Akasha’s With or Without You Green Nyokath

Forgotten Slipper Egg

Lost, lonely, and rather depressed-seeming, this egg is in a class of its own, simple in its own understated way. A general whitish gray, it appears to be almost fuzzy, and a peculiar striped pattern appears when the light hits it just right. A strange stain blots the symmetry of the egg, chestnut leaking across the tip to splotch the side.

Hatching Message

Forgotten Slipper Egg is no longer messing around. The egg holds still, not a movement is made, almost as if the dragonet inside is gathering up every last bit of strength. Suddenly, it bounces up into the air and slams onto the ground, a crack appearing right down the middle. The pieces fly apart, leaving a green dragonet in its wake. Arching her neck and baring her fangs, With or Without You Green Dragonet lets out a hiss as she comes into this world.

With or Without You Green Hatchling

Inky lines slither along the smoky jade hide, outlining and accentuating her slightly upturned snout and streaking a deep stripe through fathomless eyes. Faceted jet patterning writhes along a wide neck, sloping down to intertwine with darker malachite patches that glitter like fool's gold upon the dragonet's thick body. Sloping sides gradually fade into a nearly translucent aquamarine in the middle of her underbelly, darting up her neck to dust the base of her snout with a lighter shade. Sultry spiraling beryl twists along a long, serpentine tail, the forked tip touched ever-so-slightly with the faintest chrysanthemum glow. Sharp talons drip venomously off wiry limbs, shouting peril at every turn.

Public Impression Pose

With or Without You Green Dragonet swicks her tail and swats her feet, and her gait is teasing, as is the occasional flash of teeth. Her eyes shine and swirl and her tail stops swicking to curl around the base of her 'ankle.' She pauses. So. So. Then she starts again, with a toothed grin (or the draconic equivalent, more or less). She draws up sudden and swift. Akasha? Impressed!

Private Impression Message

Time itself comes to a halt, not a sound is heard for a moment, until a quick inhalation manifests within the confines of your mind. « This… is even better than the real thing. » The smell of an electric storm, the taste of lightning and summer rain flows through your senses, becoming essential to life. « Sometimes, you can't make it on your own, A'rai. » A warm glow begins to fill the emptiness within you. « Until the end of the world, it'll be forever A'rai and Nyokath. » The voice starts to disappear, though the presence lingers, for now and for always. « Only you are able to figure out my mysterious ways. »

Welcome to the ranks of High Reaches Weyr dragonriders, A’rai! We’re so very happy to have you and Nyokath along for the ride! We hope you like your new green, because we already adore her and we adore you!

Egg Inspiration

Forgotten Slipper Egg came from the idea that something was lost and needed to be found, in both Akasha and in Nyokath - they are truly two parts of a whole, and Nyokath has been "found" and rescued, in the same joyous way that a forgotten slipper can be. It's simple, to not take away any of the reptilian glory of Nyokath himself, and allow anonymity.

Description Inspiration

You said that you wanted your dragon to have a reptilian look to it, so we did our best to give you what you wanted! Nyokath is based off of the Eastern Hognose snake. From her colorations to her upturned snout. Though there are different colorations for a hognose snake, along with many patterns, we visualized your Nyokath to look much like this: HYPERLINK "http://www.snakeguys.com/Pages/Hognose/Copy%20of%20Copy_of_Eastern_Hognose_Union_COIL.jpg" http://www.snakeguys.com/Pages/Hognose/Copy%20of%20Copy_of_Eastern_Hognose_Union_COIL.jpg

Name Inspiration

The name came right from you! We looked it over, poked it with a stick, and finally everyone agreed that Nyokath was a perfect name for your snake-like, U2 green. We also loved the fact that her name, in African, meant snake, which matched perfectly.


The first thing you’ll notice when Nyokath speaks is how modern her voice is. There is no old world elegance in this green. She speaks with an almost technical twinge to her tone. She says things to the point, in a monotone kind of way with a bit of a bite to her tone. Even to you at times, A’rai, though always to every other dragon. It’s not exactly the kind of voice that would soothe your nerves, but more of the type that you can never quite figure out exactly how she feels.

