H'ris's Emerged From The Chrysalis Green Qyth

Hard working, always, you’d devoted yourself, Haris.

Yet it never seemed to make a difference, did it…

One Way to Peace and Quiet Egg

Verdant and lush, one might be forgiven for expecting this egg to smell of loam and leaves, not sand and shell. It is one of the smallest of its comrades, beautifully rounded, with a rich green and brown dappling gracefully across the surface, and from afar it is as refreshing a sight as a restday walk in the meadows. And yet, up close: something is wrong. The dapples that start so soft and round grow jagged and misshapen as the eye travels the gently bumping surface, twisting and deforming, splitting and curling -and what's this? Something is being obscured by that green-and-brown, visible only when you squint: ghostly remnants of jagged gray and crumbling black, twining with a haze of eerily electric blue./Swallowed/, it would seem. Or perhaps merely bidding their time.

And when you stepped out onto the sands, it sat there, jarring, in wait for you.

Just one more step in the process, just a touch—

An electric blue haze filters into your vision. It’s beautiful, almost ethereal. Calling to one and all to get a closer glimpse, to find out exactly what is making that interesting shade of color. Like a siren’s song, it beckons you closer. Though the darkness shifts to expose gruesome shapes and empty rooms. The remnants of once was, before all went so very wrong. Still, that call keeps you moving forth. The silence is eerie, empty. Like nothing is there, nothing alive is allowed to linger. No one simply dares. Your bravery is tested as the light gets brighter. Such a lovely hue! It fills your mind, fills your obsession. You *NEED* to get closer. You *NEED* to touch it. Your hand reaches out, the mystery is before you! So close, so very close! Then a cruel peel of laughter, a tingle throughout your body, an awareness of something else that had taken control and now releases your body back to yourself. Back to your senses. Back to the sands.

And it pulled you in. Laughing. Dragging up so much longing trapped in your heart it could burst.

And then left you in want.

…The time wasn’t right…

Hatching Message

One Way To Peace and Quiet Egg has been quite content with its diminutive movements. Not nearly as flashy or loud as some of the other eggs, with all their shaking and shimmying. No, no. Simple small quivers are all this ovoid needs as cracks already start to form and take over, causing pieces of shell to fall off and flashes of hide are able to be seen here and there. More of the same, tiny wiggle here, tiny waggle there. The cracks become larger, causing the egg to disintegrate around the body within. With a final PUSH from the inside, the cocoon around the dragon crumbles onto the floor of the sands. Emerged From The Chrysalis Green Dragonet is left in the wake, wings already spread and beginning to dry as she holds her head up high.

It’s different now.

Emerged From The Chrysalis Green Dragonet

The beetle-shine of sweeping wingsails, emerald licked in amber iridescence, elegant in wide expanse, shades this damsel's suede-soft form in the tender verdure of new spring grass, pierced through by bright grace of sunbeam-'spars. The sun catches, gold in glints, about delicate construction of neckridges, mingled bronze-butter climbing higher to bask, weakened, in the dawn fawn of tawny headknobs, fading out out to diadem point between brows’ dainty curve into a sweet, pointed face. Her body, upright and proper, stands compact, slim fern-bound legs lithe and limber with unobtrusive muscle, twinned with long whiplash tail that curls sleek toward a belly powder-softened with pale chartreuse. Beware, fanned wings unleash a striking hidden stare of auburn and flashing white, bound in spheres one to either sail, as a stern
sinopia-edged gaze, the warden of her fragile chrysalis.

She swept out of the ominous fragments, and this time it was SHE that wanted…

Public Impression Pose

Emerged From The Chrysalis Green Dragonet knows exactly where she is going, her eyes are fixed on what she is headed towards. There is no other changes in directions, just single-minded forward determination. Still light of foot, not a scale out of place for only hatching a short time before. She is a genteel green of only the best breeding, after all. She makes her way across the sands, before coming to a delicate stop in front of two candidates standing a bit apart. Though it is one candidate, in particular, she obviously prefers. The stocky, tall man is given the smallest of nods, before wings are spread outwards once more and the dragonet dips into what could be considered a draconic curtsey. Raising back up, she allows her rump to sit upon the sands as a front taloned paw is lifted and outstretched towards Haris. How do you do?

And she knew exactly what she was looking for.

