Mhari's Mesmerising Hedonist Gypsy Green Kelitath

Frosh Day Egg

Florescent white burns and glares, the polished luster painfully emanating a strong sense of confusion and disorientation. The curve of the delicate shell does little to alleviate the bewildering bite of incandescence, broken only by flashes of colour in vague, half-formed shapes possibly even more perplexing than the background. Scattered over the orb, fuzzy hints of books, pencils and other scholastic objects serve only to confuse the eye. A veritable jungle of tile and whitewash, this ovoid is indeed intimidating upon first sight.

Hatching Message

Frosh Day Egg trembles again as white brightens, the petite ovoid seeming to grow. Rebellion splutters through the delicate shell, leaving rapidly growing cracks in its wake. Fuzzy dashes of other colors separate, hints of academic objects are flung to the sands in defiance. For beneath the surface of reined-in schoolgirl primness, there is a inborn tempest slowly rising. As a final shake sends the remaining remnants of shards flying, the occupant finds herself unfettered at long last.

Mesmerising Hedonist Gypsy Green Dragonet

Haunting sea-green ripples across her neck, surging in tempestuous waves up winsomely refined 'ridges and spilling over her withers in a froth that swirls its decadent way down the spine of this devilish little dragon. Her head is that of an elegant sybarite, compact and svelte but highlighted along the jawline with a shimmering smidgen of brass that's echoed in the barest hint of flames licking her slender chest. Sleek but petite, her lithesome form is cloaked in luminous sage dapples that creep up from arrogantly sharp talons and trim belly until velvety moss peeps through to darken her rump. Malachite fades in through slim shoulders, the sumptuous color fanning across gossamer thin 'sails where skeins of coppery bronze are tangled embroidery against wine-red stains. Intricately braided filaments twist and turn about her tail, scintillating metallic hues reflecting — refracting — light in a maze of mesmerising mirrors.

Public Impression Pose

Mesmerising Hedonist Gypsy Green Dragonet slides to a stop, the whirlwind halted in her dance, the tempest paused in her charge. Posing for all the world to watch, her rainbow gaze lifts with a coy challenge and her dazzling presense focuses on one person. Only one for there is only one for her in this moment, and that one will be hers forever. Mharida.

Private Impression Message

A splattering of light, a far off giggle, an echo, an invasion: intense sensuality envelops and enfolds your mind, wrapping itself around your very being with an enraptured possessiveness that somehow invades all your senses. Color and light flash across your vision, heightening the moment with their rich and decadent brilliance, all threaded with glowing scarlet. The noise of the Sands dims, vanishing into nothingness as the soft laughter begins… and grows, and blossoms into the wild abandon of gleeful joy and relief that sweeps you up and enwraps you in its tempestuous exultation. Spices assault your nose, teasingly sharp and yet distant - was that tarragon? Or pimiento? Or chervil? Or all? And that robe begins to feel like silk, all sensuous and sybaritic. Flashing into your mind like lightning, there are giddy words at last: « Perfect. You are Mhari and I am Kelitath. »

Mharida! Mhari! Darling, you charmed us. :) Interesting, fun - oh we just want to keep you with us at HRW forever! So here she is - your Kelitath.

Egg Inspiration

Frosh. It's another term for freshman, or first-year student. Whether it be high school or university, the freshmen are the underdogs: the ones who, on the very first day of school inevitably make fools of themselves by getting lost and subsequently missing all their classes, drop their stacks and stacks of textbooks in the middle of the busiest hallway, and, of course, go through the caf line the wrong way. Any number of accounts of horrible 'frosh days' (that first day of freshman year) have been recorded, and as such, there is a fear instilled in every new frosh as they put on their shoes and head out for their own Frosh Day. This egg was intended to express that fear while illustrating the intimidating coldness and formality of the school environment (or, at least, that's how it seems on Frosh Day!), with its white-tiled ceilings and blandly-painted walls. And, oh, those fluorescent, buzzing lights!

Theme Inspiration

"Carmen was a little too shocking for the family theater - Carmen was a public enemy, a threat to law and order, conjuring revolutionary ghosts, and inevitably had to die in the end, something unseen in the Opera Comique. It was not a success, initially. Nevertheless, Carmen would soon become the most popular opera of all time and the Spanish Gypsy the enduring symbol of the exotiziced romantic construction of Spain, as can be testified by the numerous versions and resurrections of Carmen, on stage, on screen, even on ice."

