Onlie's Eagle of the Revolution Kite Brown Najmaldith
"This is love: to fly toward a secret sky, to cause a hundred veils to fall each moment. First to let go of life. Finally, to take a step without feet."

Mischief Mishap Egg

No matter what angle one happens to take a look at this egg, the fact that it looks… well, broken doesn't change at all. Up one length and down the other are hues of a brown that contrast with the light off-white of the shell, looking as though it's cracked from top to bottom. But it's okay, since there are also little, lighter strips of brown crossing those fissures, as though patching up the egg that is-broken-but-is-not-broken. This egg is of a medium size and leans at a distinct tilt towards the right - maybe that's how it got so bumped up.

Hatching Message

Mischief Mishap Egg no longer looks broken. It is broken, deep seams surging beneath the now inadequate strips of brown. Every quaking surge of life affords a glimpse of cinnamon hide struggling against the bonds of its prison. Inexorably, each strip of shell peels away from the rest; inexorably, one existence gives way to another, and an egg becomes a dragon as it was always meant to do, covered in the thin ointment of albumen.

Eagle of the Revolution Kite Brown Dragonet

Feathered by darkly glossy cinnamon, the tawny hide of this revolutionary brown seems to glisten: from hawk-hooked muzzle and fiercely proud features to the shortened sweep of his tail. He carries his short, powerful frame with the courage of the oppressedbeaten, but not bowedsmall head held high atop broad shoulders. Pale amber limns the slight curve of an impressive wingspan that sweeps, when folded, behind narrow hindquarters to cross over his tail. Midnight russet hoods and veils this rebel's gaze, dark against the topaz lustre of his face; there too, a dark point, sable just above the curve of a wicked jaw.

Public Impression Pose

Eagle of the Revolution Kite Brown Dragonet lopes in an easy hop-step, wings fluttering with his agitation. Though his speed does not increase, he stretches his neck as though he might close the distance more quickly in this manner. And suddenly, there she is, and he's not sure what to do. He studies her, this little wren with her mousy brown curls and bright, cornflower blue eyes. He rumbles and jabs his nose at her bladder.

Private Impression Message

The faintest hint of incense impinges on your senses, just a whiff of smoke — and then it is gone. The heat of the sands is the heat of the desert, a dry rasp of air against your skin, though nothing moves. Heat-warped, heady, an earth-bound tenor announces himself: « I am Najmaldith. » His words ride on waves of orange and red, roll with the thrum of desert drums, « and you, little bird, are my one, my only. My Onlie. »

Onberlie! Beri! Onlie! Welcome to the ranks of High Reaches' elite Thread fighting force! You are now no longer "T'ii's little sister," but the rider of that pain-in-the-ass, argumentative brown, Najmaldith! We love you, and we hope that he is everything you could have wanted, and more. We are so, so glad that you have chosen to ride with us, and we look forward to watching you and Najmaldith grow and mature in the years to come. —T'ii, Shazi, Jesha

Egg Inspiration

So, I looked into my closet and found a nice big set of band-aids, so I thought it'd be cute to have an egg described as though it got one too many bumps and bruises. I know when I was a kid, I used to get scraped up all the time, so band-aids were probably my personal hero.

Dragon Inspiration

The birds all gathered to choose a king, and wise Owl was selected to moderate the selection. It was decreed that the bird who could fly the highest would bear the crown.

Well, mighty Eagle was the obvious favorite in this competition, and sure 'tis true he beat his strong wings and soared far above the other birds. When he had flown high enough to secure the crown, he started to descend, but it was at this moment the clever Wren, hiding beneath Eagle's wing, flew out from his place of concealment and flew higher still!

Eagle gave a cry of rage, but he was too tired by this time to pursue the well-rested Wren. And so the Owl decided that the Wren had won the crown.

The Eagle and the Wren is a familiar fable across many cultures, a fable of power versus wits. In a way, Najmaldith is an amalgam of both, with the power and nobility of the eagle, and the brazen wit of the wren. This particular wren goes by the name of Marjane Satrapi.

Satrapi grew up in Tehran in a progressive family involved with the communist and socialist movements in Iran, prior to the Islamic Iranian Revolution. She attended the Lycée Français there and witnessed, as a child, the growing oppression of civil liberties and the everyday-life consequences of Iranian politics, including the fall of the Shah, the early regime of Ayatollah Khomeini, and the first years of the Iran-Iraq war.

