M'tej's Bros Before Hoes Brown Temyrth

Clutching Pose

Rhaeyn seems to be much pleased with these last three, even rising to her feet— but a comment from Rys has her swinging her head around. "/More/?" comes the incredulous statement— but the gold is already trucking on. "The last, though?" Hope shines in Rhae's eyes. (Sleep!) Rys individually deposits three more… and then diligently buries all the ones that need sand on top, curls up awkwardly halfway around the rather large pile, now, and falls - promptly - asleep. That's all, folks. Show's over. Go about your business. Time for a nap, now.

Nothin' But The Radio On Egg

Wrapped up in flames of desire, this egg is burnin' higher, higher: careless, wanton, creamy beige covers the entirety of the shell, touched here and there with the warm, reddish hints of firelight. Candlelight's lighter gaze grazes the top of the soft-beige egg, lingering with the lights turned low. Dangerous curves aren't hampered by adorning features, left bare and naked for the world to see: a shadow here, a shadow there, something brings to mind faint dancing, a slow, sensual sway.. and nothing but the radio on.

Hatching Message

Nothing' But The Radio On Egg hasn't moved overly much since this whole shin-dig began. It's been waiting instead, for the right moment, of course. Pop! Crack! Smash! Pop! Crack! Smash! Two other eggs near this one hatch, leaving a green and a blue in their place, shaking bits of egg shell from their bodies. Those motions cause another to jolt violently, so much so it clears the sands, coming back to the earth near enough that the two eggs meet! From one, another green appears, but from Nothin' But The Radio On Egg? Well. Only the top of the shell completely fell away, leaving the bottom still in tact. A head, a small brown head, pops up over the jagged edge and stares out at his siblings. Apparently, that perfect moment for Bros Before Hoes Brown Hatchling is now.

Bros Before Hoes Brown Dragonet

If eyes are truly windows to the soul, the slanted, hooded gaze of this reclusive dragon gives no doubt that a predator dwells within the solemn garb of his hide. Darkness enshrouds his lean, muscled frame, a cloak of shadow that spills over rounded neckridges and puddles at broad paws tipped with talons of gold-and-crimson. But here, and there, in between the stretches of sable, darkness falls prey to near luminescent redwood. This carmine brown - the very shade of dried blood viewed by moonlight - streaks narrow shoulders and rangy haunches, fading among the crags of his tail and neck, dousing his muzzle with rich, warning color. A wolfish ferocity limbs the lines of his finely-boned face, rangy shoulders and too-lengthy tail. Overshadowing all, however, are brown-black wings, speckled through with brass and gold: they shine in brilliant and expansive contrast. A predator may live here, indeed, but pack's strong ties control him from muzzle to tailtip, a duality of bloodthirst and honor brought to life from the very bones of the earth.

Public Impression Pose

Bros Before Hoes Brown Dragonet is sending his muzzle to the air once more, more tentative sniffs, careful, cautious. All past goofiness is put to the wayside. This is far, far too important to mess up. But he smells something, it's in the air amidst the tension and excitement. That scent of something oh-so-right. He -bounds- off on the sands, granules kicking up with each talon that drags and than lifts. Way, way far back of the sands, he passes by many candidates in his rush. The brakes are put on and the brown skids to a stop, right in front of a small group. Marching straight up to Matej, Bros Before Hoes Brown Hatchling comes and sits right on the lad's feet, all gooey and adorable. A paw, along with super-sharp talons, is lifted. Ready for the long haul, buddy?

Private Impression Message

Chilly. It's chilly. More than chilly really, ice-bitingly cold. So unusual for the cold air of outside to reach this innermost area on the Sands. Wait. The cold isn't coming from outside, it's coming from within. Your mind freezes, completely, as a hard wind gushes against your face, leaving no warmth behind. A growl, throaty and raspy, echoes within. « Matej. » A name. Your name. The voice is low, guttural, a slight presence of an accent that can't quite be placed. « No! M'tej. Much more fitting to one of our rank. » A chuckle now, almost a rumbling snarl, though no menace to be found. Scents now come forth, a darkened forest absent of all foliage, left to face the wrath of winter with no covering. Dampness of wood, the smell of fresh snow. Whites and blacks and all the shades therein now flash before your eyes! Disarming, but the voice soothes away any fears. « You are the one pitted against me, and yet… are the one to fully complete me. How strange, don't you think? » Scents and sounds and colors fade away, though not completely. They linger. He lingers. Always there, in the back of your mind. « We shall see who is best between us, won't be, M'tej? Though I do think that Temyrth, myself, will come out on top! » Is that the howl of a wolf? No. It is the beginning of a pack.

