S'zin's Stealing The Who From Cindy Lou Bronze Karsedreth

Selezin! S'zin! OMG! We’ve adored you from first sight! And now you'll never ever be rid of us, 'cause we've saddled you with your very own wise-cracking, sarcastic-ass Kar! We hope you enjoy him as much as we've enjoyed writing him… but as everything, opinions are like noses, and if there is something about him that you'd like to change, please, feel free to do so! In the end, he is YOUR dragon and we want you to be happy with him! :)

… It came without ribbons. It came without tags.

It came without packages, boxes, or bags …

Not the Stairs! Egg
The ominous cloy of nighttime shadows mask the malignant surface of this dark egg. Ebony and sapphire intermingle in cloaks of mist that give way to a spiraling unbroken stripe that winds from bottom to top in ascending oaken steps of brown, creaking with gray hues and dotted, just barely here, there, every five intervals or so with a sinister spatter of blood red.

… Saving you, is that what you think I was doing? Wrongo.

I just noticed that you were improperly packaged, my dear …

Not the Stairs! Egg quivers with kinetic tension, the vibration of this crucial moment hanging for all to see in horrifying suspense. A quiver, like a breath quickly taken, skitters over the nighttime shell. Tensions mount. Heartbeat’s staccato racing suddenly quakes, like footsteps pounding up the spiral shape of oaken brown. The threat… the threat, after all this, turns out to not be from without… but from within. Stealing The Who From Cindy Lou Bronze Dragonet is now here to steal Chri.. er… the hatching feast.

Stealing The Who From Cindy Lou Bronze Dragonet
Modern muscle ain’t got nothin’ on the lean lines and smooth speed of this old-school bronze. Take your pretty-boy paint-jobs and shove it where the sun don’t shine - they got no place here, on the crags and pitfalls of bronze, tarnished grinch-green and eyesore lichen. Danger limns rakish regard and sharp headknobs, thrill races headlong over sharp slalom of lich-mottled neckridges, and corrosion carves the last vestiges of dying shine from broad chest and shale-tipped paws. Ain’t got no need for that fancy pants vanity: he’s plain and straightforward, this one, his sharply-muscled body made for speed and built to last. Amber smoke rises in billowing expanse of wide ‘sails, golden mead filtering light through morning fog in startling display of bright greyed-copper, the last artifact of ancient history displayed in sardonic nod to all that which he is /not/. Display of disrepair in hide’s mottled color argues silent against the striking flash of bright wings: speed is not the only thing that claims wild slant of multifaceted gaze. A mystery wrapped in an enigma dipped in battery acid: sure, he’ll watch the kids… was that order ‘medium rare’?

… Now please don’t ask why; no one quite knows the reason …

Stealing The Who From Cindy Lou Bronze Dragonet has made his choice. The bronze dragonet hunkers down in front of Selezin, looming, waiting, challenging. Think the kid has what it takes to ride the wind and leave these other fools in the dust? Come on, man, step up.

You have been dreaming. A trader, a candidate? Unlikely. Heat of the sands, body odor of fellow candidates, nauseating goo of fresh-hatched dragons? Total hallucination. That is… so you would be led to believe. This must be a dream, a dream scented of burnt motor oil, of well-worn leather, of something uniquely Karsedreth. Wait. Karsedreth? « Gee golly, ain’t this just your luuuuucky day. Wake up realizin’ you’re gonna be sharin’ the rest of your fardlin’ life with my miserable ass. Well, welcome to my world, sonny boy. » Sudden and fearsome, hunger rises as a grisled beast, gnawing through your stomach, gnawing into your backbone. « Can you hurry your purdy arse up two fardlin’ seconds to get your damned lifemate a bite of bloody meat, or would that be asking too much of your slow ass? » Guess you haven’t been dreaming after all: you’ve been having a nightmare.

… the reason? Karsedreth needs no reason, other than you are his, and he is yours, and damned if you regret it, ‘cause you’re stuck with him now.

::: - ::: - ::: - ::: - :::

Theme Inspiration

Winter is coming. Wait, wrong script. Winter is HERE. What winter season (or winter-based clutch!) would be complete without some Grinchly sort trying to undermine all that is good and selfless and beautiful?

