Hyzen's Shakespeare In The Park Green Imbriath

Snuggling In A Blanket Egg

Creamy folds of warmth mix with hints of pink and gold blend easily with the dim shades of neutrals running the gamut from gray-black to silver-white. The seemingly opposing tones swirling and merging to become one, ignoring the barriers to bond together with an eternal promise of harmony. Darker umps of the same shades hint at the shape of something beneath the thick blanket-shell, the sleepyhead held close within this comforting egg.

Hatching Message

Snuggling In A Blanket Egg lays still for a moment as thin, almost invisible cracks begin to appear along its warmly colored shell. Cracks widen, darkening as the lengths of the blanket unfold. Bits of shell drop off in pieces, unwrapping the dragonet held inside, and for one long moment, a tiny nose of midsummer green can be seen before the remnants of the egg fall away, revealing Shakespeare In The Park Green Dragonet.

Shakespeare In The Park Green Dragonet

Over hill, over dale, through bush, through brier; over park, over pale, through flood, through fire: midsummer green wanders everywhere, swifter than a moon's sphere to illuminate the mercurial elegance of this fey green. Emerald shadows dapple her dreamy hide, kissing the curvy sweep of her rump and tail, and freckling her underbelly with elven gold, while foxfire spins its tricksy fancies in amongst the thicket of her crafty 'ridges. Like love, every shift in hue from pixie's head to laughing tailtip savours the effervescence of her puckish frame, and creeps down to hide in the acorn cups of her earthy paws. Moonlight tangles in the wild forests of her wingsails, even as tomfoolery spangles the starlight sheen of her whirling eyes.

Public Impression Pose

Shakespeare In The Park Green Dragonet comes to a complete halt. It's her. She's spotted the first half of the perfect pair to bring together. Suddenly prancing forward, she skids to a stop, spraying sand up around her and landing in a heap atop a lonely looking girl-candidate's feet. But this one is too good to pass up, she can play match-maker later. Whirring eyes raise to take in the girl-child with the amber gaze. Her choice, the destined match for herself; Hyzen.

Private Impression Message

Soft giggling and the far off sound of jingling bells diffuse through your mind, slowly growing closer and closer, growing until at last all sounds from the sands are blocked by the jubilant sound of giddy laughter. The gentle scents of warm runners invade, infused with that of woodsy splendor, while visions of yourself, cocooned within midsummer green wings, flicker across your vision. «Hyzen?» A sweet, twinkling voice pierces into your mind. «I am Imbriath, and we will always be together. Forever.»

Hyzen! I can't tell you how excited we are to have caught you! We're delighted to have you as one of the newest members of the Weyr, and hope that you enjoy us and much as we've enjoyed you. I also hope that you adore Imbriath as much as I have, even though she's not exactly what you asked for. Just remember, this is only a guide. Imbri is /yours/ and you should play her in whatever way you see fit.

Egg Inspiration

Paige says: My main Inspiration behind this eggy was the theme of the entire clutch: curled up in a blanket while not quite asleep, and not quite awake in bed, just all warm and fuzzy and not wanting to move is one of the things I tend to enjoy. Within this warmth, you're safe and comfortable - you don't WANT to escape, even when the time comes and you must emerge into the outside world - or at least off the bed. ;)

Description Inspiration

"Over hill, over dale,
Thorough bush, thorough brier,
Over park, over pale,
Thorough flood, thorough fire,
I do wander everywhere,
Swifter than the moon's sphere;
And I serve the fairy queen,
To dew her orbs upon the green.
The cowslips tall her pensioners be:
In their gold coats spots you see;
Those be rubies, fairy favours,
In those freckles live their savours:
I must go seek some dewdrops here
And hang a pearl in every cowslip's ear.
Farewell, thou lob of spirits; I'll be gone:
Our queen and all our elves come here anon."
-Fairy, Midsummer Night's Dream

Name Inspiration

Imbriath's name came from Mare Imbrium, the Xanth book Night Mare. Imbri seemed like the perfect choice for you, because of both the Xanth and horse ties it had. Aside from which, her sweet temper made it fit just right. The 'a' instead of the 'um' is tied more into the Midsummer Night's portion of her theme. The play takes place in the forest, and Briath reminds me of briar; a thorn bush. Which, obviously, are found in the forest. As to the pronunciation of the name, you can say it any way you like. I personally say it exactly how it looks, IM-bree-ath, with a slight emphasis on the Im.

Here's a blurb I got on Mare Imbrium:
A night mare who originally resided in the gourd and carried bad dreams to deserving sleepers. The "Sea of Rains" on the moon is named after her, and her hoof print shows a moonscape with that feature highlighted. By special dispensation, she was able to go out in daylight, where she resembled a solid black horse, though she could still dematerialize in darkness. She communicates by projecting dreamlets to people that may show her as a young woman in black; in the dreams she can talk normally. She was a major figure in the defense of Xanth during the Nextwave invasion, and at one time was the Mare King, but gave her physical life in the effort. Now she is a day mare, bringing pleasant daydreams to people; she likes this job better than that of nightmaring. The author's daughter Penny has a horse that resembles Imbri, and the volume Night Mare is dedicated to her.


