Tye's Irresistible Paramour Blue Valedath

Clutching Pose

Tiareth, tired now, nay, /exhausted/, sinks still lower into the Sands. She breathes low and slow, her great empty sides heaving now from the many long hours laying eggs. She looks for her Nuff, finding the little Weyrwoman toddling up to lay a hand on her warm nose. They stand like that for sometime time, nothing in the world but each other, and then Tiareth pushes out the last two eggs.

Royal Meridian Egg

The juxtaposition of color is rather striking as it drapes across this regal egg. Slightly aslant and somewhat nebulous, the division between two royal hues - purple and yellow - arrays near the center of the egg, running with a few loose folds from the narrow apex to the broad base where it's lost amid the Sands like so much fine fabric spilling toward the ground. No discernable seam marks where one color ends and the next begins, but the distinction between the two is obvious. Where purple, the shell seems to hold about itself a disdainfully livid hue made of heavy velvet replete with hauteur. Where yellow, there is a definitive airiness, as of finest silks in an understated shade of gold that's nonetheless laden with condescension.

Hatching Message

Royal Meridian Egg dramatically bursts into four jagged shards - three exploding outwards and one cupping the bewildered newborn blue. Who, wha? Oh, yes! A mission. He has a mission to get to… if he can get out of this egg. In a gallant show of heroicism and prowess, he rocks his eggcup back and forth until he flips, tumbling forth maw over tail with a whine. This weeble wobbles and does, indeed, fall down.

Irresistible Paramour Blue Dragonet

Fellis-flowery gold striates his silken, shadowy sapphire hide, dancing over the crevices and crannies like a nymph at play, weaving a soft web of aureate cast which glistens across his length. Robust shoulders tauten cerulean tegument, sinews not rippling down his diminutive span but serenely flowing beneath akin to a cool wisp of wind. Lissome neck wanes into a masculine countenance simply dripping with charm, muzzle hewn with a strong jawline and hawking eye, just overshadowed by rounded cheeks. Ridges undulate with a slow, steady rhythm, meandering from spine to svelte tail to splintered tailtip; each apex more rotund than typical, fashioning a heart.

Public Impression Pose

Irresistible Paramour Blue Dragonet finds his one. Yes. She's right there. You, love, are for him and him alone. He glides to a stop in front of a messenger girl. But can she take the message of his heart. Creeel. A sinuous tail wraps around Laytai's feet. Be his?

Private Impression Message

« Tye? Is that you? » A cabalistic male voice lilts in your head as the swirling eyes of the blue meet yours. The heat, the smell, the voices all melt away as your senses focus on the new interloper of your disposition. « It is! May I introduce myself, fair one? I am Valedath - and, if you accept me, I promise to take care of you. Forever. I do hope you will. » Cupid has found his Psyche - Tye and Valedath have merged, like two soft breezes into one sweet gasp of air.

Tye, darling! It was love at first sight; from the first moment we saw Laytai, we knew we had to have you to add to the fun and mayhem here at High Reaches. We've stolen you away with a dreamy valiant, and hope he's all you've ever wanted and more. Don't forget, this is just a basic idea of what Valedath is like - it's an important part of your journey through weyrlinghood and ridership to get to know him as well as your new self.

Egg Inspiration

Although they have absolutely nothing in common, this egg was inspired by the traditional colors of the Roman and the Chinese Empires. The color "imperial purple" is directly related to the purple robes of the Caesar, and the Emperor was often referred to as the one who "wore the purple." Similarly, in Imperial China, the Emperor was denoted by wearing yellow silk; in fact, no one except the Emperor, Empress, or Empress Dowager was allowed to wear yellow silk at all. Thus, the inspiration for this egg is simply the idea that such powerful rulers were often denoted by nothing more than the color of clothing they wore.
- Graiham

When you picked Royal Meridian, Tye, it certainly made us perk - it's one of our favorites as well, with its beautiful description by your clutchmate! It just seems like the kind of egg that would draw your eye! We decided that this egg, much like Valedath, is a smooth and silken, with two different personalities - the cool, royal purple, and the clumsy, cowardly yellow. It's hard to know which side will show up more - and that's exactly what this egg appears to be.