And so it goes. Carmen, the tempestous gypsy seductress who led not only herself but others to ruin. Kelitath won't bring you down - but that's because she needs your strength, your character as a balance to her own hedonistic urges. Kelitath was themed firstly on Carmen, although other things crept in here and there. Read on - and I hope she is everything you wanted and more!

Description Inspiration

Here there was several things in my mind. The sea first up, being so identified with the female. With creatures like mermaids and sirens - the sea-green seemed to fit somehow. Sage and moss - living growing things for she is full of life is your Kelitath. Then the bronze bits you wanted. And lastly, the red and gold touches, which were from two sources. Carmen - which has red as an underlying theme - and Chayath, who is a real red gold. Kelitath is a Chayath daughter; her parentage could /never/ be denyed. But she has a touch of Tyrodinth in her too - in her compact strength and in the power of her muscles.

Name Inspiration

Kelitath - playful. It suits her don't you think? For she is indeed a playful dragon. The name was one of Aife's suggestions.


Her mindvoice is a touchable, though never /intrusive/ thing, warm and rich and oh, so soft, with just the barest lilt to it. Suitably soprano. « Mhari? Do you suppose we could go for a swim? Manth is swimming. » Well? In typical high school style, this is where Kelitath's just-this-side-of-syrupy voice will dip, hush, waiting for you to assume the obvious. And when you do, she'll laugh at your embarassment like a teasing good-time-girl friend - but she still wants to swim - and continues with a husky, sensuous edge. « Please, Mhari? » And who wouldn't buckle under the pressure of that loving, teasing tone? She gan be giddy, too. In fact, sometimes, when she has a lot to say to you, she'll trip over the words in her mind and get all tangled up. Never to others though. To other dragons (and other humans if she ever speaks to /them/), her statements are measured, precise and doled out with care. Always always always, what she says will be for its effect, not nessarily for the purpose of communicating her thoughts. That is, until she gets mad. When she does that, her tone swings, from down in the mezzo soprano range to right up high in the screechy shrieking soprano. Soft? Well, if you would call a whirlwind soft. It has all the bruising impact of a whirlwind. And when she's that mad, she will say all those things she doesn't mean. Insults, exaggerations. In short, she'll throw a temper tantrum. And woe betide anyone in her way for she'll shriek at them just as happily as she'll shriek at the target/cause of her upset.


Herbs and spices color Kelitath's tone; holistic, surely, and soothing when the full effect is wrapped around you. Hints of cinnamon lurk, but that is not the predominant scent; there really is no predominant scent. They vary with moods. When your Kelitath is happy, there is a lingering air of deep, sensual jasmine, along with just a touch of lavender; when she is moody - proddy - everything is that much more intense. And intense is a good word for it, for when your lifemate wants your attention, filling your mind - filling /you/ - with whiffs of tarragon, rosemary and sage is sure to be her way of going about getting it. Or, for that matter, when she wants another dragons attention when she's hellbent on seduction - her first mindtouch will be scents. Little tantalising scents - a mesmerising weave of them in fact - until her voice eventually takes over.


Sea-green and sage, with smattering of moss and malachite. That's her overall coloring and the rest is all highlights - the brass, the bronze, the metallic flashes on her tail. And the red. Wine-red stains her wingsails, mostly near the trailing edges. As well, there is the reddish tinge to the flames over her chest. Her tail is still mingled sea-green/sage, all wrapped up in filaments of metallic shades - from bronze to silver and gold. But they're very thin, like hair thin. Indeed, the only reason someone other than you would notice is because they shine so! Her hide is satin smooth when looked after - to point where some might comment on it. But as a result, she does tend to be sensitive. Straps are just that bit more prone to chafe if you haven't got them right and she /needs/ those twice dailing baths and oils. She'll always be at risk of sore skin if it's scraped or otherwise not well treated. It's just the other side of the coin to the fact that when she is is peak condition, it's so lovely and soft.

Her 'hair' is what you might call elegant. Certainly she thinks it is - and she holds it with the kind of self-confident grace that makes it so. You'll see all the brassy highlights down her jawline, although they vanish before they reach her nose. Like someone had dusted powder on there - brass blusher almost! You'll find that the skin under her chin tends to itch madly and she'll sometimes comment about how sensitive her head is to the temperature. Head knobs are rather petite and sweet. Maybe the only bit of her that one could call sweet! Her neck is actually a little short and stocky — she gets that from her sire, Tyrodinth — but again, she's so graceful that it's rare that people would call it short and stocky!

