Quara's Dark Side of the Moon Blue Sakuruth

Solar Eclipse Egg

Blackness, darkness, midnight, ::between::. And yet, it is none of those, but something equally dark, equally dangerous: the sinuous body of a serpent wraps suffocating coils 'round and 'round the last dying rays of a valiant sun, choking out the life, the light, the hope. It doesn't matter — hope may be lost, but will is not, and resounding ripples of a swiftly stricken gong reverberate up the shell of the egg, for it is not perfectly round like its counterparts. Rather, smooth as the glistening snow atop the twisting Reachian spires, unruffled undulations meander up and down the shell in a never-ending tale of ancient myths, whilst golden streaks of sunlight weep for release — for itself, for the people, for the land.

Hatching Message

Solar Eclipse Egg shifts swiftly, its darkness half-hidden by its siblings. Without any stubborn activity, a crease marks its length, deeper black against its darkness. Simply it widens until the whole breaks apart and the dragonet emerges into the light, letting its true self be finally revealed.

Dark Side of the Moon Blue Dragonet

Shadows brush the night-deep blues of this small dragonet to a near-violet, etching with darkness his serene curves and simple lines. Indigo's richness forms the backdrop to a glimmer of moonlight that highlights bold headknobs and rounded muzzle, and adds a gleeful sparkle to the gentle curiosity of wide, wide eyes. Starlight lightens his sails with silver, marking each spar with mithril and a hint of sun's gold. From the off-kilter tilt of his spaded tail to the arching stretch of his midnight-stained, solid-hewn neck, composed tranquility gives the lie to the lunacy lurking beneath.

Public Impression Pose

Dark Side of the Moon Blue Dragonet circles again…. and stops. This one has a pretty face; perhaps she's the sunshine for his shade? Darkness puddles at Quara's feet, as curious eyes fix on her, and only her.

Private Impression Message

Darkness swallows all colors, all brightness, dissolving everything into between's blackness. No sensation, no emotion remains, save for one, bright gleam: a presence that offers comfort and security and love - a blinding, dazzling love that splinters darkness into light, rainbows sparkling and breaking the blackness into shreds as one thing only fills your heart and mind: « Sakuruth. »

Breathe, breathe in the air
Don't be afraid to care
Leave but don't leave me
Look around and chose your own ground
For long you live and high you fly
{"Breathe", Pink Floyd, from the album "Dark Side of the Moon"}

Quara! Here is your Sakuruth… he's yours to love and to enjoy as much as you ever can. If there's something you don't like about him or something you feel is missing, please feel free to change or add to him - we want you to be very very happy with him, and happy to be a High Reaches Weyrling.

Theme Inspiration

Technically, the "dark side of the Moon" is simply the part of the Moon that, at any given time, is facing away from the sun (essentially, nighttime on the Moon). Although we only see one side of the Moon, the sun shines on all of it eventually.

The phrase "dark side of the Moon" once referred to the side of the Moon that faced away from the Earth, but the term "dark" really meant "unexplored," such as "deepest, darkest wilderness." The term endures to this day, but it is obviously inaccurate.
{From the 'Moon-Watch' website - http://www.moon-watch.com/}

Description Inspiration


Name Inspiration

You wanted an Aife-name for your dragon, Quara, and that's precisely what you've got! Sakuruth has the meaning of 'the sun is coming'… and that's what we want Sakuruth to be for you: your sunshine, the light to brighten your day.

It also fitted nicely with the egg theme of the Solar Eclipse, and with the myth that the Dark Side of the Moon is never touched by the sun, because, you see, you are Sakuruth's sun in the same way that he is yours.

You are my sunshine,
My only sunshine,
You make me happy when skies are grey,
You'll never know dear,
How much I love you,
Please don't take my sunshine away!


Calm and gently Sakuruth's voice floats on your mind, silvery moonlight on midnight waters, their soft murmur soothingly enveloping you. However, when he's agitated on your behalf, or simply suffering one of his mad half-hours, it turns to rainbow sparkles, pure sunlight refracted crazily though a prism a thousand times over, almost causing pain with its myriad of bright splinters. He'll calm down if you tell him to, though, settling the turbulence back to a caressing lap of wavelets.

To others, Sakuruth is starlight on a wintry lake, shielding something beneath: "still waters run deep". His relaxed composure breaks rarely, but when it does, his mindvoice ripples like a stone dropped onto the moon's reflection, silver slivers etching out his few words. Flights do this too, turning the smoothness to raw, crystal need.


