Sh'z's The Ever Impressive, Long Contained, Often Imitated But Never Duplicated Genie of the Hoooookah Bronze Lakenheath

Such an innocuous little egg, sitting there…

Micro-Robotic Vtol Egg

Rounded and plump, the main body of this egg is a uniform and deep black. As if the very void itself has given birth to the egg's shell. An oblong oval of cherry red paints half of this egg, from top to bottom, parted part way like the opening of a carapace to expose a hint of grey texture reminiscent of wire-mesh wings. Upon closer inspection, strange angles and curves are faintly patterned in soft grey, barely seen through the cherry red, not unlike circuitry. Steel-cable grey antennae sweep across the top of the egg, where the body of cherry red comes to a rounded sweep of color. Six thin legs hug the void, done in long strokes of cherry red and tipped with rounded splotches of brown that's just barely discernible from the void of the abyss.

Little did you know of just how much embarrassment it could give you…

A cool, pleasant breeze sweeps over your body. Doesn't that feel great? The sweat is lifted off the skin, your shirt ruffles up around your midsection and your hair lifts off your face. Ahhhhhh. But wait, why does it feel extra breezy down there? It— wait. What? You look down to see that you aren't wearing any pants. Or underpants. And suddenly, you're in a classroom, on test day. with no pants, and nothing in your head. AAAAAA! Could this day get any worse? Yes. The teacher looks like an angry llama and it seems the classroom has a pest problem. Tiny little crawlie bugs are crawling up your legs until they completely envelop your whole body. Hopefully you brought bug spray. Or HNO3…which is probably more effective.

Micro-Robotic Vtol Egg jumps! It jumps again! Then starts to tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilt to the side, until it crashes up against another egg, probably the As Seen on TV Egg. As it slides down that egg, the main body of it’s shell starts to crack and for a brief moment, looks as if it’s little colored legs are moving. Twitch! Twitch! Twitch! Then? BOOM! Without the usual crack-crack-crack-then-hatch formula, egg shells are shot EVERYWHERE and what lies behold?! A sparkling new-penny bronze explodes forth and barrels out into the sands! Watch out! The Ever Impressive, Long Contained, Often Imitated But Never Duplicated Genie of the Hoooookah Bronze Dragonet is on the lose!

… until the day comes that the little egg begins to crack!

The Ever Impressive, Long Contained, Often Imitated But Never Duplicated Genie of the Hoooookah Bronze Dragonet

Uniformity of color is given in rich copper that flows over the bust of his form like molten metal; orange-red fire gilds the sharp corners of a bulky carriage, highlighting the strength that comes natural to the breadth and width of shoulders, while bronze's shiny finish flares 'round a barrel chest. Large wings spread in charismatic stance, showing the same uniformity of shiny, newly minted copper that ends in over-sized wingspars given to showman's pizazz; delicate sails are shadowed in the faintest shade of lavender's shadow branded in barely seen pattern'd filigree. Vivacity of spirit matches the proud tilt of a small head, the sweeping posture of a short neck and the strut that comes with the roundness of a large chest. As molten metal washes over the length of a long and supple back, it comes short of his legs. Forge-fired brilliance of heated copper cools to tempered bronze in the spindly stance of legs far too small for the bulk of upper body; while ankles lie shackled in pure, yellow-gold. Tail's length is molded of cooled metal hardened to rich red-bronze, a counterpoint to the flash and glamor of new-penny metallic gleam. Atop such glitz is the faint shadow of antiquated bronze to dim the brightness of such molten metal, gripping to slightly bent headknobs before fading into the liquid flow of copper. From nose to tail tip, metallic shimmers in the overabundance of spirit and style, strutting forward with an indomitable lack of fear. Talons are tipped in fire-orange, given to an almost infernal glow.

In a flash! A bang! He has staked his claim… you’ve rubbed his lamp… and he’s here to stay!

