Tatia's Midnight Games in the Park Green Vespurath

We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.
~ Oscar Wilde

Backyard Stargazing Egg

A peaceful darkness envelops this egg, folding it over in endless bolts of velvet. Pinpricks of light, little beacons on the night can be found all over the entirety of the egg's eternally smooth shell. A warmth surrounds the egg — fragrant and, on the whole, quite pleasant. However, near the bottom, a sort of lighter, frostier color resides, a pleasant counterpart to the near-overpowering warmth of the rest of the egg.

Hatching Message

Backyard Stargazing Egg shivers ever so slightly, rocking in its universe devoid of light. Though suddenly, pinpoints of lights seem to come alive, melting into the shell; growing, expanding, illuminating; disturbing the blackness of the shell. And then, at once, the universe shatters, giving birth to a new creature.

Midnight Games in the Park Green Dragonet

Malachite dredges itself up from darkest recesses of the woods, the gentle flicker of pine hiding among verdant shades of more umbrageous tones. Shadows stretch beneath the splendor of absinthe, which bursts out over slender 'ridges and wings alike while radiant pinpoints of nebulous sage are scattered like stars across the compact neck, leading up to the chiseled muzzle and capacious eyes. The illumination through the forests of hide continues down the thickset legs, leading to a set of perfect, gleaming claws. Somber tones give way to mischeviousness along the haunches and sprawling tail, midnight's refined touch changing to erratic shades, as if reflecting a child's mirth.

Public Impression Pose

Midnight Games In The Park Green Dragonet pauses - wait! There was a sound! She pivots clumsily, heading straight towards a bunch of those white-clad people. Move it, move it! /Hers/ is there. There! Creeling, the green throws herself at the feet of Tatoria. Please, mommy, can I keep this one?

Private Impression Message

Twinkle, twinkle little star… like the gradual appearance of constellations 'gainst a night sky, so comes a voice, a thought, a /presence/ into your mind. The childish giggle of innocence lingers in your conscience, now and forever, though below it lurks the husky whisper of a mischievous mind. « Tat… Tat… » Pinewood and fresh grass envelop you, a caress so physical that the hot sand under your feet seems to vanish. « Vespurath. » The single word is etched into your mind, and you realize that she is you - or are you her? One thing is certain; together you will be, always, eternally and for all time to come.

Tatoria! /Tatia/! We are /so/ happy you decided to apply again here at High Reaches Weyr! You are such a spiffy person, and this time we're keeping you for good! So, welcome to HRW and to /Vespurath/ - she's yours to keep, play with and have fun with - and we hope you adore her as much as we adore you! Remember, this inspiration is just a little help and a figment of our picture on your darling green - you can of course play her as you want! On behalf of HRW's Apocalypse Search; /welcome/ to the rank of HRW 'riders!

Egg Inspiration

I'm a very nature-ey person and sometimes I do just go out into my backyard and lay down on the grass — especially in summer. Because in summer, the grass is nice and cool and the air is nice and balmy. When you look up, the sky is so smooth and velvety and the stars are just — endless. You can always find some sort of pattern or picture in them — even if they aren't a 'real' constellation. And it's just…you can loose yourself in them for so long and you can just keep looking, as if all the answers were held in those stars.
(Egg inspiration, written by Damia)

Name Inspiration

vesper n [late ME, fr. L evening (star), esp. Hesper, fr. Hesperos, Greek god of evening] 1 : the evening star 2 : a bell rung at evening 3 : eveningtide

Vespurath: Her name is derived from two things. The first is Vesper; Greek goddess of dusk, and vesper, nighttime-prayer. The second part is the word 'travesura', which means 'mischief' in Spanish. Why Spanish? Because it was a pretty word! We wanted to use these two words, suggested respectively by Pyrene and Tyara, but we couldn't find just the right abbreviation - but, after a brainstorm session with various people, Auri came up with the final combination; Vespurath!

So, here is your little impish goddess of nighttime mischief!

