L'fei's Proddy Alda Time Green Utonalloth

Clutching Pose

From the sands, Chey turns towards T'ii as he approaches, mustering a weary smile. "Twenty-two hours," she says, "and up to sixteen eggs. I don't want to be all selfish, but I almost hope she doesn't have /too/ many more." Mynwiyath looks up briefly at Bandeleth, her head heavy. Lowly, she calls back, neither welcoming nor warning. Just tired. And here comes another…

Battle for the Lifestream Egg

An eternal struggle of sunbeam's glow against the darkened silver of moonbeams envelop this egg, a rapturous insanity about the miasma of bright colors. About the top, the yellow-blonde cast of the apex flickers with darker tones, an abstract reminder of discordant spikes splashed with two brilliant Mako-blue circlets. A gentle line of blue-green, seeming to flow lazily in a unsymmetrical pattern, butts up hard against a scythed line of darkest, deepest silver-grey. The silver blaze slashes diagonally downwards, remniscent of the sharpest edge the mind can summon in imagination- and below, the silver tones dapple as moonlight striking black leather, somehow sinister despite the beauty of the color itself.

Hatching Message

Battle for the Lifestream is the sneaky sort. It will not flounce around. That would give away its intention. There is no warning as the shell starts to crack down the middle. The split gets bigger, and bigger, flashes of color being seen from the egg breaking away. Was that blue? Maybe green? Perhaps brown? Without further ado, the dragonet breaks free! The shell parting in two and a green dragonet emerges. Proddy Alda Time has arrived.

Proddy Alda Time Green Dragonet

Sensual and slinky, this darkly emerald seductress shimmers in pure elegance; there is a hint of the exotic in the cast of draconic features, perfectly accenting the refinement of her bearing. Like a gown of finest satin, color drapes her lush figure: a fall of rich, jewel-toned green spills from perfectly proportioned headknobs, waterfalls down the long arch of her neck, and pools across the wide expanse of her wings. Over her haunches and down her legs, there is a hint of something darker: a whisper of mystery in black-touched teal, a flirtation with danger emphasised by the wicked curve of gleaming talons. She is not all perfection, but she doesn't need to be: even with a twice-kinked tail, she still posesses the power to move minds and leave a body stirred, or if not— decidedly shaken.

Public Impression Pose

Proddy Alda Time Green Dragonet puuurrrs. Or at least, it's some form of a purr. Perhaps more of a rumble. At any rate, the green lady has zoned in on something… something just right. It calls to her and soon, she's floating on clouds, making her way towards a gaggle of lads. But she only has eyes for one of them. Ah yes, the good looking one near the middle. He is just right. Walking straight up to Feilan, the dragonet lifts a dainty paw. Perhaps a man such as he would care to kiss her hand?

Private Impression Message

Aaaah, the sweet smell of perfume wafts through your mind, tantalizing your every sense with thoughts of pure sensuality. But there is more. Colors of red, mostly dark and darker, filter in with the scent. Wispy ribbons of lace wrap around your very core. « Feilan. /Pah/! L'fei. Zhat is much more suitable for my rider. » A puff of smoke, the glint of teeth. The accent is thick, yet inticing. « Vhat do you say ve get a drink together. Just you and me. You know, for now, and forever. » A sultry laugh echoes throughout your thoughts. « Oh. And you may call me Utonalloth. Let us be gone! »

L'fei and Utonalloth, Utonalloth and L'fei! You two are now a pair, forever more! High Reaches Weyr is thrilled to have the two of you here, as a mean, green dragonriding team! We look forward to all the hijinks you and your dragon will get into in Weyrlinghood and beyond! Welcome, L'fei! And welcome Utonalloth!

