S'lo's Energizer-Operated Transforming Toy Robot Blue Tosiekoth

Pile o'Old Shoes Egg

This ovoid sits, forlorn, forgotten, overlooked. A motley color of mostly brown and black, with the rare, odd splashes of pink, lime-green, and last season's Dorothyesque sequin red— to say the least, it inspires both disgust and compulsion at the mere sight of it. Squiggles of shoelace proportions hie off at odd places, some almost appearing tied, the others in knots. Over all of the jumble, a fine patina of dull grey resides— and is that a dust bunny masquerading as a finial, at the top?

Hatching Message

Pile o'Old Shoes Egg is not one to sit still. Perhaps it's that instinct to be free or just the basic need to constantly be on the move; either way this egg keeps on jumping all around. It spins! It swirls! It spills! It whirls! Dark lines quickly form around the exterior, a piece of shell falling off here, multiple shards flying into the air there! Finally, with one… last… final… hop — the eggs SHATTERS into all directions! And there, in the aftermath, having hatched and landed with his talons up in the air with a great view of the ceiling is a pudgy blue hatchling.

Energizer-Operated Transforming Toy Robot Blue Dragonet

Zesty turquoise zings and slings across delightfully fluid hide, splashing cheerfully over the deepest hints of stone-washed indigo. With the barest of touches, it hues both belly and 'sails, talons and tail, but such hazy contrast dampers not the bright spirit beneath. No shred of vapidity lingers on his energetic semblance, coated entirely with so ripe a neon blue it seems aglow with the tang of summer's brightest light. He is bulk-less yet round, small yet vivacious; every feature is smoothed by jovial plushness, from the constant upturned curl of his mouth to the triangular tip of his tail. The sprightly yellow of spring's first bloom drizzles across headknobs and 'ridges, down youthful haunches, to the gracefully built muscles that compose his chest and shoulders. Limber limbs and wiggly wings form him into compact proportions whose edges alight with paler strokes, to barely lick and tickle him with the facade of a sullen shade of silver. And, upon him, with every move of a curved muzzle down to an elegant tail, the teeming life force within is revealed.

Public Impression Pose

Energizer-Operated Transforming Toy Robot Blue Dragonet pauses mid-stride, his head going up. Something is calling to him. Something that takes importance over his lack of an attention span. But where is it coming from? Like a bizarre blue antenna, the head rotates this way and that way, until it zeroes in on one direction. Yes! That's it! With a burst of energy, and oh does he have a lot, the dragonet sprints over towards a group of three, two boys, one female. Though stopping! He hadn't thought of that! Digging his talons into the sand, the hatchling slows down just enough to not barrel into the candidates. Instead, a spray of the warm sands cover over the one he was aiming for. A happy sounding noise erupts forth as the blue shoves his muzzle into Slogan's side.

Private Impression Message

NOTHING. That's all there is. Nothing. No sands, no candidates, no dragons, no eggs. Just a nice, beautiful sense of quiet. And this moment will be the last bit of quiet… ever. A twinge of honey and that new car smell flows around you, there and yet not. Soothing colors of blues, greens, and all things that bring forth calm. But it's all suddenly gone, when a voice, all warm and lilting, speaks up. « Oh! Oh! Look! It's you! » Pause. Stop. Change things up and now there are fireworks going off, flashes of light both intense and disconcerting! And a smell of roses blasts in and overwhelms! « Is it you? It's you right? S'lo? WAIT ! Look over there! That egg, it's rocking. WOW. Yeah! That's so neat! S'lo! Wait. Right. You're S'lo! » And the soothing comes back, if only for a moment. « Get ready for a rocky ride, S'lo. Cause I'm your dragon and I'm… oooh! Shards! Look at all the /people/! And the /dragons! » Ah boy. « Oh, right! By the way, I'm Tosiekoth, and is it just me or are your feet on fire too? »

Ooooooh S'lo! S'lo, S'lo, S'lo! We can't even begin to explain our exuberance at having you and Tosiekoth here with us at High Reaches Weyr! We hope the two of you create just as much mayhem in Weyrlinghood as you did in candidacy! Make sure you two make the weyrlingmasters work their butts off! We're are /so/ happy to have you here and hope you adore your lovable blue as much as we do!

