Oorla's Mystical Merlin Blue Mrrdynth

Crystal Dreams New Age Egg

A whisper of purple haunts the crystalline edges of this pyramid- strewn shell: lavender, as soft as a dream, wafts in ribbons about the sharper silver-facets of each halcyon design. Design. Design without intent. Pattern without purpose. Mosaic without meaning. Little is revealed in the dreamy sweep of this egg's curves, nor in its lilting layers of purpled, sun-dreamt gold.

Hatching Message

Crystal Dreams New Age Egg spins once again and /gleams/, the purple and lavender hues turning into magical fire as the dream inside tries another spell to break its shell. Tendrils of mist seemingly wrap themselves around the glow, the brightly burnished gold and silver ribbons. For one brief, shining moment it seems to lift itself into the air and … There! A puff of wizardly smoke, the glow intensifies, and the next instant thousands of minute golden shards rain on the Sands as /he/ steps out.

Mystical Merlin Blue Dragonet

A charm wrought of the crystalline blue of a lake bathed in glorious sunshine, warm aquas and ultramarine currents wrap this broad-cut dragon in intricate layers: dull silver spangles knot the hollows of throat and sides, magical portents barely lit by their antique pewter, whilst whiskery whispers of mithril and aged-silver frost his curiously snub nose. Faded runes glimmer in the mist of his powerful frame, adding length and stature to his relatively diminuitive size. Capacious wings enfold him, here and there dusted with the glowing greenish gold of fireflies in their mysteriously impish dance over crepuscular waters; their sails deep and wide and wild with indigo-tipped spars and a keen, tensile strength. Faintly, mysteriously as haze drifting over the peatbogs he creeps into your consciousness, lingering, making himself at home until suddenly .Poof! … Sparks of St. Elmo's fire explode like a magic firework and a voice, /his voice/, gentle and wise and very close to a human chuckle, rings in your mind « It's me! Mrrdynth! » and just in case you didn't get it right the name is repeated <> A brief pause then <> Pause « Erm, no. /I/ am hungry! » And while you squirm with an overwhelming physical sensation of utter and immediate starvation, your heart and soul are jubilant, rejoicing as your minds melt into one another. You are his and he is yours …forever and evermore … eternally!

Oorla, We hope that with this Inspiration we can give you the dragon you wanted. However, don't feel in any way limited by it. Now that he is /yours/ feel free to change anything you want, personality, appearance, whatever you feel is necessary to make Mrrdynth the dragon of your dreams. We know we're giving him into perfect hands!

Theme Inspiration

Oh Oorla! …. Do you realize that you have a veritable magician's apprentice at your hands now? Intelligent, though not as much as he likes to think, curious and eager for any kind of knowledge, keen on experimenting this little blue wizard has will be a little accident prone when young and you will have to get him out from more than just one scrape. But we know you won't complain - because above all of Mrrdynth's quirks and youthful follies, as irritating as they may be, you have found a love utterly unconditional and as unwavering as the 'Reaches own Spires! So he will always be your very own Merlin … as you will always be his Lady of the Lake.

Name Inspiration

Myrddin is the Welsh name for Merlin


Mellow and rich like fragrant smoke with a tinge of incense Mrrdynth's voice, however, is almost human. Never really loud it may turn into a whisper when he is insecure and needs your advice but will ring like silvery bells when he's excited. And - oh! - his chuckle! Soft and melodious it is so infectious that you will find people staring at you for bursting into laughter with obviously no reason at all!


Like autumn mists the faint scent of leaves and heather yet thick with a tinge of sandalwood and seaspray envelopes Mrrdynth. Mystical though familiar his fragrance brings the picture of an English countryside to the mind, more so when he's in a thoughtful mood, then wafts of old-fashioned lavender and cloves soften the smokiness of leaves and wood.