M'tej! M'tej! M'tej! You came to our Weyr and made us all stare, mouths a-gape with your extreme skills that so totally paid the bills! We knew almost instantly that you were a keeper and that we must have you! We hope beyond hope that Temyrth is everything that M'tej is looking for! Welcome! Into the ranks of the High Reaches Weyr Riders! We hope you stay!

Egg Inspiration

Inspiration: Listen to Gary Allen. Then you will understand. Some people don't need lingerie: they have music. – Rhaeyn

Theme Inspiration

There is the Rule Of Man… and then there are the Man Rules. (Very, VERY different things.) Of the Man Rules, the Patron Saint of Bachelorhood’s one sacred rule is very, very simple. #1. Bros Before Ho’s. Temyrth is based on the thought behind this: one never ditches your friends – your family – your pack – for a measly *girl*. We like to think that this rule pretty much sums up the Man Code, as it stands, fairly well. We also like to think that this rule blends *rather* pleasantly with his secondary inspiration: that of a wolf.

Description Inspiration

Temyrth is based, among other things, on wolves. His description is a visual depiction of a black-brown wolf, splattered with blood from his latest kill, shadowed amongst the branches of a bare-leaved fir. Moonlight may strike him, here and there, but it’s all dried-blood darkness against the sable of his coat. His wings are large, overreaching, and he’s a proportional beast (or, at least, will be once he gets grown!). For reference, the closest thing that I can find is this:

Just think of that color sceme, under the darkness of the night, with fell glimmers lightening his darkness.

Name Inspiration

Temyrth. Temyrth. Temy! You asked for a name, M'tej, that wasn't overly long and not vowel-tastic! Let me tell you how large of vowel-whores SCo is and how many HOURS SCo spent trying to come up with the perfect name for you. ;) We hope, so very much, that you like Temy's name!

You stated that you like names with meanings, if they are do-able. Luckily for you, Tye has a thing for dragons with meanings. Also, you had a good part in the name as well! You sent us lyrics to a song and I found one line that just jumped out at me.

So. Temyrth was born from 'Käyn kuten harmaa susi kun siirryn' which is Finnish for 'I will run like the gray wolf when I go.'

We hacked and slashed at those words, formed them together, took them apart, and came up with Temyrth. We've been saying it as 'TEHMY - RITH' but you are free to use whatever way to say it you want!

It's short, it rolls off the tongue, it's got meaning and… it's Temyrth!


Temyrth is a man's man. Meaning, as such, that he has a manly voice. No high-pitched girlie squeals will ever come forth from him. Oh no! Instead, his tone is deep, dark. He's the bass of a singing group, to be sure, though something you'll notice is the almost growly-type resonance to his words. Guttural is the word to go with, Temyrth always sounds like he has this growl in the back of his throat, making the words sound rough, but always vibrating. He'll have this thing where he elongates words with 'r's in them, making the growl in his voice even more pronounced.

« M'tej! Arrre you comin' orrr not? It's past time we arre up and our to prrractice! »

An example of something close to his voice would be this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Bc0WjTT0Ps (just the part where The Most Interesting Man In The World actually speaks - 0.22 - 0.32). Hear that raspy hitch on the end of his words, that deep voice, swimming in a testostorone-ladden pool of pure seduction.


There is also a slight accent, sometimes there, sometimes not. Eastern European would be the best way to describe it, perhaps somewhere between Polish or Russian. It's only a hint, though, comes out more when angry or upset!

Ah! And we cannot forget his mindscent. The smell of the forest, right after a hard snowfall. The trees creak and crack over the weight of the wet snow, melting slowly, but not enough to alleviate the strain on the limbs. No foliage at this time of year, so there is a distinct lack of the bitter scents of leaves. Just pure, white snow, both beautiful and destructive. When he speaks, it smells damp and cool, crisp and clean. The colors that echo forth are billowy whites and blacks, all hues within their spectrums. Each word is shockingly cold to any mind that he speaks to. Though having an icy life all their own.