Egg Inspiration

C'mon. Who doesn't have fifteen pairs of shoes lurking at the back of their closet? I know I do. You know you should throw them out because you won't wear them… but still they sit, collecting dust, because you just *may* decide that the chunky-heeled combat boots from '05 may actually be good for something. Eventually. — Rynael

Theme Inspiration

Transformers! Robots in DISGUISE! Transformers, more than meets the EYE! But not just any transformer, oooh nooo! Tosiekoth is all things that are Bumblebee, with some of his own, unique quirks thrown in. When we started throwing around ideas for your future dragon, S'lo, right away it was agreed we needed someone to really throw Slogan for a loop! A dragon that is so high energy and so in your face that it's almost intolerable! It's then that we thought of Bumblebee! The original Bumblebee, of course. That crazy little Volkswagen Beetle that runs all about, but is always upbeat and positive! He was perfect and he's such a little trooper!

Tye actually found a video and song that gave the distinct impression of your Tosiekoth, in lieu of Bumblebee getting his groove on to his very own song (now Tosiekoth's!) and running away from the Decepticon foe! Hope you enjoy it and get as unnaturally addicted to it as those on your insp team have!


Description Inspiration


Because Tosiekoth is such a display of joy and delight, we wanted to give him a coloring that didn't *quite* stick out in the crowd, but once you saw it, just put a smile on your face. A color that lightened up the room, and just makes everyone feel content inside, and makes people feel energetic, too… and almost looked edible. We didn't really want to err on the side of 'electric blue' because that would just be mind boggling, and not 'sky blue' because that's not really original. He's this grayish cobalt that looks like it's under a neon-lamp; and then hints of yellow lights like light bulbs that barely show up now and then. Since Tosiekoth is based on Bumblebee, I did an image search and found this picture, which is primarily what I used for the color scheme:


In a way, he looks a bit metallic, like a machine or a car, but he really isn't shiny; he just appears that way.

Name Inspiration

Aaah, Tosiekoth! We remembered that you asked for a name that meant something but wasn't completely off the wall. Something that looked neat and sounded cute. Though was still mildly complex, but not downright complicated! We had a few variations of names, but many of them just didn't sound right. That was, until we found 'Tosiekoth'.

The name is derived from 'stoppen sie, mich zu skopieren!' Which is German for 'Stop you, from copying me!' or English-a-fide 'Stop copying me!'. We jumbled this together, tore it apart, re-built it, threw some letters away, and suddenly had Tosiekoth! Your little mimic of a dragon!

Now we've all been pronouncing his name as 'Toe-SIE-kohth', but you can say it any way you chose!


There is something a bit… different about Tosiekoth's mind scent and tone of voice. Let's say it like this, the first time you ever hear Tosiekoth speak, that'll be one of the very few times in your lifetime together that you will actually hear /him/! His base-line mindvoice is very soothing and soft, there is a slight lilt to the way he speaks, almost as if he has the barest of British accents. And the smell? It's almost not even there. Think of that new car smell with a hint of honey! His colors are the same. All dark greens and pretty blues! Purples and hues of lovely soothing colors that call to your soul. Too bad you'll almost never get to see them!

The thing is, Tosiekoth is a copy-cat when it comes to his mindscent, mindvoice, and colors! When talking to other dragons he'll instantly adapt and then mimic how they sound like and smell. In this, he will always keep you guessing! Each day, possibly each hour, your Tosie will sound a little different. Some dragons might get a bit annoyed by this! I mean, their sounds and smells are essential to their identification. But c'mon! Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery! Just don't be surprised if another rider has to sit you down and explain his dragon's anxiety! Luckily for you two, dragon's have such small memory spans, so most dragons will forget until your blue mimics them again. Here's hoping Tosiekoth doesn't end up alienating himself!

Sometimes, he will reuse the same mindscent/voice/color from the same dragon, it'll depend on how much he likes them, really. If he has his eye on a certain green or has been hanging out with Ckiezeluth too much, he may imitate them. So think of it this way, the more you may hang out with another rider and his dragon, the more your Tosiekoth may sound like them! At least you'll never be bored!


