Annalee's Impish Blue Dwarf Erranth

Heathery Brigaoon Egg

Downy-soft and springy, this egg fairly ripples with pale blues and purples across its gently-sloping green highlands; breeze-woven plumes of lavender and white gather themselves in wistful bunches at the cap's peak, waiting for that special day when the occluding mists will part and reveal the miracle of this small village.

Hatching Message

Heathery Brigadoon Egg crumbles around the base. Cricks and cracks work their way upward, fanning out to let fronds lift before blowing gently away in tiny fragments on the wind of a shallow slope. Puffs of grit fall to the sands and a last large fragment is shaken off the blue dragonet's blocky head.

Impish Blue Dwarf Dragonet

Bumbly-round and just the slightest bit stubby, this pudgy young dragon is a clear, bright harper blue; rubbed in, polished with care, his hide does not vary but for the barest, careless scatter of darker indigo dimpling his padded back. The freckles fade once more as tripping 'ridges reach his head — a head that is just a bit too big for his foreshortened neck, for all its darling, snub-nosed muzzle. Still, his legs are also short, finished with neatly curved talons that gleam a glossy black. Rounded wings hang from harp-smooth wingspars, their sails resined with a bit of mischievous chalk that also roughens his uneven tail. Those extremities — sail and spar, tail and talon — all mirror his mood in a way that innocent eyes do not.

Private Impression Message

Complementary colors shift into your awareness, slowly and subtly at first, but then turning into a somehow recognizable whirlpool, skiffing through your mind— every thought and memory is explored, brought to the surface as if you were reliving your life. But no, you are joining it, joining /him/ as everything clicks together with a snap of brilliant harper blue: this is right, this is good, this is what was meant to be—« My name is Erranth! »

Annalee, your hands will be full with this one! Welcome on board. We're /glad/ to have you!

Name Inspiration

Erranth is a name you should recognize, as you're the one who suggested it. :) We found it fit this dragon in multiple ways, besides the fact that it sounded good and we knew you liked it. Always a plus.

1. Errant: he's got a bit of an erring schoolboy to him.
2. Errand: from David Eddings' Belgariad books, he has a keen sense of right and wrong, and recognizes the complexity of the world even though he himself is more simplistic.


His voice is one that ranges wide depending on his mood. As he normally talks, it will be the inflections that skitter up and down like a child on piano keys. He isn't harsh on your mind, just always /there/, permeating you like music felt as well as heard. Shared beyond sharing. Surprise will send him high, depression low, and when he's feeling stubborn about something — particularly when he feels that such-and-such is plain /wrong/ — it'll be the stern, sober, unvarying pitch of careful enunciation, and will be the only time when he sounds flat. Otherwise, there's a delicious richness to his voice, colored in a bright tapestry that weaves blue with purple, green with yellow, orange with red— always complementing colors, no matter how fast they change.

Audibly, he'll be a tenor, distinctive but not so high as to irritate. Emotions will send him both high and low, weyrling squeaks smoothed out quickly but apt to return when he gets overly excited.


Erranth is short and compact, a lot of dragon packed into a small space. He'll always look a tad pudgy (but not exactly fat), because even though he's stubby-small, there's a softness to him both in color and mindset. No velvet over steel here, Erranth is a big satin cushion that has a streak of stubbornness when it comes to issues of right and wrong. When he moves on the ground, it's rather like a trundlebug going along; he'll get there when he gets there, but he's fixed on the destination. Convincing him to change course might take a bit of effort, and his short legs aren't the best suited for it anyway. They get tired, too.

In the air is where he comes into his own. He's curved, round, and while it may seem that such creatures wouldn't do well, just think of bees buzzing along. A bit stuttery sometimes, and he'll be overly so when first taking to the skies, but when he really focuses he's quite agile. He just, ah, doesn't look it. He will never be that fast, but when it comes to those hard-to-get-at Thread clumps, he'll get in there to char it no matter the awkward angle. You staying aboard is a different matter; an investment in strong straps might be in order. He'll be able to last most of a Fall, but he'll be bone-tired by the end of it all, and won't even want to wash off the ash but just crawl into his couch and sleep. Washing takes too much energy. Just get rid of the ash in his stomach. It's time to sleep.

Erranth is a true harper blue, softly rubbed into his hide. Indeed, he looks like a softy, his hide so smooth to touch that it never seems to crack; don't skimp on the oiling, though! He'll need it, particularly if the two of you go tropical for any period of time. Think of the care given to a valuable piece of wood: rubbed and polished and oiled that it'll forever shine. He likes that sensation, the rubbing, and may like rubbing himself on soft things— curtains, bedclothes, and things of that nature. No harsh things for him, even though he's not a luxury-lover. It doesn't have to be fancy, just soft.

Even when he's itching he won't want things rough; watch the nails! The end of his tail will be especially twitchy, and deep in the wing joints, too. He'll fidget until something's done about it, not exactly complaining but certainly letting you know that there's a problem. He can't keep his mind shut on anything, and when he itches he can't concentrate on anything else, so the running commentary in your head will be all about itches. And that time your clutchmate broke out in spots and was going berserk with itching; Salsath told him /all/ about it. He doesn't want to break into spots, he just wants his shoulders to stop jumping. Which they will, rustling his wings in a physical counterpoint to the mental trauma.