When playing around with thematic elements for your Karsedreth, we looked for a midpoint between Deadpool and winter. You try it. It’s harder than it looks! However, the Grinch — especialy Jim Carrey’s Grinch, from the 2008 live-action film! — gave us plenty of inspiration, given his entirely selfish, entirely hilarious self-driven mayhem! We decided to Scrooge Karse up a little bit through some spots… in the Hollywood treatment. Be afraid! Be very afraid! Deadpool humor, Han Solo survivabiity, scroogely mcscrooge thrift— all tied in with glorious Grinchly undertones of EEEEVIIIIIIIL.

Good luck, S’zin. You’re going to need it.





::: - ::: - :::

Name Inspiration

Karse. Home to the Sunlord’s devotees, in the Valdemar series of Mercedes Lackey fame; the mortal, ever-eternal enemies of Valdemar, Karse seems to ALWAYS find just the right time to sink a punch to the gut (or a fair bit lower, if you get our meaning!) to poor Valdemar.

Or maybe it was Kar, of Bulletproof Monk fame. He’s pretty stupidly sarcastic, and he just. can’t. stop. talking.

Whatever was the true inspiration behind this name that came to Rhaeyn in a fit of enigmatic glory… isn’t ever likely to be truely understood. Come on. It’s Rhaeyn we’re talking about here! She was even on Starbucks at the time. However, what is understood is that Karsedreth is a kickass name, if you’ll forgive us our gloating about it. Not too long, and pronounceable, as requested— survey says, by the way, on that issue:

Gids: Kar-SAY-dreth
Rhae: KARS-eh-dreth

::: - ::: - :::

Egg Inspiration

That moment in a horror movie when the gruesome cannibalistic psychokiller pursues the hapless heroine into a room. To her left is the door that will lead outside, to her right is the — yes, the STAIRS. Which she will then run up, effectively cutting off all of her own escape routes, leaving you screaming over and over at the TV: "NO! Not the STAIRS! The door! The DOOR! Oh, FFS, she's dogfood." - R’yst, on Not the Stairs!

::: - ::: - :::

Desc Inspiration


Every time the word ‘lichen’ comes up, of course the thought goes to World of Warcraft. But here! Enjoy the shmexiness of Karsedeth’s smooth lines:


Karsedreth is a muscle car. He happens to be a muscle car left out to rot by an owner that just doesn’t deserve his sheer sexiness, but he’s a muscle car. The Cobra above features another important feature of his physique: amber lightas viewed through fog, which shows through his wings. He’s hot, he’s long, he’s fast; at the bare bones, burnished bronze with highlights of lichen green and mottled, tarnished overlay with not only copper, but oxydized copper.

He’s not pretty, but he’s a damned sight to be sure!

::: - ::: - :::


//Lord she was hotter than a two dollar pistol

She was the fastest thing around

Long and lean, every young man’s dream

She turned every head in town

Oh, she was built for fun

To handle, son!

I’m glad that you dropped in…

She reminds me of the one I loved back then.//

~ George Jones

First hatched from the shell, Karsedreth will exemplify the cunning speed of his lineage, perhaps even more so than the rest of his clutch. On the ground, he’s a hellion, barging through any tackleable obstacles and curving around those things which cannot be changed like a F1 driver on slalom. The reason of his speed is a marvel of itself: he is put together in such an efficient way that he makes larger dragons look over made, and smaller dragons under made. Every part fits together in harmonious balance, once you can look beyond that hideous coat of oxidized copper.

That efficiency of composition follows through in actual movement with a certain economy of motion that is hard to put in words. There is no under steer, there is no oversteer, with Karsedreth. He has a spatial awareness that take most dragons turns and turns of experience to gain; he was just born that way. He knows, instinctively, to move left three steps, take a hop back, wait a second for Argolath to crab-step by, then charge ahead with full speed to get to the front of the barracks. His on-board tactical computer runs nonstop, and though he won’t have Argolath’s eerie grace, or Hroskuth’s stout physical impressiveness, he could outmaneuver either off a seat-of-the-pants situation.

Who you callin’ ‘scruffy looking’?

~ Han Solo

Karse, as a baby, won’t have too terribly many awkward physical moments. Alas. No, he has an almost uncanny knack for being where he needs to be, three seconds before he really needs to be there. Just a little early. Punctuality is something you’ll never have to worry about, so long as Karse is there to take you… or motivate you to go. His speed control has two settings: STOP, and GO. Press one. The weyrlingmasters will likely marvel over how smooth his growth progresses; there will be a trick to it, in all the effort he puts into life as a general rule. He’s not lazy, but he’s not hyper; he’s simply not an idle dragon. Muscle cars don’t do well sitting for long periods of time at idle — the only difficulties you may have is keeping him still enough to get him properly measured for straps! At least he won’t be as shifty as his clutchbrother Argolath, though X’vik will feel your pain when Karsedreth simply does not want to stay put.

