Palia's The Missing Mitten Green Veriameth

Clutching Pose

From the sands, Chayath works diligently to ensure that the homes of her children will be protected and spaced sufficiently far from Cadgwith's lot, so she begins by placing them at the farthest end from the other gold's eggs. With seemingly little effort, the eggs gradually appear on the Sands: this time, three in quick succession.

Flock of Seagulls Egg

Bleached blonde hues sweep in a grand cascade across the top of this quirky egg, looping here, carefully sweeping there. Electric yellow fades slowly into a murky brown, wavering like a moving shadow, splinters of fragmented light breaking through the hazy hue. But for all the apparent calm of its shell, upon closer inspection of the egg, one could notice a tinge of pulsing orange and yellow, hints of flashy neon lights and a catchy beat.

Hatching Message

Flock of Seagulls Egg pulses to its own beat, rocking back and forth with an erratic riff-spin, rolling absently on it's axis. A fading dream, a fading mem'ry; life after will never be as it was before. And before one can fully grasp that the egg with Big Hair(tm) just spewed out philosophical thoughts, it cracks dead down the center, the walls coming down to the sand, revealing the icy creature within.

The Missing Mitten Green Dragonet

Winter's thaw breaks frost from the tiny blades of grass that tickle great ice-green dragonwings and chill the ashen-blue mountain creeks that splash across her 'spars. Valiant sproutlings push up through wingsails' glacial depths till tiny, tremulous blades of green patina the stark ice beneath. Those frigid tones crag her lean frame and loom evergreen over the palest arctic tundra below, a stolid presence over her back and chest before the forest casts shadows upon her sinuous neck. Spring's wane light sprinkles through the pine to dapple her shoulders with saffron light, sunshine and renewal bring change from the dreary cold to high summer's heat with swift alacrity. Grass clippings and oak works up her spine to drape the summer solstice, wisteria, and lavender across her headknobs and trailing vines tickle her delicate features. Fate's hand has designed this dragon a swift turn of the seasons: always changing, yet forever the same.

Public Impression Pose

The Missing Mitten Green Dragonet leaves behind her games and her distractions. She's hungry. She needs a partner. She needs to find the missing mitten. The little green carefully dodges around her Impressing clutchmates, mindful of their chosen. She trumpets weakly as another small green bumps past her. And there she is. She's the missing one to the pair. She's the one to comfort her throughout the changing turns. The green moves serenely and patiently towards The One and nuzzles Palia's layered robes. Walk with me through the seasons?

Private Impression Message

At first, it's unnoticable: windchimes tinkling faintly in the background. Certainly not loud enough to be heard over a racing heart and blood in the ears, right? … Wrong. That sound increases, and bare feet padding on hard-packed soil: and quite suddenly, you are not alone any more. Playful indecision has ceased, and the cool grace of a summer stream flows into your mind, bringing butterflies and wildflowers and a thousand scents of the seasons. « Finally! I have been searching all over for you! » Exquisite voice of lute and melody pauses, the owner of that soprano chime getting comfortable. « You're Palia. I'm Veriameth. All is as it was supposed to be. » Check. « Can we eat now? »

Palia! Oh, Palia. You have been a joy to have as a candidate, and it's been a rockin' good time to see you progress as a character! We figured that we might, y'know, knock a little bit of bloody fun to Palannia by giving her the -most- coolest green around, so here she is: your very own Veriameth!

Egg Inspiration

What are the 80s without a little Flock of Seagulls? A true showcase of all of the quirky decadence of the 80s, complete with big hair. I haven't seen anything even close to Flock of Seagulls when it comes to crazy hair, and I wanted to put that unique style, along with a few subtle tributes to a few of their songs, into this egg.

Theme Inspiration

We really didn't have any troubles picking out a theme for this one. From the very start, we liked the 'seasonal' idea; it just seemed so perfect for a dragon to match such a mood-swinger as Palia. She's even described as seasons; mostly winter, for High Reaches -is- the winter weyr, no? — and it carries on to her personality. At the same time that she's seasonal, she also has very complex aspects to her— so she has many, many tiny inspirations, almost too many to truly list.

Description Inspiration

She's the seasons! Except for fall, because I couldn't fit fall in and it just didn't work, anyhow. She's wintry greens and icy non-snow that just suddenly blooms past a spring-neck into summer! I wanted to give a real feel of 'frost, thawing' in her description, and I can only hope that it turned out as well as the mental picture of her in my head is. ;)

Name Inspiration

Now this was a tough name to come by. We scrambled, we trashed, we turned, we twisted, we changed, we trashed, we restarted, we argued, we poked, we prodded, and finally! Veriameth. Originally, we were trying to stick in key root words to give it some meaning, but when that didn't work out, we threw pretty letters together into something we hoped you would like.