Neckridges are nicely even and regular. Just right you might say. Along her body. Sleek is the word. Small, compact and, well, lovely. Think of a panther - that's what I was thinking of. She has that same compact energy. A little low slung over all - with slender legs that are again, rather feline. Talons? Well. Sharp and dainty. Deadly - but they never look it, even when covered in blood from the herdbeast she's just brought down. And of course, her chest. It's slender - a little narrower than ideal. Again, she gets it from Chayath - especially the flames licking at it!

Her wings. Oh my my my. They're beautiful - no other word for it. In fact, her wings are the most objectively georgeous part of her. They're steel under silken velvet where the wingbones are, soft and flowing in the sail sections. Malachite, stained with burgundy and cabernet wine red - with brassy bronze threads embroiding a crazy quilt pattern over the sails. Note the 'embroidery' and the stains are mostly at the trailing edges. Or rather, tend to be more dominant there. ;) Her wings aren't exceptionally big for her - but they are sturdy. Well built. She's not very likely to injure herself - she's got the innate strength right through them to take hard use. That's Tyrodinth - he's not one to get wingstrain either.

Her tail! The last bit of her for my analysis; her tail is fairly short when all is said and done. Again, quite solid - Tyrodinth influence! But again, she carries it gracefully and is /very/ effective in the air. With that behind her, she'll be one of the most maneuverable of the greens.

Now onto what that actually /means/. Well, she's well proportioned, well balanced. Agile in the air, yes, but prone to distractions. When she's at her best, her aerobatics will be nothing short of breath-takeingly amazing. When she's at her worst, she can be appallingly clumsy. If she feels unwell, everyone in the wing will know it - because there will be half a dozen near-misses in Threadfall. She'll pop of *between* and nearly collide with someone; nearly flame someone else's tail; only just miss that huge clump of thread. But despite them being near-misses, they will be misses. It will be highly unusual for there to be any real damage - just chaos!

She's got her weak points: Stamina. If she's well rested, well fed, she can stay in the air and fly hard - very good stamina for her size. But once she hits her breaking point, she drops. A tired Kelitath has no energy, no stamina, no strength. And it will happen quite abruptly. She'll say « Mhari, I'm feeling a little tired. » and you'd best direct her home ASAP because five minutes later, she'll be wanting to fall asleep in her couch, utterly exhasted.

Eating! She's not tidy. She's a healthy eater. And again, she can either be quite good or rather bad at hunting. If she sets her mind to it, she can snatch up a wherry without causing it to go wild with fright before hand. Quick and clean. But that takes effort, and most of the time, she can't be bothered, so she chases a madly running herdbeast and flops lazily on top of her meal. She's not prone to over-eating unless she discovers something she really likes. And she does like variety: herdbeast today, therefore it must be wherry tomorrow. Never the same meal two times runnning - « That, my Mhari, is boring. » She also has a sharp sense of taste for a dragon, and will be quite appreciative of you testing any concoctions on her. Not things like greens or bread - but a new way of spicing meat? A new sauce? She'll quite enjoy the different flavours.

Itchy spots! Some have already been mentioned. There's the one just under chin and then there is that skin around the base of her wings. And her knees. Her knees will /itch/ and if dragons could cry, she'd be driven to tears with that itching - better learn to keep a jar of soothing oil handy wherever you go, for unlike most dragons, she won't outgrow her itchy spots.

Then there is her scent. Of course, she smells like all dragons - kinda musky and quite distinctive. But within that is pimiento and chervil, two spices. Pimiento is a spanish form of paprika, a part of the capsicum family. It's sweet and warm and crisp. Chervil is also known as gourmet parsley, and has a delicate, mild and cool flavour. It compliments the pimiento rather well.

Finally, the oddments on how she grows. Kelitath is a small green. Not the tiniest ever, but certainly close to it. She was small when she hatched and never quite caught up with the rest. And she grows unevenly. One day, her tail is out of proportion. Another time it's her wings or her feet. But eventually, she'll mature into the nice proportions formerly mentioned.


Temptress. Seductress. Sorceress. She's wild and wanton, tempestuous in her every thought. Capricious too, for she has a very fickle heart - aside from her attachment to you of course. She's a hedonist and will plunge into nearly anything for her own pleasure - and nary a thought for the consequences. She will need you to be the restraining hand, at the same time, as she takes you with her on a wild roller coaster ride that may very well seem endless. But it isn't. For somewhere deep down, there is a side of her that is more quiet. Late at night when you're both tired, but not exhausted, you can pour your heart out to her and she'll be warm and loving, wrapping you up in a cocoon of gentle care. Water! It's that other theme that runs through her - and water can be so many different things. Gentle and soft or powerful enough to wear away even diamond, the hardest substance in the universe. But that tender quietness comes only when her batteries have run down so to speak.