Imbriath's mindvoice is like that of Mare Imbrium. She is partial to pictures and visions, rather than the use of words. She imparts these visions to you through her own 'dreamlets' or daydreams. She compiles bright, vivid colors and detailed pictures to send to you, and takes much pride in them. She'll even beg you to draw them occasionally, when she's particularly proud of one.

«Hyzen! Did you see that! Wasn't it beautiful! You should draw it. It was of the seven spires you know. I was thinking we should go for a fly.»

Or if she doesn't come right out and say it, a vision of you, bent dutifully over a hide with pencil in hand will quickly follow the one she wants drawn for her. Don't be surprised if your weyr's walls are always covered in drawings you've done for her, of one vision or another.

When Imbriath does speak, it's accompanied by the fairy-like sounds of jingling bells, and distant laughter. Her voice itself is sweet, soft and lilting, with a gentle 'twinkle' to it. When she speaks to other dragons — or even on that /rare/ occasion, other people her voice loses the background jingle and giggle, and the 'twinkle' softens, so that only one listening carefully could catch it.

Her mindscent is that of a forest in the summer. The light scent of horses, the piney smell of trees, blooming flowers, and the fresh, cool scent of a trickling stream. All blend together, to give the overall feeling of being in the middle of the forest at midsummer.


Your Imbriath is a secret garden of shadows and greens, moonlight, starlight, star bright and midsummer verdancy that tangles her tip to tail. She is richly colored, your dragon, but not in a opaque or stark change from one color to the next. She is more a rich brocade of emerald and underbrush that, from a distance, blend into a lovely svelte Shakespearean green sort of hue. Sure there is the freckles of gold marking her tummy, and the more silvery flush along her thin thin sails, but these raw metals only enhance the natural greenery of the rest of her.

There is darkness too, to some of her shading. As if the Night Mare Imbrium left her mark in the hollows of her flanks, and the inky squiggles along her spine and around her spars.

But Imbriath is more dream than nightmare. And it is Puck that defines her as well. His furry browns up her legs and along her tail. The acorn nut-brown cups of her paws; the jaunty spikes of her neckridges; even the perky nubs of her headknobs. They all give her a sort of mischievous Puck sort of appearance. And a sort of light, petite, prancing sort of nature to her small form. There is some of the fairy queen in there as well, so light and fey are her wings. And in the air she flickers and dances on the wind.

"I'll put a girdle round about the earth
In forty minutes."

Imbriath is fast. Very fast. As Puck traveled the earth in forty minutes, Imbriath travels Pern. She's quick and nimble in the air, and dosen't hesitate to show it. Although she's fast though, she can only fly for so long. Small, after all, she doesn't have the ability to fly as long as some of the other, larger greens.

Instead, Imbri chooses to use her equally nimble mind to find ways to stay in the air longer. Calculate which thermals to use, and what the best way to conserve her energy will be. All in all, Imbriath can fly for just a little shorter than the average green.

As for itchy spots, Imbriath specks of silver and gold give her the most trouble. In fact, anywhere on her hide that varies from the forest green that covers most of her body is itchy, dry and sensitive. Those spots will need oiling much more frequently than the rest of her. And don't ever try to use one of those rough bathing brushes on those sensitive spots.

Your Imbriath will probably always remain small, Hyzen. Stunted even, but not in a dwarfish sort of way. Just over all petite — light — and narrow in form and feature. Not skinny skinny stick-thin, oh no, just sort of pixie-sized, in dragonform.

Of course Imbriath's physical size has /nothing/ to do with her capacity for fun, mischief, and her hunger to devour life with you at her side. Oh /yes/. The world is her oyster — not that she /likes/ oysters — but lets smash it open and see if we can't find a pearl or two. Yes?


"Thou speak'st aright;
I am that merry wanderer of the night.
I jest to Oberon and make him smile"

Imbriath, like Puck, has a mischievous spirit. And, like Puck does for Oberon, Imbri's is devoted to getting you, Hyzen, to laugh, smile and come out of her shell. Just like you asked. She's a goof ball. The class clown of the Weyrling class. Not that she does it for the attention, she only does it to entertain you.

For the benifit of getting you to laugh, she'll manage to get the Weyrlingmaster soaking wet during a supervised bathing. Even if they were located safely on the beach. Or she'll sneak the fur — somehow nice and clean — of her lastest snack, into your weyr before you wake up. Just to see your expression.

She doesn't just rely on tricks to get you to smile though. She'll take the 'long' way home one day after threadfall, so that you can relax by that frozen lake you like, or take you off to visit an old friend, when you were supposed to be delivering some package or another to Harper Hall.

