Sita's Story-Telling Scheherazade Green Halaith

Arabian Nights Egg

Silver-starred skies beam down upon a darkened desert, watching the wayfaring winds that gather sands to whisk across the black aloneness in an ever-wandering waltz. Faint yellow warms this egg's narrow apex with dawn's approach, and shares its glint with the muted gold that sheathes a scimitar's bejewelled slash of colour. But more enticing is the solitary gleam that shines from the base of the midnight-tinted shell like a sand-scoured diamond in the rough.

Hatching Message

Arabian Nights Egg shivers, after a thousand sleepless nights, pieces of starry sky chipping away like a collapse of heaven to reveal the glow of dawn beneath. Once begun, it cannot be turned back, each crack leading to another in narrative sequence—it is the end of the thousand-and-first night, dragonet's damp and rumpled form emerging into life's light and freedom.

Story-Telling Scheherazade Green Dragonet

Heaven and earth coalesce in aether across a draconic hide that gleams like newly born stars set in emerald: clarity vies with the possibility of shifting tourmaline, weaving colors which seem to refract any light. Her neckridges rise as if cut from crystal, their edges perfectly even along supple spine, while lanky muscle ripples like wind through silk over her curvacious shoulders and sultry, sturdy rump. Above, jewel-tones mote the fragile-seeming luminescence of wings and sail, a thousand stories unfurling in a thousand tails of green, sharp spars bracing.

Public Impression Pose

Just as stars fading with sky's light signals dawn, so this maiden's journey must end. Dragonet awkwardness proves less needful than this drawing of night to night. Jeweled eyes whirl what can only be soul's recognition as Story-Telling Scheherazade Green Dragonet lifts her petite muzzle to Sita, her perfect audience.

Private Impression Message

It begins in darkness, as all the best stories do. It envelopes, caresses the edges of your thoughts with genteel care before permeating thoroughly, like a secret so well-kept you had forgotten you knew it. The fragrance of night-blooming jasmine accompanies a voice unlike any you have ever heard—warm and light, soothing yet with a hint of laughter. » Sita. My sister. « A perfume-thick promise that this is only the beginning. » I am Halaith. «

Sita! We're so happy to have you with us! You're fun and enthusiastic, and we hope you have a lot of fun with Halaith. :)

Description Inspiration

Scheherazade is the heroine of A Thousand and One Nights. She is the young woman who told stories to the sultan in order to save her life, who was to be put to death by the sultan. Her beloved sister Dunyazade had been secretly instructed to ask her to tell a story during the long night. The king lay awake, listening with rapt attention to the story, and when dawn finally came, the story was still unfinished. So Scheherazade was kept alive in order to continue telling the story, and after a thousand and one nights, the king had not only been entertained but wisely educated in morality and kindness by Scheherazade, who became his queen.

There is a lovely album by the group Renaissance called _Scheherazade And Other Stories_ (1975), with a sequence of songs based on Scheherazade. Highly recommended! Lyrics can be found at , but they don't truly do the orchestration of the songs justice.

Name Inspiration

The Hawaiian word hala'i means calm, one of the characteristics you said you wanted your dragon to have. Plus, it's flowing and whispery and generally sounds nice. :)


She has the perfect story-teller's voice, of course—warm and light, yet perfectly controlled. She can be quite an actress, too, sounding genuine in everything she says. For all that she may cause mischief, though, she is sweet rather than malicious, the laughter and humor in her voice always good-natured.


Night-blooming jasmine, sweet and light, without being cloying. When she becomes proddy, you may find that her scent becomes darker and more perfumed, intense at times, while at others, simply wafting enticingly through males' thoughts to arouse their interest.


In the size and musculature range of greens, she is entirely average. She is sturdy and built like an Eastern dancer, strong without being in the 'warrior princess' category of her color. Her hide is remarkable in that it is cast almost entirely in jewel-tones, clear emerald that shifts in the sunlight. Halaith will be a bit vain about this, requiring that you lavish hours scrubbing every speck from her hide. You might find her a bit prissy about getting dirty or waiting in the rain for you: « How long does it take to pick up a Harper, anyway? My riding straps are getting soaked. » Threadfall will never be one of her favorite things, but she will apply herself because it has to be done. If she grumbles at all, it will be immediately afterward, when ash and the stench of firestone mar her hide.


rom the start, you'll find Halaith to be calm and sensible, an eager pupil in weyrling lessons. She will often ask you questions, but usually they won't be the exceedingly silly or embarrassing questions that other dragons ask; she'll actually want to know the answers to how things work. » Sita, where does the wind come from? « or » Why has Chayath grown so much bigger than I? « She won't be a know-it-all, either, even after she gains understanding. Much of her wisdom will be demonstrated in simple good judgment, knowing how much to say and when to say it. She'll advise you too, and though she'll often tell you the right thing, it won't always be something that will be easy to hear. » Sita, perhaps you should speak with Jagath's rider. I hear he is upset after you spent the evening with Kiaith's rider. « Fortunately, she will most often refrain from lecturing, and you'll seldom find her a gossip. A reliable confidant, she is one you can always trust and depend upon, and she will do anything for you.

One of Halaith's greatest virtues is her skill as a courtier. Ever the diplomat, she will be one to mediate conflict and resolve difficulties, though not by throwing herself between two combatants. She will amaze you by subtlely asking just the right questions to lead others to a solution on their own, or bringing up entertaining anecdotes that teach just the right moral lesson. She adores the attention, too; you may have to shoo dragons off your ledge just to get a bit of privacy, since she can lure both flirting males and chatty females up to hold court and lounge in the sun. When proddy, she's quite a flirt, able to keep a number of males at the end of her string, so to speak.

Her penchant for keeping around a variety of males will become particularly notable when she's proddy. After all, why keep one fellow around when one can have two or three? She'll prefer being caught by a variety of males—blue, brown, and bronze all have their charms. And if you ever try to settle down with That One Special Person, she'll spend her days (and nights, too) pointing out the virtues of practically every possible partner. She'll especially like her freedom and her ability to choose; rather than being a member of a harem, she'll have one of her own.

Yet of course she is able to cut loose and cause some mischief sometimes, as well. You are her sister, her cohort, her tag-team partner, whether while teasing boys or reeling in a Candidate to Stand for some future clutch. »Now we have him where we want him, Sita! You get him to stand there by the edge, and I will nudge him in the water with my tail!« She'll want to see *her* weyr decked out in pillows, draperies, and harem silks, and while you may never have enough for her to spawl across them, she'll like the look of them. And she'll love it when you join her on the floor and curl up beside her, right from her weyrling days to when you've both seen many Turns together. She can be demanding in her own way, but her quirks are never impossible. And she adores you, Sita. From the moment she hatched, she knew *you* were the one she was looking for, the one who would be her perfect match.


Name: Halaith
Dragonet: Story-Telling Scheherezade Green Dragonet
Egg: Arabian Nights Egg
Hatcher: E'ren
Name: E'ren
Desc: E'ren and Nuff (D'renn tweak)
Messages: E'ren and Aife (D'renn tweak)
Egg - Jillian
Inspiration - E'ren

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