the pain sweeps through 
Makes no sense for you
Every thrill has gone
Wasn't too much fun at all 
But I'll be there for you-oo-oo
As the world falls down

When he loses-and, believe you me, in spite all of his arrogant posturing, he /will/ lose-he will be utterly destroyed, his confidence shattered and his heart broken.  He will mope for days, and it will take all of your love and sympathy, and as much pampering as you can manage, to get him back to his old self again.  He may be remote and mildly despondent for a few days more, and then just remote for a few days after that, and then the memory will fade and he will be back to his old tricks again.  


Name: Xilaros
Egg Desc: Shazi
Dragonet Desc: Shazi, Xilaros tweak
Messages: Shazi, Tilla, Xilaros
Puppeteer: Tilla
Inspiration: Shazi, Tilla, Xilaros

Eth'n and bronze Ysvarth
R'yst and green Ligryth
Erei and green Khetanaxeroth

Harper Tale's 56th Hatching
High Reaches Weyr's 20th PC Clutch
Lendai's gold Talicanitath x Y'an's Bronze Aojadinth
Sunday, March 21st, 2010

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