The Ever Impressive, Long Contained, Often Imitated But Never Duplicated Genie of the Hoooookah Bronze Dragonet finally comes to a stop infront of that one candidate. A male. Hmm. Will he do? A sudden urge to flex his neck and rub it on his side takes over and he furiously massages. But..ahem. Back to business. Smelling his light brown hair, the bronze widens his eyes again. Smells like…happy? Maybe he'll massage his neck and make the pain go away?

Time fast forwards, darkening the sky to midnight’s embrace. The twinkling of the stars intensify until a blinding beam of light propels you towards the void, the entrance of a giant cave. Stumbling, you have no defenses to resist as slow, staggering steps are taken, trying to find the exit. One step in the wrong direction has you fallllllling. Fallling, and screaming into the abyss! Suddenly, you meet the bottom, and thankfully it is soft sand. A blinding whiteness draws you to it, the giant egg in the center. But it is dirty. The kindness you show in wiping the smudge off with a rag is rewarded. A bronze form EXPLODES from the shell with a loud YELL! « IT FELT LIKE 10,000 turns in there! I’ve got such a crick in the neck! Hi, where ya from, what’s your name? You ready to go, Sh’z? Hmm, you’re a lot smaller than I imagined. Or am I getting fat? Anyway, I’m your Lakenheath. NO SUBSTITUTIONS, EXCHANGES OR REFUNDS! Let’s get outta here. Somewhere exotic. You ain’t never had a friend like me! »

Oh wait. Heh heh. You didn’t think you’d escape now did you? It will take you a lifetime to earn those three wishes!

Shizl, Shizl, Shizl! Ten years ago, you stood with Eth’n-player on the sands of Ista and Impressed a bronze, and now you stand on the sands, shackled to High Reaches and Lakenheath. Did you really think you’d get away from us?! Slip away?! We think NOT! So, how does one surprise a veteran of the game?! With humor, fun-times, and care. Lakenheath is yours, wholly and fully, and we only hope you enjoy him as much as we’ve had fun creating him. You’re tied back to us at High Reaches! We’ve kept you! Given you PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWERS in exchange for a frozen, cold living place in order to keep delighting us for many years to come! From all of us who worked on Lakenheath to you: <3!

☄ Inspiration ☄

Egg Inspiration

Hexbug(TM) Original - the micro-robotic bug that started it all. Designed to look and behave like real bugs, Hexbugs are actually very cool little robots designed to react to touch and sound. When you set them in motion, they travel forward on their tiny rubber-tipped feet. When they hit an obstacle or hear a loud noise, they back up in a half circle and move forward in a different direction. Hexbug(TM) Original comes in 5 distinct versions and colors: Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, and Echo.

Real fun with real science.
Hexbugs are designed with two touch-sensitive antennae that sense obstacles and direct them to reverse and change direction on their six articulated legs. They're even sound-sensitive! Clap your hand, slap the table or make some other loud noise and your Hexbug will stop and change direction. Use noise to control where it scurries!

::: - ::: - ::: - ::: - :::

Theme Inspiration

This cycle’s clutch theme is Old World Inventions, and from that we chose… Hookah! Wow, so while Pern doesn’t have genie bottles, we just couldn’t resist playing up on the idea of one! When you look for genie in Google, a hookah actually comes up under images. Now, the overall theme is of Old World Inventions and of those Old World Inventions, what we chose is the hookah.


The hookah is a single or multi-stemmed (often glass-based) instrument for smoking in which the smoke is cooled by water. It was Abu’l-Fatḥ Gīlānī (d. 1588), a Persian physician at the court of the Mughal emperor Akbar, who “first passed the smoke of tobacco through a small bowl of water to purify and cool the smoke and thus invented the hubble-bubble or hookah.” However, a quatrain of Ahlī Šīrāzī (d. 1535) refers to the use of the ḡalyān (Falsafī, II, p. 277; Semsār, 1963, p. 15), thus dating its use at least as early as the time of Ṭahmāsp I (1524–76). It seems, therefore, that Abu’l-Fatḥ Gīlānī should be credited with the introduction of the ḡalyān, already in use in Persia, to India.