"Fear makes the wolf bigger than he is." — German Proverb

From his egg, he’ll be self-assured, self-confident, a prowl to his step that declares his absolute ownership of any ground that so passes under his paws.

That is… for the first few months.

The wolf is kept fed by its feet.
– Russian Proverb

He’ll have an innate grace, for sure. The way he moves, the way he flies, the way he will eventually stalk prey, all point to the fact that Temyrth is a very competent dragon, comfortable in his own skin as only a hunter can be. However, all wolves start out as wolf cubs… and Temy’s no different.

They would call them the ‘colts years’, had he been born a runner. All knobby knees and too-long wings, his body-weight never quite keeping track with the rest of him, he’ll never quite seem to fill out from the time he’s two months to two turns. Once he hits that magical number – two turns, one month, and fourteen days, just in case you were curious – he’ll wake up and you’ll realize, “Shells, he’s becoming a dragon!” This shouldn’t come as a surprise, really, since the dragonhealers will have likely told you that it eventually will happen. But he will simply reach the age where he grows no further, and instead of expanding outwards and onwards, he’ll begin to pile on bulk until he’s a leanly muscled predator.

This eventful moment will be a turning point in Temyrth’s life. No longer will the awkwardness of his youth plague him: his motions will be smooth, even, measured and full of thought. Turns of forced forethought regarding his length, and movement, will be the primary reasons of which he achieves such grace, in the end. Practice makes perfect, and while Temyrth’s practice may not be perfect, the end result will certainly be.

« M’tej. I require oiling. Can you not see? »

We hope you know someone with a hookup to vast quantities of oil, too. It won’t be a steady thing, or a just-these-patches thing, or—a predictable thing at all, unfortunately. You’ll bathe him, oil him, and thirty minutes later be frenetically trying to smooth over a half-dozen already-dry spots, haphazardly scattered across his body. Most of the time these spots will involve his wings, in some aspect: the tough callouses around the wingspars, the ticklish trailing edge, the delicate sheet of wingsail. Those little gold spots, on his wings? Those will *constantly* plague you, just to warn you.

However, once he’s past his awkward stages – and his ridiculously insistent demand for fresh oil – he’ll be the dragon you thought you Impressed at first blush. Masculine grace will trace his moves, while the lean lines of his muscles ripple under dappling sunlight or starstruck darkness.


Off through the new day's mist I run
Out from the new day's mist I have come
I hunt
Therefore I am
Harvest the land
Taking of the fallen lamb

Off through the new day's mist I run
Out from the new day's mist I have come
We shift
Pulsing with the earth
Company we keep
Roaming the land while you sleep
— Metallica - "Of Wolf And Man"


Temyrth is first and foremost your dragon, but then again, he's so much more than that. You two have a bond unlike any others. Because while you two are lifemates, Temyrth also sees you as his competitor. Very simply, you are his packmate, the only other one in his clutch (pack), both dragons and riders alike, who he sees as an equal. The rest are simply omegas in which are less than his consideration.

"Aikuonath sure is getting big."
« It matters not how large he is. That will only be a hindrance to him in the future. He needs to sharpen his other skills to take command. »

This is not to say that Temyrth likes to bash on other dragons or people. No, no, he's not that type of dragon at all. He just always notices the strengths and weaknesses of others. It's that wolf-nature in him. He is a predator, the rest of the world is his prey. And many times, due to his social nature of being a pack anmial, he has no problems with informing the dragon or the dragon's rider (via the dragon, of course) of their flaw. Whether it's physical, mental, or emotional.

« Kaelidyth, have you noticed how your butt is quite… large? Perhaps you should try to lose some weight, might make you swifter in the air. Help the pack out. »

It's not the Weyr to him. It's the Den. The Weyrleader and his dragon is always the alpha male, while the Weyrwoman and her gold are the alpha female. And all the dragons and all the riders, weyrfolk included, are but the packmembers. Some with a higher pack rank than others. Either way, he sees everyone as family, even if not by blood or… species.