The car has become… an article of dress without which we feel uncertain, unclad, and incomplete.
~Marshall McLuhan, Understanding Media, 1964

That is how it will feel not to have your uniquely bright blue about you. Once he's in the picture, it's hard to imagine him out of it — and we're talking the visual picture. Whatever strangely bright and colorful getup Slogan wore at the beginning of Candidacy is now being replaced with something much more exotic, and I doubt it will be easy for anyone to imagine your S'lo without the mental picture of his "vehicle" as well.

But, Tosiekoth is more than a vehicle; his color makes him look like the metallic-shine of a brand new car, but certainly that won't be the only thing he's good at. But, for the record, Tosiekoth will be a fine ride to pick up the ladies with.

Everything about his color is *happy*. His base coloring is sort of a dullish pale-gray, but it's hardly noticeable with the over-shine of neon blue, which will appear as bright and cheerful from day one 'til day 35,824. There's only a few contrasts to this white-to-neon glow this color seems to put off; the yellow coloring that appears here and there. It, too, is a happy yellow; unlike Valedath who has gold blotches, Tosiekoth's is like daisy or dandelion yellow. It dances across his headknobs, tops his rounded neckridges, and drips down his haunches; there's more of it that seems to appear, but only as he moves.

"And I shall name him Squishy, and he shall be mine, and he shall be my Squishy."
~ Dory, "Finding Nemo"

His movements will always appear sleek, too, because of his baby fat, which he will never really grow out of; to the touch, he'll always feel a bit squishy. Tosie is not pudgy, as he is pretty thin in the middle compared to other blues, but everything is coated with what we call his "happy fat"; it makes him appear more jovial, and, may cause him to eat a little bit more than of other dragons his size.

That's another thing — he's pretty small. Not as tiny for his color as his clutchmate, Ckiezeluth, but enough that it's easily noticed. His wings are even a wee bit too small looking for his body, but it's no matter; it doesn't stop him from anything! At least.. his proportions won't.

Tosiekoth may take a little while — or, a long while — to get the hang of flying and walking. His clumsiness will come to him at the most awkward times, and when the pressure's on, that first flight might be a bit nerve-wrecking and embarrassing. Walking off the Sands for the first time? A nightmare. Even once all the rest of his clutchmates have got their gaits down and are traipsing about the lake and bowls, Tosie will be misplacing his feet and missing those good thermals for a good while. And, even once he gets his stride down, every now and then it'll come back to haunt him. As a rider, it will be S'lo's job to make sure that he stays focused should they ever face one of those strange Threadfalls. He's not liable to screw up too much, but enough that you'll both always have to be on your toes.

But in parallel with his nearly hyper appearing personality, Tosiekoth is full of energy. He will never, EVER stop moving. Tie him down? He'd probably keep twitching his eyelids. Where Ckiezeluth flops his tail, Tosiekoth will bob or rotate his head, tap his claws, stretch his wings, groove his shoulders… And if he does it all at once, it'll all seem in rhythm as well. But, his favorite move looks something like a dog shaking himself dry in slow motion. Even when he sleeps, at least one of his mechanical gears will keep going.

He keeps going.. and going.. and going…
~ The Energizer Bunny Slogan (Slogan, haha.)

If Energizer were on Pern, Tosiekoth would definitely run on them. Sometimes you may think he's pushing himself too hard, as after drills he'll still be active, and it will take a miracle for him to sleep for long. Whether this comes from his "happy fat" and his need to over-eat, or just his personality, he will never be tired or run-down. There is something never-ending and enduring about his physique, like a car that runs for miles and miles on just a gallon of gas.

With his little bit of plush, he may also need less oiling, but don't mistake his color for not needing it. Even when he's dry he'll still appear smooth; there's a spot on his belly that will be especially troublesome even as he gets older. He may not really enjoy having to sit still long enough for you to get it, but he'll manage.

And always, always with a smile on his face. (Dragons don't really smile, but he'll sure look like it!) You never have to worry, with Tosiekoth there. Just one look at him, and that strange curl of his lip will be contagious. Never-ending energy and an appearance of joy — what else could a rider ask for?