“When once you have tasted flight you will always walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward: for there you have been and there you will always be.”

~ Henry Van Dyke

Oh, first flight. When Karsedreth’s wings first snap open on sharp High Reaches air, a change will overcome the bronze. That spatial orientation, that natural understanding of where he fits versus everything else that exists – it will cease to run on autopilot. Hope you have strong arms, S’zin, ‘cause you’re going to be hanging on for dear life when this bronze figures out the trick of those huge wings of his! He’s FAST, and his endurance will start picking up as he ages—but he’ll have a certain love of hijinx maneuvers that most bronzes just cannot wrap themselves around. Will he be as nimble as a brown or blue or green? Hell no. Will he be incredibly capable versus other bronzes? Very much so. What he lacks in brawn, he makes up in pure, unadulterated physical prowess.

However… with all things, Karse has his unique, individual weakness. The chill winds of High Reaches will batter those wings of his like none other. He’s not like most of his clutch – he doesn’t require that much oil, or at least he didn’t, in early weyrlinghood! – so it’s entirely possible that you’ll go into flight ill-prepared for the chafing that will occur against the delicate amber-filtered-light ‘sails. With the brittle environment of High Reaches’ thermals, it wouldn’t be surprising for those perfect wings to crack, like brittle glass fracturing internally, spider webs of fault lines radiating out from his leading sails. One event should be traumatizing – and painful – enough to keep him from rebuffing your attentions with the oil pot. None of this fancy-schmancy oil bullshit, though. Not for Karsedreth.

As he matures, it will become quite evident that… his color isn’t ever going to ‘get better’. That same copper-bronze-green mottle will suffuse his hide from hatching to the time he starts to grey from age. His classic lines? They will forever remain the same, once the pudge and awkward disproportion of weyrlinghood falls behind to reveal the glossy finish of his rusty self. He’ll learn to slow down – slightly – at least on the ground. Maybe not in the skies, but on the ground, as he grows, he’ll realize what a limiting force being big is.

So don’t just stand there, bust a move.

~ Young MC

He may be big, but that speed isn’t something that just characterizes youth. As he grows, his speed scales appropriately. He’ll never quite be able to pile on the speed like a queen in bloodlust… but will he be able to more or less keep up with her, even in sprints? Get him on the straightaway, baby, and he’ll show you what ‘need for speed’ really means.


As with any high-performance machine, there will nearly always be certain underlying elements to Karsedreth's mindvoice. There will be hints of dark oil that sits heavy in the nostrils, not offensive, but not entirely pleasant. It will ooze throughout his mind, clouding the edges, mucking up the details, making those harsher ideas just a little slippery and hard to grasp. The touch of cold chrome, the flash of light on glass, the gloss of a waxed fender… it's all there, just along the edges, waiting for ignition.

When he's relaxed, Karsedreth's mindlink will sort of hunker down, all those usual elements muffled and quiet, but ever-present. Those thoughts he shares with you will be monotone and monochrome, steady but subdued, holding in its serenity the promise of all that power, potential energy held at bay.

It won't take much to wake him from this restful state. Cool chrome will warm up in a split second, and that glossy, waxed exterior will radiate pure verve. The heavy scent of oil will heat, spicy and combustible, and the clouded edges will clear with cunning viscosity. From here, it's any pavement but the parking lot.

Karsedreth will possess that uncanny ability to express himself with as little effort as possible. Just a touch of gas, pop the clutch, and you know you're going for a ride. His voice will have an immense range, from that quiet rumble, to a sarcastic drawl, to rage-filled roars.

Rage? Oh yeah, he's got road rage, all right. Whether from a slow burn or a slighted spark, he'll be that guy in the goldflight giving that dipstick brown the draconic finger, or dragging his tail right in the face of that idiotic blue who can't even follow directions. His mindvoice will seethe with biting exhaust and flare to life like lit nitrous oxide. If he goes too far, he's just going to have to ride that burn until it's spent, 'cause you do not want to see that on the pedestrian streets of the Central Bowl.


Who's the man behind the voice? Why, none other than the esteemed Nathan Fillion!


With roles aplenty to draw from, his voice just seemed so perfect. He has snide sarcasm down to a T and can switch to cool leadership to enraged insanity back to cutting comic with innate ability.

