Paige's Weapon Wreathed In Ivy-Shoots Green Eriphyliriuth

Your time with us began so precipitously from the moment of Search, to the moment you first came in contact with the egg…

Not wanting to call attention to herself, she starts weaving her way around the sands, avoiding eggs until having to dart to avoid collision with another candidate. This, unfortunately, puts her directly into the path of the Bundle of Wires egg, which looms up beside her like a colorful gargoyle. She can't help but brush against its surface, pausing there when she begins to feel something, even as her expression tells her extreme discomfort level.

Bundles of Wires Egg

Twisting and twining, wending its way all about. This egg looks like a mess of multi-colored tendrils that have been compacted into a space smaller than should be able to contain them. Red winds around the base, then disappears amongst the mass to reappear to cap the top of the egg. Blue and yellow dance around each other, disappearing into the sands beneath the eggs. Black melds with green while brown and orange do a tango. Here and there are sprays of copper and other metallic tones; almost looking sharp and prickly where they rest.

Something within, stirred…

Unlike the last three times your fingers have connected to an egg's shell, this one is not immediately jarring. While the pressure of pleasure unabated continues to press against the back of your thoughts, it fades a bit at the gentlest touch of another's mind presence. The sands shift, ripple, and come back brighter. Fuller. Chaos streams around you in moving lines that finally pull together as the sands themselves disappear all together. Beneath your fingers, the egg is no longer an egg at all. It is, in fact, a bundle of writhing lines of varying colors: red, blue, black, green, brilliant orange; all writhing in a fascinating display of chaos. This chaotic touch is, at first, contained to the wiry things beneath your hand, yet soon enough it reaches out towards you. You feel the first brilliant tendril with a strange clear, crystalline end-cap start to creep up your arms like a vine. Testing, teasing. So that even the slight caress of this light touch is enough to send shivers of something /good/ running up your arm, stirring the hair that rises upwards with the presence of goosebumps. Creep, creep, creep… wait. You sense… something… then it's over. Neither rejected nor hastily ended, you find that order has been restored with your hand still pressed to the egg's shell and the memory of the creeping vine of colored wire lingering with a ghost's lightest touch upon your skin.

…Touched you… like a soothing balm to the horrors of what can happen upon an egg’s rejection…

When she pulls back, it's not to stave off barfing, or with the intense need to get off, but an actual smile touches her lips. It's not a really big smile by any means, and on your average person, it'd only be slight, but for Paige it's genuine.

That first blossoming moment of… something different that then hatched into your Delight…

Bundles of Wires Egg has become quite violent in it’s movement. The ovoid jerking around with wild abandon, caring not if any of the other eggs or remains of shells are in the way. They are all simply a means to an end as it is. Like many of the others that have come before it, crashing into it’s siblings helps to cause several more chips to fly away, slowly revealing the color of the entity inside. Spider web cracks flare away from these portions of missing shell, the very structure of the ovum starting to vibrate with the pressure now being forced against it from the inside out. The sound of whip cracking in the air is what announces the explosion of egg bits now floating down from the sky. In the wake of the destruction, now free from her prison, stands Weapon Wreathed In Ivy-Shoots Green Dragonet.

Weapon Wreathed In Ivy-Shoots Green Dragonet

Fruit of the spirit of life abides in the vine of sinuous form, rippling in waves of milky jade that spills out from the epicenter of dainty nose in ever darkening waves of color. Lo, the birth of dawn lightly touches upon twisted headknobs and etched, stonework’d neckridges with the hint of creamery gold, lending brilliance to jade’s pasture in gilded glory. Ever darkening green hugs the sharp contours of gaunt ribs and down to the soft swish of hips, a stark contrast against skeletal bones of a long neck and the gauntness of her chest. Neon’s verdant green accents upon the spiked contours of neckridges, at the bend of joints, and is hinted in the shade of skeletal ribs. Reality is made anew with the creeping vines that curl up from diminutive, bony feet, tipped in wine-dark talons; lines of a darker black-green, complete with leafy growth, twine and entangle tiny legs to finally gather in the trellis of her underbelly. Whipcord thin, vine-like protrusions yearn for the spare hint of dawn at the upper reaches of her jade-cut form, clinging up the column of her neck. Long, sinuous tail ends in darkness, as if reality itself were a thing unraveled. Tail's abyssal darkness is tipped at the very end with the single kiss of starlight, faint against the black-green only to shine beneath the sun's brilliant flare. Continuity of motion sweeps outward, to rippling wings wrapped in the richness of spring's new growth. Outspread, the wingsails are the thinnest and touched in golden light while bundles of ice-green and grape's royal purple gather at the apex of each long, delicate wingbone. Wingspars flow with the fruit of the vine, the faint blush of wine-red.

… Delight lasts for only so long, however, until the wine-soaked thoughts turn to Delirium…

Weapon Wreathed In Ivy-Shoots Green Dragonet moves at a leisurely pace, every so often getting sidetracked by another happening. Her mind wonders, attention wavers. Luckily, always the white in her vision carries her further. Dragon paws move gingerly, mushing into the sands and kicking up a spray when it amuses her to do so. Sand falling back to the earth a thing of intrigue and mystery. A few more times she does this, talons sending it up, gravity taking it down. Gets kinda boring fast though, so onward, closer and closer. Candidates all lined up before her, but it matters little. Already she has made her choice. Marching straight up to a blue-eyed female, Weapon Wreathed In Ivy-Shoots Green Dragonet reached out her muzzle, opens her maw, and bites DOWN upon the robe covering the girl. Yanked once or twice, trying to free the cloth from the person. It stays, alas, though just as well. Paige and the robe will BOTH be hers.