::: - ::: - ::: - ::: - :::

Description Inspiration

Ahhhhh… Shizl. Sh’z. SH’Z! You asked for a Genie dragon and you got one! So what IS Lakenheath’s description inspiration? A mix of the Genie and newly minted copper and bronze, to give him flare. Since he’s not blue, we went with that red-gold-bronze-copper feel of forged metals to give him that tie back into Aevryscienth as well as to give him the flare of the Genie. What says flare better than a shiny, new penny? NOTHING!


His form is an odd one; he’s got a barrel chest, gigantic wing span, but itty bitty little legs. This ties into the Genie in both form and what coloring could be brought in since the Genie, himself, is blue. The golden shackles are direct from the Genie, while the copper, bronze and apricot are all variations of fire-bronze and new metals to lend a fire aspect. Lavender shadows are a thing inherited from Aevryscienth, so in some aspects, Aevryscienth is a part of the inspiration as well!


Bright… shiny. Gilded around the edges of neckridges, eyeridges, wings, and with the faintest accent to wingbones and tail, is a molten bronze. Talons are pure fire-orange, molten and the very embodiment of encapsulated, molten metal. Flame-bright and inspired on actual, liquid bronze:


In the very embodiment of color and shape, he is a mix of all these elements: fire-bright, molten metals, shiny, new-penny copper and a dash of antiquated bronze, along with the heart and soul of the Genie!

::: - ::: - ::: - ::: - :::

Name Inspiration

Lakenheath! You! You picked it and we love you soooooooo much that we had to give you want you WANTED!!

::: - ::: - ::: - ::: - :::


Lakenheath is all about the show, and the pizzaz. He will enter your mind in a flash of smoke and razzle dazzle. Often starting with a very small presence and building his way up to a HUGE INVASION. HE ALSO HAS ISSUES with the timbre and SOUND LEVEL of his voice, ALTERNATING between LOUD and soft. SOMMATIMES HE WILL EVEN TALK LIKE DIS. Or perhaps, quite more properly like /this/. He will bend and shape the sound of his voice and its all in the name of comedy! PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWER IN an itty bitty living space. OF YOUR BRAIN!

The mindvoice smells like a bit of musty dust from something that has been neglected a while. An ancient tome, some treasure, smoke from a lamp of some sort. In any case, the haze may make it difficult to interpret Lakenheath when he is being very soft and whispery until your mind’s eye adjusts to the dim light and focuses in on what is important. And you might sneeze anytime Lak is speaking to you at length. Eventually, that ‘allergy’ will go away, but it will be hilarious at first. Lak also likes to accentuate anything he says with bizarre, random images to illustrate his points. Woolies, harpers, fish, the butt of the smelly old auntie in the caverns? Don’t be surprised if you have to do double takes at first, for a while, when you guys first start conversing. That giant cloud with a frowny face? No, that’s not actually /here/, that is in your mind’s eye. You’re not going crazy… yet.

This is not where it ends, no way. There’s a helluva lot more Genie for you to find! He is, after all, The Ever Impressive, Long Contained, Often Imitated But Never Duplicated, Duplicated, Duplicated, Duplicated, Geeeeeeeenie of the Hoooooooooookah! So with that in mind, get out your carpet and come for a further ride into the magical land of Lakenheath!

He is a chatter, your bronze, and his voice is of the same timbre and cadence of Robin Williams in Disney’s Aladdin. It’s amazing, and he has an opinion on everything, and with every opinion comes… yes… BOMBARDMENT OF SIGHTS AND SOUNDS!

Often times after some imparted wisdom has been given unto you…

Genie: Enough about you, Casanova. Talk about her.

Aladdin: Huh?

Genie: She's smart, fun. The hair, the eyes. Anything. Pick a feature.

