Aaliyah's Imperiously Blazing Cleopatra Green Ishirith

Tombs of Saqqara Egg

Elegance and eloquence infuse the moonstone spires that transform this egg's smooth surface; but such singular grace is shadowed by an oily charcoal that eclipses their grand zenith. Sand-glazed turrets loom, protective, but the golden glyphs that inscribe them cannot guard against the inevitable clash of red against blood-drawn red on this shell's sable-arched battlefield. Flaming scarlet ravages each ruined stone, dominant o'er the wash of varied ebonies that signify this much-mourned loss.

Hatching Message

Tombs of Saqqara Egg fades gently, restless against the sands as it shivers in scarlet bound passion. Golden glyphs shimmer, breaking away to reveal white-hot color beneath and the battle of red against red slowly cleaves. Shards drop while smaller flecks spin away, aloft to come dancing down a furiously erratic path until they color the sands about and purest emerald is at last freed.

Imperiously Blazing Cleopatra Green Dragonet

Blazing heat lends a deceptive shimmer to the deep clarity of her emerald hide and warms the Nile greens that flood her streamlined frame. The imperious set of her slim shoulders suggests a supple elegance that's echoed in the lithe lines of her spine and the graceful fusion of berylline 'sails to narrow back. Bowed and stocky legs add a certain staunchness to her otherwise svelte form, but that power is dignified by the pearlescent hieroglyphs that dapple her asp-like tail and the bleached ivory that tips each wicked talon. She bears the irregular eccentricity of her jade neckridges like a thousand regal necklaces; she wears her own sensual sovereignty within her very bones.

Private Impression Message

Shades of beryl, jade and all encompassing Nile green flood through every thought, a sharp and burning presence pouncing and then holding. <> is the single word spoken, a name, a tag. An identifier for what will never need finding again for she has found you. You! Her lifemate, her companion herself for you are never again just one. The determination to never let go of what is hers flashes tempestuously through your conscious self as scents of hot desert sand, of harsh stone and flooding water heavy with silt mingle through the mind with a forcefulness that will not be denied. « Ishirith. » Soft as velvet and blazing as Rukbat, you know it is her name as she insinuates herself within your very being and there is nothing at all to be found that is like Ishirith.

Description Inspiration

The desc was built originally from what you said and the idea of Cleopatra. Unique. Different.

Name Inspiration

Ishirith wasn't a name with any particular meaning - it just popped up in someone's suggestion box. I chose it for you because it has the soft but exotic feel that goes with her. Ishirith. Isis. Egypt. It sounded right!


Soft as velvet - indeed, velvet was what I had in mind. But it is worth remembering that velvet can cover steel and often does with Ishirith. Her voice is full of tones, of sound rather than color though green is indeed her mental shade. It's rich, many layered with meanings as complex as any human. But also very solid - not like slippery water or billowing silk, Ishirith is /there/ in your mind, a presence that's a solid as her physical one. Indeed, her voice can get rather stony when she's annoyed.


Well, lets see… I started with Egyptian, hot, long muzzle, different and Cleopatra. And what came out the other end was your Imperiously Blazing Cleopatra Green Hatchling. To expand on her desc then, she really is pure emerald. Molten emerald, glowing almost /always/ with the heat of it. Even covered in dust from threadfall, Ishirith will still be molten beryl with really rich jade. The other thing about the color is it is very clear. Ever seen water in a really big clean lake? It's like that, all shimmery clear except green, not blue. ;) In build, she is narrow. Streamlined. Supple. And she can get herself into dreadful knots, tangled wings and legs and tail because there is no position she'll ever be too stiff for; she's just that flexible. Her legs are on the stocky side though, and bowed. She's always close the ground when she isn't flying - looking a little bit more like a true winged lizard than the tall upright creature that are her clutchmates. And pearlescent! That pattern over her tail just flickers up over her body, little speckles appearing in the most unexpected of places. Right at the spot where her legs start for instance, or a heart sized cluster of speckles on the crown of her narrow head. Arranged about a few neckridges maybe, or dripping down one shoulder. And they do tend only to show up when newly washed and oiled - during the first few weeks, you'll keep on finding little pockets of pearl freckles here and there! Her muzzle. Aye, she has her long nose, she does indeed. Aristocratic you could say almost. Drawn-out was the way I put it, attenuated; rather like her tail [asp is a snake in case you don't know ;)]. And kissed with the blazing sun, Rukbat, gold. But it's just there, like someone has taken care for it not to look dull. Those neckridges. Eccentric is the right word - one's big, another's small and there's everything in between, including crooked and gnarled. It gives her a slightly odd silhouette - there is no way you'd ever mistake Ishirith for any other green. Not anywhere, anytime.

Itchy spots

Oh yes, Ishirith has a few. The insides of those legs and right above those delicate ivory talons. Not to mention everywhere there's a touch of pearl. And she'll always be a little sensitive around her neckridges - got to be very careful with straps or they'll hurt.


To move along the ground, Ishirith prowls. She's got a bit of the feline in her and she's the one who can creep up on /anyone/. She's silent, on the ground, in the air. She's likely to be fairly average in her flying ability; a darter, not a long distance flyer. Sprinting would be her aerial sport! But she is always graceful - never for her is the landing everyone else laughs at.


Ishirith is a creature of few words. Aloof, proud, she's a queen in her own right, even if her hide is green not gold. She does not, however, boss others about - she just assumes that they will oblige her when she deigns to ask something of them. Indeed, her amazement when some dragons do not jump to her bidding can be almost comical though it always private. Clever in some areas, Ishirith has still some huge blind spots. Lofty and self-confident, she often finds other dragons - especially the bubbly blues! - confusing to the point of despair. She is a temptress to the males but not a flirt - she does not tease them (most of the time!) but expects them to appreciate her beauty. She is convinced she is beautiful though perhaps only you will be aware of this. Ishirith is the woman, mature beyond her years, confident and aware of all the steps in the game without being shy, modest or brazen. Modesty is not one of her traits but neither is boastfulness. When she accomplishes something, she will not tell everyone about it but woe will arise should no one notice. Indeed, if you don't praise her when she thinks it is due she can sulk for days on end. In general, she has a tendency to 'crowd' other personalities. She is so very strongly herself that she can swamp someone less sure of themselves - and she expects you to hold your own against her. Indeed, this tendency stretches to body language; many non-riders could fine Ishirith rather intimidating because she has that kind of presence about her, as well as being easy to irritate if disturbed. She is also a bit lazy, especially early in the morning. Rousing her for dawn drills is rather like rousing a mountain - and she is /never/ cheerful when she wakes up.


Proddy Ishirith is sultry. Think eastern, think belly dancing. She can't stay completely still when the itch to fly snatches her and her whole attitude shifts to reflect this. She isn't for drastic mood changes but suddenly you'll find all the little things become unbearable. Desire is strong, possibly quite a bit stronger than from most dragons and you may well find a dip in the lake needed to be able to think straight in the few days leading up to the Flight itself. Tense, moody. Apt to fly of the handle (in rage) is a good description and at this time, just about every emotion is shared. Once she decides to go up, she'll be much easier. Her frustration, her tension is all worked out in the sheer energy of flying and she'll be up there a long time. But while she may be incredibly fast getting off the ground and into the air, she won't have the energy to prolong flights overly much.


Dragon: Ishirith
Color: green
Name: Posida
Egg: Tombs of Saqqara Egg
Egg Desc: Jillian
Dragonet: Imperiously Blazing Cleopatra Green Hatchling
Dragonet Desc: Posida, SearchCo tweak
Messages: Posida
Inspiration: Posida

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