Auri's Mischievous Goldilocks Green Miravith

Pearl of Bahrain Egg

Long and thin is this egg, yet not lacking in dignity: pure iridescent white forms the base for a lush emerald green that sways, freckled with droplets of crystalline azure. Shadows of cloudy grey rise to give an illusionary support to a regal sphere of untouched pristine white. Leaving the perfectly-marked orb untouched by their watery streams are fountains of soft aqua and washed-out oceanic green, shimmered over with a wash of bright sunlight.

Hatching Message

Pearl of Bahrain Egg clouds over as tiny striations wreak havoc on its surface, its centerpiece orb seeming to pop whole from the watery background. The brittle structure collapses around a slick green form, born into the world riding upon a clamshell-shaped piece of her egg.

Mischievous Goldilocks Green Dragonet

Virescent shades undulate gently over the soft hide of her cherubic form, rippling down a smooth neck as grass-green mingles with glints of molten gold. Innocence reflects in a glittery halo, subtly dusted with malachite, set primly atop her crown while her slim muzzle tapers into a childlike expression. Inordinate wings carry a tallow hue, pale green whispering lightly along the 'sails. Beryl spills across the capacious frame, her youthful appearance shifting with the tenebrious shades that stretch down her throat to hint at a vespertine nature. Verditure comes to a conclusion, vibrant emerald fairy-brushed along her back, winding down to tail and silver-taloned paws alike.

Public Impression Pose

Mischievous Goldilocks Green Dragonet squawks pitiful as the big, scary brown causes her to veer away from Ashan. He's scary to /her/, anyway. Eyes scan over the candidates sadly, silvered paws plodding through hot sands until she finds herself confronted with her very own likeness: innocent, wide blue eyes and golden curls. Head dips piteously as she turns an entreating gaze up at Auri. Will she share her porridge? And maybe a bed?

Private Impression Message

A hesitant probe - a delicate touch. Then in floods an uninhibited rush of emotions: hunger, annoyance and at the very end, a feeling of contentment. « You are just right. » a clipped voice informs you with cloying waves of satisfaction, childish giggle added at the end as etiquette and protocol are dropped. « Psst. Auri. I am Miravith and I am /hungry/. »

Auri! Pink-loving, mud-despising, nanny-eating Auri! You've been a golden glow in the Weyr, a sunbeam of pure insanity and creativity that's kept us smiling. It's been /wonderful/ having you as a candidate again, llamas and all. We hope that Miravith, a fellow golden-haloed girl, is everything you want her to be! Keep spreading that endearing type torture that you do so well. —Lylia, Shaela, and HRW SearchCo!

Description Inspiration

For the most part, we wanted Miravith to look the part of Goldilocks. A childish innocent with those golden locks, and slightly chubby, baby-fat-ridden form that all young princesses seem to have. Any darkness she might bear would be within, or very well concealed on her outer appearance, thus the hint of vespertine nature (we insisted on using the word 'vespertine' in your desc after Shaela came across it and deemed it too beautiful to not use. Perhaps you should consider yourself lucky that we could not find a place for our other faves: spatulate, sphenoid, and quiddity.). You also asked for touches of angels, which we felt would fit perfectly into the visual of Miravith, cherubic and fae.

Name Inspiration

Pronunciation: MEER-ah-vith; same feel as 'miracle'

Miravith! Well, we were looking for something that would give people the impression that your lifemate would be a little principessa. And you can't imagine how many names we went through, looking for the perfect mix of meaning and sugary sweetness, until we at last came upon and Miravith and /knew/. It was actually Lylia who finally suggested it, after Shaela got it stuck in her head that your lifemate would have a name with the alphabetical progression of V-I-R in it (relating to the Virtue angels — angels! yay!). Miravith also has roots in 'mirth' and 'mihr', for which the meanings are listed:

mirth n. merriment, laughter.

Mihr An angel presiding over the month of September and the 16th day of the month. Mihr watches over friendship and love.