Erranth is a dragon with a deep, abiding sense of right and wrong. You'd have to search far and wide to find one more ethical, but that doesn't mean he's a wet-blanket. He has a happy nature, he doesn't go looking for things to criticize. Certainly not! But if he notices something, he can't stay quiet about it. There's an obligation about it all. Annalee might find it troublesome keeping up her harper spying — and spying is exactly what it is, as Erranth will aver — without some tricky maneuvering to explain why it's necessary. Do the ends justify the means might be a conversation you and Erranth have time and time again.

For those things that aren't so sticky, Erranth will waver between the hall monitor and the errant schoolboy. It's /fun/ getting in light trouble if it doesn't harm anyone— messes can be cleaned up, after all, and if Salsath falls in the lake as a result, so be it. But since he feels compelled to tell the truth, he'll often be the tale-bearer. He won't pretend to be innocent when he knows he did something, and he'll name names of the other conspirators. Yet he just can't be considered a spoil-sport. Maybe it's his simplistic way of looking at the world; maybe it's his good nature that lets him get along with everybody, though he's not bubbly or bouncy at all. Who knows.

This dragon can't lie. Period. You will /always/ know what's going on in his mind. Always, always, always. That's because he's always talking! He's not a bubbly, giddy chatterbox, but there's a stream-of-consciousness that flows through his mind and into yours; the link is deepened by the contact, but it also means you'll have a hard time turning him off when you need to concentrate on something. Changing the course of his thoughts can sometimes be tricky, too, but not always. It's like how sometimes you can't get a song out of your head, or keep gnawing at some worry, but with other things just one word can jar the whole thing and send you spinning down another path. So is Erranth. He follows a thought to its conclusion — whatever that may be — but sometimes can be distracted onto another path. It's not a rambly talking, not something that would bewilder you, for though he says everything on his mind, he's very organized in his thinking. A goes to B, B goes to C, and when you reach Z you can still find some link to A.

And in weyrling lessons, he'll work the same way. If A, then B and C. But you will have to explain if there's a jump to F without going through D and E. He takes lessons to heart, absorbing each with fixed throoughness before he even takes a look at the next; after all, it's a path that he's following to full riderhood. While this is all well and good, it might pose some problems for quick shifts in class. He'll take criticism in different ways: when it's something that only exasperates, but doesn't endanger, he'll shrug it off (picture a boy giving a semi-sheepish grin and a shrug), but if he makes a mistake that could really have the potential to harm someone, he'll take the lesson to heart with lingering guilt and worry.

Wherry will be this lad's choice of food, small like he is. Besides, he can easily catch them with his darting moves. He's a bit messy when eating, leaving bones and bits of flesh behind rather than picking off each little shred. He'd rather have another, full-fleshed one. He does like to eat, and can pack away more than you could think possible—where does it go?! He may be pudgy, but he's not exactly fat. Just dense, and as the blue dwarf burns hot and small, so does he, his metabolism quickly taking care of the extra and stowing the rest away.

Erranth will like an organized weyr. He's an organized sort of dragon, but not to the point that he'd nag about every little thing. Clutter will accumulate, and then he'll go on a cleaning spree to put everything back where it belongs; or rather, he'll supervise while /you/ put everything back. But small and cozy would suit him best; he likes nuzzling up against things, and he just can't nuzzle when the couch is twice his width. Still, he'll like staying up late, when Annalee has hit her peak of activity; chums chatting into the night, sitting out on their ledge, watching the decreased activity of the weyr down below… he does like high vantages, though he vows that such observation is /not/ spying. He can't hear what they're saying, after all.

Erranth is a personable dragon. He looks for the good in people and finds it. If there's gossip going around, he might point out all the good qualities so-and-so has. Likewise, however, he can't understand when people are truly mean. He understands that it's wrong, but the motives completely elude him. He doesn't understand hatred or revenge.Those who haven't acquired those qualities fascinate him, he finds something comforting in them; small children, babies, newborn firelizards… He might poke his nose into any accessible firelizard hatching he finds. Firelizards may not have to back up too far to see all of him, but he's the one who will waddle closer whenever they try to back up, to the point where he'll just about chase the poor things in an effort to stay close and drink in that aura.

It'll be similar qualities that attract him when going on Search, too. And who knows, he might try to Search when there aren't any eggs on the sands. Or even if a queen hasn't risen. Well, they can wait, right? A queen will rise /sometime/. It's one of the dependable things in life, just like greens will fly. And, oh, will their flights drive him crazy with those emotions that reel and roil and turn him positively topsy-turvy. The first time a green rises after he's mature enough to be affected, he'll likely be simply stunned. Guh. Huh? And if he catches… there's a bewilderment underlying the exultation. No savvy, practiced flirt is he, but perhaps a boyishly charming, slightly bashful one. He'll be good for going after greens' tricky maneuvers, though, just as if they were Thread clumps. And you won't be aboard to worry about, though your link to him will be so tight that you might as well be; you just can't fall off.

Erranth is not infallible. He makes mistakes. He can sometimes be a bit too strong when he has decided that this is /wrong/. He doesn't shove it in people's faces, but nothing will make him change his mind. Yet he is still fun-loving, eager and willing to play, to romp with Esrieth and Sardrinth in particular, and always there for you— to share stories, experiences, worries, hopes, dreams, and desire. He may find it hard to keep a secret, because it'll just slip out before he realizes it, but he'll do his darndest.


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