Private Impression Message

Bell-like laughter echoing in the back of your mind has you realizing that something is amiss. Something is different. The maidenly sound, light, airy and almost soothing on an overtaxed brain with much too much going on around it. Never fear, for those sands and all the chaos that came with it soon fades into the background. Forgotten for the moment, as crystaline-structures start to form in your subconscious. Formations arch away from the source, intermingling with the essence that is /you/. Lacy-formed gems, shimmering delicately and bringing a light to where there once was darkness. « Haris. » The name is said with a wistful, loving sigh. Suddenly, there is the jarring feeling of two consciousnesses merging into one. As dragon and human join to become a dragonriding pair. Crystals flare to life, glittering more brightly than ever before. The genteel drawl of a sophisticated High Born Lady speaks once more, her words sweetly tinged and dabbled with the scent of clean, dry stone with diamonds underneath. « I do declare, I much prefer to call you H’ris. It matches so much better with my own name. H’ris and his darling, most beloved Qyth. Yes, yes I quite like that. » Tiny bells tinkle as she laughs once more, this dragon of yours. « Oh! Bless my tail, we should be off, shan't we? You shall be my escort, H’ris, forever more. » The presence fades some, though it is now rooted firmly in place in the back of your mind. Where she will stay till the end of time.

And she came to you, sweetly this time.

And slipped her genteel fingers into yours.

And changed your life forever.

Haaaaaris! Surely you did not think that once we finally got you back to High Reaches Weyr that we would let you leave? Goodness, no!You started off as our Haris, you candidate’d, you impressed and became our H’ris! Welcome (back!) to the adventures of dragonriding at High Reaches Weyr! Congrats on impressing such a truly fantastic green to be your companion forever more! Qyth is a special green,who is everything you asked for and so, so much more. Together, H’ris and Qyth will make quite a pair taking the Weyr by storm! We all look forward to watching the two of you grow, bond and become an unstoppable greenriding team! — Lendai, R’yst, Dirna

Egg Inspiration

The pint-size apocalypse of the Chernobyl disaster created the Exclusion Zone: one of the loveliest and strangest wilderness preserves in the world. Almost three decades of highly limited human presence have allowed the forest to reclaim towns and villages, and several threatened species have enjoyed population resurgences within the Zone - even with the DNA mutations that come from constant exposure to radiation. One of the few visible effects of humanity's little atomic whoopsie comes in the shape of trees with misshapen leaves and branches, and these contributed the misshapen dapples for this egg. The gray and black are, of course, the abandoned buildings being slowly consumed by the forest, and the eerie blue haze is a homage to Cherenkov radiation, the soft glow produced by nuclear reactors.

Theme Inspiration

Harbingers. Now, what exactly IS a harbinger you ask? The definition is simple, they are anything that foreshadows a future event; an omen; or a sign.

Good or bad, harbingers are everywhere, telling us of what is to come depending on what exactly they might be. This is the theme to the dragonets this cycle and your Qyth’s fits in ever so well! She is delicate and beautiful, a package of something special wrapped up all around an essence all her own. From the day she emerges free from the shell that enshrouds her, Pern will never be the same! With her wings allowed to flare out to dry, all while her head is held high. This is a regal, high-born dragon to be sure. Greatly reminiscent of her theme!

Have you guessed her own personal harbinger yet? It’s a chrysalis! That is right, a chrysalis, which is the harbinger to the butterfly. You cannot arrive at the beauty of the butterfly without the arduous task of forming the chrysalis and metamorphosing. Add the task of breaking free of said chrysalis, it is much the same for lovely little Qyth. Breaking free of not only her egg, but also of social norms. As she grows and grows, she will undoubtedly be the most beautiful butterfly of all. There is nothing quite as delicate and lovely as a chrysalis or as Qyth.


Description Inspiration

Soft-footed, sweet-voiced, velveteen-skinned, your Qyth is a lady of repose and great dignity in a small, delicate body. What could possibly emulate this disposition better than the luna moth? Sweet, golden-soft colors and sweeping wide, powdery-soft wings, delicate silence and a courtly nature, fluttering and breathy, airy grace is she, the emergence of the one emerged from chrysalis bindings.


Name Inspiration

Qyth. Qyth? Qyth! It’s cute, it’s short, it rolls off the tongue and is just plain fun to say! What’s more? You, H’ris, came up with the name all on your own!

While SearchCo greatly enjoys coming up with names for dragons, we most definitely have no qualms latching onto a name that so well works for the dragon. Qyth matched your green so well, we just knew the moment we saw it that it needed to be set in stone and made her name.

SearchCo has been pronouncing it like ‘Kith’, the Q making more a K-sound. However, you could easily say it as ‘Keeth’ as well and it still has the same sweet, short sound. Which ever way you decide to say it (or a completely different way) is totally your prerogative. While there is no meaning behind Qyth’s name, our own R’yst himself stated that her name makes one think of ‘kiss’ said with a lisp!