Sweet little bumblebee, I know what you want from me
Sweet little bumblebee more than just a fantasy
My heart skips a beat when you walk in the room
I go boom, boom, boom
You go zoom, zoom, zoom
You're my playboy, playtoy
Love, and my friend
I wanna be with you until the end
I give my heart and soul to you, to make you see it's true
I'm so confused, baby can't you see
Please come rescue me
Sweet little bumblebee, I know what you want from me,
Sweet little bumblebee, more than just a fantasy,
— "Bumblebee" - Smile .Dk

Oh my Faranth, the HYPER. The first thing that puts Tosiekoth above all other dragons is his ENDLESS amount of energy. He'll be here, than there, than— oh wait! He's back here again! No! No! Now he's other there. He'll not be a big sleeper because of it. The abundance of his enthusiasm will always be a constant mystery to you, S'lo. Where does it all come from? Possibly the amount of food he eats. And oh, does he eat a lot. During his growing years, you can expect to be chopping up meat and feeding him almost twice as much as the other weyrlings. And when he can catch his own meal, well, let's just say you should find a comfortable spot by the feeding grounds. You'll be visiting that section of the Weyr at least two, maybe three times a week.

"Prophets. Two of them. The one who speaks - and he will, at great lengths, whether you want him to or not - will make mention of himself as a prophet. The other one… well, he's the quiet type, but he'll be helpful just the same."
— Metatron — Dogma

You know those people who can write a novel about what they had for lunch? Well, that'd be Tosiekoth! He like to talk… and talk… and talk! Seriously, he'll jabber at you all night, all day, all the time. He'll talk to the wall, so long as it means something, somewhere is listening to him! Your Tosiekoth will always have some kind of story to tell people, whether it's true or not. Not to say that he'll lie just to entertain, more like he'll embellish… greatly!

You, S'lo, are the Silent Bob to Tosie's Jay. You've got to be the calm one in this partnership, the one with the ideas and the plans! Even if you aren't that organized now, you may need to gain that skill sooner or later! Tosiekoth is all things chaotic and he needs a steady mind to calm his inner fire. If you ever freak out, you can bet Tosiekoth, no matter where he is, will pick up on it instantly and go into crazy mode! He is very in tune with your feelings, S'lo! So make sure you're careful with those emotions! Be ready for some interesting times while you two are still getting used to one another.

Tosiekoth oozes friendliness. He's always up for meeting someone new, digging into their personal life and being way too involved in all this. It's in his nature to be thinking of five different things at once! He'll be going on about what Armaderoth said to Veriameth one moment, than onto what Kyzhanth said to him that one time… oh! And did you hear that Urmeerdouloth said to the Weyrlingmaster?! It's another reason why getting him to focus on one thing, such as Threadfalls, may be a bit of a chore. But with practice, the two of you will get it!

But because of his openness to others, you may find yourself being lead all around Pern, meeting strangers and being forced to open up, to speak! Heck, he just plain wants you out of your comfort zone. Whether he realizes he's doing this or not, or if he's doing it on purpose, that's something only he knows (but may forget multiple times)!

Tosiekoth will be at ease talking with people close to you. He's not one of those 'only talk to my rider' kind of dragons. Ooooh no, he'll chat it up with anyone that'll listen, but ONLY if they have some kind of connection to you. Or if he wants them to have some connection to you.

« So… there is girl in the living caverns, she seems nice. »
» …how would you know that? «
« I asked her if she was single. She didn't talk back, I don't think she knows how, but I heard some screaming from inside, so that's a good sign! »
» .. «

He sees himself as your roll model for how to act, almost like an older brother, even if he more so acts like a younger one. But he really only wants the best for you! And he thinks he's helping, at any rate. He'll be your biggest supporter, even though there will be times he'll be driving you crazy. Whether it's his constant need to fill in the silent void or his extremely short attention span.

Oh yes, that's right! It's well known that dragon's don't really have a long term memory. It's why they need their riders. But Tosiekoth? Both his long term and his short term memory span are pretty much nonexistent. He'll do something, then forget he did it and try to make you do it again or make you explain the entire event in extreme details.

