Xayna’s Not Leo Enough Brown Luileeuth

Beast of Gevaudan Egg

The palest glimmer of moon-white crests this egg, yet sterling shadow and gunmetal menace spill down its side. Flashes of shining silver chase the bristling dark in a dizzying whirl around the shell, but still they miss their mark, for something lurks in the sheltering black at its base - something vicious and inimical, cruel and twisted as a head thrown back in a silent howl.

Hatching Message

Beast of Gevaudan Egg scatters sand with an emphatic shake, easing itself from the divot in the sand where it lurks. As telltale cracks chase their way across its shadowy shape, it struggles against inevitable destruction, writhing and bucking in place. Finally, it stills, mere moments before a foot pops from its confines, then another, a snout, a tail, which eventually solidify into a rather… solid dragon: Not Leo Enough Brown Dragonet.

Not Leo Enough Brown Dragonet

Ruggedly rotund is the best descriptor for this shadow-cast brown: raw power coils beneath a meaty physique, a short neck and limbs and a long torso emphasizing the breadth of his shoulders and haunches. The bitter orange of burnt sienna ripples across the sepia gloom of his broad figure in brindled waves. Lightening against the stretch of a small paunch and the underside of his long but solid tail, sienna turns to charcoal-striped umber in the spars and sails of his expansive wings. His large, round head features a blunt muzzle, tiny headknobs and a face of wide planes and prominent curves in cheek and brow. His paws, dainty in comparison, are tipped with ebony.

Public Impression Pose

Not Leo Enough Brown Dragonet follows his nose and the stench of sweat to reach one particular girl. The candidates to either side of her are ignored as he stares instead with great curiosity at her foot, which is kicking so enticingly. A little wriggle of his brindled rump, and he pounces forward, clamping both forepaws down on it. He scratches himself with his eagerness and in confusion, blinks up at Xayna. Need a little help here.

Private Impression Message

The first thing you notice is heat: it’s intense, dry, like a wind that blew astray from the Igen deserts. It seeps into your bones, filling you to the very marrow of your being. You hear a roar in the distance, a wild cat asserting his dominance over the land, and then you can smell him, so close. The musk of the wild beast fills your nostrils with its dusty tang. He speaks, his voice a husky baritone, deep and soothing. « Hey, kid. What say you and I go and have ourselves a nice, tall glass of milk with a side order of raw and wriggling meat? And then we can take a nice long nap, because boy, am I beat. » He pauses, giving you a moment to let that sink in as he eases his presence into your skin. « I’m Luileeuth, by the way. And you’re Xayna. But you already knew that, didn’t you? »

Xayna, Xayna, Xayna! I can’t tell you how thrilled we are to have such an amazing pair like you and Luileeuth! Your willingness to cooperate is only eclipsed by the enjoyment we’ve had role playing with you. We are so proud to have you among us, and we look forward to seeing more of you.

Egg Inspiration

Full moons bring out the crazy in everything, or so the myth goes - and nowhere is this more apparent than in lore of the werewolf, which reportedly transformed from man to beast during the full moon. Remus Lupin, Oz, Van Helsing: they're everywhere! The Beast of Gevaudan, though, is an actual recorded creature that terrorized the former province of Gevaudan in France during the 1760s, killing almost 100 people and wounding 30 more. Whether this was the work of a werewolf, a serial killer, or some escaped exotic creature is still up to speculation (but isn't the werewolf theory much more fun?).

Theme Inspiration

Well, Xayna, you said you wanted a dragon with a feline nature, and it was only too easy to give you what you asked for! We turned your Luileeuth inside out and upside down, looking at him from every possible angle to give you exactly what you wanted, plus maybe a little more. Your lovely brown dragon is mainly based off of lions, with some tidbits of Garfield thrown in there for spice!

To keep with theme, Luileeuth is based on Leo Minor. To paraphrase Dr. Evil of Austin Powers fame: He’s the Diet Coke of Leo, just one calorie, not Leo enough.

Description Inspiration

Wow. We had a bit of a time trying to figure out how to match fat with agile in your dragon’s description. We think we found a good middle ground, substituting visible agility with power, which fits, since most lions I’ve ever seen don’t look like they could turn on the juice, let alone turn on a dime. Since he’s based off of lions (and Garfield), we also had to hunt for a way to make either darker in coloration. One of the inspiration team members remembered about a genetic disorder called melanism. Basically, this is an increased amount of black pigmentation in the fur.

With his lion-like coloration alone, we saw him looking a bit like this: http://www.lairweb.org.nz/tiger/black.html (the top picture).

So take a pinch of that pictures, add it in with dashes of Garfield (http://www.foxjapan.com/movies/garfield/images/what_photo02.gif) and we’ve got your Luileeuth!