So think of your Qyth as a kiss that only H’ris gets to receive!


A intricate sparkle, soft in shimmer and so delicately firm in touch, exquisite in construction, organic rhythms wound in the crisp, almost fragile delicacy of gemstone formations. All things found here will be clean, white crystalline, like the internal cavernous world of an endless geode, packed in with upwardthrusting endless, spontaneous growths of quartz crystal shards. The smell of clean, dry stone and sheltering caves.


Light and airy, Qyth’s mind will be a balm for you from the very start, H’ris. There’s a deeply rooted natural beauty in it, quintessentially free of pretension or force, it expands and ascends in stark geometric dewdrop stones wherever the surfaces housing it might lead, clean and transparent, each individual sharptipped structure clear as an unsullied pond, hiding nothing and having nothing to hide. It will be the very embodiment of nimble, unforced grace and simple honesty. Of sweet, lacy diligence and demure, polite self-entertainment. It’s a crystal field, snowy-white quartz, lovely and, more importantly, her own.

And they will be active with their own thoughtful pacing — innocent, unsullied, ever forming, ever changing, ever building up to form entirely on their own and then melting away and pulling back again to reconsider the spiraling, fractal birth-from-birth-from-birth process that is the formation of her precious constructs. Her eternal garden of snowy diamond-spears.

When deep in conversation with her, she’ll have the capacity to expand huge and yawning, a vast crystal cavern, with entire pillars built up in ascending staircases of mirror-flashing white, winking and chaste in sheets of gems overlapping more sheet of gems walls, floor, ceiling, piercing downwards in intricate stalactites, thrusting upward in artistic stalagmites, so that you might feel buoyed in the center of a sugarsparkling world of glittering clouds.

Though? In whisper, it may be just as lovely. For she can send out a single unfurling whisp of frost with surprising speed and painstaking delicacy, down to microscopic details of ice-crystals. Small winding iceferns and leafy points of chilly white that could just as easily signify a smoldering temper as it could a soft-voiced moment of shyness.


There’s a clarity here, a blossoming of fragile white shards that push upwards, outwards, delicate as the soft tread of lady’s feet whispering with almost feathery-quiet rushes. They will be her natural state, the forever-knitting of these glinting cells, the quiet preoccupation of crochet-sparkles with which she will sit back, demure and proper, and ever spin and form and spin again her needlepoint patterns, smooth glassy surfaces transparent and back-lit by a soft ivory glow.

And speaking over this glittery tapestry, her voice carries sweetly. Shimmering up like a bell chime in dulcet, up-lilting tones.

« Well bless my tail! » Lacy sheets of frost-gems swell out as voluminous as layered, rushing petticoats, racing upward in spiked fractal spires like a spiral staircase. « We’re going to be late, H’ris, and my wing - should it be oiled? Is it too oiled? Oh, dear me, what will people think! »

She has a sweet, absentminded classiness, a throaty chirp of her clipped tones. It will enable her to find a gymnastic middle ground between eternally rushed, darting from one topic to the next and still managing, somehow, to infuse a whole and expansive attention to every statement made, even in flip. In communication, where her base is both firmly of rock and as delicate as filigree, she’ll be at her most confident, and may often insist on communicating with her clutchmates and, later, wingmates from her hiding place in the depths of her couch or weyr when too self-conscious to debut in the flesh.

« I do declare. » Her voice echos out unseen from the shadows of her couch, creeping tendrils of frosted-glass that form up to so delicately shimmer like a cleared throat. « Oroqaith, I can’t help but to hear Llioramasith is snoring in his sleep again. Could you be a dear and try to awaken him? I would but — I fear I’m indisposed. My elbow has grown dry and I fear it will crack. Could you go and see? For me? I would be ever so grateful. »

So sweet and airy will her words be, you almost would mistake the rock-hard will beneath it. Her genteel country drawl will be very different from your hardnosed brogue, H’ris, and while there may be a lot of comfortable middle ground in speaking to her — for she’ll be delighted by your own unpolished sincerity, and you might well find her homey charm relaxing in its way — she is well bred, H’ris. And there may be times she may object to even your own coarse language if she feels it’s unsuitable to one of her breeding. She is a lady, after all!

“Oh, sh-”

« Oh my stars, H’ris! » Gemstone shards bristle up with sharp-edged, strident offense. « Language! »


You can always shrug her off, H’ris. But just remember, pretty isn’t always weak. And beneath her genteel manners and breathy baby voice, your Qyth can be as hardheaded as you. And while she might not be able to move you, you’ll struggle just as hard to change her ways. Any more than you can cut diamonds with a hammer!



