Kamaria's Renaissance New Moon Green Nekomieth

Enchanted Forest Egg

Vibrant green springs from the surface of this nearly spherical egg in a lively dance of emerald and forest branches crossing. Dazzling patterns have rune the entire egg in freshest evergreen pine, the lush greenery coating every curve in mossy hues and tinges of blue or yellow. A winding path of lazy-river blue meanders between the hemispheres, lost, the halves reflecting in entrancing shimmers.

Hatching Message

Enchanted Forest Egg rocks, the shady shell frolicking in crashed contact with its neighbors. Branches quiver, needle-sharp slivers fall, and with a last heave the mulchy egg gives way to this newborn green.

Renaissance New Moon Green Dragonet

Moonlit mint roils in restless rivulets across this dragonet's hide, bathed in a feathery frost that limns the edges of her wingsails and curves shimmering crescents along the definition of her hindquarters and rounded belly. Smooth musculature stretches, taut, over her rambling frame; it's etched with the jagged line of silver-woven 'ridges that crests her spine and mirrors the sharpness of wingspars' jut. Icy rime crystallizes along her delicate head, beading into the whirling nimbuses of beguiling eyes; warmer for the puckish spark that lights each. The barest ripple touches your mind, a shifting presence shown as silver tendrils of thought creeping hesitantly to bathe you in a cool moonbeam.

Private Impression Message

Lavender's light purple brings the first realized exultation: « Kamaria, Kamaria! » echoes through your mind, firming an invisible bond with a shimmer of silver and the sudden pure /force/ of gained awareness. That moonbeam pulses, flexing, fluctuating as the minty moon-green dragonet settles into your mind. Her words are simple, but they're sincere, underscored by a peal of color as they clinch a new life, a life together: « My name is Nekomieth! »

Kam, Kam, Kam, we wanted you, and now you're here, we're not letting go. We might let you visit the Healer Hall, but only visit, mind! It's grand to have you and Nekomieth as part of the Reaches; Welcome!

Name Inspiration

Inspired by the moon, the new moon, Nekomieth is a variation of Nokomith — daughter of the moon — that we thought sounded as wonderful as she is. And, of course, you like moons. ;) There's the added benefit that 'neko' means cat in Japanese.


Nekomieth has a very high voice, but that doesn't make her piercing or shrill. On the contrary, she's prone to soft trills that are barely audible except in vibrato. It may greatly surprise her when she is a bit louder than she meant, especially during weyrlinghood as she copes with bodily changes.

Silver underscores Nekomieth's mindvoice, a peal that rings clear and true. It's always there, a musing train of thought touching your mind as if to reassure both herself and you; you'll always be able to feel her presence, but it's a gentle, undemanding one. She won't dampen your already exuberant spin of thoughts; indeed, she'll feed off them, delighting in how the two of you mesh. Soft bells and light laughter will mark her amusement with life. She is cleansing and wholesome, the fresh, soft-biting breeze of crisp mountain air present when she's got that dry humor or sarcastic wit. But there is always a subtle energy to the silver-toned ripple that /is/ Nekomieth.

That spring breeze returns in her scent, an undefinable taste that mixes alpine flowers with a dragon's musk. It is an aura of violets and lavender, constant yet not overbearing, a new season begun.


Nekomieth is and will be large for a green, but she carries it well: she's lithely built, lean, without a fingerlength of chub or fat on that muscled mint-green frame. But that will have its drawbacks when it comes time to itch; there won't be any cushion for her bones as she looks for fingers and rocks and walls and anything else scratchy. She'll itch around that pale roundness of her belly, around the edges, so to speak, just below the joints of her legs and under her tail. And there's nothing more soothing than the underside of her chin being scratched. Just watch out that she doesn't fall asleep with her head suddenly weighing down your hand. When lounging, Nekomieth seldom sprawls, but curls up like a dozing cat, tail tucked in neatly and muzzle resting between her forepaws. This doesn't mean she can't sprawl with the best of them, just like her mother, but she generally won't.

Languid might define her movements best; that deliberate, precise, considering turn of the head and full-body stretch. But don't let that deceive you. She's got a style all her own, she does. When on the ground, she doesn't shuffle or hop. She /lopes/. And that can made for a rather bobby ride, so watch out for it the first time she dashes off during weyrlinghood. Once she's flying, however, she'll be in the sky, in her natural environment (she is themed to the moon, after all). Silent, sweeping, she ghosts along with a smoothness that could almost be called stately. Picture the ballerina; she can move quickly, suddenly turning on a second's notice to catch that missed clump of Thread, but there's a grace to it all. A grace that defined simply as Nekomieth.


To counter-balance your exuberance, Nekomieth is more self-contained; not at all shy, heavens no. She takes her self-assurance from her place. She is a green and that is who she is supposed to be. This same logic follows for your bond. She is Nekomieth, you are Kamaria, and you belong together. Nothing can take that conviction. But definitely don't mistake Nekomieth for a shy, dainty dragon. She has a silvery-cool light that runs from her to you and back again. That understated energy will play off your outright energy wonderfully, working to bring Nekomieth out of her shell while helping you calm down when you come on too strong.

