Geko's Story-Book Firebird Brown Revnath

On Solstice night, the winter comes
Stalking through the antlered trees,
Riding on the frozen wind.
With hoof and horn, this longest night
Brings round once more
The ancient, endless joust:
Light and Dark contest for power,
And Light, this night, shall triumph.

Winter Solstice Egg

Cool and soft, a swirling shade of deep celestial blue surrounds this shell, scattered with a thousand glittering spots of silvery light. As rough-seeming as a tree-trunk, a gnarled patch of brown rests at one end of the egg, flaming to a burst of pulsing orange. Strands of pine's dark green festoon the egg's center, wrapping it in winter's evergreen splendour.

Hatching Message

Winter Solstice Egg glimmers again as dragonet stalks the shell through sky and forest; wings joust angular shoots of dragonet through the growing cracks; a claw, a hook, a moon-round eye. The ancient, endless battle continue: light and Dark contest for power until the shells brighter husk finally forgives the dazzling splendor of the triumphant little dragon: not evergreen, nor evergold, nor everblue, nor bronze, but a true mythical brown is born into the world of light.

Story-Book Firebird Brown Dragonet

Soul-breaker, heart-taker, myth-maker, prince: this elegant dragonet is poised between the enchanted garden of his sunlit wings, and the inky underbrush of treeshadows marking paws and night-black talons. His hide deepens and darkens, melted shadows of brown lingering from nose-tip to tail beneath a myriad of firebirds hues: mystical, mythical, magical colors feather his hide, owl-wise and silver about muzzle and eyes, hawk-sharp and umber over withers and sides, and cardinal-red along each religiously tidy ridge of his spine. Rekindled fires stroke his svelte belly with red and gold, warm the lower lengths of his legs, and ricochet like echoes of laughter along the earthy tones of his liquid, languid, long, long tail.

Public Impression Pose

Story-Book Firebird Brown Dragonet finds her, he does, and sidles in a awkward little dance towards a child that is too young for a dragon, surely she is. That dark brown hair, that braid, those pale wintry eyes the same hues as his egg. This is the one for him. He pushes his silver-whiskered nose towards the candidate and croons softly.

Private Impression Message

As light as a feather, as heavy as gold, he lingers at the edges of your thoughts like a dream you cannot quite catch. At once shy and gleeful, the curtain between his world and yours ripples with a testing, teasing laugh. » Geko «. Your name is his call, as light as the sun and as dark as ::between::. He calls again, louder and longer as if across a great distance. » Geko «. The touch grows brighter behind the veil of the gestalt and the curtain trembles again. » Geko «. And that tears it. He sees you, he finds you, and with a singular, scintillating burst of noise and color and confusion and glee, he chooses /you./ » GEKO! «. Whether you are ready or not, the world is reborn with you and he, he and you, together now forever and ever and ever. » I am Revnath. « And you are both lost to one another.

Now Sleeps the Crimson Petal
Now sleeps the crimson petal, now the white;
Nor waves the cypress in the palace walk;
Nor winks the gold fin in the porphyry font;
The firefly wakens, waken thou with me.
Now droops the milk-white peacock like a ghost,
And like a ghost she glimmers on to me.
Now lies the Earth all Danae to the stars,
And all thy heart lies open unto me.
Now slides the silent meteor on, and leaves
A shining furrow, as thy thoughts, in me.
Now folds the lily all her sweetness up,
And slips into the bosom of the lake.
So fold thyself, my dearest, thou, and slip
Into my bosom and be lost in me.

Gekoki! /Gekoki!/ Geko! Revnath is lost to you, are you are him, in an almost somnolent cascade of color and warmth. Just as his hide glimmers with the vigor of those crimsons and golds, and feathers of silver moonlight and those furrowing, silent shadows, so too is he a magical, mystical, passionate dragon whose keen sense of duty might indeed drive you to distraction. » Come Geko. It is time for you to study. « ( Or exercise. Or sweep. Or tidy up the weyr… Or…) But when he is not trying to tell you what to do, we hope that Revnath is just what you want. And we trust that you will enjoying playing with him, as much as we have enjoyed playing with /you/. You are a treat. You are bee-ooo-ti-ful. You are heaps of fun. Thanks!

Theme Inspiration

_ The Firebird_, a Russian Folk Tale.