And, to bring you out of that little shell of yours, Imbriath will somehow manage to stick you in situations where you've no choice but to talk to that cute bluerider you like, or make friends with the girl in your Weyrling class you always thought looked nice. Just remember, she does it all because she loves you ;)

"And sometime lurk I in a gossip's bowl"

Imbriath is a busybody. She is constantly telling you, her confidant, about the latest bit of gossip she's picked up. Who like who, who got who pregnant, who's dragon is ill, who got in trouble with the weyrleaders, who is weyrmating who, and anything else she can pick up.

«Hyzen, did you hear? R'der got in trouble for missing sweeps the other day. Do you know where he was.?»

She even knows how to tell as story to give it the best effects. Voice tone, dramatic pauses, and witty comments in all the right places.

«S'mone's weyr! I wonder if they'll weyrmate.»

She'll also tell you, even more important than what's going on, what /she/ — being the helpful green that she is — plans to do about it. Imbriath is a shameless matchmaker. She's always on a hunt for the perfect pair to bring together. And this does not exclude you. One of her favorite things to do is fix you up with some nice rider.

«What about that one. Look at him! How could you say no to a face like that?» Or,

«Hyzen! Look at the knot on /that/ rider!»

Not that matchmaking is the only place she comes in handy. She's more than willing to help out another rider or dragon in a jam. Especially if it will benefit herself in some way.

«You know, R'der left his new riding gloves down at Southern. We should go get them for him. And then, do you think the wingleader would mind if we stayed for the day? You know Southern really does have the best sun..»

Imbriath is your biggest fan. In an artistic sence as well as simply adoring you If she likes a perticular view she finds, or thinks of some drawing she thinks would be pretty, she'll tell you. And then have you draw it. And then have you hang it up on the walls so she can look at it. If she wants you to draw something, and can't think of anything in perticular that she wants, she'll even be more than happy to model for you. Or even better, find that cute bronzerider from the other day and get /him/ to model for you. That way you can have a perfectly good excuse to habg his picture on your wall.

Although she'd rather be talking to you, if for whatever reason you can't be around, Imbriath will find the next best thing. Other dragons. They may not be as fun and perfect as you, her rider, but at least she can pick up some gossip that way.

She'll go search out coversation with whatever green, brown, blue or even gold is avaliable. Imbriath is fidgity. She can't sit still, silently for very long, so she'll launch herself into whatever conversation is going on, weather invited or not. Or, if she can't find a suitable one, she'll simply create one of her own. For all you know, as she suns herself, apparently dosing, she could be chatting up that visiting blue from Fort Weyr.

Stubborn, Imbri has a slight ego which convinces her that she is always right, and thus, she's unwilling to see her view as anything other than 100% correct. But for you Hyzen, with a little smooth talking on your part, she's willing to give in. You are, after all, her darling rider, and how could /you/ be wrong?

Imbriath is faultless as well. Or at least in her opinion. She'll never admit to making a mistake. Instead, she'll give you all sorts of plausible and often funny reasons for why whatever it is that went wrong, didn't turn out correctly. Like Puck, when he put the nectar on the wrong couple. It wasn't /his/ fault that both Lysander and Demetrius were wearing the same clothes. /Oberon/ should have been more specific. Yet somehow, instead of giving Imbri a snobby air, it gives her one of sweet-natured playfulness.


When it comes time for Imbriath to take to the skies, she could possibly be a flirt to rival Alymath. She revels in her proddiness as well, flaunting it so that it would be extremely hard for any male in the Weyr to miss it.

To Imbri, it's all one big game, that's delightful to play. She can be an imp too, when she's proddy. All those tricks, normally reserved for making you laugh, are exerted full force upon any and every unsuspecting male she can get her claws on.

When she finally rises, Imbriath is quick on her wings as well as her wits. She'll lead all her followers around in a merry little chase, with quick turns and sneaking tricks. She'll even be as nasty as to slow, and allow one of the males to /almost/ reach her, before she'll dart off again. Or she'll fly into a cloud and hide there, until all the males have gone past her, at which point she'll descend and fly back off in the opposite direction. To Imbriath though, this is all hilarious. And she'll inform you so, over and over from the time she first gets a glowing tint to her hide, until the last gleam is gone.

«Hyzen! This is /fun/! I haven't had this much fun since my /last/ flight!»

Imbriath's mindvoice changes when she becomes proddy, and is your first warning that she's getting that glow again. The soft giggle in her mindvoice increases while she's proddy, as well as the bell-like jingle that accompanies it. Her normal, woodsy mindscent on the other hand, does the opposite. Fading into the background to be overridden by a semi-sweat musky scent.


Name: Zai & SearchCo
Egg Desc: Sarali & Paige: R'gis tweak
Dragonet Desc: Nuff, Saoirse
Messages: Zai; Lylia tweak
Puppeteer: Zai
Inspiration: Zai and Nuff

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