Theme Inspiration

Well, Tye darling, you said you wanted a dragon based on the lore of Greek and Roman Mythology: Cupid/Eros, that impish fiend. Plus a little Joxer from Xena on the side. So we muddled and mucked and toddled and thunk, and Valedath is what we came up with. We also weaved some of the charm and irresistibility that Orpheus was infamous for into his personality, with a little less emphasis on the musical attributes.

"Eros flies over the earth and over the loud-roaring salt sea and bewitches the one on whose frenzied mind he darts, winged and gold-gleaming, he bewitches the whelps of the mountain and those of the sea, what the earth brings forth and what the blazing sun looks down upon, and likewise mortal men. "
- Unknown

Cupid is the most famous of Valentine symbols and /everybody/ knows that boy armed with bow and arrows. He is known as a mischievous, winged child armed with bow and arrows; the arrows signify desires and emotions of love, and Cupid aims those arrows at Gods and Humans, causing them to fall deeply in love. Thus, Valedath is not only a charmer, but a matchmaker as well… but we'll get to that! In ancient Greece he was known as Eros, the young son of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. To the Romans he was Cupid, and his mother was Venus. He fell deeply in love with Psyche, a beautiful mortal, but she betrayed him and she had to undergo a series of test by his mother to regain his love; the last involved a little box of mysteries which she opened - Psyche is more commonly known by her Greek name, Pandora, and the myth of Pandora's Box. Orpheus was a handsome young lad, the son of a Muse and Oeagrus, the King of Thrace. He had an unusual knack for music, which could coerce anyone under his charm. Upon the death of his wife, Eurydice, he even entranced Pluto/Hades, king of the underworld, to let him take her back to the realm of the living; however, he broke the one stipulation given - never to look at her on the way up - and she fell back into the fiery realms of hell. Joxer is a little less… poetic and in depth, perhaps, but nonetheless an intricate part of Valedath's personality. His influence proves that Val isn't quite all he tries to seem to be, that perhaps he /has/ a knack for being suave, but he uses hyperbole a bit to his own demise. When Valedath gets out of control with his manly ways, it's the Joxer side that comes through - a bit clumsy and apt to mistakes at his own expense, but at heart an honest and loyal dragon to the hilt.

Name Inspiration

We began by searching for names in Greek - since Tyara apparently thought that Roman and Greek were the same thing. However, after looking up love, desire, lust, charm, and other words… nothing struck our fancy. We then dug into the Latin… looking up basically the same things. We played with "amo" (to love) for a while, with no fruit… when Tyara suggested something like Valentine's. We all liked the idea of a dragon nicknamed Val. It was then that we took "valesco" (to grow stronger) and a form of amo, "adamo" (to fall in love). And from that, we derived Val/a/dath.

A major bickering erupted on channel. It seemed half of Co. wanted to use an e, and the other half A. Tyara led the crusade for Valedath - It just has too many a's! - and Pyrene for Valadath - If you make it Valedath, it'll no longer look like it's derived from adamo! You're butchering the Latin! In the end, it seemed everyone lied the softer lilt of Valedath… and Pyrene begrudgingly let it be. We hope we made the right decision.


Valedath's mind voice is a cool, calm, suave baritone. A little bit of James Bond, a little bit of Barry White. « Why good morrrrning, my love. » he'll drawl, to you or whomever has settled on his ledge overnight. The tone remains the same regardless of his audience, although with you, his words may have slightly less bravado. Try as he might to avoid it, every once in awhile his voice will crack. This may go away with age, or it may not. But it will certainly embarrass Valedath to no end while he's young. Always playing himself up to the ladies, if another dragon has been seen to have success with someone Valedath is interested in, it's not beyond him to attempt to mimic the accent or speech of the rival suitor. And he really does quite a good job with it, in fact, although the mindscent and images will always be true Valedath.

And oh, that mindscent. Tye, you will never tire of it. It's that musky scent that men pull off so well, encompassing and absorbing you, or whomever else he speaks with. It's a thick scent, to be sure, but not so much as to be stifling. Smoky tendrils drift along the edges, with the sharp flavour of a martini (shaken, not stirred, my love). Indeed, he is your fireside lover, beckoning you closer, to lay with him on the fur, to spend hours speaking of many things in the softest of tones.


