P'kar's Blushing Debutante Green Misumith

A Night at Almack's Egg

Swirling pastels waltz over this egg's face in the company of bolder black and white tones, the contrasting colors mingling in a graceful dance of pageantry and gentility. The shells surface is as textured muslin, dampened in places to opacity; a daring allure that borders on promiscuity. Dominating all is the brilliance of chandelier's glow, flickering candlelight softened through crystal, providing an almost dreamlike ambiance to the event.

Hatching Message

The bright lights flare, the pastel swirls of pinks, greens, and blues blend with the more vivid blacks and whites, spiraling tighter and tighter as the waltz becomes more frenzied, until suddenly – in an explosion of scattered muslin and lace- all is still. In the wake of this calm rises a vision of innocent loveliness, a delicate beauty to grace the now empty dance floor. Blushing Debutante Green Dragonet has arrived at her first ball.

Blushing Debutante Green Dragonet

Shiny apple green hide is unripened by any but the faintest of blushes, its rosy glow a veneer of fresh sweetness over the crisp tartness of this silken dragonet. Dapples of sunlight ripple along the unconscious sway of her dainty form and coltish, gawky legs; awkwardness again in her ungainly limbs which have yet to learn the grace of maturity. Ah, but a potential for elegance is there in the fragility of the wedged head, the smooth length of neck and tail, and in the almost lacy flair of tatted wingsails. She is oh-so softly rounded, sleek and curvy but for the piercing exactness of well-placed neck ridges and salient headknobs or in the prettily curved danger of gleaming talon. Wonder without pretension shines in her wide eyes, emotion sparkling fervor tempered by guileless caution.

Private Impression Message

Faintly, with a lady's caution, tendrils of lavender waft like an English mist to simmer in the back of your mind. Waltzing indecisively to quietly skim over your thoughts with delicate grace, the green dragonet first makes her presence fully known with a question - «Pikar?» - but soon confidence grows and the decision is made, blushing aura diffused by a swift rush of girlish excitement, a hint of crisp apple scent enveloping your consciousness in a pure burst of fresh awakening as realization comes «Pikar…would not lace fit you so much better than this robe?» Said with the innocence of youth, your green takes permanent hold of your mind, overpowering you with exuberant chattering «I would like you so much better in such. I am Misumith. I am yours.» The tidal wave of sensation finally ebbs only as a lady's manners are remembered, leaving you with the residue of vivid colors and fruity scents as she waits expectantly.

Name Inspiration

Misumith - Pure Beauty. We chose this name for your dragon because she is pure beauty — in the sense that she is beautiful and pure, although not necessarily /always/ so on the latter. As well, the flow of the name represents many things - merriment, airy laughter, lightheartedness, and an almost childish delight in you and in the things around her.


Carefully cultured, Misumith's mental voice is very grammatical, her tutored accents steeped in a lilting contralto to form a unique sound. She tends to have a melodic eloquent sound to her speech, being the well-raised debutante she is. But still, conversations are pocketed with a fluttering sort of mental pause that you'll learn to recognize as a Misu style giggle or blush. The accent itself, you will notice, is an odd blend of English pronunciation and southern purred drawl, giving a distinct polish to her words. — Words! Oh yes, she'll have plenty of them, your green seems to have an insatiable interest in human vocabulary. If a particular term catches her eye, Misumith will be sure to work that into a conversation as much as possible - obsessing quietly (yet definitely not to the point of being overly silly) over the pronunciation and meaning. «P'kar, isn't 'shadow' the most /delicious/ word? So airy and rounded!»

With such eloquent speech, Misumith rarely will be prone to over imagery or excess projection. Her mental feeling is definite, though - airy feeling of lavender and crisp cut apple blossoms dancing at the edges of your mind like a faintly drifting perfume. Colors are usually a sweetly curious pastel mix, ruffling and enfolding like a mental frill of lace around your mind. When she's particularly excited, you might notice even a bubbling fizz sensation of summer cider appear amid her thoughts and this green might stress her points with an added fillip of excited wonder to each thought. Above all, her chattering will be continuous, non-stop, and almost fluttery in the speed she will tell you what she is thinking.


Airy and light, Misumith's scent is not a very discernable one (well, for a dragon, that is.) An almost powdery veil of lavender and freesia intermingles delicately with dragon's usual musk to create the aroma this coltish green is cloaked in. A vague hint of talc powder is mixed in as well (talc powder was a accessory debutante's of the 1800's often wore on outings), forming the light subdued feel to green's scent. At the same time, twists of honeysuckle and apples in a barely-there manner hint at the verge of womanhood Misumith plays at.