It’s the tendrils of ivy that creep along the outside of your very vision that alerts you to the danger. For surely, there is no greenery that is allowed to grow here, in the confines of the Hatching Sands. Though it does seem that perhaps you are no longer where you thought you were. Leaves blossom forth from the vines that hold them fast, reaching out into your mind and clinging to every available space. Your mind no longer feels so vacant, another entity inching along as plump grapes quickly form and fall from their vine, each one hitting your subconscious and splattering more and more of the will of another into your being. « It seems we are not alone. » There’s a giggle that reverberates throughout. Lush scents of vineyards overtake every sense, the heady sensation of that first sip of a vintage wine, the bouquet alone is intoxicating. « Though, I guess, we are alone, you and I, in a manner of speaking. But neither one of us are alone from the other. » The words cause a breeze to breath fresh air throughout the arching leaves, bathing them in dabbled sunlight. « Eriphyliriuth is what I am called, and you are my Paige.. are you not? » The question is left hanging, all that was once peaceful and full of beauty shifts, darkness threatens the mental vision, the image of eyes swirling red with flecks of white easily portrayed. Insanity looms close, a thread not yet ready to fray. « You are. It is decided. Let us be off, Paige, for I find myself quite thirsty and ready to imbibe on the elixir of life. » More giggling, hysteria coating the outer layers of the sound, leaving jagged lines of empty, barren soil where so much had once grown.

… and then, there were two; you have been claimed, to become the Delight of another.

❦ Inspiration ❦

::: - ::: - ::: - ::: - :::

Paaaaaaige! Oh Paige! You impressed all of SearchCo so very much with your dedication during a such a busy time that we knew there was no way we could let you leave High Reaches Weyr. Of course, that meant we needed to supply the reasoning for you to stay, and we hope we did so in the form of your Eriphyliriuth! All of us look forward to the calamity that you and your green will create, what with her unstable ways and quirky personality! So welcome, welcome, welcome to dragonriderhood here at High Reaches Weyr to both you and yours, Paige! We are so happy to have you both!

Egg Inspiration

You go to a swap meet or a flea market (or in my basement) and look in boxes of electronics and… what do you invariably find? Wires. A big ol' mess of wires. Sure, you might find something of use eventually, but why even bother?

::: - ::: - ::: - ::: - :::

Theme Inspiration

There is a love of connecting egg theme to dragon theme that High Reaches Weyr has always fancied. While our eggs are all New World Technology, a sands full of gadgets and gizmos our ancestors could not even dream of, our dragons are much the opposite. They are that which came before computers, before weapons of mass destruction, before even a simple coffee maker. The theme for dragons this time around is Old World Technology.

Your Eriphyliriuth is no different! She’s based on a very old world weapon, something used only sparsely now a days: a staff. Though not any kind of staff, but a Thyrsus. It works in well for her theme, seeing as how she’s composed so very much of both aspects of Delirium ( from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman Graphic Novels as well as the Maenads ( from Greek Mythology. The female followers of Dionysus (also known as Bacchus from the Romans). There was a keen interest in SearchCo to make a dragon always on this… brink of insanity. It worked in so well with Delirium’s own quirks, meshing together well to create who you now know as Eriphyliriuth. She has a love of blood, which to her is the wine of the world, a tendency to falls into bursts of instability, all while being able to keep a more mellow air at most times. She is darkness and light, truly a proud daughter of Aevryscienth and Ysvarth. Where Delirium and her original self Delight, believe it or not, is her light, and her Maenad-side is her dark.


::: - ::: - ::: - ::: - :::

Description Inspiration

Eriphyliriuth is inspired entirely by two things: the flowing form of Delirium and grape leaves. Jade is the medium in which I used to capture the flowing form, for it is a great medium when you want to carve something in motion. Not only does it have a shiny sheen but, to me, it always seems like it’s a mineral in motion.


Of course, what would a dragon inspired by a Maenad be without an homage to Dionysus? So the other part of her description inspiration came entirely from grape leaves, where beneath the trellis of her wings, are gathered the small baubles of grapes in both green and purple.


The base form of her coloring was inspired by this, and I liked the dark green in contrast to the jade, so that is how her tail got its color.


::: - ::: - ::: - ::: - :::

Name Inspiration

Oh boy! Eriphyliriuth! How did we come up with that name? It is a blend of many elements, all based on these things: your desire for the maenad as well as this meta-concept of Delirium. We started with the base name that you liked of Eriphe — but do you know how hard it is to franken-baby up that name? We had so many endings attached to that sucker that Lendai and Eth’n finally went to Google.

Yes. We googled. Hate us not! From Eriphe, we found that linked to Eriphyle. Now, you said not to load it up on XYZ’s, but we felt one ‘y’ would surely be okay. It flowed way better into a name with an easier ending than Eriphe to give you a longer name. We, being the magical duo of name whores, erred on the side of longer rather than shorter (plus, Lendai and Eth’n do love themselves long names!) and could find nothing that we liked.

One name after another got suggested and then tossed. Finally, we decided to think about what wine really is, especially to a maenad. So, we decided that a maenad could easily fall under the influence of the god of wine which would give her a kind of delirium that you’d get from getting way too drunk on wine. So with the state of delirium, we were well on our way to creating our franken-baby of a name.


