Iri's Trick-or-Treat Blue Sriath

All Hallow's Eve Egg

Drab shades of brown and blue vie with sparkling hues of mica-flecked red as they glimmer in the flickers of sunlight which manage to penetrate the pervading blanket of dust; a long voyage's covering of dirt casts an ashen shadow upon the ovoid. Flesh-colored blurs appear at regular intervals, peering dismally through the powdered, iridescent curtains. Swirls of metallic shades — silver and chrome — intersperse themselves upon the apex before culminating in a cloudy white splotch upon the very tip. Imagination lends itself to envision the air of an eternal, cramped journey, not unlike that of the occupant within the dusty shell.

Hatching Message

All Hallow's Eve Egg shivers like an autumn leaf in the wind, shards of impossibly dark shell dropping away dramatically, piece by piece. A silver talon emerges, a pale headknob, a hint of azure wing. A last convulsive shudder, and the shell succumbs to the rocking of dragonet inside, the last remnants dropping off. And then there was one, a blue hatchling bounding from the fragments.

Trick-or-Treat Blue Dragonet

A shimmering phantasm of periwinkle powder, ghostly lithe body is draped with a cloak of cornflower mist. Darting, jovial head melds into a sinuous neck, which in turn flows to a body forever youthfully slim and fit. Reminiscent of a midnight jaunt, vague shapes flicker 'cross silken hide, halfway-formed figures of moons and candies coalescing and dispersing at random. Across membranous, almost bat-like wings-a size or so larger than those of his peers-a simplistic grin stretches, outlined in the faintest traces of gold and silver glow. Silvered claws top the spindly 'fingers' of wings, perfect matches for the talons on too-big feet and the shine of swirling, polychromatic eyes.

Public Impression Pose

Trick-or-Treat Blue Dragonet snuffles his way up the line of Candidates, presenting himself to each with a flamboyant creel before bounding off to repeat the display with the next, in search of the perfect treat. Pause is given at the flame-haired Dolphincrafter, however, and this time the creel is mischievous. A sniff and a snuff and a demanding croon as his eyes lock with the gold-flecked green eyes of his chosen partner in mischief. Trick or Treat, Tiri!

Private Impression Message

A bouncing voice, like that of a young child, sweeps through your mind, followed with a fit of high-pitched giggling. A rain of sugary sweetness, the crisp cool of an autmn evening, the softly silver light of a full moon; all flood into your mind with a surprising suddenness, blocking the sounds of other eggs that crack and other newly made pairs. « Boo. » Playful blue ribbons wend in with a laughing mischief. « Iri! » Joyful delight mingles with a rumbling wash of hunger, and the bubbling voice turns towards the petulant. « Treats, and then some tricks with me, your Sriath? »

Iri, we've so enjoyed having you as a candidate! You've been super spiff and we wanted to hug you and snug you and call you—-erm. Well call you ours! So here's your lovely Sriath, and we hope you can love him and snug him and do all kinds of fun things with him! So Enjoy! =)

Description Inspiration

Sriath's desc is a combination of traditional Halloween symbols. His shimmery pale hide is the ghost and spirit populace that goes with the holiday. He has a dark cape like many favorite costumes, and there is, of course, his jack-o-lantern wing pattern. Not to mention the candies and such sprinkles elsewhere. The long wings are reminiscent of many species of bat, as well as fitting your request for some such disproportion. And Sriath's slim body is that of the classic Halloween scamp, able to squeeze in and out of tight places.

Name Inspiration

Basically, we just took the letters you gave us and fooled around with different combinations, since you said you'd like one without a meaning. Ciera's idea was Srixath, and Sita came up with modifying it for the much more appealing Sriath. I would pronounce it SREE-ath, or Suh-REE-ath.


Sriath's mind is bathed in silver light, like the shining of a full moon and caresses your mind with clear dulcet tones. The sweet tang of caramel and chocolate percolate through his thoughts, and sometimes the sweet spice of licorice. He enters into a conversation like a brisk autumn breeze, sweeping in with an invigorating freshness yet with a touch of winter's breath. Each word as he forms it is crisp and loud, ringing out with a refreshing clarity, perhaps partially due to the fact that his timbre is a slip higher than most of the other males, its sound reminiscent of the brush of dry autumn leaves that are blown along the ground on a clear autumn day.



Sriath will never quite grow into himself. He'll be as youthfully slim at adulthood as he was out of the egg, and even his love of food will never quite succeed in filling him out. As a direct result, his legs will appear longer than they truly are, giving him a childishly lanky look. His wings are long for his size; though he remains about the same length as the average blue, his wings are closer to the size of his brown clutchmates.

As for coloring, Sriath is one to stand out in a crowd. He's the palest of pale blues, giving him a shimmery appearance about the head. He's got a misty cloak of darker flecks that runs between his wings and down his back, and little patches of cerulean sprinkle his body quite at random, often forming into recognizable shapes. Somehow, all this just serves to emphasize how light the rest is.