« Alright, S'lo! It's our turn to fly! »
» Um… Tosie. We uh… just went. Remember? That's how you skinned your belly with that landing? «
« What? Really? Y'know, I was wondering why my underside hurt… »

Tosiekoth holds a great deal of respect for the Weyrleader's dragon. He sees this dragon as the end all, be all of a leader. He is to be listened to and obeyed! He was the best one to win the senior gold's flight, right? So he will often be found hanging around that bronze or brown that holds the position. Because of this amount of respect he holds for the positions of power, Tosiekoth will always try his hardest to get you two promoted. Wingsecond, Wingleader, Weyrsecond, whatever he can get, he'll bust his tail to get there. Maybe he won't be the best flyer, or have the most stamina, but his endless abundance of energy will be on his side! He'll need you to be the one who remembers all the flight formations and names and all that political stuff, but he's got the charisma to bring you two into notice!

"Enough talk, It's time for ACTION!"

Sometimes Tosiekoth will take risks that will put himself in danger. He won't think they are much of a risk at the time, but don't be surprised to find yourself getting yelled at by the Weyrlingmasters over and over. Tosiekoth will try to fly before he's ready, try to do stunts and what not in the air when he shouldn't, and overall just cause more damage than good. You'll need to keep him reined in and not let him hurt himself, or at the least, remind him about that "last time" that he got hurt and how bad that felt!

Tosiekoth, aaaaah, Tosie! He's a wise-cracker, motor-mouth, jabbering little blue! He's all high energy and open friendliness! And what's more, he's all yours, S'lo! He'll be a critic at times, but always your one, true blue friend for life! Think of him as a bizarre protector who sometimes acts a bit too young for his age (whatever age he may be!).


And then there's WOMEN.

Where Armaderoth firmly believes that female dragons are somehow 'inferior', Tosiekoth sees them as a strange mixture of equals and idols. On any plain ol' day, Tosie will treat female human and dragon alike as if they were just one more person that you need to incorporate in your circle — and especially if there's a cute human specimen he thinks you'll like, nothing will stop him from his never-ending chatter to try and win you some Somethin'-Somethin'.

But once that particular green… or those hot Tsunami greens… Or… okay. Any green… turns into a nice glowing color, you might catch your first bits of silence from the day you walked off the Sands with him, because his jaw will drop and he'll oggle for a good minute or so before he completely forgets why. And then, that poor green will not hear a moment of silence until she decides to take off. Because, obviously, the more he talks her telepathic ears off, the more she'll like him, right?

What few moments he does give you attention, though, with miss Flighty Green around, it will be encouragement for you to woo the rider — male or female. He doesn't care. It's a greenrider, and he wants the green… he doesn't really care what you end up with at that point. But, as soon as she rises, his attention is back on her again, and he won't shut up the entire flight, and instead of imitating her voice, he'll probably imitate the voice of the male dragon in the Weyr who catches the most females, just hoping that impression-factor will help. Flight-wise, he may catch a good few small greens in his time, as he has the speed and the sheer dumb luck to clumsily make off with a few. He'll use few acrobatic moves — he's always sucked at those — and rely on sheer determination and chance to bump into her and win.

For the most part, though, he'll end up back at his ledge a loser. There will be .000001827302 seconds of pitiful moping before he either completely forgets the fact he just lost a flight, or that un-ending optimism will kick in and WHO CARES that he lost. Because, really, he's going to win so-and-so's flight tomorrow, or, he always beat Greenth at drills so she was just being spiteful, or he's Just Too Good For Her. Not even a flight will bring him down.

But on the slight off-chance he actually wins… Greenth will get MAYBE .04786 seconds (yes, this is all calculated! …) of doting. Then, he'll pass out for one of his little jet-naps (which last a few minutes at the most), wake up, and wonder why on PERN there is a green on his ledge, and will begin talking her poor ear off until both rider and dragon are forced to leave from sheer annoyance.

« S'lo… Did I say something wrong? Oh well. Let's go flying! No, lake. No… We just went there. Drills today? No? Okay, I guess that just leaves — well, there's others, but it's the best option, and I REALLY don't feel like anything else and — is this your hat? It looks remarkable on my paw— »
» Tosie… «
« Oh. Right. I'm hungry! »


Name: Tye, Palia
Egg Desc: Rynael
Dragonet Desc: Palia; Chey, Tye tweak
Messages: Tye
Puppeteer: Tye
Inspiration: Tye, Palia

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