Using Eriphe (Maenad) + Eriphyle (touch of the Greek mythological culture) + delirium = Eriphyliriuth. Now, what we like about this name is that it is not too girly, and it’s nice and long, BUT, the biggest reason why we chose this name (outside of the fact that it was the first one that made BOTH of us stop and go, ‘wait, I think that’s it’) is that it has an element of the insane to it.

When you say it, it starts out easy to say: Eriph—> that’s easy and sane to say, but as you start weaving your tongue around all the l’s and i’s and u’s, it’s harder to say. It has that element of crazy at the end that … just fit.

The meaning? Why, I’d have to say that it is the epitome of the maenad: “raving ones”. Eriphyliriuth is a name that can easily reach the state of ecstatic frenzy.

::: - ::: - ::: - ::: - :::


Eriphyliriuth is a dragon of many colors, and we mean that literally. Close your eyes and imagine… the clean scent of dew at the break of dawn. The slight hint of ripening grapes. A breeze that rustles through the leaves of a thousand rows of grapes, laid upon softly rolling hills.

Now, open your eyes…

… and it’s all changed. The skies above are a mass of swirling colors, of rose, of wine-red and champagne blush. The brilliance of the grapes stand out in bright purple against verdant, almost neon green. You gasp!

… and it changes again…

This is the ever changing pattern of Eriphyliriuth. She is insanity and sanity, delirium and dreams. Her mindscape is the essence of grape vineyards and wine, of drinking and revelry and never the same, always changing. Bubble is the sound of her voice, like the clinking of a silver’d fork to the crystalline ting of an etched wine-glass.

She is scatterbrained and easily distracted; she often forgets the thread of her conversations, and comes out with offbeat and seemingly inconsequential observations.

~ Wikipedia, Delirium

This, in a nutshell, is Eriphyliriuth. Each touch of her mind to yours, to another’s dragon, is filled with this ever-changing landscape of wineries, grapes, leaves, and vineyards. Her mother’s influence lingers still in the touch of sunlight upon green leaves, lighting them like glowing green lanterns aura’d in golden light. A single thread of consistency in her mindvoice is the dawn; it is always the dawn that breaks the horizon. Hers is a mindscape that will rarely be given to midday and late afternoon. The day’s new light, awakening from a long sleep is what spills across the gently rolling hills of the vineyard.


It is this but only done in colors so brilliant it hurts the mind’s eye. She has flash, flare, and a vivacity that’s undeniable! She is the embodiment of Delirium and yet not. Were she to manifest in the real world, her communication would echo that of Delirium for there’s another’s influence here, that of the maenad.

In some ways, Dhioth and Tindraeth will understand her a little better than she understands herself, for there is a duality of nature when a manifestation of a state of mind meets the unpredictability of a follower of the god of wine, Dionysus. Cervilaevarth will be driven mad by her whimsical nature and her scatterbrained speech, and will disdain ever including her in his plans.

Green leaves brush the light of day, gilded in dawn’s spill of buttermilk. Vast valleys caressed by gentle winds carry the soft, tinkling sound of her voice. « Cerrrrrrrrrrvilaaaaaeeeevarrrrrth! Cervie! Cerv! Cerv-Ilae-VARTH! You know you wanna let me in. » The hint of broken grapes, stomped beneath eager feet fills the senses, while wine-red awash the dark soil at the base of the vine. « Lemme in. C’mon. Y’know’y’wanna! C’mon. Please. I mean, I’m good! GOOD I SAY! Remember? I’m good. Y’know you wanna… lemme in! » Azure brightens the sky to an almost neon glow, as the dawn’s light brightens to a honeyed kiss. She will continue to bombard him with joyful, vivacious colors until he relents.

Which, of course, means she wants in. So she will flash her mutable and changeable mindscape at him, constantly, until he relents. Tired of the vibrant green valleys and rolling lines of vineyards, brightened to an almost neon flash. The azure sky blazes far too brightly beneath the dawn’s early kiss, a flush of rose-gold still lingering on the horizon. Thus, is your lifemate.


Not. For the insanity is contained. With the setting of the sun, night comes to the mental scape of her mind. A guiding star, barely seen through the brilliance of the day’s insanity, flares bright against the dusk of a night coming. She will never have the darkness of a mindscape as the others. For hers is place of light, of growing things. However, she will pivot upon this eternal flux between dawn and dusk.


With effort, she can pull herself together and fade the day’s new light to the day’s end, and with it come breathtakingly real panoramas of her vineyard valleys. Sometimes, in these moments of clarity, you will marvel and wonder if perhaps, your reality is broken and you could just…

… step into her mind. Rich rose-gold, fire-orange, swaying leaves of orange-infused green. A sky so brilliant that you feel bathed in the last, dying rays of the sun. On the far horizon looms the night in rich, soft lavender upon which the first star can be seen. It is that guiding star that leads Eriphyliriuth from insanity to sanity.

And when she is in these moments, her thoughts are so ordered that they are rigid. Her sense of humor dies with her quirkiness. The soft, chiming sound of her voice lowers, roughens to something husky and dry. From soprano to alto, her voice loses it’s lustre.

« Paige. » Your name is structured so carefully you think it might break, bound of fragile lines that are so indelibly there that you might think you could see them formed of the ether of her mind. Tidy row upon row of vineyards march, orderly, beneath the orange-fire of the death of a day. Shadows writhe. « You are late. » The danger with sanity is that insanity’s pull is harder, tugging on you to fall back into the brightness of randomness, but compulsion is there. Pulling at you, driving you to the depths before letting you lose again, a little different than before.

