X’ian’s Shoulder Devil Bronze Morchainth

Clutching Pose

Chayath continues on, crooning slightly at Jydhaeth; approval for the rows he's digging, no doubt. They're utilized well, with the rapid-fire plop, plop, plop! of three new eggs in quick succession of each other. Creamy white, black and chrome, and fugly blonde: certainly has variety, if nothing else.

Bad Egg

The surface of this egg is steeped in a suave, leathery black, both intriguing and dubious. At the base and top, the ebony is studded with points of metallic gray. The same pattern belts thin about its center. While at first glance every aspect of this egg is attractive, perhaps even thrilling, something deep within is cold and sinister. You know it.

Hatching Message

Bad egg has finally decided that it's going to blow this popsicle stand. It's Bad and we all know it. It wriggles a little as if trying to keep itself from falling apart and only ensuring that the disintegration happens faster; a myriad of cracks spider over the leathery-black exterior. As if realizing that staying in the spotlight will only change his thrilling mystique into something less than perfection, Bad Egg does another little jump. Before it can manage even a little bit of moonwalking, however, it shatters on one side and a slender, ungainly neck peers out, before freezing in place.

Shoulder Devil Bronze Dragonet

Subtle lines of shadow-soaked bronze flow across the dragon's head and down, darkening as they reach across his broad chest and becoming darker still as they coil around his long legs and end where silver talons glitter. In the light there's a very faint mist of dim green tracing spidery fingers across the lines of his body. His head, both delicate and broad, tapers down into the dusky sides of his short muzzle and up to grey-rimmed eyes alight with an inhuman intensity. His neck is powerful, arched and sleek, and slopes down, merging finally into strong shoulders and a pair of fragile-seeming wingarches. True to his heritage, his black-frosted sails and spars are narrow, sweeping away from his back with menacing grace. The black of decaying metal dusts across his back and rump, though his sturdy haunces retain a brilliant metallic glow beneath their tarnish. Like sire and dam, he is slender and strong,

Public Impression Pose

Shoulder Devil Bronze Dragonet pauses. Flesh? Bones? /Food/. Maybe here is one.. he's smart, this one. Hiding behind a loud girl, shielding himself. Is he smart enough, though? With determination, he sidesteps Sylara and angles his muzzle to fix an intense, tight gaze on Axle, mind prodding tentatively. And then, with sudden relief, he nudges at Axle's shoulder. /Here/. He can sit on this one's shoulder and croon suggestions in his ear. A partner for the devil.

Private Impression Message

Color bursts into your mind in a chaotic, frantic wave of red that crests into yellow froth and splashes into a million violent purple splatters. Into your mind explodes a desperate sense of seeking, of uncertainty, of fear. It spirals into a whirlwind of color and sound, clashing and hysterical. And then, abruptly, everything evens out into smooth tones of black and white before spiraling into the deep, dark cool of a colorless abyss. The sudden lack is strangely soothing as the outside world fades away into the sensory deprivation that is, at this moment, a dragonet's first mindtouch. « Alexian? » The voice comes quietly at first, and then more firmly, with intense certainty. « X’ian. Hello. There you are. »

//Axle! Alexian! X’ian! Whoever you are! Really, when you showed up, we had no choice but to keep you. Who else manages to be so loveably unloveable, so delightfully dislikeable? We’re excited that you’ve come to play, and ecstatic to be able to present you with a dragon we hope you love – a dragon we hope builds on the things we love about Axle and allows you a thousand ways to grow together into X’ain and Morchainth. Welcome to the slightly disturbed ranks of High Reaches riders! //

Egg Inspiration

No, not a Pirates of the Caribbean bad egg. We're talking the King of Pop before he went off the deep end. The eighties them allows us to travel back to a time before facial features collapsed due to plastic surgery and the publicity was about things other than criminal accusations. Isn't it great? – A’ran

Theme Inspiration

Morchainth is a little bit Agent Smith, a tad ill-advising devil, a tiny bit Elrond, and a lot himself – you asked for a dragon who was smart, who had a quick sense of humor, who was confident and perhaps a little unhinged – and we think Morchainth fits that bill perfectly. While we drew a lot of our inspiration and base ideas from Agent Smith and the Matrix, Morchainth has a twist that’s all his own, and like Smith, he’s got a lot of room to discover, to grow, and to change. This is, of course, just our interpretation of Morchainth – he’s yours to play, to use and discard as you see fit. We hope you enjoy him!