Egg Inspiration

Aaaah, Cloud and Sephiroth. Final Fantasy VII is perhaps the most prolific Final Fantasy ever made, and my inspiration for the egg came from the particular hair colors of the main rivalry in the game: Cloud's yellow-blonde spikes and Sephiroth's dreamy waist-length silver locks. The discerning band that runs from slightly off-apex and down to the opposite bottom is, on one side, the Lifestream; on the other, it's Sephiroth's sword, Masamune. (Rhaenyra)

Theme Inspiration

Bond. James Bond. But what's more, James Bond's women. You know who I am talking about. Honey Rider, Tatyana Romanova, Pussy Galore, Camille Montes, and so many, many more. All of them beautiful, all of them have a story all their own. Some have a hidden agenda, some are just there to be eye candy. At any rate, they all share a hidden quality. Their lust for Bond. And you, L'fei, are the Bond of Utonalloth's dream.

Description Inspiration

A lady of the night, but not THAT kind of lady of the night. Your Utonalloth's description comes forth with the idea of a woman, decked in the sleekest, sexiest red dress you can imagine. She's a temptress, that's for sure.

When you think of her, think of the very lovely and seductive Jessica Rabbit. All glitz and glam, she shows her curves but can become a hardened woman in a moment, when it comes to the man she loves.


She's sex on a stick, but with class. She's poise, she's elegance, she's… Utonalloth.

Name Inspiration

Exotic. That is what the name Utonalloth says when we look at it. It's got that certain appearance that just says "This is the name of a Bond-Woman." Or at least, that's what we think!

It works, too! Since just like so many Bond-women, who are normally foreigners, so is your lovely Utonalloth. Her name? It is derived from 'útonálló', which is Hungarian for 'bandit'. That makes her your boxom, boudacious Hungarian green!


The sweet, sultry scent of Chanel No. 5 will waft into your mind and take a hold of all that you are the moment that Utonalloth speaks. From then on, you will never be able to get her addictive scent removed from your nose. Now, Chanel No 5 is the combinations of many different fragrances of both natural and un-natural means. For a better understanding of it, feel free to check out:


That being said, you will always know when your Utonalloth is about to talk or when she's about to stop. The smell will become strong, though not overpowering, when her first wispy sentence is let loose. And then when she has decided to stop speaking, it will fade away, but linger temptingly.

Sultry. Oh, so sultry. Her voice is sexy and sleek, primped and polished, full of self-assurance with no trace of doubt. And yet, sometimes, she can be hard to understand. Because she has the most percular accent. Not something normally found on Pern, the thickness of it. Much like a Russian beauty, born and raised in Russian, but learning English for a second language. That is what your Utonalloth sounds like. She will roll her R's, make the "th" sounds into "s" or "z"'s, and sometimes put stress on the wrong syllables. Also, pronouncing "w"'s as "v"'s.

« L'fei! Vhat do you zink you are doing? Ve vere told to fly to da west, not ze east! »

Of course, feel free to not RP her with those speaking malfunctions. It's totally up to you!

Now, her colors. Blood red, dark, the color of a lady of the night. They come in large, whirling wisps, sometimes forming together to be almost black, always in the fore-front of your mind as Utonalloth talks. The red casting a veil of mystery and sensuality. And like her scent, it is always there.


Utonalloth is average without ever being average. While her size is nothing to shake a fist at, since she is quite normal. Neither overly large or overly small. She simply is. You never have to worry about those silly fights between 'riders. No "My dragon is the biggest! Nu uh! MINE!" for you. She's perfectly average, but has curves in all the right places.

Her rump is plump, and legs are lean, her hide is flawless, no mars or scratches to be worried of. She carries herself with a dignity all her own. Head held high, eyes always clear, her chest heaved in front of her and her tail allowed to follow with ease.

Ah. Her tail. That blasted tail. It is her one and mightiest flaw. She both loves it and hates it. Even though she never strived for perfection, Utonalloth was just hatched this way! That doesn't mean she doesn't appreciate the gifts her clutch-parents gifted her with. But that tail, with it's double-kink, just looks a bit off. Oh, she can make it work. The sway of her tail will still look just right as she sasshays from bowl to bowl. But the kink will look bizarre as she sits still. Almost much like a feline's tail, with the curl at the end. But, of course, with more of an angle.