« S'zin, were you planning on actually working today, or are you just going to stand around like an idiot while X'vik steals all the glory? »

« Well, I don't know about /llama/-brained, exactly… That's assuming Argolath has a brain to begin with. »


Well, you get the idea.

::: - ::: - :::


Right off the bat, we’d like to apologize, S’zin, for your bronze. A period of adjustment is only to be expected with such a shift in lifestyle. He will forever be yours, however, a soft and delicate flower of masculine-accepted inner feminity and kind altruism…

« Ha! That’s a good one, you fardlin’ snarky harlot! Like your shelling perverse brain could RUN OUT of sarcastic dragon concepts. »

Sorry. He’s a little…

« This ain’t no merc with a heart of gold story, for Faranth’s sake! Get on with it, woman, or I’ll get on it for you! »


Without further ado, TurkeyCo has the dubious honor of presenting… Karsedreth.


WARNING: The following inspiration contains adult language, crude humor, and suggestive concepts. Yes, you read that right. Your Karsedreth comes with a warning sticker, right here where it counts.

//Wade Wilson: Great. Stuck in an elevator with five guys on a high-protein diet.

William Stryker: Oh, Wade.

Wade Wilson: Dreams really do come true.

William Stryker: Just shut it! You're up next.

Wade Wilson: Thank you, sir. You look really nice today. It's the green. It brings out the seriousness in your eyes.

Logan: Oh, my God. Do you ever shut up, pal?

Wade Wilson: No. Not when I'm awake.//

All we can say is… get ready to start apologizing… now. Karse doesn’t give half a flyin’ fuck what some old broad has to say about his attitude — until he meets the Senior queen, but that’ a whooooole different story. To say the least, he’s going to piss Erolinyath off. Hell, he’ll probably piss off ALL of his clutchmates, at one time or another. Get ready for a long life of mortification regarding his utter absence of anything halfway regarding that elusive thing known as tact.

Sorry, I use humor to deflect my insecurities. Plus, I’m hilarious, so don’t hate.
~ Deadpool

His sense of sarcasm is a delicate art.

« No, it’s not. »

Dammit, Kar, can you stop breaking the 4th wall long enough for me to explain you?!

« Sure, if you can handle it. I understand if you can’t - y’know, some people just don’t got the capability for it. »

Ah yes. Karsedreth’s sarcasm will induce that kind of morbid curiosity that people have when passing car wrecks on the interstate, slowing down just in case going fast means missing a bloodstain: in other words, he’s sick and twisted, so be ready for that. Fresh out of the shell, he’ll be cracking snarky jokes about the size of his own dam’s ass and holy crap, that cow of a candidate impressed? Hope that green is bronze-sized at the end of everything, else she’s never going to make it aloft with that massive bi…lifemate. Dragons will literally stop in his vicinity just to hear what crazy smack is going to come out of his mind /next/.

Oh, hopefully you’re not allergic to hearing the same joke over… and over… and over again, S’zin. One part of Karsedreth’s personality that will alway remain the same, despite any other chaotic-neutral faction changing (we’ll get to that in a second), is his absolutely atrocious short-term memory.

« Knock knock. »
» Who’s there? «
« Justin. »
» Justin who? «
« Justin time to wipe my… »

Now imagine that. Imagine that once. Okay, imagine it again. And again. And again. And … okay, you get the point, right? The seventh time he cracks that same joke about the size of your girlfriend’s boobs, it may cease to be funny. Just maybe. On top of all this, well, Karsedreth is a little bit of a talker. Just a little. Something he must take after his talkative dam, though Kaelidyth’s sweet peacemaking is completely reversed in this wiseass’ incessant smartassery.

If you didn't have that mouth of yours, Wade, you'd be the perfect solider.

~ William Stryker

At weyrlinghood’s onset, it may take some little while for you, oh poor S’zin, to understand the complex and wonderful creature that is your Karsedreth. Don’t worry, he’ll be happy to explain himself to you, in excruciating detail and ribald humor. He’ll even explain it to you TWICE! If you ask nicely (in Karse language, that’s staying quiet for exactly thirty seconds after he finished talking), he’ll even tell you one more time. Just to make sure you got it right.