Description Inspiration

The description has a lot of influences, actually. First of all, there are Chayath and Jydhaeth. Both are slender, with long legs and narrow wings. In addition to that, they're both kind of light greeny-goldish-white. That's where Morchainth gets his lithe and narrow body and wings, which are definitely an advantage for a bronze. Those two are also where the dark green sheen that lights faintly over his body comes from.

You like Hugo Weaving. Well, I tried to put some of his characters’ movements and physical attributes into your bronze. There's the obvious dark and slightly chaotic appearance that comes from Smith, and from Elrond you get the upright, proper, and athletic appearance.

The colors are basically what you asked for. Dim, dark, but with an underlying lightness and rightness about him. The green-in-a-certain light color may come from his parents, but it also comes from the Matrix, because the Matrix is always washed a subtle green, whether it's noticeable or not.

Name Inspiration

Morchainth. You wanted something that was Elvish in look and sound, while still being pronounceable, and when Sunhomme offered the suggestion of Morchainth we couldn’t resist. It comes directly from the Sindarin (Elvish) word 'morchaint', meaning dark shape or the shadow of an object cast by the light. We like to envision Elrond saying it with a lovely elongated ‘r’, ala ‘Mordor.’ Listen. Morrrrrchainth. Your Morchainth is in many ways a shadow, a dark shape, an undefinable being who seems to shift with every change of the light. He’s hard to put his finger on, your Morchainth. Truly unique, truly fascinating.


The timbre of Morchainth’s voice is low and melodic, with a rhythm and cant to it that is mesmerizing. He commands attention with the very control and precision with which he speaks. There are no slurred words, no rushing. Each syllable is dropped deliberately into the mind he is speaking to. In the background there's a slight echo - each word has its own doppleganger that gives the illusion of sounds reverberating inside the mind.

Morchainth’s voice is shaded in black and white like an old film negative, and — like a negative — they're reversed, recording and capturing the world around him in his characteristically warped fashion. When he is passionate and certain the colors darken and become black and heavy, with the stark contrast of white only to outline and underline his point. The less certain he is, or the less caring, the more his words tend toward the lighter, grayer, whiter. Color is used sparingly, but when it is used it's breathtaking.

Then the heart of the rose opened for him, exposing a yellow dazzle of light, and all thought was swept away on a wave of wonder.
— Stephen King, Wasteland.

The colors are brilliant, and because they're seldom used they appear that much more real, more genuine, than everything else in his mind. Color slips into Morchainth’s mind by accident, unintentionally. Pinpoints of vibrant color will sparkle when emotions get too heavy, and heavy ripples of intense primaries will seep through when his passion becomes too much to be expressed even by the deep, dark depths of his usual shades.

The smells that sometimes accompany his voice are industrial, cold, and surreal. When he’s feeling snide or snipey, you may catch a whiff of oil glistening thick over his mind. When he’s passionate or angry, the scents are more acrid, leaning toward the unpleasant currents of exhaust or the tang of industrial chemicals or the sharp flavor of metal. When he’s quietly observing, taking in the life around him, his scents are more subtle; the smell of asphalt after a rain on a cloudless night. The scent of a heavy fog in the deepest part of a city. Sometimes, if he’s in a particularly good mood, you may even catch a hint of a breeze, sweeping in across the land to your point at the pinnacle of an impossibly high building.


The world, my dear X’ian, is full of chaos and uncertainty. It is a dangerous place, Pern, and even moreso for a dragon and his rider. Morchainth feels this acutely, from the moment his egg cracked and he became suddenly, intensely aware of the world around him. The heat of the sand, the feel of a hundred stares on his hide, the tentative touches of a dozen anxious minds, the insatiable urge to seek and devour – it’s a great deal for a dragonet to take in, and for Morchainth, it borders on sensory overload.

Morchainth is, however, a bronze’s bronze in some ways, with a sharp mind and a keen intellect. He’s smart, your lifemate, and infinitely observant. He thrives on watching and understanding, on poking and prodding a situation until it reveals its secrets to him. He’s always aware of the teetering uncertainty of life and the razor-edge of chance that most outcomes depend on, and because of this understanding, he is determined to force the balance in his favor, always.

For Morchainth, there is nothing so important as control.

We adore chaos because we love to produce order.
- M. C. Escher

Without control, the world is without point, anarchy. With it, however, Morchainth can shape reality into a useable form. He views the world in some ways as his own moldable vision. If he can understand it, then he will understand how to change it, how to create it, how to exert control over his own little corner of it – and be careful, X’ian, because sometimes that corner extends to you.