One of the smallest blues to hatch at the 'Reaches, your Mrrdynth is a classic example of that colour's stature. Squarely built head and neck, however, are well balanced though his headknobs are a little smaller as usual. The line of his perfectly symmetrical neckridges, their tips slightly curved, parades down to broad withers that give him spacious room for breathing, an important advantage during flights. Mrrdynth's wings, those wondrous, fragile looking sails … well, they look as if they have been made for a larger dragon and they will always be in his way until he's fully grown. With his over-large wings and feet, he's a funny yet touching sight, stumbling through his weyrlinghood. It's not that he's clumsy; quite the opposite. He's so intent on getting to the next experience that he can't be bothered by trivialities as wings and grace. He's not lithe on the ground; he saves that for the air. Not an eye-catcher, at least not at first sight, the singularity and beauty of his hide become obvious at second look. Leave the sparkles, the stardust, the moonlight and the obtrusive colors to the ones who need it! Mrrdynth doesn't, his is the precious polish of the most valuable metal, mithril, the sum of all the sunlit and shadowy shades of blue and that very special greenish gold that can't be found on any other dragon's hide. He might easily fade into the background but once you've noted him you can't take your eyes of him and each time you look at him you will find something new. And it is during flights when he really /shines/! Small, agile and with an unerring instinct he'll be one of the best fighters, not only of his wing but of all of High Reaches forces. Here his wide sails are his advantage and he dives and turns, dips and soars, banks and spins, always first in line. He keeps a steady flame, not too short, not too long, just the right size to char even the worst tangles of Thread. Not only occupied with flaming and keeping you and himself out of trouble, he also keeps a sharp eye on his wingmates and his advice flows constantly « Medium clump to your left, Trydanth! Careful, Kyleth! Large tangle right above! Phew! Well done! Sardrinth, no! … Umm, sorry. I must have miscalculated it! » /Blush!/


Mrrdynth isn't one of the most energetic blues because most of the time he will examine something or try to solve some problem he's turning in his mind. Actually he has much of brown - not surprising with Trebinth as father - curious and eager for knowledge he is almost a smaller version of Alarth and he will drive you to the verge of madness with his neverending questions « Yes, I know you've told me that already, but . » Quite often you might find him lost in his thoughts, examining something or trying a new trick. And even more often you will have to console him because one of his experiments has gone wrong, no matter how convinced he was that he did everything right. Oh dear, he's so sure that he /knows/ and yet has so much to learn. So you, Oorla, will be well advised to listen to his advice with utmost caution! And he will give advice without having been asked, on everything he thinks you'll need it and with the best of intentions! Because you are the love of his life, his other half and he will do everything within his powers to protect you, to make you feel good, make you laugh, at the same time you will be his first and greatest concern, given a reason or not and he will have counsel for everything! Still there will be moments when he's wise beyond his years, his wisdom ancient and eternal, and his suggestions the best you can possibly get. It just will be hard to judge when to listen to him and when rather not. Also he will regard you as a never ceasing source of knowledge and therefore listen to everything you say, taking everything for granted, so you will have to be careful here as well. Being so scholarly, he tends to be rather absentminded, even a bit clumsy, his mind reeling with all the new things he discovers and has to learn. That is why you will have to be his memory when he just can't remember something important. But nothing will ever go so wrong that Mrrdynth won't find a funny aspect of it. And almost everything can tickle his ever ready sense of humour. His clutchmates, other dragons, people and - you or he himself and that chuckle in your head will go off, probably at the most inappropriate times. He is not malicious or gloating and the moment he becomes aware that his laughter has been embarrassing he will instantly apologize because he doesn't want to hurt anyone; he sometimes just can't help it.


No, it's not that he's not interested in greens, not at all! It's just that most likely he won't notice the proddy one, being so deeply absorbed in this oh so interesting problem he simply /has/ to solve. Now! « Huh? Misumith's blooding her kill? Already? » Then, after giving the issue some thought « Oh well! I guess this can wait! » But once he catches that enticing smell he's on his way! Again his being small is his advantage and he will soar the skies behind her, executing all his magic. The antique pewter becomes highly burnished, the aged-silver brand new and now, but only now, he /really/ sparkles! And if he catches? Well, then the /true/ magic begins ….


Egg Desc: Nuff
Dragonet Desc: Nuff, Thesy, R'sli (D'renn tweak)
Name: Nuff
Puppeted by: R'sli
Inspiration: Thesy, R'sli

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