She is truly a diminutive damsel, your Qyth. From her, lean, slender legs to her delicate features, to the upright grace of her stance, she will retain a sense flawless and fragile as a butterfly — or a moth, mayhap. In fact, building on the theme of the chrysalis, we had exactly that in mind: a luna moth, to be precise! That springy-leafy green is the color that shades most of your dragon’s body, lush with the promise of spring, gentle as sleep on a summer night.


Like a moth, her body will feel quite soft to the touch, especially on her flanks and belly, powdery-smooth and almost suede-like. It will be a curious thing, for its natural supple give, she will not require a great deal of oiling, though she will certainly want to be oiled often! The only part of her that will be drier in texture is her wings, ’sails cool and smooth, supple like the scale-wings of a butterfly or the chrysalis not yet fully hardened. Over this shinier surface dances an iridescent sheen of amber and bright green —even you would be hard-pressed to say which is the base color. It will seem different in different lights, but each will certainly catch and reflect that light, just as a glimmer of humor might wink across the crystals of her mind. All of this is struck through with the bright, sunlit gold of wingspars.

That same gold also crosses the tips of her delicately constructed neckridges, covering them more and more the further up your gaze passes, but also growing fainter, expanding, dispersing. By the time it laps over the top of her head, the gold has faded to a pale, dusty platinum that can barely be seen atop the vibrant green that dominates most of her form — it is this fawn color that tints her headknobs and then washes out completely, grading down into the green as a delicate half-mask you would hardly know was there.

When opened fully, her wings will reveal a surprise — an eyespot on each side, white and burnt umber, a stark contrast to the rich gold-spring greens that paint the rest of her. In just the right light, you might see that dark red flash suddenly coppery bright, like a newly minted penny, when the amber shine washes over it. Lakenheath’s brightness underlies Qyth’s own vivid coloration, after all, and where could such siennas have come from, if not her shiny father? That same rich red-ochre lurks right at the edges of her wingsails as well, outlining wings and eyespots in what might seem for a moment to be a terrible face staring down at anyone who makes Qyth nervous.

This is indeed one time she will show off that guardian face. When she gets flustered, uncomfortable, or downright scared she’ll have the habit of fanning out her wings, enlarging her personal space while simultaneously fluttering in apology (how could she have put someone in a position in which they had to get angry/confrontational?? Oh, shame on her!). It helps that those iridescent ’sails are pretty, too, of course. You might wonder sometimes if she’s really nervous or if she’s just showing them off to be coquettish — though of course she’d never admit to the latter! Her wings are a point of pride for her, though she may be embarrassed on occasion about how very large they are. She will have to be extra
careful not to let them trail on the ground, especially as a dragonet.

Oh yes, H’ris. Although your green will become in time one of the most ladylike and classily feminine dragons of the Weyr, she will be incredibly awkward as a youngster. Those wings will brush the ground; her legs will be too skinny and her body too roly-poly, her neck won’t be long enough and her tail will be too long. She values her composure so much that these physical hindrances will embarrass poor Qyth to no end. You will have to soothe her pride and abashment many times during weyrlinghood, and she will constantly ask you whether you really think she’s pretty or if you’re just trying to make her feel better? And then, of course, she may apologize for putting you on the spot.

But worry not — by the time she is nearing maturity, Qyth will be quite nicely proportioned, thank you very much! Her legs and body will be all lithe, springy muscle, at least when you can keep her on an exercise regime (she does so love to recline with her paws tucked up neatly beneath her), and it will show in the way she walks, on the balls of her delicately-boned feet, talons clicking ever-so-lightly. Her wings,of course, will always be a bit large for the rest of her, but if you compliment them often enough she will come to recognize how lovely they are, sweeping them along with her like the trailing hem of a ballgown. Like any good, respectable-yet-stylish girl, her talons and the tips of wingspars shine a subtle, shifting white, mother of pearl a gift, perhaps, from her bejeweled mother herself.

Springy and self-assured as Qyth will be in her stride, she will have a hard time at first in taking to the air. Don’t be surprised if she takes longer to learn to fly than the rest of her clutch — those big wings are such a bother! — but once she gets the hang of it, she’ll be forever refining her technique. At first, she may flutter like a butterfly, as her uncle Tindraeth still tends to do; but she knows how uncomfortable it must be to ride her when she’s bumbling about, and H’ris, she would never want to make you uncomfortable! So over time she will take it upon herself to learn grace in the air. A hard-earned grace it will be, but like everything she does, she will make it look ladylike if it kills her. Eventually she’ll seem as if she’d never had trouble, and her wing size will be to her advantage when she learns to steer better and make use of the thermals for gliding.