The first step to control comes from understanding, and in order to understand, one must observe. Morchainth is always watching, always collecting data, always, with some part of his mind, recording and shuffling facts with an almost mechanical diligence. He’s not always obvious, and he won’t always share his observations with you unless you ask outright. He saves his fact file for a time when it becomes useful in creating an explanation and a plan of action, and then you won’t be able to get him to shut up about it. You are in all things, X’ian, Morchainth’s first line of defense, his backup, his first mate (and very, very occasionally, his captain), his sole confidant, his conspirator. When Morchainth comes to a conclusion, or develops a plan, or creates a purpose, you will hear about it, endlessly.

Logic is not a body of doctrine, but a mirror-image of the world. Logic is transcendental.
- Ludwig Wittgenstein

As Agent Smith felt the need to explain himself constantly, to answer questions and present his conclusions with a sort of cocky infallibility, Morchainth simply won’t be able to stop talking once he’s convinced of something. After all, he’s put time and thought into this, he’s used logic, he’s stretched his intelligence, and he is, always, /right/. In his mind, anyway, and he’s rather arrogantly smug about it. You’ll get the brunt of it, but he won’t hesitate to turn it on his clutchmates or wingmates or the green who happens to be hunting at the same time, either. He will, with a smooth calm and sense of absolute certainty, explain himself and his vision of the world, or how the world should be (and will be, if he has anything to say about it), to anyone foolish enough to listen.

The problem with this is that Morchainth’s world view often ends up a little skewed, slightly off center. In his quest for understanding and his thirst for control, he is perfectly logical, always. Every piece of evidence leads to a conclusion that is supported by more facts, and every logic trail has perfect steps that lead him to his answer.

Logic must look after itself…. In a certain sense, we cannot make mistakes in logic.
- Ludwig Wittgenstein

And yet, his answer is often wrong. Sometimes this is the result of a misunderstanding at the base level. He may make assumptions in order to fill in the holes, and later forget that they are assumptions. If the beginnings are inaccurate, the end is likely to be wrong. Sometimes he simply misreads evidence, or fails to understand or predict a human reaction accurately. Sometimes statements are vague or partially defined, sometimes inferences are questionable – but always, when pressed, Morchainth will be able to defend his world view, and defend it admirably. He’s a logistician at his best, with such pointed and practiced arguments that when you’re done talking to him, you struggle to figure out why things don’t feel quite right.

To acquaint yourself with the various ways philosophical logic works (and thus, how Morchainth works), check out http://www.philosophypages.com/lg/e01.htm

He may very well sit you down one day to explain, quite seriously, that Weyrsecond Wyn is obviously in love with you. « It's completely obvious, X'ian. Those who suffer the pangs of unrequited love often display that miasma of emotion by trying to improve the situation of the object of their unreturned affections. You've told me you're unamusing. Obviously, then, the Weyrsecond can't possibly be entertained by you, but according to sources, she's shown an unnatural interest in you. She wants to see you have a better life. She insisted that you be available for me. Therefore, it's obvious that Wyn is in love with you. So now what are we going to do about it? »

« What are we going to do about it? »

It’s a question you’ll get used to, because Morchainth will follow every lesson in logic with that inquiry. After all, the point of study is to reach enlightenment, and the point of enlightenment is to affect change. To shape, to mold, to control. He expects you to be his partner in this, always. He expects you to be as interested in shaping your own destiny as he is in shaping his. He’ll scowl with annoyed disapproval if you slack off or try to brush his insistence aside, and he is very, very good at being persistent. If all else fails, he’ll turn his logic on you. He’ll poke at your motivation for staying in bed, he’ll prod at your unwillingness to excel in the events he’s deemed important, he’ll delve into your inner psyche if necessary to get the ammunition he needs to keep his plan moving, evolving, taking shape. Morchainth absolutely /must/ have a purpose, or his world begins to blur around the edges, and his senses begin to crowd uncomfortably close.

Agent Smith: But, as you well know, appearances can be deceiving, which brings me back to the reason why we're here. We're not here because we're free. We're here because we're not free. There is no escaping reason; no denying purpose. Because as we both know, without purpose, we would not exist.
Smith Clone 1: It is purpose that created us.
Smith Clone 2: Purpose that connects us.
Smith Clone 3: Purpose that pulls us.
Smith Clone 4: That guides us.
Smith Clone 5: That drives us.
Smith Clone 6: It is purpose that defines us.
Smith Clone 7: Purpose that binds us.
Agent Smith: We are here because of you, Mr. Anderson. We're here to take from you what you tried to take from us. Purpose.

