Chey’s Enthroned Cassiopeia Gold Mynwiyath

Come Reap Harvest Moon Egg

Heavy on the vine, fruit hangs in rich crimson swells over the smooth shell, splashes of lush color amidst molten butter. The egg is pumpkin-plump and golden-warm, reflected sunlight gleaming on the face of the smiling moon, large and gravid on the horizon. The yellow of roasted corn, the shimmer of ripe wheat, the amber spill of cold beer… all these mingle together over the shell, a harvest of inviting plenty.

Hatching Message

Come Reap Harvest Moon Egg shudders in its gravid swell; it rocks; it quakes; and opens up, splitting to pieces in the pangs of labor to spill forth its contents, raining shards of gold-hued shell in a scattered arc. Thus is revealed the Enthroned Cassiopeia Gold Hatchling.

Enthroned Cassiopeia Gold Dragonet

A stark elegance is drawn in lean and weathered lines of once malleable, once molten, gold. Smooth and mellow amber sweeps back her wings, only to be burnt brown at the straining spars. The beaten curve of her neckridges is likewise tarnished, and the prominent leg-bones seem to bruise the hide that covers them. The delicate hammering of her face is buffed with soft brown on the headknobs and the upsweep of eyeridges. Beneath, an old gaze shadows her eyes with wisdom and quiet dignity.

Public Impression Pose

Enthroned Cassiopeia Gold Dragonet glimpses a figure breaking ranks as she continues along her cautious march, and for a quiet instant, goes still but for the barest twitch of tail's tip and the flare of her nostrils in a snorted breath. The moment's quiet breaks as the golden queen strides forward with head erect and wings spread, unerring and firm of purpose, to Cheyanna.

Private Impression Message

Deep, encompassing warmth reaches out to embrace your mind, bearing the contentment of absolute certainty. « Ah. » It is not really a syllable; it is a sigh of relief upon discovery, rumbled low and dark and warm as magma-heated stone, sinking deep into you. She follows it, binding herself up in you, winding herself through you, all strength and earth and pleasant enfolding darkness. « There, » she says, and that’s a word, bathed in gold and brown and red. « I am Mynwiyath. Let us begin. »

Cheyanna! Chey, rather. We’ve loved having you grow up at High Reaches, discovering who you are and learning a great many things along the way. Now that you’ve acquired all this experience, we give you Mynwiyath, and with her, guiding her, we hope you find a niche in the Weyr to make your own!

"A woman's life can really be a succession of lives, each revolving around some emotionally compelling situation or challenge, and each marked off by some intense experience." (Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor, 1896-1986)

Egg Inspiration

Most of my favorite harvest poetry actually conjures death rather than plenty, with the reaper bearing a scythe, autumn signifying the death of the year and the coming winter. But harvest is a time of plenty, and it was the plenty that comes before that doom that I wanted to emphasis in this Harvest Moon egg. It was inspired by autumn poetry, oncoming Thanksgiving, the Dark Tower harvest festival and its celebration of death (“come reap!”), and the Harvest Moon farming video game that I played for several weeks straight this October.

In making the Harvest Moon a queen egg and centering a gold dragon inside it, we brought out the lush fertility of the harvest. It seems somehow appropriate to hatch a fertile mother figure out of an egg painted in pregnant plenty. And, as you will see, the looming winter is something that Mynwiyath will always keep in mind.


In Greek mythology, Cassiopeia was the Ethiopian queen who was so proud of her beauty that she was punished by having a sea monster (Aerulunth!) attack her kingdom. The only way to appease the beast was to sacrifice her daughter, Andromeda. Then in comes Perseus to rescue the fair maiden, and in the ensuing kerfuffle, Cassiopeia is turned to stone by the head of the gorgon which Perseus carries. Oops.