I think about my baby

A perfect little lady.

I think about her shiny golden hair.

I've never been a dreamer but everytime I see her

I start to float away into the air.

My little lady.

You can make the sun and moon begin to shine.

And if you could have your way every day would be fine.

It's no wonder for as long as I may live.

I will give you all the love I am able to give.

I wake up in the morning without a single warning

before I finish yawning she is there.

I think about my baby

A perfect little lady.

I think about her shiny golden hair.

My little lady.

— The Tremoles - “My Little Lady”

Song Link

Brimming with propriety. Prim and proper without a fault. A true lady of the the upper elite class. That is your Qyth. She is the true definition of a Southern Belle. A debutante. She is well groomed, well maintained, and always has a level of polish that has not been seen in a dragon for many a turn. She is, in truth, everything that a Lady should be. Quiet, demure, and soft. Her personality is not one that grates on the nerves. She’s not loud-mouthed or bossy as so many others greens might be. While she is ever the gentry that her mother is, she takes on a more conservative air. Like a gentle breeze, swirling around the mind. Not nearly as flashy in personality, albeit being a very lovely dragon.


Do not assume that her ladylike demeanor means she is the type to be pushed around though. Oh no, Qyth is a confident dragon that is almost always in her prime. Even as a weyrling, she will hold her head up high and not shy away from any advances. As an older dragon, her hide losing its luster, Qyth will still be a proud green. Haughty, some might say if they knew the inner workings of her mind. It’s not exactly egotistical however, when it just simply is. She knows fully well who and what she is, and fully embraces herself with no reservations.

“Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren't.”

— Margaret Thatcher

Qyth prides herself on how to behave, on how to always show her very best. Wery rarely will she be one to act out in public or worse, bring any sort of shame upon you, H’ris. She is so much so a debutante, the high-society woman coming out to the world for the first time. This is something she has nailed down, knowing well that first impressions are the most important. Due to this, she will always conduct herself as if she was surrounded by the highest of ranking individuals. It matters not that you and your fellow clutchmates are lazing about the weyrling barracks, between lessons. She will hold herself as if the Weyr Council themselves are around her. This might get a bit tiring for both yourself and your clutchmates, of course. Others might even go so far as accuse your dragon of thinking she is better than anyone else. It will be your job at this point, H’ris, to champion your green.

If ever a dragon looked upon her rider with rose-colored glasses, this is how Qyth views H’ris. Well. Mostly. 95% of the time, her beloved dragonrider can do no wrong. You are her escort, her forever date, the one and only male she knows she can completely rely on. For the Belle of the Ball always needs a male to escort her around, does she not? You are the first person she will go to when she’s feeling down.

The first she will talk to when something has lifted her spirits. Everything starts and ends with H’ris. Some may call her fragile, others would say she is the definition of the anti-feminist. Though it’s just ingrained in her to lean heavily on the strongest male influence in her life. Which, of course, is H’ris! Sure, those other greens and golds may enjoy their so called ‘independence’ from their riders, but not Qyth. There are no others she would truly prefer to be around more than her dragonrider.

There may be issues, throughout weyrlinghood and her adult dragon life, of Qyth trying to follow you around to locations she is not allowed or would not fit. True, she’s a smaller-sized green, but that does not mean she should be attempting to go into the stables just because H’ris stepped in there for a moment. And of course, dragon memories being what they are, you will need to remind this dragon over and over that she cannot simply follow you wherever you go. True, she’s no wide-eyed youngster, haplessly following the one she adores. She’s much too mature for that. Instead she’s much the tender maiden of eighteen or nineteen, wanting only to be where the one she loves is. Sadly, it ijust boils down to the fact that… she can’t remember! H’ris walks into the Living Caverns, surely she can as well. There might be predicaments, more than you may want to handle, of Qyth getting stuck in places she shouldn’t be just in her desire to stay at her escort’s side. This quirk will be at its worst when she is still a weyrling, more disastrous even since at that point she will still be perfectly able to fit through most doorways. It will take a bit more training for both of you two to be parted for any length of time. It may possibly just be easier, in the long run, once you notice this inclination of Qyth’s, to have a once-per-sevenday chat with your dragon. Just to remind her that she does not need to follow you all over, as not only is she not allowed in certain places — nor can she really fit — but more importantly, if she needs you, H’ris, she need only ask.

Alas, Qyth will forget these conversations and find herself in those types of circumstances rather often. It will be embarrassing, to be sure, most assuredly for both of you. Though knowing that she has caused you distress will cause your gentle green lady to become quite despondent. These after-effects will possibly be even more grating than her getting stuck or going where she shouldn’t in the first place! For at least two or three days afterward, there will be no way to stop the endless apologies spewing from her mind into yours. There will be a constant shroud of shame echoing around your subconscious as she dwells in the back of your mind, miserable. Surely you must hate her for her mistake, that she has brought such dishonor upon you!