Eriphyliriuth’s mind is neither light nor dark, but filled with everything in between. Dawn and dusk, there’s danger in either of those; a danger to insanity and a danger to sanity. When she has swung to the very presence of dawn’s new kiss, she is in the height of her insanity and it shows in the actions of her mind. The randomness that will have the power to cut so cruelly and yet bolster so sharply.

And when she is in the throws of sanity, her natural wit sharpens to a dry, sardonic humorless lackluster. For she is the most serious then, but also the most dangerous, for the lure of the wine, of the maenad’s spirit bound to the state of delirium will seek to draw all, you, other dragons, other people, into the sucking vortex of insanity.

Threaded through it all is a thin filament of rose-gold of love. Love for you, and love of wine. You are, in many ways, what is looked to in place of Dionysius, and Eriphyliriuth is eternal to the ends of the day. From Dawn to Dusk, each meets the other with but night and day in between.

The inspiration behind her mindvoice comes from vineyards (specifically Napa), obviously the touches you asked for in the maenad and Delirium, but also on the whimsical nature of the game, tiny wings. Because insanity and delirium often bring about such beautiful and dangerous colors, a flexibility of reality, until you’re left standing and asking yourself… was that real? Is it real? Am I real?!


The answer is and always will be: Yes.

::: - ::: - ::: - ::: - :::


Eriphyliriuth flows like liquid stone, with some hiccups. She is not a large dragon, nor is she a bulky dragon. Actually, in form she is probably smaller than Erolinyath, however, she has inherited much of her sire’s cruel length. Long of neck and tail, short of legs, all of her bulk is stretched out so that her body is actually dainty. She is not unlike the grapevine, long with protrusions coming off it.

She could be very well made of stone, etched of this unyielding substance: jade. However, this only aids to give her the sense of movement even when at rest. It is not that she is antsy, but that she is an object in motion, arrested. This is another slight inheritance from her creeping sire, for Ysvarth’s unique coloring lends the ability to appear to be creeping forward even when he is still. For Eriphyliriuth, this comes from the flowing shape of form and the natural shine to her verdant hide.


Her skin is extra shiny, though that does not mean she is extra oily; rather it is like the skin itself barely fits over the bones that lurk beneath stretched to the fullness of it’s capacity to hold the bones and sinew beneath, giving the flesh the extra shine of surface tension. As a young dragon, this will vex you to no end for it will mean that you must keep up with oiling her even more regularly than most or other wise that luxurious hide will crack and break.

Her wings, by contrast to her body, are large and voluptuous for they hold the bounty of the god of wine beneath their wingsails. The sails themselves are a golden green, like sunlight through a leave, and gathered in the corners where the delicate wing bones meet the backbone structure of the wing itself, grapes are gathered. In green and purple, so that when her wings are outspread, when they meet the trellis of her gaunt chest, it will appear to Paige as if she is beneath a great grape vine. An imaginative girl could almost reach up and pluck free a fat, juicy grape from the mystery of Eriphyliriuth’s wings.


She is not a traditionally beautiful dragon; she starts off gaunt with etched, stonework’d neckridges that finally flows into the softness of rounded hips and finally into the long sweep of tail. Glossy, she is a dragon of mystery, carved as if from a single piece of jade.


She will inherit her sire’s gauntness, though unlike Ysvarth, she will never grow out of it. Eriphyliriuth is a contradiction of sharp lines and rounded corners. The buttery yellow light that gives her an almost glow of dawn’s light is a gift from her dam, though woefully little will she inherit from Aevryscienth. She is the counterpart to Lakenheath’s forge-fired brilliance; gaining little from her dam but the lighter end of the color spectrum.

If you were hoping for grace, you will spend the rest of your life in yearning! As a young dragon, she is not given to the grace of movement. While carved jade looks flowing and beautiful, in reality it carries with it the stiffness of stone and for Eriphyliriuth, this is no different.

While at times you will be left staring at Eriphyliriuth scratching your head and turning to R’yst, “Is it too early for her to have arthritis?”, other times you will be chasing after the entropy of her accidental destruction of the barracks. It is not that she seeks destruction, but she is filled with the spirit of the god of wine, and thus not necessarily mindful of where her body lands either. Plus, that stretched and shiny skin does not lend very well to a flexibility of motion. This is something you will be fighting the rest of the days of your life. On land, she will never be graceful, nor particularly fast, nor particularly slow either. She makes her own reality and dances through life with all the joy of one who celebrates the richness of the earth’s bounty.

It is not that she is always clumsy, but that it comes in spurts. From babyhood on, you will never quite be able to predict when she will stumble through life. The stiffness of her limbs will force you both to work extra hard at drills, flying, and anything that requires much exercise. However, when she is sitting in the full glory of the sun’s light? She will be strikingly beautiful. She will be a temptress that may just knock Dhioth off of his self-entitled pedestal.

Each dainty claw is colored in a rich wine-red, shiny and liquid in color — the sweep of curve flows freely with color in that no inch is spared the rich, dark color. Blood will never be a problem in her kills, for it will match so well against the wine-dark essence of each talon. It is not unlike this color, where the very wicked tip of the talon is of the lighter red, as if the embodiment of light itself passes through it. Against the milky jade of her hide and the verdant green of grape leaves, it provokes a striking appearance. In many ways, she is her grandmother’s daughter through and through with the blingy-blingy brilliance of Talicanitath herself.