Virtues The virtues are an order of Angels. Their special gifts to humanity are giving help to people who are in a position where courage is needed. They help people who actively try to change the world and unblock its stubborn energy ruts. These Angels have authority over natural forces such as weather phenomenon and astral energy currents. In that it is necessary to be astrally aware to communicate with Angels the virtues are good to call on to help in this process. The extraterrestrial energies that effect us are associated with telepathy, universal thinking and even have a link to computers. It is possible that Angels are actually helping cause the computer age in an attempt to use energy to promote global unity, this would be typical of their style of controlling us. This means that you should see a connection between the general ethereal system with its telecommunications of all sorts and human mind power and, of course, telepathy. The virtues will be interested in what you want to do with the media, they are looking for displays of courage and prefer things to stay in the positive side. Since the Angels don't seem to have absolute control, the world is allowed to be imperfect and computers are used for bad and good. Some of the Ruling Princes of the order of Virtues are Haniel, Michael, Sabriel, Uzziel, Raphael, Barbiel, Usiel, Tarshish and Peliel. In Zoroastrianism the Angel, Asha, is known as the Angel of virtue. To some ancient Egyptians the chief of the Virtues was Pi-Rhe. Their link with manifesting circumstantial powers through energy makes them the miracle Angels who part the red sea and send natural powers to help in the nick of time. This shows an authority above the Gods and Goddesses of nature and therefore the Angels are reserved in their use of power. The need for clear communication is made clear by these Angels. They are more prone to respond to those with good posture who fill their whole lungs with air when they speak and who are mentally and emotionally clear about what they speak. In other words, you must work on yourself to be able to communicate with Angels. (Author Unknown)


The light contralto, youthful and exuberant, is what will flow into your mind with her words. A British accent, like that of a certain vampire, flavors her tone, along with sugary sweetness, as she chatters at you. Don't expect a dragon prone to silences; Miravith will want to tell you things, anything and everything. Her voice is higher-pitched than the other dragons, and she's certainly not overly loud, but can be when she needs to, whether for purpose or prank. Her voice nearly drowning in all the sweet things of life: a rain of sugar, the scent of lavender, a spring breeze that wraps around you. Don't be surprised at getting a mental poke just after you wake up, Miravith ever concerned over you. « Auri? Are you up? Are you okay? Oh? Good. » There's a ring of childish laughter ever within it, unless she becomes upset, where she'll pointedly keep a lower, sulking tone.

But although that tone will ever be sweet and cheerful to you, it won't be the same when she speaks to her dragonkind. The British mindvoice quickly becomes icier, often turning into a standoffish princess tone when she speaks to other dragons. A few might escape this treatment, but the cynical edge and condescending tone certainly will not endear her to most dragons, though her charm may ensnare their riders. « /What/ are you doing? I'm /supposed/ to be here, of course, so why don't you /go/? » Her accent adds a quite stuck up sound to it, but her confidence in the words can easily make some dragons think she /must/ have a right to be where she is, even if they resent her and her rudeness. However, if she needs something out of them, she won't hesitate to speak in her cute little tone, using a cheerful chirping and innocent look until they can't resist but give her what she wants.

And humans? Aside from her beloved Auri, why would Miravith want to speak to /them/? Not that she views them as lower beings, just that they don't really hold much in the way of interest for her. She'd much rather be babbling at her darling Auri, messing around with her latest curiousity, or watching the grass grow than spend quality time chit-chatting with humans — riders in particular. It's easier to maintain that cute widdle dragon persona if she doesn't speak, anyway — make them think she's all innocent, gentle purring, big, doe eyes, flopping paws and all. At some point, the green may consider talking briefly to a person aside from her lifemate, but she'd never let them know it was her: quick as a leaf in the wind, her words would blow through the person's mind in the girlish laughter, never to be revealed as coming from the little one. Or perhaps she'd alter her tone, deepening it as a part of one of her pranks, trying to mislead some poor soul. But in the end, she's unlikely to actually come up with the idea, the idea of wanting to talk to anyone but her Auri being something she simply wouldn't consider.


