Liza's Underestimated Pawn Green Ikth
How sweet the moonlight sleeps upon this bank.
Here will we sit, and let the sounds of music
Creep in our ears; soft stillness, and the night
Become the touches of sweet harmony.
~William Shakespeare

Clutching Pose

Isamath pauses, as if for dramatic effect, before the next, dizzying egg makes its first appearance. Grand Illusion Egg is introduced to Pern with a sudden, dramatic sweep of the gold's large wings as she protectively rustles it over into the little spot she created for it. A grand entrance, for a grand egg…

The Grand Illusion Egg

This egg is definitely unique in that its patterning is most unusual. It's covered, from apex to base, in a series of tightly knit, repetitively curvy black and white lines; or is it black lines on a white base? Whatever it is, staring at this egg seems to make the lines look as if they're moving, and its optically vibrant illusion could quite possibly make a few heads spin

Hatching Message

Grand Illusion Egg starts to peel away, a shard at a time. Thus might a riddle unwrap from a mystery, but there’s no enigma inside…

Underestimated Pawn Green Dragonet

Characteristically flawed, this zaftig little green remains unbowed from her sturdy legs to the merry sweep of a tail too long for her compact proportions. Rich holly-green glisters her hide without blemish on her left side; on her right, the depth of colour is marred by iridescent white, whorling across her hip and smudging her forefoot. Her rounded ridges are likewise pearled, clarifying the line of her body in spite of its plumpness, but green reclaims the wide canopy of her wings. Perky headknobs top a snub-nosed face broad enough for perpetual cheer, and size-of-saucer eyes all but start from her head in a gaze without guile.

Public Impression Pose

Underestimated Pawn Green Dragonet seems to have zeroed in, and her padding walk turns into a wobbly sprint (though, truly, it seems more of a slow jog), before in a tangle of wingsails and tail, the pudgy green tumbles to a rolling halt in front of Lizabet, head slowly extricating itself from beneath a wingsail, bright eyes fixing upon one particular green-eyed girl. You'll play with me, right, Lizabet?

Private Impression Message

Peppermint pink speared through with wintergreen overwhelms you with enthusiasm. « I’m Ikth! » comes the revelation, as much of a surprise to her as to you. A second discovery follows: « I like you! » The riot of pinks, greens and mints harmonises into these deductions, and the final conclusion is: « Let’s stay together. »

Lizabet! You may not have been around for very long, but you've caught our fancy already! We love the idea of having a cheery and open riding pair to offset all those grumpy gits we've already got. We hope you enjoy being here as Liza and Ikth.

Egg Inspiration

The wonderful, fabulous, Bridget Riley! This British artist has been celebrated for her distinctive paintings that create optical illusions with the simplest colors and shapes - mainly lines and dots. And if you've ever seen one of her paintings, then you'll probably have experienced the type of seasickness that I've tried to depict through the egg's desc. Those lines begin to swim in front of your eyes and I know at least I can sometimes get a bit queasy and headachy from staring for too long. This egg in particular is based off this painting, which can be found here -

Theme Inspiration

As you know, you asked us to base your lovely green upon Minty! And so we have, embracing the concept (and mixing it up just a little) to give you your darling Ikth; quirks, habits, and all! She’s all you asked for, and more – and we are ecstatic to give her to you!

Name Inspiration

Ikth of course is your own suggestion. No particular meaning (well, there’s the Greek word for ‘fish’, but that doesn’t really seem to fit), just fun to say!


She’s fresh and minty, sending shimmering pinks and greens blossoming into your mind. Mostly, she flavours her touch with spearmint, distinctive but sweet, with that lovely fresh, clean scent of a newly opened toy, touched delicately with the subtle scent of clean linen. Her voice is neither particularly soft, nor loud; staying more in the brighter range of alto, bubbling up to a sultry mezzo-soprano in periods of joy or excitement. As her emotions change to give one in particular priority, the strength of that minty touch will change… buttermint for adoration, peppermint for panic, wintergreen for grief….etc.


You wanted Ikth to resemble a My Little Pony in build and coloration, and that’s exactly what we went for. We based her colour scheme on G1 Minty rather than G3 Minty, since we wanted to pay homage to the original line (we’re not the only ones! She’s got G3 Minty’s symbol though, that whorl of white and on her right side only, and what modern day MLP would be without a heart on her foot? At least, that’s what you’ll secretly decide the smudge is. Y’know, if you tilt your head and squint a little….

For the actual shade of green, we veered away from both Minties, since you said you liked dark dragons and were so fussy about your shades of green. Holly green is, of course, a wonderfully rich and lustrous shade, and we thought that you might appreciate this as something of a personal touch!

With such a plump and stocky physique, a graceful walk will never be Ikth's lot. Instead, she is obliged to waddle, although thanks to her perpetual good spirits, bounding is more likely. Your little dragon will gambol around the barracks and the bowl floor until she gets her wings co-ordinated enough to fly. At this point, you'll be grateful she's one of our smaller greens as she'll be something of a lurcher in flight, and it will take some time for the two of you to figure out the whys and wherefores of keeping in the same direction no matter which way the wind is blowing.

Perhaps stemming from her dam’s prenatal influence, Ikth has an odd tendency to stay clean. She tries as hard as she can to avoid bits of dust, though it doesn’t bother her if she’s dusty (your Ikth won’t complain about it, she’ll simply dive into the Lake – and you may get soaked if you’re not prepared!), it’s a small irritation. As such, she basks in your attention to her hide. She’s not vain, particularly, simply careful in the same way that humans are careful to wear sunblock. You, as well, may find yourself being subtly prodded to ‘do something about that shirt that’s been lying on the floor for days!’ (Though, in reality, it could’ve been there only minutes. Time is relative, in Ikth’s view.); beware, however, if you attempt to inform her that her sock collection also needs to be straightened, for that is art, pure and simple. Not a mess. Of course not.