In weyrlinghood, he’s likely to get in trouble. Okay, rephrase that; in weyrlinghood, he’s likely to get you in trouble. The speed of his talk, in normal everyday activity? That will help him get out of any hot water his antics happen to get him into. Now, you, on the other hand…

Viscous oil coats, drips, heats to liquid movability without the hint of steam or char. Amusement lurks just below the purr of an alien engine, a wildcat chained… for the time being.
« Oh, c’mon, Hroskuth. You couldn’t climb onto the Weyrlingmaster’s desk. You just wouldn’t fit. I mean, yer small, but yer fat, too, all at th’ same time, an’ you’re more fat than you are small. Bet you’d get stuck in the doorway! »

Oh yeah. Again, for the umpteenth time (we really mean it, seriously!) … Good luck!

He won’t play well with authority, once he’s ran afoul of a few of the sterner weyrlingmasters a time or two. In particular, he’ll be the eternal teenager in at least one style: Kaelidyth and Aikuonath will always be targets for his humor of ill repute. Even after he’s forgotten that he owes them his existence, even after he’s forgotten that genetic link, he will butt heads with the older bronze especially. That whole wisdom crap is bullshit, after all; or so Karse believes.

Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid.

~Han Solo

As he matures, certain aspects of his personality will start to deepen, increase, gain layers of subtle maturation. Some things will come out in prominence – one of them, perhaps the most subtle and yet most outwardly displayed all at the same time, is his peculiar mindset in life. Karsedreth is true Chaotic Neutral. He doesn’t care if he gets Hroskuth lodged in the weyrlingmaster’s door, so long as he doesn’t get in trouble! Same difference, he doesn’t care if he makes Avirath’s beloved cry with his ill-timed snark about her ginger hair looking more like hay than hair!

« Well, he shouldn’t have told her! It’s not MY fault. »

Along with this unique self-serving attitude – mercenary is, perhaps, a better way of putting it – he lacks the true darkness of Ysvarth’s Purpose to push him over the edge into Evil alignment. (Szarabhayanath is the only true Evil dragon in High Reaches – Karsedreth will enjoy chasing after her, every three or four months, like clockwork. Sorry in advance. Er. Again.) In other words, Karse is both impatient, and, deep down… okay, if not a good guy, at least a guy that can be very randomly moved to doing good deeds that don’t obviously tie back into a selfish motive.

Call me up if you a gangsta … why so serious?

~ Pink / Raise Your Glass

To say that he is an altruist would be complete and sheer hyperbole. More to the point, Karsedreth is impatient. Pairing that with his absolute love of anything funny enough for him to crack bad jokes about, and you’ll find Karsedreth helping out all the retards of the weyr. Yeah, that’s right. Szarabhayanath didn’t mean to leave that white runner two ledges over? Well, he’ll move it for her… to Aevryscienth’s ledge. The senior queen may ground him for two weeks, but why the hell not? It was funny as hell to see her EXPRESSION when she stumbled upon it!

That is, perhaps, jumping over a very critical part of Karsedreth’s personality. His self-serving purpose will carry forth in many different mannerisms, but a very curious aspect of that will emerge the very first time he hits the air for aerial drills.

We live in a cold dark world with venom in it's fangs.

You can spit it in my face but I know I'll be okay.

It's on the attack. it's a war, it's a game.

A ball and chain; chew my arm off to get away…

Don't fight, or deny it, invite it, cause when it ..

//Feels like a kick in the teeth, I can take it.

Throw your stones and you won't see me break it.

Say what you want, take your shots.

You're setting me free with one more kick in the teeth!


Kick in the TEETH!

Na na na na na NAAAAA!//

When set to a physical task by either his personal agenda or – more especially – a weyrlingmaster or other leadership type dragon, you will find that your Karsedreth is both a complete and utter masochist when it comes to hard labor, and that he’s damned capable of doing an incredible job. Compliments may swell his head, but when it comes down to the wire, he’s got the skills, the drive, and he’s going to get the damned job done.

//I gotta say thanks cause you kick me when im down

I'm bleeding out the mouth.

I hope you know I'm stronger now.

I'm taking the hate, I'm turning it all around.

I wont go down 'til I'm six feet underground.

Dont fight, or it deny it, invite it, cause when it …//

//Feels like a kick in the teeth, I can take it.

Throw your stones and you won't see me break it.

Say what you want, take your shots.

You're setting me free with one more kick in the teeth!