Physically, Miravith is the local cherub of the High Reaches. Sweet, petite (she'll rival Siulth for smallest green in the Weyr, length-wise.. width is another matter, with all that chub), gold-green and innocent-seeming, she is a prime example of just how deceiving looks can be. To look at her, you would honestly think she could never cause to any harm, so puppy-dog endearing are those jewelled eyes. And, oh!, those pudgy pinch-me cheeks, and limbs and tummy plumped with baby-fat that will never go away: indeed, even into her hundredth turn, Miravith will be petite and chubby, and will look not a day past full-growth, for her hide will never fade, and her expression will never age. Even Threadscores will hardly age her, as her scars will never show so badly as they might on other dragons.

With Miravith's cuteness comes a coloring that is far from dull. The majority of her hide is covered with medium or lighter types of green, her wings almost pastel near the tips. Much of her is an almost forest shade of green, not too dark or too light. Along her belly, stretching from throat to near the tip of her tail, dark, ominous shades are found; however, the rest of her is so sweet and adorable, who might notice? The greens overlap in many places, too many slight differences in shades to count. It's a child's finger-painting, entirely in green; all splashed on her in the same general type of green, just different shades and tints thereof.

There's a few odd discolorations to Miravith, the most noticable being the golden hints, spilling around her head like the golden tresses of a certain pink-loving girl we all love, not to mention like Goldilocks herself. The gold can be found along the edge of her wingsails as well, scattered like fairy dust, making her look the perfect, shining princess. Looks /are/ deceiving. Another spot is one only you might see, upon your oiling, bathing, and scratching the itches of your lifemate. At the base of her wings, often hidden, is a slight dusting of magenta, mingling with specks of brown. It's the almost symmetrical spotches that break her perfection. This will likely be a common itchy spot for her, something that will need your fingers to scritch constantly.

"Oh, do it again. It tickles. You know, in a good way."
- Spike 'The Harsh Light of Day', Buffy: the Vampire Slayer, Season 4


Just like Goldilocks, Miravith will forever go down in the annals of Pernese history as a mischievous dragon. Always getting into this, that, or the other thing, she'll cause trouble, make a mess, pull a stunt.. and something will inevitably go wrong. She may not exactly set out to wreak havoc, she'll merely be curious, wondering « What's in there? What will happen if I do /this/? » and then the pile of firestone ash will receive a little Miravith-snort and suddenly the entire weyrling class will be covered in black soot. Somehow, though, with that charming babyface and you, Auri, her eternal defender (because in your eyes, she could never do any wrong.. she's always so sweet and nice to you!), she'll manage to get away with it, living to see another day, just like Goldilocks, after she made a mess of the entire Bear home, and Spike, after he repeatedly tried to kill the entire Scooby gang and take over the world. Yes, that is precisely how adorable your little Miravith is.

"I was actually at Woodstock. That was a weird gig.
I fed off a flower person and spent the next six hours watching my hand move."
~~ Spike, 'School Hard', Buffy: the Vampire Slayer, Season 2 ~~

Maybe Miravith's not going to be eating the flower people of Pern, but she does have an insatiable curiousity. While this is common in young dragons, she manages to take it to an extreme; everything moving around her manages to be utterly fascinating. Should she choose to drop her muzzle to ground during formations, freezing completely as she watches the wind pick up dust on the training grounds, don't be too surprised. Sometimes the oddest things happening around her will result in indifference, while simple little things in the corner of her vision will drive her to complete distraction. Her frenzy of excitement will distract her from any attempts you might make to get her back to reality. « Auri! Look at it /move/, it spins! Formations? But they are not interesting! » With you, she'll try to draw you in, adoration pouring in her voice as she tries to coax you to drop down with her and watch a cloud pass, or a wherry dashing across the pens in a frenzy. If any other dragon should try to draw her back into what she's supposed to be doing, Miravith will simply respond with a sharp answer of irritation, tinged with hard sarcasm. « I'm busy. How does this concern /you/? » Not that she'd ever give a hint of this voice to you, her beloved Auri, or let any of the humans in charge of you think she's anything but sweet.