Name Inspiration

Since you asked for a feline-dragon, we instantly started looking at the scientific names of different species of lions, but nothing really jumped out at us. So, ditching that idea, we went looking through different languages, trying to find the perfect name! After a lot of searching, we finally found “leeu” which is Swahili for “lion”. Perfect! However, that alone did not seem to be enough.


The first sensation you’ll get the moment Luileeuth speaks is heat. Heat radiating from every simple word he says, making you think of an African savanna in the midst of the dry season. This isn’t an unpleasant kind of warmth, no. It’s the type that will seep into your bones, warming you on the coldest of High Reaches nights.

With the intense feel of the sun upon you, you’ll get wisps of desert air, the smell of earth all around you. At times, the scent will become very pronounced, almost making you believe you’re no longer in the frigid north, but walking along sand dunes in Igen. When Luileeuth becomes upset, his mindset will do a drastic change, turning into the smell of a violent rainstorm, flooding the desert ground until his rage has subsided.

His voice alone is a deep baritone, the words almost vibrating your mind with the depth of it. It will never be unpleasant, always a nice little tingle of remembrance that you are not alone. Along with his deep voice, there will be a husky sound to it as well. This can almost be thought of as a growl he intermingles with his words. Sometimes causing his r’s to become extended and roll off the tongue. « I swear, Xayna, arrre we always gonna arrrive late? »


“Some people have anxiety attacks, some people have gas attacks … I have nap attacks.”
– Garfield

The first thing you’ll notice about Luileeuth, from the moment he breaks shell and finds you, is his absolute love of naps. You’ll be hard-pressed, Xayna, to get him up and moving in the morning. True, those first few weeks won’t be so bad; Luileeuth’s hunger will wake him up for you. But after he starts to grow, and it’s time for the rigid structure of Weyrling lessons, you may find yourself late for almost every lesson. It doesn’t matter whether it’s morning, noon or night, your Luileeuth needs his beauty rest! Granted, he’s not vain, but any excuse to be lazy is a good excuse to him.

“C’mon, Luileeuth, the Weyrlingmaster says we need to make sure you stretch at least once a day!”
« I am stretching. See? »
“…Luileeuth, you haven’t moved from that spot for over an hour.”
« It’s a new kind of stretching, you move very slowly. So slow you can’t even tell that I’m doing anything. I swear! I saw Valedath doing it the other day. Why would he lie? »

He’ll be notorious for trying to get other dragons in trouble. Not always on purpose, mind you, but sometimes just making up a small white lie and dragging other dragons into it. Sometime, Xayna, he may even do it to you! Though he never intends to get you into trouble, he can’t help himself; it’s a force of habit. He may gracefully accept that yes, he did make a mistake, but he will rarely go down alone — even if the entire incident is his fault.

“Who in the world ate all of the meat we had in here?”

« I admit it, it was I… though Aerulunth helped. Actually, it was all his idea. »
“You do realize that Aerulunth and C’mero have been gone all day, right?”
« Why… then Aerulunth must have left C’mero, come back here, and helped me eat all the meat, then left again! That fiend! »

A trickster at heart, he will often place you into situations that you would not normally place yourself. Wanting to bring a little more laughter to your life, Luileeuth will have no problem performing small practical jokes on other dragons, sometimes ensuring their ‘riders are included as well. It’ll be up to you, Xayna, to make sure his jokes never go too far. He doesn’t want to hurt anyone, he just wants to make sure there is always a smile on your face, and this is the only way he knows how.

“The lion in the jungle makes every other animal sit up and take notice as soon as he lets out a roar. He didn't get that way through artificial paraphernalia or through springs and wires and trick dumbells. He became the king of the jungle through constant natural use of every muscle in his body.”
- Charles Atlas

Luileeuth will always carry himself with pride. Whether due to a natural arrogance, or pride in you, no one may ever know. He’s solitary by nature, but has cast aside that particular trait to make room for you in his life. If you ever take a weyrmate, though, be ready for some jealousy vibes coming off of your brown. He’ll instantly slip into predator-mode the moment he realizes what is going on and it’ll take a lot for that person to earn his trust. It will take a lot of sweet talking on your part to even keep him from propelling the stranger from your weyr, but if you are truly happy with whoever may come along, Luileeuth will eventually come to understand. Just be aware that he will be watching you from the beginning for the slightest sign of dissatisfaction and, when it comes, even if it’s not your hopeful’s fault, he’ll be the first one your dragon will blame. He’s a stubborn dragon and likes being the alpha. Reassure him always, and you may be lucky to not have any scorned lovers, Xayna.