The imagery of Valedath's draws mainly description on the Cupid facet of his inspiration. We took elements of the mythology and wove words through his desc; "nymph", for example. The gold web across his wings springs from the quote about Cupid, and you can see the more traditional modern Cupid association in the heart-shaped tip of his tail. His build, though, is pure suave, pureed and thickened and molded like clay into your dragon. He's good-looking and he knows it, this one, just like Bond. He's small and lean, with a constant subtle glow of gold to him, and his face is the picture of draconicly handsome, with cheeks just cherubic enough to make the ladies coo when he walks by.

But it'd be unfair to just call it "walking", for Valedath does not so much walk as float…. Not that there's anything feminine or dainty about him, he just has his own ineffably masculine grace. Slow-motion film might give you something of an idea of how he moves—as if you're seeing him through the eyes of a very art-house director; he can even give the impression of soft focus, with that far off expression he so often wears. His smaller frame allows him the maneuverability to bound, also adding a dreamy sort of playfulness to each movement of his, every tail flip and neck swivel a boyish flirtation.

But his Joxer side will poke through sometimes, right when it's most inconvenient. Right after he's made a really slick line to a green, for example, and she's starting to warm to him, he'll step on his own tail. Or just after dramatically storming away from someone, he'll trip over a rock. This will happen especially during weyrlinghood as he grows into himself. During this time, he'll become master of the old trip-tumble-scrabble-to-feet- no-I'm-fine-really-did-that-on-purpose-huhuhuh routine. His recoveries are so quick and smooth, though, that if you blink, you'll miss the fact that he ever stepped into that bowl of oil and got his foot stuck.

In the air your darling blue will be naturally adept, fluttering about effortlessly while other weyrlings are still trying to untangle themselves. Like Cupid in a Raphael painting, Valedath floats among the clouds with ease, as if just an extension of the sky.

A special spot to scritch on Valedath will be the left side of the chest, over where the heart would be on a person. It's a handy scritch-spot, because you can easily do it absent-mindedly as you're standing beside him, offering him reassurance when he's a bit agitated, or congratulating him on an achievement. Valedath will absolutely adore being bathed and oiled. Just after a good oiling, his hide's golden gleam intensifies so that he'll shine with an aureate haze of light. He might hassle you a lot for scrubbing and oiling, even when his hide's in perfect condition (which it often is), but he looks so damn good afterwards that you can't help but do it just to feel proud at what a hunk of a lifemate you have.


"Everyone loves to put on a facade about being cool… And Joxer is the epitome of that, trying to be cool when there's no way he's ever gonna be cool. He has no powers. He's a crummy fighter, he's a dummy, he's not particularly good-looking. But he thinks he's all of those things, like, a hundred times over. But beneath all that he's really brave, really courageous, and I think Xena and Gabrielle see that. He's stupid but he's brave, you know? So they keep him around."
-TV Guide Chat, Aug. 27 1997

Your dragon is the absolutely perfect epitome of manhood. Formations? He’s got them down the first time! Firestone? Just watch him flame better than any other weyrlings! Thread? Not a problem! And the ladies? /Ohhhh/, the ladies. They love his dashing exploits in the air and his charming smooth talk, and they swoon at his very approach.

At least, that’s what Valedath would /like/ to think.

The reality is perhaps a bit different. Most of Valedath’s brave, daring attempts end up bungled, leaving those greens giggling in the background. Somehow he never really notices that his smoothness is all in his head, and that those greens who do hang around him are more attracted to his adorably cute, sweet, brave, and loyal nature than to his brave exploits. Every time he gets a change to prove how courageous he is, or how accomplished, or how smart, he’ll do it. He’ll often be the first eager volunteer in weyrling classes. « Oh! Yes, Druseth, I would /love/ to try takeoffs first! There’s no problem at all. » Not only is he eager to prove himself, but he’s also eager to be helpful and useful in any way he can. « Absolutely, I will. I’d love to help you find your last stone, Aibhlusaith. »

Most of that helpfulness, though, is directed toward you, Tye. He adores you and thinks you are absolutely perfect in every way. In the same way that a first love can blind people, Valedath sees you through the misty, rose-colored vision of one in giddy love. That means that if you’re stressed over formations, he’ll try to do your studying for you, and if you’re looking a little tired, he may kidnap you away to Southern for a day or two - even if it means breaking a rule or two and ignoring an actual responsibility. From the first moment he crept into your mind, he was intent on taking care of you, protecting you, making your life better. /You/ are the be all and end all of his existence. His true love.