Occasionally she'll let you in on her little pranks, urging you to take part, but you'll always view them as a cute little lot of fun, refusing to believe that your darling Miravith could ever do anything out of the meanness of her heart. Because she has a sweet, loving soul, right?! Just like that angel on one shoulder, looking the part, and babbling like any good girlfriend to you, making sure you're not doing anything /bad/, she'll be forever interested in the greater good when it comes to you, Auri. But sometimes she just has to let loose and remind you that the greater good is /occasionally/ getting into what could be termed the greater bad. So she'll hop onto the other shoulder, don something a little less pristine and halo-y, and dare you to put extra spices in D'renn's food. She'll promise to cover for you if you get caught, by purring neatly in the weyrlingmaster's direction while you make a quick getaway. It's only when you're involved that she truly sits down and /thinks/ about her pranks before she goes through with them. The rest of the time, she just kind of happens to go stumble into them. And she'd never dare you to do something that could be remotely dangerous for you, like riding without your straps, or even worse, busting someone else's straps (no matter how much she may think their rider to be a fanciful pouf).

This green's not going to stop there with her little habits. Another may be less attractive to the cleanliness-craving Auri. Despite appearing to be the epitome of cuteness, Miravith does not crave things fit only for a regal soul. She's never going to be your average green, being more of a tomboy, ready to play, than the prim princess who sits in her weyr all day, ensuring her talons are polished just so. While she does have her vanity, her love of the outdoors leads her to one of her hobbies that will make your weyrlinghood work an extra chore: she adores the occasional roll in the mud. On hot days, the sun warming the 'Reaches more than its usual climate, she might choose to take a dip in the muddy areas near the lake, always more often than you, Auri, would like, and always at the most inopportune times for you to have to run out and get her all cleaned up and spotless. Come spring, the snow melting, Auri will have little choice but to give constant baths to the playful creature, if only to prevent having to clean the mud out of her weyr.

Just as she likes rolling in mud, the cleanup will be an equal joy for Miravith, a time to spend time with you and to get some personal attention. Bathing is something to be enjoyed for her, a time to loll about, while you scrub her hide spotless. She'll have her share of itches, only then noticed, and she will not be the one to go out and specifically say that she wants to be scratched. « Auri… », she'll give a wistful sigh into your mind, « Is my back not still dirty? Oh, it is fine, do not worry at all. I just feel something a little odd… No, do not worry at all. Do not bother, I am fine. No, back farther. There. That scratch will do, I suppose. Everything you do is wonderful, really. Yes. Much better. » Her tone will be so soft and pitiful, concern only for your welfare in her mental touch. This will be in part true, she doesn't want you to worry, but she's certainly not above a spreading a little guilt onto her lifemate to ensure that all her itches are attended to.

So, you want to know specifically the reaction of most dragons to your Miravith? Perhaps another Spike quote will do. Trydanth, especially, will share Spike's sentiment here:

"You don't say? Trouble?! She's the gnat in my ear!
The gristle in my teeth! She's the bloody thorn in my BLOODY SIDE!"
~~ Spike, 'What's My Line, Part I', Buffy: the Vampire Slayer, Season 2 ~~

Her relationship with other dragons will always be a mystery to you, Auri, for to you, she is the sweetest thing that could ever have Hatched. And to other humans, she's equally sweet, if only in her childish, angelic appearance and actions, as she'll rarely be one to speak to humans aside from you. But outside of your mental reach, she'll be harsh, even cruel to her fellow dragonkind. And, sadly for her, it's not something she can just turn off. Like Spike, she's just naturally evil like that. It's the way nature intended it. She has a certain knack for knocking off criticism and wisecracks at just the right moments, as does a certain vampire we all know and love. And, occasionally, a truly wise comment filled with insight that will at first anger the dragon to whom it is directed, then later, shock them that little Miravith could know so very much.

