M'rin's Majestic Lord of Nature Bronze Rixesith

Helston Flora Dance Egg

Sprays of blue wreathe around blossoming white; dancing nosegays, not of the cold, hard hues of winter, but the ineffably soft shades of spring, tracing out a garland which wends its way over the egg. Blithe clusters whirl with light grace from the top to daisy-chain around the middle in smaller posies, careless and carefree. From these tender sprigs, the floral parade blooms more resplendently towards the base of the egg as the azure and white are joined with a dazzling array of other colors, intertwining in joyous affirmation of budding life.

Hatching Message

Helston Flora Egg twitches in an unseen wind. Tiny cracks appear, jagged lightning against the pale curve of the shell. Suddenly, the flowers are blown flat as the shell explodes, and its majestic occupant steps forward. He has arrived.

Majestic Lord of Nature Bronze Dragonet

Dusky Eastern earth, as arid as desert, dulls the greater majesty of this large dragon; each exquisite definition of fluid muscle, each slender line of bone and body, each perfect proportion of angle and curve are all fairy-dusted with grainy, grimy brown. Beneath this mantle sweeps a hide of old bronze, decadent in its shadows about head and shoulders as it is vibrant and warm in ever-increasing brilliance down spine, strong back, and powerful haunches. From here his finery mingles with the rare alloys dappling his long sides and belly, and sweeps up into the metallic sheen of those conquering wingsails. A crown twines his patrician brow, lopsided splendor between his honeyed headknobs that falls askew above the mischievous sparkle of whirling orbs alive with all the pride and dignity of any ancient king.

Public Impression Pose

Majestic Lord of Nature Bronze Dragonet stops, his imperious gaze sweeping the crowd with an intent scrutiny. Maybe that one there? With the light hair and the crooked smile? No, none of those. Thunder rolls in his chest, to be released with a force of nature as a triumphant bugle. There he is. Wings furl slightly, and he glides across the steamy sands to stand before Maurin with a steady gaze. You there. You will come with me. You have been chosen.

Private Impression Message

Softly, the herald comes, ringing in those dark spaces of your mind. « . » Then louder, that ringing becomes wrapped in pine smoke and mustard seed as it wends its way through those convoluted passages. « Rixesith » Then, finally, a clarion call of oboe and woodwind. « Rixesith! I am Rixesith! » And he is. The Lord of the Forest is now Lord of your heart.

M'rin, M'rin! Oh, how exciting it has been to have you as a Candidate! You added a wonderful, distinctive element to the group (not just because you were one of only 2 boys!), and now we look forward to seeing you bring those same endearing qualities to weyrlinghood, and eventually to the ranks of full rider. Thank you for sharing yourself and Maurin with us! We hope that Rixesith is everything you could have asked for and more in a dragon, and we await with excitement to see what you will do with him!

Egg Inspiration

The Helston Flora/Furry Dance is one of the oldest surviving customs in England, and is a festival to celebrate the coming of spring and the passing of winter. Its origins are thought to be in pagan times.

For more information, see http://www.cornishlight.freeserve.co.uk/furry.htm

Description Inspiration

Rixesith is based on Oberon, Shakespeare's Fairy Prince, the older Eastern mythological being Auberon, and Oberon, one of Uranus' moons. Below are explanations of these three bases for your Rix's inspiration and creation:

Oberon is king of the fairies in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. Oberon serves as a magical counterpart to the human males and, thus, in his relationship to Titania, provides a different view of love and the relationship with the beloved. The magic that Oberon chooses to teach Titania a lesson is responsible for all the comic misadventures of the plot. (see also Index: Oberon (fictional character) The character of Oberon was derived largely from Lord Berners' prose translation of the medieval French poem Huon de Bordeaux, though it also contains elements of Zeus and his relationships to Hera and to mortals. We based most of Rixesith's personality off of Shakespeare's Oberon, as you will see in his personality.

Oberon is a representative of Eastern, or rather exotic mythology in this Play. The name Oberon is said to derive from the French "Auberon", a character from an old French romance, Huon of Bordeaux (trans.Ld. Berners). The story was dramatized in 1593. "Auberon" in turn derives from "Alberick, or "Elberick" - both Teutonic names. The Auberon in Huon of Bordeaux, a dwarf with an angelic face, is the son of Julius Caesar and the grandmother of Alexander the Great. He lives in the far East. Shakespeare's Oberon is also associated with the East, particularly India: In Act II scene 1 we are told by Titania that he has "Come from the furthest steep of India". The changeling boy over whom he and Titania argue is also Indian. See Act II scene 1.* This aspect of Oberon can be seen mostly in Rixesith's physical attributes (see physicalities, mind voice, mind scent, and description). For the story of Huon de Bourdeaux and his meeting with Oberon, go to http://www.bulfinch.org/legends/legend21.html, http://www.bulfinch.org/legends/legend22.html, and http://www.bulfinch.org/legends/legend23.html