Oh, what fun it is! How I WISH I was one of them! I wouldn't mind being a Pawn, if only I might join
~Alice Through the Looking Glass

Bubbly, loving, caring – and slightly forgetful, Ikth is your partner and playmate in all that you do. Always willing to share a giggle, and lighten up a frown, she seems to know just what will give you back that lovely grin of yours. Whether it be her odd habit of becoming entranced with the color green, or the fact that she takes a roguish pleasure in stealing all of your socks (and bootlaces, for that matter) – Ikth always has a trick up her sleeve, ready to pull it out and amuse you at a moment’s notice. This is not to say
that Ikth is all moonlight and dancing (though, for the most part, she is); no, Ikth realizes that she is a fighting dragon in the weyr, and doesn’t shirk on that responsibility.

She's not really an "ideas person" though, even though she's easily amused – which is, in itself, terribly endearing. The ideas she thinks of are so simple that they’d never occur to anybody else. More complex thoughts and ramifications she leaves to others. Her perpetual good cheer will win her friends among other dragons, though her bubbly personality may place her in odd quandaries with shy Animuth. And yet, despite this, Ikth may always feel a sort of connection to her ever-loyal clutchmate – an almost older-sister to Animuth's timid little brother.

Yet her policy of taking things at face value leaves her open to manipulation. The other dragonets will soon realise that Ikth can be pushed to the front of the 'volunteer' line when they're reluctant to go first. Fortunately, Ikth will never perceive this and is almost impossible to embarrass or discomfit just because the weyrlingmaster is explaining to everybody else where she went wrong. You, however, probably will recognise when Ikth is being used, and you may struggle with that – particularly since your trying to intervene and criticise her friends is more likely to upset her than anything they induce her to do.

When a fair comes to Ponyville, Minty spends all her time trying to win a teddy bear while her friends go off and enjoy the rides and other attractions. Minty ends up with lesser prizes including a silly hat and necklace, and her friends notice she's missing all the fun. Wysteria convinces her to stop for an ice cream break, and with renewed confidence, Minty wins the bear and is even happier to have such good friends.
—Fun at the Fair

Ikth may get too…well, into things at times – and this is where she needs you. She will fixate upon a goal, and race towards it – sometimes not thinking of the larger picture. She needs you, Liza, to help her pause in her headlong rush and smell the clover – and then achieve her goal. This very same mentality will appear in flights. Your bubbly green will tend to fixate – upon a cloud, upon the Star Stones, upon Rukbat itself – and onward she goes! Her flights are trickery, cunning and grace tossed into every motion, every flicker of a wing tip, every teasing bugle to those chasers. And if one decides to help her towards her goal? Well, so they say, flights are not just of fancy…

In the few turns of Threadfighting that you’ll have together, Liza will need to keep her wits about her at all times. Ikth has a tendency to focus on the nearest Thread, rather than the one that’s way up there but directly on course for your back. Regular reminders to “Check around you!” will be needed. When the Pass ends, Ikth will prove very adaptable to whatever role you wish to pursue. A pawn can be promoted to any other piece, and while Ikth won’t magically become, well, cleverer, she’ll always be willing to follow along with you.

Much to your chagrin, at times, Ikth is a true Reachian dragon. Which, in and of itself, is all fine and dandy…until she decides at the earliest possible hour of the morning, when the first snowfall occurs at Reaches (and, yes, she will always know when the first

snowfall will come at Reaches, no matter where you may be) that she wants to be out there, cavorting in the snow and cajoling you out there with her – for who else will be there to make a snow-dragon with her, or play hide-and-go-seek, or try to color the snow,

or…well, Ikth will always have a new idea for every first snowfall, and she’ll always want you there with her to enjoy that wintry moment. Winter will always be a special time for Ikth, and beware if she happens to rise on one of those sunny winter days…

“Didn’t I ever tell you? Bumbles bounce!”
~Yukon Cornelius, Rudolph and the Island of Misfit Toys

Poor Ikth will always be a bumbler. Rare will be the lesson that she gets right on the first attempt. Frequent will be the occasion that she puts those big feet into her babbling mouth. But never will she be afraid to try anything.

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't
matter, and those who matter won't mind."
~ Dr. Seuss, children's author

And it's this last trait, even as it causes you a host of worries during your turns together, which defines and redeems Ikth and gives her her niche in the weyr. A thinker she may not be, but she is always a doer. While the other weyrlings worry and debate over how best to restore the good moods of Eshe and Strakath after they accidentally ruined the formation in ground drills, Ikth will have trundled over to their couch and told them, in her own confused way, that everybody loves them. When the argument rages over who's going to clean up the smashed stack of plates before the weyrlingmaster sees them, Ikth will be chivvying you over with the dustpan and brush. She's not got the attention span for endless conversation. She wants to get the job done so everybody's happy again.

“Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion.”
~Hebbel, German poet and dramatist

This is why she's the Underestimated Pawn of the clutch. So feeble, so puny in comparison to what the other pieces can do, yet the pawn is almost always the one to make the first move. And let's not forget that once a pawn reaches the end of the chessboard, she may become a bishop, knight, rook or a queen. Not that Ikth's ever likely to turn into a gold (as if you'd want her to!), but despite her slow progress, she will prove herself time and again able to pass safely through hostile territory and reach her goal.


Name: You!
Egg Desc: Liza; Pidgery tweak
Dragonet Desc: Pyrene
Messages: Pyrene
Puppeteer: Ashli
Inspiration: Ashli, Pyrene

I'anex and bronze Feitoveth
Auryn and brown Animuth
Eshe and brown Strakath
V'enn and green Casseth

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