"You're not friends. You'll never be friends.
You'll be in love 'til it kills you both. You'll fight, and you'll shag,
and you'll hate each other until it makes you quiver, but you'll never be friends.
Love isn't brains, children, it's blood. Blood screaming inside you to work its will.
I may be love's bitch, but at least I'm man enough to admit it."
~~ Spike, 'Lover's Walk', Buffy: the Vampire Slayer, Season 3 ~~

Indeed, Miravith will observe the relationships of others, and somehow be able to wriggle her way inside their thoughts, their emotions, and know exactly what all of it means before they even figure it out. This goes for dragons and their lifemates alike, though rarely will the lifemates ever hear Miravith's words of wisdom, for she'll most certainly never let on to you about them so you could pass them on, and most dragons would deem her words too hurtful to their lifemates to pass on. Sadly, Miravith's wisdom will forever be misinterpreted until it's too late.

"— How can I thank you, you mysterious black-clad-hunk-of-a-knight thing?
— No need, little lady. Your tears of gratitude are enough for me.
You see, I was once a bad-ass vampire. But love and a pesky curse
defanged me and now I'm just a big fluffy puppy with bad teeth. *pause*
No, not the hair. Never the hair.
— But there must be some way I can show my appreciation.
— No. Helping those in need is my job and working up a load of sexual tension
and prancing away like a magnificent poof is truly thanks enough.
— I understand, I have a nephew who's gay.
— Say no more, evil's afoot and I'm almost out of that Nancy-boy hairgel
I like so much. Quickly! To the Angel-mobile. Away!"
~~ Spike, 'In the Dark', Angel, Season 1 ~~

One of Miravith's all-time favourite things to do, once she's got the freedom to fly up there by herself, will be perching on the ledge of the StarStones, quietly observing the goings-on below with a cynical, sarcastic monologue meant only for herself. It will always be late at night, often when you're asleep, or doing your own thing (need we say *ahem*, here?) in which she has no interest. She'll sit up there and run a monologue of Chayath and Piccath, and their gross charade of spoiled adoration. She'll mimic Trydanth and his lifemate chewing out a weyrling and trying to get them into the sack all at the same time (no basis in reality required, here, of course).

She always did prefer late evening, anyway, inevitably not dropping off until 2 or 3 in the morning, and when she's graduated weyrlinghood and more able to define her own hours, she'll often choose to sleep through the day until just before Threadfall, when duty calls. And there will indeed be times when duty calls, and then Miravith will have no problem jumping into action, ready to get out and fight the battle, often viewing it as quite a load of fun.


Miravith is not your typical flirtatious green. Not at all. Flirt? Her? She'll only give a puzzled look to any such an idea. She's got things to do, plots to accomplish, people to endear herself to, what's all this about males? Even when the time comes around for her to fly, the changes will be slight.. but they will definitely be there. Her color will be the most noticeable, looking more luminous even a sevenday before flying, a clear warning sign to anyone but her. Should any male dragon notice and sidle up to her in an attempt to flirt, they'll have an equal chance of being playfully splashed, or being told to get away before she claws his eyes out. Not that she's overly sensitive, it's just that she doesn't really understand what these silly males want with her.

Then, in the hours just before she rises in flight, people would be wise to run away, screaming. The innocent exterior gives way to a feline prowl, the chubby creature turning from an angel to a lioness, eyeing the male dragons carefully, warily. That one's too fat, that one's too stupid, that one's too slow; none will be good enough for her, for she'll leap into the air with a hunter's ferocity. All the dark nature within comes out at first, a wild flight of spiralling dives and strange maneuvers, that somehow manage to throw off most males. Higher and higher, she'll slip through the air easily. Flight is natural to her, but this won't be her usual delicate fluttering. Here, she'll be very much a predator, until her strength starts to fail her. She'll certainly be hard to catch, but once the inner predator recedes with the onset of weariness, one of those chasing dragons much catch.