Oberon is the outermost and second largest satellite circling the planet Uranus. It is indicated that it has been stable since its creation, somewhat like Rixesith himself. for more information, go to http://seds.lpl.arizona.edu/billa/tnp/oberon.html

Name Inspiration

The name, Rixesith, is pronounced Rix - eh - sith, and comes from Rix = Gaulish (old French) for King, and Sith = Gaelic for Fairy. We combined them to make Fairy King, which goes along with the theme of Oberon from Shakespeare's "Midsummer's Night Dream." As well, knowing your liking for shortening a name, your dragon can become Rix whenever it suits you.


Oh, lucky M'rin! To ride a dragon as expressive as Rixesith! The Lord of the Forest has all the colors of his demesnes to use in his conversation. His normal tone is one of earthy quality, the deep rich brown of the loamy turf. « M'rin, I was thinking…you must tell the Weyrleader to make you wingleader. Everyone would know you then. » But he's not limited to that, oh no. He'll use every color at his disposal, tending more toward the bold, vibrant tones and contrasting earth tones. He's one to break into your thoughts with a sudden blaze of royal blackberry purple. « M'rin, that girl is enchanting, is she not? You must ask her to the Gather. » Or amusement, in the shade of the squishy red clay of the river bank. « Why do you bathe alone? The girls like to watch you bathe, and I know you like to watch them. » His choice depends on his mood, and that shows in the midsummer smell of the hot sun when annoyed. « I itch. Someone needs to oil me. »


Oh, to be in your shoes, M'rin, when Rixesith turns the full force of his mind scent on you! A tangy hint of mustard seed combines with a gentle wisp of pine smoke to lace through your mind on gentle forest breezes. The scent is not overwhelming by any means; it is light, arid, that particular scent of summer when the sun is high, the flavor of ripening grains mingling with the more sultry aromas fields of wildflowers. Rix's mental scent has a tinge of spicy acridness to it as well, a reflection of the Eastern origins of the mythological Oberon; miles of burned sands which lull the senses.

Physical Scent

His hide, however, is something else again. Along with the particular spiciness that /is/ Rixesith's mind scent, Rix himself fairly glows with the aromas of beeswax, honey, and pine resin, a mingled aroma that is subtle rather than overpowering, yet not displeasing to the senses. Rather, his is the scent of nature itself, its essence, and a perfect blending of all things earthy, overlied by the warmth of the sun's rays at summers' height.


This dragon is going to be big, as can be seen by his already large size as a dragonet. He will most likely be one of the larger bronzes at the weyr, although perhaps not the bulkiest. However, his presence will be overpowering. He is going to be out there, a blatant reminder to all and sundry that /you/ M'rin, ride this great bronze thing. He isn't going to let anyone forget that, nope. He is your biggest and staunchest fan, after all.

Despite his size, however, he is grace personified, that fairy-like quality he was hatched with remaining with him always, even during growth spurts. He's perfectly proportioned, after all, and always in command, and that includes being in charge of his movements at all times. Not for him the clumsy hop-step of other dragonets, nor the tripping over too-large wings. When it is time to fly, too, he will seem to gain the knack almost unconsciously, taking to the skies with natural flare and verve; not ostentatious, but rather lazily competent, his self-assurance in his own abilities obvious.

He is well-muscled, this dragon of yours, but not overly so. Not for him the bulk of some of the other bronzes. No, his size is in largeness, but of the svelte variety, an impression of greatness rather than heftiness or over-muscled bulging. Presence. Sleek, he can hold his own in any fight, his talents lying more in agility and in the quickness of his movements rather than brute force. He is long in both tail and neck (proportionately so), giving him better maneuverability as he uses these parts of his body like rudders, his long wings made for long distance treks rather than short flights - he is built for endurance, not speed, per se. However, he can hold his own in any mating flight, as he uses his cunning and the attributes he was born with to his advantage. He's not as agile as a smaller dragon, of course, but for his size he is exceptionally so.

In color, as above, he is not what he appears to be until he reaches his full growth. Then, and only then, do his true colors shine through with vivid clarity, the mingled colors of bronze, gold, and brass overriding the dustier brown that was his illusion at birth. He will grow into his colors as he grows into his maturity; with grace and an assurance that is unequivocal. He refuses to be less than perfect and his final coloring will be no different.