This, of course, all circles its way back to you, M'tej. You and Temyrth. Essentially, in his eyes, you are both contenders for beta of the pack. Each of you have the ability, but only one of you can take the spot. The sad thing is, this will be a fight for all time. A constant personal struggle between you and Temyrth, even if you are not willing to be apart of it, you'll somehow find yourself dragged in. Where you, individually, succeed, Temyrth will try to out do. He doesn't quite get that a point for you is a point for him.

« So you made Wingsecond, did you? Well. I made Wingleader of just the dragons. It's more important. »
"I don't think it works that way, Temy."
« I will /make/ it work that way. »

He's edgy, that's for sure. Not saying that he's always /on/ the edge. He's got that cool, slick feel about him. Almost a lone wolf quality, minus the lone part. He's social, as stated before. While not chatty to the point of obnoxiousness like some dragons, he is always open to talk to other dragons, though has reservations about those coming from different Weyrs. High Reaches Weyr dragons are fine, since they all, minus a few transfers, share some common genetic link with him. He does not, however, bespeak any other human besides you, M'tej. He just doesn't see why he should. Unless, of course, it's some sort of extreme emergency where he must talk to another human beside you, since you are laying in a coma or have lost your ability to speak. Even then, it will be another dragonrider of equal or higher rank to the pair of you. Though normally, it will just not happen. He's not snubbing people, but he deems them beneath his pack rank and while not worthy isn't the right phrase, it's close.

"We reached the old wolf in time to watch the fierce green fire dying in her eyes… .There was something new to me in those eyes; something known only to her and the mountains. I was young then, and full of trigger-itch. I thought that because fewer wolves more deer that no wolves would mean hunter's paradise, but after seeing the green fire dire, I sensed that neither the wolf nor the mountain agreed with such a view."
— Aldo Leopold

There is an intensity about Temyrth in everything he does. Perhaps it goes back to his desire for the beta rank, or perhaps not. Either way, he's meticulous in his actions. Hunting is something he enjoys, probably more than he should. We aren't talking about going to the pens and eating here, we're talking going into the wilderness, with naught but the two of you, and trying to find and kill wild animals. Not for sport, of course, for some reason this idea is foul to your brown. Why waste life when it's not not going to go to something beneficial? A simple concept that Temyrth just doesn't quite get. He's also the type, as odd as it seems, who will suggest you use all of the animals that you two take down. By the time you reach old age, you can be sure to have quite a large collection of furs in your weyr. Good thing you have all that know-how from the Tannercraft, you will surely need it! And don't forget the bones! Those can be decorations or, or, or made into a chair! Who knows, the possibilities are endless! Either way, Temyrth will demand you take the entire beast home, not just the meat, and find a usage for everything. Might be best, M'tej, to sneak some rather foul parts into the garbage when your brown is down for a nap. Again, that short dragon memory span will really come in handy!

Sometimes, when the mood strikes him, Temyrth will ask you to gather up like-minded dragons and riders and go to Southern and get a large feline hunt going on.

"For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack."
— Rudyard Kipling

He enjoys the exhilaration of the hunt, of the inter-working between all dragons, weaving in and out, the danger that the claws and fangs represent if allowed close to soft dragon hide. He /lives/ for that thrill. Yet even more so, he enjoys the bonding between all pack members. Nothing, except perhaps Threadfall, something of which Temyrth will probably never live to see, can bring together a group of people and dragons like facing your own mortality together. Whichever wing you two might join, foresee him bringing this activity up many times! Like when wing pressure seems to be getting to be too much. After a while, there is no doubt Temy will find and have a list of certain dragons he will defiantly want to go on these hunts with and those he does not. Let's face it, some are just better hunters than others!

When he is young, Temyrth will have a close bond to his clutch siblings, all 27 of them. The first months of life are the scariest, being put in the caring and capable hands of only a few riders and their dragons, not being able to enter certain parts of the Weyr until a certain age is reached. It'll almost force that bond between the mini-pack and their older caretakers. At first, once a certain amount of freedom is allowed to the weyrlings, Temyrth will be very wary of other dragons. Of course he'll be used to Valedath, Nazkriuulth, and Szarabhayanath, as they'll be with him almost from the moment of hatching. Though other dragons will get a far larger berth. This'll change, of course, with every moment your brown spends away from the original 27 and around more of the Weyr at large. It'll take time, but eventually, he'll come fully into that pack mentality.