When asked about her tail, and she might be from the more curious dragons, she'll act as if it is not a bother.

« Whoa. Utonalloth! Did you know your tail is all wobbly shaped? Like… like weird letter or something! What the heck is up with that? »
« Amuirnith, my dear, it iz not polite to stare. However, my tail is but another part of me. And am I not perfect? Be gone now and bother another! »

Use this as an example for just one of the kinks!


Other than her tail, Utonalloth is lovely all around. No oversized wings or weird blotches. Even her hide goes from one color transition to another, with no weird blobs of unseemly color.


When you were young and your heart was an open book,
You used to say live and let live.
(You know you did, you know you did, you know you did)
But if this ever-changing world in which we live in
Makes you give in and cry,
Say live and let die!
Live and let die,
Live and let die,
Live and let die.

What does it matter to ya,
When you've got a job to do you gotta do it well,
You gotta give the other fellow hell!

You used to say live and let live.
(You know you did, you know you did, you know you did)
But if this ever-changing world in which we live in
Makes you give in and cry,
Say live and let die!
Live and let die,
Live and let die,
Live and let die.
—Live and Let Die "Paul McCartney and Wings" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynfCkpUYyJs)**//
"She understands they are going in the same direction, even if their goals are not exactly the same."
Olga Kurylenka on the Camille/Bond relationship.**//

Utonalloth isn't the one of the greens that you might expect; whereas some of the greens might be a little floozy or a little flippant, a voice in your head that constantly bugs and teases, Utonalloth is a quiet force, mysterious and intriguing. She's tough, regal, charming, and possesses a stubborn streak a mile wide, dead set on achieving her ends no matter the cost.

From the very beginning, it's apparent that your Utonalloth has her own agenda, motivated perhaps by something that's a little too deep for you to even understand, should she even try to explain herself to you. Whether it be that one of her clutchmates pilfered something from her couch or a weyrbrat decided to punch someone in the nose, Utonalloth will set out with a vengence to right what is wrong, even going so far as to charm her way into closer contact with the wrongdoer before she takes her retribution.

« Vhat, L'fei? He did zhat -wrong- and it vasn't nice. Vho cares if I pretended to be his best friend and zen showed him the horrible vay of his deeds? »
« You… smacked him with your tail. Poor brown. »
« So? »

Regardless of her path and if she has a current vendetta against anyone, Utonalloth perpetually carries around the air of a sophisticated lady, class and charm straight to the core. There isn't anything that can really phase her and it's this constant calm that helps her settle her always working mind, focusing on whatever task is to come. Everything that she sets out to do is a test to reach perfection and this is something that you'll have to learn to curb, lest she work herself into a frenzy if she fails to reach anything less than perfect.

Her drive is something that can blind her to the feelings of others which can put you in some extremely awkward positions. Can you imagine trying to explain to a rider why their dragon has attempted to bury themselves in a snow drift trying to escape from your Utonalloth? If you can't, it's something that's likely bound to happen, as Utonalloth possesses an extremely sharp tongue and a quick wit. A seven second thought delay? Utonalloth doesn't possess one. Whatever she thinks, she says, and the need to apologize is something that only appears after the damage is already done.

Another impression that you might tend to get is that Utonalloth tends to act (and talk) far older than her Turns in existance. It's a common thing for her to use words that might befuddle her clutchmates and — on occasion — you. She also refuses to dumb herself down, regardless if the conversation ends up turning into the other party going 'uh huh' while she spins a yarn. It's also this 'older than her years' thing that inevitably leads to your Utonalloth slinking away, lost in her thoughts as she broods over her own hidden agenda. It'll be up to you to pull her out of these funks and restore her to her usual charming self.