That is not what we've based Mynwiyath on (which you'll probably be glad to know!). Mynwiyath is based upon the constellation of Cassiopeia rather than the background myth. Cassiopeia was set in the stars upon a throne, but as a punishment for her pride, she was placed near the north pole. As she revolves around it each night, she turns upside down and must cling to her throne less she fall off. Mynwiyath is a dragon who's very aware of her position, and of how tenuous the Interval could make it.

There are only three female constellations: Andromeda, Virgo and Cassiopeia. Respectively, they represent maiden, mother and crone. Cassiopeia is not just the old woman however, but the dominant one. The queen rather than the princess. The matriarch rather than the mother. Like Cassiopeia, Mynwiyath is not a particularly attractive or romantic figure, but she is a strong one.

One other notable thing about the constellation of Cassiopeia is that it forms an M for half the night and a W for the other half. We promptly hit on the idea of having both letters in her name and set about an exhaustive (and we mean exhaustive!) search for two root-words that would convey a relevant meaning and look attractive as a name. After
much deliberation, we took 'myn' from the Cornish for 'purpose' and 'wiya' from a Dakota Sioux word for 'woman'. Woman with purpose. Mynwiyath.

As Cheyanna, you have a tendency to settle on the easy, familiar road. With Mynwiyath, you can let yourself be dominated by her purpose and guided along the road of her choosing—but you will find that Mynwiyath is fallible, is flawed, and sometimes you will need to guide her.

Portrait Artist: “You may not be allowed to vote, ma’am, but it is your government.”
HM Queen Elizabeth II: “Yes. I suppose that is some consolation.”
– The Queen (2006 film)

Physically, Mynwiyath is no babyfaced queen. She's lean and rangy, but not coltish. Her bones are prominent, although she's not overly skinny (unless you compare her with Nissionath). Colourwise, she's a rather brown-gold. She possibly inherits that from her dam, but Cadgwith's brackish brown has green hints to it, bronze fashion. Mynwiyath is shades of amber that darken at her joints. She's tarnished gold.

We wanted to convey a sense of age, to reflect Cassiopeia as the crone, without actually making her look like an elderly dragon. Mynwiyath is an old soul in many ways, so we wanted to give her that air of maturity rather than freshness. A woman in her 40s often has a richer beauty to her face than one in her twenties, even if she no longer fits the glossy model version of sex-appeal. Mynwiyath is the same way. She's not got the exquisite loveliness of some golds, but she possesses her own charm.

Despite her long limbs, she'll quickly learn how to coordinate them. Her walk will be graceful if not light and dancing. In the air, she eschews aerobatics for a steady and powerful forward motion. It will require stamina to win her flights.

Her mindvoice is solid. When she uses words at all, she speaks in the weathered richness of contralto. Her voice is dryer than it is fluid, gently abraded with sand and stone and carrying hints with it of depth and age. She almost never uses words without accompaniment of some sort, all the sensation she can use harnessed to her command. Her favored colors are dark and vivid, although she shies from few when appropriate. There is hearth-warmth to her and deep earth, the green scents of deep forest and bruised moss in the oldest places of the world.

Her laughter is as rich as dark chocolate, bittersweet and glossy or molten on the tongue; her grief comes in a tidal, weary rush as deep as the black depths of the ocean.

Her rage does not come with trumpets or blistering heat. It is a chill thing, and dark, and soft – serpent-deadly and bearing bitter venom besides. The quieter it gets, the deadlier; when she mutes herself to naught but bland reserve, it is as though the full force of her trembles with fury behind a dam.

“I have something to prove, as long as I know there's something that needs improvement, and you know that everytime I move, I make a woman's movement.”
– Ani DiFranco

Mynwiyath’s is a quiet strength. She is unusually mature and self-contained in that shows of bombast are of little interest to her. She will infuse you with a stalwart and unshakable support – not unthinking, not unquestioning, but always unfailing. There is a gravitas to her, a personal energy that shapes her surroundings more than the reverse. The difference split between prim correctness and dignity is an important one; Mynwiyath is dignified, but pragmatic and reasoned rather than fussy or overbearing.