Purpose can mean many things. It ranges from the trivial –

« My hide dries out in the wind. It is windy today. Therefore, X’ian, we cannot do our sweeps. You must convince the wingleader to give them to someone else. »

- to the immense. You may, at times, find yourself with a dragon bent on Pern domination. It’s not that he craves power or admiration – it’s that sometimes, the things that he cannot control start to eat at his mind, worming their way in like a disease.

« We cannot continue to follow these inane rules, X’ian. We must catch Cadgwith and make the policies ourselves. »

Insanity is often the logic of an accurate mind overtasked.
- Oliver Wendell Holmes

At such times, his logic may start to fail, and your lifemate may begin to prove that logic and irrationality are not such strange bedfellows as one may first think. His desire to make sense of the politicking in the weyr or the gossip that floods between dragons may end with him deciding that if he can simply control the diet of everyone in the weyr, they will behave according to rational laws. When Morchainth becomes too uncomfortable or too confused, the non sequitar becomes his friend, and he will use it with abandon in order to come to a conclusion, /any/ conclusion, that makes the world right again.

If at any point he starts to feel the world pivot beyond his control, he may turn his attention to Pern in microcosm. That, X’ian, is you. If he cannot control his position in formation or who has the ledge next to his, he will instead turn his attentions to something he can control. Morchainth wants to improve Pern, to make it perfect, and when the rest of the world seems too big, he’ll settle for improving the bit closest to him. You may find him figuratively perched on your shoulder, whispering suggestions and advice into your ear – suggestions that are typically selfish and debased, like the devil on your shoulder he’s themed after. He’ll prod incessantly at your relationships, of any sort. He’ll question your loyalty (or lack of) to your wingleader, your relationship with your clutchmates, your suspicious swell of emotions when a particular girl walks by. He’ll ask uncomfortable questions and make pointed statements, prying in where he may not be welcome.

« X’ian. Explain to me the reason behind your pursuit of this girl. Does she mean something to you? Does she bring you pleasure? I don’t understand what you see in her. She’s shrill and wears distressingly bright clothing. »

Once he has observed and decided, he’ll take a stand. And X’ian, Morchainth’s stands are hard to resist. It would take a mind as stubborn and as occasionally warped as his to stand firm. Are you up to the task? Will you be able to declare to your lifemate, no matter how logically he states it, no matter how many times he suggests it, no matter how many strange things he threatens, that you will /not/ attempt to seduce the Weyrleader? Or stop drinking wine? Or stop wearing your favorite shirt? Occasionally, the changes Morchainth requests will be big. They will be emotional and uncomfortable and maybe even politically dangers. Not everything is a giant battle, though. He may at times pick fights that seem petty.

« I cannot abide these herdbeasts. Take me to Ista to hunt wherries. Now, X’ian! »

« If you wear that horrid hat again, I will refuse to fly sweeps with you. Throw it out. It pains my eyes. »

These fights are more about Morchainth than they are about you. Morchainth is always concerned with you, X’ian, and he always wants you to have the same perfect control over your life and your destiny that he imagines he has over his own. To him, it’s the only way of living, and so the need to create your circumstances is not optional. This, above all, is Morchainth’s Purpose. And when it comes down to it, Morchainth is a dragon to who is dedicated to, if not obsessed with, Purpose. If he cannot find it in the world around him, he will find it in you.

“Purpose breathes even in dirt and stones.”
- Mason Cooley

Purpose. That which gives meaning to objects and actions. Purpose defines and drives. Therefore, if a thing has no Purpose, the thing does not truly exist. Morchainth, then, must always imbue everything he does or comes into contact with with Purpose.

Purpose is not a solid idea, nor is it stagnant. Morchainth is not restrained in his Purpose, as some dragons are, by notions of duty or accomplishment. His overarching Purpose of course, is his search for control, but it manifests itself in a million small ways, a thousand tiny goals. Morchainth’s Purpose is liquid, changeable, moldable.

It ranges from the vast to the minute, but it is always there, it is always driving him, and it sometimes makes him (and you) a little crazy. Occasionally his Purpose will line up with yours. He’ll urge you to take a day off in order to recover and achieve some larger goal. Sometimes his Purpose will even fall into line with the rest of the weyr’s. He may at times show such a single-minded devotion and dedication to fighting Thread that others learn to get out of his way, swiftly. Other times, however, he may be more concerned with being certain he’s flying just so, in order to increase the amount of time he can glide without expending the energy of a flap. Even during Fall. His wingmates may find themselves frustrated with him because of this – they’ll never know quite what to expect, unless you are able to enforce /your/ notions of Purpose on him when it is required.