Should another dragon ever come onto the training grounds who Temy does not know yet or really any person, he'll be the first to throw his brown little head into the air and /bugle/ like a fiend, until someone of authority comes to remedy the situation! Hey. Those barracks are his nursery den, after all. And these interlopers are no doubt coming to disturb the safety and protection that they offer. He'll be like a watch-dragon for a while! Your Weyrlingmasters will learn early on that should Temyrth start howling in that certain way, someone has walked onto the grounds who should not have. Even if you appear to know them, it won't matter to Temyrth. You might have some problems, M'tej, sneaking people in to see your dragon while he's very young without getting in a whole huge heap of trouble. Best to wait, no doubt, until you have the go ahead to bring him to the Northern Bowl.

"There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls."
— George Carlin "Brain Droppings"

Temyrth loves the night and attempts to sleep through the morning. You may have issues, M'tej, when it comes to Tye's early morning workouts. Getting your brown up and about will be problematic. He will not take to sunning like so many other dragons, preferring a nap in the shade during mid-day, when the sun is at its warmest. Though it's at night when he really comes out. The moon highest in the sky, his favorite place to sit and 'howl at the moon' so to speak, is on the Star Stones. His head lifted at high as it can go, trying to touch Rukbat. You'll find yourself being dragged on many midnight flights, soaring through the sky as only the light of the stars guides you. Be ready to get lost a time or two, though luckily a trip between will always save you two from a cold night outside.

I will bellow like the thunder drum, invoke the storm of war
A twisting pillar spun of dust and blood up from the prairie floor
I will sweep the foe before me like a gale out on the snow
And the wind will long recount the story, reverence and glory, when I go
— Dave Carter "When I Go"

Aaaah. Cold. Your brown loves the cold. Winter is his favorite season, when the world around you has turned to ice and snow covers every blade of grass and rocky ledge. He finds excitement, going out into a harsh snowstorm, fighting against the winds and blinding blizzarding snow. It's a testament to his strength, his power. You get to come with, of course, whether you want to or not. Many times, for fun, he'll goad other males into coming as well. A race! Some fun! Let's see who lasts the longest flying against the elements, before one dragonriding team gives in. Needless to say, Temyrth has some weird definitions of what is fun and what is not.

"We listened for a voice crying in the wilderness. And we heard the jubilation of wolves!"
— Durwood L. Allen

Temyrth is vocal, oh so vocal! He speaks in many throaty dragon rumbles and grumbles. Whenever a visiting dragon arrives, he's the first to howl out a greeting. Silence of the night he may enjoy, but a good roar at the sky when Rukbat is so high is even better. Filling the Weyr with echos of his dragon-voice, melodic and haunting. He'll find amusement with the weyrling dragons, when he's older, trying to get them to join him in song. It's just yet another way of bonding in his mind. Another way to show pack solidarity. He'll even expect you, M'tej, to throw your head into the sky and let out a bellow or two at some times.

While Temyrth may always be at a war with you M'tej, he is always your dragon, a part of you where you are a part of him. The two can never be separated, can never be completely apart. One will not live without the other. He'll push you along, forcing you to getting bigger and better in the pack. Don't be surprised if you find yourself as wingsecond, wingleader, weyrsecond… Weyrleader? Perhaps. It could happen! High Reaches Weyr is well known for their strong male brownriders. It would not surprise anyone should you also join those ranks of the brownriding Weyrleaders.


Come, lonely hunter, chieftain and king
I will fly like the falcon when I go
Bear me my brother under your wing
I will strike fell like lightning when I go
— Dave Carter "When I Go"

It's not easy being a beta in an alpha's world. You'll notice, first off, that Temyrth has a very 'meh' vibe when it comes to flights in his younger years. Once he hits one year, the interest will be there, but not exactly that die-hard motivation to win-win-win. He'll not deem himself strong enough, agile enough, fast enough to win. So the first three, four years of Temyrth's life will be where he prefers, when he gets that urge, to fly after greens and only greens. The golds, when they get all shiny and glowy, will get his attention, but he'll never quite allow himself to go after them. Just yet.