… there will sometimes be a blinking, gratuitous request for applause flashing behind your eyes. Complete with that high-pitched, whining sound that comes with neon when it’s really close to your ears. It’s so bright that you’ll blink your very real earthly eyes and it will not go away — an after burn on the backs of your eyeballs.


Lakenheath’s mindvoice is even more volatile than Eriphyliriuth’s, but only because he is so… so… what’s the word? FLAMBOYANT. Even more so than Finmaraisth, for while Finmaraisth has a flare for the showmanship in everything he does, there is always that sinister edge to him. With Lakenheath, he is his momma’s boy, and with every turn of phrase and every action he wants to do with you or for you, his words are pure, good-hearted intention.

This does not mean that his mindtouch is not distinctive, nay, it’s quite the opposite. He is so flamboyant, and so loud that everyone will know and recognize Lakenheath. Even poor Eriphyliriuth and her flightiness will cringe at his first, booming words.

« Eriphyliriuth. Erph. Can I call you Erph? I have — » The booming voice is accompanied by the flash and boom of fireworks against a night sky. Backdrop’d against the many dome’d corners of a fantastical rendering of a Hold. His voice trails off, however, when his target audience has walked off in a huff!

He will annoy Dhioth to no end, too. Lakenheath will never understand his brother’s weird, dark, silver stuff. That’s serious! He is all pizazz and attitude and COLORS!


Brilliant pinks, blues, oranges, reds, purples, blacks — he uses everything at his disposal. It is a strange and heady thing, his mind voice. One that could easily leave Sh’z to just watching in distracted fascination. Sometimes, he will speak as if from the bottom of a small, dusty space, as mentioned above, and sometimes he will speak as if he is full of PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWERS, and sometimes…


… why, sometimes he has the laid back air of a man on vacation. Proverbial flip-flops and sun-tanning sheet.

“Lakenheath. You. Wake up.”

Dust billows up into a fine-grained cloud, as if one stirs from a small and tight space. Evening out, spreading out, your mind’s eye gets the sense of a beach, a blue sky overhead and one very lazy dragon. « Eh. »

“No, I’m serious you oaf. R’yst is coming to inspect our straps!”

« Eh. » The sun and surf become stronger and you feel the brightly colored tropical shirt — wait, around you? What? Yes! You! Because suddenly, your magical carpet ride has transported you to the laziness of your genie’s tropical paradise.

Meanwhile, R’yst finds you staring like a dumbass when he orders you to get your straps. Maybe it’s time for more mindlink lessons…

The richness of colors at his disposal vary and come with all the pomp and pizzaz of the genie. From dusty lamps, to brilliant colors… it’s all there for the taking. It’s all there to dazzle Sh’z and all of his clutchmates.

The question is… How will Sh’z handle all of this… this… essence of pure awesome?!

::: - ::: - ::: - ::: - :::


Shizl. Sh’z! You have a momma’s boy on your hands! From nose to tail tip, Lakenheath is Aevryscienth’s son. From brightly gilded coloring to the touches of flame on the contours of his body, to the bulk he carries; he is his mother’s child.

However, that’s really where the similarities stop, because Lakenheath? He’s an odd duck, a striking and almost beautiful odd duck with all of that glittering, new-penny glamor, but an odd-duck none the same. He is massively bulky in through the shoulders and around a strong, and large barrel chest. The two front legs and his wings are thick with muscle and look so impressive when he outstretches them. The bulk of form, however, ends as his body tapers down to small hips and lean legs. Now, Lakenheath is cursed with his father’s short legs, except that his back ones are even shorter. So while he’s on the ground, he will have a lop-sided, squatty look to him. It will cause motion to be a thing of hilarity.

“There goes Sh’z’s dragon, barreling down the bowl again — Criminey! He just smashed the guard’s training table!”

He will have this loping, barrel run that will be slow at first, but will gather momentum. Given Lakenheath’s stature, stopping will be… a problem. All of this forward momentum and no where to go will lead to (most times) him skidding to a stop… and still going.