Beyond quiet strength and dignity of bearing, there is a territoriality to her, a possessiveness. You are hers, to shelter and protect and defend. This applies to her mates, to her eggs, and to some degree her Weyr as well as her rider. With the stern, solid bearing of a matriarch and an unending capacity for love, she inscribes everything she cares about within the whole of itself and makes it her own. To shelter, to protect, to defend.

Most dragons live in the moment. Mynwiyath, unusually, has a sense of how easily the present circumstances can change. This harkens back to the tenuousness of her position (of her constellation). Cassiopeia spins constantly between being upside-down and being upright. Mynwiyath realizes instinctively that even in her innate position of authority, she will alternate between being popular and unpopular, successful and unsuccessful, certain and uncertain.

This leaves her with a slight edge of insecurity, but she draws her moral support from your love for her, so this is rarely a problem. Instead she is quietly driven, constantly reviewing her position and current affairs so that she can evaluate her next move. This makes her very cautious in her decisions, and she may be accused of procrastinating as she will not act until she has fully thought it through.

Once her mind is made up, past caution, her resolve is cast in iron. This is a double-edged blade of stubborn inflexibility. Her certainty is one of her strongest traits, once she has settled upon a point of certainty. All points east and west of Mynwiyath are wrong and likely stupid; she is the center, and hers is the right and only way.

Of course, Mynwiyath doesn't think of herself like that. She thinks she’s listening to everybody and taking their opinion into account – but actually, she dismisses them pretty quickly if they conflict with the decision she has already made. The rationalization is always solid enough to satisfy her, and she is not self-aware enough to see through her own thin curtains of logic to the unyielding predetermination beneath.

This is a common flaw: we have all known this person—heck, we’ve all been this person. We’ve all wished that we had somebody to point out to us when we’re crossing the line. Mynwiyath does. She has you, her rider, to gently nudge her when she’s unconsciously stubborn. To remind her that just because a way is different to her way, that does not make it a bad way. To reassure her that others are capable of doing what needs to be done. And to point out that sometimes it is better to let somebody do a less accomplished job than to exclude them.

Prince Philip: “It’s not fair!”
HM Queen Elizabeth II: “Yes, and no further discussion is required.”
- The Queen (2006 film)

When proddy, Mynwiyath gets sharper, moodier, more irritable. The veil of rationality through which she operates becomes thinner and more likely to be pierced with blunt, arrogant aggravation.

Her flights will be long. And long. She is both a stalwart flyer and a tactically intelligent one. While she may generally prefer the stability of a regular partner, it is by no means a certainty come mating flight time. She is as stubborn and tenacious in this situation as in any other, and her connection to you will hold nothing back. Whatever reserve marks her self-expression at other times, there will be none of it here: she will be arrogance, and strength, and majesty, and female power, and sensuality, and she will be all of them at once.

Come the clutch, she will be a fearsome guardian over her eggs, tireless and vigilant. They will come to be hers thoroughly. People on the Sands will learn to show her offspring the deepest of respect or find themselves in hot water. It’s not that the candidates aren’t good enough for the eggs…. It’s just that she doesn’t trust them. Yet. Perhaps they just need a few years more to mature and be right for her clutch.

« The eggs are so delicate, and the candidates don’t understand them. They’re not riders, like you. »

“Dearest, that’s kind of the whole point.”

The hardest part is letting go, but given a chance to come to terms with it, she will … and keep half an eye on her get well through weyrlinghood, like a matriarch overseeing the daily doings of her clan.

“Life on the planet is born of woman.”
– Adrienne Rich

Earth is the primary element that defines Mynwiyath – she is earthen warmth to her volcanic depths, and the coldness of stone, and the immutability of the mountain. She is grounded reason, rocky stubbornness, craggy and prickly as the jagged cave-pocked service of a cliff face. She is gravity.

That is not to say that she is a stick in the mud and never anything more than glowering work and prickly intensity. The warmth of the hearthside is hers, too; a motherly touch, or a grandmotherly, all-encompassing and deep.

