Vostarik's Cosmic Kid in Full Costume Bronze Svitelloth

Clutching Pose

Mynwiyath blows her breath out heavily and rises, stretching. One shallow trench, and two eggs into it. Plup. Plup.

Genius Has Side Effects Egg

A piercing blue, this egg cants to one side as if forever favoring the other. A dark peppering grizzles the base, while the apex is dusted with a shaggy, honeyed wheat. Slender, attractive, brilliant, this egg still manages somehow to annoy.

Hatching Message

Although only a thin crack mars the shell of Genius Has Side Effects Egg, it seems its occupant is impatient. The egg rocks fiercely, and the shell splits, bulging out in the general shape and size of a dragonet's skull. Another hard rock comes and a curved crack forms, etching a question mark scar down the surface of the shell. One more heaving push is all it takes: the questions fall away and the answer is revealed in an ice-blue hide.

Cosmic Kid in Full Costume Blue Dragonet

Original Desc:
This icy-pale blue is distinctively disproportionate: over-long limbs are all knobby knees and pointy elbows, giving him height where he lacks in length. His body is bulky, broad at the shoulders and haunches; his facial structuring echoes this, boxy and blunt at the end of his neck's truncated arch. Shadows of darker blue retreat under his eye-sockets and along his jawline, echoed in a swathe of navy across his back. It stretches from wing to wing and down his spine: a dark accent thinning to a near-invisible line at the base of his stubby, stumpy tail. Wide wings are habitually unfurled, balancing his awkward frame.

Updated Desc:
Distinctively disproportionate, this frost-light bronze is all knobby knees and pointy elbows, giving him height where he lacks in length. His overlong limbs are countered by the boxiness of his body, bulky and broad at shoulders and heavy through haunches. The bones which limn his face follow the same lines, matching neck's truncated arch. Shadows smudge under his eye-sockets and stubble his jawline, while the same darkness lays a dorsal stripe wing to wing and down his spine, narrowing to a delicate line at the base of his stubby tail. His saving grace is the farflung reach of black-bronze wings, a stark accent to cape his otherwise pale coloration; they're perpetually half-raised, balancing his awkward frame.

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Public Impression Pose

Cosmic Kid in Full Costume Blue Dragonet turns his head, attracted to the sound of Herders arguing. He lumbers along on his stilt-like legs, right towards…the one who didn't want to be in his way. Fortunately, rather than bowl anyone over, he lumbers his way to a stop with fanned wings to look down on Vostarik, eye to eye.

Private Impression Message

An intoxicating hum tingles in ears, nose and throat all together; the tang of whiskey with the echo of a strummed chord herald a presence in your mind. « V'arik, mate! » The greeting bubbles with energy and enthusiasm, the mind glows with drive and intelligence. The words are crystal clear, sounding as if the dragon were truly speaking aloud, but the sense of his telepathic proximity is undeniable. « I'm Svitelloth, and you and me, V'arik, we're going to have us some laughs. » Mischief and eagerness gleam like the bottom of an empty tumbler as the contact recedes but does not vanish, present at will but not overwhelming.

Welcome, V'arik! Your sarcasm and weaselings will find a good home here at High Reaches. When we look at the inspirations for your egg and dragon, well, it looked like you'd fit right in. We've certainly enjoyed watching you, even if poor Vostarik may feel like his brain has been exploded in his head. The concept of "rules" at High Reaches can be a flexible one, and V'arik and Svitelloth will have their fair share of fun defining what those rules will be for the next generation! We hope you'll like your rebellious Svitelloth; we're all eager to see what you do with him!

Egg Inspiration

Sexy, intelligent, musically talented - what's not to love about Gregory House, M.D.? Except that he's an ass. Making miserable the lives of those around him, even his best friend, and the woman he loves—his favorite hobby - House is his own worst enemy.

Theme Inspiration

Svitelloth is created with a heavy basis on the character of Rupert Giles, particularly looking back into his youth as the rebellious "Ripper." His cleverness, his charisma, his tenacity, his willpower and his musicality are all still a part of him, but his perspective will mature as he does — if, perhaps, not so quickly as V'arik might hope sometimes. In your interview, you mentioned the relationship between Giles and Spike, but we also thought of the relationship between Ripper and Ethan Rayne, back in the old days, as this dragon came together. Close and competitive, like brothers, urging each other on to greater experiments and feats of daring.

Description Inspiration

You asked for an AT-AT dragon: an AT-AT dragon you have received, towering and awkward, but surprisingly mobile and powerful. Longer legs do not make life easier on the ground, but broad wings will help him in flight. Svitelloth will probably not be handsome, but he may justly be considered rugged when he grows out of some of his awkwardness. His wings are mentioned as habitually unfurled because of just how much he towers on his long legs. Balance will be a special challenge for Svitelloth as he grows up.

