Il’ad’s Soul Sister Gemini Green Szarabhayanath

Minions of the Moon Egg

In darkened hues of navy and violet, little detail can be seen from afar. With closer inspection, one might be able to pick out distinct shapes along the egg's shell, hints of sinister scenes. Here, a gloved hand seems to reach out of the shadows. There, a leather bag spills open, about to spew its contents across the sands. Yet with a step to either side, the images fade, retreating back to their shadows.

Hatching Message

Minions of the Moon Egg cracks with the poignant echo of gunfire on a chilly night, fragments of shell rocketing from the sudden fissure across its girth. The shadows scatter with another pop-pop-pop-crack! and the network of fractures chasing across the surface explode with a fury of wings and squalling dragonet. Legs sprawled and wings mantling with the sudden, harrowing release, stands Soul Sister Gemini Green Dragonet.

Soul Sister Gemini Green Dragonet

This scrawny, coltish green is no beauty, her hide a patchwork of variegated hues. Mottled asparagus sweeps up the angular lines of her too-big nose while moss smears the ridges that shade bright, extrovert's eyes. Down the graceless slope of her neck, splatters of brighter apple gleam like freckles, a wry bit of derring-do that skirls over the awkward lengths of her wings, while her short stubby tail makes an amusing postscript behind a lanky torso and rangy limbs. Her talons gleam, silvery and almost laughable, but for the dangerous curve and shining points.

Public Impression Pose

Soul Sister Gemini Green Dragonet picks her way cautiously across the sands, taking care not to trip herself up on her own awkward legs. As she moves, she sniffs the air, lifting her nostrils high. She knows the one is there. She can smell him. Him? Oh, yes. She picks up speed, her gaze settling on yet another guard, a young man who apparently needs a soul sister. She comes to a sand-flinging halt in front of Iliad and gives him a great big lick.

Private Impression Message

Your mind is filled with blinding light and deafening sound; it sweeps into every last nook and cranny of your being, chasing out shadows like a housewife chasing out a winters’ accumulation of dustbunnies. A choir of angels sings halleluiah to the heavens, rejoicing in the union of mind to mind. Then, just as abruptly, the singing dims and the light fades to play in the shadows of her presence. « Sorry ‘bout that. I suppose I got a little carried away. » She giggles, a light and airy shift from the dusky alto of her speaking voice. « I am Szarabhayanath, and we’re gonna have fun together, just you wait and see! »

Il’ad! Congratulations! With your ability and willingness to play with just about anyone, you’ve made more than a few people feel welcome. I know; I’m one of them. So now it’s my turn! Thank you! We hope you love your Szarabhayanath.

Egg Inspiration

The minions of the moon are those who live by the night. Thieves, vagabonds, highwaymen, sometimes called the "Moon's Men".

You listed two of the most evil eggs as your favorites, which a few of us found amusing, considering the sweetness of your dragon, so we couldn’t resist hatching her out of one and her sweet sister Surayath out of the other.

Theme Inspiration

“Tender Gemini in strict embrace, Stand close and smiling in each other's Face.”
- Manilius

All cultures and mythologies display a special interest in the phenomenon of twin births. They are expressions of the twofold nature of all beings: light and darkness, the heavenly and earthly aspects of the cosmos and of the individual, and the individual's internal struggle to overcome these contradictions.

According to Eliade all twin heroes in Indo-European mythology are benefactors: healing mortals, protecting them from harm, rescuing seamen and so on. They are 'the monster-slayers and the transformers of old, imperfect things into new. In general they are the deliverers and leaders of mankind.' One such pair, Castor and Pollux, are what the constellation Gemini is based on.

Although Leda was mother to both, the twins had different fathers. Pollux was the son of the chief Olympian God, Zeus, while Castor was the son of Leda's husband, Tyndareus, King of Sparta. Celebrated as healers, physicians and protectors of humankind, they were well-educated, strong and daring, while remaining gentle individuals.

When Castor was mortally wounded in battle, Pollux was overcome with grief. He would have committed suicide in order to be with his beloved brother, but since he was an immortal, this proved to be impossible. Taking pity, Zeus placed both their immortal souls together in the sky as symbols of brotherly love.

Name Inspiration

The name Szarabhayanath is based on the Indian name, Abhaya, which means “fearless” and the Chinese concept of “yan,” the opposing force of “yin.” And the Szar was thrown in to make it just a bit more of a mouthful, and a little bit WTF.

