Za'an's No Two Are Ever The Same Green Erolinyath

Oooooh Zaphan! Nay! Za'an! We welcome you into the crème de la crème! The glory that is the dragonriding community of High Reaches Weyr! Though truly, it is us who feel the welcome, since it will be beyond a delight to have you and Erolinyath in our midst! We all look forward to the pair of you showing what you both are made of! You are indeed going to be quite the pair and each of us is waiting with baited breath of the amusing things that will occur throughout the life of Za'an and Erolinyath! Welcome once more! To High Reaches Weyr! For now and forever!

Mulletacalypse Egg
Standing upright, the frontward facing side of this egg possesses a patent tidiness, crisp ivory shell capped in a sensible blond crown at its very-most crest. Take a step around it though and /witness/ where that practical blond blossoms forth to flow down the posterior side in luxurious cascading waves of butterscotch ripples and flaxen highlights. Untamed and majestic, this lively flow of gold is the rebellious yin to the anterior side's neatness.

Hatching Message
Mulletacalypse Egg is wiggling and wobbling all up ons over here. One can almost hear a resounding ‘YEE HAW!' with every movement it makes, the shakes almost violent in their never-ending shimmies that go back and forth. Tip of the egg goes down to the sands, only to shoot back up and go back down to the other side. Egg top smacking the grainy ground with a loud /SLAP/ here and a loud /SMACK/ there. With each action made, cracks start to form on the redneck egg. All over, with a spider web-like effect over the entirety of the shell. There is no stopping once this egg gets going. And it's going, going, going… /CRAAAACK/! Goooone! That which once was the Mulletacalypse Egg is now no more, and instead a dragonet is in its place. No Two Are Ever The Same Green Hatchling is here and the days of yee and hawing are now over!

No Two Are Ever The Same Green Dragonet
T'is not arrogance that flurries faded evergreen and melting mint as indefatigable spirit o'er the snowy sweeps of self-possessed awareness. T'is not bold reckless, the manner in which frost rimes the dichotomy of diminutive form with such icy rotund. T'is not even ill-meaning, the contrast of narrow wings too-short, tipped with winter's silver, against such verve de joie displayed on short-boned face and curved 'knobs, dripping careless for neck's fragile, close-seated neckridges to puddle icemelt and silver sage against the composition of chubby belly. T'is not, t'is not! T'is only she, the seeker, lifting fearless gaze to the unknown. Dainty paws whisper tea-green steadiness — for all of her proportion, and for all the lack of overbearing pride, she is one to be reckoned with; and her reckoning she will take as only her due.

Public Impression Pose
No Two Are Ever The Same Green Dragonet is in no rush here, she already has made up her mind. And as it is, her brown clutchsibling has already taken one from the same group. No matter, it was not the one she wanted. It does not take much time to get to where she's going. Ignoring all those around the one that shall be hers, No Two Are Ever The Same Green Hatching comes to a stop in front of a boy. She stands up straight, head being held up proudly as stumpy tail twitches all about. Eyes swirl with increasing with excitement, as she has found her Partner. The one. Her front paw raises and is offered in greeting, along with a pleasant croon. Hello, Zaphan. Ready to go to work?

Private Impression Message
The searing heat of the sands gives way to frozen landscapes, snowflake after snowflake drifting past your mind's eye. The multitude of masses also drains away, no more candidates, no more galleries. Just solitude within the confines of one's own mind. Or at least… it was solitude. Something else is there, no, no, wait! Perhaps it's more of a some/one/ else? « Zaphan. >: The voice whispers, cold but not harsh. Like a breath of fresh, biting air. The snow starts to drift now, flakes coming down with more frequency, filling every nook and cranny. No area is left empty, this new presence spreading with each moment that passes. « Zaphan, I find that your name does not suit you. I much prefer… Za'an. Yes, that is much more appropriate. >: The crisp and clear scent of altitude fills your senses, sending winds of pure, cool air slicing down, down, down into your very lungs! « We are partners now, Za'an, you and I. I do hope you are able to keep up. For I will not have the team of Za'an and Erolinyath be seen as anything but the best and the brightest. >: The snowstorm subsides, leaving crystalline sparkles and star-like twinkles in its wake. The voice grows, the need to speak is over, but it remains. She remains and will continue to do so for now and forever.

