Kh'et's Land's End Bard Bronze Telynth

Interminable Journey Egg

Drab shades of brown and blue vie with sparkling hues of mica-flecked red as they glimmer in the flickers of sunlight which manage to penetrate the pervading blanket of dust; a long voyage's covering of dirt casts an ashen shadow upon the ovoid. Flesh-colored blurs appear at regular intervals, peering dismally through the powdered, iridescent curtains. Swirls of metallic shades — silver and chrome — intersperse themselves upon the apex before culminating in a cloudy white splotch upon the very tip. Imagination lends itself to envision the air of an eternal, cramped journey, not unlike that of the occupant within the dusty shell.

Hatching Message

Interminable Journey Egg shudders, forewarning of the long trek's end. As individual steps form each journey, the dusty shell crumbles piece by slow piece. Shards drop, slivers fall, and glimpses of bronze hide can be seen within. Finally, the trek comes to an end with a last shiver, and bold strides carry the former occupant into the open.

Land's End Bard Bronze Dragonet

Poet, prince, and prophet define this dragonet from the intricate runes under chin and muzzle to the mantic of magical roots gnarling his boldly forked tail. A rustic, ruddy, reddish gold tatters his bronzen cloak, hides the lyric strength of spirit and bone, and travels to the very edge of his sword-crossed sails-sails that gleam in the gilded gold of knowledge, the same gold that tips the delicate talons of his cauldron-black paws. The rest of this rover's build resonates with the clarity of resin: a rich, red, decadent rosin held up to the light. Bard's polish fords the river of his spine, traverses the shadowy hills of chest and withers, and wanders across the more adventurous stripes of his russet-swept tail.

Public Impression Pose

Lands End Bard Bronze Dragonet's long strides carry him towards a group of the white-robed Candidates. Confidence unwavering, the bronze stops in front of the auburn-haired Harper lad, sounding a musical croon that somehow voices both joy and confidence in his new travelling partner, his Khayet.

Private Impression Message

Chords of harp music ripple through your mind, gliding to block out the commotion and shouts of the sands. Chimes blend with the harp to add a new dimension, and then a faint humming of mental voice. « Kh'et. » Soft and joyful, the light baritone carries also a note of confidence and well-being. Almost poetic, the voice rings out once more over the din of eggs cracking and the cries of newly-Impressed. « We must be on our way, for I've finally arrived. It is I, your Telynth. »

Kh'et, we were so happy that you applied again, this time to actually try for a dragon. A dragon that, we, SearchCo, were overjoyed to be able to offer you this time. You make a fine rider, and we hope that you'll be with us a long time to come!

Egg Inspiration

Going with the theme of traditions, your egg, the Interminable Journey Egg, is based upon the tradition of long car rides, voyages across a never-ending sea, and the ever-popular delayed plane flights. The Interminable Journey applies to the journey of life as well; a journey you, Kh'et, have taken and traveled, and continue to travel today. Despite the journey's bumps and headaches, you can be sure of one thing: you will no longer be alone in any journey you take, for Telynth will ever be there to travel with you.

Description Inspiration

Telynth is based on Taliesin, one of the most famous bards from the Arthurian era. Taliesin was an actual person who lived toward the middle of the sixth century and left a substantial body of material behind, although in a form that is often muddled and misunderstood. An entire system of Celtic magical teaching lies buried within the poems and stories about Taliesin; he was the greatest poet in the Isle of Britain: he saw and foretold many of the events of Authur's reign and the ages to follow. Telynth, like Taliesin, is a poet, a prince, and a prophet.

Name Inspiration

Your dragon's name, Telynth, comes from the Celtic word Telyn, meaning harp, and is a name you yourself suggested. We pronounce it tell-inth, but you of course can pronounce his name however you like.