"Run a damp sponge across a bookshelf, and you pick up a few bits of defunct comets, of grime ground off colliding asteroids, and of powder left behind when the planets formed."
~The New Yorker

Dragon Inspiration

"Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. It's the transition that's troublesome."
- Isaac Asimov

You asked for a dragon that would force Tatoria to be the responsible part of the duo - and an irresponsible brat you have gotten, Tat! Not to say that she doesn't think, becaue she /does/. But her thoughts tend to concentrate a little too heavily in the pranking/mischief area. Too many times will you be left to deal with whatever mess dear Vespurath has wrought. And too many times will it be a disaster you'll discover when you least feel like it. « Um, Tatia? I /know/ you're tired, but I think we should stay out and play. You don't /really/ want to go into our weyr, do you? You really, /really/ don't. » She'll push and whimper and try to make you ignore the fact that something's on fire. Or suddenly purple. But whatever she does, don't get too mad at her, or else you'll have to face the voice you can't say 'no' to. « I… I'm sorry! I didn't mean to! I know, I'm such a horrible lifemate.. You hate me, don't you? I don't deserve love. » So sniffly she'll be when filled with remorse that it will be hard to stay angry, and at least unwise to, if you intend to get any sleep with her mourning over her behavior.

"The secret of success is to know something nobody else knows. "
~Aristotle Onassis

Oh yes, she has the ability to play you - and everyone else, dragon or human alike - like a fiddle. All she has to do is stare at her victim with her large eyes, make her muzzle shiver slightly and shift her voice to that 'on the verge of crying' husky whisper of one abandoned to her own unmerciful fate. « You mean…. you /won't/ scritch my back? Do I really have to do /without/…? » It will be hard to admit that she is bratty, for, like the most conniving of small children, Vespurath will know how to manipulate your feelings for her into guilt, getting her way without ever seeming the villain. Instead, she will twist the scenario around so much so that you may indeed seem like the Big Bad MeanRider at fault. « No more meat? Well…that's ok…I'll just go huddle in my dark little corner all lonely and sad slowly starve to death. No, no. It's alright. I don't want trouble you, really. You have fun, Tatia. Starving's fine. » And when her victim finally gives in, she'll adjust her voice to be that of smug self-consciousness. « I knew you wanted to do it! »

"It is absurd to divide people into good and bad. People are either charming or tedious."
~Oscar Wilde

Whenever your darling Vespurath does something she probably shouldn't have done, she'll always expect you to take the blame for her actions. « But, /Tat/, it'll be easier if /you/ explain to R'sli why his board ended up in the lake - I'm so /bad/ at defending myself. Pleeeease! » If she doesn't get her way, she'll sulk, pout and stamp her foot until you make it up to her again - but more often than not, it'll be over soon, as she forgets about it and finds other trouble to get in.

Stars and People are made up of the same stuff.
~ Bill Nye the Science Guy

If there's something that fascinates Vespurath more than anything, it's the stars. « They're so pretty. », she'll explain. « Gleaming up there in the sky… They're /alive/. » Her star-gazing will mean a few sleepless nights for you. She's not afraid to wake you even out of the soundest sleep for a night up on the Star Stones. Don't try to doze off during one of these sessions, however. She'll wake up up immediately. « Taaaaaat! » And she will demand to know /everything/. « Tat, why is that star brighter than that one? Tat, what was that 'White Kitten' you told about earlier? Tat, tell me a story - or I can't sleep! » … « Oh, just one more story! Pleeeease! I promise, I'll go to sleep afterwards. Taaat…. » You might as well give up arguing, Tatoria, because Vespurath is a dragon of her words - she /won't/ go to sleep unless you tell another tale of a constellation. But as much as she enjoys you telling tales, almost as much does she enjoy telling them herself; to you, other dragons or just about anyone who'll listen.

"I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world."
~Albert Einstein

Did you /know/ about that furry little feline that chases dragons' tails? Or about the way the spires stick into the sky? And did she mention that she found another sock? Soon these tales might dissolve into pure stories, spun by her childlike mind, woven into a fantastic explanation of how she managed to end up muddy, and why there's something living in the lake. « I saw it, Tatia. In the lake. It's big and dark and scary… No, it's not Cadgwith! » Vespurath's tales will always be there for you, myths of the most unbelievable order. Yet you'll have to at least pretend, or else she'll throw a little fit and go sulking until she comes up with an even better tale. Facts simply aren't as important to Vespurath. Knowledge comes from hides, things she only believes are only fun when they're still on the herdbeast and she can shred it. Facts, information, it's all too much for her hyperactive mind. But imagination… There's the fuel that fires her, that lets her burn with a childlike flame. A hundred Harpers impress her less than one of your stories, Tatoria. This is why the early weyrling lessons will bore her. Too much talking, not enough doing. The only shreds of interest she'll show is when the weyrlingmasters tell any sort of stories about weyrling classes past. « Wow. That Ko'en sure was horrible. Maybe he was actually an evil wherry in disguise. What do you think, Tat? »