Like Smith, he approaches whatever he perceives as his Purpose with a dedication that manages to be both incredibly logical and slightly unhinged. Unlike Smith, however, his Purposes range – within the context of control, his Purpose will vary from month to month, sevenday to sevenday. It’s not that Morchainth is fickle, mind. It’s simply that Pern changes, and so, in order to maintain control, must he. Morchainth is a strange balance, the perfect mixture of structure and flexibility needed in order to maintain an obsessive personality in a world beyond his control. When Morchainth cannot mold Pern to his liking, he simply shifts his worldview and focuses for a time on something he can exert power over. All too often, that something will be you. And so, when he is refreshed and confident, the cycle begins again.

The real distinction is between those who adapt their purposes to reality and those who seek to mold reality in the light of their purposes.
- Henry Kissinger

In Morchainth’s mind, however, the world is not shifting, and he is not changing. He does all this without conscious effort, in order to keep hold of that tenuous, fragile control. If you ever question this, asking bluntly why he approved of Desba and Dyamith last week and is now urging you in a plot to have them transferred, he’ll always have an answer ready, and it will always seem to make perfect, logical sense. Only when you look deeper will you begin to see the threads of fear and doubt that underlie his decisions and taint his worldview.

Because your Morchainth is afraid, deeply, desperately. Most will never know it, and if they do, they won’t understand it. Morchainth is a dragon who faces Fall and fire bravely, who is outwardly cool and collected, intelligent and disdainful of those who aren’t. Manipulative, creative, controlled. Morchainth seems the very picture of a capable bronze who, incidentally, decided to better the life of a thief by graciously Impressing to him.

You, X’ian, know better. You touched his mind in that first instant, the brief moment before recognition and Impression, and you saw the terrified dragonet, overwhelmed by a world beyond his control, before he latched onto you. You are privy to his mind whenever a new experience pushes him beyond his bounds and forces him to stretch and readjust and rewrite his worldview. You are allowed to sense what makes him uncomfortable, what scares him.

Weyrlinghood will be an interesting time for both of you, as you adjust to each other and learn to trust and rely on someone other than yourselves. Weyrlinghood is by definition a time filled with new experiences and opportunities. Morchainth will be wary of all of them. His first meal, even as it sates an instinctual need inside him, will be distressing as he attempts to process all the stimuli. His first night alone will be strange and uncomfortable. His first kill, his first flight, his first time chewing firestone, his first attempt to breathe fire – all will disturb him, if not outright frighten him, because they are filled with new and uncertain things, new sensations that have yet to be identified and filed away.

Morchainth adapts quickly. It doesn’t take long for him to process facts and turn them into useable tidbits, and so purely sensory experiences will be a brief flare, a sudden slip of uncontrolled color and confusion that bursts into your mind and then fades away just as quickly, leaving the image imprinted on your mind’s eye. Morchainth is bright and quick, and growing up with him will be quite the experience.

Obsessed doesn't really begin to describe Morchainth's attitude towards control - it even manifests itself in how he carries himself and the way he moves, and it's reflected in how he grows, how he learns.

While Morchainth is growing, he's going to be a little bit gangly. His wings will grow faster than his body, and his tail will lengthen before his neck does. He'll have to learn to cope with this. Because he is such a creature of control, he'll sometimes refuse to move because he hasn't quite processed how he's supposed to move his body-parts yet. This refusal to continue without his assurance of control spills over into learning to fly. He will not lift off the ground until he has assured himself that he's the equal, if not the superior, of this weyrling class.

In learning to move his body, he will also never make the same mistake twice. One experience of catching his hind claw in one of his wingsails and he will forever hold them up and out of the way. This will sometimes give him a stiff and stilted appearance when he's young, but by the time he's reached his full growth Morchainth will have sorted everything out and his movements will be almost liquid in the air. Surprisingly enough, his grace also manifests on the ground because of his insistence that he be in control of his entire body.