As soft and comforting as his usual mindvoice is Sakuruth's scent. The exotic sumptuousness of a night-blooming lily mingles harmoniously with the more pungent aroma of a woodfire's smoke, drifting over the fens. And yet, it will change dramatically when this blue's in pursuit of one of those enticing greens; he'll take on the rich fragrance of sun-warmed leaves and spices, the odor of nutmeg, cardamom and oriental herbs that will make the blood sing loudly in your ears.


Sakuruth's of average size, but there's a solid determination about him that can give the illusion of greater height and width. That's helped by the sheer darkness of his hide - a shade like a summer's night, when the sun's just set but you can still make out clouds against the deeper blue, and violet shading to the west, and the moon's glimmer over all.

He's curved rather than spiky, sturdy rather than purely powerful; although he was one of the smaller blues to hatch, as he grows (oh-so-fast at first!) he'll fill out more than his slender clutchmate Sriath, ending up as a stocky lump of a blue. He won't completely lack for graces though; those curves of his can be elegant as well as practical. He's not the fastest in the air, though still as agile as any other blue; on the ground his sturdiness is an asset however. Although he's still not particularly graceful (few dragons ever are) he hops and shuffles less, having a better sense of balance.

One oddity that Sakuruth has is that the spade of his tail tilts slightly off-center - nothing to ever cause you or him or the dragonhealers worry, just a little curious imperfection that's his and his alone.


In times gone by, the Dark Side of the Moon was a troublesome place, full of mystery and shadows. It's also a term sometimes used to refer to the subconscious mind, where dreams and hidden things linger.

Sakuruth to the outside world is often just that: mysterious and closed-in, giving very little away about himself or others. His movements are deliberate, those thoughts that he shares with other dragons are guarded and sometimes cryptic. He sometimes seems to be hiding something with his diffidence, yet that something is nothing: the way Sakuruth behaves around others is simply that he's not terribly interested (most of the time). Everything Sakuruth is and everything he does is concentrated on one thing: Quara. His Quara. You, his beloved lifemate…

And to you, Sakuruth is light and sunshine and everything that makes life sweet. He shows you no shadows, only happiness and love and a terrible steadfast devotion that will never change. He's blazing sunlight, hot enough to burn, rather than the softness of a spring day. But just as he's the sun to you, so you are to him: you are the light of his life, the moon of his delight, everything that he needs. The Dark Side of the Moon isn't so strange and bleak after all; it's just that part that most people never see.

Sakuruth may appear to be mysterious on occasion, but in general he's just mellow. Not lazy, exactly, and definitely not disinterested - he has a gentle curiosity that delights in examining new things - but relaxed in a manner that gives very little away. He'll take part in daily life without much evidence of enthusiasm. « Thread falls today? Very well, we shall prepare. » Even when he's with you, Quara, he's outwardly calm and settled and enigmatic; the thoughts he shares with you are likewise very laid-back, though he's willing to divulge his whole self to you, nothing held back. « We must prepare for Fall; I think we shall fly well today. »

Sakuruth has his moments though, moments of near-madness when he seizes on an idea. It happens very rarely - once in a blue moon, perhaps? - but certain things will trigger it. Perhaps it'll be that you're wanting something in particular: « You would like to eat a redfruit, Quara? Then let us go to Southern to get you one! » Maybe it /will/ be during Threadfall: « Look! Be careful! » and he's into a madly steep dive, trying to char the Thread before it can hit a wingmate. Or maybe it will be a green's mating flight to spur him into mood-swinging action: « She is beautifully green, is she not? » accompanied by frightening lustful thoughts.

The word 'lunatic' in fact derives from the word for moon, and it was believed that periods of lunacy were brought on by the moon. This may not be the case for Pern and its two moons, but something certainly seems to trigger Sakuruth once in a while, and when it does, you're in for a wild few hours, Quara!

He's interested in greens apart from during his spells of craziness too, never think that he isn't! But his thoughts and feelings and needs tend to be milder, less frantic, though still desire-driven. He's often one of the first to the pens to blood his kill, and unlike the sometimes indecisive Druseth, he's likely to be one of the first to chase, too. His compact strength will serve him well in the chase, and the emotions he wraps you in are likely to be fulfilled fairly often… and the green he catches may be treated to a glimpse of Sakuruth's sunny side, too.


Dragon: Sakuruth
Color: Blue
Name: Aife
Egg: Solar Eclipse Egg
Egg desc: Saendi; Ciera, Shaela tweak
Dragonet: Dark Side of the Moon Blue Dragonet
Dragonet desc: Nuff, D'renn
Messages: D'renn, Faye
Inspiration: D'renn, Faye, Thesy
Puppetteer: D'renn

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