Lakenheath is a boulder in the air! He's unstoppable, flying with a surprising grace with a fearlessness that will leave you breathless. It is quite like Aladdin riding the magic carpet — for a dragon his size and shape, he has an innate ability to take hairpin turns and loop-de-loops with aplomb! And you… you may end up coming off of him heaving at times. There's more than a bit of a daredevil stuntman in him, though it will certainly aid him when he's going after the much smaller greens!


… be prepared for the ride of your life!

It is, in a way, an echo of his zest for life and indomitable spirit.

Maybe it was this MASSIVE BODY contained in such a little tiny resting space (the egg), but boy will he emerge from his shell with one HELLUVA crick in his neck. From that moment of first Impression to those first moments of hunger, your neck will be HURTING like a sonofabitch! Now, this will fade, however… it is like he is cursed with this ever lingering memory of something he doesn’t quite remember — because every so often?

You got it.


//« Yo. Sh’z. » It is the explosion of fireworks against a dark and dusty backdrop, the sense of space confined overshadowed by the brilliance of color. « My neck hurts so bad I can’t even say! What was I doing?! » Distraction comes with the appearance of piles of glittering golden objects only to poof into the cutest and tiniest of little woolies. Baaaaa. //

“Lakenheath…” Sh’z might groan, watching as his dragon distracts himself from the ever important lesson on how not to be distracted.

« What? Wait. What? » Attention returns with the confining of such a large presence into a teeny, tiny mind. Colors and sounds poof like smoke, sending only tendrils wafting away. « Sorrrrrry! It hurt. Okay. I’m here, paying attention, this is me, totally paying attention! »

You will be plagued and hounded by this intermittent fierce crick in his neck. At the most inopportune times, too! It’s like Lakenheath is just WAITING until you’re some place where distractions would look bad, to get a bad case of a crick in the neck.

His head, oh his head, is so small compared to the rest of his bulky body. At times, you might wonder just how he came to be proportioned so. Especially when compared to the rest of his clutchmates who do not have any strong disparities in their physical proportions. Now, again, that’s not to say that Lakenheath is ugly, oh no, he is handsome in his own way. With teeny tiny legs and little tiny hips!

He is not a long dragon, no. In fact, he’s quite a bit bulkier than Dhioth and certainly massive compared to his sire, Ysvarth. He’s short, compact, and beefy! Which means that if you were to stretch him out, from nose to tail tip, he’s pretty average for his color, a little on the shorter side, for his tail is not overly long nor is his neck and with his body being so compact, he is actually quite a bit BIGGER in body than most of his color.

Lakenheath certainly has a little bit of a before… and after. When he’s younger, he will have to grow into his body, and that, dear Sh’z, is going to provide some very INTERESTING…results.

For how big he’ll grow to be, with that huge chest and that… much narrow set of hips, he could in some ways be reminiscent of a bull dog. This sense may fade as he gets older, but for all the bulk and intimidating strength of what he will become, the growing INTO it will be awkward, to say the least. His feet will get way ahead of him in growth, needing a lot of catch-up time before he fits them and… how to put this - he’ll kind of need to grow into his skin a little, too. It’ll hang off him in loose folds like an over-sized pair of pajamas when he’s young - oiling him will be a fascinating experience for sure, when you have to work your fingers into all those folds to make sure they’re oiled just enough - as well as to make sure they aren’t retaining oil, or else you’ll be able to tell by SMELL if he’s got some wing rot festering in those soft, soft creases.


Other things that could get lodged or stuck in the puppy folds: sweetsand if your careless in washing him, water if you’re careless in /drying/ him, meat bits if you’re careless in feeding as well as, y’know… popcorn kernels, hair brushes, sandals, underwear, spare marks, your weyrling knot, someone ELSE’S weyrling knot, his weyrling straps and possibly — your SANITY. It’s like the Bermuda Triangle of flesh, the couch cushions of your LIFE and the dryer that always manages to eat your socks and sometimes you won’t even want to fathom how some of the things that get lodged in there got lodged in there.