This dragon of yours is a true noble, his majestic bearing seen in the way he holds himself with loose confidence at all times. He never seems to be at a disadvantage, not even when you scold him publicly. Rather, he will lower his well-formed head to you in acquiescence; it is not his way to gainsay you, but rather to encourage you in all you do, and he will not sulk or pout or take offense. His expressions are not easy to read by many, as he keeps most of his feelings reserved for you and you alone, although fighting thread can bring some visible excitement to the surface, and his rare but occasional attempt to trick you (that mischievous nature will show through!) will cause a smug gleam to overshadow his usual calm; barely so, but you will see it, and know its cause.

His eyes are almost always a gently whirling green or blue. He is a calm dragon by nature, not excitable like a silly green, not easily exacerbated. Yet, when it comes to you, and what he feels is owed to you, he can become quite obsessive, his eyes tingeing to yellow as he concentrates on pushing you forward, volunteering you for whatever will bring you closer to greatness. Rarely will you see red in his eyes, except during threadfall and those rare occasions of anger.he is hardly ever irritated, but retains a lazy amusement at the trifling details of life; and /that/ shows in his expression constantly.


"Hie away, hie away/O'er bank and o'er brae./Where the copsewood is the greenest/Where the fountains glisten sheenest/Where the ladyfern grows strongest/Where the morning dew lies longest./Hie to haunts sights seldom seen./Lovely, lonesome, cool and green./O'er bank and o'er brae/Hie away."

M'rin! In keeping with our Shakesperean theme, we thought it fitting to give Rixesith an Oberonish personality - so that, in a nutshell, is who your lifemate is modelled after. Magestic, proud, noble, everything he is in form, he is in persona. Above all, however, he is proud to be /yours/ - and all of Pern should know it, too! (Or at least this is what he thinks - you, on the other hand, may have some different ideas.) Really all he wants is for everyone to see, as he sees, just how wonderful you really are, and if he believes it to your benefit, he will make very, very sure everyone gets their chance. « Do you think, M'rin, if you maybe came this way - » and this is where you would get a certain bronze tail wrapped around you! « - the Holders could better speak with you? » Much to your everlasting delight, we're sure, he will do all he can to coax you out of that cozy, well-reinforced shell of yours - unless you forcibly tell him otherwise.

Oh, yes. Self-important though he may be, you are the true love of his life, and your word is law. Where he will stand up to everyone else, to you, M'rin, he will bow as meek and mild as he will ever be. Should you ever genuinely become upset with being hauled into the spotlight - and manage to tell Rixesith so - he will be all abashed apologies. « Oh, M'rin, I am sorry. I did not mean to upset you so. » And mind scent, ever strong, will grow stronger 'round the edges, here, just to let you know he cares, that he's genuinely sorry. He will be, too, if not quite repentant about the whole ordeal. No, he still believes that you should be the center of everyone's universe, simply because you play such a pivotal role in his.


"Then, my queen, in silence sad, Trip we after the night's shade: We the globe can compass soon, Swifter than the wandering moons."

Relationships will be many a complicated thing with Rixesith around, but love makes fools of us all, so perhaps this, too, is fitting. « Sindiath really is charming, M'rin. Such beautiful wings, too. See the way she glows? » Ah - no sight quite so lovely as that of a proddy green, yes, indeed. While Rixesith isn't a hunter, per se, he is doubtlessly a flirt, debonair to the last, full of olde-world charm and a certain unnameable something that makes him attractive in a very unique way. So don't be too surprised should he sidle his way on over to Sindiath and quote Harper lyrics, for that is what he does - sweep a lady off her feet (paws?) and keep her well and truly interested, long-term. Committed, or as much so as is possible in a dragon, once he's found himself a mate, he's likely to want to stay with her. This could be problematic for you, if you have other plans about who's sleeping where - and with whom!

In the air in general, though, he is all fluid grace and languid wing-beats, beautiful and powerful in the same breath. When it comes to flying 'fall, here, too, he will be dedicated and true, and you can be sure he will not be one to let a glob of the silvery stuff go floating on by. It's his duty to protect Pern - and, more importantly, you! - from it, and if Rixesith is anything, he is mindful of his duties.


Name: Sen, R'sli, Adora
Egg Desc: Pyrene; Ciera tweak
Dragonet Desc: Sen; Nuff tweak
Messages: R'sli; Adora, Sen tweak
Puppeteer: Unknown
Inspiration: R'sli, Adora, Rade, Areiah, Sen


Geko and brown Revnath, Kh'et and bronze Telynth, Lylia and brown Druseth, Lis and green Alymath, Mhari and Green Kelitath, Quara and Blue Sakuruth, Iri and Blue Sriath, Willow and Blue Ozth (NPC) and T'nis and Green Racqueth (NPC).

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