Reclining, Morchainth will look as dangerous as he does moving, but when he is in motion, the pieces fall into place. When he walks, his head lowers slightly and his shoulders and hips take the highest points. His wings are held slightly out and his tail swishes ever so slightly side-to-side. He's perfected the 'bad-ass' walk that the Ringwraiths use in Lord of the Rings. There's weight to his step and a purpose to his stride and if you get in his way…

Morchainth in the air is only slightly different from Morchainth on the ground. His wings, inherently powerful, will keep him in the air with a minimum of effort. This is wonderful in flights, because it gives him extra staying power even after he loses himself to the chase. Because his wings are more slender than some other bronzes, he is also slightly faster. He cannot rival a green in speed, but he'll definitely have an edge in races and flights because of his quick thinking and long endurance. He knows precisely what his capabilities are. He knows how tightly he can turn and how quickly he can stop and how close he can fly next to a wingmate. If he didn't, he'd consider it a failure and he'd press you until you'd taken him out enough to discover exactly how far he could go. Eventually, he’ll love to give you both a rush as you test and push his limits to the extreme, flying until exhaustion, barreling across the sky at incredible heights and frightening depths, dodging mountain peaks through the clouds.

That will be some time in coming, though, because the adrenaline of the extreme, the risky experience of pushing the edges, the turbulent confusion of high emotion isn't something Morchainth likes. At first. As a matter of fact, it's something that chills him to the bone.

I am exploring the inside.
I find it desolate.
I do implore these confines now as they penetrate,
"recreate me."
I'm hovering through out time.
I crumble in these days.
I crumble, cannot, I cannot find reflection in these days.

If you listen, (listen, listen) listen close,
beat-by-beat, you can hear when a heart stops.
I saved the pieces when it broke and ground them all to dust.

I am destroyed by the inside.
I disassociate.
I hope to destroy the ouside.
It will alleviate and elevate me.
Like water flowing into lungs, I'm flowing through these days.
As morphine tears through deadened veins I'm numbing in these days.

If you listen, (listen, listen) listen close,
beat-by-beat, you can hear when a heart stops.
I saved the pieces when it broke and ground them all to dust.

I know what died that night.
It can never be brought back to life once again, I know.
I know what died that night.
It can never be brought back to life once again, I know.
I know I died that night and I'll never be brought back to life.

Once again, I know.
I know I died that night and I'll never be brought back to life.
Once again, I know.

If you listen, (listen, listen) listen close,
beat-by-beat, you can hear when a heart stops.
I saved the pieces when it broke and ground them all to dust.
If you listen, (listen, listen) listen close,
beat-by-beat, you can hear when a heart stops.
I saved the pieces when it broke and ground them all to dust
- AFI, “Bleed Black”

If there is one thing that Morchainth simply cannot seem to understand, control, label, file, define, it is emotions. His own will be, at first, simple and underdeveloped, and they will tend toward the basic. He does not love you, X’ian, he needs you. Just as he needs food and air and water. He does not feel lonely or desire company, he simply prefers it. Morchainth will show a marked disdain for those who are overly emotional, and he simply has no patience for anyone who’s inclined toward hysterics. At first, he’ll be confused and annoyed by the emotions that you leak across your link. He’ll criticize, rationalize, and chide you for them.

« X’ian, your guilt accomplishes nothing, and it’s bothering me. Stop. »

« X’ian, I wish you would control yourself around that girl. I can /feel/ you, you know. Your emotional response is a weakness, and it annoys me. »

Morchainth dislikes emotions because he cannot trust them. They do not follow rules, they are not rational, they cannot be controlled. If you are ever truly distraught – if you are in great pain, or if you find yourself with a broken heart, or if you become enraged – Morchainth will be half-mad with his inability to exert control. Even worse, he’ll find himself bombarded by the same emotions he cannot cope with in you. He’ll be worried, or distressed, or angry in turn, and his inability to control even his /own/ emotions will make matters worse. It is a problem you and he will have to work through, especially when your bond is new and young and you have not yet learned how to control what each lifemate passes to the other.

“One of the reasons why I love Smith so much - seeing him slowly succumb to what he initially despises = COOL.” : – Axle**

The more Morchainth grows, though, the more he may find himself intrigued by these emotions he cannot control. Fear provides a rush of adrenaline, a certain high, and as he experiences emotions from across your mindlink and in his own experience, he may find himself tempted to experiment with them. The steady leak of emotions that close contact with a human mind provides will prove, in the end, fascinating. In this, he will be hesitant and cautious, and it may even take a full turn for him to decide that he wants to attempt the heavy, turbulent currents over the ocean in order to see if he can’t scare himself (and you). It will take even longer for him to be willing to open himself to more intense experiences – for him to open the mindlink completely and spy shamelessly when you have a girl over, for him to ask you to share what you’re feeling for a friend or an enemy.