His mindvoice is a melodious, almost hypnotically mellow baritone, the sort that caresses the skin and sends warm shivers down the spine like hot buttered rum. It is the sort of voice that could only belong to a legendary Bard; a voice that is always present, though sometimes so faint you only hear it when you stop and /listen/, like the wind in the leaves. Telynth's touch is always holds a faint aroma of peppermint, fresh-picked and crisp. Soft, bright-tinged forest-green, his voice smells of sunlight and wildflowers and brings to mind the vaguest trace of forgotten music that fades from the mind before it registers in the ear, never to be quite remembered.


Ah, yes, Kh'et. That lovely scent of fresh peppermint is the basis for the scent that wafts elusively through your mind each time Telynth bespeaks you, the clarity in its purity an almost tangible taste in your mouth, mingled with the sweeter aromas of thistle and cloves, a hint of pine sap tossed in to soothe the palate. This scent will stay with you, a comforting reminder even when your mind is silent that Telynth is /yours/ and with you always, in spirit if not actual physical presence.


Telynth is going to grow into a fine, large bronze, though sometimes he will seem smaller than he truly is as he isn't of the hefty variety; nay, for him it is all smooth lines and subtle wiriness, his strength as subtle as his mindvoice.

In overall coloring, he is a translucent reddish bronze, with a debonair dark stripe traversing his spine, and fine, large wings that gleam silver in the moonlight. His wings will be his vanity, once he stops tripping over them, for they signify the inner strength of which only you know the true extent.

Telynth has strange markings under his chinrunes that seem to change every time you look at him, especially while he is still growing. No one else can understand them, but to you, they always hold a special meaning, message, or reminder of something important pertaining to you and him. He loves to have his chin and neck rubbed, and it will be one of his primary itchy spots, even once he's stopped growing. «Kh'et, my chin is itching again. Are you certain that I've stopped growing?» is a question you are sure to hear, even when you're 90. And his tail. Kh'et, Telynth's a large dragon, and his tail is no exception. Long and winding, it is sure to trip both of you up for many sevendaysuntil he grows into it.

His body scent, too, is like that of his mind; fresh, sharp, clear, the peppermint strong even here, in his physical presence, though the oils you rub into his body and that dragon muskiness that seems to be a natural part of their makeup masks it to a point, mingling it nicely with the subtle clean smell of the rushes that he loves you to use for his bed. A pleasant smell, overall, and one that will always announce his presence, even if his soft touch on your mind does not give him away.


Wisdom, wit, loveyou craved them, and now you have found them. Or rather, they have found /you/, in the dark russet form of your Telynth. He fits you like the missing piece of an intricate puzzle, though he isn't /exactly/ youthink of it as a compliment, a symbiosis, for he brightens your shadows and lends depth to your light. Even young, he is wise beyond his age, and periodic pearls of insight will drop from his mind until finally you come to expect them. Telynth will never let you mope, never allow you to admit defeat, will always remain quietly urging in the back of your mind in silent, loving, absolutely sincere support. He is proud, but never haughty-a trait gained from the Celtic bards who were the only ones exempt from having to kneel before the king. He is your equal, though, through it all—not your mentor, only your companion, with a thirst for knowledge even larger than his hatchling appetite, and for all his quests, he wants you at his side.

He's eternally an optimistor perhaps 'idealist' is the better title, for deep in his heart of hearts he always believes that justice and love will prevail over everything, from broken family ties to the ever present menace of Thread. But he knows, too, that an inherent part of living life is bleeding and pain, and he will never try to escape that or hide itnor will he let you. A certain poetic sadness tints the edges of his heart where only you, and those few other dragons or people he may allow so close, can see, and there will be moments when you wake up suddenly and look out toward the dawn, and feel tears stinging the back of your eyes for no reason you can understand, except that you still feel /happy/….

Yes, even in sorrow he's content, for as the old adage says, how does one know joy without first knowing sadness? Thus he will never let you mope or despair for too longa little is healthy, but then his soft, mellow voice will slip sinuously into your mind and whisper
«Come then, let us go for a fly together and watch the stars. There is nothing so wondrous as stars, and you should not be sad.»
And how /can/ you be sad, really, when you have /him/?