“Hey, where’s my shirt?” you might ask.

A dazzling display of running lights spins around the relative darkness of what must be the inside of… an egg shell? A lamp? Who the hell knows, he’s distracted! « Your what? Oh, I don’t know but check out my side, I think I need oiling. » Words are strewn up in neon lights, blinking at you as if… as if perhaps you did not HEAR what he just said.

“…” → You. Yes. You just found your shirt wedged in between his baby folds, along with that bubbly pie, flattened and gross, that you snuck in the night before.

In a voice that booms, reverberating through the cavity of your mind, he asks « SH’Z, why are you freaking out?! »

You… well… what you might say is a mystery, but what your life certainly won’t be uninteresting!

In fact as he grows into his body, it will almost seem like his feet shrink to fit; where they seemed big in the early months, you might just marvel that they seem to shrink to fit. Like magic!

“Were your feet bigger last week?”
« That’s not how feet GROW, Sh’z! They don’t get SMALLER! »
“Oh. Huh. I could have sworn…”

This is your Lakenheath in a nutshell: Quirky, handsome, odd, fun, massive, boulderish — but never will he be clumsy or knock into things. It is almost as if he has Ysvarth’s uncanny knowledge of just where his body fits into the world. Unless… unless he’s trying to stop from a dead run.

Then? All hell breaks loose.

Somehow, though, we’re pretty sure Sh’z can handle it!

::: - ::: - ::: - ::: - :::


Lakenheath has the tendency to slip into ‘doormat’ phase. You may need to teach him how to develop a spine. So intent on pleasing you, sometimes he will be very annoying with his « What do you need, what do you NEEEED? » spiel. Also, he has a tendency to take on more than he can chew, and a sense of overwhelming bravado. Bravado that is accentuated by the sarcasm, or, just inappropriate comments that may seep into whatever you are saying and doing.

Sh’z: “Alys, you’re so..”
« Wonderful! Magnificent! Glorious!… Oil free! »
Sh’z: “Oily! Uh…I mean.. Oil free!”
Alys: “…….”

Did we mention that Lak can also be totally overprotective of you? You’re going to hold him back whenever people are really rude. Lak is going to be wailing on whoever it is both privately and publicly. He ‘shoots first, aims later’ and has a pretty big impulse problem. He also may take offense if someone takes up too much of your guy bonding time. You are going to have to explain that your time with others does, in no way, affect the relationship you have with him. He is always loved and he is always important. Period. Will he listen? Maybe.

« Wow, I ‘ve never seen a herdbeast WITH TWO ASSES. This is epic. » Lak sticks his butt up in the air, possibly IN THE FACE of the offender. « They’re going to wish they’d never messed with you Shiz. They’re not going to like being THE BUTT OF MY JOKES » images of a rampaging woolie trampling everyone in its path

« Someone stole my Shiz? » *image of an angry, flaming dragon* « I’ll squash him like a VTOL! I’ll tear him to pieces? Oh Faranth, you better watch yourself. »

Relationship advice. He’s going to give it! He may not really know what he’s saying, but occasionally, some good advice will come through. Ever a fan of honesty, Lak is going to drill it into your head. DON’T LIE! Just don’t.

Another one of Lak’s quirks is CLAUSTROPHOBIA! Much like Aladdin’s Genie, Lak hates to be smushed in tight places. Like, really really hates. You better be prepared to grab the /widest/ area in the Weyrling Barracks so he can stretch his wings a bit, and for those long, late night walks when possible, just so he doesn’t hyperventilate. Eventually, he’ll get used to barracks life, but he will still have intermittent attacks of ‘the walls are closing in.’ This might also be an issue if Lak ever gets injured and has to be confined in the Dragonhealer ground weyrs. But the crack team of Tilla, Za’an and the rest of the Dragonhealers (along with Amuirnith and Erolinyath) should be able to mentally calm Lak down enough to get him to sleep and heal. At least to some extent.