Satrapi is a great-granddaughter of Nasser-al-Din Shah, Shah of Persia from 1848 until 1896. However, Satrapi points out that "the kings of the Qajar dynasty…had hundreds of wives. They made thousands of kids. If you multiply these kids by generation you have, I don't know, ten to fifteen thousand princes and princesses. There's nothing extremely special about that."

In 1983, at the age of 14, Satrapi was sent to Vienna, Austria, by her parents in order to flee the Iranian regime. According to her autobiographical graphic novel, Persepolis, she lived there during her high school years, returning to Iran for college. At college, she met a man named Reza, whom she married at age 21 and divorced roughly a year later. She then studied Visual Communication, eventually obtaining a Master's Degree in Visual Communication from the School of Fine Arts in Tehran Azad University. Satrapi then moved to Strasbourg, France. She currently lives in Paris, where she works as an illustrator and an author of children's books.

At first, we looked for meanings in Farsi, but sadly, all the translators out there write Farsi in lovely squiggly lines and not something we, as uneducated Westerners, can read. So we turned to baby names websites and we found Najm al Din, or "star of the faith." As a child, Marji thinks of herself as the last prophet of Islam; she is called "celestial light" by God. Her uncle completes the circle, calling her "star of my life" in their final meeting. And so, Najmaldith is your star, your celestial light.

But he is also the eagle to your wren, and we tried to show that through his description. For inspiration, we looked to the golden eagle, a large bird with beautiful plumage of black and golden-brown; separately, they are kind of dull, but blended as they are, the neutrality becomes something more. He has the hooked muzzle, the short powerful frame, the narrow hindquarters and the impressive wingspan of the eagle, but the fierce pride, the courage, the rebel's gaze, and the beauty mark of Marji. Together, the two ideas meet in the dark hood/veil that occludes the golden features of his face: a captive eagle is hooded, a woman held captive by conservatism is veiled.

Fairly average in size, he makes up for it in sheer power, veiled in the lean muscle and little fat of his compact form. His strength is greater than one might assume at first sight and, though not able to outfly his larger brothers, he can definitely give them a run for their money. He is no acrobat, preferring to soar high and far, and will choose to out-think, rather than out-maneuver, any greens he may chase. He is a beauty in flight, picking thermals and riding them with the greatest of ease. He is a phenomenal hunter and prefers the challenge of the wild beast to the tame cattle of the pens, picking them out from far above and plummeting from the sky to pounce. He relishes in the feast of blood and flesh and will eagerly share it with you, if you let him.

It will take him a lot of trial and error to reach that point, though. As a dragonet, he will be awkward and coltish, his take-offs atrocious, and his landings only a little less so. He will have to overcome something of a hop-step in his gait; though he will never be particularly graceful on land, he will eventually manage something dignified, at least.

"Image is an international language."
-Marjane Satrapi

Najmaldith is not vain, per se, but he is definitely aware of how he looks. Those oiling sessions you have together will be both a required indulgence and a treasured time of bonding. He will enjoy trying out different scents with you and he will be frank with you about what he does and does not like. As a youngster, he will itchOh, how he will itch!but he will be very self-conscious about his image. He might hide you under a wing, or insist on dashing into that shadowy patch over there before allowing you to go to town on his poor growing hide. His walk will be a particular issue and there will be many long hours practicing to make it less silly and more manly. He will envy Armaderoth his easy lope.

His image, of course, is secondary to his purpose. Najmaldith believes that he (and you, by extension) is destined for great things. You will defy tradition and become the first woman Weyrleader of all time. You will be great leaders and all will look to you for guidance. As he grows older and discovers that such grandiose plans are impractical, he may be willing to settle for a more minor role: Weyrlingmaster, perhaps, where you can mold young minds and make a real difference for the future of the Weyr.

He may not give up so easily, though. Unconventional, revolutionary, forward-thinking: your Najmaldith is one who will always question the status quo. If he can manage to fly the senior queen, why can you not, then, be Weyrleader? What is there about being female that makes you so much less suited than, say, Kiano? You are more intelligent and more kind than any of your clutchmates. You should be able to perform the position as well, if not better. Therefore, you should be able to have the position. He will seek, often, to change any rules that he considers unfair or unrealistic. More often than not, you will find him trying to engage his conservative clutchmate, Armaderoth, in heated argument.