The world may want to kick him in the teeth, half the time, but it doesn’t matter. Hell, his rebellion hardly kicks in when someone keeps him BUSY – and that will be the trick to your sanity, S’zin. Keep Karsedreth busy, and he doesn’t have enough time to focus on saying ridiculously politically incorrect things… like mentioning the weyrleader and his suspicious relationship with that cheesemaker. While he may be slightly manic when put to tasks, nonetheless he applies himself with intensity perhaps slightly unnerving. Feeding time will be one of those times – good luck being a dragon interested in competing with Karse in picking out the fattest, juiciest herdbeast.

What doesn’t kill me only will make me stronger in my head…

:: Kick In The Teeth

~ Papa Roach

Sarcasm. Talking too much. Being a perfectionist. Manic qualities. Road rage. This is your Karsedreth. Just remember: what doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger. And if someone else makes the unfortunate decision to insult you? Well… that’s why you have Karsedreth. He’s there to chew them down to size, because as everyone should know, while he can insult you, you are off-limits for everyone else.

All I ever wanted was to travel to far off exotic places, meet new exciting people and then kill them. So I become a mercenary. My name is Wade Wilson. And I love what I do.

~ Wade Wilson

::: - ::: - :::


With all that bad-boy-biker gearhead stuff, you just know when it comes to flights, he's going to be a bit of a scoundrel. Perhaps it's in the genes, a fallback to granddaddy Nylanth, but when night falls, and with it, any sense of duty, he's going to be all about the ladies. Unfortunately, his heritage won't be all that much of a help.

He'll be full of smooth talking, sure, but in the borderline sleaze variety: flirtation that comes close to insulting, come ons that just might burn him, shallow promises he might be expected to keep. See, he has this knack for cozying up to all the wrong girls, whether it's the green who longs for a couchmate to wake up to every morning, or the calculating gold who just wants to toy with his head.

This, however, isn't really what he's going for. He wants to be the Cassanova, but without the love.

"I wish I could believe in all this crap, I really do. I also wish I could believe in the Easter Bunny, the missile shield and strippers with a heart of gold. Unfortunately I am condemned to see the world as it really is, and love, love is a myth."

~Connor Mead

Flights hold so much potential for Karsedreth. It could be where he shines! The chance to prove just how much bigger, badder and bolder he is than all the rest! The end result is a double-edged sword. It could be glorious, sure, but with the wrong girl…

"One day you're going to wake up with some chick spooning and thinking about love and at that moment you have got to get up, not walk, you don't get your shoes, you run the hell out of there because someday you're gonna get crushed!"

~Connor Mead

Kars just isn't here to settle down. He doesn't want to be tied to the ol' ball and chain, he just wants to enjoy the ride! The ride is where he excels! Why can't the others just understand? When that lovely lady starts to glow, Karsedreth's engines will be at the ready, just waiting for the green light. He'll have a tendency to skip the blooding, relying instead on his own intrinsic strength, fueled by adrenaline.

In the chase, he will be magnificent and powerful. While he won't be able to turn on a dime like some of those smaller browns and blues, on the straightaways he'll have them all beat, and when the pedal hits metal, he'll smoke those fools. Lay on the nitrous oxide, and let it ride!

Of course, the problem with speed is a loss of control. It's bound to happen. Just try to keep up with the exercises, make sure those wings of his can take the brutal force he's going to put them under.

When he wins that race, it will be spectacular. He'll shout his triumph to the entire Weyr and throw it in the face of all those losers out there. He'll show that glowing goddess what a REAL flight is all about, and in the end, he'll want nothing more than to cut and run. This rogue has too much night left to waste once they run out of air.

Vonda Volkom: Spooning is nice.
Connor Mead: Yeah. But not as nice as forking.

::: - ::: - :::

Oh, S’zin, we so hope that you’ve enjoyed Karsedreth as much as we enjoyed writing him — but as you well know, he is YOUR dragon for YOU to do with as you see fit! All we hope is to see you RPing this fellow, one way or the other, for many merry scenes to come!

Name: Rhaeyn, G’deon
Egg Desc: R'yst
Dragonet Desc: Rhaeyn, G’deon
Messages: Rhaeyn, G’deon
Puppeteer: G’deon
Inspiration: Rhaeyn, G'deon
Clutchmates: B’ayn and brown Hroskuth, X’vik and brown Argolath, Kaishori and blue Avirath, Za’an and green Erolinyath

Harper's Tale's 58th PC Clutch
High Reaches Weyr's 21st PC Clutch
Linny's gold Kaelidyth and D'ren's bronze Aikuonath
December 5th, 2010

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