"Fill what's empty, empty what's full, and scratch where it itches."
~the Duchess of Windsor, when asked about the secret of a long and happy life

Like the dragons of Terran lore, your Vespurath is a collector. But she doesn't hoard gold, and even shiny things don't distract her much. Nope, it's only when she's lurking out in the bowl, noticing some laundry hung in the summer sun that her eyes go wide and light up with the intent for a new pile. On such occasion, she sneak over and with the twitch of a tail, something will vanish. The next time you go in your weyr, you'll find her trying to build a nest with her strange assortment of socks and undergarments. « D'renn? No, this is /my/ underwear, Tatia! Didn't you know? » Occasionally one or two of those socks will become stuck on her tail or claws, and you'll know what you'll find when you get home. Even night won't save you from her pranks. Once she finds a fellow appreciator of the night, and is no longer under the strict, weyrlingmaster-induced curfews, she won't be afraid to play the occasional night games. « Good night, Tatia. I'm going… out. Swimming. Or something. » And she'll vanish into the night before you can stop her, ready to let her whirling eyes gleam into the night and scare some unsuspecting resident, and to play games with her fellow dragons. And what games they'll invent! You'll never quite know the rules, for she'll never reveal them to you, but you'll get some odd images. Maybe ones of a splintered stick, or of a herdbeast carcass, or something big, furry, and purple. Sneaking around and prowling will be part of life's game for her. Her quiet paws and her bratlike instincts will let her quietly slink through the Weyr unnoticed, when she wishes. You wouldn't think a dragon would be quiet, would you? Especially a brat one! But Vespurath manages, the gentle swish-swish of her dragging tail the only sound signalling her presence when she wishes. « Boo! » She'll pop out of shadows, her sage-smeared head coyly tilting to the side as she offers you an innocent beam, before going off on a cheerful speech on all the things she's done that day, and why you should be proud of her.

"When you have to kill a man, it costs nothing to be polite. "
~Sir Winston Churchill

In spite of her sometimes reckless behavior, your little green is not without a conscience. While she can tease and taunt and mock and become hysterical with you, or the weyrlingmasters, or anyone who doesn't follow her littlest flicker of tail, she is especially regretful when it comes to eating. More often than not, after she learns hunting for herself, you'll hear her trying to reason with the herdbeasts. « You know, I /really/ think you are a nice herdbeast. I /really/ do not want to eat you. But, you know, I must……………… I am sorry………… » And just like children might do after incidentally killing a bird or even a small ant, she will sometimes guard her ripped-open-and-partially-eaten-herdbeast even after she's finished devouring it, and insist on giving it a proper farewell. « Barbarianth! Don't you dare play with that carcass! I will just put it over /here/, behind that rock. »

"Do, or do not. There is no 'try'."

Despite of her at times childish and brat-like behavior, your sage-dotted green is unmistakably feminine. Unconsciously, she possesses a womanly charm that will encite the males - but usually, she will want to play with them rather than flirt. Yes, she is indeed a tomboy, always up for pranks and creating trouble. « Mzadith! Nylanth! Race you to the lake! » She sees the males more as competition for her skills than as /males/ - she will alawys want to compete with them, be it during classes, threadfall or playing, and she will want to /win/. When Vespurath is in the spotlight, surrounded by admirers, she is happiest - and she will always expect you, Tatoria, to admire her the most, and praise her. « Hey, Tat! Look! Isn't this neat? I can use my tail to make that branch hit Branwyth's head! Aren't you proud of me, huh, Tat? Tat? Aren't you proud of me? I'm good, right, Tat, right? »

"Egotist: a person more interested in himself than in me. "
~Ambrose Bierce

She is not /egoistical/, but rather self-centered, like children tend to be. It is this childish way of thinking that makes her world the /only/ world. If she does not see it, dream it up, or somehow know about it, it doesn't exist. She doesn't wish to promote herself on others' behalves, but she simply believes that /she/ is the center of the universe, and therefore, it is natural that she comes first.

We had the sky up there, all speckled with stars, and we used to lay on our backs and look up at them and discuss about weather they were made or only just happened.
~Mark Twain

Children are oddly-shaped, aren't they? Just growing, nothing ever seems to be in proportion. As is the case for Vespurath. Her limbs and neck are all just a little shorter than most, enough to make someone pause and stare at her when she's seen among a group of dragons. Not that she looks odd or grotesque because of it, not at all! It's something that people will notice but never place their finger on. A little pudge to her stomach will be apparent continuously, especially in the early days where she'll be doing nothing but eat, eat, eat! It's just baby-fat, and rarely will it seem to vanish. The same thickness is apparent in her haunches, but the rest of her seems lean enough.