Szarabhayanath’s presence in your mind is sweet, comforting, a never-ending lullaby to keep your mind at ease. At the base, it is the angelic treble of youthful voices raised in perpetual song: no words, but singing all the same. Over that, a faint play of light and shadow dances across your mind, like sunlight playing on water, or dappling the forest floor. Over that, her voice, a dusky alto, sweet and faintly accented, emerges from the chorus, solo. She uses the light and sound to punctuate her words and emphasize emotion. If she is trying to be particularly emphatic, words may take shape in the singing, in much the same way as background singers will emphasize key phrases in a song.

Dragon Inspiration

George: Who decides what we look like?
Mason: I don't know. Maybe this is what our inner child looks like when it grows up.
George: If that were the case, it looks like my inner child's road to adulthood was paved with crack cocaine, ten-dollar blowjobs, and maybe even a trick baby or two.
- Dead Like Me

Szarabhayanath is no beauty: awkward, graceless, scrawny, yes; cute, maybe; but not beautiful. More than likely, people will say that, yes, she is Cadgwith’s daughter. In build, she looks a lot like a pre-adolescent girl, including those things that a pre-adolescent girl might whine about: her nose is too big, her butt doesn’t look right, she’s too skinny, all elbows and knees, and she has freckles. But she doesn’t care what she looks like, so long as you don’t care what she looks like.

You asked for a doer to your thinker; therefore, Szarabhayanath is the yan to your yin, the light to your dark.

Rube: You like falling, do ya?
Betty: Well, it’s not the fallin’, it’s the jumpin’.
Rube: I’d feel a whole lot better about the jumpin’ if it weren’t for the fallin’.
Betty: Fallin’s easy, you just fall. Jumping requires strength of will.
Rube: Unless you’re on a plank.
Betty: Then it isn’t your choice. But if it is, it’s the best feeling in the world.
Rube: You don’t care where you land?
Betty: Landin’s a lot like fallin’, you just land.
Rube: Huh. You’re a force of nature.

Your dragon is fearless, one who likes to push (to the breaking point, perhaps) the boundary between can and can’t. Nothing can shake her indomitable spirit: she’s invincible! Not even trip after trip to the infirmary can faze her. By the time she’s healed from the last big adventure, she’ll be ready for the next. Don’t be surprised if she decides she’s going to try flying long before dragonets ought – anything for that thrill.

Flying with this one will most definitely be a thrill. However cliché it is: in the skies, all that awkwardness just melts away. Not to say that she will be graceful, like a penguin through water, but like a world renowned trapeze artist, your dragon will be able to navigate the drifts and eddies of the upper atmosphere as few dragons have. Tucks, dives, dips, turns, loop-de-loops – Szarabhayanath will master them all. She’ll try every trick in the book, and then invent her own. Her favorite, of course, will be the dive. Plummeting from a height, the wind rushing past, wings tucked until *just* the right moment, the speed of the sweep as she skims the ground – what a rush!

“Death is kind of like sex in high school. If you knew how many times you missed having it, you'd be paralyzed.”
- George, Dead Like Me

“Live life to the fullest and to ::between:: with the consequences,” is Szarabhayanath’s motto. After all, what’s the point of having a life, if you don’t live it? She wants to be out and about, doing things, any things, whether it’s for work or play, or just to enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors. As a result, there will be days when she will scold you for moping over this or that thing, or spending too much time dwelling on an uncomfortable subject. « Il’ad! Knock it off! Let’s go flying! »

Flying is, of course, her answer to everything. Had a bad day? Go flying. Had a good day? Celebrate it with a bit of flying. Shazi kicked your butt out of her weyr? Let’s go fly it off. It doesn’t even have to be spectacular flying to be enjoyable, or therapeutic. To her, it just feels good to be in the air. And there will be times when she will tell you that she just wants to fly alone, regardless of how much she enjoys sharing it with you, because flying by oneself is so very different from flying with a rider, and some moments are just too personal to be shared.

Szarabhayanath will want to share practically everything with you, though, even those things you would really rather not share. This, of course, goes both ways: the delicious herdbeast she has for breakfast, the taste of klah on your tongue; the dizzying whirl of swoops and dives through the air, your latest bedroom conquest. She is, and wants to be, such a large part of your life, that she doesn’t want you or herself to miss out on anything.