The shattering of crystal, their shards laying lifeless is what precludes her emergence into your mind. « H’ris, oh H’ris! A thousand
apologies, I did not mean to get my…my… /rear/ stuck in that tavern’s door. I only wished to spend some more time with you,is all.
Bless my tail, I have never been so humiliated before. Will you… will you ever forgive me? »

“Like I told you a few moments before, yes, I will. I know. Please, stop apologizing.”

« Mercy me, I am being a nuisance now too? I’m so sorry, H’ris, I truly am! Please,forgive me! » More breaking sounds, frosted glass _ gem-like stones turning to dust as emotion swells up and crashes from dragon to rider.


Needless to say, Qyth will not only have a flare for the dramatic, but she’ll be like a broken record on a loop. Apologizing over and over and over until your brain might explode. H’ris will need to dig deep at this point, grasping hold of every sympathetic bone in his body and try his best to make this green understand that she is, truly and completely, forgiven. That you hold no ill will towards her and love her as much as ever. Otherwise this debacle will continue to continue, driving not only yourself mad, but possibly those around you as well. That’s right, while the majority of her vocal reparations are directed at you, H’ris, she will also be sure to direct them to any other dragon that may have been involved, may have been in attendance, or maybe just in the area. There’s even a chance she’ll simply reach out and apologize to the current dragons of the Weyrleaders, just to ensure that everyone knows truly how sorry she is.

If ever there was an overly emotional female to deal with, Qyth is that girl. And only you, H’ris, can quell her fears of being disliked. It will be your sole job to help raise her confidence back up time and time again to being the self-assured green that she is at her core!

Qyth is a dragon that knows well her social graces. She will easily thrive in any social situation, always being sure to use only the best of manners and most proper of speech. She is not the type to chatter away endlessly, instead picking and choosing her discussion topics with the utmost thought to the subject matter. She does not enjoy public “scenes”, where others may enjoy acting out, she does not. She dislikes these scenes even more so if she happens to be at the center of them. While it might be going too far to say that she believes it’s best to be seen and not heard, this is a green that does just as well with words as she does with body language. A coy glance, a lift of her maw, the slow lifting of her lidded eye. She will perfect these movements just as well as she perfects the words that flow from her mind.

Though unlike Elicheritath, she will not quite be a master of reading body language of other dragons, and most definitely not humans. In truth, most other humans do not interest your dragon. Because seriously, why do they matter? They are not YOU, thus, they are inconsequential. Needless to say, Qyth will not be the type to discuss any manner of topics with other people. Whether they be a dragonrider or not, it makes no difference to her, they will not benefit from hearing her lovely voice. The only time that she will hold a passing curiosity for someone not_you is when and if you decide to take a weyrmate. While Qyth will not begrudge you your need for human companionship, there is a rather… jealous side of her that will emerge the more time you spend with any single one person.

Although she is a dragon, and yes she enjoys the attentions of other dragons (in particular the males) and she well understands that you enjoy the attention of other humans. Well. That does not always mean a whole lot when it comes down to emotions. In the end, should H’ris ever decide to take a weyrmate, you can rightly assume that Qyth will probably hate them. She does not share well, you see, she is a high born green that is used to getting what she wants. There is little she wants more than all of H’ris’s attention. Clingy, if you haven’t guessed it by now, is a great word to describe her. It does not matter if H’ris’s future weyrmate or lover treats him like a Lord Holder, she will instantly dislike this person and their existence. Should you move in with this other, expect to see a slightly different side to your green. Even in the most courteous of dragons have a seed of dissent, Qyth is no different. Do know that she will never go so far as to try to scare this person away, that is not her way. But ignoring their very existence? She can do that. Making snippy little comments to H’ris here and there? Oh yes, she can do that as well. It’ll be up to you to find a balance between dragon and weyrmate where everyone can coexist peacefully enough! Good luck!

“Your dresses should be tight enough to show you're a woman and loose enough to show you're a lady.”

— Edith Head

Now, as you may have guessed, how she is viewed by the public is important to her. Qyth is not exactly a vain creature, she does not need the assurance of her peers to know her own self worth and beauty. It really just comes down to her being very proud of herself. It is a healthy ego she has and she has an image to uphold. She will always have this itch to project the same on to H’ris. Remember how it was stated that 95% of the time, Qyth sees only the best out of her beloved rider? Here is where that 5% comes in. She is a firm believer that H’ris should take on much the same stance she does. Talking proper, looking proper, acting proper. Candidacy and all its etiquette demands were only a drop of water in a gallon sized bucket to this green’s demands.