"It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog. "
~ Mark Twain

Activity is what will keep her lean. The energy she exhudes will result in her becoming a fairly muscular green, but never will it be overly apparent. Her soft, silken hide always will seem to cover it, leaving her with a more delicate appearance than is true. Definitely more delicate than is true— her form is like that of a cat. Powerful, but understated in what it hides. She'll always seem to walk the line between beautiful and adorable… She'll never be the regal green, having too much of a mischevious gleam in her eye, but she's certainly a creature with her own inner gracefulness in the air. And as she will never gain the body of a well-proportioned temptress, she will rather look like a tomboy - yes with a decidedly feminine touch to the arc of her neck and the overall graceful slimness of her form.

Have you ever just lay on your back in the woods or in a park, staring up through the trees at the sky? Watching a cloud, or the stars, and just breathing in the air and letting your mind wander? This is the essence of Vespurath's hide. Across her belly is the rich shade of the trees, the dark leaves enveloping her hide. Further and further up, the colors change, bursting through with the sky beyond that. Well, green sky. Her back and neckridges seem born of the sky itself. Sage is a color that practically drips over her, lightly dusted in tiny stars that are strewn across the top, peeking through the forest. Her wings especially are covered with this, and it seems more like a sage-drenched meadow than a forest at that height. The sky is again reflected in the underside of those wings, with the faint sheen of blue apparent.

"When choosing between two evils, I always like to try the one I've never tried before. "
~Mae West

Her mind voice is, as you asked for, completely versatile! Vespurath can adjust her voice to fit the situation the way others can adjust expressions, and she has one for every occasion. When she is caught during troublecausing, she will use that pitiful, crooning voice to get out of it. When she is planning something naughty, her voice will grow light and childish, though with time, you'll be able to hear the badly-concealed enthusiasm that often denotes her wicked thinking. When the two of you are alone and chatting, her voice will shift to that of an adoring child; that admiring, awe-filled tone reflecting her true feelings for you. When you scold her for something and she grows stubborn, her voice will grow stubborn as well, and acquire that high-pitched squeal of annoyance that children tend to incorporate in their ways of communicating. Her mindscent fills your senses with pinewood, the smell of freshly-mown grass, the sensation of fallen leaves after a heavy rain, the light scent of a walk in the firest at springtime - basically, all things light and fresh. But there's also that very distinctive smell of /cookies/; of all things sweet. Sugar, spice, vanilla, cinnamon, hazelnuts, baking powder - they're all there; especially when she focuses on her impish behavior. You can almost smell when she's up to no good; when the peaceful forest transforms into a bakery of mischief.

Here I am - I'm on my own
For the first time really on my own
And will I make it, will it work alright
Will I make it through the night

And I go
Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh
I am flying
Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh
In open space

Look at me - I'm riding high
I'm the airborne master of the sky
And everything beneath me seems to fade
Without a trace - without a shade

And I go
Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh
I am flying
Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh
In open space
~Nice Little Penguins

Flights. Dear Tatia, you will have /one/ handful of green dragon to handle when it's time for her to go proddy. Remember how self-conscious, shy and awkward you were when you entered the first stages of adolescense? Take that feeling, multiply it by ten, and you'll know how your Vespurath will feel! She will deny everything; she will kick, scream, cry, yell, beg, plead, threaten, throw fits of rage and hysteira - and then she will blood her prey. And once she has blooded, your childish bratty green will transform into a very mature /female/. Those males who used to be her competitors will now be her /chasers/, and she will taunt them, tease them, tantalize them, /torture/ them, calling them to her in a husky voice, still speckled with childish innocence and purity regardless of her age and experience.

*~*~*~*~ *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~


Name: Auri; Pyrene, Lylia, Tyara, and Lis
Egg Desc: R'kii and Damia
Dragonet Desc: Lylia
Messages: Tyara
Puppeteer: Tyara
Inspiration: Lylia and Tyara; Auri

G'deon (Gideon) & bronze Nylanth
R'ave (Rauve) & bronze Soquilith
Ilare (Tilarekna) & brown Chanticoth
Sraine & brown Akilth
Cayl (Caylea) & blue Mzadith
Sora (Sorana) & blue Catiminith
Hyzen & green Imbriath
Sasha & green Branwyth
Slippa & green Zizth

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