That mind scent though, that’ll be her winning point. There is said to be a certain flavor in the air, after an electrical storm. The lightning has come and past, but electrons are still floating around, giving the air a metallic tang. It’s that scent that just pierces through you, filling your nose with the smell of an after shower. Of course, a wave of rain will come along with it, and at times, even Nyokath’s voice will reflect that of a thunderclap. However, this is more prone to happen during times of distress or when emotions are racing. Either way, when she speaks, everyone may not always listen right off the bat, but the moment her mind scent reaches them, they will be intrigued by her unique flavor.


Nyokath is a long, long dragon. Even her neck and her tail tend to extend farther than normal greens. She may not be large in size, but her length makes up for it, much like the old Chinese dragons, whose greatness wasn’t based by their girth, but their ability to slither through the sky. And your Nyokath can slither like no other. Her legs are a bit stouter and shorter, making her almost seem like the snake she is based off of, easily gliding among the trees when she is on the ground. And oh! When she gets into the sky, her legs almost seem to disappear altogether; she holds them so tightly to her underside. Nyokath whips through the air as if she owns it, dodging large clouds and other dragons with ease. By far, your green will be the best flier out of your class, and she makes sure others know it. « Out of my way, Oljeitukhodath. You obviously don’t belong up here. »

You’ll notice after a good washing and oiling, dark patterns seem to appear along her spinal ridge, going from her head down to her tail. Her snake-like appearance shows once again. These patterns don’t stay long, they are very faint. They look much like dark splotches against her skin, like a smudge of dirt you’d try to wash away. For the first few times you oil her, you may even try to do such. Soon enough, they go away when her hide re-hardens and the murky jade once again is predominant.

Her snout is upturned, much like a ovine’s nose might seem. It almost gives her an adorable look. But don’t mistake her for a nice, cuddly dragon! She has a good amount of bark and bite in her. Another interesting ability Nyokath has is that her neck ridges have a tendency to flare out slightly. Due to her small size, it’s her ability to make herself seem bigger than she really is.


Miss independent
Miss self-sufficient
Miss keep your distance, mmmm

Miss unafraid
Miss out of my way
Miss don't let a man interfere, no

Miss on her own
Miss almost grown
Miss never let a man help her off her throne
—Kelly Clarkson – Miss Independent

Independent. That is the one, true word that describes your Nyokath. She doesn’t need anyone to help her and never, ever will. Or at least, that’s what she thinks. You’ll have to be very careful when trying to give her a hand with things, such as oiling her hide. She’ll find a way to do it herself, come fire, fog, or fall. Don’t ever ask if she NEEDS help, cause her instant reaction will be a loud, resounding « NO! ». It’ll be the one way to try to get a reaction out of her.

» Y’know, Nyokath, I’m a little bored. Mind if I amuse myself by oiling you? «
« …I guess, if you’re bored, you might as well. Not that I need it, cause if I did, I’d just do it myself. »
» Oh, I know you could. «

Sadly, you’ve got a quite a chore ahead of you. High Reaches is filled with gentlemen-like dragons, as well as overly smug ones.

« Ah! Nyokath, your green hide is looking quite lovely. May I help you gut that herdbeast? »
« Back off, Valedath. I know what I’m doing! »


« Nyokath, you don’t know what you’re doing at all. Watch me, *I* can do this barrel roll right! »
« I’d sooner do it incorrectly than watch you. »

She’s not one to gossip, or even let the other dragons see her upset. She’ll take their attempts at helping in stride, and will only ever mention it to you, more in passing than actually complaining.

« I don’t see why Viverrath thinks I need him to help me fly. I could fly circles around him. »

And she most likely could. It may take Nyokath a few times to get an exercise right, but the first time she has it down, she’ll perfect it instantly from that point on. Her independence may make it hard for the two of you to connect at first, since she’ll have that way about her that makes it seem like she doesn’t even need you. That’s so far from the truth, but she’ll never tell you that, A’rai. In many ways, it may seem like you’re just that accessory all dragons need to have. Cause a dragon can’t live without a human, so she might as well be with you. But she picked you for a reason, a reason only she knows. There will be times when this becomes more evident. If anyone ever says something negative about you, she’ll be your first defender. If you are ever sad or feeling lost, she’ll go out and find you a map and hide it underneath you pillow, to help you find your way (she’s a dragon after all, a map HAS to help, right?).

