Khalai's Liberated Libra Green Neasiursath
“When Love cast me out, it was Cruelty who took pity upon me.”
~ Phedre no Delauney

Em-Oh-Oh-En Egg

A battle of the ages rages over the shell of this large ovoid: good versus evil; heaven versus hell. On one side, red reigns, scattered with the bitter gold of greed, casino chips and promiscuous greens flashing in an enticingly erotic, sinful dance; the other half, in bold contrast, is a cool, comforting combination of pastels: pale, angelic, tinted with love, laughter, laws. Pathways lead through the golden corn that covers the lower part of the egg. Which side will it lead you to?

Hatching Message

Em-Oh-Oh-En Egg develops a latticework of tiny cracks in its surface, thin lines myriad and originating from a single point of choice. Its frantic rocking peters to a halt, punctuated by the thrust of a goo-glistening forepaw through that weakest point. Paths not taken peel away from the the hatchling as she shrugs loose her dichotomous prison, fragments of shell lodged in the sand like discarded futures. Liberated Libra Green Hatchling steps bravely out into the daylight world and leaves them all behind.

Liberated Libra Green Dragonet

A master's finest work, wrought in mother-of-pearl and spun glass: pride and perfection in pale, iridescent green. Luminous eyes shine like jewels in a fine-boned face; emotions' range is endless, marked by changes in hue but for a single scarlet facet in the left. Her neck's arch is long and elegant, her carriage erect; a coquette's body, slender and proportionate. Darkness limns the base of her tail, patterning subtle and indistinct as it flows upward like smoke to curl 'round the join of wing and back. The gentle spike of 'spars is inlaid with jet; between, 'sails spread in translucent glory, draped over her haunches like the open petals of a night-blooming flower.

Public Impression Pose

Liberated Libra Green Dragonet has narrowed it down. She knows the way now. Her steps become surer, quicker. She dodges a young female, kicks sand past an older male human. She puts the brakes on as she nearly collides with a clutchmate. So many obstacles the flawed eye dragon has faced, but the path is clear now. It's straight ahead. Straight towards a female. Straight towards her perfect companion. Khalylai.

Private Impression Message

A thick musk fills your mind, flickers of dried crimson rose petals float through your vision. Finally, a dart-pricked gaze glides around to stare up at yours, and her thoughts are rubbing against yours like silk on bare skin. A smoky incense-driven haze clouds any intelligent reasoning as she closes the link of love. «Will you stand at the crossroads for me, my love? Will you be my perfect companion, Khalai?»

Khalylai! Khalai, now, that is - we were so glad to have you, and we are so glad that we get to keep you! We hope that Neasiursath is everything that you could ever want, and more, and more than look forward to seeing what the two of you can do together.

Mighty Kushiel of rod and weal
Late of the brazen Portals
With blood-tipp'd dart a wound unhealed
Pricks the eyen of chosen mortals.

I'm a big fan of Stephen King's The Stand, and as soon as I saw that the themewas moons, what popped into my head was Tom Cullen's quote, "M-O-O-N, that spells …, laws yes." What exactly M-O-O-N spelt was different every time, depending on how Tom felt.

For those who don't know the story, at the beginning a massive plague hits, killing most of humanity, and the survivors are drawn to one of two people: Mother Abigail, representing God and good, or Randall Flagg, who represents the Devil and evil. Tom Cullen is a mildly retarded 40-something who is drawn to the side of good; he then becomes a spy and enters Las Vegas, the collection point for the devil's followers. When Randall tries to see who the spy is, all he can see is the moon, because Tom is protected by his disability and God. When he sees the full moon, Tom begins his journey back home, finally stating, "M-O-O-N, that spells moon."

Theme Inspiration

Libra is quite the multi-faceted little constellation. It has been viewed in many different ways, which rather suits your delightful whore, as she can be viewed in many different ways too! We know it as the scales, representing justice. Before that, the Greeks had a more aggressive interpretation: the claws of Scorpio. It's also been known as the chariot in which a lustful Hades abducted Persephone, as well as the house of Venus. From there we move onto a belief that Libra influenced commerce and fair trade. Well, if one must trade in love, it's nice to know the deal is a balanced one!