Theme inspiration

If you have not yet guessed what the theme was for your clutch as a whole, we will happily give you the answer: Winter! All things that have to do with winter and each dragon needed to have some reflection of that. It truly did not take much time to know that snowflakes/snow were perfect for Erolinyath. Though obviously, that isn't all that she is. While snow can be cold, bleak and almost blindingly white, it is also fun, pure, and full of a kind of magic that is hard to grasp, but easy to understand. That is so very much your Erolinyath.

She is the bard from times past, reciting poems in her own not-quite song-like way. Going town-to-town, hearing the tales of others (and noting how awful others sound or how bad their reciting is).

She is also based loosely on Bones; this is where her scientific streak comes from. Her blunt way of speaking to others, having no remorse in what she says or whom she says it to. She's right most of the time, anyway. More so when it comes to knowledge she knows VERY well. Such as all things Harper based.

Name Inspiration

We started out our search for a name by thinking about the theme we wanted your dragon based around. It's always good to have a connection interlinking all aspects of ones lifemate. Knowing we wanted her to be like the snow, we thought that was a good beginning point. First it was just looking for other words that mean snow: Blizzard, flurry, snowy, snew (srsly, they said this was a word), ice, hail, glacier, so on and so forth. Blizzardth or Hailth really were not doing it for us, so we kept looking.

It was then that Lendai remembered that Eskimos supposed have like one hundred different words for snow. Upon finding a few websites that stated what many of them were, she found exactly what she was looking for in ‘erolinyat'. Throwing on a ‘t' at the end did nothing to detract from the powerfulness of the name. Erolinyath was quickly born and took root in our minds. We attempted to play with the name. Adding and subtracting letters, adding other meanings. Making it longer, then shorter. In the end. It was Erolinyath that we all seemed to like the most.

Now, for the amusing part. ‘erolinyat' is Inuit for ‘snow drifts containing the imprint of crazy lovers'. Yeah. For real. Probably the best meaning for a word ever. It really seemed to be a great fit for your green! It was a really eye-catching, flowing name, with no harsh sounds. At first glance, it appears almost masculine, but the more one sees it, the more feminine it becomes.

Here comes the hard part. How exactly do you say it? It seems there was some disagreement amongst SearchCo on how exactly to pronounce it. That was when R'yst suggested we give you all the options and you decide for yourself how Erolinyath's name is said! So here you have it:

Eeh-Row-Lin-Yath (Lendai)
Arrow-LINY-ath (R'yst)
Ehrro-Linnyeth (Rhaeyn)

Of course, if none of these suit you, Za'an, you are free to pronounce her name any way that you want, as she is yours! We hope the name is exactly what you were hoping for!

Egg inspiration

Once upon a time in a place not so terribly different from our own, the first mullet hairstyle came into being. And when it was done, the first mulleted man — the 'ground zero' of the Mullet-acalypse, if you will — looked in the mirror and thought to himself "Yeah. Lookin' /good/." And went on to infect the world.

Desc Inspiration

You specifically asked for a dragon that is just one color, or at least one set of colors. All greens, no other colors thrown in there! While we may have thrown in some whiteish portions, we tried to stay true to what you asked! Erolinyath is so deeply themed around all aspects of snow, and we really wanted to put that into how she looks. So she is colored with lighter greens, greens that have been touched with the frosty suggestion of white and blended together. She's a very soothing green, easy on the eyes. Nothing extreme and vibrant like neon green, but soothing like wintergreen and mint with just a modest trim of silver.

There is a word that came to mind instantly when going over how you wanted Erolinyath to look. That word is ‘chibi'. Smaller and pudgier than that which is normal. Adorable, cute, small. That is the way of the Chibi. And your green is so very, very chibi!