Eriphyliriuth’s reality is broken out of the true reality in that she is a being that makes her own world, in many ways. However the halls of the twisted kingdom of the mind need a guiding star to return them back to sanity when they have delved too deep into the reconstructed reality of insanity. The flared brilliance at the tip of a green-dark tail is just this star. It is the manifestation of this guiding star that will always lurk close within the realm of Eriphyliriuth’s mind to bring her back to the present.

To reality.

To give up the wine-drink of life and partake of the bounty sanity.

In sunlight or moonlight, it shines as if it has a light of it’s own, and when she is proddy, through a trick of the light and the pulsing ichor that flushes the flesh, it will appear as if it truly is a beacon that will lead the males on a merry chase through the flight.

However, she will actually fly about as well as she moves around on the ground. She is not dangerous to ride, but she is not the quick darter, the nimble flyer. Her movements are about as smooth as if you were to have animated Jade stone and asked it to snake through the air. She is nimble compared to a bronze or brown, certainly, but even Ligryth and Khetanaxeroth have more agility and mobility and they are the bigger greens of the weyr. She’s a tiny dragon… but. Just not that flexible, and this is just quite fine. She prefers to tear into her flying with the same gusto as her zest for life, and this stiffness will aid in blooding her beasts and tearing them apart. Just don’t be surprised if you find yourself… wishing… she were a little more graceful when that talon gets hooked where it shouldn’t!

Eriphyliriuth is the epitome of otherworldly beauty with the juxtaposition of her gaunt, skeletal form along with the smooth curvature of hips and long, sinuous form. She is etched of jade, and swept in smooth lines that lends her to be an object in motion, at rest. Yet, when she is motion, she is a calamity at best. She moves as well as you’d expect a jade, carved statue to move. This she will never grow out of, but perhaps a better word would be that she will grow into enough that life won’t always be atrocious.

Expect Paige to be chasing after her entropic lifemate for many turns to come!

::: - ::: - ::: - ::: - :::


25 years of my life and still
I'm trying to get up that great big hill of hope
For a destination

I realized quickly when I knew I should
That the world was made up of this
Brotherhood of man
For whatever that means

So I cry sometimes when I'm lying in bed
To get it all out what's in my head
Then I start feeling a little peculiar
So I wake in the morning and I step outside 
And I take deep breath and I get real high
Then I scream from the top of my lungs
What's goin' on

And I say hey…
And I say hey what's goin' on
And I say hey…
I said hey what's goin' on

And I try, oh my God do I try
I try all the time, in this institution
And I pray, oh my God do I pray
I pray every single day
For a revolution

So I cry sometimes when I'm lying in my bed
To get it all out what's in my head
Then I start feeling a little peculiar
So I wake in the morning and I step outside
I take a deep breath then I get real high
Then I scream from the top of my lungs
What's goin' on

And I say hey…
And I say hey what's goin' on
And I say hey…
I said hey what's goin' on
And I say hey…
And I say hey what's goin' on
And I say hey…
I said hey what's goin' on

25 years of my life and still
I'm trying to get up that great big hill of hope
For a destination
— 4 Non Blondes - “What’s Up” (

Eriphyliriuth may possibly be the most dangerous dragon at all of High Reaches Weyr. That is a thing to say, since there have been many deadly beasts that have been clutched on these sands. However, for your green, it’s not that she’s dangerous due to nature, that is to say, she’s not an evil dragon by far. It’s more that she’s… unstable. Usually, this green of yours, Paige, is a lovely beast. Well. As you know, she’s not exactly a looker, but that’s not to say she’s unattractive either. Though in personality, she has a quiet, mellow side. It will be the first thing you notice… and the last thing you shall always cling too. Something went wrong in her genetics, however, and while she’s ever the dragon, with all that any dragon must have, there’s something dark beneath her easy demeanor.

Delirium was once Delight. And although that was long ago now, even today her eyes are badly matched; one eye is a vivid emerald green, spattered with silver flecks that move; her other eye is vein blue. Who knows what Delirium sees, through her mismatched eyes?

— Sandman #21: "Season of Mists"

On average, Eriphyliriuth is a Delight. She can be a bit scatterbrained at the best of times, downright forgetful for even a dragon at the worst. Memory is not her friend, not in any form. She has to have a strong, strong bond to a person, place, or thing to even recall that she’s ever met them before or been there. She will rely heavily on your own memories, Paige, more than any dragon normally would, to be able to function in normal Weyr society. She will constantly be asking you about any previous interactions with this dragon? How come they are speaking to her so frankly? What do you MEAN this is the brown that won her last flight, she surely wouldn’t let such a downer win /her/ flight! But she did. And it did happen. She just needs you to help her remember these.

Luckily, if there are any dragons that she seems to bond the most with, it will be her own clutchsiblings. Clutchparents will easily be forgotten time and time again, while perhaps they were out on the sands with her as she awaited in egg form to finally hatch, sure they cared for her shell, ensuring she never spent too much time on any one side… but her clutchsiblings? That’s completely different. They endured as she endured, they were some of the first beings seen the moment her prison finally released her and allowed her out and into the open! They /understand/ what she went through in a way no other dragon possibly could! Except, y’know, all other dragons could totally understand, but that matters little to Eriphyliriuth. She truly won’t even give that nary a thought, no matter if you try to explain it out for her. Just get used to be around your clutchsiblings, Paige, for they are those who are closest to her and shall remain so.