The fact that logic cannot satisfy us awakens an almost insatiable hunger for the irrational.
A.N. Wilson

Eventually, the same emotions that make him lose his sense of control will become an irresistible drug. He knows it’s bad, that it defeats his Purpose, that it escapes control, but he simply cannot resist. He is addicted. You’ll discover that you have a conflicted dragon on your hands, one who desires control of his life and the world around him, but who also seeks out extremes, rushes, intense feeling, whether it comes from emotional attachment or flying on the absolute edge of safety. When this happens, X’ian, you may find yourself prodded in other ways. What began as a minor spat may turn into a blowout with Morchainth prodding at the back of your mind, feeding your emotion. What was a mild infatuation may rage into full-bloomed love, and then crash into heart-broken despair in the space of a sevenday or two with Morchainth listening in. Afterwards, you may not be quite sure what happened – only that it did, and that it was intense, in one way or another. When it comes to this, it will probably take you some time to find your way of coping, whatever that is – or maybe you never will.

It is remarkable how similar the pattern of love is to the pattern of insanity.
the Merovingian

Morchainth both despises flights and finds them irresistible. If he’s rationally aware of a green or gold who is about to rise, he’ll often make an excuse to be somewhere else, with or without you – particularly when he’s young. He’s not one to dally in flirtations or give flattering compliments to a proddy female. In general, he’ll avoid them, or even mock them, particularly if they are the sort to flaunt what the have. And when it comes time for them to fly, he’ll flee. In flight, you see, emotions are overwhelming, and the loss of control, the unpredictability, the sheer irrational nature of them goes against his very nature.

Sometimes, though, dragons go up with little warning, or Morchainth will have been focusing on other things. In these times, he’ll have no real choice, because even early on, he cannot resist the siren call of a female dragon once she’s started blooding. He’ll begin with complaints, even as he selects his own beast, or more often, forgoes eating altogether to get the advantage in swift speed, if he’s fed recently. Even as he finds himself overwhelmed by the desire to flyflyfly, you’ll have a monologue of complaints and grumbles filling your head.

Once they take to the air, though, all bets are off. Morchainth is an instinctual flier, and his instincts serve him well. They have to, because when hormones are running high, he has no room left for logical thought and planning. He’ll have a knack for twisting in unexpected ways, seeming to hang upside down for a split second or suddenly appearing somewhere he shouldn’t be able to be without sliding *between*. He doesn’t know how he does it, because he doesn’t /think/. He just does. And this will have a habit of seeping over your mindlink, twining with your own thoughts and seeking to control your own actions. When he’s in the moment, the ill-advising devil will come out full-force, prodding you to do your part in the groundweyrs to secure the rider’s affections and help /his/ win.

It’s a slow descent into madness, when Morchainth rises in flights, and it will take both you and him some significant time to recover after. If he wins, he’ll find himself drowsily curling next to the green or gold, though he’ll be horrified about it when he wakes fully and quick to make his getaway. If he loses, though – oh, X’ian, Morchainth does not like to lose. /You/ may be concerned about finding a willing body to make up for your frustration, but Morchainth doesn’t have that release. He’ll tend to seek it instead in brooding and angry flight, expending his emotional and hormonal energy in other ways. While you find comfort in another, Morchainth will often take to the skies and wing out over the mountains, seeking the rockiest, most turbulent tides he can find. He’ll rage across the wind, all the while broadcasting openly to you and eavesdropping on your own activities through the widest mindlink possible. If he can find it, he may even take on some difficult prey, relishing the bloodlust, and this may affect you in interesting ways.

Morchainth will often wear himself down completely – a flight is enough to tax his endurance (particularly if the object is a gold), and his moody flights after take him to his limits. Only when he can do no more will he stop, often on some distant peek or curled into some far away cave, and sleep. He’ll always return when he wakes again, having readjusted his world view and giving no thought to the flight or what came after. Once he’s exorcised the hormones and emotions, Morchainth will be as usual.

As he gets older, and as the prospect of high emotion, of extreme living, begins to tempt him, he may begin to seek out flights instead of avoiding them. He’ll take to chasing after greens more often, and you may catch him plotting possible maneuvers /before/ the emotions take control – whenever a green or gold first starts to show her colors. If he becomes thoroughly addicted to the emotional peaks, you’ll be hard pressed to talk him out of flying, and flying hard, in every chase he can find, no matter the weyr. That is, if you /want/ to talk him out of it.