Neasiursath is a great many things, but there is little of chaos about her. She has everything in balance, and we hope that through her, Khalai will learn some balancing of her own

Name Inspiration

The origin is Scottish Gaelic; 'nea' comes from 'soighneas' which means delightful. 'siursath' comes whole-cloth from 'siursach,' meaning whore. ;) Put 'em together for an elegant-looking name that means 'delightful whore,' which we thought you of anyone could appreciate. Pronounce it any way you like, but I've been pronouncing it 'nee-SHUR-sath,' in keeping with the Gaelic si=sh sound.


Neasiursath's voice is a smooth, rich alto; sensual without being overtly sexual, it is never the less the kind of voice that if spoken aloud, turns heads in a crowded room. It is the feel of silk sheets against your skin, the heady scent of dried roses mixed with the spiced smoke of incense.

Nea is a sensualist; her voice has full-throated depth, and she's not afraid to incorporate anything into it. If it can be sensed, it will be there; she'll be all about the hints of smoke and foxfur and velvet luxury or molten chocolate dripping bittersweet heat. She uses color to illustrate her points; when relaxed, her mindvoice is amber-mellow with beaten-silver highlights. When aroused or enraged, she's more likely to wash her thoughts and cloud your mind with the deep red of a good wine.

Love as Thou Wilt

Well, that’s Neasiursath! Of course, this is only a guide in order to help you learn and know your new bottomless pit. Feel free to use or not use this Inspiration as you see fit! Remember, we loved you enough to Impress you, we’ll still love you know matter how you choose to play Nea. We just want you to be happy!


In as much as we could, we tried to base Neasiursath’s physicality on just what you’d mentioned: light accented by dark, to hearken back to Phedre’s coloring. Nea is on the lighter (very, very much lighter) side of green, but that doesn’t mean that she’s washed out, oh no! She’s a shimmery, iridescent green – not the green over dark of a hummingbird’s feathers, but the green over light of the inside of a sea shell. She also bears subtle hints of other colors, should the light hit her just so – maybe a little bit of blue or rose just to touch her with the slightest spark of color. What dark there is in her hide serves as accent – there it is the hummingbird’s sort of iridescence: when she’s in shadow, the wingspars look black, but in the light they show up green again.

We puzzled over how to incorporate two very important physical aspects of Phedre: Kushiel’s Dart, and her marque. Finally we hit on the ‘stuck pixel’ in her left eye (phrase credit to Pyrene, but I love it so I am using it), a single facet that stays red no matter what her mood, and doesn’t swirl or whorl or what-have-you with the rest of her eye. Technically if we were going with the blood-marked thing, it should be green for dragon ichor, but we all thought that it would be much more effective if red. As for her marque, it is there but indistinct: just a dark mark against the base of her tail that works upwards along her back to between her wings, and curls around the base of them. Right now it is not really there, but as she ages it will darken, and the patterning will become more distinct. What that final patter is we’ve left up to you, but the second part of the sentence that describes it, “patterning subtle and indistinct as it flows upward like smoke to curl 'round the join of wing and back,” should be easy enough to write specifics into.

Neasiursath’s carriage is elegant, her movement refined. She is always aware of herself – probably more so than any of the other weyrlings. While Kyrioth might have trouble with his wings, Aerulunth with his entire being, Neasiursath is the least likely to be seen tripping over her own feet or wings or tail, even fresh out of the shell.


Neasiursath is born a green, a commoner among the dragon kind. But she’s born with a regalness, a self-confidence that keep her chin up. She’ll never be ashamed of what she is, and she’ll quickly let you know it, albeit in a diplomatic fashion. She’s grammatically correct if she can help it, and very tactful. She has a penchant for referring to her fellow dragons by their titles, unless they happen to be a really close companion, in which case she’ll actually use their names.