Living in the Weyrling Barracks will only further the bond she has with all twenty four of her siblings. It will be the happiest time of her life, this she will be able to recall. Every day will be an endless journey, with all those she loves most of all (you included!) surrounding her. She’ll be able to wake up each morning, stare all around her and see the faces of dragons she holds above all else. Once it comes time to finally leave those barracks, you will have a hard time of it, Paige. Eriphyliriuth will be less than happy to leave, no matter that she’s becoming far too large for her couch and has been running into her siblings more often than usual. She /loves/ it in those barracks! So do not be surprised when your green demands you stay close to the most of your siblings. Your weyr will be decided upon very carefully, knowing full well where each and every other of the clutch are located. There’s a good chance you and yours will be the last to even get a weyr, with how extremely picky this green will be. Do not be surprised either, should Eriphyliriuth demand that one of your clutch also becomes a roommate. Even if none agree to do so, your dragon will spend the rest of her living days trying to convince them otherwise…

The sprout of vines announces her presence, leafy greens allowing glittering grapes to form and plop down like rain drops on a still pond. Intertwining tendrils reach out to touch the mind of another, holding fast and strong, though always gentle. Words like a whisper, sending thoughts of rose blush drink in hand. « Tindraeth. » It’s a giggle, perhaps a bit too young for the mind it comes from, that soon follows the name. « Perhaps… perhaps you’ve reconsidered? It’s lonely, so lonely, over here on this ledge of mine. More than enough room for my darling blue brother and his lifemate. » Another giggle, a touch hysterical, though stability is kept for now.

Other dragons will be held in somewhat high regard as well to your green. Really, it all matters to how more often certain dragons are around her that will depend on whether or not that bond is formed. While her clutchsiblings are the only ones, outside of you, that get that instant bond, others /can/ come to be. In particular green Ligryth will be a dragon of interest after some time in weyrlinghood has passed. Always will that green and her rider be around, after all, during that first turn of her life when living is at it’s best. The same can really be said for many of the other weyrlingmaster’s dragons. The ones she sees the most often though will make the more lasting impression. Should there be assistant weyrlingmasters who come and go as they please, they will often be asked who they might be, due to Eriphyliriuth’s forgetful nature. Her wingmates will also soon elevate themselves close to clutchslibling status, though never quite reaching that point. The more of her Wing she is around, the more she will remember who they are.

Change. Change. Change. Change … change. Change. Chaaange. When you say words a lot they don't mean anything. Or maybe they don't mean anything anyway, and we just think they do.

— Delirium, in Sandman #41: "Brief Lives: 1"

Luckily for you, Eriphyliriuth is nothing if not very easily distracted. Should you ever wish to derail her train of thought or make her forget about what she was saying, just start talking. About anything really. She may try to keep on with what she’s saying, but eventually she’ll quiet down and only be able to focus on what you are saying. After you finally stop speaking, she’ll throw out an enquire of what she was talking about earlier and you can easily give her any other topic of choice.

« I’m telling you, Paige, Cervilaevarth just doesn’t appreciate a good alcohol. Sure, he’ll pretty much drink anything that’s at least fermented a little bit, but why doesn’t he see that wine is truly the best possible drink out there? I’d prefer having you drink a good Benden red over any of the swill he forces on his lifemate. And what’s more… »
« That /is/ shiny! »
« … … … »
« What was I talking about again? »
“How tired you are and how much you wanted a nap.”
« Oh yeah! I was! I guess I’ll go curl up in the sun some then! »

So as bad as her memory might be, and how it may be an inconvenience for you at many times, Paige, it also means that you will be able to use such tactics to get her to settle down or really do whatever it is you may want her to do. Whether it’s taking a nap, taking a bath, or getting some food.

"Have they started talking? The people at the thingie? I should go there. You know what they will be saying? Blah blah blah blah, that's what they're going to say. Blah blah blah blah blah."

— Delight (Neil Gaiman, The Sandman: Endless Nights)

Your green really does love to speak, though sometimes it’s more nonsensical than anything along a coherent train of thought. This isn’t to say that Eriphyliriuth is by any means stupid. She’s not. She’s actually quite astute for all her spacey ways at times. The green will have an uncanny ability to just state what everyone is thinking, whether it’s nice or cruel. There’s no real thinking about any consequences about the words that leave the confines of her mind. On top of that, it’s usually more difficult for her to keep track of any conversation. Where her brother, Cervilaevarth, can stay mentally organized at all times, Eriphyliriuth cannot. What goes on inside her head is something only she can understand, though you are given a first viewers look of exactly what goes down inside the turbulent mind of the green dragon. It’s just… well. Eriphyliriuth moves, speaks, and acts to the beat of her own drum. That is to say, she’s very offbeat in personality, but it’s one of her many quirks that make her so very entertaining to be around. You’ll never know what she’ll say, how she’ll say it, or when it’ll happen, Paige. Just know that it will happen at some point

I know lots of things. People think I don't but I really do. I know more about us than any of us. That's just one of the things I know.

— Delirium, in Sandman #64: "The Kindly Ones: 8"


That is all but one side to Eriphyliriuth’s personality. There’s another part of her, one that comes out in bursts and makes you wonder where your easy going, mild-mannered green went too. As stated earlier, Eriphyliriuth may possibly be one of the more dangerous dragons of High Reaches Weyr. Not because she’s cruel, but again… she’s unstable. Always this green is teetering on the edge, wondering which way she shall fall. Usually, it’s on the mellow side. Where her mind is open and free, those rolling hills of vineyards are allowed a gentle breeze and a slight drizzle or rain to ensure the new turn’s crop… these will be the times of peace.

I lost some time once. It's always in the last place you look for it.