« What're you thinking about, Utonalloth? »
« Oh, it's nothing. Just — um, vow, look at zhat blue over zhere! He's a dashing fellow, now isn't he? »

She has no compunctions when it comes to making up another story if she decides that she doesn't want to let you know that there's something bothering you. However, you'll have a major tip-off that'll let you know exactly how to call her bluff — she'll tend to flex her forepaws and her voice will invariably sink a half an octave lower than her normal tone. Once you call her out on her lie, she'll own up to it immediately and spill all, perhaps sounding a little guilty about lying to you of all people.

Also, your Utonalloth possesses a bad habit that'll stick you in a compromising position, though she'll always attempt to point out why exactly she did what she did and the good that it might've achieved! She tends to filch things, hiding them away and storing them in places that she's apt to forget up until the time that you discover the missing goods. You'll often have to explain just why you ended up with that set of scrolls or that shell necklace, while she sits back and stoicly watches you return 'her' goods.  She'll complain that she tried so hard to get those, even though she's known for that innate grace and sneakiness that allows her to get around around place she has a mind to be.

However much trouble her faults tend to get you into, she'll always apologize and cuddle up to you. You're the one person that she'll truly allow herself to get close to, the only one that she'll tell her dark and somber secrets to. You're her confidante, her one and only true love. She'll reveal her true feelings to only you and it's you that'll see her for the lost and confused individual that she, at the core, is. The poise and confidence is something that's a facade, a means to the end as she sets out to complete her task, motivated by revenge or some other equally driving emotion.

She's so many things in one: a lover, a fighter, a lady, a bandit, a rogue, and a polished individual with levels of complexity that will take you, L'fei, years to unravel. She's rash, she's bold, she's controlled, she's stubborn, but she loves you. She's an enigma, something that will always hold more beneath the surface than what can be seen from above.


Flights are the one time that Utonalloth will lose all of that control and intense sophistication that she carries around like a veil; flights roll around and she'll turn into a passionate fiery ball of dragon, taunting and flirting with reckless abandon.

Whereas some greens give a long notice that they are gearing up for a good flight, Utonalloth will remain the same personality-wise up until the last couple days or so before the flight. It is only then that you'll notice the odd bright tint to her hide or the fact that she's actually cuddling up to the boys just to do so, not because she's trying to whittle her way into some information.

She's not one for words when it comes to this time, either; while the boys might try to woo her with flowery prose, Utonalloth will largely ignore it, perhaps responding only with a witty jab here and there but more or less devoting the majority of attention to the flight ahead. She's fond of aerial manuevers that the larger colors will have intense difficulty doing and delights in anything that might make a person (if they were to be riding her as she did these things) extremely sick.

She won't really 'decide' who the winner is, even if she has a noticeable preference for a certain blue, brown, or even bronze. With the way she takes to flight, it's cunning that will definitely serve the boys well, as she tends to fly in convulated patterns. It won't even really matter if you have a preference, the way some other pairings seem to work.

After the flight is done and over with, you will not find her cuddling up with the victorious male. Instead, she'll likely be lounging on the other side of the ledge, should the male try and even stick around. You are the only one that largely gets that intimate side of her and, should the winning male try and press his hand, you'll have a wholly stubborn female quibbling in your head about how you need to make him go away.

And that's Utonalloth! I hope you enjoy her as much as we did just writing her. However, if there's anything that you don't particularly like, feel free to tweak or change whatever you'd like. That's your Bond-girl right there, the bandit and the lady in one that you asked for. You can do anything with her that you please. :)


Name: Nu'ra
Egg Desc: Rhaenyra
Dragonet Desc: Tye; T'ii tweak
Messages: Tye
Puppeteer: Tye
Inspiration: Nu'ra, Tye

Dex and Don Juan Triumphant Blue Nazkriuulth
V’arik (Vostarik) and Cosmic Kid in Full Costume Blue Svitelloth
Rhaeyn (Rhaenyra) and Intoxicating Warrior Queen Gold Aevryscienth
Iasri and Kick Up a Row Brown Vosteyath
Jh’rek (Jhairecki) and King of the Alley Bronze Zsivanyoth
Tilla and Marylou Freebush Green Amuirnith
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