Graceful despite her coltish looks, Misumith is everything a good debutante should be. She carries those lanky limbs with the requisite awkwardness that is usual during weyrling days, but slowly, shuffled gait will turn to a smoother loped waltz as she matures. The green tends to carry herself with a stately calm air (imitating the precise steps of a musicless waltz) most of the time, although, when upset with any extreme emotion, Misumith is set atwitter. Her wings will flutter with a rustle of flightiness whenever something unexpected happens. However, once logic is restored and her debutante manner kicks in, Misu will be the calm gracious dragon she was before (the only evidence of her remaining emotion the rosy blush that seems to build and ebb under her apple green hide). Indeed, Faranth help her if there is a male giving her attention, the green will positively -blush- and suddenly find eloquent speech and well cultured knowledge out the window.


Misumith is a young girl on the verge of womanhood, still retaining that magical innocence of youth, as yet unsullied by the knowledge beyond her own small sphere, that of life and love and…possibilities. Now, however, her chrysalis is complete, her debut as a lady upon her. There is a yearning, an eagerness to /know/, to put aside those things Little Girls find important in her desire to know what it is to be a — Woman — her emotions quivering on the brink of realization, of change.

That time of change is here, now, and her interests have moved from childish games to an awareness of more mature pastimes. Her tendency towards frillies and dainty lingerie is perhaps only matched by your own, her senses inundated with the heady experience of /wanting/ to be dressed up, clean, and ladylike for the first time, putting away more and more those tomboy ways that mark her personality still in small ways. She retains her exuberance and bouncy delight in all things, her curiosity and adventurous spirit, her innocent wonder in the world around her, in you, in everything you accomplish.

Another aspect of her chrysalis is a sudden fascination with the until-now-ignored topic of boys-men-/males/. They consume her thoughts, fill her dreams, and are a source of constant curiosity for her. Unfortunately, her mind is much more advanced than her social abilities in this direction. She knows /what/ she wants to say, and /how/ she wants to act, but all that comes out is an embarrassed giggle and senseless babbling, her rosy tint deepening into a full blush. In the presence of a handsome brown, blue, or especially bronze she is reduced to petrified awe and quivering excitement, her courage boundless, though in need of bolstering by your comforting presence.

/You/ are the only male she can be herself with. With you she shares her thoughts, dreams, gossip, and girlish secrets. When you are near she can at least maintain a shy demeanor in others’ presence, an almost-calm bordering on mature (although the occasional giggle or blushing glance will give her away). When alone, however, she will inundate you with her childish prattle, her dissection of the day and everything that occurred in it: «I almost died when he looked at me!» she will tell you, then add breathlessly, «Do you think he likes me??» just seconds later, watching you try on frillies with obvious enjoyment and never-ending delight as she keeps up this running commentary. «I like that blue, too…what’s his name? Dandyith? Yes— him. He is pretty. I would like to…» And break off in blushing confusion, her mindvoice now hushed..«You know. Do that…ooooh!.. I like that pink lacy thing!». Her thoughts are as gauzy as the pretties you wear, and she revels in sharing them with you, moving airily from one topic to another without halt or discretion. But only with you.

Misumith is your match in every way; your soulmate. Together you can grow and mature, discuss life and love, enjoy your mutual love of all things frilly and delicate, silky and lacy. Confidences can be shared, small hurts, rejections, or embarrassments comforted and cuddled away; she is your shadow, your protector, your biggest fan, and one who loves you unconditionally. She will be the strength you need, the builder of your confidence, and the one to encourage you in all you. She will complete you.

Attitude and Quirks

Poor, poor Pikar…and you thought /you/ were a challenge to live with at times! Misumith has her own peculiarities—hey, at least, it makes her all the more willing to accept yours! Right?

Misumith is, of course, curious, about many things: life, love, /sex/. «What is that?» will be the eternal question, or perhaps «How do I do that? Is it nice?». Her avid interest in your love life will be matched only by her undying willingness to watch you parade your frillies for her pleasure. She will revel in your intimate relationships, sometimes to the point of embarrassment, perhaps, her thirst for knowledge overpowering.

An outgoing, social creature (except where males are concerned, where she tends to remain tongue-tied), she has another habit that alternately causes embarrassment and amusement. She nuzzles - Everybody -and not just other dragons. She'll try to cuddle up against herdbeasts, runners, people, even the occasional firelizard—after all, she just wants the reassurance of another physical presence. And if she senses that you have an interest in such-and-such a person, either the object of your affection or their dragon will find themselves draped with a gossipy, giggly female of green hue until they start paying attention to /you/.