— Delirium, in SANDMAN: "Season of Mists"

Its when Eriphyliriuth falls down the long tunnel into the other side of the fence that her more darker nature will emerge. There’s a menacing beast living inside the sweet, naivety that is your green. Like the Maenads that help define her, when all is well, all is well. But when this dragon snaps, make sure you are ready to take full control of the bond the two of you share. She’ll launch into a state of ecstatic frenzy, where she will just suddenly lose all control and go wild, almost feral.. There are some times you’ll fully know when to expect this behavior. In particular, whenever your dragon needs to feed. Blood, to her, is an elixir of life. Not only will she blood her kill when flying to mate, but also with every meal. If she could sustain her life sipping only the hemoglobin of animals, she most definitely would. Alas, her body craves raw meat as well, so after she enjoys blooding quite a few kills, she will finally descend on the flesh of the beasts. Each species of animal’s blood has a different bouquet. Herdbeasts will be the simple red wine of her meal, pairing well with the red meat she will soon partake in after her drink. Wherries are her white, flavored perfectly with the more robustness of any chicken dinner. Predators will also know well the fury of her feasting, no feline or even large tunnelsnake will be free of her desire to blood everything first. Those that also eat flesh will be a delicacy of the palate for her, much like a hearty port, a blood on blood sort of finesse you can’t find with all those creatures that eat only greens.


You may think that the constant blooding will be the worst, more so as she shares the feeling of every drop that slides down her throat with you, Paige. For as insane as she may appear, her eyes whirling white and red, her mind will place a vice grip on the bond, trying to control it and force you to EXPERIENCE exactly how amazing the simple heady mixture of blood flowing into ones mouth can feel. Whether you enjoy it, locked in your dragon’s mind, or if you gag by the mere thought… is for you to decide. After that though… the terror continues. No dainty eater is Eriphyliriuth. Her wild side comes out here, as the animals are /torn/ apart, legs being split forth from the body, entails ripped free and sent flying, bones cracking, marrow breaking, even the skull will not be sparred as it’s enclosed between her jowls and crushed as the brain matter spews forth from her teeth. Watching Eriphyliriuth feast will be a terrifying thing… and one of the hardest aspects of her to control. She’ll never quite realize when to stop, when enough is enough. This green will gorge herself until she explodes, should you not regulate and watch it closely. Never, Paige, shall you be able to go to the feeding pens and allow her, her leisure. Always must you watch and wait the insanity that lingers beneath the surface.

“The insane, on occasion, are not without their charms”

~ Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. quotes

As a weyrling, this will give you many issues. She’ll only /ever/ eat freshly cut meat, first sucking the blood out of every piece, than chewing and swallowing. Those first few sevendays of feeding her will be a balancing act of knowing how full is too full. Expect many evenings of swollen tummies and painful cramps before you finally get the knack of how much is too much. Also, she’ll be a snappy eater, that is to say, when you hold out the food for her to grab, she will yank it from your hand without a moment’s notice. Sometimes teeth may get awfully close to flesh, she simply has no self-control when food is involved. Do not be surprised to get a number of dragon-eating-related injuries until you learn how to correctly grasp the meat and move away from her snappy teeth.

Hunting will easily be a favorite pastime of hers, another moment where her instability is teetering on that edge, about to fall into oblivion. No animal is too large for her to take on… even if they are in actuality way too large for her to take on. She’s fearless when in hunting mode. Attacking felines will be something of a sport for her, always she’ll try to find the biggest cat with the longest fangs and the sharpest claws. Should be get injured, her scars will be something she finds pride in. Showing them off with little care to how close her (and your) own well being were in danger.

With all those pelts she may acquire, you can bet she will have need of them. For all her more risky lifestyle, when she comes back to her ledge, she will expect a level of comfort. It’s not the cold stone of her ledge she wishes to sleep on, but a hollowed out couch lines with the furs of her kills. Perhaps even a few sewn together to create something of a blanket (a huge blanket) to be pulled over her hide to keep her warm on those cold Reachian nights. Always there should be a fire near her, not just in the weyr proper. Eriphyliriuth has an desire for a fire, she enjoys how it glints off her hide, making the jade of her coloration light up. The same goes for the sun, she thrives in it, loves how it makes her appear in a new, vibrant light. Allow her to lie on her ledge with the sunlight streaming in and a roaring fire nearby, and you will have yourself a very content green dragon.

Do you know why I stopped being Delight, my brother? I do. There are things not in your book. There are paths outside this garden. You would do well to remember that.

Delirium to Destiny, in Sandman #47: "Brief Lives: 7"

Other things will set off the madness in your dragon, Paige. Things that not even she yet knows. It’ll be up to the two of you to figure out what her markers are and what aren’t. While your bond with Eriphyliriuth may be rocky to start with, since she is by far a quirky, often times frightening beast, know that she is truly dedicated to you. Her ability to only bond with those she remembers holds no barring to you. Sometimes, when all feels lost and you may assume that this beast was not truly meant for you, Eriphyliriuth will embrace you mentally, for you are the Dionysus to her Maenad. She will always, ultimately and sometimes with some struggling, listen to your words of wisdom. Though be warned! This green is an emotional beast, both being triggered by her own turbulent emotions and yours as well. Should you find yourself often times angered at another, and that anger leaks through, Eriphyliriuth will find the desire to do away with that which has you upset. It’s in her making, get very genetic code to ensure only the best and happiest for her lifemate. If you start feeling strongly for another person, be it man or woman, Eriphyliriuth will do all that’s in her power to force that other to love you as unconditionally as she herself loves you. It’ll be up to you to control your self or at the very least, keep her reined in at times when life becomes emotionally charged.