“Roused by the lash of his own stubborn tail our lion now will foreign foes assail.”
- John Dryden

Luileeuth may enjoy his naps, but when awake his keen eyes are always on the look out. Many times, you might find him bounding off to pounce on some poor defenseless fire lizard that just couldn’t get into the air fast enough. He won’t intentionally hurt the animal, but he may give it a scare that it’s not likely to forget.

Luileeuth will be the king of the ground: by far one of the more agile dragons out of the air, neither sluggish nor unnatural like so many others. He may strut a bit, allowing his tail to sway back and forth. He may also have a nasty habit of knocking things over with that tail, but he’ll never notice that particular issue, normally far too intent on where he is going. Not really a wanderer, your brown will always have a reason for why he is on the move. There is no time to stop and smell the roses, because the sooner he gets done, the sooner he can do something more imperative – like sleep.

“Courage is poorly housed that dwells in numbers; the lion never counts the herd that are about him, nor weighs how many flocks he has to scatter.”
- Aaron Hill

In the air, he’s just as agile, though his larger size costs him some speed and he’ll hardly be as quick and nimble as the smaller blues and greens. You’ll see him at his best in the air when it’s time to feed. He’ll slink in, from the sky, or on the ground, using the cover of brush or cloud to disguise his approach.

“A lion's work hours are only when he's hungry; once he's satisfied, the predator and prey live peacefully together.”
- Chuck Jones

None will know he’s there, the instinct to silently stalk one’s prey evident, all jokes aside. He’ll pick out the beast he wants, often going for the strongest, rather than weakest, beast of the herd. The better the beast, the bigger the challenge and your Luileeuth can’t say no to such tests of his abilities. When the time is right, he’ll bolt from the sky, zooming down through the air, using gravity to his advantage. He’ll scatter the herd in all directions and stay on the tail of the beast he wants. This is when your sweet brown turns ugly.

“The lion and the calf shall lie down together but the calf won't get much sleep.”
- Woody Allen

When it comes to feeding, Xayna, make sure no candidates are watching or Luileeuth’s actions may persuade them to go home. He will toy with his food, leaving it alive and running it until it can barely stand. He’ll pick it up, only to set it down and bat at it, very much like a feline with a rat. He’ll torture the animal, till it almost dies from shock alone. Then, and only then, will he finally take it to feed, making a multitude of angry noises as he digs into the flesh. Needless to say, he must do this with each and every animal he takes down, bringing them to the utmost pinnacle of panic, before swiftly ending their lives.

“All I do is eat and sleep. Eat and sleep. Eat and sleep. There must be more to a cat’s life than that. But I hope not.”
– Garfield

Since there is no Thread, you will have to think of something to keep Luileeuth occupied. He may sleep most of the day away, but when awake, he’s a twitchy dragon, who needs to keep himself occupied, or else he’ll find something not quite as helpful to do.
No matter what you choose to do, Luileeuth will be behind you 100%. He’ll be your friend to lean on and your biggest supporter! To him, Xayna, you can do no wrong.


Extensive speed is one thing that Luileeuth lacks, making gold flights a challenge, while his pudgy belly makes difficult the acrobatics that many greens find easy; therefore, to win the right to breed with golds and greens your Luileeuth will have to use his cunning and sharp mind. He’ll find out, early in life, what his body will allow: short bursts of speed and the smooth turns of an agile, if large figure, perhaps, but stamina and the natural instinct to ambush will likely be his strongest points.

Most flights, Luileeuth will stay towards the back, allowing the smaller blues to tire out and the larger bronzes to fight amongst themselves, hunting for a weak spot in his competitors; no one will see him coming. With the right move, when others are losing wind, he’ll put on a quick burst of speed and slide into place! He’ll need no extra reserves for his flights, having only used the bar minimum. So when the other males are trying to find that extra bit of strength to go the final distance, it’ll be far too late. Your Luileeuith will have already ensured his success! And like any superior male, marking his newly won territory, he’ll let a loud roar fill the sky before allowing himself the spoils of his victory.

Don’t be surprised if you notice a few certain greens and possibly even a gold or two that Luileeuth prefers to chase after. These few females will be his pride, in essence, whether he wins all their flights or not. He may choose to go after other females as well, but those certain few will be his favorites, for reasons only he knows.

This is how we envision your Luileeuth, Xayna. But remember, he’s your dragon, and as such you can do with him as you please. You’re more than welcome to use all of his inspiration or only parts of it. All that matters, is what you want your Luileeuth to be!


Name: Tye
Egg Desc: Tessa, Pyrene tweak
Dragonet Desc: Shazi
Messages: Shazi
Puppeteer: Pyrene
Inspiration: Tye, Shazi

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