Name Inspiration

Cosmic Kid in Full Costume is a line from the Bruce Springsteen song Growing Up. (http://brucespringsteen.net/songs/GrowinUp.html) It was intended to reflect Svitelloth's long term emotional growth curve, through his inevitable rebellions, and also to reflect the awkwardness of the AT-AT upon which his description was based.

Svitelloth comes from gasficko, Hungarian for "rogue", and fratello, Italian for "brother". A young Ripper will seem like a brother, and much more of a rogue than V'arik. Whether he seems the younger or older brother will probably vary, but the name mirrors the relationship, after some judicious turning, inverting and recombining.


Svitelloth's mind voice is a distant, rumbling baritone. Unlike many dragons, he prefers to express himself in words, to actually think in the sounds that make up language, and this can often mean that any person he bespeaks will initially believe that someone is talking to them. The faint scent of tea attends upon his voice, distant and soothing, until he gets worked up. When he gets deeply involved in a plot or upset or before a flight, Svitelloth's mind voice will take on a more acrid tang of smoke and a sweeter, more intoxicating bite of alcohol. When he is trying to inveigle others into doing his bidding, however, then his love of music turns his tones melodic, such that his words almost seem sung, for all that the tune remains elusive.

Once more you've managed to boil a complex thought down to its simplest possible form.
— Rupert Giles

Usually, Svitelloth's tone and terms are polished, urbane and civilized. Language, the sound and expression, is a medium to be explored, treasured and enjoyed. That includes those times when he wishes to use sarcasm to fillet those who earn his wrath, including you. It is only in the most extreme of circumstances that he gets flustered, and when he does, he will usually sputter, unable to sort out conflicting thoughts and emotions. He loves precision, nuance and clarity in his expression, and when he does project more visual images, they will be crystalline in their detail.


Svitelloth is ungainly, his proportions unusual for a dragon, and it will take him until well past his weyrling period to learn any semblance of grace on the ground. His legs are long enough that he will have to take care not to step on his own feet, or to fall from his rather teetering height. He will not be falling over by the end of weyrlinghood, but it will take him longer than most to walk without extra care.

In the air, his movement will be much more comfortable, and accordingly he will want to fly early, and fly everywhere. Swimming will likewise be a joy, and his long limbs will even make it easier to propel himself. Svitelloth will want to spend endless hours in flight and will therefore be good at it, developing maneuverability that a larger class of dragon cannot match and surprisingly stamina. Particularly in his youth, he will be highly inclined to show off his skills, and once he matures, he will be hard pressed not to display a little extra flourish when in close proximity with a female dragon.

Svitelloth will need to occasionally spread a wing to keep his balance on the ground, especially as a weyrling. A little extra width to his body will go a long way in keeping him from toppling ignominiously over on his side, given his stilt-long legs. This will not keep him from being physical with the other weyrlings, where a little extra reach will not be a bad thing, even if not enough to compensate for the difference between a blue and a bronze. As fearless as Svitelloth is, he will have to exercise a little extra care in a shoving match or he will find himself pushed easily over.


Svitelloth is a dragon whose tastes and personality will alter considerably with age. The rebellions and explorations of youth will inform the wisdom of his middle age. It may not be the easiest path to wisdom, as there will surely be many bumps in the road, but Svitelloth is a dragon who learns, and changes, by doing.

With V'arik for a rider, Svitelloth will always know the rules. As a weyrling, however, he will deeply resent the rules and restrictions that will hedge him round at every turn. If he does not immediately see why he must follow a rule, he will want to break it for no other reason than to prove that it is a stupid rule and should not apply to him!

« C'mon, V'arik, let's go fly. »
"Svitelloth, flying's not in the rules for three more months!"
« So? Look at my wings! I'm light enough! Just a short little glide while everyone else is asleep. »

When Svitelloth manages to land on his head, or catch a claw in his wing and flip over backwards, or make himself sick eating firestone before he ought to, or find some new and exciting way to drive himself beyond his own limits, he will submit to scolding for his daredevil ways. This won't prevent him from finding something new to do, but a little reminder from you will usually keep him from making the same mistake twice. Given that dragons have limited long term memory, he will need reminders of what adventures didn't work out and why not, but the patterns of his mistakes will slowly improve his judgment and curb his wild side.

Underlying Svitelloth's rebellion, however, is a bone deep compassion for and sense of responsibility to the other dragons of the Weyr. He might happily lead some of his fellow weyrlings astray, but if any of them are hurt as a result of his encouragement, Svitelloth with be mortified. Risking his own safety or convenience is his right, but if it genuinely impinges on anyone else, his mistakes will seem a much larger burden to bear.