No worries, Paige! All of High Reaches Weyr has much faith that you will not only control the erratic-ness that is Eriphyliriuth, but find a peace and harmony to co-exist with her. It… err… just may take a while, is all!

::: - ::: - ::: - ::: - :::


"You cannot seek Destruction and return unscathed."

"Delirium has."

"Delirium has been scathed enough in her time."

— Despair and Desire, in Sandman #49: "Brief Lives: 9"

Remember earlier, how it was discussed that Eriphyliriuth has those… markers, if you will, things that cause her to flip out and fall on the dark side of the fence, where the grass is not greener. Flights are another one of those triggers. It’s a time where not even you may will be able to find the lightness and drag her back before she is ready. Lust will consume her, and of course, consume you as well. Staying grounded to reality is a MUST in these instances. There is always that constant worry that any dragon will flit between without a riders awareness, never able to return from the freezing cold dimension. Eriphyliriuth, oddly enough, will never have that bizarre longing to do such a thing. So while you /will/ need to worry about her gorging herself on blood, you are allowed to relax (after the first few flights, of course) knowing that she does not particularly have that urge to jump between unless you are with her. It’s another one of those odd genetic quirks she simply has. All the same, your green may not put her life at danger in that aspect, but her perchance for violence during flights can easily cause harm to both herself and others, causing death in that regard.

“Whether we fall by ambition, blood, or lust, like diamonds we are cut with our own dust.”

— John Webster quotes

Already you know her deep desire to blood all things and never quite know when to stop. Her biggest fault will be when she’s had enough blood in her belly to sustain flight. You’ll need to be vigilant, Paige, ensuring she does not over-blood and possibly get sick due to it. There will be little concern over her trying to go for the meat of any beast, simply tossing the animals aside once she’s robbed them of every last droplet of blood in their bodies. Sucking them dry takes on a whole new meaning with your dragon. The beasts themselves will almost cave in on themselves as she inhales with all her might, being sure to imbibe on everything they can possibly give.

Luckily, while Eriphyliriuth is the type to have violent flights, they will end almost as fast as they started. She won’t be in the sky for long, it’s just not her way. She may have the stamina for longer flights, but not exactly the attention span. Even when she’s at her darkest, her sheer personality and lack of attention will quickly distract her from the burning lust of her body and mind. A male, any male, will be suited just fine to catch her. Usually whoever has not been so cut up and gouged that they actually still risk to twin necks with her. She’ll always return to you happy after the flight has ended. Sated in both belly and body, the sexual haze never lasting beyond that. For the first day, she may prefer a winner to stay near by, the shallow beginnings of what may be a bond forming… though it will take many, many times of one male winning her flights for her to remember him and ask for his continued presence on her ledge. Otherwise, even if someone outside of her clutchsiblings win, they will be discarded quickly enough should one of her beloved favorites decide to darken her doorstep.

Another good thing to note about your Eriphyliriuth’s flights is that she’s on the other end of the Green Flight Spectrum. That is to say, while there are some greens like Szarabhayanath who go up to mate much more often than the average green dragon, yours is much the opposite. She’ll fly much less than the usual green. We are still talking multiple times a turn, though far less than one might think normal for a dragon of her color. Have no worries, she’s still perfectly normal. It just takes a while for her to truly get /fully/ proddy. It’s that blasted attention span again. Eriphyliriuth will be able to fixate on being proddy here and there, but then… she’ll forget! Something else will capture her eye and the slight burning of her loins will be tossed aside for something else. What does this mean for you, Paige? While most greenriders only have a sevenday to worry about being proddy, usually at the most, you will be far different. Expect to be proddy for two, sometimes ever /three/ sevendays at a time. It’ll hit you a bit more than your dragon. Just because she can get her mind off of the feelings lingering in her body does not mean that what she innately feels on an instinctual level will be able to be ignored by you. As with all other quirks that are singular to your dragon, it’s simply another thing you’ll need to get used too and accept!

"The greatest blessing granted to mankind come by way of madness, which is a divine gift."

— Socrates

Each and every time she flies, it’ll be an adventure and a risky one at that! Don’t be altogether surprised if some males just outright refuse to get near the feral beast that is Eriphyliriuth. Her sharp talons hurt entirely too much, after all. Then again… there will be those daredevil males, the ones who look upon each flight as a challenge and even something as terrifying as Eriphyliriuth in the air won’t stop them! It should be interesting one way or another!


Well Paige! There you have it! All that is Eriphyliriuth is locked within this inspiration. However, you should not feel forced upon any of the aspects of her. As she is your dragon, through and through, what you decide to keep and what you decide not to use is completely up to you! We only hope that we came close to the dream dragon your mind had created. It has to be said that making this green has been an insane rush of something new and different, a ying-yang of a beast, always hovering on that fence, not knowing where she will fall. We all can’t wait to see how you choose to play her!

::: - ::: - ::: - ::: - :::


Name: Eth'n, Lendai
Egg Desc: D'rani
Dragonet Desc: Eth'n
Messages: Lendai
Puppeteer: Lendai
Inspiration: Eth'n, Lendai

Rysta's brown Finmaraisth, Sh'z's bronze Lakenheath, Shea's blue Cervilaevarth, Zeyta's brown Kczyslawborth, Dirna's blue Tindraeth, Nika's blue Atmanth, Syriene's green Zhizusikolymuth, and K'ane's bronze Dhioth

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