She will pick the times and places to correct you on your word usage or language, or make subtle noises about a tunic you might be wearing. Possibly letting you know if you put on a few pounds that should really be shed. It’s not her being a nag, not really! Just helpful, is all! Tell her ‘no’ all you want, it won’t stop the suggestions, it won’t stop the corrections. While she will never go out of her way to correct another dragon in their manner of speaking, it is not her place to do so. However, H’ris’s decorum is rightly within her place to do so, at least in her mind. This will be one of the few things she will get forceful about. Qyth only wants all of Pern to see the gentleman that she is able to see at the core of H’ris’s being. So truly, this is all for the best. She has convinced herself of this, and trying to tell her otherwise is a waste of energy. Your days of etiquette and proper speech are not over, oh no! They have only just begun!

From the moment that Qyth plops her rump onto her couch or you both move into your weyr, you’ll notice she has a certain cleanliness fetish. She enjoys, or more so desires, a clean space. Organized. Everything in its place, not a speck of dirt to find. Should she have been born a human instead of a dragon, white gloves would come out often to inspect the surface of everything. You will find yourself cleaning more often than not, H’ris. Add it onto of the other lists of things to do as a weyrling and then as a full dragonrider. Sweeping her couch and then her ledge will be a daily thing, for sure. Her lovely dainty hide will not lay down to sleep (no matter how you beg her to do so) until her couch has been swept for the day. It’s a small stubborn streak in her.

« I do declare, H’ris! There’s dust all over my couch! » The foundations of the crystalline structures of her mind shake
with the force of this discovery. « Be a dearheart, clean it right quick? Just sweep it off towards Morkarth’s area,
won’t mind I’m sure. »

“I’m exhausted, Qyth, can’t we do it later?”

The light refracting from her mental frosted-gems dull and then brighten, only to dull once more. « But… but… by later, it’ll have
settled on my nicely oiled hide. We’d need to bathe and shower all over again! It’ll only take a moment or two, please, H’ris? It would
mean the world to me. »

Her own personal hygiene is no different. She will expect to be washed often, oiled even more. Should you have a fair of firelizards, train them now to aid in pampering your green! She is a lady, in case you have forgotten, and there is a certain amount of primping you are expected to do to help her ensure she is always squeaky clean and perfect. Not a scale out of place! Painting her talons? Oh yes, please! Help her wipe off her maw after a meal? Absolutely! This will /always/ be top priority before she is willing to be seen by the public. This might cause problems at first, as the two of you develop your bond. Being late to lessons, since Qyth has not yet deemed herself acceptable for public viewing. Have no worry, H’ris! You and your green will find the balance to get everything done and not be late to wing drills by the time you have graduated Weyrlinghood. Hopefully!

There is one last key note to Qyth’s personality, one that was touched on briefly but should be expanded. Her social abilities are well noted, though it should be stated that this green can be particularly flirty. This is no blunt and direct mistress, however! That is not Qyth’s style, nor shall it ever be. She is much too feminine, much too distinguished for such a thing! Oh no, this green prefers subtly to the game of flirtations. She will find herself much happier amidst male dragons than females, enjoying the contrasts of her demure self to their more hardy, manly personifications. She will get on fine with any other dragons of her gender, mind you, she just better prefers the company of men, is all. It’s one of the many, many reasons why she picked H’ris!

As any debutante being introduced into high society, she is giddy over males and their attention upon her. Though only you will be able to hear her girlish squeals inside, as she will be calm and sophisticated on the outside. Qyth will enjoy using casual glances, a fluttering of her eyelids, the slow and sensuous swish of her tail to keep the boys attracted to her. She’ll be able to speak to them with ease and care, laughing when appropriate. Needless to say, this is a dragon who knows how to wrap the opposite gender around her smallest talon and keep them coming back for more.



Qyth’s flirty nature plays well into her mating time. She actually melds so well into it, H’ris, that it will take quite a few flights for you to be able to tell the difference between Normal Qyth and Proddy Qyth. There will be subtle differences to your lady when this time comes around. She will actually become less clingy to you, preferring instead the complete attentions of male dragons even more than usual. While you are still the light of her world, her hormones start taking control over her thought pattern, having her seek out all prospective mates that could have a chance to catch her.

“Be warm, but pure; be amorous, but be chaste.”