Chaos is a big bloody mess, that's what it is.
- Rupert Giles

As much as Svitelloth enjoys a good rebellion, he will never be fond of disorder. Couch and weyr are meant to be kept neat. Your cot should be neat, too. How are you going to find his oil if you don't know where you put it? Someone will have to clean up, after all. Hides kept out of order are a positive disaster. He will not be happy about stopping for the day if everything isn't neat and orderly first. As he ages, this is likely to turn into a real fascination with systems of organization: alphabetization by type or by name, arrangement by the hour of the day at which it is used, categories and subcategories. He not only wants everything in its place, he wants to be certain that the placements are the best possible placements… and that will take experimentation. Practice. Research.

Why did you come here? This wasn't your fight.
She couldn't take a human life. She's a hero, you see. She's not like us.
— Rupert Giles

With Svitelloth's sense of responsibility comes an eagerness to get done what must be done. There is no job too dirty for him to do if it will help the Weyr or must be done. As Svitelloth's rider, this applies particularly to you. Your fight will always be his fight and he may even have a tendency to stick his nose into business you wish he'd stay out of. When you put your foot in your mouth with that girl you really like, Svitelloth might speak up to reinterpret with the best of intentions. He might even deliberately make his mental presence mimic your voice to put words into your mouth.

Thank you, Cyrano.
— Rupert Giles

Svitelloth will be full of advice for your love life. He will have a wide selection of older brotherly critique, ranging from commentary on your choice of mate, crush or dislike to your speed of pursuit to your technique. « You better kiss the girl or she's going to go sleep with T'ii. » This can be quite distracting if you are, in fact, about to kiss the girl. He is not so tactless as to intrude when you are having any degree of success, fortunately for you both, and he will be quite happy to appreciate your successes.

He's lying. Hit him!
Hit him again!
— Rupert Giles

As a weyrling, Svitelloth will be a very physical dragon. As a blue, he is hardly large, but he will make the most of what he has, trying for physical intimidation or straight-out knock-em-down wrestling if it comes to it. If he were a bronze, you'd have to call him a bully, but he is willing to pick fights with larger dragons as much as small ones, and takes his licks when they come: he is not a whiner or a tell-tale. You will almost surely be more troubled by his injuries than he is, and good luck explaining them to the Weyrlingmaster!

The decision to opt for cutting wit or patient over straight brawling will need to come from you early on, though he will be impressed and pleased with the results. He can wield sarcasm as well as you can, and is fully willing to lash out at you with it. It will come as a deep surprise to him the first time his words leave an open wound behind them: who knew you could do such harm with only ideas? After that, he will be more cautious — but not much more.

I know music. Music has notes. This is noise.
— Rupert Giles

Svitelloth likes music. Melody, harmony, counterpoint; the interplay of notes fascinates him. Given an outdoor concert, Svitelloth would happily sit and stare with eyes a whirling blue for hours of Harper performance, head raised and bobbing like a "charmed" tunnelsnake. Drums don't interest him much, unless there's something more pitched to go along with it. One man with a good voice and a guitar are enough to keep him enthralled; he may even push you to go to gathers or performances where he can hear or refuse to take off and leave until he's good and ready. At least not without a good tussle of wills first.

Svitelloth's relationship with Aevryscienth with be contentious, particularly early on. Why should this young queen know any more of the world than Svitelloth? Bandeleth at least has experience in the world, and he will naturally be an authority, but a queen who is as young as Svitelloth will find it difficult to exercise authority over this blue. Dragons do, however, have a strong pecking order; when Aevryscienth bends her thoughts solely on Svitelloth, she has the physical size and indomitable will to face him down. It will likely require the full test of wills each and every time until she is well established in her own right, however.


Being something of a natural flier, Svitelloth is likely to be a natural contender in green flights. His technique will be sound, but he will find that his decision making process goes thoroughly awry when he attempts to make tactical decisions under the influence of overwhelming lust. It will be much the mental equivalent of his tendency to sputter when he gets overwrought; he may find it hard to decide on the right moment to make his move. Still, his abilities will not always desert him. He is quite capable of forming long term emotional attachments and of not getting bent out of shape if they are not perfectly exclusive, though he will attempt to win back any affection he feels may be straying.

Remember, Svitelloth is your dragon now! SearchCo provides the inspiration, but all our ideas are to give a roleplay platform to you. What direction you take with him is up to you!


Name: Shazi
Egg Desc: Shazi
Dragonet Desc: S'ton, T'ii; Chey, Shazi tweak
Messages: S'ton
Puppeteer: S'ton
Inspiration: S'ton, T'ii, Chey

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** Due to High Reaches' sudden loss of bronzes, Svitelloth's blue-ness was retcon'd into bronze shortly after the Hatching. **

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