Although dragons tend to struggle with cause and effect, this concept in its mildest form fascinates Mynwiyath. She is curious about the trivial changes she can bring about in her environment. She'll be very fond of the lakeside from the moment she realizes she leaves footprints (and a tail-line) in the sand.

Sketching patterns in snow and sand will bring her a quiet delight, as she studies the changes she has made and recognizes them as her mark. So too will she enjoy blowing small stones and sticks out onto still water to watch the ripples they make … and upon discovering the relative likelihood of sticks to float, Mynwiyath will develop a certain fascination with boats.

And she has a sense of humor: a dry, crackling wit, sometimes edged, and rarely, rarely silly.

« Luileeuth, you are the connoisseur among us! Which is the best sunbeam to nap in? »

This friendliness, the willing to drop the gravity for (or cover it up with) open levity, will endear her to many. This fondness will mean many will tolerate her obsessive perfectionism, even when it frustrates them. Of course, when others turn a blind eye, it’s probably time for you to open hers.

There are always people, other dragons, for whom she holds absolute respect, all throughout her development. The older queens are likely candidates for this, as are the weyrlingmasters and perhaps even one or two of her clutchmates. But as she gets older she’ll outgrow each mentor, one by one. It will be up to you to bring her down a peg before she sees herself as the supreme mind of the Weyr. You are the one mentor she will never outgrow: her anchor, her ballast, her guide, and sometimes, her tact.

She does not suffer fools gladly. Her patience stands up to major aggravation better than to minor exasperations – small annoyances are more likely to prickle and get beneath her hide than things she sees as massive injustice, which can be weathered and overcome over a longer period of time.

« Enough, Kyrioth! If you disagree with me, then have the grace to say so, instead of making these barbed comments. »

“Patriotism is not short, frenzied outbursts of emotion, but the tranquil and steady dedication of a lifetime.”
- Adlai E. Stevenson

Mynwiyath is a creature of confidence, driven and stern. Defining purpose for herself and for dragonkind in the Interval is a matter that concerns her greatly. It is no task to rush but a lifelong one, which reshapes itself a little every day. Being idle of purpose is not a state with which she will remain comfortable for any significant period of time. As the Weyr is hers to protect it is also hers to serve, and she is highly conscious of her role in its structure.

She takes failure hard. Her caution and stringent rationality combined make for a detail-oriented perfectionism that make losses keenly felt. Because of her level of commitment to ideas, she tends to take things fallen through more personally than perhaps she ought.

Mynwiath finds her vulnerability to her own perfectionism to be deeply frustrating. She strives for such heights to bring herself to such lows, and the limits to her capacity to take things in stride strike her as deep and unforgivable weakness. Unchecked she could spiral into the dark pits of self-loathing. She needs you to help her balance herself. She needs your perspective, your forgiveness, and your love. Without your support she would be lost.

For all her well-meant arrogance, Mynwiyath is also the very bulwark of your support. She will back you as fiercely as she backs herself. At times she might get pushy, drawing you forward and into situations past your comfort zone, but it is always with your shared duty and your best interests at heart.

At her core, Mynwiyath believes in you. She believes in you individually, as yourself, and in the pair of you as dragon and rider. Her certainty in this is as strong as her certainty in everything else, and stronger, because it is backed by the solid mountain’s heart heat of her love for you.

“A woman is like a tea bag. You never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water.”
- Nancy Reagan

You are her mentor as much as she is yours; her guide, as much as she is your impetus. You share a special bond of push-pull between you, equals who shoulder each other’s burdens and shore up each other’s weaknesses while complementing each other’s strengths. Mynwiyath loves you utterly, and she will never let you forget it for an instant.


Name: Pyrene, Sao
Egg Desc: Sao
Dragonet Desc: Siannen, Py tweak
Messages: Sao
Puppeteer: Sao
Inspiration: Pyrene, Sao

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