Mind Voice


There is a clarity to Erolinyath's mindvoice. A clean, pure smell of altitude, unsullied by the messy contaminants of the world. Far more natural than antiseptic, this is a flawless and untouched smell. Sprawling out as far as the eye can see is a virgin white tundra, clear of any footprints, piling high in great crystal dunes, shaped by pale blue shadows and sparking in tiny motes of glitter where light hits them. Above may be the brilliant searing blue of a cloudless sky, clean of any fussy cloud formations, crisp winter air clear and stinging with practical self-awareness.

Other times, a gentle snow will fall, like the gradual and patient drift of a well-contained snow globe. The fall of snow is her voice, an unapologetic and feminine monotone of myriad snowflakes, each as unique as a spoken word yet none given any more special treatment than the last. They fall down with the relentless calm of practicality, stacking up into drifts as she makes her points, the sound carrying with ringing clarity in the thin, crisp air. Gentle, fluffy clumps that fluff up into whimsical cotton might be a rare treat for you, when she is pleased or content. Other times it may slam down in a stubborn, drilling hail, driving home an insistent comment or strict censure.

A flurry of snow huffs up in a brief swarm of white motes against the sky, clattering down in marble-sized balls of ice. « /There/. You heard that, didn't you? Awful. That last note should absolutely have been in C /sharp/. >: As her voice recedes, there lingers a few lone flakes of snow that only slowly drift back to land, ringing finality.

Just as snow will gust and bossily push its way into any nook or cranny, rushing under doorways, collecting in the bowl of a jacket hood, piling up its deceptive weight along even delicate individual pickets of a fence, Erolinyath will use the weight and authority of her element to hammer home her points and even once she's done and withdrawn, there will be those last few drifting flakes of snow in her wake, lingering like a stubborn last word.

Her chill has nothing to do with being unwelcoming or figuratively chilly and everything to do with stability and tidiness. The cold has a way of preserving its treasures, and snow itself is the double agent of winter; it insulates as well as chills, it softens as well as freezes, it's both beautiful and dismal. She knows when to melt it, though it will be rare, and mostly just for you on rare nights; softening into sweet, crystal snowmelt that gently trickles away into the hidden passages beneath the snowline where she retains her reservoirs of information, squirreled away in tidy stasis, awaiting opportunity to bring it up. It is the run off from snow that nurtures the first green shoots of spring, after all, and in you she has much she wants to nurture in her own strict and starchy ways.


Wintergreen and laced in silver and frost, as is so much her nature, your Erolinyath is built in complementing contrast with herself. The bite of winter crisping along the patient resilience of sleeping spring shoots. She's small, but unlike Avirath's wispy lack of substance, she commands a weight to her presence. Where she stands is hers, her posture indomitable, and her feet firmly gripping the ground. Each step she takes is a small conquering of the trail she blazes, stubborn, determined and forceful like a miniature tank. Likewise, her build is tougher in the unashamed lines of a stocky peasant woman, shorter neck and shorter bones only making her stance all the more determined, her tummy rounded in a femininity that surpasses that scrawny, weak ten-turn-old boy super-model shape that might be praised in a different era.

But being sturdily built does not mean she trundles along. Not at all. As snow will layer a heavy-handed blanket across the land that has the power to collapse rooftops and tear loose branches, it is also just as capable of the light, nimble ballet of snowflakes that drift gently downward to make this sheet. If anything, Erolinyath's dainty feet carry her with a deft control of body you might note she shares somewhat with Hroskuth; she steps lively, quick and rather agile. There's no messing around with this dragon when she wants to get somewhere, and generally anywhere she has to be going is where she wants to get to. She rarely walks when she can trot briskly, short legs motoring light and high-spirited, perhaps with her tail thrown up straight like a flag behind her and she will see that you do the same.

« Step lively, Za'an, we've places to be. >: Words descend in a steady white sheet, lining up in an orderly queue of rippling snowdrifts.