Nine out of ten matchmakers are liars.
- Chinese proverb.

When you don’t need his services, though, he won’t be at a loss for other ways to occupy himself. As interested as he is in being loved by others, he’s also delighted by seeing others happy. Together. Eros was the god of love, and your Valedath fancies himself something of the same. He loves to play matchmaker, no matter how odd the pair or how violently they react to his meddlings. He doesn’t often bother to think about whether what he says is true or not, either, or if the pairing might actually be a good one. « Fair Chisth, if you’d give him a /chance/, I’m sure you’d come to appreciate how wonderful Braezyth is. You two would be perfect together. True love. » His efforts may not always be well received, but his well-meaning nature is hard to deny. He doesn’t always pull off suave and smooth, your Valedath, despite his velvet mindvoice and way of speaking, but he’s a charmer nevertheless. Who can resist someone who just /tries/ so hard? Who is so loyal and good-natured and sometimes even desperate for approval?

Your approval, Tye, is most important to him. He’ll often prompt you mentally as he attempts some new feat or struggles valiantly through a tough situation. « Tye, darling. Did you see my flame? » You’ll often have to reply with a reassuring word and an affectionate scritch. It goes both ways, though, and you’ll often have his velvety mindvoice telling you just how smart and beautiful and accomplished you are. « My love. You are the best weyrling in our clutch. How perfectly you made those straps. How elegant they are. »

For all that he’s sometimes a little bumbling and mischievous - remember all the trouble Eros sometimes caused? - Valedath never ceases to be loyal and loving. At heart, you are his, and he will protect you to the death. Someone has suggested that perhaps you haven’t done a stitch right? A blue bulk may appear in front of you as he insists « /You/ are doing it wrong. My Tye knows what she’s doing. » A clutchmate complains about a less-than-tidy couch? A quick « /You/ don’t have to be over here. My Tye has it the way she wants it. »

Joxer the Mighty,
Master of Verility.
Everybody wants him,
He's so sexy its a sin.
If you want a special kiss,
He's the man you can't resist.
By every measure he's a prize,
Just check out his shoe size
Haha! He's Joxer,
He's Joxer the Mighty.

It’s this sort of devotion, which often extends to his friends and clutchmates, that makes him so irresistibly sexy at times. His lines may be a bit over the top, and his "great feats" may never really work, but the faithfulness and the intensity with which he approaches just about everything in life is undeniably attractive to a great many of the ladies. Or his clutchmates. Or his wingmates. Or the canines. Heck… just about /everyone/ will find something to love about your blue, whether dragon, human, or… well, anything else. He’ll struggle to keep that love, making his feats even more ambitious and his words even more flowery, never really knowing that his real charm comes from something entirely different.

And make no mistake, Tye, your dragon /loves/ flowery words. Endearments will crop up like dandelions, and everyone will be "My dear" or "Love" or "Darling" or "Moonbeam" or "Buttercup." You, Tye, are always His. Other endearments will creep in, but whenever he speaks of his rider, it is always "My Tye." « My Tye says we may go *between* tomorrow. » « Have you seen My Tye’s new leathers? They are simply wonderful. » « Do you think we should go swimming? I don’t think I should without My Tye. »

One of Valadeth’s favorite pastimes is composing poetry. Oh yes. It goes perfectly with his charming-and-dashing sense of himself. Look forward to long nights spend listening to him perfect his latest masterpiece aloud. « Ahem. ‘My darling Iztenith, so fresh, so sweet. When I see you, I—’ My Tye! What rhymes with ‘sweet’? » Once it’s perfected, you’ll often get a formal recitation of his rather.. erm.. bad.. cheesy.. poetry. But through it all, the overwhelming sense of sweetness and /trying/ makes him hard to resist.