But wait! That's not all! Shortly after announcing what Paliath's name would be, Pyrene asked me if it meant 'winter's love'. I stared dumbfounded like '..what?' She then proceeds to tell me that 'hiver' and 'aime' are French for 'winter' and 'love' respectively. Whoa! Dude! Lookit that! We were just tossing around pretty letters, found a pretty name, and lo' and behold, it /does/ hold some meaning, and coincidently tying together with your lovely lifemate, too! As with Veriameth, Fate's hand has designed us the perfect name. I'll bet we couldn't do that again if we tried. :)

I pronounced it 'ver-REE-ah-meth', but you can say it however you like. She's yours, after all, and she's not gonna tell US how to say her name.

Winter's Love, Veriameth, and she's all for you, Palia.


Have you ever been out in the middle of a freshly-mowed pasture midsummer? It's all fresh and green, and the smell of just-cut grass is heavenly! That's Veriameth's mindscope. She /is/ perpetual midsummer, sunny and bright, quick to offer warm breezes to dilute a fellow's brimstone and fire. In other words, Sidramuntalath will hate how she changes his mindscope.

Her voice changed like a bird's: There grew more of the music, and less of the words.
Robert Browning, Flight of the Duchess

Wildflowers will be a big part of her mind: she adores wildflowers, and they'll pop up at random intervals in a simple chain, tossed amuck or just massive fields of them. Wildflowers and grassy fields, and when she's feeling particularly nostalgic, a hot summer's night filled with fireflies. Fireflies and wildflowers: how could she go wrong?

When her mood changes, however, everyone's warned: she'll be as frigid as ice itself, unyielding, unbending, unbroken. Those warm summer nights and jaunty spring sunrises will cease, and that temper fill flare into a frozen river, dangerous for anyone to attempt. She /is/ ice, totally and entirely, and beware those that attempt to cross her, for they shall be cold-burnt.

As for her mindvoice, itself, well— Veri's mindvoice typically is lutes and spring bell-tones, light and airy and without a proverbial care. In a word, windchimes. The classic homemade ones, of reeds: that delightful hollow/mellow sound with a tend for the soprano range.

The voice so sweet, the words so fair
As some soft chime had stroked the air
And though the sound had parted thence
Still left an echo in the sense.
Ben Jonson, Eupheme IV

However, with you it will all be different. Those lutes and windchimes will be as soft as a perpetual spring breeze: cool but with the promise of warmth, of sunshine and good times ahead. No matter what she says, or how vexed she might get at you at rare occasions, that will never change; she adores her lifemate, her Palia, her -you-, and that will forever reflect in the melodic harmony of her voice.


Oh, she was hotter than a two dollar pistol
She was the fastest thing around
Long and lean, every young man's dream
She turned every head in town
George Jones, "Cadillac Song"

Oh, where to -start-? Veriameth is a very varied dragon in some aspects, not the least of which is her physical being: she's all light and ice and cold angles from her wings and barrel-down, but as soon as one hits those shoulders, the telltale signs of spring will leap up and start to posess her; she's all sunlight and glories up top. She's not a particularly 'built' dragon; at full growth she'll be lean and long, exactly in that perfect middle-size that some greens achieve. She's well-proportioned, and if you /look/ at her she'll begin to look bigger than she is. All that gawky space in larger dragons is compacted into perfection, within her frame— she's an Igenbred rather than a Southern Draft, but it doesn't make her any less the dragon. Mmm, mm, mmm. To explain what Veri looks like is one thing; to explain how she /moves/ is another. From the very start, she'll have a grasp on her bearings within the universe and the things around her- in fact, she'll hold an uncanny knack for avoiding disastrous situations and always end up 'on her feet'. In this aspect she'll most likely mirror her clutchmate Zveitseith; they both have an admirable grip on themselves.

Gracefulness has been defined to be the outward expression of the inward harmony of the soul.
William Hazlitt

However, where Zvei is slinky and huntressish, Veri is surefooted and stable; she's not exactly ungraceful, but her style will always tend to be simple instead of elaborate or eyecatching. She is elegance with grace, but in the manner a swaying grassfield is. She simply Is, and whether one likes that or not, well— they'll have to deal with themselves. In the air, however, she'll be entirely different, manifesting an endurance previously unseen in greens: she can outlast most of her color companions, and a good chunk of her blue fellows— the larger blues and smaller browns will always be more apt to catch her in flights, as they simply blend with her flight style much better than chunky browns and bronzes, or slight blues. As seaons progress, raw winter to adolescent spring and youthful summer, on through mature autumn, so will her growth progress; four distinct phases as she fills out. She'll be the slightest bit pudgy when she's starting out, before turning lean and the bit awkward- looking; she'll grow halfway into herself, before she stops growing outwards and just fills out in muscle and lean brawn.