"The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person's determination."
— Tommy Lasorda

Though finally, /finally/, there will come a time when Temyrth wakes up and deems himself ready. Probably about when he's 4 or 5, though really, it's anyone's guess. At this point, no more greens, not ever. Only gold dragons are good enough for him and only the prize they entitle to the winner. The continuation of his genetics. At any rate, it'll be like an awakening for him.

« I'm ready. »
"Ready for what?"
« To go after Kaelidyth or Talicanitath should they go up. I'm ready. »

You'll be confused, perhaps, at his meaning. Even more so with how Aevryscienth's name is not placed in that list. There is good reason for that. Only the Weyrleader's dragon can fly the alpha queen. It is simple pack mechanics! That doesn't mean, however, that Temyrth can't try his wings out on the junior golds. Even going so far as to heading to Ista to try his luck over there, though never truly serious, as Ista is outside the pack. Needless to say, if there is a gold flight going on, Temyrth will be there, to challenge himself and go the distance.

Is this to say he will never, ever try for Aevryscienth? Heck no! That's not the case at all! Like any good beta, he'll constantly be scrutinizing Nylanth or whatever other dragon happens to be in charge. Looking for any weaknesses, any sign that the pack could be in danger from shabby leadership. That is when Temyrth will strike. He will know when, of course, the time is right. Don't even try to tell him otherwise. It will fall on deaf ears! Since, technically, you're still a competing beta, he'll assume you just want to steal that alpha position from him, keeping it for yourself. Not actually possible, he knows this, you know this. Though there is always that nagging feeling in the back of that brown's head, telling him otherwise.

Should you EVER and I mean EVER, M'tej, interfere in a flight that Temyrth is dead set on doing, or try to help influence the winner by mentally forcing Temyrth off (perhaps you just REALLY didn't want to be Weyrleader just yet, but it sure looked like your brown boy was suited to win!), you will hear about it. At length, with EXTREME volume. The sounds your Temy will emit will be vicious and scary, noises you may never have heard before. The two of you would get in a fight that would rival and surpass that of Il'ad and Szarabhayanath. The whole Weyr would know, instantly, that your brown is /not/ pleased with his rider.

Of course, with dragon memories what they are, the fights won't last long. Good news for you! At least until the next gold flight comes along. Luckily, those golds are fickle creatures, only rising once every twoish turns. Gives the both of you some breathing room!

When it actually comes time for the flight, Temyrth is all business. He becomes much the loner wolf, snarling and snapping at all other competing males, weighing their strengths and weaknesses, trying to determine the best strategy to end victorious. He'll blood a moderate amount, choosing namely wherries and leaving the herdbeasts to the larger dragons. Let them exhaust themselves lugging around those big suckers. He's not one to overindulge, knowing that the weight could make him sluggish in the air.

"The bravest are surely those who have the clearest vision of what is before them, glory and danger alike, and yet notwithstanding, go out and meet it."
— Thucydides

His lean body and well muscled form will make him a pistol in the sky, sky rocketing forward the minute his wings touch the clouds. Your brown much prefers fast flights, trying to throw out every ounce of his energy in one gigantic burst to the flying female. However, he'll learn early on with greens and his first gold flight, that this technique sucks. He'll lose, for sure, a few times before he gets this fact completely stored away in the 'instinct' portion of his mind. After that, he'll learn how to save that burst of speed for the end, along with the age old thought that the longer the flight (for golds) means the better the clutch. Whether there is truth to that statement or not, it'll be worth it for you to jam it down Temyrth's throat when he first begins to analyze his flight techniques.

With age comes experience, and with that experience you will soon find a master in all things flight-related from your brown. It'll take some time, of course, as each female flies a different way and because of that, no two flights are the same. Temyrth will take all this to heart and use it in his quest to gain the alpha male position of the Weyr.


Of course, M'tej, this is only how we see Temyrth! You are more than welcome to add on or subtract any bits or pieces from this guide and play your Bros Before Hoes Brown how you see fit. We only hope that you come to enjoy Temy as much as we have!


Name: Tye
Egg Desc: Rhaeyn
Dragonet Desc: Rhaeyn
Messages: Tye
Puppeteer: Tye
Inspiration: Tye, Rhaeyn

Linnau and gold Kaelidyth, D'ren and bronze Aikuonath, S'len and blue Cimarroth

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