As a dragonet, this fascination with sharing will be something of an obsession, to the point where you won’t be able to leave her side without her freaking out. She may be sound asleep, in the middle of the night, and you’ll get up to use the latrines, because her thirst made you have a huge need for water earlier in the evening – and she’ll wake up and beg to be taken with you. And it won’t matter whether she’s gone with you a hundred or a thousand times before, or that you’ve always come back after an excursion away from her: she won’t want you out of her sight. Once you guys have figured out how to share the things you see, taste, hear, and feel, and are able to distinguish between what you’re sensing and what she is, it will get a lot easier.

She is one hyperactive ball of energy, your girl. She talks fast, moves fast, lives fast; you may have a difficult time keeping up with her. All of this energy, of course, requires fuel, and Szarabhayanath is the proverbial “walking stomach.” Weeks might pass where she will eat the equivalent of a full-grown sow a day. You’re lucky, though, in that she is not in the least bit picky about her food. She’ll pounce the first thing that comes into range, dispatch it quickly, and practically suck meat and skin right off the bones. If she’s particularly hungry, she may even crack the bones for the marrow inside, as well.

There is a bit of the perpetual child in your dragon: she’s a little simple-minded, rather tactless, and she loves to play. Along with flying, she’ll enjoy swimming, whether at the beach, or in a lake, though she will be particularly fond of leaping through the surf. She’ll love playing in the rain, splashing through puddles and rolling through mud. « Look, Il’ad! I’m a brown! » I think the thing she’ll love the most, though, is the snow. It’s so beautiful, each tiny flake a shining, shimmering crystal, each an individual that will never be replicated. She’ll love the crunch of frozen snow beneath her feet, the splash of slushy, wet snow, and she’ll absolutely delight in plowing through powdery snow. Your Szarabhayanath is going to be very popular with the weyrbrats, come winter.

“Stay on his good side. He's like a volcano George. He erupts and spews lava in little villages. They run around, they run around for their lives. But you know he stops and you can go back to the safety of your own home.”
- Mason, Dead Like Me

Szarabhayanath is tactless, and she has a scorching hot temper when provoked, which ought to make for some very interesting clashes. Screaming matches are not beneath her, nor is outright brawling, and she will take on anyone, even you, once her ire is raised. She will also say just about anything. Once her temper is cooled, however, everything is forgotten as though it had never happened in the first place. Your dragon never holds a grudge.

Brian: Look! A Pterodactyl!
George: [thinking] Please tell me I didn't just fall for that.
- Dead Like Me

Okay, so we must admit it: Szarabhayanath is not the brightest crayon in the box. Some people might, in scolding, state that she never stops to think, as though it were some golden morsel of advice that she’ll take unto herself and cherish for all time. Truth is, she thinks that stopping to consider an action is a waste of time and instinct is a far better guide than conscience. But, because she never stops to think about anything, she also never stops to consider whether something is true or not. That’s right: your dragon is a gull. And, because she trusts you, you could tell her anything and she’ll believe it, even if she knows it not to be true. This carries over into her dealings with other dragons as well so that, until she realizes who she can trust and who she can’t, you and your dragon could get into a great lot of trouble. A word of advice: watch for Luileeuth. He may very well take advantage of her gullibility.

One dragon she knows she can trust, and in whom she will most likely trust, is Oljeitukhodath. Which is a good thing since, one day, they will probably both be part of the same loving family. Shazi’s blue may have something of a calming influence on your flighty, energetic green, where you might not; where you are a brotherly type to her, he would be a mentor type. He asks nothing of her, expects nothing from her, but he has so much to offer.

Flights! Flights with this one will probably be very interesting. Though she has the capacity for speed, she will trade speed for acrobatics, sending her suitors careening into one another in their desire to capture her, even as she dives and swoops around them and through them, under and over them. Any male interested in courting her will need to be able to think fast, and act fast, though, in the end, she may throw the race in favor of the suitor of her choosing.

The Interval is what you make of it, Il’ad. And so is Szarabhayanath. With no Thread to fight, you could do anything with your dragon. You could join up with Y’an and his Aojadinth and start your very own Spring Games. You could start up a dragonrider circus act and charge people to watch. Or you could settle down into a role on the ground, leadership, guarding, or otherwise. Either way, Szarabhayanath is yours, and she will follow you to the ends of the world and back again. We hope you love her.


Name: Shazi
Egg Desc: G'deon
Dragonet Desc: A'rai, Shazi, Pyrene tweak
Messages: Shazi
Puppeteer: Shazi
Inspiration: Shazi, Santa's elves.

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