Adults are obsolete children.
Dr. Seuss

Along the way, itchiness will be scattered; along the peaks of neckridges and high about her headknobs will be true trouble spots, but that will be it, really. Unfortunately, those headknobs will forever be sensitive, and unduly itchy; for some reason, she'll always have hide trouble about that area. Nothing serious, just something Palia will forever have to keep an eye on. So, yes: she might take a bit of growing into, and her growth might putter out here and there before resuming track, but— in the end, she'll be better for it, a gorgeous vision of icegreen silky-hide dragonflesh, and not a one will complain of her being not easy on the eyes.


Have you ever been in a room full of people, and the one person walks in, and the room just /feels/ their presence? Not that drop-dead gorgeous person, or the big bad bully, but the one who just fills the air with that certain intensity of peacefulness? Like the girl who is so content and at peace with herself, the air around her just seems to crackle and all you can do is just /wish/ you had the same kind of luck? The whole idea just sends a shiver down your spine, doesn't it? That's your Veriameth, Palia. She's not cocky, mind you, nor is she the submissive type. She's just /her/. She's content. She's got the permanent sense of serenity. Imagine looking at a frozen river, and the only sound is the wind whispering through the trees. If she's nothing else, she's content.

She will never have a harsh word come directly from her to another, except maybe when she's confiding in you, Palia. She'll be understanding, but that doesn't mean things won't annoy her.

«That Valedath is such a dolt, Palia. Doesn't he know that those bloody poems get annoying about the hundredth repetition of 'talons'?»
"Why don't you clue him in, then?"
«Because he can't help his stupidity.»

She'll brush them off and return to her sunbathing, and most annoyances will only be mentioned to you in easy conversation. She has a mild indifference about her, as if the sun itself could come tumbling down, and all she would say is something about how much warmer your and her favorite spot will be now. A strange sense of optimism, some might call it. Nevermind what was under the sun /where/ it landed. She worries for those she loves, sparing only little thought for the rest of the world. She's helpful when she can, but she'll barely waste her time or energy trying to save a lost cause, as Veriameth may call it. She can also be very impatient at times, depending on her mood, and never has any sympathy for stupidity.

"That feline almost /bit/ me!"
«Well, that's what you get for trying to shave it.»

And yet, she's a bit nave. Uncoventional, maybe. Sometimes that 'motherly' attitude can make her sound uncaring or insensitive. Sometimes stupidity will push her nerves just a little too far. Her feelings are most sensitive, and while she'll laugh at the public joke at her expense, she'll run to you licking her wounds. She can amuse herself quite easily, testing out her physical vocal cords to make various noises, testing her tail to see how far it can bend. She's also somewhat indecisive, although most of it's due to the want of suspense.

"C'mon, Veriameth, tell me where you want to go!"
«Well, Southern is awful nice this time of year, but Ista has all the cute blues!»
"Veriameth! The sun will be down soon!"
«Okay, okay, let's go to that little island that we went to for our last beach party.»

She's decently smart, for a green. She catches onto things pretty quickly, although it's her attention span that lags. More than once, Palia, you're going to have to pull Veriameth's mind back on track.

It's not that she /can't/ pay attention, it's just that whatever she's supposed to be paying attention to tends to bore her after a short while. She does this in conversation, too.
«And do you know what Esryth did after he caught that green? By the way, I really think he's rather cute, but Dyamith it much more attractive. Does that make sense? You know, that reminds me..»

Think of her as a chatty drudge. She's not always chatty, but when she is, it's not a thin stream of thought. It's more like a flood. She won't necessarily talk about stupid things (she's far from bubbly), but about the things she's seen and heard throughout the day, or things she doesn't understand. The problem with the latter is she'll more often than not ask and talk her way into confusing you about things you thought you knew.

In chatter a river, in understanding but a single drop.
Latin proverb

She doesn't care too much about appearances, as she'll be likely to show you during her feedings. She's no princess when it comes to hunting down that fat herdbeasts in the pens, and she'll proudly show off the blood stains around her muzzle until she's forced to wash it off. Still, she's considerate enough to bring you a remaining entrail, worried if you've eaten enough that day.

Speaking of feedings, she'll have a stubborn urge to always be eating. She doesn't /overeat/, but she enjoys her food— in weyrlinghood, the bloodier the better, with lots and lots of fresh gizzards, please! And if you try to persuade her to slow down her eating, or delay a feeding, she'll offer a diversion; nothing showy or arrogant, but just her regular serenity, brought into focus of… food.

Kaylee: Is that him?
Mal: That's the buffet table.
Kaylee: How will we know unless we question it?
Mal: Just don't make yourself sick.
Mal and Kaylee from "Firefly"

Seasons come and seasons go. If your lifemate's personality seems a bit two-sided, or four-sided, as the case may be, that's because it is. The rise and fall of her emotions will vary with the seasons. She may be a prone to more annoyances during the hot summer, while icy indifference rules in the winter. As quickly as the weather can change, so can she. Each dawn you face a new challenge, Palia, and that's to figure out exactly how your lifemate will be.

"Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get."
Tom Hanks as Forrest Gump

While the weather may change from day to day, nature's season melt together peacefully and slowly. Small moods may be notable, but her overall stature will flow from one extreme to the next as elegant as a river slows its flow and ices over.

This is your Veriameth, Palia. Brave the busy springs with her, relax with her during the hot summers, work with her in the harvest fall, and fight the harsh winters with her. As her key season may be winter, so as with High Reaches Weyr.


When Thread falls, Veriameth is more than antsy to get to it. It is, after all, heading towards her element, with every intention of eating nature whole. She abandons all contentedness. She becomes angry. Agitated. Sporadic. Determined. There's only one thing in her mind. And that's to burn the stuff from the sky before it even has a chance.

When they can't win in fair fight, they resort to all sorts of sly tricks.
German proverb

But she gets impatient, too. She'll want to abandon her formation to flame every blessed piece of Thread she sees. Her short attention span applies here, too, as more often then not, you'll have to remind her to stay within her territory and let the other wings do their job.

It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog.
Syrus, "Maxims"

She's zippy when it comes to getting her Thread. She'll jerk her head, spin around and flame before you have time to tell her that there's a closer spore in dangerous zones. This could lead to her getting scored a few times and close calls with other dragons before she finally learns that this /is/ one place to hold onto all her training and restraint, and not be distracted.


Ah, flights. Like the brittle frost, it has to come someday. Veriameth isn't a particularly 'proddy' green. She'll show signs, a little glowing, sleeping a lot, maybe a slight moodiness, but nothing like Aibhlusaith may be. In fact, you may be hard pressed to know exactly when she may fly. Of course, Veriameth will pick up the slack for you by announcing a head of time. She'll tell you a few days ahead of time, and then again maybe within a day or so. But the actual moment will be left entirely up to chance.

And the heart's best interest
t'is best left up
to whimsy
and chance
- Unknown

When her eyes flick open from that last nap, she won't say a word. She'll simply pick herself up and head towards the pens. Much as it may be to your dismay, Palia, your Veriameth is a blooder. She'll blood beast after beast, making no attempt at being neat or elegant. You'll have to convince her to stop and get on with it, or she'll be liable to blood until she can't fly.

She'll be lethal for the first few moments of her flight. Vicious, determined. She'll fly straight towards her element, whether it be clouds or sun or the forest or water. But, as her way demands, her naivety will kick in. She'll be slippery, twisting and flipping this way and that in the sunlight, and oh yeah…/boys/. She'll slip between them and above them, below them and around them, taunting and teasing them with her indecisiveness.

But as with the sun, what goes up, must come down. Nine times out of ten, it's her naivety that gets her caught. Her mind will start to wander.
«Oh look! That cloud resembles a tunnelsnake!»
And the next thing she knows, she's already been wrapped up by one of those boys and tumblings towards the ground. Rarely will she ever actually 'let' herself be caught. It's always that one small mistake.

After everything is said and done, and that boy is perched on her ledge, she'll sneak into your weyr with pleading thoughts.

"In the morning, tell him… I don't know. Tell him something cool; tell him I said it."

That's you Veriameth, alright. Post-flight is probably the only time you'll actually hear her at a loss for words. She's not overly possessive of her boys, but she does tend to use her naivety when trying to figure out how to act around them. At least until dragon- memory finally forgets it. Then she's back to normal, with only a vague sense of what happened and only you to remind her.

The wind blows out, the bubble dies
The spring entomb'd in autumn lies
The dew dries up; the star is shot
The flight is past—and man forgot.
Oliver Wendell Holmes

Palia! This is -our- version of the pretty, carefree Veriameth… but as it is, she's /yours/, to play and enjoy, so if you don't like how we've written her, we won't cry! Play her how you want, and take bits or chunks of the insp as you would; we just hope you enjoy her, and enjoy playing more at High Reaches!


Name: Vaeli, Sii'kyn
Egg Desc: Rhaedyn; Sii'kyn tweak
Dragonet Desc: Sii'kyn; Nuff tweak
Messages: Sii'kyn
Puppeteer: Vaeli
Inspiration: Vaeli, Sii'kyn, Nuff

Desba and brown Dyamith
Kalaeya and green Maiioth
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Rajani (Rajanigandha) and green Celvynath
Ryse (Chrysea) and blue Paperth
Ashli and gold Isamath
R'um (Rylum) and brown Runnerth (NPC)
X'ian (Axle) and bronze Morchainth
D'nik (Dominicke) and green Zveitseith
Aislinn and blue Esryth

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