When she's younger, this might result in her getting ahead of herself a bit. Much as a kitten can perform the most impressively complicated acrobatics reflexively as if they were mere routine one moment and then topple face-first the instant she stops to deliberate where she's placing herself, Erolinyath will need to find a middle ground between her bustle and her balance. Luckily she doesn't have far to fall, nor much interest in wasting time on such inane concepts as ‘shame' or ‘embarrassment'. Her recovery time is so rapid, in fact, that you could almost convince yourself she hadn't tripped at all, made all the more convincing since she certainly doesn't waste time worrying about it either. Trot-trot-trot-TRIP-stumble-sproing!-trot-trot-trot-trot…!

Don't let her vigorous nature fool you, though! Your little green masters the subtle difference between high-energy performance and unproductive restlessness. When the day is done and she has accomplished what she needed to accomplish, Erolinyath is just as willing to come in, settle down, and tuck in beside you for an evening of quiet time where she can hear that poetry you had better have written her. Likewise, oiling will be a fortuitously painless task - fidgeting and resistance only prolongs the activity, after all, and getting oiled is only one item on her long list of things she wants to be doing in a day. Oh, and she will let you know if you're taking too long, or spending too much time on areas that don't need it.

Already snow cascades off the side of a dune in impatience. « That's more than enough on my tail, Za'an, you needn't do it thrice over - it's not even near dry yet. Just a little here at my elbow will do and then let's be on our way. »

Her no-muss-no-fuss approach applies to her approach to flight as well; her silver-laced wings may appear short, but only a little is necessary, really, for her diminutive body. No need for gaudy frippery or excessive dazzle when a little will do, thank you. Her wings cut through the air with the effective slices of a hunter's knife, quick and agile as a sparrow on a mission - and if you've ever seen a sparrow on a mission, you would know just how vicious she can be when on the wing. And the funny thing is, she won't even notice how skilled she is.

« I should hope I would be able to fly. Am I not a dragon? Have I not wings? It would be pitiful if I could not. »

She has better things to do, after all, than waste time congratulating herself or showing off!


Darling, I don't like it when you say
Bad things about yourself
Oh please don't talk that way
You are so beautiful
I wish you could see what I see

You're an Angel
Angel, just like you always wanted to be
You're an Angel
Angel, just like you always wanted to be

So what if you did wrong things?
When you knew no better
The thing is to draw a line
And be the best you can at any given time

So what if some don't love you
That just means they do not know your heart
Is like the deepest ocean
Full of kindness and compassion

You're an Angel
Angel, just like you always wanted to be
You're an Angel
Angel, just like you always wanted to be

And I don't want no wedding band
No shiny jewel for my hand
I only want a golden chain
To hang my love upon,
To hang my love upon,
To hang my love upon

Don't hide your eyes from mine
Angels do fall down sometimes
They do get blind
It happens all the time

Oh let your eyes look into mine
You know I loved you all the time
I loved you all the time
Oh how I missed you when you weren't mine

So many tears I cried
Just like a little child
But now those days are gone
I'm by your side
I'll love you even after I die

You're an Angel
Angel, just like you always wanted to be
You're an Angel
Angel, just like you always wanted to be

And I don't want no wedding band
No shiny jewel for my hand
I only want a golden chain
To hang my love upon,
To hang my love upon,
To hang my love upon

//—- "Angel" by Sinead O'Connor (

Like the snow from which she is based, possessing both an icy killing might and a soft, lovely dancing playfulness, Erolinyath is a constant contradiction. If there is nothing else you learn from your dragon, Za'an, it's this simple fact. She is a walking, talking, flying contradiction. From how she looks to how she acts, to who she is and what she loves. What she is and what she believes always seems to be at odds with each other. But Erolinyath makes it work for her! Though that's not to say her particularities won't have a tendency to drive poor Za'an insane.