You also may have a hard time getting him to shut up anytime you have passengers:

« Thank you for choosing "Lak Air Caravan" for all your travel needs. Don't stand until my butt has come to a complete stop. Thank you. Goodbye, now. Goodbye. Goodbye, thank you. Goodbye. »

Any perceived flaw either of you have, he will try to cover up with his special kind of smoke screen. Did you fall when you tried to mount him just now? Did he accidently belch all over Weyrlingmaster R’yst’s head instead of towards a target? How about when you got ..uhm. Stiff pants when looking at that sexy young thang in the caverns. CREATE A DIVERSION! Throwing a rock, inciting a firelizard rampage or food fight in the caverns or starting a herdbeat stampede… that’d do it. Oh, it wasn’t /Lak/, it was that flock of angry wherries! Super talon-y. It wasn’t Shiz, it was… that old auntie. Her fart was SO HEINOUS that the firelizards were incited to run for the hills, and take some hair samples/eyes/jewelry with them.

Oddly enough for all his bravado, Lakenheath has his sensitive side. He wants to know you are there for him and you will do the right thing. Sometimes, the right thing isn’t easily apparent, or you just set him off and he goes to sulk. You better work on your cheer-up techniques. He is sensitive about his smaller than usual back legs, and don’t you dare mention them or he’ll crumble. Same goes for anyone else, too. If he wants to talk, you better hear what he has to say. Otherwise, he will take it as a major insult. He is super important… don’t you know?!

Lakenheath is also a very fidgety dragon. He wants to be FREE! He does not take well to discipline or staying in one place for too long. Those riding straps? They feel like SHACKLES to him. ANGRY FACE! (think a cat when you try to put a harness on them. Humiliation, nation, over there. Sometimes they act like the world is ending!)

Extra drills, and repeating things over and over, that’s just not his cup of tea. He is going to want to LEAVE THE WEYR at every chance he gets. Sometimes, he may even try to go without you! He wants to see the world, and stretch those wings. You are going to have to explain to him that these mental and physical exercises are for the good of the weyr, and will improve your bond, and your performance as a duo, and it serves a greater purpose. You will have to tell him these things over and over until he gets it…and it will take a while. Weyrlinghood is sure not going to be easy, that’s for sure. How do you explain to your WLM when Lak goes AWOL?

Aladdin: You're a prisoner?

Genie: It's all part and parcel, the whole "genie gig":

[grows to a gigantic size]


[shrinks down inside the lamp]

Genie: Itty-bitty living space!

« But oh, to be free. Not to have to go between! Whaddaya need, between! Whaddaya need, **between*! Whaddaya need?. To be my own master. Such a thing would be greater than all the oilings and all the treasures in all the world. But what am I talking about? Let's get real here, that's never gonna happen. Lak, wake up and smell the klah »

One last note here is that he will loooooooooooooooooooooooooooove his momma. Aevryscienth is his SHAZAM! She’s the BEST. She’s his MOMMA! Even when Talicanitath and Aevryscienth are bickering, he will always take his momma’s side. Even to the point of making snickering comments about Tali. Because, Tali might be his grandmomma, but Aevryscienth is his MOOOOOMMMMMAAAAAAAAA.

Ysvarth will despise him in a way that a parent gets tired of a kid that does too much of one thing. His colors and loud SHA-BANG will drive his sire to distraction. Which will only make Lakenheath want him MORE. That applause neon sign will keep blinking for turns to come as he seeks to overcome… and sway… his sire to his more colorful mindvoice.

You’re in for it!

Get the picture? WE HOPE YOU DO! Because he’s yours and he’ll bludgeon it into you!