— Lord Byron

It is probably smart to mention that Qyth will be a frequent riser. Whether H’ris enjoys being proddy or not, it matters little. For Qyth relishes the sheer freedom of mating flights, thus she is programmed to go up as often as possible. Estimate that she will rise about every two months, though at times this might be lengthened out for another sevenday or so, depending on her mood and how long she feels the need to hold out. Either way, it will be quite numerous that this southern belle takes to the sky, leading poor H’ris in one whirlwind mating flight romance after another.

Qyth will become more amorous, to be certain, and that in turn will affect H’ris as well. While the ladylike green will still be sure to act coy and demure, her words around the opposite gender may be a bit less subtle than usual. There will be more innuendo in her speech and suggestions in her mannerisms. There is reason to her maiden-like seduction! This is all her way of ensuring that the males she wants the most to rise to chase know that she wants them attending her upcoming flight. Of course, the hotter her blood boils as she awaits the delicious dance in the sky, the more and more it will be sent towards H’ris. His own desires will be amplified in response with each passing day.

Qyth will be a rather dainty blooder. Her strict need for decorum does not falter just because her body is raging with the desire to mate. She will be quick and efficient about it, supping off of the smaller sized animals, preferring mainly wherries and runtier herdbeasts. There is the usual bloodlust any dragonrider can expect, but there will not be as much fighting for H’ris to do when it comes to controlling his dragon not to gorge on meat. Qyth is NOT a gorger. She will gingerly wrap her fangs around the beast’s neck and sip at the lifeblood that seeps forth from the puncture wounds her teeth have made. Once she has drained her meal thoroughly, she will toss it aside with a flick of her head.

After about three, possibly four animals (completely dependent on their size) Qyth’s hide will take on an eerie glow, signaling ‘Go Time’. There will be a grace to her taking off, much like a butterfly lifting forth from a flower. She will wait for the best moment, her swirling eyes on the skies above her. A good sturdy breeze will have her flaring her wings out and eagerly catching the rushing wind and bringing her way from the earth. Though it will be a slow ascension into the sky. Lofting on thermal after thermal, wings barely even beating as she allows the rising air itself to bring her up higher and higher. The freedom of flight, sans rider, will be all encompassing at the forefront of her mind for those brief moments before the hard edge of desire crests over her jubilation. Finally she will reach the height of her choice, usually far above the Weyr and amidst the clouds, before Qyth shall allow a mighty flutter of her wings to send her cruising forward. The real chase has begun!

“Happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.”

— Nathaniel Hawthorne

It’s all desire at this point. Freedom is forgotten and mating is all that matters. For all her smaller size, she will be quite excellent at using the winds to blow her in the direction she wants to go, using as little of her energy as possible. Her flights will be uncommonly long for a green dragon, though no where near the length a gold must fly. Even so, she is no wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am. She enjoys holding out until the very end, the anticipation of what is to come thrumming through every inch of her ichor, this desperate fervor echoing back to H’ris and stringing him along for the ride.

It’s straight and true flying for Qyth, she’s not quite the type to do acrobatics in the air. She’s a tad old fashioned, she’s a lady who enjoys flights for their simplicity. It’s a game of cat and mouse. It’s her job to go as far and as fast as she can, and it is the job of the male to use every bit of his prowess to catch her. Wasting energy on barrel rolls or loop-de-loops just seems silly when she has a goal in mind. That goal is, of course, being caught. Oh yes, for all the greens that mourn the end of the flight, Qyth dearly looks forward to it. Nothing is quite so romantic as twining ones tail and neck around that of the strongest, most able-bodied male that was able to capture her so thoroughly. She will radiate the same sort of smugness any winning male dragon would upon the end of her flight, once she has returned safely to your side.


As far as after flights? Well, for all Qyth does have her favored males, those she enjoys chasing her more often than not, there will be few she’ll truly wish stick around for the long haul. She’s in her prime, and will continue being in her prime until her last days. This of course means that she must have her fill of as many males as she can throughout her lifetime. Sticking with just one is simply silly. She already has the best escort a lady could ever want in H’ris. So while surely one blue, brown, or bronze may win more than once, it’s not completely due to her preference in them. They are not her one and only, they just got lucky or were the best! Perhaps a day or two sunning herself next to the victor of her flights, then they’ll be tossed back into the group of men she has her pick of.

You, H’ris, have need no fear though! As you are and will for always be Qyth’s /true/ one and only. She will never throw you back into the pack of boys fitfully hoping for her affections, since you already have them.·


Name: H'ris
Egg Desc: Tuli, Eth'n tweak
Dragonet Desc: Dirna, R'yst tweak
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Puppeteer: Lendai
Inspiration: Lendai, R'yst Dirna

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March 22nd, 2012

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