Self-confidence. Never ever does it occur to her to be anything but self-confident. She is Kelitath. That is all there is to it and of /course/ she is wonderful. Not that she is vain or conceited. She isn't. She's just self-assured.

Seductress! Yes, she is that. Ready to completely shock Mhari at any oportunity. But she isn't a flirt. She'll be friendly and warm to every other dragon - and assume any attention she gets is no more than her due. But it is only to those males she has decided she likes that she does the 'come hither' routine. And then she pulls out all the stops. If you're not very firm in your 'no', she'll insist you play the seductress to her current love-interest's rider. And no, she doesn't care if that rider is a man or a woman - she really isn't at all bothered. She's convinced that for you to be bothered about this attitude of hers is ridiculous! Afterall, that part of life is so much /fun/. And she will tell you so. But she is fickle. One day she'll be totally focused on this adorable blue - and tomorrow, nothing but that big, aloof bronze will do. She'll never be happy being caught by the same dragon twice - once a male flies her and she's woken from her post-flight snooze, she won't be at all interested in him anymore. And quite impatient with a male who forgets that. She likes to chase - once someone's caught, well, there is no challenge left, is there?

Sorceress. Ah, but she can spin a web of magic. Out of nothing. It's that dazzling *presence* she has. She will never tolerate being forgotten and if that means exerting herself to remind people she exists, well, she'll do just that. She can mesmerise if she puts her mind to it - captivate her luckless victim. She does it to prey if she wants to show off in the feeding pens. She can do it to humans, depending on their vulnerability to her. To other dragons sometimes. After all, she's little but she shines. A miniature comet blazing across the sky.

But she's also self-destructive at times. She can focus on her something so hard she forgets to be sensible at /all/. As mentioned, when she's unwell, her entire wing is well to be wary for she becomes a distinct hazard. Not, when all is said and done, the best of threadfighters. It will be your job to temper the whirlwind, tame the tempest. And that's why she chose you.


Kelitath is proddy? Oh for Faranth's sake, /hide/. Well, not quite. When she's proddy, she feels.. unwell. Not right. She's irritable, she's nervy and she's certainly not about to play the seductress. Indeed, she's suddenly yowling if /any/ other dragon or any human who isn't you invades the invisible area of space round her that she's suddenly decided is her personal space. You won't be able to convey passengers at this time for Kelitath simply will /not/ stand for having icky icky other humans riding her. And she's moody. Crabby one moment, on an ebbulient high the next. Only to crash into despair if her hide isn't polished to the perfect sheen. And she'll be inflincting her state on you all right.

With all that, the sudden plunge for the feeding grounds may well come as a relief. Suddenly, she's not crabby. She's focused. She know exactly what she wants and it's hot blood and the skies. You won't need to worry about making her blood her kills - at the time, she won't want to do otherwise. And she won't waste time either. In for the kill, and once she's had enough, it's up up up to the skies and the glorious freedom to be found there. Her flights will tend to be short and sharp, full of furious acrobatics and an incredible outpouring or emotion. Although, it will not be nearly as 'loud' as a goldflight, she'll sweep you right up into her frenzy like you were a leaf in the middle of a river and aimed squrely at a 1000 foot high waterfall! And she'll come down and collapse in an exhasted sleep - and afterwards, will be right back as her normal self. Except she'll never want to see that pesky male who caught her again!


Dragon: Kelitath
Color: Green
Name: Aife
Egg: Frosh Day Egg
Egg desc: Sariani; Kymra, Shaela tweak
Dragonet: Mesmerising Hedonist Gypsy Green Dragonet
Dragonet desc: Posida; Shaela, Nuff, Areiah, Annalee tweak
Messages: Posida; Nuff,Shaela tweak
Inspiration: Posida, Areiah, Shaela
Puppetteer: Posida

Geko and brown Revnath, Kh'et and bronze Telynth, Lylia and brown Druseth, Lis and green Alymath, M'rin and bronze Rixesith, Quara and blue Sakuruth, Iri and blue Sriath, Willow and blue Ozth (NPC) and T'nis and green Racqueth (NPC).

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