Nyokath does not have any artistic talents, but she does have an ear for music. Though it has to be a certain type. The old ballads sung about long, lost dead ‘riders do not interest her at all. Her amusement stays with newer, more modern music. The kinds older harper masters turn their nose at. Anything with a technical feel to it has her forgetting about whatever thing she was doing and instantly flying to that source. At those moments, a different kind of dragon appears. She may still be monotone, but she becomes more talkative, trying to find out what the song is called, who was singing it, if you can get a hold of the lyrics, so on and so forth. There are even times when she’ll try to bellow out the tune herself, and it’ll be a wreck. She has no voice for music, but she does have the ear. Because of this, when it comes down to Searching for candidates, she’ll be drawn to the Harper Hall. Though forget her ability to sense a candidate, she’ll be completely focused on the type of music they make. Even if a person was oozing with dragonrider potential, Nyokath will shake her head and refuse to bring them back. Other types of candidates she’ll simply give you a yes or no, barely even mentioning it. There is no snuffling around teenagers for her. Not her style. All she’ll give it a criticizing look, then brush them off. You’ll never be able to tell how she feels about the candidate until she gives you her one word answer.

”My hands are tied, my body is bruised
You got me with nothing to win and
You got me with nothing left to lose”
—U2 – With or Without You

Nyokath may not be liked by many of the other dragons, but the few that befriend her, whether she likes it or not, she’ll hold in slightly higher regard. Nowhere near as high as she places you, but they are a little above the wherry-brained idiots she’s forced to work with.

Fighting thread is another area of her expertise. Because of how she’s shaped, she can easily maneuver around the thread, flaming it with ease. This also may mean she’s lightly to flame herself. While twining her body around a tangle, she may accidentally nick her tail with her flame, as she forgets her length at times. She’ll learn her lesson quickly enough, though dragon’s memories aren’t the greatest, so it’ll be up to you to remind her, often, of that slight issue. Otherwise, she’ll put herself wholeheartedly into the fight. She’s not one to take orders from others, so don’t be surprised when you’ve got a voice whispering for you to take on more responsibilities.

« I heard that the wingsecond’s dragon will be out of commission for a while. »
» Really? That’s a shame. «
« It’s a perfect opportunity to show that we’re the best choice for their replacement. And after we’ve proven ourselves there, which won’t be hard, we’ll be the next wingleader. Maybe even Weyrsecond. »
» Err… «

Once Thread is gone, Nyokath will be the one urging you on to either stay with the Weyr, or join some kind of craft where she can be involved as well. So long as the two of you do not have to be underlings, she’ll be content. Better yet, being your own boss would be the best, not even having to follow the leadership of the Weyrleaders. It’ll be up to you to find an occupation to keep her content and yourself sane once Thread passes.

No matter what, Nyokath is yours and yours alone. You’re a very special person to her, even if she doesn’t make it known.


During her proddy time, Nyokath will have the most issues in keeping her tone bland and her emotions under wraps. There is just too much going through her body to keep them all controlled! It will be a time she does not anticipate; rather she loathes it, for it is a weakness in her. In this, she has to be completely dependent not only on you to keep her sanity in check, but also on the males who chase her. Thus, when that time comes, she’ll become bitter. Her first instinct will be to attack. Times like this, you’ll see her flaring neck ridges the most often. Many times she’ll bare her teeth and hiss, even going so far as snapping at any males who come around her sniffing.

You’ll always know when she starts getting proddy not only because of her mood, but also because of her hide. The patterns that were always so faint will start to become sharper and easier to see. The green in her hide will stop being so murky and brighten a great deal. The moment when she actually fliess is when the blotches are easiest to see, the green of her hide becoming far brighter than it should be possible. It’s a unique quality only to Nyokath that may direct more attention towards her.

“She's the wave, she turns the tide
And no question, she knows why

It's alright, it's alright, it's alright
She moves in mysterious ways”
—U2 – Mysterious Ways

Nyokath flies hard and fast, her flights normally not taking up much time. She burns herself out extremely fast, perhaps to get the blasted ordeal over and done with. She’s not one for chitchat as the males come after her, she just wants whichever one is best to catch her so she can continue on with life until the next time she goes up. Nyokath will lead you on a merry chase, A’rai, but you’re more than able to handle it, and to handle her!


Name: You!
Egg Desc: Ashli
Dragonet Desc: Ashli
Messages: Tye
Puppeteer: I'anex
Inspiration: Tye

A'rai (Akasha) and green Nyokath
Sao (Saohlai) and blue Viverrath

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