She’s a curious little devil, snapping up any knowledge she sets her sights on. Wanting to learn how to ride a runner? She’ll be there, hovering overhead. Curious as how to make a deep blue dye? She’ll be there, quizzing your brains out on what you’ve read. Nevermind the fact that she’ll forget it and you’ll just have to read it to her again later. She's also intently curious about other lands and peoples. She won't be happy sitting at the weyr for very long; she has the itch for adventure, traveling, and new things to do.

“All knowledge is worth having.”
~Anafiel no Delaunay

She's a rather unselfish creature, going far out of her way if need be. She usually has a hidden agenda, but it's mostly her own morals that keep her mind on others and not herself. She won't complain when you want to go camping and she has to sleep somewhere on the cold, hard ground. She won't whine when you insist on flying straight down to Southern without betweening because you may be pregnant. She'll simply do what needs doing, and that will be that. She's a perfectionist at heart, and if you fudge on your daily logs or slack off on your housework, she'll tactfully berate you until it gets done to her liking.

However, the one luxury she comes to find that she indulges in from the first moment is baths. She’ll beg you to wash her and scrub her and pamper her while bathing until she’s old enough to take a dip in the lake herself. Even then, she’ll take her precious time soaking in the water and lingering on the shoreline. In this span of time, she’ll be practically worthless to you, as her mind is in another place and not paying one whit of attention to the going-on around her.

“Nothing spoils idle pleasure like too much awareness.”
— Phedre, Kushiel’s Dart

Don't think she's all sugar sweetness. Libra may not contain Scorpio's sting, and but it does have its claws. She has the charm to whisper a sweet nothing into a dragon's ear, knowing he'll pass the tidbit to his rider and the word will grow from there. It goes back to her hidden agenda; she can see the patterns in things and knows which tiny little nudge that can get the boulder rolling. Is she thinking of flushing out a nasty wingleader? She'll nonchalantly snuggle up to Aerulunth and talk of a rumor about something illegal. Before you know it, that wingleader is deported and someone of better standing is his place. She’s also a sneaky little creature, and loves slinking about into areas unheard.

While she has her manipulative side, she has a sense of rightness. She's not a spiteful creature, and she won't cause harm against anyone without good reason. Or at least, her good reasoning. This isn't to say that things won't backfire and she realizes she misread the clues all along, but her intentions are good, nonetheless. Everything she does, she does for love. Love of life, love of the game. Love as thou wilt.

Her love of life will push you to find a human love of your own. There will be no jealously, only love and affection, and understanding. She realizes not all of your, ahem, needs can be helped by her alone. She’ll welcome any friend of yours as a potential mate, and perhaps nudge the ball rolling to get things going.


Your little dear Neasiursath will be considering flights from the day she's old enough to understand what 'those urges' mean. In the days (months) leading up to her maiden flight, she'll pester all the other dragons for tips and tricks, hints and how-to's. Ironically enough, greens are the more promiscuous of the two female breeds, and this suits her just fine; proddiness is not a flirtation, for her — it is a time of calculation, a time to review her prospective suitors before she makes her choice. When it pricks her, the urge to mate is insatiable; it stings like pins and needles against her spine, thrums through her blood with its urgency. Despite this, she'll probably be a late bloomer — not only will she probably be the last of her clutch to rise, but her proddy period will stretch overlong, buliding up until that final release. When she eventually gets there, she'll be the one initiating all the complicated twists and turns; to her chaser's chagrin, she'll be full of wit and flirtacious daring.

“I remember the moment when I discovered pain.”
- Phedre, Kushiel’s Dart

A little on the strange side, don't be surprised the first time she purposely allows a chaser or two catch up with her long enough to inflict a little minor damage before performing that triple barrel loop the weyrlingmasters chastized her for in practice. Afterwards, your little beauty will bask in the afterglow and languish around for a few days before she begins calculating her next bout of fun.

“That which yields is not always weak.”
~Anasztaizia (mother of Hyacinthe)


Name: Siannen, Vaeli tweak
Egg Desc: Chanthea, Py tweak
Dragonet Desc: Siannen, Py tweak
Messages: Vaeli
Puppeteer: Vaeli
Inspiration: Siannen, Vaeli, Sao

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