Possibly the hardest thing for Za'an to grasp is the fact that Erolinyath will never, /ever/ stand for him putting himself down. She will be his biggest defender, all the while telling him constantly to better himself. The moment Za'an mentions anything that is negative towards himself, your green will demand that he say something good about himself. Out loud, where ever he may be. Even if poor Za'an is in the middle of the Living Caverns during the busiest point of dinner, should one stray thought or word of self-degradation go out through his lips, he will instantly be plagued with the constant nagging of Erolinyath. An assault on the senses, she will use her sharp wit to berate Za'an incessantly until he stands tall, opens his mouth and proclaims he has nice hair! Or great toes! Really ANYTHING good. It's just her way of showing she cares and trying to shove self-confidence down your throat, Za'an! Really whether you want it or not. Here is where one of those contradictions shows up, because as much as she refuses to let you put yourself down, she will be more than allowed to do it. Just telling you your faults (think of her as your new inner monologue about yourself), how you could change them, why you should change them.

« From this angle, I believe your rump is getting quite a bit larger, Za'an. I would suggest your begin to run more, however it has occurred to me that you run like a girl. Perhaps a stern, manly walk for ten miles or so would be best… you do know how to do a stern, manly walk, yes? »

You can't be too hard on Erolinyath, she really is only trying to look out for you. She just does it in her own… special way. You are her partner, her equal, together the two of you can take on anything. You are, essentially, the Booth to her Bones. She just needs to make Za'an a little more… Booth-y. It'll happen, she's sure of it. Or she'll just keep working at it. Erolinyath is persistent, if nothing else. Just as snow will soften and melt where warmth is needed, she's patient as well, easily repeating things for those who may not understand her the first time around. Your green is also quite intelligent. Much smarter than the average green dragon. Her memory lasts longer than most, to be sure. When other dragons have forgotten names or faces, Erolinyath will be the one to pop into any conversation and give the desired information.

Special Agent Seeley Booth: When the FBI gets stuck, we call in the squints.
Dr. Temperance Brennan: Squints?
Special Agent Seeley Booth: You know, you squint at things.
Dr. Temperance Brennan: Oh, you mean people with high IQ's and basic reasoning skill?
Special Agent Seeley Booth: Yeah.

Of course, there will be certain avenues where Erolinyath's knowledge will soar. Some areas that she excels at or finds the most interest, but overall, she's a jack-of-all trades. She knows a lot, absorbs information like a sponge. Because of her ability to learn so much, she's always brimming with the need to correct people, to add more to whatever some dragons may be talking about. I would not exactly call Erolinyath an overly social dragon, she's not like Szarabhayanath, who is seen as a rather socialite girlie-girl dragon. Erolinyath won't flit from dragon to dragon, being welcomed in with open wings. Though at the same time, she's not going to hide in a corner and stay to herself. She's more the type to just… linger amongst the crowds. Listening and analyzing. However, while she's doing this intense studying of human and draconic nature, she'll also be waiting for that moment to interject with her arsenal of facts. Your green has no qualms about butting into a discussion that she was in no way invited in to. Though she will never be one to linger in the discussion. Instead, just giving the correct tidbit of information, correcting the person/dragon who was wrong, and then moving on her way. Because of this habit, she will be the type to bespeak to other humans. Now, this isn't saying she'll sit down and have an entire conversation with someone who isn't her rider. Nope, that's not her style. You will be the only person she actually "talks" too. Other humans, rider and nonrider, they will only get a quick ghost of a sentence. Once again, either correcting their faulty information or telling them something more about what they are talking about. Then she'll as quickly be gone, having no reason to talk to them again.. Half the time, those people might not even realize it was a dragon that talked to them.

Dr. Temperance Brennan: I find you very condescending
Special Agent Seeley Booth: Me? I'm condescending? I'm not the one who has to mention that she's got a doctorate every 5 minutes
Dr. Temperance Brennan: I am the one with the doctorate.