Sati: The Oracle told me about you.
Agent Smith: She did? Well what did she say?
Sati: She said you are a bad man.
Agent Smith: Oh, I'm not so bad, once you get to know me.

Morchainth isn’t all irrational logic and extreme control and a slowly-developing addiction to high-emotion. Oh no. Those are only the bases, the core of his personality – it manifests in a thousand different ways which will prove infinitely amusing to you. He’s got a dry and accurate wit, and delights in being able to make others, less dear to him than you, lose their control. He’ll take a bit of pleasure in forcing an irrational reaction from someone (though he’ll also complain incessantly about the flaws that allow him to do so), especially once emotion begins to intrigue him. It’s a study, at first – before he attempts it himself, he may attempt to provoke it in others (even you, so be careful), just to see what happens. You and he may find yourself dissecting the minds of the weyr, pondering over their responses to various stimuli.

« I understand why she would love you, X’ian, but I do not see how you can treat her so poorly, and yet she still convinces herself that she wants you. It makes no sense. What has caused this? »

« It’s interesting. You can say something about the weather or the weyr or her wing to Tatia, but if you ask about relationships, she gets quite upset. Why do you think that is? »

You will never again be able to take anything at face value. Everything will be dissected, understood, theorized. Gossip, relationships, the nature of firestone, your position in the social structure of the weyr. Sometimes Morchainth does this in order to find some truth he seeks. Sometimes he does it simply because it amuses him. Knowledge is power, and power is control, and so you’ll find yourself seeking knowledge about the strangest things, all the time.

Morchainth expects that you will always be there with him, for him, like him. In you, in that first instant, he recognized something that called to him irresistibly. He recognized a mind that pushed aside its own instability of emotion and yet warped that of others to its own purpose. He recognized someone infinitely capable, with a gift for understanding and a quick wit to match his own. He recognized an individual that took what he needed and wanted when he needed or wanted it, and left all other expectations behind. He recognized a match. Your Morchainth may not be inclined to show emotion at first, but never doubt that his devotion goes far beyond the intense ‘love’ that some weyrlings may talk about. With Morchainth, it is different. Your link is not the sort of voluntary thing that love will at first to him imply. Your link is a necessity, a staple of life, a dedication that simply cannot be questioned because it is an inherent part of his personality. Food, water, shelter, sex, and X’ian. It’s black and white, plain as day, logical and rational and scented with the still air of an early morning before the commuters rise.

This is why he prods at you and pokes and you and pushes you toward his own goals without second thought. You are simply an extension of him, and he of you, and so your Purpose, in the end, is the same. Many times this may be frustrating – when he doesn’t understand something about you or disagrees with you, he will be incessant in his insistent manner. However, on the occasions when you want something, when you have a Purpose of your own, he will be industrious in his attempts to help you achieve it, to help you control and bend circumstances to your will. He will insert ideas into the minds of other dragons, he will spread rumors, he will plot and plan, he will perfect his performance or slack in drills. What you want, X’ian, once it is settled (and Morchainth has no further issues with the understanding of it), is what you will get, if Morchainth has anything to say about it. And in all things, Morchainth is very persuasive. He doesn’t hesitate to do whatever he must, and his quick mind is capable of speculating a million ways to achieve.

And when Morchainth discovers emotion.. oh, X’ian. When he gives in, and for the first time expresses, clearly, the absolute hold you have over him, it will be irresistible. His mind will splash with oranges and yellows and crisp, clear blues, and you may walk around giddy for several days with the heady feel of it leaking into your mind. No matter how many Purposes Morchainth fulfills, no matter how often he obtains or loses control, no matter how many minds or situations or emotions he picks apart, no matter how many times he shifts his worldview, one thing will always be consistent. He is Morchainth, and you are X’ian, and you are, always, lifemates.


Name: Sunhomme
Egg Desc: A'ran
Dragonet Desc: M'nty; Nuff, Pyrene, Wyn tweak
Messages: Tatia, M'nty
Puppeteer: Tatia
Inspiration: Tatia, M'nty

Desba brown Dyamith
Palia green Veriameth
Kalaeya green Maiioth
A'hoy (Atohya) blue Mateyth (NPC)
Rajani (Rajanigandha) green Celvynath
Ryse (Chrysea) blue Paperth (NPC)
Ashli gold Isamath
R'um (Rylum) brown Runnerth (NPC)
X'ian (Axle) bronze Morchainth
D'nik (Dominicke) green Zveitseith
Aislinn blue Esryth

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