During a hunting expedition, Prince Ivan, the Tsarevich, wanders into an enchanted garden. There, he spies a beautiful bird with dazzling plumage that is trying to pluck golden fruit from a silver tree. Ivan captures the bird but yields to its entreaties to be set free. In gratitude, the Firebird gives Ivan a magic feather. As the sun rises, thirteen enchanted princesses come from the castle to dance and play with the golden apples. Ivan discloses himself and is told the castle is the property of the evil magician Kastchei, who turns captive travelers into stone. Ivan, now in love with the princesses Tsarevna, vows to enter the castle. As he opens the gates, Kastchei and his crew of grotesques march out onto the scene. Kastchei tries to bewitch Ivan, but the Prince is protected by the Firebird's feather.

The Firebird then appears and casts a spell by dancing wildly among the demons of Kastchei. The bird then reveals to Ivan an egg that contains Kastchei's soul. Ivan smashes the egg, and Kastchei dies. With his death, the princesses are liberated, and the story ends happily.

Name Inspiration

Revnath. It is easy to say, is it not? Rrrrev-nahth. Taken from Tsarevna, the princess in the story with whom Prince Ivan was besotted. And Reve is french for dream, which really seemed to suit this mythical little brown.


Revnath's touch is liquid sunlight. Like his great great /great/ Dam Tiareth, Rukbat's fire coalesces in his thoughts, and melts into the flavor of oranges and winter-green pine. He has a fragrant, vibrant touch: sun tempered with pine, and the citrus sharpens with his passions. Not given overly much to mind-speak, Revnath's thoughts do grow wild and untended, like an overgrown or enchanted garden, and he is often given to noises and commentary in color and hue, if not actually in words.


When he finally does learn to fly, boy can he /fly/! Like the Firebird dancing among the Katchesi, Revnath dances in the wind in wild, magical flight that borders on the dangerous. When he flies Thread, it is almost as if there were an imaginary shell protecting you and he. As he dances and flits and swoops and spirals, nothing ever seems to be able to catch him. Or so he thinks.

He chases green and gold with that same fervor and conviction of his prowess in Flight. He is Revnath, the Firebird of Dragons, of course he will catch. Geko? Geko who? This is of no matter to Geko, she is a girl, he is a dragon. She can go run from men of her own.


O' The Purple Sunshine
M. Yusuf Abbasi
O! The purple sunshine
Spread out on the hill,
As a pink mantle,
Of a fiery damsel
Trailing her airy raiment,
Across the crimson paths,
Of a sunset sky,
And the cloud forms lit,
In myriad hues,
A rosy grille,
A dreamland tapestry,
Decked in tipsy colors,
Of a warm brown,
Of a yellow ochre,
And a ruddy amber,
All suffused together,
In a mighty Rembrandt,
And a pastel Turner;
In a celestial glow,
The colors rush
To the sun-flushed eve,
Trembling in a moment
Of a roseate glory,
On the edge of night,
And it tiptoes
For a farewell kiss,
From a fond heaven
-Wang Wei


Revnath /is/ a living Rembrant. All rich, dark, religiously applied color over browns and shadows. He is the Firebird too, and swept with a dazzling feather of colors that do give him an almost celestial glow in the sunlight. Especially those bright golden wings of his; like the apple in the garden, his wings are a treasure and he loves — /loves/ — wrapping Geko up in them.

Colors do rush about his sleek form, turning from that moonlight and sliver that barely marks head and muzzle, to the warm brown and umber shadows marking his athletic chest and sides. And that bright sunset crimson and ruddy ambers that play down along his tail. He is not a hand-painted dragon, nor dyed bright or grafittid with color, no. He dazzles in the sun, but his colors are magically subtle, and only help define his smooth muscles and tidy, trim lines.

Built sleek and smooth, Revnath is perhaps just a bit plumper than most other brown dragons, though that could just be hatchling fat. (Tasty, those eggs, dontcha know). He isnt a small brown, but neither is he one of the largest. Though when grown he will totally dwarf the young Geko, even when she grows up as well. He is, afterall, a /dragon/. Big big big!

He has a somewhat princely countenance. His head is drawn in lines that are almost delicate as the etch out the sweep of his handsome muzzle, the nubs of his headknobs, and the fine, sweeping start to a neck that is, perhaps, just a bit too long. His neat little neck-ridges curl in proper proportions, and his wings sweep up with eager, non-arrogant delight. It's as if his wings were already anticipating flight. From his sleek withers, the rest of him is a bit rounder and firmer and eventually stronger until it tapers into an almost wicked little tail that is definitely longer than most. Shadows play under that long sweep of belly, and his neat little paws are black black black. Unfortunately this just means they show the dust more and we don't like that. No. No no no. Revnath is not so keen on dust.