Quiet and smooth, his demeanor may lead his classmates and teachers to underestimate a side of him that is undauntably playful. He won't be a ringleader of any wild practical jokes, for he is too subtle for that, but he enjoys a well-crafted trick and if he /does/ get an idea into his head, you may be sure that you will be part and parcel to the careful plotting and planning necessary to carry it off in style. After all, you are Harper and he is Bardyou have a certain image to maintain! He is easygoing, comfortable, a little mysterious, and possessed of a certain undeniable allure that will draw even the most reticent into his fold. A bit of rogue and prince and minstrel intertwined and melded into a handsome bronze formhow could anyone, dragon or human, resist him?

But he is always, first and foremost, /yours/. The bond that ties you to him, he will tell you, is far deeper than even he can comprehend, and some nights he will simply sit and marvel at the wonder that is you, or 'you and he'. Your bond will be tight—he shares your dreams as you share his, and there is no part of you that is secret from him. It may come as a shock at first, it may not…after a while, you wouldn't give it up for anything.

Although he is yours and you are his, he is not the jealous dragon that some others are. He /wants/ you to have friends, he wants you to have loverswhen the time comes, that isand he wants to share them all with you, in that peculiar way the two of you have. He will want to approve of them, of course, and some embarrassing incidents may yet arise from his 'sharing'—all in the name of learning and knowledge, of course. Besides, /he/ doesn't feel as though he's intruding. He has every right to be in your head, and any attempt to tell him otherwise will hurt his feelings severely.

And of course the ultimate 'sharing'…when a queen rises, and he gives chasefor while he'll chase greens and be ever the gallant to them, what bard could resist the love of a queen?the two of you will meld so perfectly that it may all be over by the time you realize that you, Kh'et, never in fact left the ground. Every sense will merge, till you taste and smell and feel every nuance of Telynth's chase, and somewhere in the midst of that your own experiences meld into his and he feels them just the same…and so Telynth may be the only dragon in the Weyr who ever truly feels human.

In flight, as in all things, he is graceful. And he has stamina. He will probably never be Pern's /best/ fighter, but play a more supporting role, surrendering the heroics to the likes of his brother Revnath. Telynth is a fighter, but a historian as well; he is the one to remember best exactly who did what, who moved how, and then offer his gentle suggestions to his wingleaders as to what they should change next time. Telynth will always remembers those he has known and lost to Thread—it is he who keeps their memory alive, just as the Celts had unmarked graves because the bards kept their memories alive. For a dragon, he likes to predict what might happen — «Kelitath will char that Thread over there when I go for this one» or «Khrysa will come to visit next sevenday.» Yes, he's more often wrong than right, but he does so try; he plays the prophet Taliesin to your King Arthur.

And he, of course, loves music…whether yours or his own. He will persuade you to play for him when you had no intention of doing so, he will seek out Harpers (your own Weyrharper and he will probably get on famously, but he'll happily take any others who wander by) in the hopes of getting to listenand join into a song or two. He sings, of course, and beautifully—no firelizard chorus on Pern can compete totally with the purring, dulcet caress of your dragon's voice. But the voice /he/ likes best, of course, is yours…because /he/ is yours.


Dragon: Telynth
Color: Bronze
Name: Nuff
Egg: Interminable Journey Egg
Egg desc: Shanysia; Shaela tweak
Dragonet: Land's End Bard Bronze Dragonet
Dragonet desc: Nuff, Ciera; Adora tweak
Messages: Ciera
Inspiration: Adora, Aife, Sen; Shaela tweak
Puppetteer: Posida

Geko and Brown Revnath, Lylia and Brown Druseth, Lis and green Alymath, Mhari and Green Kelitath, M'rin and Bronze Rixesith, Quara and Blue Sakuruth, Iri and Blue Sriath, Willow and Blue Ozth (NPC) and T'nis and Green Racqueth (NPC).

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