As stated before, Erolinyath is smart, but there are certain topics where she is the best. Just like a major and a minor in college, your green is attracted to Harpers and Healers. More so the actual craft and not so much the people. Her first love is the Harpers though. She will spend hours, days if you let her, sitting at the Harper Crafthall, her head tilted to the side as she listens to all the music filtering through the doors and windows. The apprentices seem to be her least favorite, their grasp on the particulars of the music is still so new, so many incorrect noises that'll make Erolinyath twitch. Sometimes they will be the ones who will hear her voice the most often, words floating into their minds like « You should be an alto. >: or « Too pitchy, go lower! >: It's her effort to help them and also to save her poor dragon ears. Though the transformation of apprentice to journeyman is something that will fascinate her!

Dr. Temperance 'Bones' Brennan: I can't just bust into song. I have to have music. And an appropriate atmosphere of frivolity.
Special Agent Seeley Booth: Diva! Forensic genius. Best selling author. Better that Cyndi Lauper?

It is the journeymen and the masters that draw her back to the Harper Hall over and over. It doesn't matter if there is singing or just music. As long as she can sit and listen and just appreciate the sound. You might as well get used to visiting the Harper Hall often, Za'an, or at the very least, get used to being forced to sit through Harper lessons at the Weyr, whenever they occur for the younger weyrfolk. That way, Erolinyath will be able to hear the music through you. Picture it now! You and your Erolinyath, sitting in the courtyard, straining to hear every last note, every tone and everything in between. It's the science of the music that calls to her the most. How the blending of voices of different types and the booming sounds of instruments all weave together to create a thing of beauty.

« There! Did you hear that, Za'an? Genius! »

There is something about the Harper's that will rub off on your Erolinyath. Something she will strive to be better at, just by being in their presence. That of a storyteller, that of a person who can enunciate with the best of them, describing in detail a story of poetic greatness. You, Za'an, will be her greatest inspiration in her endeavor to be the bard. She will sing of your praises (when she's not rhyming about your flaws) and it will only be to you that she shares the poems she is creating. It is a direct contradiction, her love of the hard science behind the music but the more flowery, almost magical part of poetry. To the public, they will only see the scientist that is your dragon. You are lucky to see the part that so desperately wants to believe in magic.

When there is no music to be had, Erolinyath will be drawn to Healers, the art of healing. All things that have to do with diseases and injuries. The sight of blood will excite her on many levels, which might be a point of contention with the finicky Hroskuth. Prepare for long periods at the feeding grounds, when your green is more interested in what her talons have done to the body of a herdbeast than she is interested in actually eating the thing. While Harpering might be something more close to a career, Healing will be her hobby.

« Za'an, do you ever wish for the Thread to come back sooner? »
"O…of course not! Why would I? Why would /anybody/!?"
« Just think of how interesting it would be to see what Thread did to someone, instead of just seeing old scars! Watching it eat at the flesh and then watching as healers got rid of it! It would be beyond fascinating and such an amazing learning experience. »

Thread is something Erolinyath yearns to see, some day, even though she realizes it will not be possible. She would love to throw herself in the line of Thread, just to personally feel what it felt like. Should you ever get it in your mind to between times, Erolinyath, normally the voice the reason, will be the first to champion this endeavor. Though obviously, for totally selfish reasons. Since it is known that this is not safe, and Erolinyath is willing to risk herself, but not so much you, she will find some kind of… obsession with the older dragons. Those who have actually seen Threadfall and fought the ancient menace. It's more so the scars they bear and any bit of information they may remember from when it happened that she will be looking for.

Erolinyath is a hypochondriac's worst nightmare. She has no real sense of diagnosing illnesses, so she'll basically just be giving random guesses, based on whatever symptoms she may see or hear of , as to what people might have. Again, whether they asked her opinion or not or even if they don't know they are even sick. A little bit of a cough? They have fire-headed fever and are going to die. Someone just cut themselves with a knife and are wrapping it with clean cloth? They're gonna get Chillblains and probably die. Someone is complaining of not being hungry? They have constipation and will blow up in a plume of feces and urine and then will die. We did mention she has no real sense of diagnosing illnesses, right?