« Kamaria, there are children looking at me. »
Well, go on and play with them!
« But, is that what children want? »
Of course! They love to play, Nekomieth.
« Oh… I knew that. »

Nekomieth has a deep, good instinct for things, an intuition if you will, but she'll always need someone to affirm that, to give her reassurance about the things that are aren't as definite as the lifemate bond or being green. The things that can change intrigue her, and she'll want to court the muse. She'll constantly ponder, very much a freestyle poet; she won't spout long sentences, but will send images and feelings that coalesce into a picture of possibilities: « Kamaria, what if… » or « How about… » She never really asks questions like other dragons might, but looks at a myriad of might-be's. Which is the path that she should take? What would happen if this person impressed? What impact would that have on the weyr, and in turn, the world? The world changes with every action taken, every decision made. K.D. Wentworth explores this idea in her books _Moonspeaker_ and _House of Moons_, detailing how dangerous it might be to try and change the present by taking knowledge from another, alternate, reality. Nekomieth doesn't take it quite so far, but the same principle is there.

Nekomieth is the quiet, artistic dragon of her clutch, not prone to troublemaking like Azrieth nor as outgoing as Cairhoth. She's more contemplative; in dragon chatter she'll never actually /say/ much. But the flicker of projected images, feelings, and thoughts lets her add her own opinion. She does have a unique quirk of referring to herself in the third person. She is more prone to say, « Nekomieth was worried about you » rather than saying « I was worried about you. » It's another thing that accompanies her self-contained persona.

She's even self-contained in her eating habits. (We had to touch on those, right? ;) Nekomieth is a very picky eater, and feels that she needs to decide whether she likes something or not before even taking a bite. (Think of how liver just /sounds/ awful and many people hate it when they've never tasted it. Or spinach.) But Nekomieth will go around seeking opinions: « Kamaria, does this wherry look healthy? … /Why/ does Kyleth eat anything the children give him? It could be dirty. Or rotten. Or… » She's fussy, but in her own quiet way. She won't throw tantrums, she just won't eat until she's certain everything right and good. She'll peer over your shoulder when you're eating, too, and in the beginning it might be quite annoying when she butts in about your eating habits. « That doesn't look good to Nekomieth, Kamaria. Try some greens instead. Not so many sweets! » But once she decides she likes something - or that you should like something — she positively /latches/ onto said food with a voracious appetite, and will have no problems with your doing the same. At first, you will have a hard time convincing Nekomieth to eat meats, but once /she/ decides she likes wherry strips, she'll eat until she can't eat anymore; you'll have to be very careful that she doesn't gorge. For a dainty thing, she'll be apt to swallow her favorite food whole; no lingering for her!

She won't linger over mating flights, either. When she goes, she goes /now/. This isn't to say she won't skip proddiness, though. Aiie! Nekomieth proddy. She'll never be one to snap, hiss, argue, or grump. When proddy, she takes that silvery feel the maximum, the frosted tinge of her hide growing lighter, brighter. Your mind link will slowly grow to just /pulsing/ silver tones, perhaps a bit overwhelmingly so by the time she actually takes to the skies. She'll become more outgoing, sidling up to males with a teasing coo and /almost/-but-not-quite flirty behavior. She does that whole demure, ultra-feminine maiden in distress routine: « Kyleth… I'm afraid I itch up on my neckridge where I cannot reach. Could you be a dear? » But! When it's time to go up, she gives /no/ warning; the only sign is that mind link. Then, without big hurrah, she'll /announce/: « Kamaria. Nekomieth is /hungry/. » She'll emphasize that word for a split moment before — *BANG* — off she goes to blood as many herdbeasts as she can get away with before rising, constantly battling your will to do more than just blood; she's almost resentful before suddenly exploding into the air. Nekomieth's no great acrobat like Zaqith, she will /sweep/ through the air wide wide but very sudden turns, barely giving a twitch of her wingspar to dive in a new direction. She never bothers to ascend too much, but her flights tend to be longer than some greens, drawing it out in a skydance before finally relenting to a catch. And who knows, she might even pick some of her own mates.

She won't want to bring them home, though. Nekomieth has a distinct sense of territory, and she already has her weyrmate. When it's time to choose a home, she might favor a smallish weyr but one with plenty of nooks and crannies; if she were smaller she might try curling into them, but as it is she still loves to have them around. Hidey-holes. She doesn't collect, exactly, but she might easily decide that /these/ rushes are the ones that feel best, and nevermind that they're getting a trifle musty and old and flat. If they're replaced they won't be as good.

But at all times, her silver-ribboned attention will keep its firm, quiet place in your awareness. She's not over-protective, but, in some ways does her own exploring through your exuberance by making quietly-mused comments here and there. Moon, feline, ballerina, and a sprinkling of silver dust, this is the essence of Nekomieth. And it's all wrapped around /you/.


Egg Desc: Kenoryn
Dragon Desc: Jezabel, Saoirse-tweak
Dragon Name: You! Everyone!
Inspiration: Enya, Jezabel, Jh'ral, plus input from everyone!

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