The little Love-god lying once asleep
Laid by his side his heart-inflaming brand,
Whilst many nymphs that vow’d chaste life to keep
Came tripping by; but in her maiden hand
The fairest votary took up that fire
Which many legions of true hearts had warm’d;
And so the general of hot desire
Was, sleeping, by a virgin hand disarm’d.
This brand she quenched in a cool well by,
Which from Love’s fire took heat perpetual,
Growing a bath and healthful remedy
For men diseas’d; but I, my mistress’ thrall,
Came there for cure, and this by that I prove,
Love’s fire heats water, water cools not love.
-William Shakespeare

Why such poems? Because always and forever, your blue will have a green. A perfect counterpart. A goddess of love. Nevermind that it may be Laeth for sevendays at a time, and then abruptly he’s going on about the rapture of the way Miravith creates such wonderful art with her squirrels. His attention is fickle - rather Bondish, really - but with no real pattern. He may speaks rapturously of one green for months, and then go through four in the course of a sevenday. Each and every one, though, is the One. You’ll hear all about the wonders of Vespurath’s starry hide and the gorgeous length of Aiblusaith’s tail, to great extent. And so will they. He’s fond of trying to sweet talk his lovers, using any means possible. Once the poems have been recited to you, he’ll corner that green.

« Your eyes are like dewdrops, your hide is like sisal
And when you are flying, you make my heart sizzle
Oh, lovely green maiden, as pure as the snow
What do I want? When you're proddy, you'll know. »

He’s also given to long, elaborate metaphors - and sometimes he loses track of just what he’s talking about. « Alymath’s tail is a stream, glimmering down the tallest mountain of Telgar in the ice cold, and there are rocks that make the ripples sparkle in the sunlight, and flowers grow along the banks in bright colors and sweet scents and… her tail. Oh! Right. It’s pretty. »

Occasionally, he may even put one of those poems - or Faranth forbid, one of those metaphors - to music, and you’ll have a tune floating through your consciousness every hour of the day, no matter if you’re trying to learn your *betweening* points or fall asleep after a hard day’s work. Even his clutchmates and wingmates will get to listen, now and then, one he’s perfected it on you. He may even track down Oirfeath for a few pointers, when he decides to serenade this green or that. Like everything else, he wants his poems and songs to be /perfect/ before he puts them to work.


Because Valedath is so focused on wooing the ladies at any time of the day, you may not always notice when he’s actually chasing. At least, not at first. He may often be blooded and in the air before you even realize that a certain green is glowing. Only if you’re paying attention will you notice that his « Darling! Love! Your skin is soft as a cloud, and you fly like the breeze! » is quite literal as he darts upward after a green.

Now listen, I'm fierce and I have a lust for blood. As a matter of fact, if a couple of days go by and I haven't shed some blood I get very depressed. Blood and me go together like a horse and a chariot. I once bathed in a tub blood. My nickname is bloody Joxer."
-Episode 'Callisto'

In his eagerness to get aloft, he has a tendency to make a mess of the bits that come before. Blooding? Doesn’t that involve ripping into a herdbeast and getting more of the icky bits all over his muzzle - and the flanks of the dragon next to him - than into his mouth? He’s not always a sloppy eater, but the prospect of a /flight/ makes him clumsier than normal, and he tends to be so focused on sending poetic bits of flattery toward his chosen one that he ends up covered in his dinner.

He’s always full of flattery sprung from the most clichéd, cheesy traditions, and he has a tendency to chatter to the object of his desire before, during, and even after a flight. He’s small, so he’s got some moves, but that full-time smooth-talking takes a bit of concentration. He’ll be more apt to catch the greens who are susceptible to his good-natured, well-intentioned charm than those who like to fly circles around their chasers. He’ll absolutely adore basking in the afterglow of flights. He’ll want to curl in the sun with his darling for hours, or days, even, and the green he catches will be the center of his world - barring you, Tye - for a sevenday or so after the flight. Then, of course, he’ll be off after his new love in typical Valedath fashion.


Name: Kariel; Tyara tweak
Egg Desc: Graiham; Fyria tweak
Dragonet Desc: Kariel; Sora tweak
Messages: Kariel
Puppeteer: Ciera
Inspiration: Tatia, Shaela, Auri, Kariel, Tyara, Sora

Zana (Zorana) and blue Braezyth, Nylca and green Laeth, C'ela (Enceladus) and bronze Ejotzeth, Sein (Seilyn) and green Aibhlusaith, Marina and green Chisth, Vaeli (Vaedelle) and gold Nissionath, G'ram (Graiham) and brown Fantorith, M'lir (Myliren) and bronze Oirfeath, and D'ean (Goldean) and green Iztenith

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