Lack of training does not mean she won't also make prescriptions to accompany her diagnoses, either. Don't be surprised if you not only find yourself going through a list of unlikely remedies (from drinking tuber broth for a toothache to rubbing you feet with wher-fat for that itch on your ankle) but suggesting them to others as well. To put it kindly, whether she has a true solution or not, Erolinyath is an indomitable problem solver, and she will give her patently shameless advice wherever she sees fit, ganging up with Hroskuth on some occasions, or contradicting his obtuse commentary with a thousand points of disagreement on another.

But don't feel like she doesn't turn this same problem solving on herself as well! You'll always find that Erolinyath is dragon with a Plan, and she will have a Plan A, B, C, D, E and on to Z and past that to maybe Pi. And while her plans to do something may be strong, her practicality may make her absurdly adaptive - when she wants to do something, Faranth help her, she will end up doing something, even if it's not the original thing she set out to do!


Erolinyath is not a dragon prone to kidding herself or hiding from experiences and matters of flight are no different. Where some dragons may suffer what might well appear to be identity crisis during times of proddiness, your green will slip into it with a curious grace. Much as the stereotypical sexy librarian need only reach up, pluck away her glasses, pull a few pins from her tightly gathered bun and run fingers through her hair to transform from school marm into the epitome of confident, sensual woman, there is only a few simple changes that will occur in her, and they will make all the difference.

Her critical nature will mellow out, her insistent snowy monotone warming into more humid gusts of cool, melty ice flakes. Za'an might even just assume she's merely finally chilled out some, the first few times she enters her cycle. There's less stress on knowledge and more interest in those little things a professional woman might enjoy when she's in a rare mood to pamper herself. A bask in the steam off the volcanic pools, a lounge on the beach of Ista. An extra moment or two taken to select the most succulent of herdbeasts or that indulgent extra hour of sleeping in on a day off.

Oh yes, and flirting. These are hardly the flirtations of a little girl, though; Erolinyath's construction and inherent maturity make for the flirtations of a comfortable competent and adult female well aware of her worth and talents in the world. No teen giggling here, no chibi-kawaii hearts - just all woman, with a throaty chuckle and encouraging switches of her ever-so-fascinated tail.

Flights themselves will be generally rather quick; small and high-energy make for a quick, flaring burn that might make it difficult on occasion for the larger of the chasers to catch at all. There might be a brief, comfy moment of cuddling but like a woman with her whole future ahead of her, when the afterglow fades and she finds herself all debauched and wasting time snoozing on some ledge with some guy, she's going to probably be a little cranky - there are better ways to spend one's time! It will only be once she's excused herself that retrospect will kick in, and the whole experience will simply go down as another fascinating event to mark upon in a whole lifetime of equally fascinating events. Don't be surprised if she isn't just as interested in hearing about your side of the experience, as well. This is science after all!

And that, Za'an, is Erolinyath! In, more or less, a nutshell. We hope she is everything that you have ever wanted in a Bones-the-Bard green dragon! She was a thrill to make and a constant sense of amusement! However, the most important thing to mention is that she is YOURS. That means you can take what parts of her inspiration to keep and toss the rest, use all you see or use none of it at all. It's completely up to you! Either way, we are so happy to have both of you with us here at High Reaches Weyr! Enjoy your Erolinyath!


Name: Lendai, R'yst, Y'an

Egg Desc: R'yst

Dragonet Desc: Rhaeyn; R'yst tweak

Messages: Lendai

Puppeteer: Lendai

Inspiration: Lendai, R'yst, Y'an

X'vik and brown Argolath, Kaishori and blue Avirath, S'zin and bronze Karsedreth, B'ayn and brown Hroskuth

Harper's Tale's 58th PC Clutch

High Reaches Weyr's 21st PC Clutch

Linny's gold Kaelidyth and D'ren's bronze Aikuonath

December 5th, 2010

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