She is also shy, yet bold, an unusual combination. With you her temerity and outspokenness knows no bounds. She can tell you anything. Within company her exuberance fades somewhat, becoming demure, dissembling, her endless chatter drying up suddenly, especially if males are present. Then she tries for aloof calm and disinterest, a subtle flirtation that quickly becomes obvious as she blushes and simpers and flutters her lashes with innocent hope. She tries too hard, and it is your job to temper her, just as she is a tempering influence on you. Your task is to show her the way to the hearts of the males she desires, although her eagerness will always be a block she will have to deal with, as well as the shyness that comes at the oddest times, and unexpectedly. Another stumbling block to her success at these times will be her idea of what a ‘proper’ lady acts like. Her morals and passions war with each other constantly, vying for domination of her actions, although decorum and ladylike behavior almost invariably wins out, keeping her from expressing those desires that boil just beneath the surface.

Greens have a reputation as being flighty, mercurial creatures: this green of yours is probably the reason why. Her mood swings will shortly become famous—they're not harmful, just difficult to keep up with. One moment she's beautiful, and she knows it, the very next she's hinting and pleading for reassurance.
«My hide is not blotchy like Nuereth's is it? She looks like a tree stump.»
And you will assure her that her hide is never, ever blotchy, that she bears not the slightest resemblance to a tree stump, and that she is without a doubt the most beautiful dragon in the world. At least in /your/ eyes.
And that, really, is all that counts.

She can have a temper, as well; tantrums are not unknown, although they are not long in duration, and usually can be soothed by a word or a touch from you. Her sweet contriteness after such an episode is disarming, although there will be no apology; like most young girls, she is always right, after all. Her will can also be quite overpowering, and she will attempt to overcome your own constantly, wanting her own way, although for you she will listen to reason, eventually. You might have to part with a piece of lace or some other such frippery every once in a while to soothe her, but in the end she can see reason. For the most part, contretemps and arguments will be few and far between; like best friends, or lovers, it will be hard to remain at odds for long, and making up will only bring you closer.

She finds all things amusing, and her energy is boundless, especially when chasing a male (through demure looks and titters as well as tongue-tied babbling). She has the insatiable appetite of the young and innocent to be corrupted, to learn, learn, learn, what it is to be ‘grown up.’ She is boundless energy personified. She will never tire in any endeavor (or at least not admit it), and will have to be told when to quit, much like a girl at her first dance. She /is/ the eternal debutante, immersed in fashionable fripperies and the delights of the ball; the men, the music, the pageantry - but most of all, she is immersed in you.


Unlike during normal periods of her life (nonproddy), Flights are a time of freedom; all of her inhibitions, insecurities, and lack of confidence falls away, along with her shyness. At this time she is a /Woman/; mature in her emotions and desires, capable in her dealings with the opposite sex. No longer the shy ingenue, her passion is a tangible release, a soaring of spirit and energy into a raging entity. You are taken along on this ride — resistance is futile. Her Flights will be long, light and airy, graceful and fast, lengthened by a delight in her freedom rather than a wish to taunt the males chasing her. She will revel in the sensations she feels, encouraging them to join her; the one who captures her will be he who can match her insatiable need and appetite for fast flight and passionate lust (and perhaps surpassing and dominating her in such endeavors. She very much likes /manly/ males. Macho).

Pre-Flight, Misumith’s gawky coltishness and immature social skills will be slowly burned away by her rising passions; less giggling will be heard, replaced by husky tones, her demure looks becoming decidedly come hitherish and suggestive. The males won’t be able to resist her now, and she will know it, drawing them like bees to honey. And yet, she will have no favorites, preferring to have them all worshiping at her feet, and her favors will be impartially meted out with a casual air of disinterest, although only you will know her private thoughts on one or another of her admirers. To you, she will tell /all/ of her secrets.

Afterward, when this long moment of passion has been spent, and the magic had dissipated for another season, she will once again be your demure companion, your exuberant confidante, and your sweetly innocent lifemate. Eternally on the verge of enlightenment, she will never quite achieve that pinnacle of awareness other than during those brief flashes of freedom during Flight, remaining untaught in the ways of intimacy.

We hope you like your dragon, P’kar. We all loved working on it, and wanted to make it special for you. We hoped we succeeded. Feel free, however, to change her to suit you as you both grow. From this point on, she is /your/ dragon; we give her up to your caring hands. Enjoy.


Egg — Sen with tweaks by SearchCo
Hatchling — Sen with E’ren and Nuff tweaks
Inspiration – Sen, Enya, and Aife

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