Khena's Why Didn't I take the Blue Pill! Brown Mneoth

Clutching Pose

On the sands, Stopping and starting, the next few eggs are guided through a maze of intestines, as Cadgwith, the evil Dr X, makes a creature or three…The first egg jerks noticeably, movement interrupted; stop-motion globe. Second comes a nightmare in twisted, labyrinthine curves, while all is soothed and rectified in the sweetly sinful darkness of a third, midnight-crimson shell, where creativity suavely mutates all it touches.

Science Fiction Double Feature Egg

Deepest black coats the shell of this egg, enveloping it in velvety blackness and nearly drinking in the sparse light of the hatching cavern. Interrupting this midnight expanse, however, is a rather odd shape. What appears to be a large pair of lips stained in blood red covers the center of the visible portion of the ovoid and show off the ivory shimmer of what could be teeth. Near the wider bottom of the shell, small letters might be seen- credits beginning to roll upon a screen.

Hatching Message

Blood red quivers and pouts as Science Fiction Double Feature Egg rolls end over end. To its credit, dizzying movement steadies as eerie cracks appear, one by one, to ring the dark expanse. Tension mounts as the egg pulsates, cracks widening to chasms and then craters as it explodes, shards ripping into the air, to land, spent, a fair distance away.

Why Didn't I Take the Blue Pill! Dragonet

Myrrh and mahogany fuse together across muzzle and headknobs, entwine about prominent eyeridges, and sweep all silk and sisal down the grand lengths of this broad and ponderous dragon. Lighter klah-brown erodes the sharp edges of his powerful neckridges before dissolving into the brooding layers of umber sweeping his belly and forelegs. His smooth, suave hide speckles to bronze across the rounded curves of his withers, as if momentarily blessed by the sun. Wingsails - wide and high - are cloaked in a marbling of black, gray, and fawn, to create a secretive cove of shadows and covert camouflage.

Public Impression Pose

Darkest shadows hide the eyes and the thoughts of the Why Didn't I Take the Blue Pill! Dragonet. Tensing, he finally moves, without error, to find the only one to complete his mission with. The one. The only. passing others quickly, he lopes awkwardly over the sands, to find his place in Khena's arms. Hers, forever.

Private Impression Message

The dark shadows of doubt and false reality deepen for a moment, occluding all that you have come to accept till your very self is eclipsed into nothingness. What you know you can't explain, but you feel it. You've felt it your entire life, that there's something wrong with the world. You don't know what it is, but it's there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad. But now it is time to wake up. Believe the unbelievable, free your mind. And then, in the darkness, a door is opened - truth offered — brilliant in a matrix of green on black on a melted mirror. »Come Khena,«, suggests a deep voice steeped in amusement, affection, an penetrating desire. »We can awake into our reality together. We will be Mneoth.«

From the moment we read your first application, Khena, there was something that sparkled. That buzzed. That said you were a good choice to keep running with. And so we did with Mneoth and your new life as a rider as the result. We've put a lot of time, effort, dreams and visions into Mneoth, and even though you may not agree with everything within this inspiration, it can serve as a basis for you to work from; to recreate yourself and your lifemate however you want to. So sit back; the work is finished, and enjoy!

Egg Inspiration

Take a look at the opening credits for Rocky Horror Picture Show, remember the lips against the black backdrop? Then take a look at the ending credits, which are nearly the same save for the song. This was the inspiration for this egg. It actually represents everything that is cheesy and wonderful about Science Fiction and Horror movies, especially the older, black and white variety. - Lyri

Theme Inspiration

You enchanted us all with a request for a dragon based on some of the aspects shown by Morpheus, in the Matrix. Instead of being driven thoughtlessly towards one goal, Mneoth has both the humour and agile grace displayed throughout the film. So what does this mean for Mneoth? A wide range of behaviours and as complex a draconic character as you've ever seen!

Mneoth is cool; calm; suave; and above all, ready for action. Imagine his wearing sunglasses and black leather, and you'll have a good image. But there's more to him than just what you see.

Morpheus is also the name of a demi-god, who was one son of the god of sleep, and would send images of people into dreams. Thus, Mneoth also has a slightly dream-like ability to be close to you: the bond, although not at full strength to begin with, magnetically attracts the two of you together. During Weyrlinghood, it may be tough for Khena to "sneak away" and spend time without Mneoth, but this will be one thing you'll need to learn to balance and live with.

Name Inspiration

Mneoth! Pronounced Nay-oth

We wanted to use something from Johnny Mnemonic (the short story upon which the Matrix is based! It's so different from the movie, and very dark and exciting. ;)

Though not wanting it to look too much like Mnementh, and not wanting to use the full Mnemonith, we decided to shorten it to Mneoth - thus also incorporation Neo from the Matrix in a subtle way.