Perhaps most distinctive in his coloring is the gold-hued jack-o-lantern grin that spans both wings; it makes him easily recognizable from above. Sriath has a bounce of sorts in his movements, an impatience like a little kid who wants to run ahead. This has much to do with a boundless supply of energy-when excited, there's often more up-and-down than forward, making him a difficult dragon to ride until he learns to control and use his energy.


Sriath is the classic trick-or-treat kid, the one whose parents dread going out each year. Hyperactivity runs rampant, emerging in little spurts of energy. You'll find he has problems sitting still. When inactivity is enforced, he twitches or shivers without warning just to move, or flicks his tail back and forth. He has curiosity to match this energy, always prying and quick to catch on to ideas when you can hold his attention long enough.

And he's got a streak of 'gullible' a mile wide, so beware of too-serious jokes. He's liable to believe when someone - especially you, his Iri - tells him that the sky is green or 'GULLIBLE' is carved on the Star Stones. And when he discovers that he's been duped, he sulks with the best of them. Yet his sulks don't last very long and soon you find yourself chasing after him again as he goes on another hare-brained scheme. Providing you with a bit of mirth is the real possibility that your Sriath will fall for the same dupe again, so you must watch closely and try not to giggle too hard when he turns his gullible eyes on you.

On to Sriath's three meanings of life: you, his tricks, and his treats. He views you as both mother and big sister in addition to lifemate. He looks up to you, admires you, and takes everything you say as the truth. But that doesn't mean he always obeys unconditionally. « But /Iri/, » he whines, « Why do I have to do /that/? » Be firm, though, and he'll cave in eventually.

Ah, but the tricks! He's the partner in crime you needed during Candidacy. His mischievous streak is enough to drive weaker Weyrlingmasters (though not necessarily yours) to drink, and then some. As soon as you get your own weyr, he'll be looking for all the gags to decorate it with — fake spilled klah mug, whoopee cushion, the works. When it comes to pranks and practical jokes, however, he lacks creativity for his own original tricks. Sadly, most of his own ideas are limited to rotten wherry eggs and the like. But any idea for the like from _your_ head, and he'll be diving to help in an instant.

One more point - he adores costumes. If he ever sees you in one, he'll beg for some way to disguise himself, just for the reaction of others. Not necessarily a fabric costume—temporary green paint or the classic moustache-and-glasses works just fine. But how does he keep up the energy to do all this? His treats, of course! Aside from the normal meat-oriented diet, which he'll sometimes sneak extra of (which will drive you crazy to no end, because he has a penchant for midnight snacks), Sriath will constantly have to sample cookies, candies, and other goodies from the kitchen. He's got a sweet tooth of draconic proportions. And long as it involves sugar, he's open to the idea. And he's not above sneaking or snitching to get his daily sugar dose, either. Apparently, he's the kid that smiles to your face and then snatches extra candy from the bowl when you're not looking…

Long wings and lanky build keep things exciting around Sriath, to say the least. For the first several months, possibly even his whole life, he's going to be trying to get the hang of his wings. He's knocking them into things, he's all over the place, and his first several flights will be rather erratic. But this just makes him try harder. He keeps at it until he either gets the hang of the latest maneuver or you call him off and tell him to slow down. The same applies to his Threadfighting, due to a lingering nervousness about his ability to do as well as the others. He practices drills as long as possible. When it comes time for the real ThreadFall, he'll be as nervous as a kid alone in the dark, but you'll be the only one to know. In front of his buddies and the greens, he's going to put on a pretense of bravado and adventurism. But he'll need a cookie afterwards. To calm his poor nerves, of course.


Sriath isn't a flirt. He's unlikely to think of greens as more than friends until they go proddy. At that point, he avoids them like the plague until they actually go up—girls can be scary. But once they do rise, he'll be right there, pouring his energy into chasing them 100%. His large wings offer a bit of power and speed advantage, but they cut down on agility. As a result, he compensates by trying to trick his way to the front, to the glowing object of his attention. Never malicious tricks, of course. And, being Sriath, he tries to win the flight right at the beginning, not biding his time and stalking. He goes right for it, trying to out-speed the other males. Doing so means he may drop out earlier due to exhaustion, but it also means he's more likely to catch before he's out-maneuvered. If he loses, there's an understandable disappointment, but good spirits win out eventually. There's always next time — and the cookies you'll be obliged to give him after he begs long enough. :).


Dragon: Sriath
Color: Blue
Name: Sita, Ciera
Egg: All Hallow's Eve Egg
Egg desc: Brandon; Shaela tweak
Dragonet: Trick-or-Treat Blue Dragonet
Dragonet desc: Sen; Nuff tweak
Messages: Ciera; Sita tweak
Inspiration: Ciera, Sita, Thesy
Puppetteer: Ophelia

Geko and brown Revnath, Kh'et and bronze Telynth, Lylia and brown Druseth, Lis and green Alymath, Mhari and Green Kelitath, M'rin and bronze Rixesith, Quara and Blue Sakuruth, Willow and Blue Ozth (NPC) and T'nis and Green Racqueth (NPC).

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