"I gave her everything - beautiful jewels, beautiful dresses,
with beautiful girls in them, but nothing made her happy.
And she would flirt! I caught her on a park bench, making out with a chaos demon!
Have you ever seen a chaos demon? They're all slime and antlers.
They're disgusting! She only did it to hurt me.
So, I said, 'I'm not puting up with this anymore.'
And she said, 'Fine!' And I said, "Yeah, I've got an unlife, you know!'
And then she said…she said we could still be friends. God, I'm so unhappy!"
~~ Spike, 'Lover's Walk', Buffy: the Vampire Slayer, Season 3 ~~

And every poor sod who falls in love with your little Miravith in all that gushy new post-flight realization of wonderfulness (because, believe it or not, your Miravith will be quite the worthwhile catch) will get lost in this very same world. She'll return to her everyday personality of cruelty and lack of caring after a few days, once she's used the (often young and innocent) dragon for all he's worth — or maybe she did actually care for him, you'll never be quite sure — always insisting that they'll be friends..

"I love syphilis more than you."
~~ Spike, 'The Harsh Light of Day', Buffy: the Vampire Slayer, Season 4 ~~

That is, until she insults him for the fiftieth time in front of all of his friends. Oh well!

"She wouldn't even kill me. She just left.
She didn't even care enough to cut off my head, or set me on fire.
I mean, is that too much to ask? You know? Some little sign that she cared?"
~~ Spike, 'Lover's Walk', Buffy: the Vampire Slayer, Season 3 ~~

But there will occasionally (maybe once or twice during her lifetime) be a dragon to whom Miravith has an insatiable attraction. Complete, eternal, and unhealthy. Should he be the type to ignore whatever female he flies, then you'll get the joys of comforting your poor green. « Auri. He wouldn't look at me. Not even growl when I stole the herdbeast he was after. Then, I saw him twining necks with /her/. I hate /her/. » Should that dragon be the type to accept and enjoy such attention, you'll have her cooing to you about him, and get to watch her hanging around his ledge. And all others will pale in comparison to that One and Only. All her pranks will be designed to amuse him, and he alone will be safe from her criticisms and sarcasms. She may even give up her rolls in the mud to appease him. Anything and everything to keep him twining necks with hers forever. Inevitably, though, his love for her will turn sour, if it even existed in the first place, leaving your lifemate to be a complete and moping mess, a big chubby mass of depression on your doorstop, gorging herself with every meal, reckless in the air and careless with herself in general. Months, even Turns!, may pass before she comes around, and even when she does, she'll still have a lingering sense of loss.. and a new favourite dragon to be Not Nice to.

Of course, any love she could show to another dragon pales entirely to the love she will show you, Auri. You are hers, forever and always, with no possibility of that ever changing. She will listen to you when she won't obey the commands of even the queen dragons of the Weyr. And you, likewise, will listen to her, and do just as she says, lest she purposely roll in the mud so you'll spend frustrated hours scrubbing that hide into a state of perfect cleanliness.


Welcome to the wonderful world of Miravith, Auri! She's quite a mess of contradictions, and we're quite certain you'll be both confounded and utterly enamoured by her each day as you embark on your new life together.


Dragon: Miravith
Colour: Green
Name: Lylia & Shaela
Egg: Pearl of Bahrain Egg
Egg Desc: Isolt; D'renn tweak
Dragonet: Mischievous Goldilocks Green Dragonet
Dragonet Desc: Lylia; Shaela tweak
Messages: Lis; D'renn tweak
Inspiration: Lylia & Shaela
Puppeteer: Lis

Zai & brown Puizuth, Fye & blue Lainnoth,
Shawn & brown Orsoth, Pyrene & gold Cadgwith, Lyri & green Niamhyth,
Daeyn & brown Anwyllth, R'gis & green Peorth

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