Mneoth (Nay-oth or Nee-oth though I prefer Nay-oth myself! :D). The name is derived from Johnny Mnemonic; not the movie, but the short story. Remember you made me read it and I was fascinated by the complex and intriguing storyline, so different from the movie. It's that paradox opposition I'd like to keep in the name thus Mneoth is both intriguingly enigmatic and naively open; much like Neo from the Matrix (who also has a subtle role in the name. ;) This is just the name, though his personality is not like Neo's! -Tyara

Mneoth, it has a nice rolling sound in the mouth. But, as with everything, there is an escape latch: if you really don't like the name, there are options.


Mneoth is a very BIG brown, and as such, his tones are perfectly matched. Deep, baritone, rumbly and with a funny type of half snorting-laugh, Mneoth could sing with the best of the Harpers - except he only sings for you. His calm, well-thought and beautifully proportioned intonation will make even the most unfocused listener attentive his is a voice that you will simply just love to sit and /absorb/, no matter what he says.

Dragons have a certain "taste" in you mind as well, and for Mneoth, we envisioned a spicy, intriguing aroma. A subdued cinnamon for when he's at rest, relaxing in the bowl or just hanging out with you and the more peppy, kick-in-the-guts strong taste of vodka when he¹s excited; during mating flights or during that very first flight together with you!


As a guard, Khena has had experience with all sorts of duties and hardships, and Mneoth shares her sinewy structure. Never one to be the quickest in the air, Mneoth instead excels at long trip flying and maneuvering. As a weyrling, the two of you will have to help figure out how to fulfill the graceful potential held within his massive wings. He will always be big, strong and sinewy; he will never eat too much or too little, but always just right to keep that well-proportioned form of his. Yes, he'll know how to keep the ladies’ attention.

I've always loved shadows, and the play of light and dark, as seen in the contrast between the overly somber tones of his wings, and the play of speckled bronzed underneath. A slight paradox, but hopefully one that all the greens in the Weyr will appreciate!

Other quirks you'll discover during Weyrlinghood and are up to you to decide. Some dragonets take the entire process very gracefully, and some have to get used to having things like wings, tails, or over-large feet. Again, this will be up to you to decide.


Again, there's a bit of a paradox here: Mneoth is humourous, but will never be the happy-go-lucky soulmate that some would want. Understated is perhaps the best term, for when you least expect it, he will surprise you. »Khena, I found a set of D'renn's leathers. Do you think we should wash them in the middle of the lake?«

So, while he will not be one to constantly crack a joke or have a wise comment your average stand-up comedian Mneoth will observe, and he will often have a wry and dry and surprising comment ready. That is why he needs a patient person who will appreciate his humor and not someone who will constantly want to drag him into the spotlight.

Mneoth is also filled with a great love for life. He's the type that takes time to examine the wonders of a new place, »So this is what Ista Hold is like!« but often doesn't get the relaxation he needs for fear of missing his duty. It will be up to you, Khena, to make sure that he gets an equal dose of work and play.

So what does the future hold? Only time will tell, but for now, and forever, you and Mneoth will have each other.


Mneoth will chase, oh will he chase! It's part of who he is, it's his job, he's brown and big and he has to exercise those grand wings doesn't he! Just as much as he loves life, Khena, he will blood his kill with an exuberant intensity before a flight, enjoying the sensation, the activity the game! But still, he doesn't truly understand what the fuss is all about. It's fun, yes; it's part of life, yes. But almost like some cyborg (think those from Bladerunner, he never really falls in love with the glowing female. Mneoth will not experience any long-lasting sentiment towards her, he'll always return to you, worry about whether it was you the enjoyed it, and why. Because his number one love is his rider. Mneoth doesn't have to adore anyone else, because that Impression on the sands ensured he was programmed to you, and no other.


Name: Tyara
Egg Desc: Lyri
Dragonet Desc: Salea, P'rru, and Nuff
Messages: Salea, P'rru and Tyara
Inspiration: Salea, P'rru, Tyara and Nuff

Hiza (Hiliza) and green Issryuith
Loe (Loren) and green Ayamizureth
Lorsalia and green Yajisarath
Chelle (Mechelle) and blue Rhajath,
Cris (Cristen) and blue Qelketh
Kh'ryn (Khory) and blue Zylpheth
Rianne (Marianne) and blue Kearneth
Reiko and blue Cerdith
K'nex (Kezenex) and brown Shirasuth
Pae (Phea) and brown Uzasnyth
Sua (Surupa) and brown Skeseth
T'am (Tamber) and bronze Farleth
X'ner (Xaner) and bronze Nezdarvyth

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