"I don't do any harm to people. I'm not jealous or envious of anyone. If I can help people, I do."
-Marjane Satrapi

And what is fair? You will find Najmaldith trying, throughout his life, to define this undefinable term. He is fiercely egalitarian, believing that everyone should have the same chances as everyone else. A drudge should one day be able to become a bronzerider, a kitchen assistant the leader of a Hold. With Impression being the ultimate equalizer, your lifemate will be an eager Search dragon, trying to right the ultimate injustices with a quick trip ::between:: and a cot in the candidate barracks. Though he knows the most likely outcome is rarely favorable, he is moved by compassion for the commoner, and must at least try.

He can be extremely forceful, perhaps even rash, when it comes to the conviction of his ideas. Intelligent and inquisitive, he may sometimes sacrifice what is appropriate to get his point across, choosing to argue folks into a corner rather than accept that they do not see eye to eye.

« Look, you backwards-minded ass, my lifemate is just as qualified as yours for weyrling wingleader, so take that stick you've got stuck up your butt and shove it! »

He always has to have a cause, an enemy, a battle to put his energy to good use. If there is no physical battle, no Thread, he must turn his attentions to social issues: the injustice of gender roles, the inequity between social classes, the violence inherent in the system… ((Help! Help! I'm being repressed!)) He, like Ckiezeluth, will often find himself dashing to the aid of the less fortunate, fighting their causes and fomenting rebellion, if he can.

There is a leader, somewhere, in all of that. Someone to whom others really can look up. Incredibly charismatic, confident almost to the point of arrogance, with a mind voice to match, he is as much a beast of action as he is a thinker. He is incredibly loyal, kind and attentive to those he knows well, though he is not the sort likely to give advice. Eventually, with everyone but you, Onlie, he will begin to chafe and insist on action, especially when it comes to the more talkative among them.

Except, perhaps Oljeitukhodath. The big blue will be something of a mentor, a grandfather figure despite the minimal difference in their ages. When he cannot get the answers he needs from you, it is to "the old man" he goes. Shazi's dragon is more of a talker than a fighter, but what he has to say has truth in it, always, and Najmaldith can respect that, if he doesn't always understand.

"The minute I heard my first love story I started looking for you, not knowing how blind that was. Lovers don't finally meet somewhere. They're in each other all along."

When it comes to females and flights, Najmaldith is a forever kind of guy. As a male dragon with needs, he may "try out" a few greens and a gold or two until he finally does settle down, but once he finds that special someone, he is not likely to stray. More than likely, she will be similar to you in personality, a friend with whom he can let down his guard. Rather than coming together after a protracted courtship, they will probably fall together as a matter of course, two friends who eventually become lovers, and then mates. While single, he will likely only fly greens or golds with whom he has some sort of rapport and with whom he can remain friends afterwards, preferring some sort of connection to a one night stand.

Mind Voice

"Sometimes talking is just too much. Sometimes just showing is enough."
-Marjane Satrapi

Najmaldith's voice is a desert-dry tenor, well-trained and with a hint of drums in the background. He booms, he whispers, he uses his voice effectively. When he's especially excited or upset, he will punctuate his words with a sound much akin to the shriek of an eagle, high and primal and piercing.

He is more of a doer than a speaker, though, and you may find that, when words fail, Najmaldith will /show/ you what he is talking about: his mindscent is sand and incense, and he paints pictures in desert-neutral tones; a lot of yellows and oranges and shifting currents. His imagery is often wavery, warped as if seen through a wall of heat and smoke. When he does expand his palette away from yellows and oranges, it is in waving colors, like dancing ribbons and veils of translucent silk.

Oh soul, you worry too much. You have seen your own strength. You have seen your own beauty. You have seen your golden wings. Of anything less, why do you worry? You are in truth the soul, of the soul, of the soul. -Rumi

Strong, beautiful, with the pride and nobility of the golden eagle and the courage of the oppressed, ever willing to accept your wisdom, Najmaldith is the soul, of your soul, of your soul. He is yours to do with as you please. We hope you love him.


Name: Jesha, Shazi
Egg Desc: Nulerak
Dragonet Desc: Shazi, T'ii
Messages: Shazi, T'ii
Puppeteer: Shazi, T'ii
Inspiration: Jesha, Shazi, T'ii

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