He is, however, keen on you, dear Geko. And he lets you know it. To curl up in the sun with his Geko is all that he could ever want, and all he really needs. A herdbeast now and again. A chance of adventure and flight, and Thread on the wing. But Geko. Geko is enough. Sure she's young. Sure she's small. Sure she's well, /Geko/ and dresses up for winter rather than migrating south like any respectable sun-loving dragon. But she is his! Revnath and Geko! What more could anyone want?


Born Story-book Firebird Brown Dragonet, Revnath was inspired by this infamous dazzling bird. He is a magical dragon, with keen insight and a caring, charismatic nature with a deeply ingrained sense of responsibililty. He /knows/ where people hide their souls, where their dreams sleep, where they go when they are sad or tired or scared. His knowledge of things is as natural as your knowledge of him. But just because he knows, it does not follow that he need do anything about it. Not unless it is you, Geko, who are sad or tired or scared. And then he would be right there, closer than ever, just Being. And the comfort of his Being can be almost overwhelming. His wisdom runs deep, and the owl in him watches with wide, wide, whirling eyes.

Generally quiet, Revnath is nonetheless charismatic. He gets involved with the rest of his clutchmates, is interested in what they are doing, where they are going, why they are going, and has little of Druseth's… bite. Still, Revnath has /presence/. And he might be the first in line to learn to fly, learn to fight, learn to sweep. » Come, Geko. You must practice your flaming. « High Reaches is a Fighting weyr, afterall, and Revnath /knows/ he is a fighting dragon. He feels it in his ichor, he hears it in his bones, and nothing but nothing can stop him from wanting to fly when Thread is in the air, even if he cannot yet fly. The hawk of him, the predator, the hunter, the hawk — they /need/ to fly. They need to swoop. They need to hunt. Thread is as good an enemy as he could want.

The cardinal's crimson that marks him harkens back to the almost religious nature of his convictions and beliefs, and his unwavering faith in you, young Geko. But it also marks the passions that lure him to Fly, and chase, and win. He is not always predictable, and he is not /always/ kind, but he certainly keeps life interesting. And they mark the glee of him. For Revnath does have a sense of play, and he is not above getting down and dirty in the spring mud, or hiding himself beneath a pile of autumn leaves. He prefers summer of course, the warmest and brightest of the Reaches times. And in winter his bright-colored hide turns drab and mournful. He is a child of the sun, your sun and Rukbat's, and its light is his salvation. His drink. His obsession. You better be sure to find him a ledge that catches the most sun the High Reaches have to offer.

So he can find the humor of things. He teases you, when you need it. He plays with the others. And he generally gets along best with those dragons that share his ingrained sense of duty. He likes learning new things, and though he is not the most curious of dragons, nor anywhere near the most mischievous, he has an easy laugh that goes along with his easy approach to most of what life has to offer. Duty defines him though, binding him to the weyr. But first and foremost he is bound to you, Geko, and it is hard not to be aware of his ever-present, ever-passionate existence. He will always know where you are, what you are doing, and will want to know /why/ you are doing it. » Geko. « A pause. » GeKo? « Another pause. » Geko! Why are you still asleep? «

And then Revnath might proceed to tidying the bed around you. He likes things smoooooooth. Free of wrinkles. Free of bumps. The weyr is at its best when it is neat and tidy, and the same goes for his straps, his hide, his wings. Oil is good, and it sets off all his colors. But he does not really fuss about things, nor is he vain or self-absorbed. Revnath just likes to go about setting things Right, and if that means rearranging Geko's boots in order of size, or taking on Thread with the first wing of dragons, so be it. It is in his nature to want to set things Right.



Not knowing the way to the Temple of Heaped Fragrance,
Under miles of mountain-cloud I have wandered
Through ancient woods without a human track;
But now on the height I hear a bell.
A rillet sings over winding rocks,
The sun is tempered by green pines….
And at twilight, close to an emptying pool,
Thought can conquer the Passion-dragon.

Wang Wei


Dragon: Revnath
Color: Brown
Name: Nuff
Egg: Winter Solstice Egg
Egg desc: Sudanna; D'renn tweak
Dragonet: Story-Book Firebird Brown Dragonet
Dragonet desc: Nuff
Messages: Nuff
Inspiration: Nuff, Shaela, SearchCo!
Puppetteer: Nuff

Kh'et and bronze Telynth, Lylia and brown Druseth, Lis and green Alymath, Mhari and green Kelitath, M'rin and bronze Rixesith, Quara and blue Sakuruth, Iri and blue Sriath, Willow and blue Ozth (NPC) and T'nis and green Racqueth (NPC).

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