::: - ::: - ::: - ::: - :::


Unlike other dragons, Lakenheath is one to moon, and romance, and stick around the dragon-lady he has won. Thankfully, the eventual rejection of most of the dragon ladies around the weyr won’t stay too long in Lak’s memory, or you would have a broody dragon even more of the time! Unlike other bronzes, he has a particular affinity for green dragons. Golds are great, too, but there’s something about those greens that is particularly appealing, for some reason.


He’s a persistent lover. Once he’s set his sights on a particular lady, he is not going to miss a single flight, until he wins her! He will stress, and hem and haw over the /perfect/ way to get a lady’s attentions, both in in and out of flights because secretly, he is a sappy romantic. Gifts? Check! Romantic fly-bys in the moonlight? Check! Who cares if the rider is screaming epithets and throwing shoes because it is buttcrack of early in the morning? He will also prefer those ladies who have a sense of humor. Why be so serious? Seriously. He is actually sometimes too corny to win the majority of flights, but he never, ever gives up. Eventually, that persistence is going to pay off, but, it may take… a while…

« Quit? I don’t know the meaning of the word. Quit bugging me »


Genie and Eden from the Aladdin TV Show!

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Shizzzzzzzzzzzzzl! Ultimately, your Genie dragon is a friend, a pal, a guy to hang around with, to encourage you, to test you, to infuriate you, to frustrate you, and to remind you of what you NEED to do, even if you don’t feel like doing it. So… have a gander at your Friend Like Me, bronze Lakenheath!

Friend Like Me

Disney’s Aladdin (Robin Williams)

Well Ali Baba had them forty thieves

Scheherezad-ie had a thousand tales

But master you in luck 'cause up your sleeves

You got a brand of magic never fails

You got some power in your corner now

Some heavy ammunition in your camp

You got some punch, pizzazz, yahoo and how

See all you gotta do is rub that lamp

And I'll say

Mister Aladdin, sir

What will your pleasure be?

Let me take your order

Jot it down

You ain't never had a friend like me

No no no

Life is your restaurant

And I'm your maitre d'

C'mon whisper what it is you want

You ain't never had a friend like me

Yes sir, we pride ourselves on service

You're the boss

The king, the shah

Say what you wish

It's yours! True dish

How about a little more Baklava?

Have some of column "A"

Try all of column "B"

I'm in the mood to help you dude

You ain't never had a friend like me

Can your friends do this?

Do your friends do that?

Do your friends pull this out their little hat?

Can your friends go, poof?

Well, looky here

Can your friends go, Abracadabra, let 'er rip

And then make the sucker disappear?

So doncha sit there slack jawed, buggy eyed

I'm here to answer all your midday prayers

You got me bona fide, certified

You got a genie for your chare d'affaires

I got a powerful urge to help you out

So what-cha wish? I really wanna know

You got a list that's three miles long, no doubt

Well, all you gotta do is rub like so - and oh

Mister Aladdin, sir, have a wish or two or three

I'm on the job, you big nabob

You ain't never had a friend, never had a friend

You ain't never had a friend, never had a friend

You ain't never had a friend like me

You ain't never had a friend like me, hah!

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In the end, Lakenheath is yours to do with as you like. We hope you enjoy him, Sh’z, because we want to enjoy your presence and his for years to come! And we had a BLAAAAAAAAAST creating him! Seriously, love here. So take him, enjoy him, and make him your own. Take all or none of this inspiration, we’re just happy to have you back in High Reaches!

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Name: YOU!! <3
Egg Desc: Eth'n
Dragonet Desc: Eth'n
Messages: Eth'n, Tilla
Puppeteer: TIlla
Inspiration: Eth'n, Tilla

Rysta's brown Finmaraisth, Shea's blue Cervilaevarth, Zeyta's brown Kczyslawborth, Paige's green Eriphyliriuth, Dirna's blue Tindraeth, Nika's blue Atmanth, Syriene's green Zhizusikolymuth, and K'ane's bronze Dhioth

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